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FabFitFun Winter 2019 Box Spoilers + Selection Time!

We have all the choice item spoilers for the FabFitFun Winter box!

If you haven’t signed up for FabFitFun yet, use coupon code MSA to save $10 off your first box! (Regularly $49.99 a season).

FYI – Annual subscribers can select their items now, quarterly subscribers will be able to pick their items on November 15th.

Choice 1: Pick Kate Somerville® Goat Milk Moisturizing Cream, UnHide Lil’ Marshmallow, Jonathan Adler Fleur De Sel Ceramic Candle, Rebecca Minkoff Marled Beanie & Armwarmer Set, or R+Co TELEVISION Perfect Hair Shampoo + Conditioner.

Here’s a closer look at each item:

Kate Somerville® Goat Milk Moisturizing Cream ($65 value)

UnHide Lil’ Marshmallow ($65 value)

  • 50” x 60
  • faux fur

Jonathan Adler Fleur De Sel Ceramic Candle ($48 value)

  • Satin finish stoneware with a removable lid
  • Notes of an aquatic breeze, marine salt, orange blossom, mimosa, and driftwood
  • 50% soy wax, 30% palm wax, 20% paraffin for a cleaner burn
  • Comes packaged in a gift box

Rebecca Minkoff Marled Beanie & Armwarmer Set ($70 value)

R+Co TELEVISION Perfect Hair Shampoo + Conditioner ($64 value)

Choice 2: Pick PJ Salvage Faux Fur Trim Cable Slippers S/M & M/L, Erno Laszlo Pore Cleansing Clay Mask, Bluetooth® Shower Speaker, OR Lashes M.D. Eyelash Conditioner

Here’s a closer look at each item:

PJ Salvage Faux Fur Trim Cable Slippers S/M & M/L

Erno Laszlo Pore Cleansing Clay Mask Bluetooth® Shower Speaker

Lashes M.D. Eyelash Conditioner

Choice 3: Pick Karuna Face For All Face & Eye Mask Set, Battington Lashes Monroe 3D Silk Lashes and Glue Kit, Adore by Swarovski Organic Circle Bracelet, OR Rodial Beauty Soft Focus Glow Drops.

Here’s a closer look at each item:

Karuna Face For All Face & Eye Mask Set

Battington Lashes Monroe 3D Silk Lashes and Glue Kit

Adore by Swarovski Organic Circle Bracelet

Rodial Beauty Soft Focus Glow Drops.

UPDATE: Choice 4 and Choice 5 are options for annual (Select) subscribers only. If you are a seasonal subscriber, FabFitFun will pick for you.

Choice 4: Pick Beauty Bakerie Proof is in the Puddin’ Palette, LXMI Pure Nilotica Melt 1.7 oz, Paper Source 12 Month Rose Floral Planner, OR Vooray Sidekick Crossbody Bag

Here’s a closer look at each item:

Beauty Bakerie Proof is in the Puddin’ Palette – Retail Value $38

  • 4 matte and 5 shimmer shades
  • Cruelty- and paraben-free

LXMI Pure Nilotica Melt 1.7 oz – Retail Value $28

  • 100% organic vitellaria nilotica fruit butter
  • Can use as an overnight mask or throughout the day
  • Made in USA

Paper Source 12 Month Rose Floral Planner – Retail Value $27.95

Vooray Sidekick Crossbody Bag – Retail Value $17.99

  • Features reinforced stitching, made with weather-resistant neoprene
  • Easily carries keys, phone, wallet, and other items

Choice 5: Pick Vera Mona Color Switch Solo, Frank Body 200g Original Coffee Scrub, OR AHAVA Salt Bag – 11 oz

Here’s a closer look at each item:

Vera Mona Color Switch Solo

Frank Body 200g Original Coffee Scrub

AHAVA Salt Bag – 11 oz

And here are the two items that will be in every box:

Drybar Prep Rally Prime & Prep Detangler

MakeUp Eraser Makeup Eraser – Original Pink

UPDATE: In addition to all the items shown, there will be one additional item in the box. From FabFitFun:

We apologize for any confusion regarding Customization 6 and want to provide a bit more clarity. This Winter 2019 season we are excited to launch FFF Picks! One of the items included in your box will be selected from a curated mix of items we think you’ll love. We can’t reveal which specific item FFF has picked for your box, you’ll have to wait and see!

So there will be a total of 8 items in the Winter Box.

What do you think of the spoilers? What are you picking? Let me know if you have any questions about any of the items! FabFitFun sent me all the box items early so I can offer help if you need it in making a choice decision!

Reminder – annual subscribers get to pick their items now. Seasonal subscribers will get to pick on November 15th at 9 a.m. PT.

If you haven’t signed up for FabFitFun yet, use coupon code MSA to save $10 off your first box!

Check out our FabFitFun reviews to see what you can expect with this quarterly subscription box for women.


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Comments (311)

  1. I’d love to swap for the M/L slippers if anyone chose them already but isn’t keeping them.

  2. So they are literally putting in slippers that will not fit anyone that has big feet? They look so comfy and here I can’t wear them cause I wear size 11. It’s like slipper companies don’t care about the ladies with bigger feet.

    • Haha, or the tiny ones! I’m a size 5 and the s/m would be like clown shoes and I’d trip. Doh

    • With that assumption in mind, please explain how FFF sold out of flat iron during Fall? Some members were switched to mystery choice without their consent.

  3. Annual members: Did you get a confirmation about the add-on purchase? When I view my box, the add-ons have disappeared. Is that normal or did I lose them?

    • Normal glitch they are working on it

      • Ah, thanks! That’s a relief.

    • I just had the same issue but if you download the app and go into your box they are there! The amount is wrong but that’s a typical issue too it seems.

  4. Both my sister and I ordered additional 3 winter boxes as add ons for gifts. I’m now wondering if we will get slippers in a random size. I might not be able to gift a random sized slipper. Any ideas?

  5. My #6 surprise has now disappeared, lol. Just a glitch or an accidental peek maybe?

  6. HELP! I don’t know what to pick for choice 1. I lean toward the blanket, but I have quite a few. At first I thought the beanie and arm warmer set, but I live in TX and honestly I have enough. The candle is my next thought, I just don’t know if I’ll use it.

    So far my selections are:
    1) Blanket – still deciding. Or should I get candle? Blanket I could donate.
    2) Shower Speaker
    3) Karuna Face for All (originally was the bracelet but I’m not in love with it)
    4)Cross Body Bag
    5)Coffee scrub

    • I would happily pick that R+Co Shampoo and Conditioner all day long! Their products really work and it’s not often you can buy them at a good discount. I have medium to fine hair and find that the “Television ” version works great to add body and volume, although not as well as their “Dallas” thickening shampoo and conditioner.

      • Sweet! I have fine/thin hair and resubbed just to get the duo. I mean it’s cheaper than buying them plus you get all the extras! I’m very happy and I also picked up the wave spray as an add on to try too.

  7. If a new subscriber subscribes today. Would they have to wait customize?

    • Yes unless you sub annual.

    • Don’t worry though.

      I have two subs and one is seasonal.

      I have always been able to get all I want.

      I am sure we will get to get our choices and that FFF is holding inventory for seasonals too.

  8. Question about the slippers. I know they say 5-7.5, and 8-11, but I’m not sure which to get. I’m anywhere between a 6.5-8, depending on the shoe (typically a 7-7.5, 8 more for dress shoes). I’m learning towards the s/m, as I feel the m/l will be huge, but I’m also worried they will be too small! Are the s/m really small? Or do you think they will fit a true 7-7.5 foot?

    • Kim, I’m not planning on purchasing this box; however, if I were to select a size for my 7.5 feet, I would choose the S/M. The upper range is 7.5, so that would be perfect. If I chose the L with a range of 8-11, I would already be out of my size. And, if they fit up to 11, there would be inches of excess slipper behind my heel. Just my two cents…

    • Someone from FFF measured the slippers, the S/M were 10.25″ and the M/L were 10.75″. The small fit a size 7 perfectly, so I think a size 5 would be too small, but a 6-7 would be perfect for small. Large really seems to fit only up to size 10, not 11. The FFF community forum has many pictures of the slippers in different sized feet to help people make this choice.

  9. Are there any coupons for annual memberships? TIA

  10. I’m not crazy about my #6. Cuccio Somatology™ CALM + CLEAN Epsom Salt Hand and Body Wash. I have enough body wash to drown an elephant.

    • How did you find out what your #6 is? It is not revealed on m h account and I didn’t receive an email. (I am annual, if that makes any difference.)

      • Check your my box or customize my box screen. It is listed below. Some think it’s a bug since everyone on the forum has that soap listed.

  11. My item #6 is revealed, I am getting: Cuccio Somatology™ CALM + CLEAN Epsom Salt Hand and Body Wash

    • Thanks for mentioning. I checked and mine says the same.

    • How did you find out what your #6 is? It is not revealed on my account and I didn’t receive an email. (I am annual, if that makes any difference.)

      • I just wen to My Box tab, and it just everything I picked plus my add ons.

  12. Do you know when the full box will be revealed?

  13. I used to subscribe to FabFitFun and decided to take some time off to try some other boxes. However, these spoilers have me VERY interested in resubscribing.

    I was hoping someone could tell me if there are any coupon codes that are good for an annual membership. All the one’s I seem to find are only for the quarterly subscription. Also, if I decide to just go with a quarterly membership and don’t get the choices I want in those categories, do I get the option to add the items I do want?

    Thanks for any help!

  14. Liz, does the candle have “Jonathan Adler” or anything at all etched on the ceramic outside of the candle itself or is the brand name only on the box? Thanks!

  15. I am really excited for this box. It looks like FFF has stepped up their game!

    I got the throw, slippers, Karuna Mass, the planner & the LXMI (that stuff is awesome, and the brush cleaner.

    I have a seasonal box a well and will likely get another throw.

  16. FYI, the Rebecca Minkoff Marled Beanie & Armwarmer Set is hand wash only. Just wanted to make everyone aware.

  17. Has anyone used the Kate Somerville Moisturizing Cream? There are mixed reviews online.

  18. I am annual, and plan to add extra one item from first 3 categories. So I open another account with 10 dollar off code. So happy!

  19. They got me back with this one. A truly solid box. These days I think FFF is the best. And I chose the fancy shea butter. There is a difference between the cheap and the expensive shea butter.

  20. Hey, Everyone I am on the fence and need seasoned box subscribers opinions on this. I usually wait and buy the 49.99 per quarter. I am tempted to go ahead since the great items are on the first tier and I want my items earlier because of holiday, and just because I hate waiting. Are many of you choosing to go ahead and do the buy the 4 seasons at one time thing? Or any advice to support that? I didn’t get a fall box for Popsugar and literally my order or money as they say has been held up until Winter box rolls arounds. I am just curious if anyone who normally buys quarterly is going ahead and getting theirs sooner and taking the plunge.

    • The only benefit of being seasonal is that you can skip if you ant. But, It sounds like you get all the boxes anyway, so you might as well save a few bucks and get early access by paying annual in advance.

    • Jeanette, I like seasonal because I get to make all the selections although everyone gets to choose the most expensive categories with the most coveted products. You’ll notice that each category is filled with similarly priced items. You go from a $65 blanket to a $3 piece of styrofoam disguised as a brush cleaner in the final category. I have no idea if it ships sooner but it seems like with this new billing system, it will, which would be even more of an incentive to go annually. Just check for spoilers often to decide if you want to skip a box. It also saves you a bit of money in the long run and don’t forget to find a discount or free product code first!

  21. I wonder when our 8th “mystery item” will be revealed? I’m curious to see if it’s another item that everyone gets or will there be a variety that go out? Would be nice to know before I add anything to my box.

    • FFF announced that the 8th item is a surprise for everyone.

      • I guess I didn’t notice this particular part, earlier: “selected from a curated mix of items we think you’ll love”. But, my biggest curiosity is whether or not we’ll be able to see the item in question once the box is sent or if it will show as a “mystery” on our box’s dashboard?

      • If I am not mistaken, I believe it will remain a mystery until the unboxing.

  22. I am debating upgrading to annual because I’d really like to make selections for options 4 and 5. Are there usually any Black Friday deals for annual subscriptions?

  23. I’m so excited for my winter box! I picked:

    1. R+Co shampoo and conditioner
    2. Erno Laszlo pore cleansing mask
    3. Karuna Face and eye mask set
    4. Vooray cross body bag
    5. AHAVA salt bag

    1. Ettitude satin pillowcase set
    2. Kate Spade getting ready laundry bin
    3. Beauty crop badass lip set (gift)
    4. Addition winter box (gift)

    At $50 this box is a great value! Not sure why all the complaints. Sure you can look for good deals at discount shops, but anyone who values their time can appreciate FabFitFun’s value proposition 😊 Plus the brands featured here are sold in Sephora and Ulta.

  24. Wow I am so tempted for the hat and arm warmer set. Trying to resist! Resistance seems futile. I just don’t know how much I need anything else in the box. I really wish the the first options were split into the first two choices and it would have been a no-brainer.

  25. The options are just so odd.
    Most will be gifts.

  26. Liz how does the blanket feel to you? Is it super soft and plush? How does it compare to Minky type fabric?

  27. Liz how does the blanket feel to you? Is it super soft and plush? The pictures are awesome and help my decision but I would love to know how it compares to minky fabric blankets. Is it any where close?

  28. Does anyone know how large the planner is? I like a small one that can fit in my purse. Thanks!

    • I have one from last year, and unless your purse is really big, it will not fit. Check out the brand’s website. They might have something that will work for you, and their art designs are wonderful.

      • Totally disregard what I said. I thought it was a different brand.

  29. Thank you Liz for answering my question about the texture in the other side of the blanket. <3 I have issues with certain textures, but this seems like it will be perfect!

  30. Meh. I unsubbed after the last box, even though i got some of the best things. When I total what each of the things would cost if I found them on clearance at Ross, the box value is always only around $50. They are not honest with their retail values AT ALL and I was tired of it.

    • I don’t know how to drive and even if I did I really don’t have the time to be going from store to store to find these products. For me a subscription box makes it easy and simple to receive items that I would like. Time is money so subscribing makes sense, plus I hate store shopping.

  31. I love the looks of the blanket and slippers, but I’m also concerned that they’re made really cheaply.

    The blanket must be VERY thin to roll up that small, so I wonder about it’s warmth level. Seems more like a fuzzy sheet.

    The slippers are a neat idea with the faux fur INSIDE the slipper, but I think these would be hard to walk in (your feet would slip around in them).

    These two items also seem to be the most popular choices (cozy winter items), so wondering if anyone else is concerned about their quality and usefulness, despite their hype based on thr photos?

    • I agree. I’ve gotten fabulous faux fur blankets at Walmart and Cabelas. This one looks small and thin. There are so many better blankets available at reasonable prices.

      Same on the slippers. Look at Cabelas for wonderful, quality lined slippers in many styles that are fabulously constructed. I’ve had a pair of genuine shearling lined moc slippers that I’ve used for many years and have many years of life left. Warm in winter and cool in summer. Similar, or better, slippers to these FFF ones could be found for ten bucks at any Walmart.

      I don’t understand the lure of these cheap items in this box.

      • I agree. I re-subbed as a seasonal, to get the Fall box for $25, but I’ll be cancelling. I can get a much nicer inexpensive throw or blanket lots of places, and I’m not interested in anything else. And I’d probably end up with that crossbody bag, which is just hideous and so cheap looking. No thanks.

      • Exactly! –

  32. Was super pumped for the 1st category of choices, but kinda meh for several of the others. I’m most disappointed in the “everyone gets it” items! My hair is super short (like 3 inches at the longest point), so I will never need a detangler. There’s no way it COULD tangle! I use Face Halo pads to remove my makeup (highly recommend, btw) and found that MakeupEraser-similar cloths I had from Sephora developed a weird smell, even after washing. I went with:

    1: KS goat milk cream + add-on blanket + add-on candle
    2: shower speaker to replace an old one
    3: lash set
    4: planner + add-on crossbody
    5: color switch pan

    Also way too many items from the add-on sale.

  33. I choose

    Slippers (I got the S/M since I wear a 6.5 to 7 shoe and I hope they fit)
    Nicola Melt (I love this and am running out)
    Color Switch

    I bought the ACV rinse, a couple of XO Sienna notebooks, and 3 of those masks (I have one and they are great) and the sponsored shampoo.

    I will get more in the seasonal box.

    I wish XO Sienna had a wall calendar. I really love the XO Sienna line.

    I skipped Fall. This box looks amazing and the slipper look way cuter than those frumpy atrocities in the PS Neiman Marcus box.

  34. I picked the
    Gloves set
    Make up brush cleaner
    I also wanted the speaker but I wish they would have separated things better all the good stuff was in group 1

  35. What are the slippers and armwarmer/beanie made of? I’m wondering if anything has wool in it due to allergies

  36. I subscribed today for the winter box, if I go back and upgrade to select is it an additional $179 or do they subtract what I paid already

    • It’ll be an Additional $179

    • Seraphina, I signed up just a couple days ago wanting to go annual. I had an old account and the option to rejoin (whether I wanted seasonal or annual) was not clear. I clicked the button and it instantly charged me for a seasonal box. I thought, ok I’ll upgrade to annual and it’ll charge me the difference. It didn’t, I was told unless you are a CURRENT member you can’t just upgrade. So you get charged for a seasonal box ($50-ish) and then when you upgrade to annual you get charged another $179. So you’d get 5 boxes and it costs around $230.

      I didn’t like that it wasn’t clear on the site when I was signing up, (in fairness, I was on my phone and It’s harder to navigate all the info on that tiny screen (imo) so I could have missed it), but I still saw no explanation.
      I called and they eliminated the first charge, which was very nice of them, (and honestly I wasn’t trying to cheat the system) but ultimately I didn’t like the way it was done. But now I know how it works, so I’m good for next time.
      Sorry for the long post, but I hope that helps answer your question.

      • I upgraded from my first editor’s box by the quick click, expecting to be taken to another screen to verify info but nope, that’s all it took to get a years worth. I love this subscription but if I could do it again I would search for a discount or free item code.

  37. Does anyone know what size shoe for the slipper M/L? I would love the slippers, but my feet may be too big.LOL thanks

    • M/L are 8-11 S/M are sizes 5-7.5

  38. Hi Liz,
    Does the planner have a pocket or stickers in the front? I looked online and it only shows the 17 month planner which has the pocket and stickers. Was wondering if this one does too?
    Thank you 🙂

  39. Does anyone know which options are already sold out? Thanks!

    • I would love to know that as well. I’m considering resubscribing but not if the items I want to choose are already gone.

      • Exactly, I want to sign up but not if any of the items I want are gone. I’d pick the blanket, slippers, glow drops crossbody bag and coffee scrub.

    • All I’ve seen is that for option 4 you can’t add any extra items

      • You should contact customer service because I was able to add additional items just now for option 4. Maybe check again? Perhaps something was wrong with the website that is now resolved. Technology is great when it works and a puzzling headache when it doesn’t! Good luck!

  40. If the box was the group of items in the first selection, I’d sign up again. Oh well. Saved $50.

  41. Will iPhone pro max fit in the crossbody

    • Kisna, the crossbody is sold out but it’s on Amazon for $17

      • I just picked the crossbody like 5 minutes ago. It’s not sold out.

  42. My picks were
    #1 Marshmallow Blanket & Rebecca Minkoff warmers set

    #2 Slippers

    #3 Battington lashes ( stockpiling until I learn to use)

    #4 Planner

    #5 Color Switch

    Add ons
    Pudus slipper socks
    Beauty Fridge
    Free Giovanni Tea tree Triple Treatment

  43. Does anyone know where the Grace and Stella shampoo/conditioner is made?
    Fabfitfun says China and Amazon has some people saying China and some saying USA. I can’t find it. TIA

  44. How long is the bracelet? They’re often too short for me.

    • I really want to know this as well.

      • I’m sorry but to all these people asking for dimensions and other details…. do you not have Google? I googled the hell out of each item for product reviews and even to see what addons could be found cheaper elsewhere.

      • Well, I’m terribly sorry to take up your time by asking a question to someone OTHER than you. Since you are so busy, you might just skip reading comments.

      • Tpop, it’s ok, it’s hilarious

      • We forgive you. LOL

      • Apparently the one on the Adore website is 6.5-8″ but since FFF does what it wants, one can’t be certain there’s is the exact same. I guess we shouldn’t expect a retailer (FFF) to include accurate details.

  45. I’m happier with this box than I have been the last two. I’ve gone back and forth a few times to change my choices thanks information I’ve gotten from the comments here as well as Liz’s great photos. I’m going with:

    1. Blanket – who doesn’t need another cuddly blanket for winter? Even if it turns out to be not very good quality the dogs will love it. I’m twitching over the gloves/hat but I don’t need those and I’m trying to practice restraint……
    2. Slippers – see above. lol
    3. Rodial Soft Focus Drops – It was this or the masks – I might still get the masks.
    4. Palette & Crossbody Bag – I really don’t need the palette but can’t resist.
    5. Color Switch – There just wasn’t anything else I wanted here.

    So overall I’m pretty happy and will use everything in the box.

  46. Well…for the first time I went annual. I love too much to risk anything going out of stock. Here’s to a great year (fingers crossed)!!!

  47. This might be the first time I sub to FFF after watching it for a year+

  48. This is the best FFF box!

    I chose:

    -unhide blanket shower speaker
    -rodial glow drops
    -karuna sheet mask collection
    -frank body coffee scrub

    And I am so excited that we’re receiving prep rally! I’ve been wanting to try it so it feels like FFF read my mind.

    I’m so happy and can’t wait to receive box!

    • Oh, I almost forgot! I also chose the cross body bag. I’ve been hiking lately and really need something to put my phone and keys in.

      It’s so perfect!

  49. Can you please tell me the measurements for the planner? It looks like the 18 month planner on their site, but says it’s 12 month and that’s a little smaller in size.
    Thank you 🙂

  50. I was thinking about canceling, just got my fall box today as new subscriber. But I think I’m going to keep it after seeing this spoilers. All of em looks great to me. I have to wait until Nov 15 as seasonal member to pick my choice,right? Thinking about add on also. I want that faux fur blanket!!

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