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XIO Jewelry Subscription Review + Coupon – November 2019

Monthly XIO Bag is a jewelry subscription featuring 3-5 newly released, trendy pieces every month. Each bag is curated by XIO’s founder Ylette, or other gurus from the fashion or beauty industry.

This box was sent to us at no cost for review. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

XIO’s logo got a bit of a makeover last month; still lovin’ the new font and style!

There are two options for the Monthly XIO Subscription: you can choose between all sterling silver or gold plated jewelry. XIO sent us both options to review.

If you choose the gold plated option, you will receive all five gold plated pieces.

If you choose the sterling silver option, you’ll receive all sterling silver pieces.

About Monthly XIO Bag

The Subscription Box: Monthly XIO Bag

The Cost: $60 a month + shipping. Save with a 3-month subscription.

COUPON: Use code MSA5 to save $5 off your first box!

The Products: 3-5 trendy accessories, over $150 value in each bag. Choose between sterling silver or gold plated jewelry.

Ships to: The US for $10.50, Internationally for a flat $15 fee

Good to Know: As long as your membership is valid, you can enjoy 20% off the entire site (applied as a refund to any purchase).

Monthly XIO Bag November 2019 Review

The theme of this month’s box is “Divine Goddess,” featuring four pieces to bring out your inner goddess.

On the back of the info card, XIO lists each item featured as well as what each accessory is made of and its retail value. Each piece is made up of 925 sterling silver, and the gold pieces are plated 925 sterling silver.


Maya Jaguar Necklace – Listed Value $65

This month’s XIO box is so different than anything I’ve received from them before, especially this piece. I never expected anything quite so costumey from this subscription, so I was a little surprised when I saw this jaguar trinket. The jaguar is fixed on a longer chain, so there’s no sliding around or falling off the chain, which I like, but this necklace is definitely not my taste.

Isis Choker – Listed Value $58

Here is a necklace that I am all about! Dainty, feminine and shiny, this piece reminds me of XIO’s Subtly Blingy necklace that came in the September box, but as much as I love this design, it feels redundant. This necklace can be worn as a choker, and thanks to XIO including a 3-4 inch extender on each of their necklaces, it falls right below my collar bone at its longest length.

Gaia Ring – Listed Value $48

Here is another piece that I was surprised to receive. This ring has a chain band that is easy to adjust to your size and a rather big emerald-colored crystal setting. I really don’t like this ring. The cut of the crystal is dull, the shape really isn’t my style and the chain bands cheapen it even further. This ring has a listed value of $48, and I really couldn’t imagine paying that for an adjustable ring.


Brigid Studs – Listed Value $38

Here is another choice that is simply not my taste. These studs are fairly big, with a large, garish emerald crystal in the middle surrounded by cubic zirconias. They have a vintage feel to them, which I can usually appreciate, but I think the emerald is too large for me to pull off.

Here I am wearing all the coordinating pieces from XIO

The Verdict: I was definitely not vibing with November’s Divine Goddess theme. Everything seemed too costumey for me, and the gems were a bit gaudy for my taste. XIO, what is usually one of my favorite jewelry subscriptions, turned out to be a total flop for me this month, but that definitely happens from time to time in the subscription box world. This month I received 4 accessories, which brings each piece down to $17.63—a price I would not pay for any of these items this month, unfortunately. 

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? It looks like you’ll start with this box for your first month after looking at the website, but it’s best to reach out to customer service to confirm.

COUPON: Use code MSA5 to save $5 off your first box!

Value Breakdown: The total retail value of this box comes to $209; that is a good value for a $60 (+$10.50 shipping) box! At $70.50 for this box, here’s what you are paying approximately per item: 

  • Isis Choker: $19.56
  • Maya Jaguar Necklace: $21.92
  • Brigid Studs: $12.82
  • Gaia Ring: $16.19

Alternatively, for $70.50, each piece of jewelry has an average cost of $17.63.

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Keep Track of Your Subscriptions: Add this box to your subscription list or wishlist!

What do you think of this curated jewelry subscription?

Monthly XIO Bag

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Written by Abby Holsinger

Abby Holsinger

Abby has been a box enthusiast since July 2011, finding her calling with Birchbox. That was the start of a new era for Abby, because she is now hooked on the subscription box life; she loves the idea of receiving (several) thoughtful treats from genius curators such as Lisa Sugar and Rachel Zoe. A few other loves of hers would be her dog named Bill Murray, Bill Murray and chocolate babka.

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Comments (34)

  1. Thank you for posting a picture of the items worn even tho they are not your taste.

  2. I would love to subscribe to this box, but the shipping is what discourages me. It’s already $60 for the sub. I just can’t see paying $10.50 for shipping, too.

  3. Omg I love this subscription. Too bad it’s not in my budget. Wish they had a smaller version.

  4. Maybe the comments will get past the filter this way.

    To Amber: You’re assuming I’m upset and that I’m taking it personally. Neither is true. Even if I didn’t like the jewelry I’d still believe her review to be harshly written and that particular words were ill chosen to describe the jewelry. And it’s deductive reasoning to figure that: the reviewer believes the jewelry to be “garish”, “gaudy” and “cheap” therefor those who like this jewelry are liking “garish”, “gaudy” and “cheap” jewelry.

  5. Any chance my comments replying to people will make it out of the filter?

    • Nope….There’s that censorship you were after.

      • I spoke of editing not censorship.

  6. I actually love these! I can’t imagine paying 70 dollars though – maybe 20

    • They’re all made out of sterling silver, or gold plated sterling. I’d love to know where you could buy two necklaces, one with a pendant, a ring, and earrings for $20.

  7. Ooof! Those are bad. Usually her stuff is cute, but definitely a dud month. What an odd combination too-none of it goes together.

  8. I’m not much of a jewelry fan, but I actually like all these pieces. Wish we would see the back of the ring though because I don’t think I know exactly what a chain band is.

    • You can see the back, essentially, from the pics, but you don’t need to see it since ‘chain’ is only in reference to the band’s braided design.

      • So the links stretch out to adjust the sizing?

      • No, not at all. It’s just used to describe the pattern. It looks like a chain, thus ‘chain’ band. It would be a terrible design to have a ring with links that moved like an actual chain. It’s adjustable because it’s open in the back and you can pull it wider or squeeze it tighter. Are you not familiar with adjustable rings?

      • In the third picture from the top you can see the back of the ring. It’s really just “open”.

      • Oh, now I feel really silly! I was so focused on the photos of the rings with the description that I wasn’t even paying attention to the ones at the top. Thanks for pointing that out Katie!

  9. Pretty shocked to read this review – incredibly harsh. It feels a little “overkill” on the negative side to call a piece gaudy – especially when some readers will like it. Myself included, as I love that jaguar necklace. I honestly felt this review went a little overboard. Saying a piece is not to your liking is one thing but insulting those readers who do like it is another. MSA has said those who like these pieces enjoy “cheap” and “gaudy” jewelry. Not cool.

    • It’s a review about the pieces…not you. The pieces look cheap and the jaguar piece looks both dated and adolescent. Not all reviews are rainbows and butterflies. If you like it, you like it. The reviewer does not.

      • As I said, to dislike a piece is one thing, to go so far as to call it garish and gaudy is another. I’ve been around MSA for a long time and can count on one hand the number of reviews that have used such harsh terms to describe Subscription box contents. I want honest reviews as much as the next person, but not implying poor taste in those who find the pieces to be to their liking. And as for it being a review of me – of course it’s not – especially since I’d feel the same about this review even if I didn’t like the items.

      • I agree. A reviewer should be able to speak her mind. I also like the pieces, but I’m not upset by the review. We need to stop walking on eggshells. It’s just jewelry.

    • I agree with you, Holly. I appreciate critical reviews, and generally like Abby’s review style. But calling pieces cheap, or gaudy, insults the taste of those who like the style.

      • She should be able to speak her mind honestly, that’s the purpose of reviewing, She shouldn’t worry about backlash over something as simple as calling a tacky necklace gaudy lol, some people are just way too sensitive…and they are gaudy BTW. Some people like big bulky gaudy jewelry and that’s fine. Some people even make it look good, I can’t pull it off though. Gaudy is just a way of describing something and we all know what it looks like. I am getting so sick of all this walking on eggshells and censorship. We do after all live in America.

      • A synonym for gaudy is tasteless. There is no way to make that a nice descriptor for anyone’s preferences. That’s not walking on eggshells, it’s the thesaurus. That word means tasteless. It’s a very serious word to use when describing something and whether you agree or not, it does infer something about those who would choose to wear it.

    • I mean – I like the pieces a lot and I could see them still being called gaudy. Everyone has different tastes. She’s not insulting you personally lol they’re just not for her

    • Where in this review did she even say that “those who like these pieces enjoy cheap and gaudy jewelry”? I think you’re interpreting this review a little sensitively so you can be insulted. I thought her review was honest without being insulting. She is completely allowed to say that she felt the pieces were cheap looking (that ring band was….bad) and gaudy. Her opinion is her opinion, and that’s what she is paid to give. You can have yours as well, but there’s no reason to be upset that someone else doesn’t share your views.

    • I apologize Holly – I never meant to insinuate anything about readers who enjoyed this month’s box. I only meant, to me (someone who has a more modest taste in jewelry and accessories), it seemed a little much, especially since this month’s box is so different from previous boxes from Xio.

      • I didn’t take it personally. And I explained that in my responses to people, but for some strange reason they aren’t getting posted.

    • I see where youre coming from, but she was being honest,which is important, because $60 for a subscription is not affordable in my opinion. Having said that, just by looking at the pics, the items do not scream high quality. I was shocked to go back and learn that their is actually sterling silver in them. As far as the aesthetic, they do look a bit gaudy, but that’s all personal preference. And there’s lots of people who can rock this, no problem and look chic. I’m more concerned with the quality and they do look cheap.

      • Jennie it’s good to hear from someone with a different point of view (in the comments) who is able to speak kindly and honestly. It’s truly appreciated. Sadly, this quality seems to be a dying breed in today’s world. And I’m not speaking of the reviewer here, I’m speaking of the comments and commenters.

        For the reviewer at MSA I would expect to read: they are not your preference, that you find quality lacking and you feel they look mass produced and not well made – don’t expect to read gaudy, cheap and garish. In the past there have been those who complained that MSA was too nice in their negative reviews. Maybe so, but it seemed to me that they were a cut above the rest in their professionalism. And again, all my personal opinion. Not wanting all rainbows and butterflies, not personally insulted, none of my feelings have been hurt here, etc.

        Abby you do great reviews – I didn’t agree with the wording of this one. That’s all. (Nothing to do with disagreeing with your opinion, you understand) – I just found the wording to be more of a personal nature and not professional level on your part. You seem like a lovely person and I appreciate your viewpoint.

  10. I love these pieces! I especially love the Jaguar necklace! I find them very classy and they do have a vintage feel.

    • The studs look really pretty on you!

      • Okay, obviously meant to reply to the post… don’t know what happened 🙂

  11. Love the necklace! I adore figural and/or unusual jewelry in solid precious metals. I definitely prefer solid gold or sterling, but I don’t like dainty at all; bring on the gaudy!!!

    • Same goes for me! Love the jaguar necklace – as a matter of fact, I love everything this month, except the ring. I don’t like “chain” band on rings and I’m also not a fan of adjustable rings at all really. Emma and Chloe have had a couple I’ve really liked, but those are few and far between. But the emerald cut shape of the green stone this month is my favorite gemstone cut.

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