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Sunday Riley Spring 2020 Sunday Shares Box Available Now!

The Spring 2020 Sunday Riley Sunday Shares box is available now!

We’re excited to introduce our very first Sunday Shares Box! Sunday Shares orients our current and future boxes around supporting the causes most important to us; namely human rights, animal rights and sustainability.

This is of course in addition to providing the same lovingly and meticulously curated box experience where you can enjoy your favorite Sunday Riley products alongside fantastic offerings from our incredible partners.  Indulge your wild side.

We all love a good scandal, and our Not Safe For Work Box has everything you need for your next rendevouz, whether you’re with a partner or flying solo. The latest edition of the Sunday Riley Subscription Box features travel-friendly sizes of two of our bestsellers, Ice Ceramide Moisturizing Cream and Good Genes Glycoloic Acid Treatment. Use Ice Cream and Good Genes in combination to exfoliate, smooth, and hydrate the skin and achieve a radiant glow. The Not Safe For Work Box is the only place you will find our new, limited edition Come Upstairs candle, which doubles as a sensual massage oil. Crave’s Vesper is a chic statement necklace that works as a powerful, yet discreet, four-speed vibrator. Queen V’s Pop The Bubbly bubble bath and Noto Botanics Agender Oil will keep you feeling fresh for a luxurious night in or your next 2 am “u up?” text. Flamingo’s bestselling Shave Set includes their German-engineered razor, shaving cream, and body lotion – all the necessities to achieve the perfect shave. The universal Blue Nude’s shade of J.Hannah’s Nail Polish is flattering on all skin tones. Wear By Rosie Jane’s Perfume Oil in “Rosie” with your next date night look, or with nothing at all. The NSFW box is the only package you need for satisfaction.

The Subscription Box: Sunday Shares Box

The Cost: $95

The Products:

  • Sunday Riley Come Upstairs Massage Candle
  • Sunday Riley Ice Ceramide Moisturizing Cream
  • Sunday Riley Good Genes Glycolic Acid Treatment
  • Crave Vesper Necklace in Rose Gold
  • Noto Botanics Agender Oil
  • By Rosie Jane Perfume Oil in Rosie
  • J.Hannah Nailpolish in Blue Nudes
  • Flamingo Shave Set
  • Queen V Pop The Bubbly

Check out our reviews of the Sunday Riley box to see what you can expect from this box.

Are you getting the Sunday Shares box?

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Comments (67)

  1. Is there a summer box? I haven’t seen/heard anything about it

    • My last box was in February. At that time my account showed my next box would be June. Then it switched to September. I checked again today and it now says July. So who knows when it will be. 🙄 And who knows what will be in it. Last time it was revealed after billing.

      • It was showing the next renewal date on July 16th. When I checked then, there was nothing. I reached out to CS and received this response:

        Thank you so much for reaching out about our Sunday Shares box! To handle this uncertain and unprecedented time, we have postponed the launch of the next Sunday Shares box to better support our clients and focus our efforts on the core brand. We are so grateful for your support and understanding. We promise that when our Sunday Shares box returns- it will be more than worth the wait!

  2. I just got this box and it is so disappointing 😥 I love fragranced products but these just aren’t doing it for me. And the amount of beauty products is too much.

  3. I agree with some of the other posters that it was “fun” to get and unbox this one and none of the contents felt like junk that I wouldn’t use but I still feel that the curation here differs pretty significantly from past boxes and I understand why some people (myself included) were disappointed. Even the box itself felt smaller/less exciting but the biggest bummer for me was that there was no full-sized SR product and the samples we got were pretty chintzy (I got the same size of Ice cream from Allure). Also, we got a candle in the summer box and the value of this one seems a little inflated. If I hadn’t already subbed for a year, I probably would have passed on this box but still holding out hope that the other boxes this year will be a bit closer to what I’ve come to expect from this sub (i.e., better ratio of lifestyle to beauty products).

    • I agree with you here. It just seemed like an odd curation and there were several items I was definitely not excited about. (Necklace, nail polish, candle). Even the box itself was of lower quality, not as pretty and arrived terribly beat up. There even wasn’t the nice little product booklet we normally get. So overall I feel I did not even get my money’s worth and I was definitely disappointed. I hope going forward they go back to their old standard.

  4. Having seen some spoilers, I was not really looking forward to getting this box. However, I received it today and, vibrator necklace aside, I really like the rest of the contents. I have headaches that are often triggered from scents, and this IS a very scent -heavy box, but nothing seems to be a trigger for me. It all smells great .Yay! I appreciate that the bubble bath is PH balanced and it’s probably something that will actually be able to use ,as is the lovely candle , the luscious perfume oil and a pretty good-sized Good Genes which I’ve been wanting to try. Unlike what sounds like everybody else, I feel like this was a thoughtfully curated box and I’m delighted to have received it ! Hoping others turn out to like it when they actually receive it too !

    • I so agree with you! It was so fun opening the box even though I’ve seen spoilers for the past week and read all the not-so positive comments. It’s packed with goodies that I might not have chosen for myself, but I feel every item is usable and even enjoyable! This is my fourth SR subscription box, and surprisingly I haven’t been let down yet. I feel the value is always there especially when I discover a new favorite thing or two!

      • It’s such a unique and fun box, I totally agree! Always fun to open.

  5. Imagine you are wearing the necklace on an elevator. And another person got on wearing the exact same necklace.
    What is the etiquette here?

    • A wink and a knowing smile? 😉

    • as someone who owns one (mine is personalized), I would smile and compliment

  6. I wish I had cancelled too. I’m not someone that sees “value” in having a company use a charitable donation as a marketing ploy. I’m not opposed to the charity that SR is supporting with this box, but I would have preferred to donate that $9.50 directly to the organization.

    This box feels light- there is no full size SR product, or a true hero item. I can only assume that’s due to them now including that donation as one of the box items. It’s a cheap ploy for SR to get some good publicity after their fake review scandal, AND to reduce their overall sub box expenses. I can’t help but think they’re continuing to rely on that fake review strategy- the spoiler pics for this box prominently featured something that appeared to have been made of burgundy fake fur. To have it turn out to just be a photo prop is really rather insulting to customers… 😡

    • I agree with this 100%

  7. I really did not expect a blanket or a throw as we got a blanket in the last box. But overall I am disappointed in this box. To me, it does not measure up to last year’s boxes. And I really hated that I was charged before the box was actually revealed. It’s a lot of money to pay when you do not know what you are getting.

    • Just got this box and really love it. The candle especially smells great. Every item is a lot of fun and I think the theme is great. I also like the idea of the donation. This box is a total win for me!

  8. A few celebs have posted this necklace and I was intrigued so I’m interested to try it…on, try it on I mean. I think this is a fun box, always, and now!

  9. I’m most excited about the candle and the shave set. Unfortunately I dislike Good Genes and ICE (I think both of them smell terrible) but I think this box is at least interestingly curated and am not unhappy, even if quite a few things will go up for swap. At least (other than the Sunday Riley products, obviously_ this box usually has unusual brands that aren’t making the rotation in every other sub. Unlike other boxes, this one almost never sells out before the entire contents are revealed so it’s odd to me that people are so angry about it. It seems easy enough to wait to purchase if one’s expectations are so high. Then again, I didn’t believe there would be a blanket or cushion in this box just because it was in the spoiler photo. They had a blanket in the last box so it seemed super unlikely there would be another one so soon.

    • Subscription is $10 less than one-time purchase. I also didn’t realize they charged the card before revealing the spoilers. So…that’s why I’m not happy. Not everyone is so perfect.

      • I don’t see the option to start a subscription. Is this box only available as a $95 one-time purchase?

      • Just FYI in case anyone’s wondering (although I doubt it since most people aren’t impressed with this box), they are currently not allowing you to purchase a subscription. I believe the customer service rep said they were suspending new subscriptions for now. No other details were provided to assure or encourage my future business so I’m wondering if they are doing away with the subscription and perhaps just selling the occasional one time boxes. I’m disappointed the $10 subscription discount is not an option but I still think it’s worth the price for me personally. I can easily see how others feel differently about the value but I’m a happily single gal who absolutely loves candles, all things bath-related, especially bubbles, and minimalist jewelry. It’s kind of a perfect selection of products for me honestly. 😊
        Happy Valentines Day to me! Thanks for the great gift idea MSA!

      • I have the subscription which gives the $10 off. It’s easy to manage and cancel if you don’t want a box and then re-activate the same sub w/ discount later. But if you didn’t get their email that they were going to charge your card, you should complain to CS because they generally send those out.

    • I subbed for a year based on the content of prior boxes so I, for one, couldn’t cancel or wait for the spoilers before ordering. It’s also not unreasonable to see something pictured in a post about hints and think the item would be in the box (the blanket/cushion sitch). If you compare this box to prior boxes the curation is VERY different and I understand why people would be expressing disappointment here.

      • I agree with you Dee 100%… of course everyone thought it would be in the box. I was lucky enough to cancel when I got notice that they would be charging my card. If you compare items from previous boxes to this one it’s a huge difference.

  10. I don’t hate it but I need more beauty products like I need a bullet through my head. I think hyping up the necklace as nsfw is super misleading. Most of us don’t work in a nunnery. Only having one non-beauty product is a major bummer since I’ve come to expect this box to be more lifestyle oriented. 🙁

    • It’s a Sunday Riley box, I would guess there would be some skincare. I mean, duh. The necklace is a vibrator. I don’t work in a “nunnery” (personally I don’t think nuns consider their jobs work but that’s another convo) but at most jobs vibrators hanging from your neck is probably frowned upon.
      They’ve had a another box that had an adult toy. Saying this box came out of left field is ridiculous.

      • The entire point of the vibrator as necklace is that it’s meant to be discrete so you could wear it in public without it looking like there’s a giant sex toy hanging around your neck. Therefore, I think it’s fair to say that the whole “Censored” “NSFW” thing was overkill. Also, I think everyone expected some beauty products, but this is almost entirely beauty products, which is a marked difference from prior boxes. That’s what’s out of left-field – not the vibrator.

      • Oh, to have minimal reading comprehension!
        Of course I expect Sunday Riley beauty products in a Sunday Riley box. I’m just surprised ALL of the products are beauty related (aside from one) which differs QUITE A BIT from the other boxes I got from SR. To me, the curation is unexpected based on what I’ve come to expect from this subscription…as a subscriber.
        And no, discreet vibrators are hardly nsfw. I was expecting something fun and risque.

  11. I am so glad SR sent me an email letting me know I would be charged in a few days so I could dodge the vesper bullet

  12. I can only imagine wearing the necklace and it starts to vibrate…lol

    • I thought the same thing!!! Lol.

      • Lol it has a button.

  13. I like the box. Not things that I would necessarily purchase but I think I will actually use everything. It’s kind of nice to spice things up and I’m liking the off-the-beaten path curation.

  14. Womp womp. They definitely overhyped this a lot (literally nothing needed to be “Censored” and definitely not happy about the pillow/blanket that was shown in all of the hints/spoilers but is not, in fact, part of the box. They also could have sprang for larger sizes of their products. Those are the sizes you get in a $10 or $15 monthly sub (Play! or Allure). Saying something is travel-friendly doesn’t trick people into being happy about the small size. I very much appreciate that they’ve decided to donate a portion of the proceeds to good causes but I hope they are not using that as an excuse for/motivation to lower the value of the box each quarter because that’s not what I signed up for. Sorry I’m ranting but I really liked all of the past boxes and was looking forward to this one (especially with all of the hype) and it’s a pretty big let down.

  15. feburary has been one giant month of let downs for me, i can’t believe their only full size is a candle, when many suffer from migraines (including me) that are sensitive with smells. esp during my period and this is a box that gives back to an org for that. what a disappointment from last year.

    one review mentioned how the necklace was on large side, other said the necklace portion seemed to be cheap or got in way. what does one use to disinfect this?

    • TMI 🤦‍♀️

    • Soap and water

  16. I have zero interest in this box! The last one had a full size Luna, silk sleep mask and a weighted blanket amongst other great items and I loved it so much.. This one I wouldn’t pay more then $30 because I have enough of these items well except the necklace 😂

  17. Just as an FYI I own the Crave vibe and it is now pretty much the only one I use unless I run out of charge. Its discrete and reasonably quiet and works like a charm.

  18. When I saw that the necklace was $69 I may have giggled, but I’m questioning the functionality of it as both a vibrator and a necklace more so.

  19. Just when I thought I’d seen it all…

  20. Wait, what? A necklace that doubles as a vibrator?!? Now I’ve heard everything. Or is this an actual thing and I’m just too old to know about it?

  21. Hmmmmm…interesting! Not a subscriber, but all I really want is that blue nail polish! 😊 Hopefully I’ll be able to swap for it.

  22. Why did they keep showing the blanket if it wasn’t included. Bummed I got charged before these reveals. I’d have passed.

  23. So the Sunday Shares box is the same as the Spring box? Maybe I am confused.

  24. Huge disappointment for me. I almost cancelled my subscription and wish I had. I’ve loved all of the other boxes but this is a huge miss for me. Now I understand why they didn’t reveal the box until after they charged us.

  25. Wow…huge disappointment! I would have purchased if there was a blanket/throw included but I already have enough of the basic products….shave cream, razor, oil…ugh. I thought this would be curated better and include home and lifestyle products. I love SR products but anything other then that I don’t need. I have several subs for beauty. And this tiny tiny slime vibrator necklace seems a bit gimmicky. Vibs are bigger for a reason, if this tweezer size vib actually worked you’d see a lot more of them but adults shops don’t sell this this which tells me gimmick. Easy pass.

  26. I’ve always gone back to looking at past boxes and regretting not getting them so I had to get this one. They do a great job curating thoughtful boxes. Better than some of the plastic crap or useless items other boxes are passing off.

    Again, why not a full size Sunday Riley product? That candle seems so have an over estimated value above $60?!?!

  27. 1. Its ugly as a necklace. 2. Not once in my life have I wished I could wear a vib around my neck. I may be the odd one here. Absolutely no interest in this box.

    • 😂😂😂😂

  28. I think it’s interesting! However, I’d like a larger size than 8 grams/ml of Ice Ceramide Cream.

  29. Big disappointment. I was hoping for a blanket/throw at the very least.

    I REALLY wish I didn’t sign up for a year.

    Also: it’s kinda a migraine sufferers nightmare with all those scents.

  30. For this to be NSFW they would need a video showing exactly how to use that necklace and you’d need the sound on full blast. Wow that’s disappointing.

    Weren’t they going to do something with periods? Or did I misread that somewhere.

    • A portion of the proceeds goes to Period.Org. They’re partnering for the box.

      • Ahhh ok thank you!

  31. Disappointing. Easy pass.

  32. I canceled and I am glad I did.

  33. I really feel like I’m missing something. There was so much secrecy surrounding the contents of this box, but none of the items seem all that NSFW or even very special.

  34. I actually like the necklace toy, but the rest of the box doesn’t sing. I like the candle. I already have the perfume oil. The rest of the box is a dud for me. If the blanket was included, I’d jump on it.

  35. You had me at vibrate. LOL

  36. I think they’ve done a really nice job of curating this box. That being said, it’s a pass for me. I don’t like either of those Sunday products, and under no conditions would I consider wearing a necklace that’s a vibrator, LOL.

    • I was so excited when I bought the crave vesper after reading reviews on those articles that rank products. However, it does NOT work well at all. I can’t imagine who could get off with this. It’s the most expensive toy purchase I’ve made, and I never use it. It’s pretty much impossible to properly get off with this. On top of that, if I ever tried to wear it / take it on the go with me, 2 people on 2 separate occasions assumed I was concealing illicit substances in it. I tried to give it a serious chance.

      tldr; crave vesper is not worth it at all

      • Thanks for the blunt and honest comment. 🙂 I’m still sitting here wondering how this could be a “thing” lol

  37. Great past boxes, this one is disappointing.

    • Agreed. Heavy on beauty and light on lifestyle items. If I hadn’t already been charged would definitely cancel. Think I will cancel future boxes and wait for full reveal from now on.

      • Glad I cancelled in advance. I could tell it wasn’t going to be good based on the spoilers alone. Disappointed because this used to be my favorite box!

  38. Nah. No cushion, no blanket like a lot of people thought. Vibrator necklace? Not worth $95 to me.

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