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Oui Please Volume 4.6 Box FULL Spoilers + Coupon!


Update – These are the FULL spoilers for the Volume 4.6 Oui Please box!

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Volume 4.6 of the Oui Please box will include:

Surprise! Your favorite French skincare brand, CODAGE Paris, is back. Prevent Winter’s dreaded effects on your skin with Codage’s Intense Hydration Line. Receive either a face mask, hand cream, or body lotion. Formulated with Codage’s signature Nutri-Elements, each of these products will rebuild your skin’s outermost layer to leave it soft and smooth.


This Winter, add an eco-friendly and chic pouch from Rive Droite Paris to your wardrobe. With two styles and nine colors to choose from, you’re sure to find one that fits your taste and lifestyle.

Customize your box here


Rose et Marius Body Soap

This Winter, nourish your skin with a luxury liquid body soap from Rose et Marius. Made with an olive oil base and zero parabens, this soap will give you baby-soft skin. Rose et Marius products are scented with exclusive perfumes from the Haute Parfumerie de Grasse and handmade in Provence. Each one is a beautiful tribute to the artisanal tradition of France.


This Winter, bring warmth to your home with a scented candle from Samo Paris. Samo candles are  handcrafted in their Paris atelier using all-natural and fair-trade ingredients. Coconut wax is used as the base of each candle to save water and support eco-friendly production methods.


This Winter, indulge in a signature French treat! Crème de marrons is a sweet spread made from chestnuts, sugar, and a hint of vanilla. The French enjoy crème de marrons the same way you might use Nutella or peanut butter: spread onto pancakes or crêpes, stirred into yogurt and oatmeal, or dolloped on vanilla ice cream. Délicieux!

Maison Boissier’s crème de marrons is a luxury version of the staple spread found in every French kitchen. The spread is made from only high quality ingredients with zero additives and poured into beautiful, high-end packaging. Maison Boissier will make you feel like you’re dining in the finest French Château. Bon appétit!


Member favorite Les Néréides is back! These dainty bracelets are the perfect touch of femininity to any outfit! Choose from a variety of whimsical, nature-inspired charms, or go with one the beautiful La Diamantine bracelets for a more glam style.

Les Néréides is a beloved French brand known for its playful, feminine styles inspired by nature and fantasy. All the bracelets are finished in gold plated brass, and the charms are hand-enameled. Both styles are adjustable to accommodate different wrist sizes, and with eight customization options, you’ll definitely find one that suits your style!

Retail Value: $60-$75


This Winter, treat yourself to delicious candies from Maison Boissier, one of France’s most famous candy makers. These sweet treats were invented by Bélisaire Boissier over 150 years ago, and they’ve been enjoyed by Parisians, most famously Victor Hugo, ever since.

You will receive a tin of these sweet treats in Citrus, Floral, Fruit, or Strawberry flavor in your Winter box. Any of the delicious flavors are sure to delight your tastebuds, but they’re almost too pretty to eat. The charming tins also make an adorable keepsake for tiny treasures once you’ve enjoyed your candies.


This Winter, say Bonjour to French luxury brand, Fer à Cheval, from Marseille’s oldest and largest soap factory. This Heritage brand has been making the Mediterranean city’s iconic soaps since 1856: in giant cauldrons, using all-natural ingredients, overseen by a soap master with 30 years of experience.

These gentle, certified organic, hypoallergenic soaps are a lovely update to the classic, with the addition of enriching argan oil and nourishing shea butter for even the most sensitive skin. You’ll find absolutely zero petrochemicals, parabens, colorants or animals fats in these soaps.


Oui Please sent out a survey for subscribers to vote on which color they prefer for a Maradji Scarf:

Griotte or Nude

Black or Forest

Midnight or Saffron

What do you think of the spoilers?  Check out our Oui Please reviews to see what’s been in past boxes!

FYI – MSA readers have reported issues with customer care. Please read comments on spoiler + review posts before subscribing.

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Comments (47)

  1. Loved it except for the Maradji scarf. This is the cheapest fabric ever! This is the equivalent of going to Marshall’s and seeing a Cynthia Rowley item yet knowing this piece was made specifically for Marshall’s so instead of high quality they source out dirt cheap fabric and screen print a design. The real scarves are silk and looked 1 million times better then this. I feel the same about this bracelet. Both are headed for the trash. loved the other items especially the bag (that was made very well).

    • I bet they would go well on the swap board, but if you’d rather not swap, your local thrift store would probably be happy to get them. Or you could send them to me. 😉

  2. I was about to say, “Great job! They really put out a great box and put it out on time.” Except I’m MISSING MY BRACELET. Completely crashed my good mood.

  3. This is my first box and I’m pleased with the contents overall but I didn’t get my bracelet or bag color selection. I’ve read the comments and am aware of all the issues with this sub so I know this is not an uncommon problem, but is it worth it to reach out to them about this? Do they send the correct items eventually or is it more of a too-bad-so-sad scenario?

    Also, my crème de marrons arrived very smooshed and damaged. Do they replace items like that?

    • Hey KatS! According to the FAQ on their website, If you received a damaged item, you may contact [email protected] within 30 days of shipping and they’ll take care of it for you.

  4. My box came today, and it’s complete with all products as advertised! I’m still waiting on my 1951 from the last box, but was impressed much more impressed with the delivery speed of this one.

    Products are okay, there’s nothing I’m just gaga about, but a nice box overall. The only thing that really stood out was the candy. I ended up with the strawberry flavor- the candy itself is awful (it tastes like fake everything), but at least the tin is super cute and will be nice to repurpose.

  5. I received my box today, and got everything I chose! They really knocked it out of the park with this one; so many nice things! Merry Christmas to me! 🙂

    • Me too, pretty happy with the items I got. Not super exciting stuff but it’ll get used.

  6. I was pleasantly surprised that mine arrived early on Friday. As always, everything is lovely. I am missing the bracelet though but haven’t had a chance to email Ashley about that yet.

    • Awesome, so glad to hear everyone is loving their boxes 🙂 Mine is set to arrive tomorrow, so fingers crossed and can’t wait!!

  7. Mine arrived today – I didn’t get the toiletry bag color I picked, but I’m still very happy. Midnight scarf, pomegranate bracelet, denim toiletry bag (I requested a diff color, but no complaints here), Corsica handsoap, rose bar soap, 2 Codage products, strawberry candy and the chesnut spread. This was a GREAT box!

    • You got 2 Codage products? Lucky you – I think you got a bonus. : )

  8. I just received mine! No item is missing, got my first choice for all choice items and I got the codage body milk. I am so satisfied ☺️

  9. Ladies, I got my box today and it is so beautiful. The box, itself is just so cute and I will reuse it for my special items. I got the Midnight scarf and the Denim clutch. I got the flower bracelet, which I love but really wanted the Bird. Other than that, I am very pleased and happy. The customer service is outstanding with Ashley answering my question the very same day.

  10. Tracking updated today to show the package is expected to arrive Dec 26:( just missed it! I am happy to have it soon but sorry the before Christmas promise was not met. My shop order will arrive tomorrow so at least that is something.happy holidays everyone!

    • Have you checked the tracking again? When mine first actually shipped it said the 26th also, but then after it got to the first “stop,” it updated back to the 24th. Hoping it’ll be the same case for you! I think they build a little cushion in at the beginning just to be safe.

      • Thanks for the heads up, I rechecked the tracking this morning and my box arrived today. All my first choices, nothing missing I think. I’m so happy with the box!

  11. I got tracking!

    • Awesome!! Fingers crossed and watching my email closely 🙂

      • I got tracking too.

  12. Hi
    Wondering if I get all of the ‘and’ items in the box? I know there is variation so wondering if you get pouch/scarf/bracelet etc. in each box or some combination?

    • Unless there is a mistake made with your particular box (which has been known to happen), you should get all the items shown, ie a pouch, a scarf, and a bracelet–all of those. Sometimes they make mistakes or run out and you don’t get the variation you choose, though. And the shipping is frequently extremely delayed (I wouldn’t count on this arriving by Christmas, even though website says its still in time for holiday delivery.) But if you can stand the consistently late deliveries, as well as very spotty customer service, the items inside the boxes are very nice! Definitely use a coupon code, though. Don’t ever pay the full $150. Also keep in mind that looking at other threads, it appears that when ordering from the Oui shop (rather than the box itself) they frequently don’t have those items in stock–so you pay, but they may not ship it for weeks or even months. The one and only time I purchase shop items they never arrived and I had to file with my credit card to get my money back. So in short…nice items, pretty major organization issues with the company though. If you’re patient and not easily frustrated, it’s a really nice box

  13. I purchased this box in October, but have been getting all the marketing/sale emails and got one this week that said this box is guaranteed to be delivered by December 20 (for holiday gifting) so fingers crossed we’ll start getting shipping notifications and tracking soon 🙂 I’m not planning on gifting anything specifically for Christmas but would still love to get it before then!

    • I purchased in November; but I have not received a shipping notice. Have you?

      • No shipping notice for me yet as of 12/14.

      • Nope, nothing yet either, patiently waiting 🙂

  14. Just got an email for an early black fri deal for 40% off. It’s not the 45% off like last year but if you get the annual membership is comes out to $65/box which is well worth it to me. I look forward to this box a lot.

    • I might renew with this. $65 is still a really good price. However, I don’t really want another Nov/Dec box, I wonder if I could start my new sub with the next box?

      • I’ve placed an order from the shop with the code I received the other day, then tried to use it again and the website would not let me. Can it be used only once?

  15. I know this box has had a lot of problems in the past. I’ve only subscribed for two boxes but have been very happy. Also, Ashley has been very responsive when I’ve had a customer service problem. Just my experience and I know others may vary!

  16. You have to have a ton of patience with this box, they usually ship later than stated and sometimes items are held up in customs and never arrive. With that said, however, I find the boxes to be outstanding when they arrive and it’s become the subscription I’m the most excited to open. My last box with the 1951 clutch was beautiful, I received my top choice for each selection, and Ashley included the chain for me since I requested it. The tea was missing due to customs and one of the masks (She told me in email that they were only giving one, not the two advertised previously). Even with the omission of those items, the box was packed full and everything was in wonderful shape. I will probably renew my yearly if they offer 45% off again.

    • I agree. Ashley is great.

    • Bonjour Kelly! Thank you so much for your patience! We’re so happy you’re enjoying your subscription!

  17. Just a WARNING – customer service issues are still happening with this sub. Being ignored and lied to has not stopped. The items no doubt are beautiful if you ever get them.

    • Bonjour Cay, I’m sorry you had a negative experience, but I believe we resolved the issue you’re referring to. Regardless, we appreciate all customer feedback, and we will keep this in mind as we continue improving and growing our business.

  18. Great box if you have zero expectation regarding shipping. Maybe OuiPlease should stop with the shipping date announcements and say “shipping sometime in 2020”

    • Or better yet just say “shipping…sometime…” 😉 Hopefully people won’t purchase this counting on using items for Holiday gifts…

  19. I wish I could afford this box. Looks love <3

    • Black Friday usually brings steep discounts. An annual sub typically breaks down to about $65 per box, which is an outstanding deal!

      • Ooh, I’m glad you mentioned that. Their IG says their Black Friday deal begins tomorrow!

  20. I love these items, I just wish this company was not such hot mess with their shipping – I would have loved to have tried them!

    • I know a lot of people complain about their shipping but it doesn’t bother me so much since I know I’ll receive it at some point. I never require these products during a certain month.

      • Stephanie. I feel the same. I don’t care when I get the box since I sub to so many. I have never had any issues and love their box. I’ve been with them for a few years and have had zero issues with customer service

    • For me the shipping timeframe is not a deal breaker. I really love all the products so much that it makes it worth it. I’ve done annual subs now for about 3 1/2 years, we always get the box eventually, If that tells you anything.

      • Plus it seems they have been getting the choices correct lately, as well. At one point when they first started offering choices they would send wrong items more often than not, but thankfully that seems much better now. If you can get over the shipping issues, this is a great box!

      • Taren, did your subs renew each calendar year or after you received 6 boxes? I have an annual sub that should renew in March, but at the rate we’re going, I think I’ll only have received four boxes by then. I really don’t want to pay for another year until I have all my boxes from the first year so I am trying to figure out if I should cancel and then resubscribe later if I want to continue.

        Curious what your experience has been with how the renewals work.

      • Bonjour Mary! Our subscriptions never auto-renew. Once you have received your six boxes, you will receive an email asking you if you want to renew your subscription. However, you can always renew early to take advantage of a coupon code, and we will just add another 6 boxes on to the end of your subscription. We’ll make sure you don’t get duplicate boxes! Hope this helps! If you have any other questions, email me anytime at [email protected].

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