FabFitFun Winter 2019 Box Spoilers + Selection Time!

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We have all the choice item spoilers for the FabFitFun Winter box!

If you haven’t signed up for FabFitFun yet, use coupon code MSA to save $10 off your first box! (Regularly $49.99 a season).

FYI – Annual subscribers can select their items now, quarterly subscribers will be able to pick their items on November 15th.

Choice 1: Pick Kate Somerville® Goat Milk Moisturizing Cream, UnHide Lil’ Marshmallow, Jonathan Adler Fleur De Sel Ceramic Candle, Rebecca Minkoff Marled Beanie & Armwarmer Set, or R+Co TELEVISION Perfect Hair Shampoo + Conditioner.

Here’s a closer look at each item:

  • 1 of 3

  • 2 of 3

  • 3 of 3

    Kate Somerville® Goat Milk Moisturizing Cream ($65 value)

    • 1 of 6

    • 2 of 6

    • 3 of 6

    • 4 of 6

    • 5 of 6

    • 6 of 6

      UnHide Lil’ Marshmallow ($65 value)

      • 50” x 60
      • faux fur

      • 1 of 5

      • 2 of 5

      • 3 of 5

      • 4 of 5

      • 5 of 5

        Jonathan Adler Fleur De Sel Ceramic Candle ($48 value)

        • Satin finish stoneware with a removable lid
        • Notes of an aquatic breeze, marine salt, orange blossom, mimosa, and driftwood
        • 50% soy wax, 30% palm wax, 20% paraffin for a cleaner burn
        • Comes packaged in a gift box

        • 1 of 8

        • 2 of 8

        • 3 of 8

        • 4 of 8

        • 5 of 8

        • 6 of 8

        • 7 of 8

        • 8 of 8

          Rebecca Minkoff Marled Beanie & Armwarmer Set ($70 value)

          • 1 of 5

          • 2 of 5

          • 3 of 5

          • 4 of 5

          • 5 of 5

            R+Co TELEVISION Perfect Hair Shampoo + Conditioner ($64 value)

            Choice 2: Pick PJ Salvage Faux Fur Trim Cable Slippers S/M & M/L, Erno Laszlo Pore Cleansing Clay Mask, ban.do Bluetooth® Shower Speaker, OR Lashes M.D. Eyelash Conditioner

            Here’s a closer look at each item:

            • 1 of 5

            • 2 of 5

            • 3 of 5

            • 4 of 5

            • 5 of 5

              PJ Salvage Faux Fur Trim Cable Slippers S/M & M/L

              • 1 of 3

              • 2 of 3

              • 3 of 3

                Erno Laszlo Pore Cleansing Clay Mask

                • 1 of 7

                • 2 of 7

                • 3 of 7

                • 4 of 7

                • 5 of 7

                • 6 of 7

                • 7 of 7

                  ban.do Bluetooth® Shower Speaker

                  • 1 of 2

                  • 2 of 2

                    Lashes M.D. Eyelash Conditioner

                    Choice 3: Pick Karuna Face For All Face & Eye Mask Set, Battington Lashes Monroe 3D Silk Lashes and Glue Kit, Adore by Swarovski Organic Circle Bracelet, OR Rodial Beauty Soft Focus Glow Drops.

                    Here’s a closer look at each item:

                    • 1 of 17

                    • 2 of 17

                    • 3 of 17

                    • 4 of 17

                    • 5 of 17

                    • 6 of 17

                    • 7 of 17

                    • 8 of 17

                    • 9 of 17

                    • 10 of 17

                    • 11 of 17

                    • 12 of 17

                    • 13 of 17

                    • 14 of 17

                    • 15 of 17

                    • 16 of 17

                    • 17 of 17

                      Karuna Face For All Face & Eye Mask Set

                      • 1 of 4

                      • 2 of 4

                      • 3 of 4

                      • 4 of 4

                        Battington Lashes Monroe 3D Silk Lashes and Glue Kit

                        • 1 of 5

                        • 2 of 5

                        • 3 of 5

                        • 4 of 5

                        • 5 of 5

                          Adore by Swarovski Organic Circle Bracelet

                          • 1 of 3

                          • 2 of 3

                          • 3 of 3

                            Rodial Beauty Soft Focus Glow Drops.

                            UPDATE: Choice 4 and Choice 5 are options for annual (Select) subscribers only. If you are a seasonal subscriber, FabFitFun will pick for you.

                            Choice 4: Pick Beauty Bakerie Proof is in the Puddin’ Palette, LXMI Pure Nilotica Melt 1.7 oz, Paper Source 12 Month Rose Floral Planner, OR Vooray Sidekick Crossbody Bag

                            Here’s a closer look at each item:

                            • 1 of 5

                            • 2 of 5

                            • 3 of 5

                            • 4 of 5

                            • 5 of 5

                              Beauty Bakerie Proof is in the Puddin’ Palette – Retail Value $38

                              • 4 matte and 5 shimmer shades
                              • Cruelty- and paraben-free

                              • 1 of 2

                              • 2 of 2

                                LXMI Pure Nilotica Melt 1.7 oz – Retail Value $28

                                • 100% organic vitellaria nilotica fruit butter
                                • Can use as an overnight mask or throughout the day
                                • Made in USA

                                • 1 of 5

                                • 2 of 5

                                • 3 of 5

                                • 4 of 5

                                • 5 of 5

                                  Paper Source 12 Month Rose Floral Planner – Retail Value $27.95

                                  • 1 of 6

                                  • 2 of 6

                                  • 3 of 6

                                  • 4 of 6

                                  • 5 of 6

                                  • 6 of 6

                                    Vooray Sidekick Crossbody Bag – Retail Value $17.99

                                    • Features reinforced stitching, made with weather-resistant neoprene
                                    • Easily carries keys, phone, wallet, and other items

                                    Choice 5: Pick Vera Mona Color Switch Solo, Frank Body 200g Original Coffee Scrub, OR AHAVA Salt Bag – 11 oz

                                    Here’s a closer look at each item:

                                    • 1 of 5

                                    • 2 of 5

                                    • 3 of 5

                                    • 4 of 5

                                    • 5 of 5

                                      Vera Mona Color Switch Solo

                                      • 1 of 2

                                      • 2 of 2

                                        Frank Body 200g Original Coffee Scrub

                                        • 1 of 2

                                        • 2 of 2

                                          AHAVA Salt Bag – 11 oz

                                          And here are the two items that will be in every box:

                                          • 1 of 2

                                          • 2 of 2

                                            Drybar Prep Rally Prime & Prep Detangler

                                            • 1 of 8

                                            • 2 of 8

                                            • 3 of 8

                                            • 4 of 8

                                            • 5 of 8

                                            • 6 of 8

                                            • 7 of 8

                                            • 8 of 8

                                              MakeUp Eraser Makeup Eraser – Original Pink

                                              UPDATE: In addition to all the items shown, there will be one additional item in the box. From FabFitFun:

                                              We apologize for any confusion regarding Customization 6 and want to provide a bit more clarity. This Winter 2019 season we are excited to launch FFF Picks! One of the items included in your box will be selected from a curated mix of items we think you’ll love. We can’t reveal which specific item FFF has picked for your box, you’ll have to wait and see!

                                              So there will be a total of 8 items in the Winter Box.

                                              What do you think of the spoilers? What are you picking? Let me know if you have any questions about any of the items! FabFitFun sent me all the box items early so I can offer help if you need it in making a choice decision!

                                              Reminder – annual subscribers get to pick their items now. Seasonal subscribers will get to pick on November 15th at 9 a.m. PT.

                                              If you haven’t signed up for FabFitFun yet, use coupon code MSA to save $10 off your first box!

                                              Check out our FabFitFun reviews to see what you can expect with this quarterly subscription box for women.

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                                              1. Are there more items uncostumizable options aside from the detangler and Towel?

                                                • There will be one additional item. From FabFitFun:

                                                  We apologize for any confusion regarding Customization 6 and want to provide a bit more clarity. This Winter 2019 season we are excited to launch FFF Picks! One of the items included in your box will be selected from a curated mix of items we think you’ll love. We can’t reveal which specific item FFF has picked for your box, you’ll have to wait and see!

                                                  So, the Winter box will have a total of 8 items.

                                                  • Does the blanket shed even a little? OCD here.

                                                  • I’m excited fff is keeping one of the items a mystery! Even though it’s between 2 items we could get 😀

                                                  • How can i customize my box if already had an account and I barely purchased the box today?

                                                • Yes, its either a hand masque or a shower gel.

                                              2. I’m getting:
                                                Shampoo & Conditioner
                                                Crossbody bag
                                                Makeup brush cleaner

                                                I would’ve gotten the bracelet if it were a necklace, I have really small wrists.

                                                I’m excited for the crossbody bag but I wish it were grey or black but it’s fine.

                                                I like lashes but not enough to invest in expensive pairs so this is a nice treat.

                                                Y’all convinced me to switch to the makeup brush remover instead of the coffee scrub!

                                                I have concrete floors(literally) so I’m excited for slippers instead of socks all the time.

                                                • I’m on the fence about this box. I wish they would have some of the items from the 1st set spread throughout. Those, imo, are the best items. The rest are just ok, nothing too exciting. I was so excited for winter but I think summer was best for me.

                                                  • Getting the throw and the slippers. Put in for surprise me on the last 3. I could use a few surprises! 😁

                                                    • I chatted with them about the surpirses, thinking it will be a different item than the ones listed in each category , like a mystery item, but they say that if I choose the “surprise me”, they pick an item from the ones listed. Not sure if this is what you wanted, just thought to let you know since there is still time to edit customizations.

                                                • I love that coffee scrub. I had it in an ipsy bag and it was amazing

                                                  • Is it messy though? I heard that coffee scrubs make a real mess of the tub. That’s why I didn’t select it.

                                                    • Liz, I am wondering if the blanket sheds at all ? Thanks

                                                      • Nope, no shedding issues!

                                                    • It does go all over but pretty easy to clean up by just splashing water. It is soooo worth it. The scrub is amazing. I have it at home now cause it was recommended by a friend and I can’t rave about it more!

                                                      • I have tried so many scrubs, and this is by far the best for both body and face. It is what I am choosing for sure!

                                                    • It probably does, but coffee grounds are also not good for your pipes. I mean, they don’t really dissolve. but a few baths with body scrub are not going to kill your pipes if they are ok from the start (I’ve done homemade coffee scrubs in the past and it’s ended up ok). Just don’t do it every day for like a month….

                                                • I’m getting Blanket, shampoo conditioner( love love love R and Co ,cruelty free is important to me) Slippers, lashes, planner, coffee scrub….Is that bag gray????
                                                  2 R and Co Add Ons, Oribe dry shampoo ( recent box of Zoe item, excellent brand) SO excited for this cozy winter box and Add Ons. Love when they have Add Ons I buy anyway…and they are more than half off! Anything fuzzy works for me…woo hoo! Enjoy!

                                                  • What are they charging to add on items for the first Category? I have been an annual member for two years. I just canceled after the fall box. Thinking about re-joining. Most of the items I like are in the first category. Just wondering if it’s 10 or $15 per item to add for annual subscribers?

                                                    • $15 if i’m remembering right.

                                              3. @ FabFitFun … I see you there, trying to tempt me with doing just what everyone asked for.

                                                But I’m still mad at you!!! You haven’t fixed the shortage/errors from my Summer Edits order, so sadly I will sit on the sidelines. I will miss the fun of add-ons (including the incredible discounts), the selection decision process (how many extras do I really need), and the camaraderie in the forum (the Ladies are so fantastic). I really wanted to be one of the ones that stuck it out and were rewarded, but my wallet took too much of a beating.
                                                For those of you that haven’t tried this box… this is the best one I’ve seen in forever. I really hope they have gotten their shipping issues resolved.

                                                • How does it work if I order an extra winter box as an add-on? Will I be able to customize it? There are so many items I like, as long as I can customize getting a second box would make sense.

                                                  • If you can’t you can always create a second account with another email. Plus then you could use a discount code.

                                                • For what it’s worth I’m still an active player on the forum but my subscription expired in fall. I think they let former subscribers stay in hopes we will be lured back, which I might be someday but not with this box. I don’t think it’s necessarily bad I’m just not into it enough to buy it

                                              4. All right so since I couldn’t make up my mind on a couple of things, I picked the ones I *really* wanted. After I did that, I purchased another box at the $39.99 price and I figure whatever I’m supposed to get I will. The shoes might work for my SIL depending on size, but they don’t have a size small enough or narrow enough for my feet. Otherwise I’ll put them in the donation box I make every Christmas. So nothing bad.

                                                • You could also refer yourself and get a discount plus the ref bonus. That way you can choose the non select items as well

                                                  • How do you refer yourself or say your spouse? On FFF site it states ‘In order to receive credit, your friend must be a new FabFitFun member and live in a different household. Same household or self-referrals will not be accepted. ‘

                                                • I did this too. I picked my first choice in each category and then picked up an extra box in add-ons. With a $5 credit my checkout total will be $34.99. This is my own version of a mystery bundle (just with less risk because I know all the possible options).

                                                  • So are we able to pick an item then add on another for $15 still?

                                                    • Not sure I understand your question. Extra customizations are still available for most categories (def available for Choice 1; I believe no extras are available on Choice 4, though that could change as all the annuals finalize their selections today). I decided NOT to add extra customizations though. I just bought an extra Winter Box as an add-on. I won’t be able to customize any of the items in the add-on box, so it will be a total surprise.

                                              5. Everyone always said that winter boxes were the best and with just spring to go for my first year, summer was my fav but I’m loving this one, too!

                                                Kate Somerville moisturizer
                                                Slippers + Lashes MD$15 +shower speaker$15

                                                (This category stinks) Bennington lashes
                                                **has anyone used that Rodial serum bc it seems very popular but the ingredients look like absolute crap to me

                                                Planner which will be a xmas gift
                                                (love the bag but am practicing restraint bc I have a black one) the LXMI butter is literally just shea butter. Save your money

                                                Ahava salts
                                                (I said up above the brush cleaner is the same as a hair bun booster you can buy for a fraction)

                                                Now I need to pare down my $170 of addons to like $20 (impossible lol!) But I started at $1,400 so I’m doing good 😂😂😂

                                              6. I am probably the only person who likes to keep a few items a surprise but also get to pick a few items too. Not anymore and it’s all out there. I was very excited for the first spoilers but when it came to picking the rest I found myself in a pickle because nothing really made me say, ” WooHoo”. I am happy about the candle and slippers and thought the blanket was nice but now I am thinking that it’s looks small and the shade. I feel like the rest was all beauty and masks. Ohhh and the kicker is that the free item if you spend 15 dollars is out of stock. How do you give out free stuff that we have to pay for and then been out of it too. The people who aren’t annual have no chance because many annual didn’t either. This is my last box and I am not heartbroken. I don’t want to come on here and crab just like no one want to hear it. Sorry …Ok I’m done.

                                                • You’d think they would at least give out a different free gift if they ran out!! Get it together FFF!!

                                                  • It’s a sponsored gift. The sponsor provided free whatever number they decide to give and when they run out they run out.

                                                    • I think they need to be more transparent with the sponsored gifts. If they have 10,000 members and they get 300 “free” gifts, then tell people so we know most of us won’t get it.

                                              7. Okay, I’m in. I haven’t subbed to FFF in a LONG time, but I WANT that blanket and I’m happy to see that I like a lot of the other items too!

                                                I’m a little worried that the blanket might run out by the time seasonal members get to choose on the 15th. Anyone have any thoughts on that? I’m thinking I should wait until then to actually subscribe.

                                                • You will always get to pick your 1st choice but some of the xtras won’t be able to add on. You will definitely get the blanket though!

                                                  • The blankets are sold out already.

                                                    • Wait – WHAT? The blankets are gone already?!

                                                      • No they’re not. I don’t think they will run out. IDK why someone said they were out.

                                                      • Anna, I made the mistake too bc it’s not letting us add extras of certain items that I guess are low in stock

                                                    • No they’re not. I just selected one. Even when they show as not available for extra customization, they’re not sold out. They’re just not available to add as extra.

                                                      • Whew!

                                                      • I got the shampoo and added on the blanket without any issues. Maybe they got more in?

                                                • Hi, while normally I just read the comments, I think the new split billing is confusing.

                                                  My understanding based upon what staff have said is that stock would be split between both sales so the seasonal subscribers wouldn’t miss out on access to items in the sale, and that this is supposedly why annual subscribers will have access to the add on sale only during the all access window (with a shipping charge if they don’t spend the minimum), because stock was limited during each half of the sale, and that the 3x each item cap was across both sales. (Basically meaning if you bought 3 the first time you can’t come back during all access and get 3 more.) it is also my understanding that the same splitting of stock was being done for box items so everyone would have choices. The windows for sale and customization are much smaller to me this time and I’m okay with that. Less time to shop means I have to make careful choices.

                                                  I know it’s going to have kinks, but I hope it makes shipping smoother for all of us. I did love this box because I had options outside of skincare for most categories, and a lot of the skincare items usually contain allergens for me, which is why I budget for annual so I have a little more control over my choices. Which brings me to the fff picks— a lot of the forum thinks it’s between two items and Liz posted the message from staff above. I’m glad this time that they gave us the “all get” spoiler but I’m a little wary of this new pick program. I have a donation box that regularly gets items from the “all get” selections due to those allergens and I expect this pick might end in the donation box too.

                                                  Sadly the mistakes with the summer box (items were still missing when fall opened, and they opted to credit me the whole box rather than keep trying to get the replacements to ship) mean that unless they get things in order over the next two boxes, spring will likely be my last box for a while, but that’s a personal choice. I have three subscriptions and lately they’ve all made huge changes that have me reconsidering if I need them.

                                              8. Overall, this is a good box for me. Nothing really blows me away though.

                                              9. Can someone tell me how much fff is charging for additional choices? I.e. how much is the candle is you choose the face cream for your first choice? Thanks!!

                                                • $15

                                                • There are three different price points. $15 for the first set of items, $10 for the second, and $7 for the last two. Am I missing one round of picks, lol, I can’t remember. But not ALL are $15.

                                                • The candle is $15

                                                • Varies depending on category. Candle comes up at $15 for add on.

                                                • $15 for that 1st category.

                                              10. The first choice was hard, so many of those were good, but the other 4 not very exciting to me. I picked hat & warmers set, speaker, sheet mask set, planner and the Color Switch. Are there 4 or 5 more products that everyone gets?

                                                • Just 3 more.

                                                • Which option is the blanket on ?

                                              11. Liz – Can you provide the dimensions for the crossbody bag? Thanks.

                                                • Sure, it’s 6.5″ X 4.5″ with a depth of 2 inches. Hope that helps!

                                                  • Thx!

                                                  • Is it grey or white?

                                              12. I am very happy with my box. I selected everything in the 1st category, the slippers and eyelash conditioner in the 2nd, the Rodial soft focus drops in the 3rd, the palette for the 4th
                                                and the Color Switch in the 5th. I will be paying around $120 for my extras and add ons.

                                                • You might be better off in terms of cost to just buy an additional box or two…

                                                  • If you buy an add-on box as an annual member, can you customize all of the items? I am debating between adding several individual add-ons or just getting an additional box.

                                                    • I talked to customer service and they said the add on box will be random!

                                                    • I asked CS and (s)he said NO, it’s random & not customizable at all. Also you might get a double with your original box

                                                • If I were you, I would start a second account on a new credit card. New email + new credit card number will equal a new account. You could even put the shipping into a different name, such as a child or a family member. But build a new box and then cancel the secondary sub after you’re charged. You’re spending way more than you need to.

                                                • You will be lucky to get it… I just got my box and none of my selections….. Their service sucks and I am done as soon as my subscription is over…. I literally got Winter box of nothing I would use or want and dropped off and Goodwill this morning…

                                              13. I can’t decide if I want the blanket or hat! Thinking I want the speaker, and I also can’t decide between the masks or the glow drops. I’m a seasonal subscriber so I hope I get the planner and not the lotion. I have so much lotion already

                                                • I love the Karuna masks! I think they are some of the best out there!

                                                  • Right!? They’re some of my absolute faves

                                                • I have that speaker( since last summer) and it’s great! Hope that helps!

                                                • I did both the blanket and the hat/gloves because I couldn’t make up my mind! Box delivered today so I am at work DYING to leave so I can open it!!

                                              14. I found this box underwhelming. The blanket and slippers look super cheap. The only thing I liked was the planner and Rebecca Minkoff Hat and Warmers…so I choose those. Everything is else is meh. I also picked the shower speaker, the Karuna face masks, and the bath salts…all cheap crap from China.

                                                • They do look cheap…blanket very thin to wrap up that small – and slippers with faux fur lining are likely hard to walk in?

                                                • My mystery hero item for summer 2019 was grown alchemist night moisturizer….I sent FFF email stating how disappointed I was since I didn’t pick the yoga mat….they sent the mat with apologies. Very classy.

                                              15. Winter box is always the best. I choose the blanket add the candle. I think the candle design is absolutely elegant. The slipper, the rodial drop. The planner and the AHAVA salt for gifting.

                                                I actually like most of the stuff in these box, I might actually think to renew my annual after this box. We will see !

                                              16. Yay! I want nothing from this box! If the candle was not plain I’d buy it off someone. Can’t wait for JA x H&M collaboration soon!

                                              17. Finally!! I like this box. The slippers are nice, I can get them for my parents for the holidays!!

                                              18. I am really excited about this box! I picked:
                                                1: Blanket (it looks so soft!)
                                                2: Slippers (I’m a sucker for cable-knit anything)
                                                3: Glow drops (I’m in need of a decent primer)
                                                4: Planner (hoping to use as a meal planner), Vooray bag (it’s so cute!), and Nilotica melt (I have very dry winter skin and am going to keep in my purse for hydration on the go)
                                                5: Color Switch (this sounds awesome for when I actually bother to use eyeshadow)

                                                I think these options are great! This actually makes me okay with the fact that winter is approaching:)

                                                • I have owned the Color Switch for a year or so and can vouch that it is awesome and works just like it says. Great product!

                                              19. Best box in a while! Only one category (5th) where I wanted nothing! Wish there was a mystery option there.

                                                I picked blanket, slippers, glow drops, melty balm thing, and (unenthusiastically) the salt bag.

                                                Was there ANYTHING fitness?

                                              20. 1- hat and arm warmers
                                                2- clay mask
                                                3- face mask set
                                                4- eyeshadow palette
                                                5- brush cleaner

                                                debating adding the slippers but idk about sizing bc i’m typically a 7.5 and worry about fit.

                                                since this is my last box i figured i would go heavy on the skincare and beauty since that is what i will get the most use out of and will be easiest to bring back to college with me (having box shipped to my house not dorm). I’ve loved every box i’ve gotten this year and am sad to have to be leaving but I’m insanely happy with this box and feel like its a good note to leave on!

                                                • yes! also 7/7.5… would i get the s/m or m/l?

                                                  Do the slippers run true to size? anyone know? 🙂

                                                  • According to FFF, S/M Fits size 5-7.5. Hope that helps!

                                                  • I am same and went with the S/M since they are open in the back and have narrower feet. If still too small I will give to a smaller footed friend.

                                              21. I picked 4 items for choice 1, slippers & mask choice 2, rodial choice 3, bag or eyeshadow choice 4, brush cleaner choice 5

                                              22. Very solid box! Went annual for this 🙂

                                              23. I’m glad I don’t get FFF always a big let down in the money I spent , stopped awhile back they charge too much and the quality is cheap looking and feeling . I’ll just go to TJ Marshall’s and pick up my own stuff for cheaper

                                                • For me the entire box is less than the cost of the kate Somerville facecream which I buy anyways. Everything else I can keep for myself or give it as Christmas gifts.

                                                  • It looks like the packaging for FFF doesn’t have the normal airtight pump for Kate Sommerville 🙁 Can anyone confirm? That lotion is so watery it’s gonna be a hot mess scooping it out each day.

                                                    • I was just going to comment on this and went to see if anyone else noticed that too! I wonder if the formula is still the same

                                                    • According to the Kate Somerville website this is a limited edition version with no pump:
                                                      “Packaged in limited edition ocean recycled packaging in support of Kate’s 100% Responsible, 100% Recyclable pledge to use 100% recyclable packaging by 2025, this cream comes in a jar that’s made of 50% ocean waste plastic collected in the Philippine Sea and the Indian Ocean.”

                                              24. Interesting that they only have 2 items that we all get usually it is 3 making 8 items you get in the box (unless you add more)
                                                While I am sure I will like what I chose, I didn’t plan on getting all face/body items. I usually pick jewelry or a household item but while the bracelet it pretty I am an earrings and necklace person. And while I like candles..if it was one of all members will get items it would have been better. 🙂
                                                1)Kate Sommerville (was going to add the Rebecca Minkoff set and the shampoo but as this is my annual renewal time I had to reign myself in)
                                                2)Clay Mask
                                                3)Glow Drops
                                                5)Coffee Scrub

                                                • FFF hasn’t said those are the only two items everyone gets. Those are just spoilers they released. I’m not sure why MSA wrote it up making it look like FFF has said those are the only items. Unless FFF is telling MSA more than they’re posting in their community.

                                                • I noticed upon “View my box” that there was a 6th “customization” that FFF is choosing what they think best fits you so you will still end up with 8 items before add ons (i read it was between body wash and the hand masks though that could be wrong)

                                              25. Looking for a new serum, has anyone had any experience with the brands Hey Honey, Sonage or M.A.D.? I have never even heard of the last two.

                                                • I love hey honey morning silk serum! Holy grail item for me! Haven’t tried the others

                                                  • Can you elaborate on the benefits you see? I have several samples but haven’t tried it. I have oily, acne prone skin, just fyi. TIA!

                                                    • I also have oily acne prone skin, it lightly moisturizes without being greasy, absorbs awesome into my skin and has never made me break out. Also is a great primer before makeup. I don’t have fine lines or wrinkles really yet, but could also be because this has helped prevent them. I first tried this as a sample and have bought it multiple times at full price along with their 24/7 day and night cream.

                                                • The Hey Honey Morning Serum is amazing. I use it every day!!! And I literally have all of Sephora in my skincare cabinets and shelves!!!

                                                  • Thanks Heather and Krista, that’s the one I was leaning towards because I have a different product of theirs that I love. I’ll keep that one in my cart!

                                              26. First great box FFF had in a while!

                                                Hope everybody realizes the planner is actually tiny. It’s about pencil’s height.

                                                • That actually makes it more appealing! Thx!

                                                • omg!! Did not realize and this definitely makes a difference. Thank you!

                                              27. This is an Amazing box for me!! I want just about every single item but my credit card has firmly told me “NOPE! You can not add on all these extra items!”. Haha! This is a definitely a Win from FFF for me!

                                                • Yay! So glad to hear you love this box, too. I think this is one of their best ones 🙂

                                              28. Two questions.
                                                Can non-annual ad on options from the categories they can’t choose – I really want to make sure I get the planner!

                                                What are the odds the options will sell out before Black Friday if I wait for a great deal?

                                                • No – if you aren’t annual, there isn’t a way to make sure that you get an item from the “select” categories 🙂 BUT! I bet lots of people will be trading. For my annual box, I chose the planner. If it comes in my seasonal box as well, I would trade it. You will def be able to score one through trading!

                                                  • I got the cheese board last time and definitely do not want or need it. How does trading work and where do I find it?

                                              29. According to the calendar they have a winter spoiler on sunday so does that mean there is one more item that everyone gets?

                                                • There should be a 2 or 3 more items everyone gets!

                                              30. My first ever box—a friend has raves about FFF and also sent me a gift certificate for my first box. I went with annual subscription and then they got me with lots of add-ons too!
                                                1- Kate Somerville Goat Milk (and candle, shampoo/conditioner)
                                                2-clay mask
                                                3-face/eye mask
                                                4-LXMI Pure Nilotica Melt (would buy more if I could)
                                                5-Coffee scrub (and Color Switch)

                                                • What a great friend! And this is an amazing box to start a FabFitFun subscription with! 🙂

                                              31. Liz, can you tell me about the scent of the candle? I didn’t see it listed or maybe I missed it? Thanks.

                                                • Yes, here’s the description from FabFitFun: Let the notes of an aquatic breeze, marine salt, orange blossom, mimosa, and driftwood take you on an instant sensory getaway.

                                                  I’ll add that to the post. I would consider it a summer beachy scent. Hope that helps!

                                                  • I’m not mad at that scent profile at all, but it does seem weird that they would choose it for a winter box, as opposed to something cozy.

                                              32. Think this is my favourite box so far🙂

                                              33. Oh my, what an amazing box! So many great choices!

                                                My choices:
                                                1. Faux Fur Blanket
                                                2. Slippers
                                                3. Rose Gold Bracelet
                                                4. 2020 Planner
                                                5. Color Switch

                                                • I picked the exact same choices! I love that there are some decent non-beauty items this time.

                                                  • I chose those same options too!

                                                    I’m a size 8.5 does anyone know what size slippers would be best?

                                                    • I’m a size 8.5 or 9 depending on the shoe, and the M/L slippers fit me best. Hope that helps!

                                                      • Is there still extra room? I’m a size 10 and worried they’ll run small and not fit.

                                                      • Rachel, Nordstrom’s says to order by your exact shoe size but their version is sized slightly differently. I’d say you have plenty of room at a size 10. I’m a 7 and if the max size was 7 I’d order an 8. The reviews also said that these run large and dont seem to be great for narrow feet but that should be obvious by looking at them.

                                                      • Liz how does the blanket feel to you? Is it super soft and plush? The pictures are awesome and help my decision but I would love to know how it compares to minky fabric blankets. Is it any where close?

                                              34. Has anyone tried the Kate Somerville Goat Milk Cream? Debating adding that on.

                                                • Me too! Is it heavy or absorbs quickly and isn’t tacky?

                                                  • This is my favorite moisturizer. I use it every morning. It is light and absorbs quickly. It is silky smooth under makeup too. While light, it is still very moisturizing! I switched to this after finding that my dry skin was soaking up my foundation and making it patchy and would wear off midway through the day. After switching to this moisturizer, I haven’t had that issue at all. I also use Retin-A so my skin is always dry but you would never know it. LOVE this product. It sold me on the box.

                                                • Have not tried on my face, but tested in store. It’s super thin but felt nourishing. Only difference I can see in this one is it’s not a pump top like what you would get in Sephora. Does anyone know why that is?

                                                  • I was wondering the same thing. Not sure why that would be the case but it is interesting. My only thought (and I don’t generally like to think this way) is that these are older product from before Kate changed the product dispenser? I hope that isn’t the case but not sure why else it would be different but listed with the same RV.

                                                    • Its different because of the packaging makeup:
                                                      This is from the website- https://www.katesomerville.com/skin-care-products-goat-milk-facial-moisturizer-2
                                                      “Having discovered profound relief for her childhood eczema in the healing powers of goat milk, our founder Kate created this Goat Milk Moisturizing Cream as a skincare staple for anyone dealing with dry, parched skin. Packaged in limited edition ocean recycled packaging in support of Kate’s 100% Responsible, 100% Recyclable pledge to use 100% recyclable packaging by 2025, this cream comes in a jar that’s made of 50% ocean waste plastic collected in the Philippine Sea and the Indian Ocean.”

                                                    • Wait–you didn’t get your customization choices? And they didn’t even contact you to tell you? You should contact customer service for a refund. There is no reason you should not have received your selections, especially THIS early in the season. I haven’t gotten mine yet, so I am concerned.

                                                      What did you select and what did you actually receive?

                                                • As someone with skin that’s so dry in the winter it hurts I can say Kate Somerville is the only stuff that works for me that also doesn’t make me breakout. It doesn’t have a powerful smell and lasts a while even if you use every day. I was gonna skip this round but this alone makes the box worth it for me.

                                                • I use the cleanser and I’m obsessed with it. I was so excited to see the moisturizer!

                                              35. Fall was a great box for me, but there’s nothing here I’m interested in. No FOMO here from me! Not even for the $25 discount they’ll offer later to get rid of the box. Wallet does a happy dance. See you in the spring!

                                                • My feelings exactly! No FOMO here. This is all cheap China made junk.

                                                  • Love this box!!!!!
                                                    I chose
                                                    Glow drops
                                                    The crossbody bag
                                                    Makeup brush cleaner
                                                    I’m super stoked with my choices! Can’t wait to see the items they put in all the boxes!!!
                                                    This is a fantastic box!! I have a blanket I bought in the shop during an add-on and I love it so it was an easy pick there!!!

                                              36. I chose-
                                                The blanket
                                                The slippers
                                                Color switch

                                                I’m really excited about this box! Made me feel better after seeing my crappy Ipsy boxes for this month.

                                                • I chose these same items! I’m overloaded on beauty items so these choices made me happy!

                                                  • I totally agree!! I’m most excited for the blanket and slippers but it’s all great stuff that I’ll actually use!

                                              37. Shampoo set, wireless speaker, face masks, planner, bath salts. I went with a beauty heavy box this time it seems, a lot of ppl are choosing the blanket and slippers but I don’t need them so going w some consumable items.

                                              38. This is a great box! I wanted multiple things from almost every category. I’m always impressed at FFF’s curation.

                                              39. Just went annual for the first time. I don’t like 2 of the customization categories, but I’ll get my money worth in the shampoo/conditioner alone.

                                              40. for choice 1, I will choose the blanket, for choice 2, I will choose slippers, for. choice 3, debating on mask or glow. drop. Not excited about. choice 3,4, or 5, but still great. value for 49!
                                                Hopefully they will also offer 40% or 50% off on. Black Friday or something just like the fall box

                                              41. Do we have more items coming or is it a smaller season?

                                              42. Loving this box 🥰

                                              43. Could someone let me know what kind of products they have received in the past with the Surprise Me option?

                                                I found something I absolutely love for all customization except #3.
                                                Wondering if I try the mystery item or picking the face oil to swap. 🙂

                                                Super excited for this box!

                                                • The “surprise me” is different than mystery – they will send you one of the items in that selection! So you definitely want to choose yourself if you have any preference at all 🙂

                                                  • Oh thanks! 🙂

                                                • The “surprise me” option is different than a mystery item-with the surprise, they just randomly choose one of the listed options for you.

                                                • Hi. Surprise me and mystery are different. Surprise me means they pick one of the posted options for you. Mystery could be anything. I’ve gotten a nice face oil, Murad eye cream and something else nice that I don’t recall.

                                                  • Thank you! 🙂

                                                • My mystery hero item for summer 2019 was grown alchemist night moisturizer….I sent FFF email stating how disappointed I was since I didn’t pick the yoga mat….they sent the mat with apologies. Very classy.

                                              44. I like these choices! I am most excited about the planner. I got the
                                                -throw, added on the shampoo set,
                                                -glow stuff (I would have picked that beautiful bracelet if it was a necklace, but I can’t do dangly bracelets and no women in my life do either, so I can’t gift it.
                                                -mystery item

                                                Feeling like it’s a good box. Although I was surprised to see only two items for the “everyone gets it” part. Usually they have 3. And I won’t use the makeup eraser.

                                                • I didn’t see a mystery item option anywhere, all I saw were surprise me options in each category. Where did you see this?

                                                  • My mystery hero item for summer 2019 was grown alchemist night moisturizer….I sent FFF email stating how disappointed I was since I didn’t pick the yoga mat….they sent the mat with apologies. Very classy.

                                              45. I love Fabfitfun, but I’m puzzled that they did not offer an entertaining option (like the cheese board) around this time of year. I like the selections. I think it would be neat to offer: cookie cutters, a selection of holiday cards, a cheese board, a wine stopper, a menu planner…more lifestyle stuff. But I get it. They offer consumables, because they need to be replenished.

                                                • They offered one in the fall box

                                                • Yes, love the idea of cookie cutters, holiday cards, and menu planner!

                                                • They gave a few of these like cookie cutters, wine stoppers, and cards in the Add Ons. I am okay with them not being in the regular choices but I also don’t entertain and I have a love for my classy rubber chicken wine stopper lol.

                                              46. Made my selections. I’m very pleased. Nice selections.

                                                Choice One;
                                                – The blanket
                                                – Kate Somerville $15
                                                – Candle $15

                                                Choice two;
                                                – Slipper M/L
                                                – Eyelash Conditioner $15

                                                Choice three;
                                                – Eye Mask Set

                                                Choice four;
                                                – LXMI Pure Nilotica Melt
                                                – Beauty Bakerie Proof is in the Puddin’ Palette $7

                                                Choice five;
                                                – Vera Mona Color Switch® Solo

                                                I am going to research my extra items and probably knock them down. Choice five had nothing that interested me.

                                                • If you’re getting $37 worth of add-ons might be worthwhile to just get a second box for $39.99 then you get way more stuff for your money. 🙂

                                                  • I did that with the fall box (ordered one as an add on) and since I couldn’t customize I didn’t like much of what they gave me.

                                              47. I am pleased with everything I chose. I am thinking of adding the Vera Mona color switch. Has anyone used it?

                                                • I haven’t, but it had very good reviews online!

                                                • I have one already. I use it everyday. Either because I want to use a brush with a second color, or when I’m done with each brush to clean the color off, ready for tomorrow.
                                                  It’s one of the only products that I literally use every single day.

                                                  • I am excited about the Winter box!

                                                    I chose the hat and gloves, I really need them
                                                    I also added the candle and the blanket because I personally can’t have enough of either.

                                                    I chose the slippers because I need a pair and these look so cozy.

                                                    The Karuna face and eye mask et. I love this brand.

                                                    The planner for sure! I love them.

                                                    The Ahava bath salts.

                                                • That’s my pick. I saw someone on Instagram talking about something like this from another company and thought it was really cool so I’m super excited this is offered! I’m terrible at cleaning my brushes so this will be awesome for eyeshadows & blushes for sure.

                                                • It’s at TJ Maxx and Marshall’s for pretty cheap. They imitation ones as well but they have the actual Vera Mona brand one.

                                                • I read that the color switch thing is the exact same material as the bump you buy to wrap your hair around making a bun look bigger which is a fraction of the price. There’s enough time to run and get one at Sally’s to make a decision but keep everything in your box for now so it doesn’t sell out.

                                                  • Sure but it’s basically $6 an item so why not get the nice one that can sit out on the counter with my brushes.

                                                    • That’s not something I would display on my counter and I like my brushes protected from germs flying around but if you like it, enjoy the brush cleaner.

                                              48. I think its a solid box with a lot of great options. Hopefully everyone who’s not a yearly gets what they want

                                              49. I probably missed this – but do you know which categories quarterly subscribers get to pick ? Thank you for the detailed pictures !!

                                                • The first 3 choices all quarterly subscribers will be able to make. The last 2 are for annual only. I hope that helps! And glad to hear the pictures are helpful!

                                              50. Do all members get to choose 5 items now?

                                                • No, seasonal subscribers can only choose the first three categories.

                                                • Sorry, all members get to choose the first 3 items, annual subscribers get to choose the 4th and 5th item.

                                                  • Hi Liz, do you know if these are all of the spoilers yet?

                                                    • I believe there is one more item.

                                                      • Ok so is time to renew for me… what happens if I don’t until spring comes around? Will I have to pay more. Tbh I love FFF just this time a little meh and dissapointed idk I feel like many items I’ve gotten are made from very cheap material someone advise if this is worth renew…

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