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Purple Carrot Thanksgiving Box – Now Available!

The Purple Carrot Thanksgiving Box is available now! This is a one-time purchase and will not start a subscription.

An incredibly tasty plant-based Thanksgiving dinner that will have everyone asking for more.

Here’s everything included in each box:

The Box: Purple Carrot Thanksgiving Box

The Cost: $65

The Products:

  • Hasselback Butternut Squash with Cider Glaze & Rosemary Pecan Dukkah
  • Rustic Ciabatta Stuffing with Root Vegetables & Herb Sausage
  • Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Oyster Mushrooms & Garlic Kimchi Butter
  • Classic Gravy
  • Cranberry Citrus Cake with Coconut Whip Cream

Availability: Order by November 19th to to get your box delivered the week of November 25th.

Will you be getting the Purple Carrot Thanksgiving Box?

Purple Carrot

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Comments (18)

  1. This was absolutely delicious. My husband and son and I all cooked it, which was lots of fun, and the directions were clear and easy–and the meal was amazing! Thank you Purple Carrot for an amazing meal. The meal would have been delicious without the mushrooms for those who say they don’t like them (which is an odd comment), Whole Foods head and serve –and any heat and serve, actually takes away the fun of group cooking AND a degree of freshness (plus, whether it matters to you or not, Whole Foods is a highly unethical company who treats their workers terrible)/ We had Purple Carrot meal delivery for about six months and then stopped because we just were not home all that often, but we never had cabbage in the meals–instead we had cauliflower steaks, Indian curries, and more and we were introduced to new spices we had never used. THANK YOU PURPLE CARROT

  2. I am a little disappointed that MSA removed the comment of the person who mentioned getting this box and adding a turkey. They also did not post my comment in support of that idea. Some of us have used Purple Carrot to learn healthier habits as well as meat alternatives but are not ready to commit to being vegetarian/vegan. Why can we also not enjoy the dishes? The comment was in no where near offensive. Vegetarians and vegans should have encouraged the person to try and added that they might even enjoy it without the turkey.

    • I read that comment when it was first posted and I was puzzled by it more than anything. It was kind of ambiguous in that it could have been a sincere attempt at wanting to do a mixed holiday dinner for omnis and veggies, or it could have been read as the typical comment that vegetarians often hear judging our choices (“sounds great, it’s just missing the meat!”). I just read it and moved on.

      However, I highly disagree that vegetarians should be trying to persuade omnis on going plant-based for thanksgiving, because for one, it is not my business or my job to police how others eat and I hate it when omnis AND vegans do that to me and two, thanksgiving is a hard holiday meal to navigate anyways in regards to feeding a crowd given all the myriad special diets out there.

      • My apologies for offending, I did not intend to imply that you should have to try to persuade anyone to do anything. I was just trying to express more of encouragement in lieu of intense negativity for what seemed to me to be a harmless comment by someone who does not know how hard it can be to find restaurants and groups that accommodate different diets.
        Was looking for more of a …. hey cool you want to try to incorporate, that could please everyone who comes…. type thing, but I’m just that way.
        I am sorry if you take guff from folks who want to judge how you eat. Please know that is not where my mind was.

      • No need to apologize, but thank you for explaining what you meant. Have a Happy Thanksgiving. 😉

    • Looks like the comment was put back but the replies weren’t.

  3. I’d rather buy stuff from WF and not have to cook it 😆

  4. How many does this $65 box feed?

    Then just add a turkey.

  5. Why must every vegan/vegetarian prepared (or make it yourself from provided ingredients like this) Thanksgiving food option include mushrooms? I can’t do the Whole Foods one this year either because the main dish is something mushroom or other. They’ve been slow to put out the Gardein roasts at my store this year, too, and those always disappear from the shelves fast.

    • Have WF reserve one for you. That works at my WF. Or have them call you.

      • That is a good idea, thanks. Usually we just buy one or two when they show up on a regular weekly trip but they haven’t put them out yet this year.

    • Being vegetarian would be difficult if I didn’t like mushrooms, so i hear you. The recipe looks like you could just leave out or sub the oyster mushrooms and the field roast sausage in the stuffing isn’t mushroom based though. I have made do with just the little gardein stuffed turk`y rolls when the holiday roast isn’t available. They are a convenient size when you don’t want to be eating too many leftovers.

      • I haven’t seen the little stuffed rolls but I will have to look for those. The Field Roast fake sausage is actually usually what we buy if we’re looking for that type of product.

        I really can’t even chew mushrooms, they just activate my gag reflex. My mom didn’t like them either, so we never had them when I was a kid, and that may be part of it. (There was also never coffee in the house when I was a kid, and I don’t care for that either.)

    • Because mushrooms have a meaty texture and hold up well to cooking. I agree that if you don’t like mushrooms being vegetarian is harder. I don’t like them either. It’s like what I imagine chewing on a goldfish is like. 🤮

      • I do like mushrooms, but had to laugh at that comparison. Now that I think about it, mushrooms might be a goldfish analogue and you might have just turned me off them! 😉

    • My family isn’t vegetarian but I have to leave milk products out of all the side dishes because I have a family member who is allergic to the protein in milk (not the lactose.) I refuse to serve anything that she can’t eat because I hate having people feel left out. A plant based box of side dishes would help me put the meal together but this is all so non traditional and bizarre. It’s a holiday feast, why not a pumpkin pie? Those can be made without animal products. Brussel sprouts are pretty normal but kimchi butter, oh, my husband won’t be in the same room with kimchi. I would probably like most of this, but I’m the only foodie in the family. I guess my family isn’t the target market. ☹️

      • Purple Carrot has a big thing for cabbage. It was in almost every meal of every box that I got. If you have a Whole Foods nearby, they do have a vegan meal you can get (with mushrooms) or you can just opt for sides (and the sides are marked as vegan or not) — all of those would be free of dairy. You have to place the order a bit in advance but then it’s really just “pick up and heat up” with little effort involved.

      • I do have a Whole Foods nearby and I would consider that, but the more I think about it, I’m the one doing the cooking and I’ll still make the boring turkey, plain green beans, and white potatoes the boomers and my chicken-nugget-husband expect (I do love him, he’s just not a foodie) but I’m getting this Purple Carrot box for me and I give zero sh*ts if I’m the only one eating gourmet.

        I will make a pumpkin pie, my MIL died in August. I can’t buy one. My FIL doesn’t like cloves so he needs one custom and he’s going without enough things right now.

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