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Create Your Own Tarte Beauty Box – Today Only!

Today only! The Build Your Custom Beauty Kit at tarte is available now!

Get 7 items of your choice for $63!

The Box: Tarte Build Your Own Custom Beauty Kit

The Cost: $63

The Products: A makeup bag, foundation, and 5 other beauty products of your choice!

Are you going to make your own beauty box? What items are you picking?

Check out our reviews of a Tarte Make Your Own Beauty Box to see what you can expect!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Did anyone else get their box and items were missing? I got mine today and two items were missing. I emailed customer service. I haven’t ordered from Tarte before- is there any hope that they will replace the missing items? Or should I just kiss them goodbye?

  2. I still haven’t received mine. Anyone else in the same boat?

    • Me! And when I look at my shipping info, it says FedEx still hasn’t received the package from Tarte.

      • Same here! Called CS and they claimed fedex has received the package and is on its way.

      • Ok, so contacted CS again and got the same response initially. But told them it did not make sense it would take this long for me to receive it. So they issued a replacement and had to do a partial refund as my bag I had chosen was out of stock. Did you receive your bag yet?

      • No. I contacted CS and they told me I had to wait until Friday to complain. So if my shipment doesn’t come Friday, I will call first thing Monday morning to get my full refund.

  3. Bummer! Mine arrived today with the full-coverage 15 SPF Amazonian Clay foundation in Ivory instead of the 20 SPF Amazonian Clay BB cream. The BB cream was sold out by the end of the sale, so I don’t think I’ll be able to get a replacement. I sent them an email & we’ll find out what they say!

    • I was given a credit of “around $9.”

      I broke down the value of the box, using non-sale pricing for the items I bought & assigning a $15 value to the bag. The total value was $191 dollars, making the $36 foundation that I was supposed to get 18% of the value of the total amount. So in my opinion, a reasonable refund would be $11.80.

      I don’t know if I even want to pursue it, but I’m really sick of Ipsy doing the same thing. I swear, these beauty companies are BEGGING for a class action suit. If you sell me a bundle of 7 items for $63, it is NOT okay to send me 6 items and a refund of an arbitrary amount based on how many items were in the bundle. I did not agree to pay $54 for 6 items.

  4. Mine arrived today! I feel like this is way faster than last time. Good to remember for next time (probably June-ish) that they really got the shipping 👍

  5. It’s closed now, but FYI to future purchasers, mine is going to be delivered today!

  6. I got an email this morning (11/7) saying that they’ve extended the deal into today.

    I already got two yesterday so I’m just gonna leave that alone, lol, but in case anyone regrets not pulling the trigger yesterday, you can still get one.

  7. I’m probably the only person sitting here upset about getting a box at the beginning of the day and now seeing some of the things they added since then, feeling bummed I didn’t get some of those options. So spoiled.

    • But the Mermaid H2O serum is now gone, so there’s that.

  8. I went ahead & bought this & added more items to the cart. Been wanting to get one of these for some time. Decided why not? I’ll wrap the box up when it comes & save it for Christmas! I don’t need more make up, but also not sure what to get for Christmas. So figured the time was right to finally participate.

  9. It only took me 30 minutes to make my choices. I was so proud for not taking hours to do it. I was very happy with my selections. I have spent the entire rest of the day wishing I could change some of my choices. 😣

  10. Created a bag several times today but backed out each time. I’m on product overload to the max lol. Really didnt need more makeup. It was hard to resist though since this is such a good deal. I’m sure my husband is proud of me lol.

  11. This was my first time ordering and since I get up at 5:45 anyway, I decided to check it out. When I started to build my own bag, I realized how much I *really* wanted it so I proceeded to checkout. I was disappointed that I didnt get a confirmation email + when I ordered it told me it would be a longer ship time. BUT! I just got a shipping confirmation! I ordered roughly 12 hours ago and am super impressed! I really hope it means I will get it sooner than I originally thought. Really excited to try everything out, but am most psyched for the H20 serum.

  12. I’m holding off and refreshing because I’m hoping they’ll add the water foundation (which I REALLY wanna try) or, my second choice, the babassu foundation. What do y’all think my chances are??

    I know my dry, sensitive skin doesn’t like the shape tape (hydrating nor matte), and the BB only goes up to Light which is way too dark for me. The amazonian clay actually works okay with me but is on the drying side if I’m not careful about regularly misting, etc. Fingers crossed so hard. Getting to try the water/babassu foundations at a discount would be a dream <3

    • I’m not positive, but it looks to be like the only category they’ve added new items to is the body/brushes category.

    • The water foundation isn’t super great if you sweat. It doesn’t last all day for me, but I live in California (hot) and am a dog walker so I sweat more than an average person. I got the water foundation in last year’s bag because of the SPF (I try to really layer on the SPF) and was kind of disappointed in it.

  13. I bought one this morning (almost set an alarm, but was pretty sure I’d end up getting up right at 7 to feed my cat anyway), and I’ve been thinking about going back for bag number two ever since, because I’m bad at making decisions.

    • Me too!

  14. Glad I picked mine up around noon! I kept holding off, and then I saw one of the things I wanted sell out!! now it’s slim pickings!

    I got:

    Clay Foundation Stick
    Amazonian Clay tinted setting powder
    Jade Metallic Shadow
    Rainforest of the Sea Lipstick in Colada-I wear it in sunkissed all the time, can’t wait to try this color!!! Best lipstick ever!
    Gifted mascara-Got a sample once and liked it!
    Pink Powder Brush
    Sequin Bag with black tassels!

    Everything is new to me except the mascara! Can’t wait to try them all! I’m hoping I have the patience to wait and put it all under the tree haha!

    • * I got the blush sample. . .
      and the thing I missed out on was the brow mousse. . . . maybe in the spring sale lol

  15. Um yeah, so I did a thing… I got two of these, one early this morning and one just now. Had been wanting to try out a few different products and figured this was the best way to do that because I’d be getting a bunch of “extra” products beyond what I wanted to try. Tried to stick with just the one but got pulled back in. Apparently I’m weak.

    • Same here. I bought 3 Kits. I just can’t resist a good sale. But some of the items I got will be stocking stuffers so, technically, I’m just getting an early start on Christmas shopping. Lol

  16. I did this last year and it was a good experience so I went for it again. I was too late for the Hyaluronic Acid serum, which is too bad because I loved that stuff last year. I’m trying the toner/cleanser product now and hoping it’s just as good.

    I picked some stuff I wouldn’t normally buy individually just for the fun of it — that’s why I like this sale. You can try new stuff and you’ll probably like enough of it to make it worth it. Maybe you’ll find something amazing. All good. Tarte is a great brand for me, so I know I’ll enjoy most of the items.

  17. I ordered mine the second it went live this morning, I was so excited! I’m getting:

    Shape tape matte foundation 16n (I already use the hydrating version and wanted to try the matte)

    Smooth operator Amazonian clay finishing powder

    Man eater eyeshadow palette vol 2

    Opening act lash primer

    Color Splash Lipstick in Escape(rose)

    Knockout Tingling Treatment

    Black and Gold fabric bag

    So excited for this, such an amazing deal! Can’t wait for it to ship

  18. I think this may be my last time getting this. I have just about every Tarte product they have listed to select from 😳🙃

  19. Thank you for the notice! Couldn’t pass up this deal, impressed there were so many options! I plan to separate items and gift to my daughter and sister for holiday.

  20. Ugh. Caved, always do. Really wanted to try the BB cream, eyebrow gel, and Knockout. Everything else is just bonus I guess. Really liked their powder foundation in my last kit and use it almost daily but am looking for something for when I have less time to put on makeup to stash in my “emergency putting on my makeup on my way to work” bag.

  21. Wasn’t going to, but it’s such a good deal. The only other time I ordered this kit, it was a nightmare. Didn’t get what I ordered, and only received three items. Hope this time it goes smoothly.

    * Amazonian clay full coverage foundation SPF15 in 13N ivory
    Never tried this before, but it looks like it has a lot of good reviews. Love SPF, too.
    * Tarteist PRO glow to go highlight contour palette
    Going to my daughter for X-mas.
    * Sex Kitten Liquid Liner
    Really like this liner
    * Lights, Camera, Splashes Waterproof Mascara
    Tried to get this last time, and they didn’t send it
    * Color Splash Lipstick in Escape (Rose)
    * Knockout Tingling Treatment
    Seems to get good reviews, so I’m pretty jazzed about trying this.
    * Glitter Half Moon Bag
    Likely going to my daughter for X-mas

    • Wow, you only got 3 items from your order last year? Did they refund you or offer to send the missing items when back in stock? This is my 1st time getting this box, so this worries me…

  22. I was so excited that I forgot to add samples. Oh well, I sure don’t need any more samples.

    • Me too 😕

    • I didn’t even think to look for samples. 🙁 I just wanted to make sure my choices didn’t sell out.

    • Lol 😅 it’s so funny how as grown women we can’t get enough of tiny shiny things!

    • Me too.

  23. I kicked myself after not getting a kit the last time around, so I made sure to grab one this time! I’ve been wanting to try Tarte out for awhile and the price along with the variety of products available made this a win-win for me.

    I think I’m most excited to try out the H20 serum.

    • Me too! 😁

  24. Tarte doesn’t agree with me but I’m happy for those who got what they wanted.

  25. TEMPTED. Lights camera splashes is my fave mascara and they’ve finally included the BB tinted moisturizer for the first time ever which is the only foundation-y product I ever use. But I don’t NEED any of it right now and I’m trying not to restock things until I’m out.

    • My favorite mascara, too, that and the regular lights, camera, lashes – some of the only ones that don’t give me raccoon eyes. I made a kit just for fun and to see all of the options – if I needed any of it right now, it would be a great deal since I love most tarte products. (The matte cream foundation doesn’t work for me, but maybe the hydrating one would?) But I’m pretty much stocked right now.

      I love all the options, though! It’s a way better selection than last time I got a pick a set type thing from tarte a couple years ago.

  26. Don’t forget to add your free sample to your cart!
    And you can add on a shape tape concealer for only $20.

    • I forgot my samples too! 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️

  27. It opened up 15 minutes early and I still took 50 minutes making decisions. Made me 10 minutes late for getting to Aldi to get a cheese calendar (no wine/beer calendars in my state, dangit). I got the last one!
    I was happy to see skincare as a selection for this create your own bag. Never tried the knockout tingling treatment but looking forward to trying. I only wear wand-style lip products but last year I regretted not trying something new like a lipstick so this year I selected the shape-shifting lip color. They look so cool. Anyone tried them?

    • I have one from the last tarte box and I love it! I ended up getting one of the matte lip paints this time because I was looking for a specific color lipstick, but it was hard to pass on getting another tattoo me of the color shifters. Which color did you get? I have Ocean Floor, the mauve with aqua duochrome. It looks mostly like a deep mauve, but, if the light hits it right, you can see a flash of aqua. It is subtle, though, so I even wear it to work.

      • I was torn between Ocean Floor and Scuba Dive (lilac with periwinkle duochrome shift) but went with the latter. I wish we could choose two lip items. Tarte matte lippies are the lip items that I use to the last bit.

      • Scuba Dive and Ocean Floor are both such beautiful colors! I think I bought one during a sale but eventually bought the other because I had to have them both.

    • Lol! I missed the cheese advent calendar but got wine, a few chocolate and the dog calendar!

    • Those advent calendars are serious business! I had the boyfriend stop on the way to work and he said they were already sold out! Enjoy the cheese – it looks amazing. 🙂

      • I didn’t even know that was a thing at Aldi’s. I have never shopped there. I was going to try and call the store and see if they had any available but I can’t find the phone number. They must not like people calling. I’d be interested in the Beer and the cheese one’s but I doubt they’ll still be in stock at 4:30. I have FOMO!!

      • They have no one to answer the phones, Aldi’s is minimally staffed and pass the savings onto you. They don’t even have anyone to take the carts back to the store, so make sure you bring a quarter because you will need it to rent a cart. My favorite place to shop, can’t beat the prices.

      • Thanks! I’d rather pay extra and have the convenience. I am not driving all the way over there just to find out they sold out or never got them in the first place. Darn. Probably a good place to go if you’re not looking for anything in particular.

      • I had never shopped there before so I did not know about the quarter thing for the carts. No hand basket thingees either. And no bags upon checkout.

      • It was just one sample and their samples are teeny tiny so no loss.

      • Once I got the cheese calendar home and put it in the fridge I realized it’s not even that great because it’s not small so it takes up valuable real estate in my fridge (which is always packed). You can’t hang it up anywhere because it has to be refrigerated so it’s always hidden. On top of that 12/1 is 3 weeks away so it’s just taking up space until then. And with Thanksgiving coming up and then days of leftovers, well you get the idea.

        I did buy a candy advent calendar there for $7.99 that is really big and has flavors like creme brulee and apple pie. I’m more excited about that one. It looks better than the Godiva one we bought last year.

      • Thanks for the tips everyone! Since I never shop at Aldi, I didn’t know they sold these calendars but I raced over to the only store I know of around here and they had some! I only got the cheese but I’m super excited!! I love cheese!!!

    • Well I ran out there after work. They had the Wine and Cheese but no beer. I purchased the cheese. I was hoping to grab a beer one to take to bowling. At least they had the cheese so it wasn’t a total waste. I’ll have to try again next year. Thanks for the heads up.

  28. Yay I just got mine and there were many choices and shades to choose from. I’ve never been able to choose the Amazonian clay full coverage foundation, so I’m excited to try that. And there are 3 eye palettes to choose from! Strangely, I’m looking forward to getting the deodorant.

    • I got the deodorant in a previous Tarte create your own bag and it’s good size and smells amazing! It also works better than other natural deodorants I have used because it’s soft and easy to apply.

  29. I’m trying to be strong. I’m reminding myself that, as always, I am on product overload. And reminding myself of the drugstore foundation and concealers that I love which are a fraction of the price.

    • My argument to myself is $63/7=$9 which is drugstore prices………..for tarte stuffs 😉

      • Well I only buy drugstore when it is on sale, and I use coupons. So I can get foundations and concealers for less than $9! I do see your point though. If I wasn’t on product overload, I think I would bite! I did get the kit offered earlier this year.

      • I think she was trying to help you justify getting it.

      • I tend to be a “yes woman” and can be a very, very bad influence unless stopped 😉 I sure won’t stop me, or anyone else for that matter lol

      • You are right. I’m only trying to justify myself, here in my little corner of smallness 😉

  30. Caved like usual…

    – Amazonian clay full coverage foundation in Light-Med (N)
    – Aquacealer concealer in Light-Med
    – Amazonian clay waterproof brow mousse with brush : taupe
    – lights, camera, lashes™ 4-in-1 mascara
    – pout prep lip exfoliant
    – knockout tingling treatment
    – glitter half moon bag

    My Sample;
    – first step prep moisture reset cream packette

    I also caved and grabbed the $20 shape tape offer. I’ve always wanted to try it. Now I’ll have two concealers.

    • Argued with myself for like 30 minutes then let it go. Great deal for what you get, but product overload.

    • Even at twenty bucks I was hesitant to try the shape tape concealer. I heard it was very dry and matte. I actually got the full coverage foundation- I don’t usually like full coverage foundations, but they do make excellent concealers. Even though I don’t have bags (yet) or crazy stubborn dark circles, I’ve noticed my makeup looks better with that extra brightness. I also got the acqu concealer which I picked up from sephora and I loved it. I have four or five open foundations- I really didn’t need this but I justified the price by saying I’ll gift some to my sister for christmas. Pretty ok price.

      • I love Estee Lauder Dbl wear and the camouflage foundations. But I like a matte look, but with highlighter in certain areas.

      • Birchbox currently has the Estee Lauder double wear on sale for 40% off! They actually have a ton of items in their sale section at 40% off right now…. some pretty decent stuff too, imo. 🙂

      • Thanks!!

  31. I set my alarm for 4am like a crazy person.

    I got:
    – Amazonian Clay BB Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20 in Ivory
    – Aquacealer Concealer in Faie
    – Maneater Vol 2 eye shadow palette
    – Lifted mascara (the only mascara from them I like, yay !)
    – Tarteist quick dry matte lip in Festival
    – Mermaid Skin H2O serum
    – Black & gold bag

    • LOL, my alarm goes off every morning at 4am so I can workout just to not workout half the time.

      • At least you do work out half the time? XD

        I just went back to sleep!

  32. Got one. Now hopefully DHL won’t loose this one! I really need that clay foundation and aquacealer concealer!

    • Ugh! That’s right! My last Tarte order was late and the box was damaged. I don’t like when carriers change hands they both refuse to accept blame.

  33. I wasn’t planning on getting this one, but I did anyway. I’m excited to try all the products I picked:
    1. BB tinted moisturizer
    2. Radiance drops
    3. Busy gal brows
    4. Knockout tingling treatment
    5. Gifted mascara
    6. Pout prep
    7. Gold bag with tassel

  34. Aaaand I got 2. I’m kind of ashamed of myself. Not looking in mirrors today.

    • Bag 1:

      Amazonian clay full coverage foundation SPF 15 27n light-medium neutral (I hope this is my match)
      Aquacealer concealer light-medium
      Maneater eyeshadow palette vol. 2 (Lied to myself when I said I wasn’t going to get another palette)
      Amazonian clay smart mascara black limited-edition
      Lip sculptor lipstick & lip gloss (peach nude)
      Rainforest of the Sea highlighting fan brush
      Rose gold sequin bag
      Base tape hydrating primer packet -sample choice

      Bag 2:

      Shape tape hydrating foundation : 37H medium-tan honey
      Amazonian clay 12-hour blush : peaceful (soft nude-peach)
      Busy gal BROWS tinted brow gel : taupe: warm blonde, light brown or red hair
      Picture perfect eyelash curler & deluxe lights, camera, lashes mascara
      Color splash lipstick : sunkissed (pink peach)
      Paddle to perfection foundation brush
      Black & gold fabric bag
      Creaseless concealer card – sample choice

      Bought one, then went back for the second. Made a 3rd bag, then clicked out and walked away. Both of my girls are shaming me as I type this. They say I have issues.

      • Thank you for the smile this morning! Sa far, I’ve been strong, lol.

      • Awww! Reading your comment made me smile, so thank you too 🙂

        I’m proud of you!

      • Annie, thank you! My middle name is Ann, and I received that from two great grandmothers who were Annie! I completed a cart…telling myself for fun…lol. Haven’t clicked the buy yet!

      • Annie, 8 lied to myself, too, lol. Caved and got one. All products are new for me so it’s a win. Tell your girls there are plenty more of us out here with issues, LOL!

      • I sure did tell them, very happy to! 🙂 What did you pick?

        Ann is the last 3 letters of my first name that I do not like so I don’t use it. It’s too hard to read and pronounce. Maybe 2 people in my whole life have said it correctly and boy did they try hard lol! , When I say it they look at me like huh? and usually say something like “That’s weird, or that’s unusual” Got so tired of that! I have no middle name so I had to make do, and just go by Annie to make it easier for everyone lol It’s a good solid name, and honestly have you ever met a mean Annie? 🙂

        I do tend to be a little mischievous however. Especially when bored.

        Did I say that I’m so glad you caved? 🙂 You deserve it!

      • Annie, sorry this is so late. Thank you on the deserving, and for sharing about your name! Mine arrived today, I got the black and gold bag (Geaux Saints!), Amazonian Clay foundation powder, AC setting powder, liquid lip which is a tad browner, taupe than it looked in photo, but feels super, matte/blotting palette, Pro to Go palette. Love it all.

    • Lol I got 2 also! They have so many of great products included and I just went back to work after a long maternity leave and am consistently wearing a full face of makeup everyday. My fingers are crossed that at least 1 of the 2 foundations I got work for me. I’m most excited to try the maneater palette.

      • Aw! Many blessings and congratulations on being a mama!! You especially deserve 2 boxes 🙂 That maneater palette got me too, I was telling myself I wasn’t going to buy another palette, but then there it was. Didn’t think twice lol

      • Thank you!

  35. Never tried their foundation or concealers before so now was the perfect time!

    -Amazonian clay full coverage foundation SPF 15
    -Amazonian clay waterproof 12-hour concealer
    -Amazonian clay waterproof brow mousse with brush (tried this before and loved it)
    -lights, camera, lashes™ 4-in-1 mascara
    -the lip architect ™ lipstick liner
    -mermaid skin™ hyaluronic H2O serum (tried this before and loved it)
    -black & gold fabric bag

    I also bought two shape tape contour concealers

  36. I was thrilled I could get loose and pressed powders

  37. I told myself I didn’t need this, but it had the knockout tingling treatment and I love that stuff and have paid full price for it. Totally worth it. Got on there early and able to get all the colors I wanted.

    • I told myself I didn’t need this either but went through it just to see what I would pick and the Knockout is the only thing that really caught my eye. Not sure how I never knew about it before but I think I’m just going to get a sample size to try out with my skin! So eventhough I didn’t get the bag (this time) Tarte did get another sale from me. LOL.

  38. I think I’ve finally broken up with Tarte.

  39. Got one!! Can’t wait to try the different foundation and concealer. Yay!

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