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BoxyCharm April 2021 Full Spoilers

BoxyCharm November 2019 Full Spoilers For Box 2!


We have more spoiler info for the November 2019 BoxyCharm box thanks to boxycharmsneakpeek!

One variation of the November box includes:

Source: boxycharmsneakpeek

Some November boxes will include:

Becca Cosmetics Complexion Pack OR Pretty Vulgar Concealer Complexion Pack

Another variation of the November box includes:

Source: boxypreview

In case you missed the previous spoilers:

BoxyCharm 2 Piece Brush Set

According to Yosef, if you are a BoxyCharm Premium subscriber, you will not get the brush set (The Premium box includes a 5 piece brush set). Instead, you may receive:

Farsali Rose Gold Skin Mist

In case you missed the previous spoilers:

Dose of Colors Liquid Lipstick


BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector


Dominique Cosmetics Celestial Thunder Eye Shadow Palette


Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Anti-Wrinkle Eye Treatment or Kypris Antioxidant Dew Quench & Glow Serum

What do you think of the November spoilers? 

(If you aren’t familiar Boxycharm is a beauty + makeup subscription box that sends 5 full-size items each month for $25. It was voted the #1 Makeup Subscription Box by MSA readers, and won places in many categories in the 2019 Subscription Box Awards!)

Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.

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Comments (87)

  1. I have not recieved my Boxycharm, My boxyluxe or my boxy permium for this month and all the money was taken out of my account. I just got my boxy luxe from April. What is going on, i have never had this issue at all with Boxycharm.

  2. I dont mind getting lashes, I just wish every once in a while they would include lash glue.

  3. I just received my box today. I chose the juice beauty over Kypris and I’m kinda upset about my items. I received the palette, the juice beauty eye treatment, dose of colors liquid lip in date night, a Illuminati cosmetic sponge, and the milk makeup holographic stick. My box also weighed 2lbs

    • I got the exact same items!! Total bummer. The milk looks like glitter, not like the Becca others got. The cheap sponge knockoff of BEautyblender was the biggest disappointment. I’m in Canada. I didn’t see the sponge or milk on spoilers. Aren’t those from previous boxes?

  4. Alright. I’m updating. Box was 2 pounds through Ontrac (Originating in Denver), dimensions were 9”x7”x3” and I’m also getting the premium. I got variation 15❤️ And got the Farsali spray which is freaking amazing. Dose of Colors liquid lipstick in date night (the gorgeous red), it’s got on my teeth when it was drying down so beware but it is really pretty. Not too drying either. Really nice liquid lippie. The celestial thunder palette is really pretty, haven’t swatched it yet but it looks like the glitters will be great toppers. Not gonna use green or orange eyeshadow so I just like the glitters. I got the concealer swatch packet and the Kypris Serum which is seriously amazing. I think people with oily/combo skin will LOVE this. It doesn’t feel greasy and soaks right in. Obviously drybabies will love it but for us oily people, it’s pretty awesome. Oh and the starry eyes heating eye masks??? I’m not sure what those are. Lol. NEVER heard of such a thing. But got those as well. Good luck everyone. Happy holidays!

  5. I got Kypris, brushes, lipstick (very happy about that!!) Eye shadow pallet. The variation that I got was the face mask

  6. My box weighed 1.2 lbs, and I got the brushes, Celestial Thunder palette, Kypris Serum (the only thing I really wanted), Dose Of Colors Liquid Lipstick and then Starry Eyes self warning eye masks, RV $10 for two of them.

    • Wow people are already receiving their regular boxes. I haven’t received a shipping email yet hopefully soon 😬

      • I didn’t get an e-mail this month (on either account that I have) but both have shipped the base box. If you go to the website, the tracking information is there. My Premium box has not shipped yet.

      • I didn’t get any shipping email for my regular box, but I got shipping for the premium box and my regular box came with it surprised me!

      • me either

    • Thank you for sharing this info. It’s very helpful to those of us who are waiting for our boxes.

  7. I would love to get the lashes instead of the masks. Other than that I am so happy with all of it. I managed to get the Premium too. 🥰

  8. Got my notification for a shipment of a box 1.84 pounds. Not sure if regular or premium. Should be here Thursday!

    • My 1.84 pound box will be here tomorrow! It is the premium. Excited!

    • My shipping email that I received last night states it’s the premium box so yours should tell you if it’s the premium or not

  9. I’m obviously in the minority but I would love to get those Lilly Lashes!!

  10. My regular boxy weights 1.2 lbs.
    The premium boxy just shipped as well and weight 1.8 lbs.
    So excited!

    • I have the exact same weights !!

    • My regular is 1.3, and premium is 1.8. I am also excited! Will be getting my premium on Thursday, regular on Saturday, and this is much earlier for me than previous months.

      • I was able to get premium, and my base box weighs 1.3lbs too.

  11. I’ve only gotten one shipment email for “November Subscription Box” via Ontrac so far and it weight 2 pounds! That’s incredibly big for a regular Boxycharm box yeah? It doesn’t say premium anywhere in the email so my premium box hasn’t shipped yet and I’m assuming this is my regular one. Maybe the Farsali spray is really heavy? Lol. No dimensions with Ontrac of course. I can’t wait to get them. I’m hoping I get the other shipping email for the premium soon.

    • Mine was shipped today. It just says Boxy so I guess it is the base box? Weighs 1.9 lbs and 11x7x5.

      • I wonder what’s in ours to make it so much heavier? Maybe the Farsali spray and the Becca highlighter. That’s what I’m hoping for. I wouldn’t be upset at the lipstick (if I didn’t get the most nude color available every time) that makes me look like Tyrone from the Chapelle Show.

    • Mine weighs 2lbs as well.. I don’t have tracking for my premium yet.. I’m not sure which box shipped.. lol I was looking at my “items” on the boxy site and it shows that I will be receiving the premium box..


      • I just got my premium box shipping email. With Ontrac😒 but it weighs 3 pounds! Wow. My boxes weigh A LOT. Was not expecting that. I get my boxes really early when they go through Ontrac because it originates in Denver, at least it says that. My UPS or Fedex ones (forgot) originate from Georgia so they take longer. I will update both box items and variation number, when I get them. I hope I got the Farsali spray and Becca highlighter. I can’t wait. This month is awesome!

      • I’m not sure what happened to my other comment, it didn’t post. But I just got my base box and I got variation 15❤️ And I got the Farsali spray which is AMAZING and it’s heavy, feels very luxe so I think that’s an item that is making some boxes 2 pounds. I got the Dose of Colors lippie in Date Night. A gorgeous deep red color…finally not a nude! lol. I love the formula, it’s so much better than the Stila lippie from September imo. I also got the starry eyes warming we mask things, and I also got the concealer swatch packet and I hate the concealer, I’m not incredibly savvy with makeup but I don’t think it’s very good, if I get it, I’ll use it on my eyelids and that’s it, it exaggerates my undereye fine lines and fairly young and have pretty good skin…so that’s not good. I got the Kypris Serum too and it’s freakiny awesome. I have oily skin and it doesn’t feel greasy at all. It’s perfect! I got the celestial thunder palette too and I’ve only used one glitter but it is NOT intense…not a lot of color payoff at all. My brush couldn’t even pick it up, I had to use my finger and then I had to apply it like 5 times to get enough pigment payoff. Soooo, it’s a pretty palette but from the reviews I’ve seen on YouTube, they are pretty accurate when they say it’s not super pigmented. My box shipped through Ontrac and weighed 2 pounds, the dimensions are 9”x7”x3”. Hope this helps someone. Good luck guys and happy holidays!

      • I got same dimensions , but so badly wanted those brushes :/
        Did you get makeup brushes ?

      • I got the premium, that’s why I didn’t get brushes in my base box, I got them in my premium.

  12. Hey ladies, in my area we have a boxycharm buy,sell, trade group on facebook. That may be an option for some of you. I’ve heard of women selling their whole box. I have a lot of women in my family so I keep a box of stuff I don’t like and gI’ve them out for birthday or Christmas gifts. I don’t mind getting an item I don’t like because usually one item is the same price or more than the box so it’s a steal either way. Oh yeah oddly I get charged $26.91 does anyone else pay that?

    • The additional amount is your tax. I donate items I don’t use, or send them to my niece.

  13. Does anyone know of a coupon code for new subscribers this month?

    • I’ll see if I can find the one I used. I just typed in Google Search Boxycharm Promo Codes to get the one I I used. New subscribers was to get either the tarte Clay play palette or the Tarte Princess Ave I think it’s a highlighting/bronzing palette. The one that was given in boxyluxe. Let me go see I FBI can find it for you.

    • It was GOBBLEGIFT I’m reading the small print and it says that code ended on Oct 1 but when I entered it and clicked the submit it excepted the code for me so I dont know if it actually worked or not?? Maybe they dont have a promo code for this month??
      This is what the fine print says word for word…Valid for new subscribers only, or those who canceled before October 1st, 2019. Must use coupon code at checkout. Valid while November’s box and Tarte gift supplies last.

      Hope this helps!

      • The code didn’t end October 1st, it is stating for new subscribers or subscribers who canceled before October 1st. Hope this helps.

  14. Wow I want this variation!

  15. This would be a dream box for me! Perhaps it’d makeup for the lack of a DOC eyeshadow palette last month! My box weight is 1.3lbs which is unusually high so don’t think this is my variant. However, those of you who don’t want your lashes, please let me buy them!!!

    • I sure don’t need another eye shadow palette, but that Zero Gravity shade is gorgeous & calling my name. I may have to swap for this.

    • If I get them I sure will sell!

      • This box is on the chopping block for me and I am not excited about it at all.

      • They made me so unhappy this month when they toke 78 dollars from my bank account. They won’t get back to me. I stop all my box’s just to stay with boxy charm. They don’t care about there customer. They take whatever they want and ack like you can’t do any about it.

    • Your box has already shipped! Wow that’s fast!

      • I can view it in my FedEx delivery manager account. Been sitting there a few days so they must’ve had mine packed and ready to go last month lol

      • I received an email this evening. My box weighs 1.2 lbs (Regular box) and I was able to get premium so let’s see what happens.

    • Same weight and shipment here! I j u s t got my email saying it was sent and the label was created a couple of days ago. I put my profile to be more towards skin, so TBD on my mix. I also have Boxy premium, so I know that I won’t get the brushes…I’m hoping for the Farsali option. I chose the Kypris as my choice product. I’m happy to trade lip and eye products with anyone over on the swap page 🙂

      • My weight too and I’m also premium and choose the kypris! I’m so hoping for a Becca highlighter and not lashes. Not that many people use them, why include them in a box like this?

      • Danielle, I agree. I think the eyelashes should be available as add-ons, or in the charm room or popup shop, but not in the boxes (unless it is an item where we get to choose). I am guessing that those of us who do not use them are in the majority. There are things I typically don’t use and am not excited to get, but I’ll give them a try (and sometimes I am surprised and like them), but eyelashes are something I would never try (due to safety concerns—my eyes are very important to me!)

      • Is this group available to anyone? Or is it only a certain area? I would love to be able to buy are trade from some of you ladies!

    • My premium box has had a label for a few days and isn’t moving yet. 1.8 lbs. No word on my regular box

    • So is mine!

  16. I’m an African American… but I’m always getting product for someone that’s white. I’ve tried to let you all know this. But I’m still receiving products that doesn’t work for me.

    • Hey Mary Ann! Have you tried reaching out to BoxyCharm directly? You can reach them here: Contact BoxyCharm

    • I am extremely porcelain and get shades that are better for darker skin…They must have our profiles swapped 😛

    • Boxycharm is perfect for those who have medium/tan skin tones. Those of us of the lighter and darker spectrum are just kind of forgotten about. Maybe soon though it will recognize us all. The complexion pack we’re getting this month may steer things in the right direction too.

    • Hi Maryann I’m white but very dark skinned and I live on the beach work on the beach etc, I need darker skin like you and get light Stuff a lot but lately been better!

  17. Hopefully I get the lipstick and no lashes! I also want the Farsali but I know I won’t get it since I didn’t make it off the waitlist for premium

  18. I’ve been soooo lucky I haven’t received lashes once since joining in May. Hope my luck continues….

  19. I picked the kypris and it seems like I will be getting the dose of colors lipstick instead of the becca highlighter… I’m sad because I really wanted that highlighter. I put that I like highlighter more than lipstick… its ok… I like dose of colors.. maybe I can buy the becca in the boxy pop up sale or trade it for something..

  20. I do like lashes. Its very easy to use them up.

  21. No false eyelashes please. Really dont like them

  22. I could say I hope for no more lashes but, with BC, I know I’ll get exactly what I don’t want. Every month since I got the annual back in January it’s always 100% The variation I don’t want and items I don’t use. At least I’ve always found at least 2 to 3 items I like but, I’m done after my annual is up.
    This will be my 5th pair of lashes in just 11 months… ugh.

  23. Is the Celestial Thunder a mini palette or Boxycharm exclusive? The link shows a 12 shade palette called Celestial Storm.

    • Mini for the box

  24. Please…no false eyelashes! Ugh.

    • I agree. I don’t use them at all.

      • Same. Totally useless for me. Love my real lashes.

      • I think I’m getting this box. I got tracking info this morning and I know I’m getting the kypris serum . Fingers crossed.

  25. I’d rather have the DOSE lip so that’s a guarantee i’ll get the highlighter LOL.

    • I’ll trade with you is I get the lipstick.

  26. i bet this will be my box since I chose the Kypris serum.

    • I chose kypris serum and got a spoiler that im getting dose of colors

  27. Did anyone got off the waiting list for Nov Boxy Premium?
    I have not been charged, and even though I joined the wait-list some time ago, my account page still invites me to ‘join the wait-list.’

    • I did get off of the waiting list, was charged and received a confirmation email about it. I joined the waiting list the day the Charlotte Tilbury was revealed.

      • There isn’t a Charlotte Tilbury item in Premium.
        Annabanana The Premium billing is over for November. If you didn’t get charged on the 1st you didn’t make the cut.

      • She probably means Natasha Denona.

      • Thanks ladies! I signed up the day of Natasha Denonal reveal, but I guess lots of people did the same.
        On to November waitlist!

      • I was lucky enough to get off the wait list. I was pretty surprised! (And yes, I was charged on the 1st.)

      • I think you mean the Natasha Denona? There’s no Charlotte Tillsbury in the premium box.

  28. Oooo I hope I get this box! Looks great

  29. No lashes for me please 😬. I receive them often from boxycharm and I’ve never used them. It’s great to see 4 items are tracking with the spoilers thus far

    • Same here no lashes ! 🙄🙄

      • I’ll take your lashes and trade! Hell I’ll take all the lashes in trade! Anna clara dick on facebook if you want to trade

      • I will trade you too if you want. I love the idea of lashes but I’m cursed when it comes to doing them. I’ve tried so many times. I think it’s my round eye shape, who knows. I wish I could glam up and be an eyelash goddess but every time I try, I feel like Im doing calculus with an IQ of 10🤦🏼‍♀️ I get covered in sticky glue and ruin the lashes and just look stupid and then they fall off.

  30. OMG hate hate false lashes ! Is that a variation ? Or if you picked Kypris your deff getting lashes ? 🙄

    • It’s possible there’ll be like 50 variations so you may not get false lashes lol.

    • I dont want lashes or lipstick please!! Ill take the rest tho!!! Thank you!!

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