POPSUGAR Must Have Winter 2019 Box Spoilers + Customization Time!

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We have TWO spoilers for the Winter POPSUGAR Must Have box! And one of them is a selection item! If you are already a subscriber, you can log in to your account to select which option you want. And if you are a new subscriber, you’ll be able to pick your items after you subscribe!

New subscribers can use coupon code MSA20 to save $20 off of the Winter POPSUGAR Must Have box, too! (Regularly $75 a box.)

FYI – past boxes have sold out before full spoilers were available, so if you want a Winter box, I recommend subscribing very soon.

Here’s the first spoiler:

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    Nima Oberoi Lunares Blanco Nero Tray – Retail Value $69

    We call this the “anything dish” because it’s so versatile. Use it for serving hot and cold foods, as decor on your coffee table, or to put pencils at your desk. This piece is handmade by artisans, using the ancient technique of sand casting. We love that it’s made of recyclable materials.

    UPDATE! FYI this dish IS food safe!

    Here’s the second spoiler:

    Tai Jewelry – subscribers will pick one of the following three items:

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    • 3 of 3

      Rainbow Small Huggies

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        Rainbow Arc Necklace

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        • 3 of 4

        • 4 of 4

          Silver Medallion Pendant Necklace With Rainbow CZ Accents

          We love all the Tai Jewelry designs so much, we decided to let you choose which piece you’d like to own. Subscribers get to pick from dainty hoop earrings, a gold rainbow necklace, or a silver medallion necklace. There’s something for every taste. Whatever you selected, it will be the cherry on top of your outfit.

          What do you think of the spoilers? Which jewelry piece are you picking? Let me know if you have any questions about the items – I have them all in hand!

          New subscribers can use coupon code MSA20 to save $20 off of the Winter POPSUGAR Must Have box, too! (Regularly $75 a box.)

          Check out all of my POPSUGAR Must Have reviews and POPSUGAR Must Have Box spoilers to see what you can expect from this women’s lifestyle subscription box!

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          Written by Liz Cadman

          Liz Cadman

          Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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          1. I’m new to popsugar. But I never got the email to customize! All the other junk email articles, but not this important thing. I switched from FFF after I passed on their fall box. I really wanted the PS fall box, but ended up sitting up for winter box after seeing previous boxes. So far not that impressed. But I only got to pick the necklace. Didn’t see anything else. Do they slowly release the other options to customize? Or this is the only thing to customize. I was looking all over on the website and there is such a lack of info here. FFF sent plenty of emails about dates. Also when shipping was. Also when customization opened you see all the customize options at once. Very confused. Any info would be great. I’m really looking forward to this box after I read so many good reviews about PS.

            • Popsugar usually only has one or two customizable items. Nothing like Fabfitfun at all. Looks like this season only the jewelry is customizable. They haven’t released all spoilers yet so there’s a slight chance that something else might be but usually they lead with the custom items. But if you’re expecting Fabfitfun levels of customization then Popsugar is not for you.

          2. Any one know if they are going to release more spoilers?

          3. Just looked up my account and discovered my annual is done…and I’m pretty happy about that, as I don’t care for these spoilers at all! While the little dish is ok, the jewelry to me looks really cheap…almost like something from the dollar store or from the kids’ section of a cheap department store. I’ve been happy with the boxes of late, but this one is a real miss for me.

            • Totally agree – these spoilers are an easy pass. Not my cup of tea at all.

          4. Are these supposed to be the hero items? Disappointing.

            • Totally agree. Not remotely inspired choices, unlike the Fall Box. These would just be more clutter in my life. And the RVs are ridiculous. I’ll be cancelling – again.

            • I feel like they don’t spoil the Hero until later. I am not a fan of this jewelry, but I rarely like everything in ANY box. I can’t wait to see what else is in this box.

          5. I don’t like any of the jewelry choices. . It’s so hard to decide because they are all really bad. I wish there were one non-rainbow choice.

            • Molly, I also wish that they offered an additional jewelry option that was a different look than these three rainbow color styles. I think it’s wonderful that so many people like these, but I would have loved a 4th choice that featured a single color stone or stones (instead of a rainbow of colors), or just something else on the subtle side. Curation is hard with many factors to consider, and they can’t please everyone, but if you’re offering choices, might as well offer some variety of styles so there’s a better range for the large subscriber base. (BTW, I did really adore the ring included in the last box that had the two stones.)

              • agree. NOT a rainbow person. i mean, I enjoy looking at real ones… but not wearing them LOL. thats such a strange choice to include for everyone…

              • My ring from the last box had a defect and I wore it while I tried to get in touch with customer service (epic fail!).

                While I did get a complement from a stranger on the ring, sadly it tarnished and turned my skin green with 2 weeks. Not sure if there is something I can do at this point. Bummed!

          6. Ugh….. that rainbow jewelry is awful…. tacky and weird. This box is already a hard pass.

          7. Not happy we don’t get the matching earrings ! It’s like getting a salt & pepper shaker and can only chose one or the other. I got the rainbow necklace , the silver tray is pretty ! Hope we get to choose something else .

            • I signed up for the box a while back hoping to score the last box via wait list. They charged me for my box then. If I cancel by October 28th will they refund that or still send the fall box but not send me a December box?

              • ETA: I meant still send the winter box but not send the spring box.

          8. This is insanely boring. I’m sorry but I look for things that I can’t go out and find in the clearance section of a department store or TJ Maxx.

            • Agree completely.

            • Exactly.

          9. Love love the rainbow necklace and idk about the plate thing but I need something for my jewelry !

          10. I blindly signed up for the box a few weeks ago. Not bad for now!

          11. Love the earrings. Tray is okay

          12. I actually do see a bit of a winter theme here…it’s subtle but I see it. The dish could be used for a holiday party and the jewelry is colorful and sparkly and could be worn to a holiday party. But I like that they aren’t so in-your-face that you wouldn’t also use them at other times of the year. I personally like the silver necklace the best of the three jewelry options.

            Still debating whether I want to cancel or not. I love the necklace, but the dish is not really my style and I am not sure I would use it. I am hoping they release one more spoiler!

            • Unwanted dish as a Christmas gift?

              • Unless someone specifically points to the tray and wants it I don’t think this would be a good Xmas gift. It’s very taste specific and basically screams I didn’t buy you anything but here take something from my closest of unwanted stuff.

                • Well slap my knee! We sure can’t get things like this readily here in Iowa! I love these items sooooo much, can’t wait to get my sub!

              • Sometimes there are people in your life that you don’t know very well, but a gift is in order. That’s when I dive in my (subscription boxes) gift pile. I can’t definitely please them, but I’ll do my best. Going out and blindly selecting them a gift is not any better, in my opinion.

                • No gift is better than a generic sub box reject gift imo.

                  • Cara: especially when they give you a gift and look at you expectantly.

                • Emilia- love this! Couldn’t agree more!

                  • Hahaha! I was going to agree with Cara that all the sub box “gifts” I thought I’d be giving actually I did not because they never seemed quite right. I mean if I don’t want it neither will they. THEN Emilia hit the nail on the head—that unexpected gift from someone you don’t know well,well in that case,yeah, a decent sub box gift WILL work. Do I want to buy that jewelry or dish….no……but if its a gift its not bad. I don’t use candles yet it never fails that I get some from well meaning gift giver.

                  • You need new people in your life. Nobody should be giving you a gift then expecting one back. You give a gift because you want to not to get one back. Looking at you expectantly for a gift? Yea you need to surround yourself with classier people.

                • You need nicer people in your life then. Nobody should be giving you a gift then looking at you expectantly for one. You give a gift because you want to not to get one back. I can’t even imagine what kind of person would look at you expectantly for a gift.

                  • Thank you, Cara, for unsolicited advice. You know better what I need.

          13. When they changed this subscription to once a quarter, I thought it was to provide higher quality items? Cheap looking plated jewelry is a no for me. There are better ways to spend money! Plus the winter boxes are usually so much better than this! How about some classy jewelry for holiday party time??

            • I agree!!

            • I absolutely agree!

            • I agree. This , especially the winter box especially, used to be my favorite lifestyle box. They have gone downhill. DO NOT SEE A WINTER THEME and should be WOWED by first spoilers to hook us in..not WOWED! BUMMER 😔

              • Maybe PS will release another spoiler. I don’t think these are going to hook people in. I bought it but see how it might suck for other people.

                As long as there is not bovine collagen or tea I will be happy. I am sick of tea in every box.

          14. As a current subscriber, when is the last day to cancel before we are billed for the winter box? I’m not excited by these spoilers, but if they give any other spoilers I could be persuaded.

            • Select preferences and add ons can be changed through October 28. Billing is October 29-November 6. That’s the information that pops up when I go to customize.

          15. Just a little pierced earring hack I learned. If earrings are hard to put in…put a good coconut oil on your ear lobes and they’ll slide right through! For years I thought mine had closed up do to breast cancer treatments and lo and behold it really works! I just might have to try this box. Or if there are better boxes for jewelry that anyone knows I would appreciate feedback? : )

            • Great tip! Thanks!!

            • I really hope your health is good now. God bless.

          16. “Quiet elegance,” I love that! I think this dish is modern and elegant.

          17. I love these spoilers! They are so tasteful!

            • Me too! I’m not even a current subscriber but think I may sub to this one. I like all the jewelry pieces! Not sure which one I’ll pick

          18. The dish is so tacky there’s no words. I love the jewelry but would never actually wear it.

            • Here are some words – gorgeous, modern, elegant, versatile 😉

              • I agree! I love these spoilers 🙂

            • My comment appears to have disappeared! I just honestly wondered what boxes the people who hate these spoilers actually like? Not the people who said they aren’t to their taste, every box has some stuff you might not like. But to people who are sneering or insulting about these items, I’m just wondering what you actually expect from boxes. Because we get a lot of knock off and non-brand name items in boxes, and these are high quality items from names that are recognizable.

              • I love these spoilers especially the jewelry! A rainbow of color is just the perk me up I need come dreary November! so confused on the jewelry opinions on MSA though. These are pieces actually sold on the brand’s website. They may be “costume” but there’s a range of quality in that category and this seems on the mid to higher end of that. Everyone was raving about the Nashelle necklace in fall Causebox but that piece was very obviously a mock-up item. A cheap, made for causebox version of the brand’s usual handmade offerings. I was so excited to see Nashelle heart studs in the causebox market but when I went to the brand’s website lo and behold the causebox market earrings were a different product. They were were shinier, lacked the beautiful mottled texture and the description did NOT say anything about the metals used as did the description at Nashelle. I didn’t even take the necklace out of it’s plastic wrapper and donated it while others are raving about the necklace ! I feel like people are really fooled by causebox. I’ve received just as much bad quality from them as anybody else, including fff. PS, of the three boxes I’ve received, have been super consistent. Can’t wait for more spoilers and I already ordered mine so as not to miss out! I hope this doesn’t sell out too quickly because I’d like to order another box for gifts.

                • I agree about Causebox and I think it has the halo effect because people really believe they’re helping good causes so they’re more willing to forgive stuff.

            • I agree! That tray is just so so tacky. I wouldn’t even give the tray as a gag gift. Totally not elegant, gorgeous or versatile lol

          19. So I clicked on the link provided for the huggie earrings. Those are different pair. The ones shown here and on the Popsugar website don’t have the cz stones on the back part.

            • Yep, what a bummer. The back gave it an extra pop of color and sparkle that would have been really pretty

          20. The rainbow necklace is SO my style. I think PSMH is becoming my new fave.

          21. The dish is beautiful – but not enough to make me want to subscribe. Also, the jewelry is not my style.

          22. Cute earrings! I’m going with those. Neither necklace really appealed to me. The tray is cute, as well! Great for holidays. I added on the Rifle Paper Co. planner, also!

          23. I don’t think these spoilers are bad — just not my particular jam.

            But far be it from me to deny anyone else! A third, stellar spoiler could convince me to buy this box. That is, if it isn’t sold out by then.

            • My thoughts exactly!

              • Same here!

          24. Disappointed after the wonderful fall box. This definitely doesn’t feel like winter to me. And I’m over plated jewelry. Hopefully it gets better from here.

          25. I often can’t decide, so I let my 3-yr old daughter choose for me this time. She liked the rainbow earrings best. She loves Noah’s Ark and the rainbows. It will be fun to wear them for her.

            • 🤗 How sweet! Thanks for making me smile after a really rough day!

              • I hope today is better!

            • Very sweet. They reminded me of that promise also.

          26. I really like the tray, though I wish it was golden outside. Don’t care for plated jewelry, but I’ll give it to my teenage daughter. I’m waiting for more spoilers!

          27. The jewelry choices are really pretty, just my style, and I think the dish is really interesting. I’m not sure I’d have a place for it, but it would make a great gift for someone

            • I agree. It’s nice enough by itself, but you could also use it as the base for a gift “basket” and add whatever the person likes. Tea, coffee, candy, etc.
              Oh dear now I’ve come up with another justification for buying this. 😁

          28. Absolutely love this. I resubscribed. I’m torn on the jewelry pieces — the rainbow earrings would look quite nice with a chambray shirt. I think I’ll likely go with them, but wish you could add additional for $X. Will likely have to swap for one of the necklaces. Thanks for posting the spoilers — I LOVE the tray. I still use the leather tray from several boxes back to store my keys in!

          29. Hmm, not to be a Debbie Downer, but I’m a little disappointed in these spoilers, especially after such a great fall box. I picked the goldtone rainbow necklace, but I will likely give it to my 10-year-old cousin. These jewelry choices also seem very summery to me. (I did love the ring from this brand in the last box but am surprised to see a brand repeat in the very next box.)

            The dish is pretty and I will use it, but I really wish they would seek out some other brands. Nima Oberoi has been in several PSMH boxes over the last 2 or 3 years, and though it has always been quality, her style just doesn’t particularly align with mine.

          30. What is the deadline to cancel? Not feeling these, but am hopeful for the next spoilers!

            • Just went ahead and cancelled, because I know that I won’t use the tray and wasn’t feeling any of the jewelry pieces, so knowing myself, I’ll probably forget and miss the deadline. I’ll give up a spot to someone that really likes this season’s box, and then just pick up again another quarter. So glad that they release their spoilers timely. More subscriptions should be like PSMH.

          31. It looks like the dish may be hand wash only; is it known whether or not it is microwave-safe?

          32. I like the spoilers so far. 🙂 I usually end up loving the Popsugar Must Have boxes, it is the only sub box I have now. I love the quality and trying new brands and items I would not normally spend the money on for a fraction of the price. The items I don’t want make excellent gifts. Will wait and see if FFF improves and reels me in again.

          33. Well, these are a disappointment. I don’t need more dust collectors. The jewelry should be sterling or vermeil, no plated crap. Unless there’s something spectacular coming, I’ll be passing.

          34. Hi! What is the diameter of the silver medallion on the necklace? Thank you !

            • 3/4″

              Hope that helps!

          35. Well, those are boring.

          36. PSMH is so on top of it! Still waiting for other boxes I signed up for before I got their LAST box, and here they are with a plan for winter all set. Taking care of business!

            • I’m on the fence with this box. I had shipping issues with no follow-up. I had weeks of having to follow up with them (I had to set calendar reminders to reach out weekly). Then had a QC issue in my box once I received it. Here we go again with my weekly emails trying to get a response….ugh.

              I’m not thrilled with the quality of Tai jewelry based on last box. So for that I’m disappointed. Seems odd to repeat brands for this reason.

              I do LOVE my purse and lipstick which made it a successful fall box for me. Haven’t had time to test the tea or pour-over.

              Popcorn treat was delicious but I assumed their “small-batch” label also meant cooked with quality ingredients and it was big manufacturer type oils and sugars. *Nothing special.

          37. I’m choosing the earrings and hoping that I’ll be able to swap for the rainbow arc necklace; it’s disappointing that these jewelry items aren’t offered as part of the customization choices.

            • They are available in customization. I just subscribed again, and picked the arc necklace as well. Log into your account and choose the customization button.

              • I regret that I was multi-tasking (poorly!) when I commented originally.

                Yes, all three items are available to choose as a single item customization — I meant that they’re not also available as add-ons (along with the two skin care items, the headband, the bobby pins, and the calendars). It would be lovely to choose one item as the single customization and a second (or even third!) item as an add-on.

                • These spoilers convinced me to subscribe again-I hope the rest of the box is great!

              • You were able to pick the necklace AND the earrings in your customization? I can only select one or the other.

                She was saying she is disappointed that they are clearly a set but you can only get half of the set in your box, which feels like a ripoff.

            • Hi
              I can chose the rainbow necklace in mine and we could swap if you’d like?
              I’m not on the swap site but can give you my email and we can stay on touch til the boxes ship etc.

          38. Very easy pass!

            • Yep! I’m hoping BoS releases their winter spoilers soon!

          39. Was looking forward to a more wintery cozy spoiler! Boo. 😤

          40. Pretty disappointing. Not everyone likes super delicate jewelry. I like Tai as a brand, but not every subscriber is under 30. My first boxes last year were great. A broad variety of items that fell into a “theme”, but they seem to be less and less impressive. Winter may be my last box.

            • I’m over 30 and I love the jewelry. Are you saying that if a woman is over 30 she has to wear big gaudy jewelry? Cos, that ain’t gonna happen with me.

              It’s fine to be disappointed, but it’s a bit silly to generalize an age group with a certain accessory choice.

              • Yeah, I’m 35 and not about to start picking my jewelry based on my age. Do you girl! 😂

              • No, I am not. My apologies. You are absolutely correct. Age should have nothing to do with it. I misspoke.
                However, I do believe it is a bit of a jump to assume that someone who is disappointed in options that are Very delicate pieces prefers things that are ” big and gaudy”. Much like attributing a style preference to age don’t you think?

            • I have seen 30 in 35 years and I am happy with the earrings especially, I love rainbows! I usually go for dramatic earrings but sometimes I prefer huggies. I love these. I do not like the necklaces but the earrings are what helped me decide to go for the box.

              I will keep a pair of sunglasses to grab as I go out the door in the tray. If that does not work I will find a use for it. I have the leather tray from last fall and it has only gotten better with age. At first it was difficult to snap but it never comes apart now.

              I hope to heavens for one time we do not get tea or a silly coffee table book.

              But that is the chance I am willing to take because PS items are always high quality.

              I am glad it isn’t all cozy since I live in a very temperate region. We have one month of cold enough to wear a coat and the rest of the time I can wear something lighter.

            • Curious, did you like last winter’s necklace? I skipped that box even though I wanted the blanket because of that necklace but I love these jewelry spoilers. I’m also over 30 lol. Last winter’s box if I remember correctly between the necklace and blanket the RV of the box was spent. Here it definitely seems like there could be a few other solid items.

          41. In the spoiler photo the tray looks like a really cool black marbled design on white but now I see it’s just all silver?

            • No, it is a black and white design as you see in the spoiler photo. Sorry if that isn’t clear in the photos.

            • I think just the outside is silver. The inside is white and black.

              • Yes, that’s correct! Thanks, Brook!

                • What is the tray made of? Do you have dimensions? Thanks!

              • Yay that’s good to hear. I like the modern design of this tray. Kind of reminds me of something you would find in the Norlii box. I was checking out her other pieces online and her stuff is expensive! I hope we can get another spoiler or two before it sells out.

              • Oh, wow. I thought it was actually kinda pretty all shiny silver. But silver outside and black and white splotches inside? That’s really weird. Not attractive at all.

                • Agree with you about preferring all silver. At first, it reminded me of some Michael Aram pieces, but not once I saw the title and realized it wasn’t reflections.

                • Agreed! I’m really disappointed! I thought it was all shiny silver and I was so excited! Now I’m not sure I want it…

            • I thought it was all silver at too, first! I like the marbled look better.

            • Did you see somewhere that it’s all silver. I found a couple different pieces from this same Lunares line online, and they are black and white inside with gold around the rims and outsides. I haven’t found this particular piece online however.

              Also, Liz would you happen to have the dimensions of the tray?

              • Yes, 10.75″ long, 3.25″ wide, 1″ deep

                Hope that helps!

                • Yes, thank you very much Liz!!!

          42. Personally, LOVE the tray………. chose the earrings …….. tiny …. discreet….. pretty, playful!! 🙂

          43. Love the earrings! I always buy a Popsugar box because they always are great! Bought One!

            • I have 2 pair of 14 kt and diamond huggies and I love them. I am usually a statement earring kind of person.

              I don’t think they or the tray look cheap at all.

              I wonder what the Neiman Marcus box will have. Last year’s was amazing. I hope this one will be but it will depend upon the theme.

          44. This is my first box. Both items seem classy, and I appreciate that there’s a choice between earrings or necklace so everyone is included. I went with the earrings, love how dainty and little they are. Not getting me too excited yet, but I’m looking forward to the rest of the spoilers!

          45. In the email, they said the jewelry value is $60-80. Umm…no. All three pieces look cheap.

            • That is what they retail for on the Tai website. I wouldn’t personally pay that much myself, but I don’t mind them in a luxury box that costs less than retail prices of all it items combined.

          46. Really? Another tiny dish? It’s too small for any real use other than jewelry and I highly doubt anyone would ever pay $69 retail for it. I have so many of these sitting around from other Popsugar boxes.

          47. Last month’s box was my first and it was fantastic, but this one does nothing for me. Still rocking my crossbody bag EVERYDAY though. Even my bf commented on the quality of it.

            • I ended up buying the Doctor’s Bag and a Cloud wallet from their website. From UK to USA in 2 days by DHL Express. The shipping shocked me it was so fast!

              The quality of every bag I buy from them is amazing.

              • I’m so jealous you got the Doctors Bag! I want one (or the Sophie), but they’re out of my price range. I have a Daisy and a couple of Poppys though and they’re so amazing! Love their purses!

                • I am getting the Sophie next but they stay sold out and I really want to wait to see if they do a holiday limited edition.

                  p.s. I consign and sell things to pay for new bags…like trading cars! 🙂

          48. Hey Liz, I’d love to know how many inches the necklaces are? Thanks!

            • Both necklaces are 16 inches + 2 inch extension = total 18 inch length possible. Hope that helps!

          49. The rainbow jewelry would be great for Pride week in June! but don’t quite see it as a Winter essential. The tray look like something from a yard sale.

            • That’s what I was thinking as well. It would have been awesome for the spring box

          50. Very beautiful and interesting items! I was thinking of subscribing to this box for the first time – these don’t do it for me but they are cool! And good to know ahead of time so I can budget for a potential different box when more spoilers start coming out 😉

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