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BoxyCharm December 2019 Spoilers #2 + Choice Time!

It’s time to pick one of the items for your December 2019 BoxyCharm box!

(FYI – you will get a specific link to use in your email for this selection. This is for regular Boxycharm only. Not BoxyLuxe or Premium.)

Subscribers can pick:

Elemis Pro-Collagen Rose Facial Oil or Saturday Skin Waterfall Glacier Water Cream

Which item are you picking?

Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. UPDATE: More SPOILERS for the Reg Box at boxycharmsneakpeek instagram!!

  2. Are there any additional spoilers for December? I’ve been watching so I can make my final decision on a cancel. Today is the day to do it. I was only hanging on to Boxycharm until the products they owed to me had shipped. I just got the notice on the last one, my Kypris that they didn’t invclude with November. I was thinking of keeping December just for the Saturday Skin. Without additional spoilers, and knowing I’ve been burned on the past two boxes, I believe it’s time to bid them adieu. I already had cancelled my Luxe. I simply cannot support Boxycharm. My hard earned money is best spent elsewhere.

    • UPDATE: More SPOILERS for the Reg Box at boxycharmsneakpeek instagram!!

      • I don’t do instagram. Thanks, though!

  3. Man! I cancelled Allure a little while back and wanted to get Boxy as My one Christmas gift….its 25$ now?? Thought it was $21. . Also, that horrible little pallette!! I wonder if there’s a chance if I sign up new for December if I could get the Elemis…💋 🐞

  4. I recently re-joined boxycharm and I haven’t been getting emails about choosing your one item to customize. I didn’t get one for November and now it looks like i will miss out on choosing for December. When I log into my account it doesn’t show anything regarding choosing. Am i missing something? I”m on the waitlist for Boxylux but haven’t received any emails about that either.

    • Wow regular boxycharm gets elemis? Why do i need luxe then?

    • Hi! If you haven’t been getting any emails to choose I’d suggest contacting the customer care. I don’t think you can choose anywhere on the website since it’s a different link that’s sent to everyone via email. As far as the luxe is concerned you only find out if you’re off the waitlist if you’re charged on the first. If you’re not, then you’re still on the waitlist. Hope this helps!

  5. Whoaa is this the box that only costs $25? I LOVE Elemis but cant afford it. I was lucky to be on a Disney Cruise that got upgraded for some reason (I wasnt the booker) and instead of H2O that the regular cabins got (which I also feel in love with) we got Elemis which is amazing. I might subscribe just for this.

    • They’re worth the $25, and you get to pick an item out of 2 each month. I was subscribed to Boxycharm & Ipsy + (also $25) but knew I’d have to quit 1 of them, and I chose to stay with Boxycharm! Ipsy doesn’t personalize as well, and so many of their products are now up & coming brands, and not the good name brands like Boxycharm carries! The choice was easy.

  6. Can I get some help here please? So, I am on the waitlist for boxyluxe, and they made me choose for it, so I got no regular boxycharm choice email. When will I know if I am getting boxyluxe or boxycharm? Only if they charge me on Dec 1rst? What are my chances to get the luxe since I got waitlisted in October? Thanks!

    • When I was waitlisted I came off the next cycle so you should be fine. Since the choice items for luxe and base box are the same it doesn’t really matter. If they take you off the waitlist they will charge you for luxe on Dec 1st.

      • Thanks for the reply. I guess I will just wait and see what happens! But I really like this big storybrooke pallete the have on this luxe and I wish I will get it!

      • This is what happened to me. You will get BOTH. You will be charged for the regular boxycharm box and charged for boxy luxe. So it’s $25 plus $35 I think (can’t remember Boxyluxe price) . It’s worth the money.m in my opinion. Oh and remember that you have to be an active subscriber to get Boxyluxe. So Do Not Cancel your regular boxycharm box. Does that make sense? Done very month you will be charged your normal price for your boxycharm box and then every 3 months you will be charged for your regular boxy AND for Boxyluxe. It will show up as 2 different charges on your bank account. I hope this helped and didn’t confuse you more. If you have IG you can go on there and talk with @boxy luxe @boxycharm its really helpful. It also can be quicker to DO than go thru customer service

  7. So frustrated! I emailed when choice for the base box opened to ask if I cancelled the luxe box would I still get a choice for the base box… I finally got a response this morning saying sorry, choice is closed – even though it is their fault for not getting back to me earlier! Plus, isn’t choice actually still open??

    • The luxe box is better though .
      Story book paylette is not the same as base box you only get mini version in base there is more items to go also .
      Base box might mini watermelon cream so maybe we get the bigger version . I’m sure it will be well worth the extra money .

      So far every luxe box I have seen has been so amazing I can’t complain at all , if you bought any of these items at sephora they would cost alot more money . This round isn’t as fun but it’s still worth 49.99 in my opinion

      • The base box choices have been full-size items. I’m sure that this month is no exception.

    • Boxycharm sometimes has good deal items… like full sized expensive items that you are saving money on by being a subscriber, but for the most part, it’s just a way for cosmetic companies to ditch their overstocked clearance junk. Check out the sephora website in any given month and you will see recent boxycharm box items all throughout the clearance section.

  8. They seem to be taking a cue from today’s Politic’s keep the Chaos going….Any publicity is better than none.

    • Indeed

    • I’ve noticed this as well. The chaos almost seems intentional- it’s hard to imagine that they just luck into this much incompetence. 😄

  9. Just being honest, I find it unfair and a bit lazy to give base and Luxe the same choice. The base box is going to be worth more than the premium box if people choose the oil. That’s not good business practice…Again.

    • Boxyluxe usually has around 3 items from the base box. It makes sense having the same options so if someone on the luxe waitlist makes a choice, and doesn’t get removed from the waitlist, they’ll still receive their choice item.

      • Yes, but they usually aren’t the highest valued items in the box. That means if the rest of what luxe is getting is just filler items it really doesn’t justify the extra price.

    • If a regular box recipient picks a higher value item, it’ll be paired with a lower cost item to even things out.
      There’s a set number of pre-determined variations. If you pick the oil, you are now limited to only those variations containing the oil… Which like won’t have the other pricey options for the month.

  10. The reason this is so confusing is because luxe and base box are getting the same choice items. I’m starting to wonder why I’m paying $50 when base box is getting the same high priced items, including a storybook palette. If the only thing extra we get is a lip gloss and the qms or facial roller it isn’t worth it to me.

    • Agree
      Amy why am I paying extra , if bass box is getting same choice .. sighs.. oh wait it’s BC
      Just like there pop up sale fell through

    • The luxe box is better though .
      Story book paylette is not the same as base box you only get mini version in base there is more items to go also .
      Base box might mini watermelon cream so maybe we get the bigger version . I’m sure it will be well worth the extra money .

      So far every luxe box I have seen has been so amazing I can’t complain at all , if you bought any of these items at sephora they would cost alot more money . This round isn’t as fun but it’s still worth 49.99 in my opinion

  11. Tip: You don’t have to receive a Choice email to make your selection for December. Just go directly to the website. You should see an indication on the site that choice is open. Click on it and make your selection. I’m Luxe and already made my choice so I can’t tell you the exact placement or wording of the notice, but it’s pretty intuitive.

    • That was the case, last month, but unfortunately this time they did not put the option up on the website. We are all at the mercy of waiting for an email. It’s now been 24 hours and no email (or response from customer service) has been sent.

      There is an indication that it is time to select your Choice on the website but it simply states: Choice Window for December BoxyCharm is now open. Check your email inbox for the link. There is no option to select it anywhere on the website.

      • I think they are working on emails so they can send to the people they advertise too for sales etc, and they are just working out the kinks…..I hope so anyways. Lol

      • I sent this a DM on Twitter and they responded almost immediately compared to sending this an email or sending a DM on IG. Just include your email address so they can send you the link. hth.

      • I’ve tried that in the past, but they never even read the message much less looked into the issue and then email me. This was after they specifically told me to DM me my email address so they could look into it. Really hard to look into the problem if you don’t even open the DM you requested I send.

        But I’ll try anything at this point – I DM’d them my email address requesting the link. I don’t have very high hopes, but if I never get a response, it wont be for lack of effort on my end.

      • Thank you Jay!

        In an amazing turn of events, BoxyCharm actually replied to my Twitter DM, with the link to select my choice!

      • Well that’s a bummer. I liked knowing that I could always enter my selection even if I didn’t get an email.

      • Please ladies and men, it took me forever to “figure” this out, yet do at work all the time… If you are not presented with options upon login to your BC Account for either version, any “pop-ups” (not sales but in the windows on your computer or table or phone), disable blocker or pop up blockers, then the choices show up.
        For 50 dollar my box that I just recieved sadly the BEST PREPARED and secure for safe passage box was BEAUTIFUL, all items not only wrapped, but box was near full with filler plastic packaging. They even put the liquid item with cap screwed on tightly and ALSO IN A BAG (Ziplock and a secure one!~I know since ALL THE liquid stayed in that bag! The packaging and care they put into their curations in amazing and no way for half of 100 dollars you could get such a nice range of very nice items, securely packed to the best of their ability (try really went ALL OUT, I am so impressed!). Anyway, Unlike IPSY and their “three levels of D’s H” as my students now refer to Ipsy” BC really has another customer base in mind and in not crazy speed into “Ultimate packages, and so, sadly I still have yet to get a Premium Shipment, but I would much rather wait than to get duplicate items, many more “large samples rather than full-sizes, and much kinder and nicer customer service. Anyone still reading, know that I type fast, and that I hope you will consider that Ipsy rushes, then reconfigures to adjust, and Boxy instead prepares, plans and implements logically, and although the BOTH REALLY have awesome and very nice and reasonable customer service agents, BC is the winner every time unless you just happen to get really lucky. My opinion, I enjoy them both for different reasons, but thought I would finally share a really nice evening “diving” into my Boxy Plus and although nothing super duper, all the items are things I will use, things I wanted to try and/or things I had and now need replacements before the holidays. Maybe I got lucky. 🙂 Rather, Boxy Charm knows what they are doing, is doing it so very few (if any) are disappointed (Ipsy was deceptive before they started Ultimate, for example, and very big deal for many collector people, the Betty Boop Bag was IDENTICAL and items overlapped. The bag was a nice quality and cute zippered black sequined case with ornate pull, but why pay 50 for 4 items when for 25 you get 5? The samples and regular size did not provided 12 it promised. My sister and I double-checked. Also, we had between the two of us a completely missing shipment and that was disappointing. Honestly, though, employees working for either organization are trying to provide a “little surprise and as the value goes up the complaining does as well when the curation and or the quality are not of the higher level. Simple consumer reality, so let’s applaud them both for providing us with gifts we gift to ourselves (yes, we deserve it!) and share with friends when they are not perfect for us. Enjoy the Holiday Season and consider sending unused products to me for my students! 🙂 HO HO HO

    • Hmmm… I know they provided a button on the website last month to access your choice, but I don’t think they have this month. At least it’s not in the spot where it was last month, and the website has a banner that tells people to go to the link provided in their email. I’m pretty sure they are handling it differently this month, and you do have to receive the email.

  12. Still no Choice email. AND I subscribe to BoxyCharm Annual; Luxe and Premium. No replies to my emails either. RIDICULOUS!!!!

    • If you have Luxe, you will not be getting an email. Luxe choice happened a little while ago. The current choice is for subscribers who get the basic BoxyCharm box only, no Luxe.

      • It weird because I got the email and canceled the base box and just have on my acct that I want the premium. Did this happen to anyone else? I hope i don’t get charged for both.

    • Their customer service stinks.

  13. Is it too late to sign up and get December’s box? I wouldn’t be able to choose though, right? Should I go w the regular or luxe? I have Ipsy now, reg and plus. Was excited to sign up for ultimate but so far not impressed.

    • If you sign up today, they will charge you today and you will get November’s box. Then will be put on the waitlist for Luxe.

      Not sure if you will be able to make a choice but you could always email them and see if that is an option.

  14. I still have not gotten a choice email from BoxyCharm and its 719am CST thr next day. I email CS and have not gotten a reply. This is really frustrating and I’m getting really pissed off at how inept BoxyCharm has been lately. I’m an active BC subscriber and want all the perks I was promised like being able to choose a product every month. Has anyone else still not recieved the choice email??

    • Same boat…

      No reply from CS. I already had a chain going between myself and CS about the fact that they never send me these types of emails, so I replied to that as well… But no response there either.

      Everyone says just to send a CS notice but they’re so slow to respond (and sometimes never even do) that’s the window will be long closed by the time I hear anything. I’m also a premium member, so it appears I’ll be missing out on choice for that option as well.

      The previous month you could sign into your account and make your choice that way. Everyone was able to access that, no email needed. I don’t know why they went away from that when so many of us never get their emails.

      • Same here… Ridiculous!!!! I want the oil because I already have that cream. Even tried signing out then back in several times. CS never responds for takes up to 3-5 days. Totally ridiculous!

      • I got this reply back from them today:

        Thank you for contacting BoxyCharm. At this time, the Choice window is closed. Although we’re unable to record your Choice, we have many more Choice opportunities coming! We’re sorry for any inconvenience caused and look forward to Charming you at the next Choice offering.

        And since the choice window doesn’t close until tomorrow, I’m not impressed. I responded and told them if they didn’t fix it and give me a choice I would be cancelling my subscription. I work hard for the money I make and only support companies and actually treat their customers right and so far from all I’m reading BoxyCharm isn’t one of those companies.

      • Omg! They still haven’t replied to me, but seeing that the window still has 20 more hours (according to their own rules) that’s absolutely rediculous!

        They legit have the worst customer service! I will be canceling my subscription as soon as my pre-paid is over. I can’t support a company like this. I love the boxes, but the company itself is God awful. I’ve been unsuccessful in any attempt to resolve any issues that I’ve had to contact them for over the past months. The few times that they actually respond, it’s similar to the “formed” response above, usually not even applying completely to the complaint.

  15. If I’m already a Boxyluxe member and now Premium as well, will I be getting both of those boxes for December? I’m confused I guess… I know since I have Boxyluxe, so I won’t get the regular base box, but what about the Premium box. Can anyone help? Please.

    • There is no overlap between boxes if you are subscribed to Premium and Boxyluxe. This month we got the extended brush set in premium and it was replaced by another product in the base box.

    • Yeah, you’ll always get two boxes every month as long as you’re signed up for premium.

  16. I chose the oil. Looking at reviews for the Saturday skin, it won’t work for my skin.

  17. I chose the oil 😊

  18. If the Elemis oil and Saturday Skin are choices for the Reg. Boxycharm box, why did my email yesterday say this:

    ” Thank you for upgrading to BoxyLuxe! Since you upgraded after the December BoxyLuxe Choice Window closed last October 31, as a one-time exception, we are giving you the chance to choose one item in your December BoxyLuxe.

    You have until Friday, November 15, 2019 at 3:00 PM (ET) or while supplies last to make your Choice.
    Choice is available first come, first serve.”

    I chose the Elemis Rose facial oil, thinking I was getting some special choice for BOXYLUXE.

    But, all in all, it’s just a Boxycharm product?

    Please help, so confused.

    I still have no idea whether I will get Boxycharm box, Boxyluxe box, or Boxy Premium box?

    SO confused. PLUS, they charged me for a November Boxycharm box and have shipped it too…

    Is this right?:
    ** November- Boxycharm

    ** December- Boxyluxe with a bottle of Elemis Rose facial oil

    Their site is SO weird and poor, I go to try to see what they are doing with the status updates of the waitlist and gee, I sign in and it’s like ” SUBSCRIBE TO BOXYCHARM NOW”.
    I am subscribed. This happens every time I try to get their boxes LOL.

    Thanks for any help.

    • Yeah, Boxyluxe comes out every 3 months and costs $50. The months it’s available is when it replaces your regular boxycharm box (you’ll only get one box each month either way). So next month you’ll be charged $50 instead of $25 because it’s Boxyluxe month. Sometimes there are some of the same items in both boxes but luxe will have still have more items overall that’s why your choice items were the same in both boxes.

      • No email for me..

  19. No email from Boxy! No way to choose from my account! I can’t even do the skin color thingy because it’s blank! I’ve been subbed to Boxy since their beginning, and now they are doing so much so fast that I can’t keep Up and neither can they

    • For the skin one, I had to open an incognito tab and then log in. The cookies on my phone jacked it up.

    • I chose the oil, I’ve been wanting to try Elemis products.

  20. I wish we got to choose between the storybook palettes. Both of these are great options. And I want the green palette

  21. I picked the saturday skin. Can’t wait! I’m out of moisterizer and although it is probably BS, the thought of putting something with icelandic moss on me sounds exciting lol

    • I chose it, too. I love gels and am looking forward to trying this.

    • Can someone just post the link from the email for those of us who didn’t get one? It’s orobably the same link, it would be impossible for them to give individualized links. I own a website so I would know, but I didn’t get an email and would like to enter a choice before time runs out. Anyone willing to post the link please?

      • My understanding is that the link takes the recipient directly to the recipient’s account (associated with that email) at their website, thus the link is not universal. On FB stories BC specifically cautioned people not to share the link, saying it was because the person with whom the link was shared could change the selection of the original email recipient (because it would be going to their account). I don’t know enough about how websites and accounts work to know if this is true or not, I’m just passing along the information.

      • it’s personalized! And yes, this is very possible. It’s how users are tracked as recipients of marketing campaigns. The software loops through each account and creates a personalized link that is embedded in the email. So sorry, you need your link! Maybe check spam?

  22. I was tempted to get luxe for the elemis oil but the ingredients weren’t worth the extra cost but am thrilled to have it in my regular box!

  23. Is it possibly that you are getting the luxe or premium (or whatever they are called or are on the waitlist for the better boxes and would have gotten it earlier for the earlier choice day?

    • Rochelle I’m not really understanding your comment. There is the base box ($25)which choice is open now and you choose between the Elemis or Saturday skin
      There’s luxe (the $50 box) that choice was already done (it was between the Elemis or saturday skin and your 2nd item was a choice between a face roller or lip serum)
      There’s premium ($35) that choice is open on Nov 18th. We don’t know what those items are yet.
      Does that help?

      • Stacy, yes, that’s the information I thought might help Svetlana. I thought maybe the reason she didn’t get an email was that she was getting one of the boxes other than the base box or somehow qualified for a different choice. For some reason my comment didn’t post as a reply to her comment, so it’s out of place where it posted. Thank you for the information!

  24. I got the Elemis oil but only because is have a few unopened moisturizers and will likely gift some to loved ones for the holidays. There are new items in the Charm store, too. I got the Farsali jelly highlighter, which I of course have no need for since I have a million highlighters but I had charms & wanted to try it.

  25. Can someone help me get this straight?

    1$) If I get off BoxyLuxe waiting, I will get my choices from a few weeks ago. If I don’t get off the list, I’ll end up with a base box without a choice, right? Because I don’t have an email to choose.

    2) Now to further muddy the waters, if I get off of Premium wait list, will I still have to get a base box without a choice? Because I remember reading that for the first month of Premium you have to buy a base box.

    3) Was that just for November or is it anytime you join you have to buy a base box the first month.

    4). Will my luxe box count as buying a base for Premium?

    5). Will I have to buy all three boxes with a base box without a choice?

    I would appreciate anyone’s help here who is in the know. Thanks so much, everyone!!!

    Oh, I saw several people ask where to put the results of their complexion section. There is a link on Megan’s Review of Boxy Premium, I think. It’s on one of her three Boxy reviews for November.

    • Luxe would count as a base box for your first Ultimate.

      • Thank you, Jackie!! That’s a relief! 😸

    • This choice is exactly the same as we had for luxe, so you would still get that item. The other choice would only apply if you get off the waitlist 😊

      • Thank you for clarifying this!

  26. Probably a stupid question but if i live in Oregon will I still not get a email until it’s 3 pm here? It’s already 3pm ET and have received anything. Checked all my email boxes 😔

    • do you get boxyluxe? if so, we don’t choose for the base box in december because we already made our choice for boxyluxe a while ago. sorry if this doesn’t apply to you. i was just confused for a minute why i didn’t get the email until it dawned on me why.

  27. I got to choose my Boxyluxe choice a couple weeks ago, but my account still says “waiting”. Do you guys think I’m going to get off the Boxyluxe waitlist soon? I’m getting nervous.

    • I’m in the same boat! I have my fingers crossed!

    • I’m in exactly the same situation – I’m on the waitlist for Luxe since late september and they gave me a choice of what I wanted a couple of weeks ago – but it still says I’m on waitlist and there is no place for me to choose for the Dec basebox – so I guess we are getting the LUXE but I just wish they would let us know SOMETHING!!!!! ANYTHING????? LOL~

      • I’m assuming since Elemis and Saturday Skin are the same choice items for the base box and luxe if you would happen to not get off the waitlist you’d still receive the choice item you chose for luxe in your base box.

    • You would be considered waiting until you are billed for boxyluxe… hopefully 12/1 😉

  28. I am so old I already forgot what I chose for the December Luxe box.

    • Me too Sister! I think i chose the elemis. Early 50s but don’t feel like it 😊 love boxy products but hate the drama

      • I think I chose elemis too. At least that’s what I’d choose today.
        Oh yes hate the drama.

    • Same! 60 here!

  29. can someone please let me know where I can customize? I click on everything and dont see the option. All I saw is complexion quiz. Please help. Thank you.

    • Svetlana, check your email for the link specific to your account. Mine came just after 3 pm today.

      • I’m not seeing where I can make my choice as well and I have not gotten the email, yet gosh this is all just so frustrating 😫

      • Same for me. Grrr… Boxycharm.

    • You have to follow the link in the email they sent you.

      • I did not get any e-mails with links, so frustrating. I am an active subscriber to regular box and on wait list for premium. Where is my link??!! (this anger toward BX not you ladies )

      • Maybe check your spam & promotions folders? Mine came 23 minutes ago.

      • Rochelle, I checked every possible folder, even deleted one. I also check e-mail that I did not sign up with, still no link!!

      • Maybe check your spam folder? I got my email at 3:07 EST. So obviously they didn’t get all the emails out at 3:00 exactly. So yours may still be on the way. The choice window is open for 48 hours so hopefully you’ll get your email soon.

      • Sherri, thank you for consoling me and giving me hope. MSA ladies are so sweet and kind.

      • I haven’t gotten my email yet either. I’ve checked my regular inbox and spam a million times already and nothing. I’m really hoping they are sending them out in batches

      • Tiffany, your comment make me feel better, at least I know I am not the only one left behind. I hope you will get your e-mail. I still have not got mine.
        P.S. the more I think about it, I should stop stressing myself because I will be happy with any of the product.

      • I haven’t gotten one, either. It’s 530 pm here.

      • Mine was titled: It’s time to choose!
        if that helps search

      • Did subscribers who were on waitlist for premium get a separate email earlier this month? Or was that for luxe? I’m not sure since I haven’t read those threads but I may have seen a comment about something about that …maybe someone who knows can help chime in if that’s the case?
        I could have it mixed up, I only get the regular box so I don’t know the details about how it works but I’m trying to think of everything to help you!

      • I never got my email. I have never received any of these types of emails. I have contacted them multiple times to express his but they don’t do anything about it. Before it was just general info I was missing that I could later learn on social media. But I’m so upset that now I’m actually missing out on a “feature” for members because they never send me emails. If I wasn’t a prepaid member I would cancel my acct. Between the Sept box coming AFTER my October box with no contact explaining why or when/if I would even receive it. Then (ironically enough, as a reply to yet another complaint that I never receive emails from them) they asked me to choose an item for my October box and then sending me the complete opposite item. Now because they ignore attempts to find resolution to why I dont get their emails… I now don’t even get to make my choice! Thank God I decided not to shop the pop-up this season cause that would have been a other debacle to add to the list.

        They litterally have no customer service. They arw cool company when everything is working perfect, but this is real life, companies have customer service cept for a reason. And the second I run into and issue… Ur on your own, SOL. For a company that brings in as much money as they don’t… I don’t understand why they have what appears to be two people replying to customer inquiries. They don’t appear to have the time or desire to actually service the customer but just give them form responses that barley even apply to the situation you email them about.

        I had taken a year off of Boxy… But when I rejoined a while ago it’s been nothing but one issue after another. Makes me sad to say but once my pre-paid is up in spring… I can’t renew, not of this is how they continue to show how little they value their customers. They appear to be all about quantity versus quality. Why try to keep customers when they can just sign up new people? That may work for now… But that does eventually backfire… Look at everyone fleeing Ipsy.

      • I don’t get any of their emails either, for what it’s worth. this is the first time I got a choice email from them

      • Haven’t gotten my e-mail either! Extremely frustrating!

      • No email here either! Just have to keep waiting I guess. Checked Spam folder also. I just buy the Basic Boxycharm Box.

      • Still no choice email at 622pm CST. I’m only a base box subscriber and I’ve checked my regular inbox and spam folder a million times. Seriously frustrated with Boxy. If they are doing it in batches over the 48hr period they really need to state that on the website somewhere so people who haven’t gotten an email know they still will

      • If I were you ladies that never get the emails, I’d cancel and sign up under a new email. Basically reset the system. Also, you’d get a new subscriber gift for free

      • That already crossed my mind except that I’m pre-paid through the spring. If I was month to month I would 100% have does this.

        FYI – next day…still no email. (and yes, i check my spam daily…this seems to be the go to response from everyone)

    • I can’t even find the complexion quiz LOL the only thing I could ever find his beauty quiz. Does it actually say complexion quiz and if so where is it located because I’ve checked everywhere

      • You can find the complexion quiz by going to Boxycharm(.)com(/)complexion.

        Take out the parentheses. It won’t let me put the full link but it’s the regular Boxy page followed by the slash and complexion. No spaces

      • Still no choice email 😟

      • Tiffany, I just got mine. You will get yours!!

      • I hope so, I’m so glad you finally got yours! Hopefully mine comes soon🤞

      • Yay, it finally arrived! So glad. Trying to be patient is so hard, lol.

      • Sherri, so happy for you!!

      • 424 CST still no choice email, seriously driving me nuts

      • Svetlana, ha ha ha, that “yay” was for you!

    • My email finally came 1 hour and 10 minutes later

  30. This choice is for the base box. Do you have Luxe? Maybe that’s why you already picked

    • Oh my gosh your right. I do get luxe and forgot that I won’t be receiving a base box next month because of luxe. Gosh i’m so used to things going wrong over the last few days with Boxycharm LOL well thank you ladies for help me figure this out and remembering lol

  31. I got a confirmation on my choices awhile ago – I think this must only be for non-Luxe subscribers, I think Luxe may have already been able to choose….? Am I correct or missing something here?

    • You’re correct.

    • Stupid question I know but I live in Oregon do I have to wait until it’s 3pm here because I still haven’t received a email and it’s 3pm ET. That wouldn’t make since, but never know. I have checked all my email boxes to make sure I didn’t miss it and still nothing. 🤔

    • Yea you are correct we chose between these 2 for lux last week r 2 weeks ago and we got to choose between the lip treatment r the roller face thing. Then for charmers who get premium box r if they are on waitlist gets to chose on Monday between the storybook cosmetics palette thats going to be i boxylux r dose of colors palette

  32. I don’t see where I can customize.

    • To make your choice, you have to follow the link provided in the email sent to you.

  33. Umm I thought we already picked this! There’s no place for me to pick anyway again🤪

  34. We already got to pick a couple of weeks ago?? Iam I missing something??

    • That may have been for November, this is for the December box. Did you choose for this one already? Choice is between Elemis facial oil & Saturday Skin cream.

    • That’s what I thought too???!

    • I think that was just for BoxyLuxe

    • Let me clarify. I know we get to choose an item for a regular Boxee charm box but it’s out of the same items we got to choose out of for Boxyluxe?

      • You either receive luxe or regular box, not both.

      • Yes

      • I’d prefer they focus on sending emails to their actual current customers rather than people they want to advertise too. It’s just more proof that they value quantity over quality. Why appease current customers when you can just get new ones for each that flees?

        They did a hard sell on the fact that theyre finally letting us make a choice for our boxes… And then they take away the option from a multitude of their clients.

      • I totally agree with you it’s so freaking frustrating. My daughter get some kind of email at least 2x a week and there not members. I don’t get anything not even when choice will be opening.

    • BoxyLuxe subscribers got to choose a couple of weeks ago. They are allowing the regular Boxycharm subscribers to choose today.

    • Was it for luxe? I think these will be in luxe or premium. I remember picking as well. Boxycharm now had way too many options and the CEO is confused as well.

    • This is for regular boxy. If you aren’t getting luxe in December.

    • This is the choice for the regular BoxyCharm box (for Dec). I believe the choice that happened a couple of weeks ago was for Luxe.

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