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FabFitFun Spring 2020 Box Spoiler #1 Hint!

We have a spoiler hint for the FabFitFun Spring 2020 box!

We’re pretty sure that hint is a Gravity Weighted Sleep Mask

What do you think?

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  1. I also think the winter box was great. I’ve had a lot of soft blankets and that one was softest by far. My hubby and I fight over it. Slippers are cozy. Only one thing I didn’t need and I gave it to my husband.

  2. Gravity weighted sleep mask? Or any sleep mask. I can’t count how many sleep masks I’ve given away from sub boxes. I think I still have one or two that need homes. Since the blanket was, I truly hope this is a choice item. If I don’t get another sleep mask for 50 years it will be too soon.

  3. Hello Ladies,
    I just signed up, waiting on my first box. Would someone mind telling me when the spring box will come out?? Thanks 🙂

  4. I hope this will not be in my spring box…I do not use them and don’t care for them 🤨

  5. I hope this is an option and not part of the base box. I’m not excited about the mask.

  6. eh.. I don’t know if this is for me.. I have read reviews on this type of mask and it seems that it doesn’t stay put.. One reviewer even woke up with it covering her airway and she woke up not being able to breathe. I think some will love this.. some will hate it. I hope it is a option you can choose because I probably will pass on it.

    • For what it’s worth, I have a weighted one and I don’t use it to sleep. I do use it for headaches/eye strain/sinus pain. I warm it or cool it depending on what i need and just lay back with it on my eyes and rest. It’s WONDERFUL! I was totally a doubter about it but now it’s a regular part of my routine. I’m hoping that’s what it is because I’d love to get my hands on another one.

  7. Traveling overseas in a few months – so I’m looking forward to the mask!

    • Marie, I’ve heard the mask is not TSA-compliant due to the weighting. So you might want to check first before attempting to take it on the plane. Other users said they had to toss it at security. I’d hate to see you lose it before you even got to use it.

  8. I hope the sleep mask is a choice item. As much as I like the idea of it I already have to sleep with a cervical collar around my neck and a cpap mask on my face. Any more contraptions on my face or around my head would be next to impossible! LOL

  9. Why?
    I’ve never heard or read not to wear a sleep mask?

  10. No, don’t use sleep masks. This would be a waste for me

  11. Where can I get these products please ?


  12. Lol…I live in ND and we’ve already had two blizzards…so very much winter here already. 😜

  13. When’s the best time to subscribe to FitFabFun, in order to have the most access to different choices? What I’m reading here makes it sound like if I were to subscribe to the winter box now, that there might not be a ton of choice left?

    • DO NOT bother getting the winter box at this point. I just got one and it was a pile of garbage. I’d recommend saving up for the year and subscribing before February.

      • I totally disagree, as do several other members. This box was one of the best of the 2019 calendar year. It included high end brands such as Drybar ($25 heat protectant), PJ salvage ($45 slippers), Unhide ($65 blanket), as well as popular items such as Makeup Eraser, Beauty Bakerie and Frank Body. Not sure what box you received….but compared to the fall box and half of the summer items the winter box was a great surprise with many winter essentials.

      • I agree the winter box was my favorite! I use that blanket everyday or anytime I’m on my sofa.

      • I also think the winter box was great. I’ve had a lot of soft blankets and that one was softest by far. My hubby and I fight over it. Slippers are cozy. Only one thing I didn’t need and I gave it to my husband.

      • I agree! The Beauty Bakerie palette is now a favorite. I use the Dry Bar spray daily. The blanket is amazing!

      • I am in LOVE with the blanket! It’s so cozy. My mom loved the slippers too, it was an amazing box.

      • It was an Amazing box. I wish I has another!

      • I agree 😕

      • I love the winter box. I even cancelled my Popsugar box and decided to keep my FFF subscription only. So far I am happy with FFF and I have had it since the spring.

  14. I’d love this. I sometimes put pressure on my eyes when they feel more active when I’m trying to sleep anyway. It’s just seems to calm my brain down.

  15. I believe this will be it! It’s a weighted sleep mask by the company Gravity! I am super excited! I use sleep masks every night and a weighted one would feel so nice when stressed or head hurts!

    • I’m so excited for Spring 2020 box … I use a weighted blanket for anxiety and trouble sleeping … I’m looking forward to a weighted sleep mask!

  16. I received my winter box a couple days ago and I must say I am super happy with everything I got!!! The blanket… OMG!! incredibly soft and heavy, keeps me nice and toasty!! The slippers are cute af too!!! They definitely stepped it up!!! 😍😍

    • Where can I get these products please ?


  17. If true, I hope it’s a choice item so I can pick something else!

  18. A weighted sleep mask? Boo! Not something I’d be using. And way too early for spring spoilers 😐

  19. Weighted sleep mask? Really? If that’s the main ticket item then that’s disappointing. Don’t use sleep masks, and have no desire to.

    • It’s just a spoiler. I doubt it’s the main ticket item as they average at $30.

  20. A weighted eye mask sounds amazing to me. I recently bought a weighted blanket with duvet on Amazon and I’m shocked by how much I love it.

  21. I skipped my winter box. I didn’t need another blanket or slippers. I hope the Spring box is better. However I don’t need another sleep mask. I tried to cancel my subscription so I could try something different but it had already charged me for an annual renewal.

  22. So excited for this item because I just sleep with a small pillow over my forehead and eyes and omg I fall asleep so fast, so i would definitely love this in my box !! So excited!!!!!

  23. I just received my box and I’m stunned at the quality of the blanket. It’s amazing! Really soft and well-made. I have had lots of faux fur blankets but none of this quality. I only hope it washes well. I must say this is a wonderful box. I was sorely disappointed in Fall, but if Spring is this good I may renew my annual (which I cancelled after the Fall box).

    • I am so glad to hear this!!! The quality of the blankets and scarves in FFF has been poor at best. The full size blanket looks AMAZING, but I was worried this might be more made especially for FFF junk.

      • No, the blanket is to die for. My only worry is that it won’t wash well. It doesn’t shed at all and it feels like fur (I’m not into fur, but I assume that’s what a fur blanket would feel like). It’s the kind of colour that will need to be washed often so I hope it doesn’t get ratty or less soft when it’s washed.

      • Always wash it ALONE with nothing else on delicate cycle ad it will last and look fantastic longer. I think blankets should all be washed alone so they dont transfer color, lint etc..

      • Thanks, I’ll do that. My dog and a couple of my cats have already claimed it, so I’ll be tossing it into the washing machine sooner rather than later….

      • Washed mine when I got it and it’s just as soft! Trick is cold wash and tumble dry really low temp.

    • I do not use a eye mask when sleeping

  24. I was FINALLY at the front of the line with this Winter box. My box shipped out the day after billing and the remainder of my add-ons a week later. Received everything in excellent condition n love it ALL! I even redeemed my $30 off + free stud earrings gift card from Sterling Forever this morning. Super happy this season.

  25. I also guessed the Gravity weighted sleep mask!

  26. I can’t wait to get my Winter box!
    And I would soooo choose a weighted sleep mask..

  27. I am supposed to get my Winter Box on Friday. It usually comes a day earlier but that would be T-day. I can’t wait!!!

  28. My guess is Space Defense Sleep Mask. Perhaps someth from 111 Skin. Those are the scales of justice (defense/prosecution ).

    • Or one of their Celestial products…

    • I’d b on board with this yes! Personally the last thing I need is another sleeping mask as in eye covers. Lol

      • Same, lol!

  29. Yes I hope this is a choice item. I love spoilers the sooner the better as far as I’m concerned but sleep masks like jade rollers and reuseable straws….big yawn. I love my winter box. I miss the old Popsugar boxes but the ones now are awful. FFF boxes may not be exciting but they are solid.

  30. LOVE my winter box. I’m snuggling up with that gorgeous blanket right now. I put it through a wash cause it would be very staticy if not. That type of material makes for shock and static so a good wash and extra softner helps with that. This is the perfect sofa blanket. So soft and snuggly.

    • I’m waiting for mine anxiously – so it washes well? Still cozy?

    • My box box will be here Mon or Tues.

      Can you tell me more about how you washed it?

      What water temperature and cycle? Also did you dry it in a clothes dryer or let it air dry?


      • I agree I am I. Love with the blanket! I live everything in the winter box! THe slippers a super cozy and the candle is beautifu! I got like 10 plus add one for gifts and it all came together in perfect condition!! I even got a mini beauty fridge!!

  31. They have a gravity weighted sleep mask on the Purple mattress site. Could it be from this brand? Regardless I hope it’s a choice item as I don’t think I would sleep very well with weight on my face.

    • I’m pretty sure “Gravity” is the brand of the mask. They have their own website too.

      • I haven’t heard of that brand but will check them out. Thank you for letting me know!

      • I have a sleep mask I absolutely love it. They work in helping to block the light out. Mine isnt weighted and super soft. It came in a box with View Your Deal its Gold and I really like it.

      • You’re welcome, Cynthia!

    • Good guess! With the winter box there is a coupon for a purple mattress!

  32. Yeah I feel thats a bit early truthfully. I mean it’s still FALL. It’s not even WINTER YET. Unless there is a deal that blows my socks off I am not renewing. Maybe they hope to get new subscribers by this spoiler. It doesn’t appeal to me because I already have fine and lifeless hair so this mask would weigh down my beautiful kidding about the beautiful hair lie.

    • It’s a fabric eye mask.
      Agree that it’s way too early and if I start thinking about this now, I’m not at all excited by the time it does come out

      • They always put a spoiler puzzle like that in the magazine that comes with the box. I got my fall box a few days ago. They had the fur blanket puzzle spoiler in the magazine that came in the summer box.

    • My guess was a space case mask. Space case is a cosmetics brand

  33. Sounds good but I’d just like my winter box first lol

  34. Personally I’m not interested but nice item to have in the box.

  35. Oooh yes yes please! I used to think sleep masks were bogus, but now I can’t sleep without one!

    • I MUCH prefer my blackout curtains to a sleep mask. No tugging or slipping and waaay darker. It’s life changing.

      Definitely hoping this is a choice option.

  36. Spring box? November? Have winter boxes been shipped yet?

    • I got mine

    • Yes! I received mine on Thursday.

    • I got mine last week!

    • I got mine 2 days ago.

  37. Never owned one of these… would love to try it out sounds relaxing

  38. Do not use sleep masks

    • Do not use sleep masks!!

  39. Gravity Weighted Sleep Mask

    • I dont use a sleep mask so I am hoping that this isn’t in my spring box.

      • I dont use them either. Blah

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