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BoxyCharm Premium January 2020 Spoiler #1!

BoxyCharm Premium December 2019 Spoiler #1!

We have the first spoiler for the December 2019 BoxyCharm Premium thanks to boxycharmsneakpeek!

The December 2019 BoxyCharm Premium will include:

Dose of Colors Hidden Treasures Palette – $50



Storybook Cosmetics Fairy Tale Book Club – Little Briar Rose – $55

BoxyCharm Premium members will get to choose between Dose of Colors Hidden Treasures Palette  and Storybook Cosmetics Fairy Tale Book Club – Little Briar Rose. BoxyCharm Premium choice will open on 11/14.

UPDATE – Yosef recently made a correction to this spoiler. You will receive one of the palettes in the premium box but these are not the choice items. The choice item has not been revealed yet.

What do you think of the spoiler? Which palette do you want?

Here’s everything you need to know about BoxyCharm Premium:

  • It’s $35 a month
  • 6-7 beauty items a box
  • $175+ Value
  • You get to pick one of the items
  • The items will be different from BoxyCharm/BoxyLuxe – you can subscribe to both with no product overlap.

Are you going to sign up for BoxyCharm Premium?

Check out our reviews of Boxycharm boxes, and our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more about this subscription.

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Comments (99)

  1. well pop up just opened just this minute and for me all items show out of stock :/

    • It keeps telling me to upgrade to luxe for early access. I have both luxe and premium. This is very frustrating.

  2. Thanks for another great review! I wondered if anyone knows what time the Boxy Pop Up shop opens for current members? I know it opens Monday November 11th just wondering what time. I never get to shop cause I’m always late CAUSE they never post a dang time! I set my alarm for 7am central time.

    • They never give a time unfortunately..that’s why they like yo call it a ” pop up sale” wish they would post it though, it would make it much easier to plan…same with prices, especially around holidays.

      Happy shopping!! Hope you have a fabulous day !!

  3. Oooooh! December is going to be GREAT! I absolutely am loving everything I’ve gotten from Dose of Colors so I am very excited to try this palette. I’m getting both the Luxe and Premium and am so excited that there won’t be any duplicates for each box so I’ll be able to hopefully get the good stuff especially that Too Faced diamond highlighter! I didn’t get the Becca so I hope I get that one. And the Glow Recipe stuff. Really want to try them! So happy with Boxycharm. This month was awesome and next month will be too. So happy I get all the boxes. My collection is going to be so amazing thanks to Boxycharm. Thank you!!!

  4. I think it is time to say goodbye to BoxyCharm It just isn’t the same anymore

  5. That DOC palette is HORRIBLE lol!! Will be cancelling!!

  6. If I cancel my regular I still keep luxe and premium right?

    • No, you can’t keep the luxe if you drops the base box. You can keep premium if you cancel the base box though. In order to upgrade to Luxe you will need to keep the regular box.

  7. Yosef posted a correction video that THIS IS NOT THE CHOICE ITEM.

    If you get luxe and premium, you will get both palettes.
    If you only get premium it will be one of the other but they will be picking it.

    Also seen in the video: glow recipe watermelon full sized item (looks like pink juice) but it hasn’t been officially released as a spoiler.

    In another video a possible unconfirmed spoiler was also shown. Too faced diamond light highlighter

    • One or the other *

    • Thanks 🙂 Glow recipe sounds nice 🙂

      • UPDATE: He posted another picture and it is the full size pink juice. Not sure which box it will be going in yet…

    • Okay…I’m confused… so if we get luxe…we will get the storytime, but if we get premium as well, then we dont get to pick between the storytime or dose of colors, we will be sent whatever they send?!

    • Okay…so I get luxe, so I will get storybook, and because I get premium, I will automatically get dose of colors….and the choice item for premium is different them the pallettes……is THAT right?!

      Thanks for the update info!!! I appreciate it.

      Hope you have a great day!!

  8. OMG That’s the only Dose palette I don’t have and it’s sold out on their site. I have to assume I’m getting that since the Storybook palette is supposed to be in Boxycharm or BoxyLuxe I think. I know I’ve seen it and since I get all three…

    I’m just so excited because so many times the beautiful palette we get is something I already have. Not blaming Boxy for that, but it will be so nice to be able to keep my palette!

  9. Hey guys, when is choise day for premium? Did I miss it already 😐? Please and thank you!!!!

    • Choice* lol sorry 😁😝

      • Monday

      • You didn’t miss it, not sure when it is, but it hasn’t happened yet 🙂

      • I hope they take into consideration what’s on our Beauty profiles this time. I specifically stated I do not like red lipstick and guess what I got my last box? A fire engine red lipstick. What am I supposed to do with this?

        I guess it’s better than the white powder that came all over my boxy premium brushes. Will not be using those. They went in the trash

      • Hey if you are on the waiting for premium will they let u choose just in case you are taken off the waiting on Dec 1?

    • 11/12
      Choice for December’s BoxyCharm opens for 48 hours for active BoxyCharm subscribers not upgraded to BoxyLuxe.

      Choice for December’s BoxyCharm Premium opens for 24 hours for active BoxyCharm Premium subscribers

      I wonder if I’ll ever get tired of getting eyeshadow??

    • Hey if you are on the waiting for premium will they let u choose just in case you are taken off the waiting on Dec 1?

    • November 12th just released in a video

    • I just did my choice today for premium…it was between a bite beauty lip mask and a skinfix eczema balm. Just me or is it kind of a weird, unenthusiastic choice? I went with the lip.

  10. Yikes. MSA filtered my post 🙁 I hope it goes through so I can get answers hopefully and dont have to type it put again.

  11. Okay…

    1. Everyone that is in luxe is GUARANTEED the storybook pallette

    2. Those that have premium as well will have a CHOICE of
    A) storybook pallette (same as luxe)
    B) dose of colors

    Is that right?! If so I’m excited!!

    Also, can someone please help me..I got a sample of a “pretty vulgar ” concealer…I dont use concealer, and was hoping for foundation….but hey, I’m down to play around with things…

    My question is for concealer, how do you choose which color to go with?! I’ve seen enough YouTube videos where people say to go lighter then you skin/foundation color..but I’m not sure how to figure this out. Lol. I know it may seem like a common sense thing, but I honestly have no clue what to pick or how to figure it out!!! Any advice or thoughts?!

    I’m excited for boxy for December!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE all eyeshadow pallettes and brands and collect them!! So I’m super excited I might get the chance to get 2 for December as a Christmas to myself! I dont plan on opening my boxy up until Christmas day, so I am super excited. I just ordered the natasha denona holiday pallette, and a tarte unleashed I’m excited to get those soon.

    Also, as an FYI sephora online has a mini natasha denona pallette on sale for 12.50 right now, and it’s a pretty one.

    • I just imagined it to be foundation sample. I don’t think you’re necessarily getting that product, they just want a general shade, I’m assuming. I just chose the one closest to my skin tone. The lightest one was too pink and maybe too light, so I chose the second one.

      • I’m a subscriber and have been for 7 years and i never got any type of sample for foundation or concealer. When did the sample go out?

      • Some people got it in the November box, I wasn’t expecting it because they didn’t send me an email. I can’t remember for sure if it came in the regular or premium box.

      • I got it in my premium box.

        I have no idea how to pick a concealer…like pick the same shade as I would for foundation?! Or go a shade or two lighter?! I’ve seen on YouTube and have a couple friends that say a lighter color brightens your under eye area , so dont choose a foundation color…but not sure if there is a tick to figuring out since I dont really use concealer, it I do foundation…and since they sent a concealer and not a foundation, I am not sure what to pick….there is 1 that matches close with my skin color and 1 that is a shade or so lighter , so I was curious to see what you ladies and gents thoughts on picking a concealer is….lol

        I wonder if I should just go with skin tone and not and not slightly lighter…I’m not that skilled with foundation/concealer to know. Lol

      • Thanks jackie..I might just go ahead and do what you did and pick the one that matches my skin tone and not try any lighter concealer to do the brightening trick, when I have no clue what to do anyway!!!
        I can only imagine thinking I pulled it off and then get outside in daylight and shock and awe at the clown effect I created!!! (I’ve done this before haha, but I can laugh at myself )

        I’ll just go with your suggestion!!

        Hope you have a great day/night and thank you for your advice

      • Where do you go to put your foundation shade from the Becca foundation packet?

  12. Well im happty. Love DOC…

  13. I’m amazed at how many people are complaining about the Dose palette layout! I can’t believe you don’t understand the artistry behind the creation of the theme ‘Hidden Treasures’. The palette is a treasure chest. The shades represent various ‘treasure’ items that might be discovered upon opening the lid of such a chest. Items inside of a treasure chest are not lined up in neat little rows. I hope you now understand and appreciate the design.

    • We get it, but some of us don’t like the layout..its too messy for me..I don’t mind themes but it looks a jumbled mess you cant arrange

      • It’s very artistic. Makeup is Artistry for the face. Try to embrace the creativity! This is a marvelous palette, very unique, with truly usable colors.

      • I share your opinion Sarah, it’s not for me either. It has nothing to do with not understanding the theme, I think the theme is pretty obvious.

      • No one is more OCD than me. And I LOVE this arrangement.

    • I love when palettes are laid out more unconventionally. I gravitate towards that, or round or triangular layout much more than perfect little rows. I find it much more inspirational and not so regimented.

      • I agree, Bonnie. It’s so much more interesting!

      • Bonnie, so glad there’s another person here with an artisic eye.

    • Just because we don’t like it- doesn’t mean we don’t understand Art or the fact it represents a treasure chest…. that’s ridiculously condescending. We can understand a concept and still dislike it.

      • Lol. It’s my opinion relative to all the whining…A LOT of whining. Too funny.

      • Y’all don’t have the eyes of an artist. I’m with Alice. The arrangement is fabulous .

      • Art is extremely subjective. Everyone appreciates art differently and that is OK.

  14. Well, I guess I have no other choice but the DOS of Colors Palette since I already get Luxe, but honestly after getting Tati Westbrook’s Textured Neutrals Vol 1 Palette I have no other need for a Neutral palette. My only friend lives in PA and she wears very light makeup, when her last eyeshadow ran out, I sent her one of the Tarte round palettes we got cause the colors were way to light for me and they were perfect for her, but it took her 2 years to go thru her last palette so I doubt she will want another one this soon. Also the colors look a little dark for her. I guess it will just sit on my collection shelf till I can find another use for it. I have so many that I have gotten that I have not even dipped into yet.

  15. It’s crappy that we have to use our choice to prevent receiving a duplicate item instead of as a real choice. Guess boxy wants me to drop a box.

  16. Boxycharm is turning into such a joke. They screwed over everyone on their Premium Waitlist. That is typical Boxy Fashion though. DOC Palettes are ridiculous. So they want you to get 2 Storybook Cosmetics Palettes?? It is just bizarre. Not impressed at all.

  17. Omgosh! I hope I get the “Hidden Treasures” palette

    • You can choose it 🙂

  18. DOSE is a well known brand that has good quality products. The Pallete has a warm and cool transition shade, a dark brown, a black, a highlight shade, and metallic shadows too. It’s a well rounded palette by a good brand. Y’all are complaining about the eyeshadows being placed weird. This is a good product. It’s better than Ipsys Boop and Tetris junk. This is a win from boxy in my opinion.

    • Very well said. Looks like this palette’s formula has great reviews.

    • I laughed so hard at Ipsys Boop and Tetris junk!
      I dont think the placement of the eye shadows are going to take away from the pigment and how they perform on the eye. I’d be happy with anything Dose!

    • Agreed and I Love love love eyeshadow pallettes, so the more the merrier to play with or share!!

  19. Looking at that mess of an arrangement makes me feel a little physically uncomfortable.

    • Haha was thinking the same

    • Omg! Same! I hate it so much!

      • LOL! My eyes were all over the place trying to organize the eyeshadow’s pans in straight lines! OMG!!!

  20. I swear Boxy must just love hate mail n screwing their customers. The 1st Premium (which they screwed me on, long story) has ND the 2nd has a DoC palette (which DoC just came in regular Boxy) or a palette that will be in Luxe, how does that make any sense?

  21. Does anyone know if we can skip December Premium? Or would we go back on the waitlist. I’m so confused by the tiers. I don’t want to get boxyluxe and premium in december, that is a lot of boxy!

  22. Isn’t the storybooks palette supposed to be in the lux box?

    • Yes, which is why they are giving us the choice so we don’t get duplicates (unless we want to)

    • Yep, so I guess I’ll be “choosing” the Dose of Colors palette 😂

      • Haha, that’s what I was thinking!! Not too much of a choice for Luxe subscribers! This or 2 Storybook 😕

  23. I’m so pumped for this! I’ve always wanted the DOC pallete

  24. Hate how the the dose of color palette looks but I love every single color in it. They’re my go to in my day to day.

    • This is how I feel too. DoC has lovely shadows and I like the color story but the setup makes me cringe

  25. I just looked at the DOC palette reviews and the foils are supposed to be gorgeous – so despite the terrible layout I’m hoping for that one. Better than a book.

    • Guess im picking the Dose if I even get Premium by then. Even tho I hate how its laid out and will likely sell it.

  26. WTF were they thinking with that palette layout??? What a total waste of space and it’s just hard to even look at. Never heard of the other brand either.

    • I know with the layout it drives me crazy 😅

  27. Umm what in the entire F! Speechless. Really BoxyCharm?

    • I completely agree with you! When I saw this DOC Palette for December Boxy Premium, I decided to cancel. I do like DOC, but was hoping to see like a Natasha Denona (at least 5 Pan Palette) or something else for Premium Box.

      • Right especially those of us that didn’t make it off the premium list and really wanted the ND palette. I mean they just had DOC in Oct regular boxy so to me, there’s nothing “premium” about an oddly laid-out DOC palette. I knew this crap was going to happen. I’m really hoping there are some better spoilers. PLUS THE STORYBOOK IS ALREADY IN LUXE!

  28. How do you know if you’ll get premium in December? I signed up in October when the email came out but didn’t get November Premium, which is all i wanted just for the Natasha Denona. This is the December spoiler? I love Dose of Colors; but that layout kills me.

    • Why not just go to and buy the ND palette if you want it so much? It’s VIB sale right now thru Monday, and it will cost the same or less than the Boxy Premium (depending on your level at Sephora). Then you know you’re getting what you want.

      • Because the ND palette is $55 and I signed up super early for premium and didn’t get it

  29. So premium is including palettes that literally everyone complained about and made fun of? So disappointing after such a good launch which so many did not get.

    • Took the words out of my fingers. So disappointed.

      • I have no problem whatsoever with the Dose layout. It’s ‘hidden treasures’ theme. It’s SUPPOSED to look that way with treasures/gemstones scattered about in the chest. Treasures in a chest aren’t lined up in a rows, lol. Y’all are comical! It’s artistic and I love it.

      • This wasn’t meant as a reply.

      • Alice, I love it too.

      • Thanks, Mary! Finally, someone who understands the art, too!

      • Me too!! It’s nice to see something that’s not all OCD in neat little rows.

        Sorry, no offense meant, but I giggle a little at all the people who are seriously stressed over seeing a layout like this.

      • Thanks Bonnie, I’ve been giggling, too. They can send us all their palettee, lol.

      • I think it looks beautiful! As long as the formula and color payoff are good I’m cool with it! I’ve never had a Dose of Colors palette so I hope I get off the wait list. Last month was my first box but didn’t get a DoC palette 🙁

    • That’s what I was thinking. Dose released this in 2016 as Limited Edition?!

  30. I do not like Dose of Colors shadows! This is a complete fail for me if I end up with DoC. I will be super pissed if I don’t get Storybook Cosmetics Fairy Tale Book Club one.

    • It’s a choice item.

  31. Ughhh I am in no way OCD but those scattered pans in the DoC palette are infuriating! 🤦🏻‍♀️

  32. That is the worst use of palette space I’ve ever seen!

  33. Dose of colors? Really? And this palette? Ugh.. total fail. I am excited for the boxyluxe more.

  34. I am leaning towards the Storybook palette but, I never heard of that company. Has anyone tried their products before?

    • I have their wizarding palettes and the quality is pretty nice! on par with like urban decay or too faced I’d say

    • I have every single thing they have ever come out with (with the exception of one set of brushes) and it all is truly exquisite. They are my absolute all time favorite cosmetics brand. Not only is everything amazing quality, it is all visually stunning.

    • I have all their palettes and the formula is good. Pigmented. Long lasting.

    • Awesome, thanks everyone! I am really looking forward to getting itnow 🙂

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