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Oui Please Subscription Box Review – Vol 4.5

Oui Please is a subscription box that brings you the best of France every other month. In each box, you can expect a mix of beauty, jewelry, fashion, home, and food items.

In addition to the subscription box for women, Oui Please also offers an Homme box for men. Read our reviews of Oui Please Homme to learn more!

Important to know – not all boxes are the same. This is a subscription that sends out variations. Subscribers are able to select their customization through a link that is emailed.

This box was sent to us at no cost for review. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

About Oui Please

The Subscription Box: Oui Please

The Cost: $150 per box (ships every other month)

The Products: An assortment of full-sized French products from the beauty, fashion, jewelry, home, and food categories.

Ships to: The US for free, Canada for $40.86 (covers duties and taxes)

Good to Know: Single-purchase boxes are available for $165

Oui Please Volume 4.5 Review

The magazine for this box is completely online and sent to subscribers via email, but this month’s box did come with an insert about a program helping with domestic violence, Genesis Women’s Shelter.


Codage Paris Serum No. 1, 10 ml – Retail Value $38.78 (€35.00)

I am a firm believer that every skincare routine should have a hydrating serum! This one packs in the hydration, while also providing antioxidants (making it a great day serum because antioxidants help to fight free radicals and pollution in the air). This is lightweight and absorbed easily into my skin, and it layered well with the other lotions and potions in my routine.


Malou & Marius Face Mask, 1 Mask – Retail Value $12.93 (€11.67)

This sheet mask had a great fit and was cooling to my skin the entire 25 minutes I wore it. It has ear holes (!!) and also strips to wrap around your chin and hook onto your ears for more ~lifting~, however one of my chin loops ripped when I was applying it. I still enjoyed the mask, which has ingredients like green tea and glycerin. 

Polaar Ice Pure Micellar Water, 7.04 oz – Retail Value $23.21

I can’t tell you the last time I purchased micellar water, but I am absolutely not complaining. I like using it as a gentle cleanse in the morning, or after I wash my face at night to remove any traces of makeup my cleanser may have missed. It was super gentle while providing a light hydrating cleanse, so it checks all of the micellar water boxes for me.


Bangle Up Paris Bracelet in Rose Powder – Listed Value $65 (check out other similar bracelets here)

I am developing a collection of delicate French bracelets, and I absolutely love it. This is an enamel bracelet dipped in gold, and it is adjustable to fit your wrist perfectly. I like this, and I think it looks cute layered with some of my Les Neriedes bracelets from previous boxes, but I do think the listed value is a touch high (after conversion, similar bracelets retailed in the $45-$55 range from the French Bangle Up website). 


Oui Love It Madeleines, 240 g – Retail Value $8.30

I love madeleines- whenever I see them at a coffee shop bakery I usually cannot resist. These were a bit more cake-y than what I expect as a casual madeleine connoisseur, but they were still yummy with a delicate sweetness. This bag came with 8 individually wrapped madeleines, which is great for keeping my desserts from becoming stale.


La French1 Chocolate Spread in Pecan Noir – Listed Value $15

I have never been much for Nutella, but subscribers were able to choose what flavor of chocolate spread they preferred and I reached for the dark chocolate pecan. This has a satisfying crunch from pieces of pecans, and the dark chocolate keeps it from being too sweet. I tried it out on top of one of the madeleines, and it was satisfying without being so sweet it made my teeth hurt.


1951 Maison Française XL Pochette – Retail Value $105.26 (€95), Listed Value $100

Is this one of the best things I have ever received in a subscription box? As a proud LSU Law alum (with our Tigers currently ranked number one in the nation for college football), I think it is. Subscribers had a wide variety of options to choose for their pattern, but this tiger print is perfect for my going out purse to be both stylish while holding the necessities like my wallet, portable phone charger, lipstick, and a mini makeup remover should I not make it home that night. I thought storing all of those things in it would make the bag bulky, but it holds its shape very well. This bag didn’t automatically come with a strap, but subscribers can email [email protected] if they would like one.


Pied de Poule Porcelain Dish –  Retail Value $20

I am sure most subscribers would never pay $20 for a single porcelain plate, and I am in that boat too. I much would have preferred a set of plates, but this did make it handy to immediately snack on my madeleines and chocolate spread as I was unboxing this box.


Paris for One by Jojo Moyes – Retail Value $16 (currently on sale for $14.40)

Subscribers had the choice of which book they wanted to receive, and I went with this collection of short stories by Jojo Moyes (who is also the author of the book Me Before You). I would consider the stories in this book to be more fluffy and easy than hard-hitting, but sometimes that is exactly what I am looking for in a book.

The Verdict: There is no denying it- the shipping delays from Oui Please are frustrating. You really have to take a step back and just let the box come in its own time (and it will come in the end). And when that box has tasty treats, luxe French skincare, and a new favorite accessory, it is much easier to forget how long you actually waited for the box. This box met its promised $300 value ($304.48 by my math), and overall I do think this was a well-curated box that gives a fun French experience. If you’re interested in this box, be prepared for shipping delays, and also be sure to use a coupon for the best deal!

To Wrap Up: 

Can you get this box if you sign up today? I don’t believe so. You will get Volume 4.6 (check out our latest Oui Please spoilers to learn more!), and be aware this is a box that frequently ships late.

Value Breakdown: This box cost $150 with free shipping and I calculated a total value of $304.48. That means you are paying approximately the following per item (less if you signed up with a coupon!):

  • Codage Serum: $19.10
  • Sheet Mask: $6.37
  • Micellar Water: $11.43
  • Bangle: $32.02
  • Madeleines: $4.09
  • Chocolate Spread: $7.38
  • 1951: $51.85
  • Dish: $9.85
  • Book: $7.88

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What do you think of Oui Please? What was your favorite item in Volume 4.5?

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Written by Jessica Hapak

Jessica Hapak

I am a staunch believer that pineapple doesn’t belong on pizza and when I’m not working as a family law attorney I enjoy hiking the Louisiana trails (alligator sightings are a favorite!) or relaxing with Duchess, my cat. I’m a sucker for anything labeled a mystery box and I’ve never met a bath bomb I didn’t like.

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Comments (41)

  1. I just looked through all the comments for this box from volume 2.3 onward. It seems that the company has improved greatly. Gone are the variations that put everyone in a tizzy. And although the shipping is slow, the wait is worth it. Plus if something is missing or there is an error, the customer service is responsive and helpful.

    Also, if you look at everything for the last two years, you can get a really good view of what to expect. They use the same brands often, which I think is nice, because the brands are high quality. Plus they send skincare, a treat, jewelry and then the different type of items come in. In the older boxes, sometimes these slots are filled with more skincare. Now it is more likely you will receive a greater variety of the type of item.

    After reviewing, it seems that if you don’t mind the wait, then this box is very nice. If you subscribe for a year, you can be confident that you will have some lovely accessories and skincare, plus perhaps some lingerie (more of this please, Ashley), hair care, and home items that now have expanded beyond being a luxe candle. I think this box is now a winner.

    I am writing this review for those who are interested in how the box has changed over the years, and what the culmination of the last two years boxes represents.

    I will be taking advantage of the next great coupon! Nice to see this box succeed when the market is so competitive now that many flounder.

    • All I can say is — I was owed boxes — and did not receive them. I am not the only one. There were many people on MSA at the time who were in the same boat. We were keeping detailed lists of when we received our boxes, and when we were being billed. They kept billing us at our annual renewal even though we had not not received all of the promised boxes.

      Ashley, so quick to respond to others here, would not respond to me and many others. It was incredibly dishonest.

      These are expensive boxes, so for a large number of people to not get what they paid for— well, there were a lot of really unhappy people here.

      • When was your last renewal Ann? On another post, Ashley told me that they don’t auto-renew accounts. Wondering if that is something new or if I was given bad information.

      • I checked my email – Sent by me to “Ashley” September 2017 (skip to the bottom if you don’t want to read through the detailed listing of the boxes):

        “So I have been doing some work on this to figure out my OP subs:

        MR means MSA Review

        Note that the Dates (Jun 2015 for example) are what they should be not what actually happened.

        Vol 1.1 Dec 2014 MR 12/16/14
        Vol 1.2 Feb 2015 MR 3/9/15
        Vol 1.3 Apr 2015 MR 5/15/15
        Vol 1.4 Jun 2015 MR 8/3/15
        First Annual Sub Purchased 8/30/15
        Second Annual Sub Purchased 9/26/15
        Vol 1.5 Aug 2015 MR 11/5/15
        Vol 1.6 Oct 2015 MR 2/5/16
        Vol 2.1 Dec 2015 MR none To ship 3/15/16
        Vol 2.2 Feb 2016 MR none
        Annual Sub Renewal 8/30/16
        Vol 2.3 Apr 2016 MR 9/5/16
        Vol 2.4 Jun 2016 MR 12/8/16
        Vol 2.5 Aug 2016 MR 1/25/17
        Vol 2.6 Oct 2016 MR 5/7/17
        Vol 3.1 Dec 2016 MR 8/19/17 (Labeled as 2.7)
        Vol 3.2 Feb 2017 MR none To ship October 2017
        XXX Apr 2017
        XXX Jun 2017
        XXX Aug 2017

        My Situation (please let me know if there are mistakes):

        8/30/15 Created Oui Please Account
        8/30/15 Order 6382 First Annual Sub Ordered $650 (subscription/membership number 8671)
        9/26/15 Order Second annual Sub Ordered $650
        8/30/16 Order 14049 Annual Sub Renewal $650
        9/22/16 Email from Oui Please:
        “Thank you for reaching OuiPlease. I have looked into your both annual memberships: Your membership # 8671 has been cancelled already : you have 1 box left that will ship with Vol 2.4 Paris, Je t’aime (October). Your membership # 8718 is still active and you have 2 boxes left (Vol 2.4 + Vol 2.5). So, you will be getting 2 boxes from our Vol 2.4 and then a single box from Vol 2.5 (December). Please let us know if there is anything else we can do for you.”
        5/8/17 Requested Annual Sub remaining not auto renew and was told I would receive four more boxes.

        I did NOT receive Vol. 2.6 or 3.1

        I think I should have received:

        First Annual Sub Purchased 8/30/15
        One sub boxes for each:
        Vol 1.5 Aug 2015 MR 11/5/15
        Vol 1.6 Oct 2015 MR 2/5/16
        Vol 2.1 Dec 2015 MR none To ship 3/15/16
        Vol 2.2 Feb 2016 MR none
        Vol 2.3 Apr 2016 MR 9/5/16
        Vol 2.4 Jun 2016 MR 12/8/16

        I got all of these.

        Second Annual Sub Purchased 9/26/15
        One sub boxes for each:
        Vol 1.6 Oct 2015 MR 2/5/16
        Vol 2.1 Dec 2015 MR none To ship 3/15/16
        Vol 2.2 Feb 2016 MR none
        Vol 2.3 Apr 2016 MR 9/5/16
        Vol 2.4 Jun 2016 MR 12/8/16
        Vol 2.5 Aug 2016 MR 1/25/17

        I got all of these.

        Annual Sub Renewal 8/30/16
        one sub box for each:
        Vol 2.5 Aug 2016 MR 1/25/17
        Vol 2.6 Oct 2016 MR 5/7/17
        Vol 3.1 Dec 2016 MR 8/19/17 (Labeled as 2.7)
        Vol 3.2 Feb 2017 MR none Posted on an MSA thread “Oh my gosh you guys! Oui Please has the next shipping date up and it’s October! The box is called “Fall Box”. Did they become seasonal and not tell us?”
        XXX Apr 2017
        XXX Jun 2017

        I did not receive the second 2.5 box (got one from a previous annual), I did not receive 2.6 or 3.1, 3.2 not released yet and there are still two more boxes owed.

        This is at least what I have come up with as of tonight –owed six boxes over my subscription time with you.”

        —- Never received any help with this at all. There were a number of people who continued to struggle with this long after I had ended my own sub. Note that I had remembered TWO boxes but it was SIX.

        —Honestly, there is a reason this sub has 2.8 out of 5.0. I have found over the years that these ratings on MSA are quite reliable.

        I am not the kind of person who just throws mud on a company and I realize that somewhere there are a lot of really good people working very hard to get us our lovely sub boxes and sometimes things go wrong and they do their best.

        But what happened here was that a lot of people paid a lot of money and did not get what they paid for. The fact that so much time had passed before we figured out we weren’t getting all of our boxes meant we were mostly out of luck getting our money refunded or boxes sent to us.

        This happened to me two years ago and others were still dealing with it long after I dropped my own sub.

        I guess what I am trying to say is — they may have made some changes and hopefully what happened won’t happen again — but this is still the same company.

        “Ashley” was quick to respond to easy questions but does not really help when things get sticky.

      • I’m on the same boat as you Ann, this company has been extremely disappointing and seems like they haven’t improved over the years. Maybe they should focus on training their employees to properly handle situations like this. Missing boxes? Not shipping boxes on time? No wonder this company has a 2.8 rating.

        Not sure what exactly is going on behind the scenes but they need to get it together.

  2. The clutch at least in “the old days” on the swap board was basically Swap Gold. Someone will absolutely want to swap for your clutch if you do not want it. Hold out for something of equal RV or something that is rare. You will at some point possibly be able to swap for another clutch in a pattern you like more.

    I ended my own Oui Please subscription because I was finding my boxes were a bit “light” time after time. Also, due to delays, I realized I was owed multiple boxes but at my sub anniversary they went right ahead and charged me for the next year. I did reach out and let Ashley know I was owed two boxes. I am sorry to say I never received them.

    I cannot, based on my own experiences and those of others reported on the low-defunct forum portion of the site, recommend a yearly sub to this company.

    I am very sorry to have had to cancel — I did like these clutches and also like the Les Nereides pieces. I also thought the presentation and information card was very nice. The snacks were always quite tasty as well. But I was not receiving what I had paid for so it was actually very easy to cancel for that reason.

  3. Is no one gonna talk about the $100 bag? What even makes it worth being $100?

    • Not sure yet, as I don’t have it in hand. It is real leather, and does seem to be a decent size, but I have no clue if the quality will live up to the hype. I’ll probably end up using it more as an organizer bag than an actual purse as it looks a little too much like a pencil case for me to wear it as a bag- I do love the wilder print options they offer though. =)

  4. I just renewed my subscription and have been a subscriber from the very first box. I have stuck it out thru some rough patches and think the last couple of years have really improved. I have found customer service to be great and shipping isn’t always timely but love my boxes when they arrive.

  5. I really liked this months box. I only got to eat one Madeline because my kids liked them a little too much! As for the missing tea, I emailed and was given a code for $25 to use in the OUI PLEASE shop, which I think is more than fair compensation for a box tea.

    • I was given a $25 code too, but it required a $50 purchase so I didn’t use it. I wasn’t too keen on being required to spend more money in order to be compensated for a missing item.

  6. I received a shipping notice for this box on October 5th, it has never moved. That was almost 8 weeks ago. “Ashley” has told me three times that they are awaiting more products and have no word on when it will actually ship. If you don’t have boxes to ship, don’t create shipping notices. I’m over this box, and plan on just issuing a charge back on my card this weekend. I love, love, loved Oui Please for a long time, no more.

    • I’m so sorry to hear everyone’s shipping issues. It sounds a lot like what many of us had with 5th Avenue style boxes until they literally disappeared from earth with no explanation. I subbed oui please a few years ago and had so many issues with the first box..shipping and several missing items. “Ashley” responded my first email then she went silent on me. They never sent out the rest of the boxes and never gave me a refund either. I had to dispute thru my credit card to get the money back. With that experience, I’ll never be able to trust this company again.

      • Hi February, from memory, the reviews for 5th Avenue style boxes also assured MSA readers that the boxes may be delayed ‘but they will arrive’ / ‘do arrive eventually’. I am pretty sure that wording remains in the 5th Avenue Style reviews even though they seem to have ended up disappointing a lot of paid-up customers in the end.

        I think it might be a good idea for MSA to refrain from reassuring people that their packages will definitely arrive if MSA doesn’t have control of the subscription box’s operations, despite the best of intentions.

        Please note that I’m not suggesting things will worsen for Oui Please, and I sincerely hope it can experience a positive trajectory.

        I wish Jessica, Oui Please and all its subscribers the very best.

    • Bonjour Kit! I apologize for the delays in shipping your box. As you may know, our products are imported directly from France and this can have challenges due to products being held at customs or arriving damaged. We’re working to get our remaining boxes as quickly as possible. Feel free to email me at [email protected] to get an update on your box!

  7. This is by far one of my favorite boxes. I signed up for a second box because of the 40% offer. Thank you Oui Please. Even if I do not get “my picks” at times, often the one you sent was even better. I have discovered brands through your box that I now order directly from those companies. I also adore my Les Nereides collection that has grown through your box.

    • Bonjour! We’re so glad you love your box! We’re working very hard to find awesome, quality products from France and appreciate your feedback. Merci!

  8. Seriously that purse was my first pick and I got my third choice. Not happy they sent it to MSA for free, no offense to Jessica.

    • I didn’t even get any of my top three choices and am not a fan of the one I did get 🙁

    • Seems like this company always has a bias towards certain people and shipping some boxes first before other customers because I’ve been waiting for a while now and have yet to get my box. Definitely not subscribing again to this box and subscribing to Box of Style of Causebox instead, they have better quality products anyways.

      • Bonjour Stacy! Boxes are shipped in order of who submitted their customizations first, and I assure you we do not have bias for any customers! We take pride in the quality of our products, as we always choose items that uphold the legacy of French design and artisanship. If you have any questions about our shipping process or product selection, I’d be happy to answer them via email at [email protected]

  9. Black Friday Special gives you 40% off an annual subscription.

    $650 minus $260 equals $390 divided by 6 equals $65.00 for each amazing box!

  10. Ouch that’s pricey. Even looking at the price breakdown I would not pay that much for any of the items.

    • I don’t think many people pay full price, there is usually a discount code. The current code is 40% off and if you do an annual that is about $65 per box. Totally worth it to me at that price!

  11. Just for the record, I’m in MO and I don’t seem to have a problem with any shipping delays on my boxes. I’ve even had some address troubles since I moved, and Ashley was able to fix it for me before it went out. (Mostly because Ashley is the best!)

    I think part of the confusion is that they create the shipping labels a bit before they’re ready to ship, which causes an email to go out, so you expect it in like 3 days. I have that happen with a lot of my packages, so I’m inclined to believe it’s standard practice.

    • I think she means shipping delays as in the June box didn’t arrive for many people until August and the November box won’t be here until nearly the end of the year by current estimates.

      While I do think the boxes are great, I wish this review would have mentioned the missing tea and that the spoilers clearly said the box would have two masks but only one arrived.

      • Who cares if a mask or tea is missing. It’s a low priced item. Focus on the beautiful leather clutch we received. This sub consistently has quality pieces compared to other boxes such as FFF who sell cheap Chinese crap. I’d rather have a box arrive late then one that comes on time filled with cheap ‘trying to look like quality’ items that everyone ends up throwing away eventually.

      • Maybe you don’t care, but I think it’s important to note for the review to be accurate.

        If someone is reading this review to decide whether to order the box, they should know that the spoilers aren’t always correct. While I have been very happy with my boxes, it seems like what we receive is not always what is advertised. People should be made aware of that prior to ordering.

      • Yes. Glad to know. I have been going back and forth about resubbing. Knowing that they still short items and don’t consistently honor choices helped me decide. Pass.

    • I’m in Kansas, but apparently it’s the Mirror Universe side of Kansas as my label was created on 10/4 and has zero movement yet.

      Originally the box was advertised as including two masks, and a set of tea bags. Did OP provide any info on how they’re going to compensate for the missing products? I know they made some excuse about customs not letting the tea through (it baffles me why you wouldn’t have all items on hand in the U.S. BEFORE you start putting out spoilers…). If they’re just going to say “oh too bad, customs and stuff poo poo” I would consider that to be false advertising, which REALLY doesn’t make me want to get another box.

      • Then get another box. Good lord. A mask and tea are low priced items. Businesses have issues and why would they have the products on hand before? They need to know The total subscribers count first and not order blindly.

      • Well bless your heart! The tone of your comment indicates you have some confusion understanding what good business practices are, so I’ll try to respond at a level simple enough for you to comprehend.

        First off, Oui Please is a business, not a charity. This means that when they advertise and sell a product they are committing to delivering that same product to customers in an accurate and timely manner. Not delivering the product, or substituting an inferior product is considered fraud/false advertising, and is something that a business can be prosecuted for. You’re right, businesses do have issues, but saying “oh, it was cheap” isn’t a valid excuse for not providing a product customers have paid for.

        So, if a business that makes their living from selling imported products wanted to avoid these problems, it would make sense to import those products and have them on hand BEFORE you started selling them. Oui Please is not a new company- they should have a pretty accurate estimate of how many boxes they sell each time, and should be able to order accordingly. The boxes ship from Dallas, TX, so there is really no reason for the constant delays people report. At $150 a box Oui Please is trying to set themselves up as a premium box providing luxury goods. At that price point they should be providing superior customer service as well.

        This is my first time ordering a box from Oui Please, and so far I’m not impressed. I think they have a good idea for a sub box and they’re advertising a nice curation of items, but the execution of that idea seems to be abysmal. There seems to be very poor planning, little to no organization, and I’m guessing they’re very understaffed. All of these signs make me reluctant to give them any more of my money.

        Oui Please is literally selling a box of stuff. It’s not rocket science.

      • This! Completely agree Melissa. This box isn’t high end or luxury, it IS a well curated box of lovelies weighed down by excuses and poor delivery. I didn’t see the value in this particular box, but next box (likely arriving in March 2020 vs. December as scheduled) looks a bit more promising. Would love to see them get their act together, the wait and excuses steal the joy away a bit.

      • Melissa ❤❤❤ YES! ALL of this, YES!!!

      • Bonjour Melissa! We sincerely apologize for the delays in receiving your box and missing products. I believe we have been in contact about getting your box to you as soon as possible! We are a small company experiencing rapid growth, and there have been some growing pains as we try to expand our team and improve our operations to meet the increased demand. We truly appreciate all customer feedback, and we will take it into consideration as we move forward. As always, if you have any other questions or comments please reach out to me at [email protected].

      • Definitely agree with you on that one Melissa! They have been in business for years now and they still don’t have it together? I get that every company has their hiccups but this has always been consistent. We’re all tired of the excuses and delays from this company. Get it together OuiPlease, you’ve had years.

    • I’ve been subbed for 2 years and have never ever had any shipping issues with them either and their customer service has been great to me

      • Bonjour Cindy! We truly appreciate your feedback! If you have any questions, feel free to email me directly at [email protected] so that I can assist you. Merci!

    • Bonjour Stacie! We appreciate your feedback! We’re doing everything we can to streamline our shipping process to avoid delays and missing products in the future. If you have any questions or concerns, please email [email protected].

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