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BoxyCharm January 2020 Choice Time + Add-Ons!

BoxyCharm November 2019 beauty and makeup subscription box review

It’s time to pick one of the items for your January 2020 BoxyCharm  box! Add-Ons are also now open for all Charmers!

Ace Beaute Eye Shadow Palette in Vintage Dawn or Scarlette Dusk OR Dr Brandt 24/7 Retinol Eye Cream

Which product did you choose?

And all subscribers will receive ONE of the following

Too Faced Diamond Light Highlighter or Pretty Vulgar Under Cover Concealer

And some subscribers will receive:

Glow Recipe Watermellon Glow Sleeping Mask

What do you think of the spoilers?

If you haven’t signed up yet:

Use this link and coupon code JOLLYCHARM to get this tarte palette free with your first box!

Valid for new subscribers only, or those who canceled before November 1st, 2019. Must use coupon code at checkout. Valid while December’s box and Tarte gift supplies last. December’s box with new subscriber gift value shown. Box contents vary. Sample of items featured in past boxes or in current boxes shown. Promotion valid while December’s box and gift supplies last. You will be charged $25 plus applicable taxes and shipping. Free shipping to continuous US only. No refunds or exchanges. Monthly subscriptions will automatically renew each month. Prepaid subscriptions will automatically renew in the first month of the next subscription period. Cancel at any time by logging in and editing your “Subscriptions” in “Account Preferences” under “My Account” on

Boxycharm is $25 a month. Check out our reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.

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Comments (76)

  1. Does anyone still have their confirmation on the green ace beaute palette? I can’t find mine and need one. Can someone please help me? If anyone could screenshot it and send it to me I’d greatly appreciate it! 🙏🏻 jumpinbean82 @ yahoo com

  2. I didn’t make my “choice” in time. Blimey!!! I’d love the Dr. Brandt eye cream, the Two Faced hilighter (gorgeous packaging), and the sleeping mask. I often wear sleeping masks during the day while I hang out at home. Sometimes serums and face oils as well. I’m loving the Elemis rose oil from December’s base box. No need to upgrade.

  3. I never got the email to choose for regular or the premium box.

    • I never get the emails either…if I see it on here in time I can log in and do it but if I miss the short window I don’t get the choice.

    • Be cafe what you say, they just block my comment. That’s why you don’t see very much on ig anymore.

      • @Toni. They did? Why? I emailed and asked about the premium choice window as well. Got a standard reply saying keep an eye on their social media re launching time. Its already 1600EST here. I have a feeling its not going to happen today.

        I got my base box yesterday. First time happy about all 5 items, usually its just 3 the most, which is not bad considering the cost of the box.
        However, I always wonder why dont they pay more attention to shipping/logistics. The tracking info is a joke. If Josef has all the time to increase his presence on IG etc. May as well spending some time on looking into the feedback and improve accordingly. Seems like they are focusing on promoting then maintaining. Might not be the best business model in a long run.

      • I never get a choice email for my box this is not OK so not happy

    • Nope got no email to choose but they don’t care :/

  4. I am really happy to see Boxycharm offering a skincare item, instead of the Palette, I hope they continue.
    As a mature woman I use skincare up much more quickly, it takes me Approx 2 years to use an entire eyeshadow Palette, that is 12 Palettes a year, so 24 years of eyeshadow in 1 year. As you get older you become thrifty, I hate having to waste things, and trash it before it is gone.
    I have no one to give them too as my daughter is an influencer and gets more than she can use. Guess who she sends it to 🙂
    I go through a bottle of moisturizer every 6 weeks, cleanser every month, serum every 2 months. The skincare makes way more sense.
    Beauty fix is nice but the samples really don’t stretch far enough.
    I love the full size products Boxy sends.
    I hope in the future they choose a all skincare box. You could just purchase a makeup box a couple times a year. That would be plenty.

    • I would love that as well. I go through skincare quickly and I do use mine liberally. (I’m 60.) I use minimal makeup and, like you, eyeshadows last for me. After a year, though, I discard eyeshadow and I open a fresh mascara about every two months. Still, with what I’ve received through Ipsy and BC over past, say, six months, I could supply six people with makeup. Also, the focus demographic for color curation in these subs does not generally fall into my favor. I’ve kept Ipsy and cancelled BC.

    • Try Test Tube, it is mostly skincare and is amazing. I have gotten plenty of full size SR, Perricone and others from them.

      • Yes, test tube is what you are looking for. Beautyfix can be good too, but for full size, test tube is better. With boxycharm, makeup is their focus and the monthly palette. They aren’t going to change to majorly skincare, but you will get a little and with having a choice now, hopefully you will at least get one!

    • Try New Beauty Test Tube, Laurel & Reed, Facetory Lux, Petit Vour, Boxwalla, Art of Organics, etc. I typically enjoy NBTT, but skipped this last one. I’m going to check out their next box and see if it interests me. I received my first Laurel & Reed box yesterday (November’s) and am beyond pleased with the curation. I also received my first Facetory Lux quarterly box yesterday. I’m also very pleased with that. I have not tried Boxwalla, Petit Vour, Art of Organics, etc. I’m going through different types of almost solely or completely solely skincare sub boxes now. I do sub to BeautyFix now and again as they do have some great BOGO deals at the end of the year and last month’s box was great for me. I ended up giving up all of my makeup subs (indie and the more “mainstream” known ones). I focus much more on skincare and love makeup, too, but I go through skincare quicker clearly. I just turned 38 years old. I’m trying my best to stave off aging and drinking plenty of water in the meantime, too. I subbed once to BoxyCharm for only two months about a couple of years ago. I believe I only kept a ColourPop lipstick in Hello Kitty (love red pink lipsticks). It’s great for gifting if you have someone to gift it, too, but skincare is my little treasure and gem to me, so I know that I love gifting some to my mom and my daughter. And keeping the rest for my daily skincare routine.

      • I’m going to try Test Tube in 2020. I just recently cancelled Beautyfix, although I did purchase the November box at Black Friday with the free mystery box. Although I loved BF, something told me I needed a little break from it. I really got a feel for what I liked through Beautyfix and I’ll be watching boxes to purchase singles. I get Kinder, and I love the clean, cruelty free in that box. I’ve also gotten Facetory Lux Plus and I love that one. I’ve picked up some great mainstay products from that box. Reading comments at MSA has given me a lot of insight into skincare of which I was completely unaware. One example of that is Biotherm. Someone on this site mentioned that she had worked for them once and how great the products were in that line. Clean, too. So, I ordered a couple Biotherm items during their BF sale. Wow. They ARE fabulous. I’ll definitely be keeping them as regulars.

        My focus is moving to purchasing exactly what I love. A couple other lines that I’ll keep in my rotation are:
        1) Glowbiotics. These are fabulous products. I learned of this line and Arcona through Beautyfix.
        2) Lavido. Clean beauty from Israel. I learned of this line through FabFitFun. I highly recommend it. Everything I’ve tried as been fabulously good. Rarely goes on sale. Worth it at regular price. Love their cleansers, bar soaps, and eye cream.
        3) Verso. Another line where everything I’ve tried has been wonderful.
        4) Lumene. Scandinavian beauty line that is super high quality and not that expensive.
        5) Prai. Super formulas. I sampled their products through Lookfantastic. I use their Throat and Decolletage cream daily.
        6) 111Skin. Probably has the best eye line ever. That space defense eye is the jazz.
        7) Murad. I don’t favor everything in the line; however, there are a couple of products that I’ll always have on hand. Their elixirs are outstanding.

        So, those are a few of my favorite skin care lines. I may discover new ones that I’ll have to try. Looking forward to doing just that in 2020. I have enough makeup to last for a long, long time! Skincare is like tea…go though it fast!

  5. I never got a email to pick anything and I have two different subscriptions with two different emails. I think I’m going to cancel my boxy charm subscription boxes completely this isn’t right r fair

  6. I literally just got an email from Boxycharm apologizing for the delayed shipping with a code for a $5 coupon to use on Add-ons or Boxy Popup. 🤔🤪🧐 Who else got this email?

  7. Does anyone else still not have tracking info for their Boxyluxe? This is supposed to be my first one and they took my money and sent the email that I was in, then it’s been radio silence 🙁

    • I got my Boxyluxe shipping email on Dec 5th and my box has just been sitting there since. They are using DHL to deliver mine (which are absolutely horrible and take forever to get anything) I’m gonna be patient. As long as I have it by Christmas or the end of the month, I’ll be happy. 😳🤣🤞

      • My box just showed up in the mail the other day. I did not get a shipping confirmation email. I would say I get a confirmation email about 50% of the time from them, and the rest is just like “surprise it’s here!”

      • I had shipping info since Dec 2nd and no movement with tracking. It’s been like this for 2/3 months. I used to get my box pretty early, but now it’s been towards end of month.

      • I got a email for luxe, them they had to send me another one, I still haven’t got my add ons from November, they will not answer me about those. I also have not got a email to choose. One my account it says I’m a premium, but they say I’m not but toke the money out of my bank account. Plus 2 boxes. They are giving premium an extra gift this month.

    • Hi, me neither. You are not alone. I checked in my items. I ordered an item in the Popup last month. I receive it but there wasn’t no tracking#. So Im guessing that I’ll eventually receive my Boxyluxe.

      • I have received my pop up and they won’t answer me and no luxe to. I always get it early.

    • Hi, guess what I just received an email that my Boxyluxe has been delivered. So I hope you will also receive your box.

    • Same here… but mine is the premium. money was taken dec 1, no shipping info at all

    • I just got a shipping notice today but it is scheduled to be delivered Thursday, sometimes there is a delay between when it ships and when you get the notice.

  8. Got the eye cream….which I will use on my hands or forehead

    • I picked the eye cream as well.

  9. choice option didnt show up for me til after 12noon central time. i chose the eye cream and bought another one. hope i like it, heard good things about it. but i do not like the animal testing thing. thats a thing of the past that every company needs to move away from.

    • Still no link for me … I’ve tried different browsers online as well as my IPhone. It seems link they’re moving away from emails now – and posting everything to social media. If I recall correctly, was able to click the link from my email in the past. Will probably email them … but my experience is that it takes a few different emails and 10-14 days to get a response.

      • Finally got the choice box to appear … but a bit of an acrobatics display. Tried a third browser but searched for Boxycharm Login (in all other my browsers I was already signed in and it wouldn’t allow me to Log Out and Log back in). Worth a shot for those of you still struggling.

        On a side note, once I chose my item (the eye cream), there is a Congrats note accompanied by a notation that if you’re not seeing the Choice Link, to refresh or use another browser (little late for that advisement??)

      • no link for me either!

  10. Ok, I must be missing something this month as I have yet to see the Choice link?

    • Yeah no link for me either.

    • I’m with you. I keep refreshing and cannot seem to find the choice link either! Glad I’m not the only one!

      • Just go to the boxy site ffs 🤦‍♀️

      • Boxycharm
        Is spossed to send an email about choice being opend and in that email you click the link that that is there I was with boxycharm for 3 months and didn’t get an email about it finally I got an email so I was as to chose November’s choice and I got to choose December’s I emailed boxy and I told them I felt like I should be able to get 2 free products sent to me cuz I’ve been with them for 5 months at that time but they didn’t give me 2 free products I feel that it’s only right so I would email boxycharm and ask them what’s up I hope this helps you

      • I also didn’t get the link but on the main page of boxycharm you can go on choose now

  11. I have two accounts so I picked one palette for the one and the other palette for the other account…..I added the eye cream as an add on,because 12.00 is awesome for a 55.00 item.

  12. Just got a shadow palette in boxy November and the box by fashionista, and getting two more in boxy and boxy premium so grabbing the eye cream. I can use some retinol especially since i’m not out in the sun in winter.

  13. I didn’t choose the eye cream due to the reviews I read. So here I go getting another palette I really don’t need, but not much listed

  14. I can’t get choice to show up at all. I’ve used 3 different browsers, I’ve tried on my phone and the computer and have logged out and restarted my phone… no luck….

    • Same here. My account has been this way for three months now and they refuse to fix it. Every month they tell me to just email my choice (after a week of trying to get through to CS). It’s incredibly frustrating.

  15. i got both palettes, might as well get both since its on sale 😂

    • Yes! I couldn’t decide so I chose one and purchased the other lol

  16. When I went to the Boxycharm site it took me to Add-On choices first so I purchased the Dr. Brandt eye cream and the masks.
    Then it made me take the beauty quiz again before showing me my choice options. I chose the eye cream as my choice item as well. (The Ace Beauty palette colors weren’t for me.)

    It does show my choice will be in my box. Is it possible they let me purchase the eye cream AND get it in my box?

    Also, the Dr. Brandt eye cream on their site looks nothing like what is on sale at Ulta and Sephora. Does Boxycharm sometimes sell the same product in simpler packaging?

    • Yes. I did that with Kypris in November. It was my choice item, and I purchased it as an add on.

    • Yes Page you can choose an item from the add on’s and choose it for your box and get two of them. I did that with the Kypris serum.

    • Yes, Boxycharm sometimes had the same product in simpler packaging, like the Dr. Brandt probiotic that’s in previous box. It was sold in tub but it was in tube in boxycharm.
      But it’s the brand’s decision to use simpler (cheaper) packaging to cut the cost, not boxycharm.
      Another example we often see is the Avant products in glossybox, lookfantastic & boxycharm.

      • I have to admit that I’d rather have a lot of the products in tube form instead of the tub as it allows less air and bacteria to enter the product.

    • I noticed this to! I was thinking it may be a smaller size? I’ve asked a few different people and commented it under a few Facebook posted but haven’t gotten an answer yet 😭

  17. Got the eye cream. I need a break from palettes, especially since I have two coming in Ipsy, and haven’t even touched the last two palettes we got in Boxy.

    I need to purge.

  18. I chose the dusk pallete and purchased the dawn pallete. Couldn’t decide so it works out well lol.

  19. For some reason, I couldn’t get the Choice option on my phone, but had no problem on a regular computer.

  20. I chose the Dusk palette, but not real sure what is going to look good with brown eyes and medium skin honestly. This brand is new to me. 🙂

    • Their shadows are really good! They have a bit of a cult following

  21. I chose the dusk palette. Heads up that Dr Brandt is not cruelty free for anyone who would like to know.

    • Yeah, I switched my choice to the dawn as well. Not cruelty free and not great reviews for the eye cream.

      • It’s a beautiful palette! I would have loved an eye cream but I gotta think of the little fuzzies first!

    • Thank you for posting they are not cruelty free – I changed my selection to an eye palette. I’d rather gift it than support a company Who still tests on animals.

      • Same!

      • Same here! Glad it helped you 🙂

    • Thanks for the heads up. I already didn’t like Dr. Brandt due to the ingredients, and now I like that brand even less. I chose the Vintage Dawn palette, and no add-ons. After loving last month’s Boxy I’m feeling not so good about them again because I don’t even have a tracking email yet for my December box.

      • Hopefully you will get it soon! Do you have FedEx Delivery Manager? I always get notified by them way before Boxy sends me an email (if they do at all). I never used to get my box until around the 24th of the month, but a while back I must have gotten bumped up, because I get it around the 10th-14th now.

        I’m glad the info helped! Thanks for letting me know that it did!

    • Elemis is no longer cruelty free either

  22. I chose the eye cream. I’d love to get more of the Glow Recipe sleeping mask

    • Could not get choice to come up when I signed in. Never had this problem before.

  23. I wanted the eye cream but the reviews are really iffy. A lot of people experienced dryness. Sooo….hmmmm

    • Tj, I saw that too but I figured I would just use it with an additional non-retinol eye product. I have travel size serums from Freeze Beauty and Purlisse I got from Ipsy at some point this year so I plan to try those with it. I imagine you could also just use an additional cream or gel. I was using Skin Owl’s eye+ concentrate for a while and it was great for moisture without being greasy because it has almost a jelly-like consistency. Unfortunately I didn’t feel it was helping as far as signs of aging so I was about to retire it from my eyes and use it around my lips. Now I think I might save it to pair with this eye cream.

      I was definitely torn about my choice initially because reviews were so mixed but overall they were positive and I saw enough rave/holy grail ones that mentioned results in two weeks, major decrease in fine lines, looking 40 instead of 60 after years of use, etc etc to convince me it was worth trying. Besides, I already own probably 30 or more eyeshadow palettes I’ve never even used and neither of the two options offered really appealed to me.

    • Probably because you shouldn’t be putting retinol on the delicate skin around your eyes….

      • Some people absolutely can *IF* they build up very slowly with it. Some people never can. I do. It’s fantastic for wrinkles.

      • Meh. I’m veeery skeptical about retinol. I’ve researched it a lot and a lot of times it seems the long term effects of it are definitely not worth the “Appearance” it gives of reducing wrinkles.

  24. Picked the eye cream!

  25. Mine doesn’t show choice is open.

    • Mine did that last time. I had to switch to a different browser and it worked fine. Hope that helps!

      • Thanks! Got the eye cream 🙂

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