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Sunday Riley Subscription Box Fall 2019 FULL SPOILERS!

Liz Cadman
ByLiz CadmanOct 21, 2019 | 141 comments

We have the FULL spoilers for the latest Sunday Riley box – the Sleep Edit. (This box will be available for purchase or subscription on October 24th.)

A good night’s rest is an essential part of wellness, and Sunday Riley knows the importance of a solid nightly routine. Whether you are getting ready for a full eight-hours or catching a few Zzzs ahead of a busy day, the Sunday Riley Sleep Box has everything you need to elevate your nighttime ritual. Only here you will find our new and exclusive Sunday Riley product: Slumber Party Deep Sleep Pillow Spray. This naturally scented mist contains lemon verbena, lavender, petitgrain, and neroli extracts to promote relaxation and more restful sleep.

Our cult-favorite Luna Sleeping Night Oil and Good Genes Glycolic Acid Treatment work together to exfoliate and smooth the look of lines and wrinkles while you sleep. Auto Correct Brightening and Depuffing Eye Contour Cream instantly hydrates and brightens and reduces the look of tired, puffy eyes.

After completing your skincare routine, apply Sachajuan Over Night Hair Repair to strengthen hair and boost hydration and shine. Grab your Luna Weighted Blanket and Slip Silk Sleep Mask to ensure you sleep comfortably and undisturbed. Hang your handmade dreamcatcher made by Navajo artist Mae Stone to maintain positive energy and dreams in your bedroom. Not quite ready to doze off? The Sunday Edit Sleep Edition is your guide to perfect sleep and includes a personalized Sunday Riley nighttime skincare routine, a dream log, and more!

The Sleep Edit Sunday Riley box includes:

Sunday Riley’s Sleep Essentials:
• Slumber Party Deep Sleep Pillow Spray 50 mL ($15)
• Luna Sleeping Night Oil 15 mL ($55)
• Good Genes Glycolic Acid Treatment 5 mL ($15)
• Auto Correct Brightening and Depuffing Eye Contour Cream 3 mL ($13)

The Sunday Edit’s top picks for better sleep:
• Sunday Edit, Sleep Edition Guide ($15)
• Sachajuan, Over Night Hair Repair 100 mL ($50)
• Luna, Weighted Blanket 5 lb ($67) (FYI –  the 5 pound blanket in the box is a custom blanket made specifically for Sunday Riley that retails for $67, it is not the child size blanket that retails on the Luna website.)
• Slip, Silk Sleep Mask ($50)
•, Dream Catcher by Mae Stone ($21)

More info on this box:

The Subscription Box: Sunday Riley Subscription Box (FYI this box is not available for purchase yet)

The Cost: $95

Good to know: The box will be available on October 24th

What do you think of the spoilers? Check out our reviews of the Sunday Riley box to see what you can expect from this box.

Liz Cadman
Liz Cadman
Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She's been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

Liz Cadman
Liz Cadman
Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She's been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!
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I am actually very excited about this box. I have not bought the SR sub box before but I like the theme and think it is well curated. I have product overload so I appreciate non skincare items.

I am a super sensitive sleeper. I do not like light and have to use a sleep mask every night because I have to leave a light on outside my room for the kiddo. I bought multiples of the one PS had a while back during a sale. I, also, cannot stand it when smells from cooking linger and use pillow spray to block out that distraction.

I am thrilled to try a weighted blanket and am actually glad it is only 5 lbs because my kiddo tends to come into my bed at night. Speaking of which, the kiddo has been asking for a dream catcher so that works out!

I always need more hair care products. I have not tried the oil but I will give it go. I know I like the Good Genes and always need more eye stuff but happy they are not full size because of the before mentioned product overload.

Overall, I think it is a good value for the price if these are the types of products that you are into. Which luckily I am!


I second everything you said….. just bought it and quite excited about it!!!! 🙂


Just ordered! I’m running low on Luna oil and have been wanting to try a weighted blanket!

Your Friends @MSA

We would love to hear more when you get your box, Kate!


I LOVE my weighted blanket! Best investment


I really like this box! Unfortunately, I cannot justify the price tag to myself in order to get it. Maybe I can find some of the items on trade boards.


I’ve been waiting to see spoilers and I am super happy with the items. Can’t wait to get my box! (Not a SR employee, just a satisfied customer)


😂😂😂I see what you did there LMAO


I guess I’m in the minority about this box. It’s not my favorite, but it’s not cringeworthy. I love the luna oil and am happy to get this size, which is not sample sized contrary to what others have said. You can buy this size in the store and it’s only $10 less than the $65 full size Tidal they sent in the last box. The larger size oil lasted me 6 months, so this ought to last me almost 3. I like having these small sizes of good genes for travel. I’m also glad to be able to try the eye cream without it being a full-sized hero item to see if I like it. It’s a generous sample size that will last long enough for a fair trial. I’m actually most excited for the pillow spray as I just ran out of my samples of This Works spray from other boxes. The silk sleep mask will be better for 2nd day hair. And though a 15 lb blanket is what’s suggested for my weight, I think that might feel really strange. This way I can try a light version and then see if getting a heavier one is something I’d be interested in. I don’t get subscription boxes for things I truly need and I expect inflated retail values (though I do laugh at them). So if like one great, if I don’t, I’m not going to be mad. There are plenty of options out there, especially now with advent calendars galore. I don’t get the negativity!


I emailed SR about the size of the blanket a couple of days ago and just received the following response,

“The blanket in the upcoming subscription box is 48 x 72, and was custom made for us by the manufacturer. We hope this helps- please let us know if you have any further questions or if we can assist you with managing your subscription or placing an order.”

Hope this helps.


Great info – thanks for sharing!!


I may be the minority, but I’m excited about this box. I love SR products (regardless of the reviews). My skin glows now, love it. I’m excited about the blanket. I have a 15lb one, but it hurts my lower back. I’ve wondered if a lighter one would help, so now I can see.


I’m not sure what it says about us that so many people are ‘meh’ about the fake reviews. It’s sad that we expect to be deceived by businesses and are willing to accept it.


Frankly it’s exhausting to “cancel” every brand or product that does something I disagree with. I do my best to be a responsible consumer but I have to pick my battles.


I completely agree. This company is dishonest and the systematic policy of forcing staff to post fake reviews is despicable. There are a lot of good brands out there and this one no longer deserves my support – or anyone’s IMHO.


I think the “problem” is: do you know for a fact those other good brands you support aren’t doing the same thing or hiring a marketing team to do it for them? Have they just not been caught yet? I don’t think anyone thinks this is OK (at least I hope not)…the problem is that so many are jaded into just accepting everyone does it. Buyer beware and do your own research instead of relying on “influencers.”


I was counting down the days till this box dropped and now I’m just bummed out. There’s too many things I just wont use and the eye mask and dream catcher feel like such filler items to me. If Fall is dropping in October, looks like we won’t see Winter until January maybe?


These are themed boxes not seasonal. The theme is sleep, not Fall. So the mask and dream catcher do fit the theme.


I know they’re theme-centered and not season-centered (and I do love that concept). I just find those items to be fillers, I would’ve loved other sleep-centered options. Not a bad box, just not one I can justify buying when there’s too many things I won’t use.


Mmmm Sunday Riley is overpriced junk. Faking reviews is pretty lame, but lying about your education too (oh yes she did!) Worse.
T R A S H. Expected more from a supposedly wise business woman.


I’m happy with this box! I’ve canceled most of my other boxes. I’m keeping this one.
The news story is old news. Maybe since I’ve known about it for so long it’s not shocking. All I know is I love their products.


I came very close to cancelling if the blanket was child size but now that I know it will be normal size, I am pretty satisfied with the look of this box. I love the Luna oil and have purchased it a few times before and am happy to try the hair treatment. Still have some Auto Correct from the last box. Was not my fav but I haven’t really found an eye cream that works for me. Looking forward to trying the blanket too. I’ve received a few sleep masks in sun boxes so not hugely excited about the silk mask, but I feel that these boxes are well curated. I love that they typically have a theme associated with them and the items are usually high quality. My favorite theme was the love box and I still use the robe that came with it all the time.

As far as the review thing goes, it is a little disturbing but I think that is just how marketing works these days and while I probably tried SR initially due to the great reviews, I also feel that in my opinion they have lived up to the hype.


5 lb is still only for a body weight of 50 lbs.


I am glad one of the users of this site posted the actions of Sunday Riley. Thanks for doing that to make sure we are informed.


And it was mostly a Sephora issue, in case you were implying MSA should have posted about something that happened several years ago, before the company was sold and before they had a sub box. And it wasn’t that highly publicized then, I just happened to see it on some skincare IG accounts when it occurred.


It was this year.


It wasn’t that long ago.


This happened several years ago.


1. Out of all the companies that were accused of requesting glowing reviews from influencers and employees Sunday Riley was the ONLY to fess up; let alone respond.
2. I’m excited for this box. I will use all but the hair stuff.
3. Why has this place become a Mecca for Debbie Downers and such negativity? And if someone is positive they’re accused of being paid off?
4. I’m paying for this box myself and I don’t work for Sunday Riley.


Mmm hmm! MSA and Reddit have become cesspools of negativity. I’ve put myself on self imposed hiatuses from both, but find myself back on MSA because I appreciate the hard work that Liz and team do and feel they deserve support. I have not returned to Reddit and avoid sub box social media pages, because they are so bad, too. I have to do better about reading comment sections here, though. I find them so exhausting and it puts me in a grumpy mood.

As far as fake reviews go… It happens all the time in most industries and works both ways. Competitors often write fake BAD reviews too. I think it’s always best not to rely on other’s opinions of things too much. You might be missing out on something that could have been amazing for you, because Becky’s 2nd cousin from Toledo said it sucked 🙂 I think that the whole practice of fake reviews is super silly and wish it didn’t happen, but it is what it is.

And people roasting people/calling people an employee for giving a positive review when other people have a negative opinion? That’s just silly, too.


I totally agree with your comment. I too do not understand all the negativity. All the bashing is getting out of control. If you don’t like something, don’t buy it. If a product doesn’t agree with you, why can’t you just say it doesn’t agree with you and not drag the product (and even the company) through the mud? A bad reaction on you does not a bad product make. And the value? They are giving you MSRP. Sure you can find a sale but the value is what it is. If you don’t care for the product it doesn’t mean it has no value. Sunday Riley would like to get as much product into your hands as possible so you can try them. They can’t give you everything in full size. What if they always gave you one product full size instead of multiple smaller ones and that one product does not agree with you or you don’t like it? Then you got nothing! Sub boxes should be fun. If you don’t like them, just don’t buy them. They are not mandatory.


Amen! I’m excited to order this box too! (And I don’t work for Sunday Riley Andy will be buying my own lol)


This is so true, most of these companies do the same thing but just haven’t been caught. It’s actually hilarious that people think Sunday Riley are the only ones.


I almost bought a Slip silk mask with a gift card, so seeing one in this box made me beyond happy. For someone who suffers from migraines, I’m done with the cheap sleep eye masks that can be scratchy or apply unwanted pressure on my face or (god forbid) let light in. The 8 other items in the box for just an additional $35 are icing on the cake for me.


Hear hear. Slip eye masks are really Crème de la Creme. That is one of the items in the “pro” column for this box.


So I have been getting this box from the very start. However I just hit cancel after seeing these spoilers. I am just not feeling this box. Besides, my 3 year old is terrified of his room, so winds up sleeping with me most nights. No amount of special “sleep items” in a subscription box can help me get more sleep.


Oof, mom to mom, I feel your pain. Hang in there 💕


And another mom to mom(s), I too feel your pain. When I saw the theme of this box, I thought to myself, is there a genie in there that will fix my almost 3 yr old? Cause that’s the only thing that’s gonna help me! 🤣😭😭😭


This has been my favorite box this year but this one does feel much lighter value-wise. If there was just one more thing (maybe instead of the dream catcher) or if the SR items were full size?


I’m not excusing Sunday Riley AT ALL but I hope people don’t trust the reviews in their products any less than they trust any other Sephora reviews. From

Sunday Riley is likely not alone here. “This happens a lot. Sephora puts the pressure on brands — they really ‘encourage’ reviews,” says a beauty industry source who wished to remain anonymous so as not to jeopardize their relationship with Sephora and beauty brands. “When you have a new launch, the sales will increase with a ton of good reviews. I do want to reiterate how common this practice for brands is. Sunday Riley just got caught. I’m not defending it, but it’s a vicious cycle.”


So very true. SR gets a lot of heat cause they fessed up, but there are countless other big-name brands that do it, too. Not saying SR is less guilty, but there are others that continue to do this and fly completely under the radar.


I understand all the negative comments about the fake reviews. Though we all know that other companies do the same thing, this one just got caught. Not making excuses for them in any way. But the products do work well for my skin. I think it looks like a nice box.


Not excusing them either but I don’t see why fake reviews were needed. They’re actually good products – great for me anyway. I mean I’ve put off a car repair because I wanted to make sure I had enough money to replace my empty Tidal jar.

I’m sure other companies do this as well but I was never one to look at the positive reviews first. I find it weird when everyone’s gushing about something. It makes me suspicious. Always go to the negatives first and work backwards.

They got me hooked when I received a sample from a Sephora order and saw how clear and luminous my skin looked after just a week of use. I’m not one to spend $65 lightly. So it wasn’t the reviews that got me but the actual product performing beyond my expectations. That’s better marketing than fake reviews I think.


Ha! That is exactly what I do when I read all reviews, start with the 1 stars and move up!


that is 100% what I do I start with the lowest reviews first and then decide do I really need this product haha


Are we sure that it is a 5 lbs blanket and not the different one? The Luna website lists the regular price for the kids 5 lbs at 49.99, the full size 15 lbs at 64.99, and the queen 10 lbs at 69.99.

Can we get some clarification on this?

Liz Cadman

I’ve updated the post. Here’s the new info from the Sunday Riley team:

The 5 pound blanket in the box is a custom blanket made specifically for us that retails for $67, it is not the child size blanket that retails on the Luna website.


Thank you so much!


Can you find out what size it is?


The blanket size is obviously a typo. I’m pretty sure it’s the 15 lb blanket which retails for that price.

Also, I have worked for a sales/marketing firm that would bolster comments and reviews for clients. It’s not a new thing. Unfortunately for SR they got caught doing what firms like ours are paid good money to do in a competitive billion dollar beauty industry. In fact, some of our clients made vitamins, weight loss products and beauty and skincare products that most of you on here buy. It’s called marketing. You buy the products because of the hype but you keep buying them because they actually work. If they didn’t, then all of the phony reviews in the world wouldn’t matter. Now, false claims on an actual product label stating that it does more than it actually does is where I have a problem.


fyi, weighted blankets should be 1lb per 10lbs body weight. This is suggested for most effective use.


Yeah. Maybe a 5-lb blanket might be help as a lap blanket for someone with restless legs? Otherwise I don’t see much use for adults with this.


I LOVE this box!!! I’ve been wanting to order the eye mask for a while! And the small weighted Blaket will help me decide if I want a heavier one! Yay! ☺️


Great idea, but not for $95. It will probably be great for someone else, though. If it were a 15 pound blanket, that would make a difference. The $15 pamphlet and $50 eye mask are laughable.


I’m relieved to see the full spoilers before the renewal was processed; thank you, Team MSA!

I cancelled to skip this box and may renew if the Winter box is better suited to my needs/preferences.


Agreed. Thanks MSA!

I was on the fence until someone pointed out the $50 sleep mask. It is a piece of cloth that will go over my eyes and it’s main function is to simulate darkness. I get the same effect when I close my eyes and turn off the lights. I charge myself $0 for that.

I’m a massive Sunday Riley fan and would have preferred one full size hero item like the last time.

Normally, the curation of these boxes is a level above everyone else but this box seems to be lacking that extra oomph.

Not every box is going to be a winner but other than this and the first box, Sunday Riley’s been my fave sub. Passing on this one tho.


Make sure you pay attention to weight limits on the blanket. I purchased a 10lb one and it says it shouldn’t be used for anyone under 100lbs.


I think those weights are recommended for maximum benefit, it doesn’t mean that somebody can’t use it.

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Our reviewers research, test, and recommend the best subscriptions and products independently; click to learn more about our editorial guidelines. We may receive commissions on purchases made through links on our site.