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Looking for the latest spoiler for this box? Find it here:

BoxyCharm Premium August 2020 Choice Time!

BoxyCharm Premium December 2019 Spoilers + Choice Time!

It’s time to pick one of the items for your December 2019  BoxyCharm Premium box!

Subscribers can pick:

Skinfix Dermatitis Face Balm OR Bite Beauty Agave+ Nighttime Lip Therapy

We also have spoilers for upcoming BoxyCharm Premium boxes:

Source: boxycharmsneakpeek

Too Faced Palm Spring Dreams Eyeshadow Palette

^This may be a spoiler for the January box – this has not been confirmed yet

Here are the confirmed spoilers for the December box:

Dose of Colors Hidden Treasures Palette – $50



Storybook Cosmetics Fairy Tale Book Club – Little Briar Rose – $55

UPDATE – Yosef recently made a correction to this spoiler. You will receive one of the palettes in the premium box but these are not the choice items. The choice item has not been revealed yet. BoxyCharm Premium choice will now open on 11/18 instead of 11/14.

What do you think of the spoilers? Which palette do you want?

Here’s everything you need to know about BoxyCharm Premium:

  • It’s $35 a month
  • 6-7 beauty items a box
  • $175+ Value
  • You get to pick one of the items
  • The items will be different from BoxyCharm/BoxyLuxe – you can subscribe to both with no product overlap.

Are you going to sign up for BoxyCharm Premium?

Check out our reviews of Boxycharm boxes, and our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more about this subscription.

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Written by MSA


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Comments (106)

    I couldn’t get into the pop up sale, even though I’m a luxe subscriber. I wasn’t able to do choice either.
    The company did return my email but it’s just too bad they say.
    This is bad business because I do like their boxes!

    • Customer service finally emailed me back and told me that pop-up is done for the month and to stay tuned for add-ons next month 🙄

    • I cancelled. This makes me sad but Boxy Charms service is unacceptable. I have 2 other companies I’m trying instead. I will miss Boxy Charm.

  2. How long does it take to get off the waitlist for premium and luxe? I got my first box and signed up beginning of October and like 1 and a half weeks ago I signed up on waiting list for luxe and premium i really want those palettes!! Does anyone know how long til I’m off the waiting list?

    • Luxe is an easier waitlist than premium. You will be billed on 12/1 in you are off the waiting list for either.

    • I ended up emailing boxy charm in early december after getting on the lux waitlist. They were actually able to get me a lux box in December (12/7) the day after I signed up for the waitlist for lux. I was pretty impressed. I am still waiting on the premium. I would love to get a premium box for December, but I am not going to get my hopes up.

  3. 2nd spoiler for premium is the full size glow recipe watermelon pink juice. Confirmed by Yosef in videos on FB

  4. I’m still on waitlist for boxyluxe , yet I was able to choose products for boxyluxe , is that a sign I’ll be off waiting list by December ? Thanks 🥴🤔

    • Possibly, guess you’ll know for sure on 12/1 if they bill you. It will say waitlist until 12/1.

  5. Just received shipping notification on my pop-up order from the 11th. Has anyone else received their’s? I’m surprised, I thought they were shipping out in December.

    • Most of us didn’t get to make a pop up order/ =(

      • It was quite surprising how inconsistent this pop-up was. It reminded me a lot of shopping large scale sales for specialty launches. Sad so many had issues, it would’ve been better if they didn’t just open the site all at once. They should have let premium and luxe subscribers who are actually active in first then stagger the rest. So many people jumped on the waitlist just for the pop-up access, no wonder it crashed.

      • And they’re still pushing the waitlist for a pop up with no scheduled date!

  6. I am so sad to still be waitlisted for premium:( the Bite lip mask is my holy grail lip product

  7. I’m so happy that either choice is a good one for me. I don’t have access to anything other than my phone right now and no amount of logging in/out pop up blocking cache clearing wizardry is letting my email link do a darn thing.

    • Same here! It’s been going on since popup was scheduled, the original popup. Something is wrong with their site!

      • Same here! An i was subscriber last month! This is a bug and I realy want to make a choice as I hate one of the products

  8. Gosh I can’t remember 🤔 Did we get to choose one item for a regular bass box for next month? Because I’m not remembering.

    Thank you

    • Yes 🙂 It was between the Elemis Oil and the Saturday Skin Cream.

  9. How long does it take to get off the boxy premium wait list ? Once off the wait list do you have to wait every month ?

    • Once you’re in, you’re in, you don’t have to wait every month.

  10. I have premium and it won’t let me choose. No answer from customer service except a pre-written FAQ that didn’t address the problem. NO choice for me apparently. Sigh.

    • Yup me too. sigh

      • Same. It’s ridiculous

      • Same here WTF boxycharm

      • I am still on the waitlist. Very odd since I signed up when it was first offered. I also received a reply email from customer service saying I’d start in December. I didn’t get a customization email….

    • I was able to get mine in by deleting all the history/cookies/etc from my browser, then log back in… the choice options finally appeared.

  11. Hi, I already submitted and replied to the complexion quiz twice and they keep asking me to do it whenever I log into BC. Is anyone else getting this repeatedly? Thanks CC

    • Yup. It also won’t let me complete choice.

    • I can’t get past the complexion quiz. I don’t wear foundation or concealer, so I don’t care what they send me, as I’m going to either throw it away or give it away (although no one I know wears foundation). I just skip what I can, and if I can’t get away with a non-answer, I’m just selecting something that I think could be used at goodwill.

  12. I chose the bite lip mask. Hard decision because I want both. I am loving everything Boxycharm has been sending out! 🥰❤

  13. Question… I have premium and luxe. Will I be charged 50+ for the luxe and then 35 for the premium ?? Or will they charge the price on premium with that additional 25 tacked on for the luxe ??

    • Premium and Luxe are currently separate. For now, you have to have the base box to get Luxe. So it would be the $25 plus the additional $24.99 for Luxe and then the other $35 for Premium.

    • Two separate boxes. Luxe: 50 Premium: 35. Your total billing for December will be $85.

      • Thanks !! I wasn’t 100% sure.

  14. I tried tirelessly on my iPhone and IPad… only worked for me on my desktop!

  15. I would have preferred to choose between the palettes as they are so different, and the hidden treasures looks hideous (to meeeeee) also, I love Sleeping Beauty !!!!!! 🤣. I went with the lip mask. I would cancel but don’t want to be waitlisted and miss out in the Too Faced Palette. They should just give us one palette with no variations, like the Natasha Denona.

    • I feel the same, I have a technical glitch that won’t let me choose and once I realized choice wasn’t even for palettes it seems less important 😛

    • I think so too! I have a feeling premium will eventually be a bunch of variations like base box. I want the Too Faced too, but with my luck they will add another palette and it will be a variant.

      • I hope we get more spoilers soon 😕.

  16. Still on the waitlist 🙁 Wonder if I’ll ever get off it?

  17. Hey everyone I bin trying for hours to get my choice but can’t get it to pop up…… I have logged in and out so many times and used both phone and iPad since I don’t have a desktop but nothing!!!!!I email customer service hoping they can pick my choice in my account for me I don’t know if that will work but figured it wouldn’t hurt 😞 I am so frustrated with this site anyone else having same issue or have any suggestions on how to get it to work thx Gina

    • I just keep getting error messages. It says boxycharm website has security protecting it from hackers. Error 1020.

    • Hey !! I had the same problem. I downloaded google chrome app on my iPhone and it worked !! I choose the agave lip mask.

    • I couldn’t get anything to show for choice. I was on Safari.
      I went back and signed in using Google. It finally worked.

    • I got to choose and I’m not even a premium. I’m mad cuz luxe hasn’t even showed us anything about are box. It’s all about premium. I have a feeling it’s going to be bad, because they want everyone to go to premium. They have always went all out over luxe. We really haven’t heard anything about it.

    • Me too, it won’t let me pick..😢

  18. Can someone help me please?

    For some reason I can’t even login to my account. Every time I try to login I get 502 bad gateway error and then get redirected to the boxycharm “oops were busy getting ready, be back soon” page, then it asks me to enter my email. Its the same exact error page that was occurring during their attempted pop-up event…

    Ive tried it on different browsers, my phone, cleared my history and cookies, and nothing works! I dont know what else to do 🙁

    Has anyone else experienced this?

  19. Boo, I guess I am still waitlisted. I really hope I get off the waitlist next month. My Boxyluxe still says waiting too, but they let me pick my December item. I really hope I at least get one of them.

    • I’m in the same boat. I’m assuming since we didn’t get an email to choose a product for the regular December box we’re getting Luxe. I know the last time I cancelled Luxe and resubscribed later my account showed that I was on the waitlist all the way up until I was billed. I’m hoping that’s what’s happening again. Then again with Boxy ya never know. 🤞for us!

      • Usually ‘choice’ only given for the 2nd box, so we still have hope, maybe?

      • I sent an email to boxy regarding the waiting list. I was told that they will try to charge us on the first, and if that goes through, I will be getting both basic and premium for December, with no duplicate items.

        Finger crossed

      • So no choice then if you get pulled off the list?

      • Thanks for the info, Alice!

  20. I was hoping that more spoilers would be released. I am on the waitlist, so no choice for me. I wouldn’t want either of the products though. I hate to get off the waitlist since the Too Faced palette will hopefully be in the January box and it’s been on my list since before it came out, but I don’t want to risk getting the December box at this point. Money is tight this time of the year and I need to be wowed! I have considered getting a second account for regular Boxy as I really want the mini Storybook palettes. It’d save me $10 and I’d get a palette I want.

    • I’m hoping the same. I’ve been admiring that Too Faced palette since I saw it on Sephora but they hadn’t actually started selling it yet. I’m pretty sure I will be off the list for Luxe in December so I’d rather just wait for January if it’s going to be in the January Premium. I don’t need that much product and really don’t need to spend that much money.

      Of course I might still be in the waitlist even past January because unfortunately I wasn’t able to sign the official list until a few hours after it was announced. It’s hard for me to imagine them being organized enough and having enough time over the holiday season to make sure the can obtain enough product to take a significant number of people off the waitlist. But who knows, maybe they’ll surprise me.

    • The two face will be in December premium..people will either get the dose of colors or two faced pallette..if you look at previous premium post MSA updated this info at the top of the page

      • No, it’s either DOC or Storybook Cosmetics palette.

  21. Is it dead already? I tried in both chrome and IE and all I’m getting is blank page. Signed out and back in on both browsers.

    • someone on another site said to try in edge or in chrome incognito mode

    • It took me an hour, and a complete log out/closing of browser before it wouod show me my choice items. Keep trying, it should eventually pop up. Not sure what the issue was, but I’ve seen several people find success after repeatedly trying.

      • Thanks for suggestions. I’ve tried different browsers and logging in and out, still a blank page. I am fine with either selection, though I would have preferred the face balm. Why can’t boxycharm just make things work?!?!

      • Clean history and turn your device off and then back on in chrome browser. That’s what worked for me

  22. Has anyone received their November products that were missing/incorrect for their box? I’m waiting on my choice item and my courtesy choice item. I haven’t seen any shipping notification. Boxycharm has ignored my email.

    • Nope, they completely ignored my email about the fact that they sent me the opposite item that they asked me to choose between. I emailed them again on Friday, but at this point I think it’s a lost cause.

      • S, thanks for your reply. Don’t give up. I’m not going to let them get away with this. I’ll h hound them forever if necessary. Same happened to me. They sent wrong choice. Then, they offered a second courtesy choice for not sending an October box item. They didn’t send that choice, either. I can’t believe the number of people that support this company. It is beyond shady and no one can call it a ‘business’. It’s certainly not operated like a legitimate one. As long as people continue to support it, it will continue to scam. It’s not a matter of IF you will be scammed; but, WHEN. Trust me, stay with them and you WILL get scammed. They you’ll realize what those of us who have been have experienced.

      • I looked them up on the BBB website and there’s a lot of complaints against them. A lot of then really recent.

      • I believe it! They simply cannot operate correctly and efficiently, and yet, they continue to roll out new features. They need to get basic orders correct first, and offer a decent customer service department.

      • I just saw that a C- rating. Their replies to the complaints have just as much BS as their Instagram and email replies.

      • I just got my missing item I paid for at the September pop up today…they said they recently hired more people for shipping warehouse and they are super backed up for that….so idk..maybe that’s what’s going on?! I didn’t get tracking and mine just showed up

      • Hopefully mine will, too. I’m glad you received yours!

      • Same here. I was sent a used palette in Sept. Luxe, and finally got the replacement yesterday. Instead of acknowledging the used palette when asked, I was given a “courtesy” choice between becca and dose.

        When November came, it was all wet. They put a glass Farsali UNDER the protective foam, it shattered. Also, the courtesy choice wasn’t there. They replaced the Farsali, but said my issue with the courtesy choice had to be sent to another dept. That makes no sense! I haven’t heard anything since!

        I’ve been with them 4 years without issue, which they did acknowledge, but these past few months have been aggravating. After my subscription I’m done. It’s no longer fun!

    • No I haven’t received anything and it doesn’t display in my account. I have an email dated November 9 confirming it will be shipped separately.

      • Thank you for your reply. I got that email on Nov 7 and since then, no activity.

  23. Another bait and switch? Wow!

    • It’s not a bait and switch. It was clarified over a week ago that the spoilers were wrong and the choice wouldn’t be between palettes

      • It was clarified on yosef’s facebook, because 90% of contact is made through social media and not in a proper way- through email. So if you are not following them everywhere, you will never find out about anything. Also, they should have honored what they promised at first: that we would be able to choose. And, they said premium would choose up to 3 products, we are choosing one, but its like saying you will loose up to 10 pounds with a diet Or get Up to 1003% more volume With a mascara … all in all just shady non ethical and not transparent bussiness practices

      • Its up to 3 choices with the boxy luxe.. Premuim and base box only get to choose 1

      • Oh no 😒 I thought we would maybe get another chance to pick something else since this was underwhelming… thanks for clarifying though ☺️👍

  24. Picked the skinfix!

  25. not popping up for me unfortunately maybe since i am still on waitlist??

    • I’m on the waitlist too and I don’t have a choice either. I guess that means we’re not coming off the waitlist. 🙁 Has anyone on waitlist been able to choose?

  26. I have a question, can someone please let me know: do we have any add ons this month with the regular/prenium or luxe box? Did I miss it? I was able to participate in only one add ons for the whole year and it was Oct 7th and I’ve been waiting for the next one and don’t see any?

    • On pop-up moths we will not have add-ons.

      • Ohh really, I didn’t know that. Thank you, just learn something. There’s no pop up as promised though. I was not aware of the previous pop up 4 months ago and this time around, I’ve wasted 3 full days refreshing several screens for nothing, not talking about early wake up at 6 AM since I’m on the West Coast. I woke up early today as well because I thought there would be add ons. I’m so tired of all this.

    • I’ve been following notices closely on MSA and haven’t seen anything about add ons for December.

      • Yah. I did the same and have to check and re-check my emails just to make sure I did not miss it.

  27. I went with the Bite lip mask, although either choice is fine with me.

  28. Omgosh! I got my “Choice” email for Premium and the link is not working!!! I’m absolutely sad! I’m gonna miss out!

    • Go right to the website and log into your account. Choice should pop up.

      • Thank you for this suggestion LaylaB! I received the Premium Choice email around 9:30, but the choice screen was not popping up for me. I tried disabling ads and that didn’t work. I also tried a different browser and the desktop version…still nothing. After your suggestion, I logged out and then logged back in, and it worked! I selected the Skinfix because the Bite Beauty is not rated that well (surprisingly!). I am so delighted that both choices are pretty “clean” (The Skinfix is rated a 2 and the Bite Beauty is a 3 {due to fragrance ingredients} on ewg.)

      • Oh good, I’m glad it worked for you. You’re welcome!! I just saw this. I did the same thing, checking the reviews. I really don’t get their website, but at least that was figured out.

      • I tried all this and still doesn’t work for me…sadface, but thank you for more options than Boxy gave me to fix!

      • I finally got it to work buy restarting my phone. Crazy.

    • did you receive the November premium box or were you wait listed?

    • Mine is also broken, on two accounts. Going to the website is also busted tells me if I cannot see to refresh or change browsers. Well, refreshed a dozen times tried 3 devices and 3 browsers, nothing works. Feels like the pop up sale all over again

      • Try logging out and logging back in. That worked for me.

      • Yep I cleared everything because I noticed it showed stuff in my cart from the popup sale still. So I cleared cache and turned off popup blocker and relogged. worked! thanks 😀

      • I logged out of my account completely and then signed back in. Strange bc I was already logged in, but for whatever reason it wasn’t picking up the choice link. It worked and I selected the Agave. I’ve been wanting to try that item forever and a day 🙂

      • On two accounts? Does that mean you get two premium boxes? That’s pretty lucky so many ladies can’t even get one.

    • Mine was the same, I went to a different browser IE and it finally worked, you might have to wait a bit for the pictures to show.

      • Trying IE now…

  29. I chose the Skinfix.

    If we subscribe to Premium and Luxe, are we automatically going to get the DOC palette or possible get duplicates of the Storybook palette?

    • They try to avoid duplicating products, so you should expect to receive Dose

      • Thank you for your response, Jacki 😃

    • If you get premium its between the dose of colors OR the two faced….MSA updated their premium December post and said they will send either pallette for premium and full story book for luxe and the smaller storybook if you just have base box

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