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BE KIND. by ellen Holiday 2019 Box – FULL SPOILERS UPDATE + Coupon!

We have more details on the full spoilers for the Holiday 2019 Be Kind By Ellen box!

The Holiday 2019 Be Kind By Ellen box includes:

What do you think of the spoilers?

This subscription box is $54.99 and ships to the US and Canada. Sign up here. Check out our reviews to get a sense of what to expect!

Use this link and coupon code HOLIDAY10 to save $10 off of your first box!

Be Kind by Ellen

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (173)

  1. Update on my comments. As I stated in one of my comments that I did finally get a response from support saying my box was delivered with a tracking link. The box was delivered but the name and address was not me. I replayed to support and told them this and attached my invoice which show my name, address, account number and invoice number. No response. So today I decided to send a new email Att: MSA I sent a copy of my paid premium subscription invoice also stating i never received my holiday box plus all the stuff I posted here. Within 2 hours I receive a reply from support stating they were sorry for the mix up and they were processing my order and will receive tracking info when my holiday boxes ship. Thank You to all of you that said to email with Att: MSA as it worked. Now will see if I get my box. I will update.

  2. For those of you who have cancelled your sub – did it cancel effective immediately? I just cancelled and it says that my subscription will be cancelled on March 17, 2020 at 5:00 am. Except the spring boxes are supposed to start shipping in February. Does that mean I’m going to be charged in Feb. for the spring box?!? That will really piss me off if that happens, I can guarantee that. There is no way to remove your credit card info (only replace it with a different valid cc), so I can’t protect myself that way.

    • I had to send an email and demand they cancel it immediately. I didn’t want to be charged for another month.

    • Yep you are right… I canceled my card and got a new number because I will not let them do this to me again. I don’t want any more Be Kind boxes with the aggravation this has caused during the holidays. I am fully capable of donating to any cause I want too without feeling like I am taken advantage of.

  3. Well I finally receive an emal from support stating my holiday box had been delivered along with a tracking link. I track the shipment and it was for someone else. I replied to Meghan at support and sent a copy of the invoice. Haven’t heard a word back. So I sent a new email with a copy of the invoice. If they dont answer this time I will have to demand a refund or report to my credit card as fraud. I dont want to cancel but they are giving no choice.

  4. I have been emailing BeKind Customer Service almost daily for months and have received NO RESPONSE. I was tricked into a deal (coupon code didn’t work but of course the change did but at full cost). I received a 2nd fall box instead of my holiday box (which I was extremely excited about after all the hype about it). No one responds at all. I love Ellen and love the boxes but this lack of customer service is acceptable. No number anywhere to call…I’d be willing to hold for while if it meant I could finally get help. I would like the money you stole from me and the items I paid for.

    • Contact your bank. Tell them you never received the items you were charged for. That’ll be the fastest way to get your money back. My wife is cancelling her subscription after this fiasco.

      • Thank you!!! I didn’t think that would work but I’ll be calling the bank tomorrow. I already cancelled subscription but it won’t be effective until Nov. 2020. Can’t get them to respond to that either. Hopefully the bank can stop any future charges from them as well. Fingers crossed!

  5. I paid for the Premium yearly Ellen Be Kind Box in October. My credit card was charged. On December 5th I received an email stating my box was ready and I would receive tracking information shortly. I never heard another word. I emailed support about the status of my holiday box on 12/15 I received an automatic reply and a request number On 12/16 I emailed them with a copy of my paid invoice and a screen shot of my account and a screen shot of the email I received on 12/5. I never received a reply at all. I have emailed them 6 times requesting a status on my holiday box. Not one reply. I have been a member since last February when I paid for quarterly boxes but decided to upgrade to Premium boxes in October. They charged my credit card in October. If they are having issues it would be nice to have them respond as such and even update me as to what they are going to do to fix this issue. I don’t want to cancel but I feel they are not giving me any other option. It states on their website they do not give refunds. If I do not hear from them soon the only option I have left is to contact my credit card fraud department and I really do not want to do this

  6. All I posted was that I think there’s an order fulfillment problem because I’ve now gotten 2 boxes free. My comment never showed up.

    I’ve written about the boxes I’ve gotten with no reply at all. BUT, the boxes people here are paying for are going to somewhere, and I think it’s an old customer shipping manifest.

  7. I loved My first 2 boxes. Was excited for my 3rd until I started to get a 2nd charge on my credit card for a 2nd subscription before I even received my holiday box. I paid on Dec 3rd and received my subscription box on the 18th. On the 17th I was charged for the 2nd box. I have sent 2 messages through the website and a direct email to [email protected]. My first message was on the 17th. The customer service is lacking and I’m hoping that by posting it here someone will assist. My ticket number is 22020, which I received after my email on Dec. 21st.

  8. Same double billing issue as everyone else.. After a week of my email (asking for a refund/reversal & cancellation of subscription) going unanswered i disputed the charge with my CC company and requested recurring charges from the merchant to be blocked. Ugh. Happy Holidays.

    • Yes!!!
      Emailed Ellen Support when I was double charged… nothing as of yet, that was on 12/18. Did see a post that if you put ATT: MSA in the subject line they will get back to you. I emailed today with that in the subject line. We will see. I did let my credit card company know to fight the double charge. The credit card company is pretty good on resolving those issues. And since it was a major glitch on Elllen’s boxes fault I am sure the will refund. I did cancel my subscription due to this mistake. I am sure they are loosing a lot of customers over this issue. They probably won’t get back to us until after the holidays too! Sad this has to happen but c’est la vie!

  9. So at this point, I’ve paid for two Holiday boxes (one against my will) and have received neither.
    Tomorrow is December 23rd and would be the earliest I could have these boxes in hand.
    I am appalled at how this has been handled.
    Are they just going to ignore 99% of their customers?

    • The same thing happened to me! I was charged for two boxes and have sent 5 messages, but have not heard from them.

      • Same here. FedEx just dropped off a second Ellen box. I received the first one 2 weeks ago; the charges appear 2 weeks apart. Sounds like it will be fun getting this resolved. I certainly don’t care for the contents enough to keep 2 boxes.

  10. They also have quality issues. I opened the scarf to wrap it as a gift, only to find a badly repaired tear. Big gip, IMHO!

  11. I was double billed for the December box as well (first charge Dec 4th, second charge Dec 17th). I emailed them on Dec 17th and received a very nice response and refund on Dec 19th. They’ve clearly been having some trouble and I know lots of people have talked about their bad experiences but this was my first time contacting their customer service and I thought they handled it really well and I have no complaints. They clearly wouldn’t do something like this intentionally and it must be quite maddening on their end as well so all in all, I’m happy (and I’ve been subscribed since the first box).
    Having said that, I’m not convinced this box is for me since I end up giving away almost everything in each box. I think the items are great, just not for me (I don’t ever straighten my hair, for example, or use a white noise machine). I’m on the fence but overall, I think it would be a great box for many people.

  12. Sent an email in hopes that I will receive a response. I cannot access my account and go to reset my password and it says no account exist….except I somehow got charged for 2 winter boxes. Obviously I didn’t order a second box since I have no access to my account, this is beyond frustrating! I am just going to dispute the charge with my credit card and hope for the best. I love Ellen but I so disappointed in the customer service…..which clearly isn’t following the BE KIND mantra.

    • I also have the same problem, they say my account does not exist, when I try to reset my password they say my email does not exist, yet I also have been billed for 2 Winter boxes. I have emailed them over & over and they do not reply. I guess I will disputing with my CC company. I need to cancel, but how?

      • To be sure they could not charge me again, since they would not respond to my first 6 emails, after I got my refund I canceled my credit card and got a new number so they could not charge me again. I’m being kind to myself and taking care of myself since they are having a hard time taking care of their customers.

      • Received a reply with ATT: MSA.

        Refund initiated.

        We will see if it does go though.

        Took 4 emails. 2 of which had ATR:MSA

        Canceled so that this doesn’t happen again.

  13. I sent an email yesterday asking for help to cancel my account. Instead of that, I got an email today of an invoice that I had been charged for ANOTHER FREAKING WINTER BOX. This is madness. I am so livid. Stay far far far away from this box.

  14. This has been a very frustrating situation.
    I have emailed customer service twice now and received just the standard blanket answer back.
    Liz, have you heard anything about how they are going to handle this yet?
    It is unbelievable how carelessly they are dealing with other people’s money.
    Especially this close to Christmas.

  15. I receied a free year subscription from Kalens Facebook page. I received the fall package but have not yet received the Christmas holiday package. In the spirit of the holidays, I gave this holiday package away as a door prize in our local Christmas festivities. I received the email on 12/5 saying that it would be shipped before 12/11 and a tracking number would be emailed once shipped. I’ve received nothing since. My account lists the fall box but nothing on the holiday list. I’ve emailed support many times and have gotten no help. This is crazy. Can anyone help me?

    • I received the year free with the code KALEN too. I too have not received my December box either. I emailed them a few days ago and got this reply.


      Thank you for contacting BE KIND. box. We apologize for the delayed response!

      We are currently experiencing an issue on our back end but please be assured that we have your Holiday Order and it is currently being processed.

      We will update you as soon as we have shipping confirmation!

      Please let us know if you have any additional questions or concerns!
      Thank you and BE KIND.,

      BE KIND. by ellen Box Customer Service”

    • Also, did you get sent a free set of Drunk Elephant Littles from the Ellen shop? I got sent one. I thought maybe it was a Kalen bonus or something? I have not found anyone else who received one too.

      • I got the free Drunk Elephant set too and still haven’t got the winter box. I don’t think it is coming. They are ignoring all my emails and changed my original invoice # and details.

    • Just wanted to say the same thing is happening to me. I noticed on my account that they changed my original invoice #. I think they didn’t mean to give us a free year and changed it to just a free box. I’m fine with that, but I’d like some communication. They won’t email me back and it was misleading to email to say our boxes were being shipped. I also want to make sure that I am not going to be charged for the whole next year of boxes like I had agreed to originally with the free year deal.

    • I email customer service 11 times and just got the generic response each time then I emailed [email protected] with MSA in the subject or attention. At the same time I went to the be kind website, signed in and emailed them from there. I explained I had already gotten in touch with my credit card company and I was going to contact the Better Business Bureau. I heard from them with in a few hours and my money has been returned to my account yesterday.
      They said their delay in responding was they were so busy because of the excitement about the holiday box, HA, HA, but I know they’re so busy because people are so angry.
      I have canceled my subscription and am going to report this to the BBB. There is no excuse for some one with her kind of money to have such a incompetent group handling this. I also had emailed them numerous times about a box that was 6 weeks late and never heard from them except that generic response.
      Good luck and hope there is an end to this soon…I think Ellen should apologize on her show and take responsibility for this.

    • Hello!

      We are so sorry for this inconvenience! We are currently experiencing an issue on our back end but please be assured that we have your Holiday Order and it is currently being processed. If you have any further questions about your order please email [email protected] with the subject line, “ATT: MSA.” We apologize again and hope you have a happy holiday season!

      Thank you and BE KIND. to one another.

      The BE KIND. by ellen Support Team

  16. Has any actually received a refund for the double billing? Also, does anyone have a good phone number for them? I am still waiting for a response from two submitted web forms and an email, and the number that appears on my bank statement is not a good number. I’ve seen tweets and Facebook and Instragram posts, the complaints on this thread (and we know they monitor MSA) and I’m sure they’re being inundated with emails and CS requests . I can’t believe they haven’t at least made the effort to issue a blanket apology while they look into it even if they can’t issue the refunds immediately.

    And all this during the most stressful and expensive time of year.

    • I show the refund as pending in my account today. I sent another email expressing my extreme disgust with how this had been handled. I mentioned in my email that a public apology should be made and their response was that my suggestion would be shared with the department. I’m sorry for everyone who has had to deal with this!

      • A public apology by Ellen on her show and how she is going to make sure nothing like this ever happens again…it won’t to me because I canceled mine, I don’t have time to deal with incompetence…and one more thing, DID YOU KNOW YOU CAN NOT DELETE YOUR CREDIT CARD FROM THIS SITE…I looked at all my other accounts and every one of them you can delete your card number on this one you can only give a different card number. Not sure what I am going to do about this.

    • I got the email yesterday confirming i would get a refund, and it showed up in my bank account already this morning. I did have to email 3x to get to this point, and putting Attn: MSA in the subject line seemed to be the magic wand. And they said to keep the second box.

    • I haven’t been able to find any valid phone number either. What kind of customer support doesn’t have a phone number!

    • Hello!

      We are so sorry for this inconvenience! We are going through as many refunds as we can as we know this is a very stressful time for people. Please email [email protected] with the subject line, “ATT: MSA” so we can look into your specific account. We apologize again and hope you have a happy holiday season!

      Thank you and BE KIND. to one another.

      The BE KIND. by ellen Support Team

  17. This code doesn’t seem to work. I tried it around the time this post published and again today. I keep getting an “invalid code” message. Bummed out.

    • Hello!

      Thank you for letting us know! We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. Please email [email protected] with the subject line, “ATT: MSA” and the exact code you are trying to use! We are happy to help with the code! We apologize again and hope you have a happy holiday season!

      Thank you and BE KIND. to one another.

      The BE KIND. by ellen Support Team

  18. I am really disappointed that my card was charged twice this month. I was on the fence about canceling, but this did it. Did anyone get a response from the company? It seems like everyone was charged twice. What was the reasoning behind this? I am still waiting for an email back.

    • I sent an email to [email protected] with the Attn:MSA notation in the subject line. I received a reply in less than 30 minutes with a message that I was being refunded. One minute later I had another message advising me to keep or gift the second box. I just want the box I did order. I have had at least four delivery dates from FedEx and now I am supposed to get a delivery this Friday. I almost feel like I am due a second box to make up for the OMG moment when I saw I was being billed a second time. I am stressed enough at this time of year.

    • Me too, I was charged on December 4 and yesterday December 17, I’m so mad right now. I emailed them and just got an email back saying they are checking into it. I also canceled my subscription because of this.

    • Good news and bad news. The good news is I just got an email saying my refund is being issued and i can keep the 2nd box. The bad news is that it took emailing them 3x over the past few days to get to this point. But once i put the Att: MSA in the subject line of the 3rd email, the response was within 10 minutes.

      • Don’t get me wrong, I am truly grateful I was able to relatively easily resolve my issue with the second unauthorized charge using the “ATT: MSA” in the email subject line trick, but is it just me that thinks it is SO wrong that it had to be done that way to get any kind of response from their CS? I mean, I get that they want to keep MSA followers happy, but they should want to keep ALL their customers happy. It just aggravates me to no end, and I truly feel for folks trying to resolve issues with their subscription that are not MSA followers and are being ignored.

      • Yes! I sent 7 emails before finding this group. I even sent a message on Ellen’s FB page. It wasn’t until I actually posted on this group, before I got a reply. Mine was just a canned response saying that my charge card would be refunded. A second email came in – another canned response saying my subscription was canceled, and that they were sorry to see me go. There was no mention of what to do with the second box coming. I will wait 3 business days to see if my account is actually credited. I wonder if Ellen knows what a debacle this has been?

    • Hello!

      We are so sorry for this inconvenience! We are currently experiencing an issue on our back end. We are working on getting through everyone’s account as quickly as we can so that we may issue a refund. Please email [email protected] with the subject line, “ATT: MSA” so we can look into your account! We apologize again and hope you have a happy holiday season!

      Thank you and BE KIND. to one another.

      The BE KIND. by ellen Support Team

  19. Thank goodness I found this post so I have an actual email address instead of just the form on the website! I have tried the contact form on the website twice already with no response (and they promise responses within 24 hours). It makes me so angry there is not an easier way to contact them when they charge my account twice – terrible customer service to only offer an email! And they say to please contact them with anything you need in the payment email! Who knows how long it will even take to get the refund. Definitely cancelling once this is resolved.

    • I’m definitely cancelling too, I have another FedEx label, so it looks like they’re sending a second box to go with the second charge.
      However, I did not want a second box, and this is unacceptable to me.
      I have only received an automated response do far.

      • I did get a response today and a notice of refund. Once I sent an email with ATT:MSA – they are still sending the second box! As long as that money is back in account I’ll be content. Seems like there was a major issue this month. I’ll be gifting my extra box!

    • Just FYI – the website says they will get back to people in 24 _business_ hours. Which is 3 days. Not that they necessarily will (so many people have just been ignored by them), but IMHO, the best option is to reach out, wait the 3 days, and then if they don’t respond, dispute the charge with your credit card company.

      • Write to [email protected]. put Att: MSA in the subject. They will respond much faster. My screwup was resolved in just a few hours. (I’m still cancelling, because I did NOT drink the koolaid)

      • Yikes, I missed the “business” part of that. Still not great customer service! I do have an update: I read the comments below and I emailed [email protected] and put ATT:MSA in the message line and I already received a response saying I would get a refund. I haven’t gotten the refund yet but clearly emailing directly with the proper message instead of using the form works a heck of a lot better!

    • Hello!

      We are so sorry for this inconvenience! We are currently experiencing an issue on our back end and are working through refunds as quickly as possible. Please email [email protected] with the subject line, “ATT: MSA” so we can look into your account! We apologize again and hope you have a happy holiday season!

      Thank you and BE KIND. to one another.

      The BE KIND. by ellen Support Team

  20. Horrible time for them to double charge for a month. I have one subscription and was charged December 4th and then again on the 17th. I have sent email through the BeLind site and sent a FB message and have heard nothing. Horrible time to be making billing errors. Anybody have a phone number? I can’t seem to find one.

    • Try sending an email to [email protected] with the subject line, “ATT: MSA” – that’s what I did and my duplicate charge was refunded (I too was charged 12/4 and again on 12/17). I don’t think they make a phone number available.

      • Thank you Sherri. I did get a response and they “issued” a refund. Just curious how long it took for you to actually get the refund? The payment has already processed and posted to my account. I am so frustrated.

      • I’m not sure about timing on the refund. The duplicate charge (from 12/17) is still showing as “pending” on my credit card and I don’t see the refund at all. So I don’t know if the pending charge will just disappear and never actually post, or how exactly that will work. I’m keeping a close eye on my credit card account to make sure this goes as it should.

  21. I love my Be Kind boxes, and love that I get to enjoy small surprises while also supporting worthy causes. My card was charged twice too, and I have shipping confirmations but no boxes. I sent an email to report the mix up, but haven’t heard back just yet.

  22. UPDATE: The duplicate charge that was posted to my credit card this morning has now supposedly been refunded. I emailed CS earlier today (using ATT: MSA as the subject line), and 6 hours later received a response apologizing for the inconvenience and noting that a refund had been issued. I also received a separate email with a “credit note.” I don’t yet see the refund on my credit card account, but I am cautiously optimistic this has been resolved. Given what others have experienced, I feel lucky to have received a same-day response from CS.

    In my initial email to CS I had asked not only for the refund, but WHY the duplicate charge was made. I never got an answer to that. For me, this was definitely was the final straw leading me to cancellation. I haven’t been that enamored with the boxes lately (the items just aren’t really “me,” and they also seem to be a rather random curation), and when you factor in all the issues people have been having with their subscriptions and CS (myself included), well, I just don’t want any part of it any more. Once the holiday box I did pay for arrives, I will cancel. It’s a shame. I adore Ellen and everything she stands for, which is why I jumped on this subscription when I learned about it. Makes me a bit sad.

    • How in the world did you get a reply so quickly?! I have been waiting for 11 days for a response via email or a separate request sent via the website. I sent another request yesterday with “CONTACTING CREDIT CARD TO DISPUTE CHARGE” as the subject and still no one has responded. How extremely disappointing!

      But yay for you! I can still be happy for others! Merry Christmas!

      • Carrie, I honestly don’t know. I was truly surprised. I did use the “ATT: MSA” as the subject line, which seemed to have helped other MSA followers, and in the body of my email I did note that I planned to dispute the charge with my credit card if I hadn’t heard from them in a few days.

        I genuinely hope that you and others are able to get resolution soon. From reading all the comments I feel like others have had much more inconvenience than me, and I really feel for everyone trying to navigate this mess.

    • I emailed CS about midday today regarding the second charge. I put ATT:MSA is the subject line and I received a response about 7 hours later, apologizing and stating I would be issued a refund. I also received a second email stating a refund was issued. I hope others have the same luck! This whole thing is ridiculous.

      • I had the same thing happen to me- charged twice for the holiday box, got 2 order confirmations for it, emailed them with ATT:MSA in the subject line, got the problem fixed within hours.
        What’s baffling to me is why the double charge in the first place. I have just had a quarterly sub since the first box and never changed it, upgraded to premium or ordered anything else from them. If this glitch or whatever happened can double charge my account then I think it can happen to any of their customers.

    • Hello!

      We are so sorry for this inconvenience! We are currently experiencing an issue on our back end and that is why you received a double charge. We are currently working through as many refunds as possible, but as we have had an influx of messages, response times will vary per person. We ask that you be patient as we work through refunding all of your accounts and know that we are responding to all inquiries written to our [email protected] email.

      Thank you and BE KIND. to one another.

      The BE KIND. by ellen Support Team

  23. I cannot believe the amount complaints. I am also getting charged twice – I paid upfront for the premium back in Oct, but it appears that they never cancelled my regular account. I am now getting 2 boxes at a time, and I’m getting charged for 2 boxes. I just received an email thanking me for renewing my subscription, and now there is another charge on my credit card for $54.99! I have been sending emails since the beginning of Dec, but I don’t receive a response. I tried to cancel my subscription, but it tells me I am locked in until Oct 2020. It doesn’t even show I have a regular subscription, so I can cancel it myself. I also will be contacting my credit card company, and filing a complaint. This is terrible.

    • I finally found how to cancel my membership and it says it will be canceled March 2020…Really they took my money the middle of December 3 MONTHS BEFORE I WILL RECEIVE THE BOX! I am so disappointed in the service I have received. I have contacted my credit card company and am considering contacting the Better Business Bureau. I have looked over, not read throughly, the terms and conditions and as most they are confusingly taking care of themselves, but I am KINDLY taking care of myself…I would say buyer beware for sure…Unless you love Ellen so much you don’t mind getting taken advantage of… I like her but as she says “BE KIND TO ONE ANOTHER” I don’t think she means let companies screw you.
      I also emailed with the MSA in the subject and heard nothing!

    • Hello!

      We are so sorry for this inconvenience! Please email us with the subject line “ATT: MSA” so we can look into your account. Regarding the cancellation, you can cancel at anytime, but please note that you are locked in until the end of your billing period. If you are an Annual or Premium Subscriber, you will receive all remaining boxes for the year but will not be charged for the following term. If you are a Quarterly Subscriber, you will not be charged for the following box or be sent one to your shipping location. The pending cancellation is the countdown to the end of your billing period.

      Thank you and BE KIND. to one another.

      The BE KIND. by ellen Support Team

      • Me too!!!! Why would I get charged twice and get two boxes!!! I informed my bank! Shame on you!

    • I just wanted to let you know you have to cancel your old account yourself. It is under manage Subscription. That is why your getting double boxes.

      • Not necessarily correct. I had a single subscription (seasonal) since early 2019. When the new annual option came out in the fall, I did absolutely nothing (i.e. I didn’t upgrade or whatever). I was still charged for two boxes in December – one on 12/4 and one on 12/17.

      • Sherri I’m not sure why you recieved my comment as I replied to a woman who said she paid for the premium subscription and was receiving two boxes. She thought once she subscribe to premium that they would cancel her quarterly subscription. All I was trying to tell her that she has to go her account and cancel the quarterly herself as support does not cancel it for her. I apologize for the misunderstanding. Have a good day

      • Well, I previously checked the box to be notified of follow-up comments on this thread and they are all public, so… that would be why I received your comment. But perhaps I misunderstood – my understanding was that prior subscribers “upgraded” to premium vs. starting a whole new subscription. That is based on the October MSA post talking about the new plans being offered (and from the Be Kind promo for them: “Subscribers who upgrade before the launch of the Holiday Box, will receive the Holiday Box and the following three boxes…”). But anyway, my only point was that having 2 subscriptions wasn’t necessarily the reason someone would get double boxes – many people were double charged in December who definitely didn’t have multiple subscriptions (myself included). Now, if the OP added on a premium subscription vs. upgrading, then yes, totally my bad and you are absolutely correct.

      • Your response to my comment was fine. I also was responded to by the woman who I was trying to help and found out she tried to cancel her quarterly account but it was no longer on her account to do so. I really was just trying to help. I paid for my premium subscription in October and have not received my holiday box.

      • My old, original account never showed up when I tried to cancel myself, only the new upgraded one showed. I finally got an email from customer service, telling me that they canceled my original account. I also got another email, stating that I could not cancel my upgraded one, until Dec of 2020. I have since received my money back for the 2 boxes that they charged me for, and sent me.

  24. Ugh! I just got shipping notification for the box I didn’t order and was charged for! This is truly unacceptable!!!

    • Hello!

      We are so sorry for this inconvenience! We are experiencing an issue on our back end and we are actively working to resolve it. Please email us with the subject line “ATT: MSA” so we can look into your account. Again, we apologize for this inconvenience and happy holidays!

      Thank you and BE KIND. to one another.

      The BE KIND. by ellen Support Team

  25. The bracelet is complete crap (discolored and scratched from the get go) and so is the ‘planner’, with flimsy low quality paper and ugly formatting. As for the dinky no-name flat iron.. why..? The wrapping paper.. seriously.. why..????

    The pashmina seems ok if boring, and i’d use the almonds/coffee samples/cocofloss.

    Overall ridiculously disappointing. On top of that, i have also been charged twice in December. I am going to dispute the second charge and cancel this box

    • Hello!

      We are so sorry that you feel this way! What makes our bracelet so cool is that by wearing the cuff, you are supporting the female artisans who crafted it just for you to help encourage fair wages. ABLE believes #ShesWorthMore and that means paying women enough to support themselves and their families. The Tribe Alive Scarf also helps support women! Tribe Alive empowers women around the world to find financial freedom through safe and meaningful employment at living wages. The planner provides an hour of business training women at the Marie Mae Business School.

      Thank you and BE KIND. to one another.

      The BE KIND. by ellen Support Team

  26. I am furious. I have been a quarterly subscriber for a year now. When the new subscription options came out, I literally did nothing. My intention was to remain a quarterly subscriber (actually, I was considering cancelling but wanted to see how the holiday box played out before deciding). On Dec. 4 my credit card was charged for the holiday box. I woke up this morning to an email thanking me for my payment, an invoice for the holiday box, and a $54.99 charge dated 12/17 on my credit card. What the ?!? I will be emailing them using the special “ATT: MSA” designation but if I don’t hear anything in a few days, I will be going straight to my credit card to dispute the charge. Given how much trouble everyone here has had with customer service, I don’t have high hopes of an easy resolution, which is why I am so angry. If there was ever any doubt about whether I should cancel, that is now gone. I’m so done with this box.

    • The exact thing happened to me and I am also furious! Last box I was charged 6 1/2 weeks before I received the box…It’s getting hard to “Be Kind” with the customer service at “Be Kind”…I will also be canceling this subscription, it is not worth the hassle…she needs to find another company to handle this…I could understand if she and Portia were boxing and shipping from their back room at home. As soon as I get this straightened out I’m Done…I’ll find another way to BE KIND.

      • Yep – for the fall box it was just shy of 6 weeks between when they took my money and when I received my box. A couple of weeks I get, but 6 weeks? I really felt taken advantage of – very frustrating.

    • Same here. I just emailed, not expecting a response anytime soon. Their customer service is horrid.
      The 12/4 billed box is on its way though.
      So to those of you who haven’t received that one yet, hopefully it’s on its way.

      • According to my account info via the Be Kind website, my 12/4 billed box was shipped out on 12/10 and delivery is expected on 12/20 (I never did get a shipping/tracking email). So yeah, there’s that. But based on some things I’ve read on the MSA threads, I’m now concerned that what will show up is a fall box. And if that happens, that’s more time I don’t have trying to deal w/ customer service… Hopefully that won’t be the case, but we shall see.

      • I was double charged as well, and on the same dates you mentioned. I have received ZERO response and have cancelled my subscription – not cool right before the holidays!!

    • Same here I have two charges for December. One says quarterly (charged beginning of December). Just woke up to another charge for the holiday box!! I assume they are the same box. Or is there two?

    • It happened to me too. Very upset. Hopefully we get responses soon.

    • Same here! In fact, the email notification woke me up at 2:45 am (forgot to mute my phone). Needless to say, I lost sleep because I was so angry about this. I opened the “invoice” to see it was for the Winter Box which I just received yesterday! I am cancelling!

    • Same here. I just fired off an email to them since I couldn’t find a stinking phone number anywhere. I am definitely canceling my subscription.

  27. I was charged for my box on 12-03 and now only two weeks later I have another charge of $54.99 dated 12-17. The second invoice has a note saying it is for the Holiday 2019 box. Has this happened to anyone else?

    • It happened to me too! I don’t know what to think. Ugh.

    • I see the same happened to me this morning. I’ve been charged twice this month.

    • Same. i just posted about it but my comment isn’t showing for some reason. Maybe it will later. I was charged on 12/4 and woke up this morning (12/17) to yet another charge). I’m so mad.

    • Yes happened to me this morning….charged 2 times and no boxes. I am beyond upset with the “be kind” subscription. I’ve emailed them so now I guess I’ll wait til they get to us one-day.

    • Same happened to me….so frustrating.

    • Yes I just got charged for a second time as well. They need to fix this and refund our money before the end of the day. The customer service on this box has been terrible from the beginning ruining an otherwise decent box.

    • Same here. Livid!

    • Yup, same thing happened to me as well. I am soooooo irritated right now.

      • I am glad I looked on MSA. I was charged twice too!!! Boy am I pissed! I sent an email but from what I am seeing they don’t respond. I will give it a couple of days then I will call my credit card company. This has just about sent me over the edge. I like Ellen, but I don’t care for the poor curation or customer service and a royal screw up!

    • I’m relieved to know that I’m not the only one. I was also charged twice. Received my box today and an email notifying me the second box is arriving on Monday. I’ve been a subscriber since the beginning of the year so I don’t know how a mistake like this could take place. I’m very disappointed.

  28. That was the most disappointing box yet.
    A discount card to the Ellen Shop..why?
    The scarf that looked so beautiful in the pkg. I am so glad I took it out. My 75 yr old Mom just had a mastectomy last month. I thought that will be beautifully perfect for her to drape over her shoulders and maybe feel pretty and not so self conscious. Holes in it. I understand it was hand made. But I could have had something crocheted for her or bought a Pashmina. For less than the price of a box with a discount card, a bad scarf, pack of almonds, dental floss? and a scratched up bracelet,. Sad the boxes are getting worse. Maybe the coffee will be good for someone. Whoever puts the Box together needs to rethink BE KIND. Wrapping paper . Sad to cancel. I love Ellen and everything she does but she obviously isn’t in charge of all her ventures . Leave those supportive boxes for people who can afford to not care if they get dollar store stuff.

  29. I bought an annual subscription on December 8, 2019, and my credit card was charged the next day. I have not received any follow-up e-mails, or tracking information, or anything. I’ve e-mailed several times, through the website and through their e-mail address, with no response, despite their assurances that they’ve been received and there will be a response within 24 hours. I have no idea if the box will actually arrive, since it has not linked to my account (and I cannot even manage my subscription there because the website is broken). All in all, a terrible experience. I’m going to cancel, though I’m not sure I’ll actually be able to, so I guess I’ll just tell the credit card company not to pay the bill . . .

    • I had a similar experience when I ordered a gift subscription. It took at least 5 emails to customer service (and advising them that I would be calling my credit card company to cancel the charge) before I received any type of confirmation. I’d be curious to find out what Ellen herself would say about this poor service. Hoping the first box arrives soon since customer service advised it was ready to be sent; however, still no tracking information. Ugh!!!

      • I had the same problem. Billed twice, once on the 4th and now today for a lame box I haven’t even received yet!

    • Hello!

      We are so sorry that you haven’t yet received your tracking information for the Holiday Box! Please email [email protected] with the subject line, “ATT: MSA” so we can look into this for you! We apologize again and hope you have a happy holiday season!

      Thank you and BE KIND. to one another.

      The BE KIND. by ellen Support Team

    • I feel the same way. I have not receive my box and its Christmas Day Tomorrow. I upgraded my membership to receive my box quicker still no box. I also emailed to inquire about my box and have not received a response. Not reliable at all. Will never order again.

  30. I had an issue with a damaged box and products. Customer service responded to my email very quickly and resolved my issue to my satisfaction. I definitely see good progress on the Customer Service front.

  31. I’m a premium subscriber and have really been frustrated with the customer service and their lack of clear communication. Like many of you I had already received the fall box when i switched over to premium and when the 2nd fall box came I was concerned/confused as there were no explanation that it was a “bonus” box- and emails I sent were not responded to- super confusing. Now, while I got an email that my winter box is ready last week and tracking is coming, a week later still no tracking…MEANWHILE, I’ve been getting emails to entice me to get the winter box with free 2 day shipping (?!)….so if I wasn’t a subscriber I’d get the box BEFORE a subscriber? How does that make someone who upgraded to premium subscription feel?! I’m so disappointed and disgusted with their customer service, and will likely cancel the subscription when it’s tie to renew, especially since the items have not been that great for me. I had high hopes, and will see how the rest of my subscription plays out, but for now I would not really recommend the box.

    • This is my same issue; only I received the fall box and then nothing else. I did get the email about the 2 day shipping upgrade for the holiday box, but haven’t received the box myself (for my annual subscription). I haven’t received any correspondence otherwise or any responses from customer service. By the time it comes, I won’t be able to use the wrapping paper or a chunk of the stuff in it that I had earmarked for gifts. But oh well. I’ll definitely not resubscribe once my subscription runs out. Good luck to you with all this.

    • Hello!

      We are so sorry that you have had this experience with your Premium Subscription! Please email [email protected] with the subject line, “ATT: MSA” so we can look into your account for you! We apologize for this inconvenience and hope you have a happy holiday season!

      Thank you and BE KIND. to one another.

      The BE KIND. by ellen Support Team

  32. LOL, I hit the wrong button to post so if this comes up twice forgive me but it is worth the effort to say thank you and to update the readers of this thread.

    Hello Everyone,
    Earlier I had written of my disappointment in the lack of communication when I had a problem with a promo code offer to upgrade to an annual. I was encouraged by readers the ELLEN Customer Service took our comments seriously. I was instructed by C.S. to send an email and restate my problem.

    After I sent an email, my account received a refund for the missed promo code and I regained my belief in the company. Thank you to everyone that had a part in this experience.

  33. Hello Everyone,
    As some of you had read, I had been disappointed by a lack of communication after I had a problem with an offer and an upgrade. I was encouraged by a few of the readers that ELLEN Customer Service took our comments seriously when we posted here and was given instructions on how to restate my problem in an email.

    Quickly, it was addressed and handled. A refund given for the missed promo offer and for someone who had lost hope in the system renewed belief in the company.

    Thank you all that were a part of the solution and joy for me.

    • Gosh, I’m still waiting for a response to the email I sent on 12/7 as well as a request I sent via the website on 12/7. It seems a little unfair that messages don’t get answered unless you put “MSA” in the subject line.

      I am glad to hear that they were able to renew your faith and bring you some Christmas joy!

  34. I renewed by subscription and upgraded to annual. I thought my holiday box was arriving today. Imagine my disappointment when a fall box arrived (I already received a fall box months ago). Now comes the hassle of trying to get customer service to sort this out. I feel so stupid.

    • Hello!

      We are so sorry that you received an additional Fall Box! Please email [email protected] with the subject line, “ATT: MSA” so we can look into your account for you! Please know your Holiday box is processing and you will receive it, so feel free to share the additional Fall box with a friend. We will try to make this as hassle-free as possible ☺

      Thank you and BE KIND. to one another.

      The BE KIND. by ellen Support Team

  35. To all that encouraged me, I did just send an email as instructed in this message board from someone from BE KIND. I will update FYI for all those interested. Thank you all for your kind words of support.

  36. I’ve checked my e-mail everyday and I still have not received any tracking number or notice that my box has shipped.

  37. I’m a little disappointed that there are items in this box instead of 3-5 generic code coupons for things most everyone already has.

    I like this box.

  38. I’d get it just for the scarf, but I can’t wear that color 😂. 💕 tribe alive

  39. I also have had slow response from customer service. I received a second October box instead of the holiday box! I did not upgrade to an annual or change my subscription in any way. Still waiting for a response from Saturday. I sent one email and one request via the website but have not had a response to either one aside from the standard “request received – someone will respond to you shortly” :-/

    • Hello Carrie,

      I hope you receive a better response than I did. Good luck 🙂

  40. Ellen

  41. After checking out the links of the items and learning about the companies they’re from, I am super excited about this box!!! The tribe alive scarf looks gorgeous and that coffee would be a great stocking stuffer for my sister that loves dogs. The planner even was designed for 52 weeks with an act of kindness. Floss and chocolate is an added bonus. I’ll see if my girlfriends teenager would like the straightener since I have one.

    • Hello!

      Thank you for your support of our BE KIND. by ellen Box! We are so glad you like it ☺ Happy Holidays!

      Thank you and BE KIND. to one another.

      The BE KIND. by ellen Support Team

  42. The scarf a totally looks nice on the website. It is 100% cotton and is listed as $118 with 35% off on the website. Even if you take out the overpriced Ellen items and discount the scarf, you still have a value of about $160 which is not bad for a $50 box.

  43. Rarely do I complain but I have tried to reach customer service, three times, to assist with a problem I had with a Black Friday/ Cyber Monday promo code.
    The code promised that if I would upgrade to an annual, I would receive a box for free. I was charged full price.

    Today, I canceled my subscription. When asked why, I stated the above reason and included that for a company that promotes kindness, their customer service was completely lacking and gave the impression of neglect.

    Thank you for “listening” MSA readers

    • FYI, they have been VERY responsive to complaints on MSA.

      • Thanks Sharon, one could hope……

      • Were you communicating with customer support via email? or phone? Thanks.

      • Hi Lois,

        3 emails

    • I am also having an issue with response from customer service. I ordered a gift subscription on Monday, December 9th, for my daughter. My credit card has been charged; however, neither of us have received any confirmation of the order. Is there a phone number for customer service?

    • Hello!

      We are so sorry that you had this experience with our BE KIND. by ellen support team and that you weren’t able to receive your Black Friday discount! Please email [email protected] with the subject line, “ATT: MSA” so we can look into this immediately.
      Thank you and BE KIND. to one another.
      The BE KIND. by ellen Support Team

      • I have sent an email and so hope I hear from you today since I have been ignored by the boxing company for 3 months.

    • I’ve had the same problem and they were very nice when they finally followed up (right after I commented here btw). However, I’m having an issue again and cannot get a response. It’s super hit and miss with their CS.

    • Same here…and NO reply!

  44. If they put this one on sale like they did the fall box for $35 I’ll buy one, but $55 is too much.

  45. Why include wrapping paper if the box isn’t going to ship in time to use it?

    • Hello!

      We have shipped boxes to all of our current subscribers to receive their boxes before Dec. 25! We also offer two day shipping at checkout should you need to order for any last minute gifts!

      We hope you love your box!
      Thank you and BE KIND. to one another.
      The BE KIND. by ellen Support Team

      • We were told that we would receive an email with tracking number once it shipped. This has not occurred. I am also a Premium Subscription member. Any suggestions? I did send one email. Thanks!

      • Got my box today! Love it!

      • Good to know! We’re also waiting for a tracking number but got a response from customer service assuring us the first box will be sent out soon.

      • Hello Leisa!

        Yes! Everyone receives tracking information once their box has shipped! If you don’t see one, be sure to check Spam and Junk ☺

        Thank you and BE KIND. to one another.

        The BE KIND. by ellen Support Team

      • My wife still hasn’t received her holiday box. Shipping status just says, “not fulfilled.” So, saying that all current subscribers should receive their box by December 25th is a lie. She was also charged separately for the winter box and the holiday box. When she emailed support (only option to contact the be kind people) to see if this was done in error she received a reply. Probably the last boxes she’ll pay for.

      • It is Jan 3rd and I haven’t received my December box. What is more frustrated I have emailed you 4 times about it with NO reply. Very disappointed. ☹

      • I’ve done customer service in the past and I’m believing these individuals are simply sending out generic responses without evening looking into accounts. I received a free year subscription and I never receive my Holiday package. My account doesn’t even show an order for one. This whole thing is a joke. I’m thinking if writing a letter to the address as the customer service via email does no good.

  46. Nothing says happy holidays like dental floss 🙂

    • that’s actually my favorite floss, i feel like it does a great job of scrubbing any bits out from between my teeth! that being said, it’s the only thing in the box that has real value to me, so easy pass – i could buy the floss on its own.

      • I have to say, the floss is one of the things that makes me want the box-along with the scarf and bracelet, etc. I love this brand of floss!

    • 😆😆😆😆. Maybe it’s to use for the chestnuts that were roasted on an open fire (and stuck in your teeth).

  47. Feels very much like a FabFitFun box. Seems like some of the same brands. Agree that several of the items have an inflated value. Will probably cancel.

  48. I do want those chocolate almonds, lol, but this box is personally a miss for me. I usually like cuff bracelets and scarves and planners, too, just not these particular ones.

    • Hello!

      We are so glad you’re excited for the almonds! What makes our bracelet so cool is that by wearing the cuff, you are supporting the female artisans who crafted it just for you to help encourage fair wages. ABLE believes #ShesWorthMore and that means paying women enough to support themselves and their families. The Tribe Alive Scarf also helps support women! Tribe Alive empowers women around the world to find financial freedom through safe and meaningful employement at living wages. The planner provides an hour of business training women at the Marie Mae Business School.

      We hope you love these products and the Holiday Box!

      Thank you and BE KIND. to one another.
      The BE KIND. by ellen Support Team

  49. LOVE the scarf and could use a planner… but the values of everything are so over inflated! $15 for that wrapping paper??!!

  50. 😂😂😂😂😂

    Wow. Someone is laughing all the way to the bank.

    • I’m definitely NOT happy to receive an email stating that if I sign up for the subscription box I will get two day shipping.
      I have been a subscriber since the first box. I’ve not received any shipping notifications, nothing, nada.
      I don’t feel especially kind right now.
      So I’m not terribly hopeful I will even receive this by Christmas.
      Bah Humbug…😟

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