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Kleverpark Box – Should We Review It?

ByMSAOct 15, 2019 | 27 comments

Kleverpark Box is a bi-monthly Italian organic skin care subscription box:

No-compromise skincare, delivered in a bimonthly box

A themed box of carefully selected high-quality, full-size skincare products shipped to you once every two months.

Try in every box a luxurious skincare routine, discover the benefits of certified organic Italian brands, with their precious ingredients.

Clean Organic skincare from Italy, to detox, purify and nourish your skin.

Our boxes only include certified eco-friendly, organic products, that contain NO:

  • PEGs,
  • parabens,
  • petrolatum,
  • paraffin,
  • SLSs,
  • SLES,
  • silicones or
  • artificial colours.

We really like products that contain ingredients from biodynamic organic agriculture, that follow organic standards and farming techniques that respect the earth, supporting its natural processes.

They are also nickel tested, to protect consumers from allergies and intolerances, and they are cruelty-free (every product sold in the European Union is cruelty-free).

The most important part is what our skincare DO contain: the highest quality ingredients, and that is something you will feel immediately on your skin.

If you sign up now, October will be your first box and we have the full spoilers!

The October 2019 box includes:

Botanical Bliss is the theme for October’s box. A curated selection of skincare products, infused with nature’s active ingredients.

An amazing value of more than $220

  • Enphasis Regenerating & Brightening Rich Cream 50 ml This award-winning luxurious moisturiser combines high-tech bio-actives of Marine Plankton and Microalgae to firm and plump, with powerful flower extracts of Verbascum and Saffron to leave skin healthy and radiant, Hyaluronic Acid with omega-rich oils.
  • Enphasis Regenerating & Brightening Serum 30 ml Goji berry superfood, Kigelia Africana, Quillaja Saponaria and Saffron extract feed the skin helping to plump and give radiance.
  • Esmeralda Cosmetics Toner 200 ml With Strawberry tree extract, Witch Hazel, Camomile, Panthenol and Aloe vera, soothes your skin after cleansing; it also rebalances skin pH.
  • Biearth Antioxidant shampoo 250 ml Re-mineralizing shampoo for frequent washes for all types of hair. Contains essential oils of verbena, lavender; spirulina microalgae, extracts of moringa, burdock, centella, fucus; wheat protein.
  • Biearth Re-mineralizing conditioner 150 ml Recommended after each wash, contains spirulina, a precious blue-green algae with antioxidant properties. Gives volume to your hair and protects from pollution.
  • Esmeralda Cosmetics Make-up remover & cleanser 200 ml With Juniper, Sweet Almond Oil, Calendula, Camomile, Olive Oil, cleanses & moisturizes.
  • Esmeralda Cosmetics Eyes elisir 30 ml Full of active botanical ingredients, revitalizes the eyelids with a botox-like effect. Strengthens and regenerates eyelashes and eyebrows. Spray on closed eyes.

The Box: Kleverpark Box

The Cost: $97 per box

The Products: “Kleverpark Box contains a great selection of skincare products. A generous quantity of FULL-SIZE luxury products to maintain your morning and evening routine up to date for 2 months. “

What do you think of this box? Would you like to see it reviewed? 

At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.

At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.
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Just received my first box and tried all of the products. I’m so impressed with the quality and value. I’d love to read your take on it.


This looks tempting and I would love to see a review. I’m not sure I would actually purchase though. I’m trying to be better about limiting my subs because I just can’t use everything. Honestly, the best thing I did regarding skincare is start seeing an aesthetician. She recommended a regime of good quality products(Neocutis, Skinmedica and Skinbetter) and my skin has never looked better! I think always trying “the next best thing” was irritating my skin.


I signed up using the welcome code. It’s $12 shipping to Georgia. Looks like you can skip and cancel online. I wanted to try the Enphasis brand. I saw a kickstarter campaign for it, and that intrigued me.

Dani G.

I signed up for the newsletter and got a 10% off your first box code. It’s WELCOME. Not the biggest discount but probably enough to get me off the fence. 😄


Yes! I have been asking for it to be reviewed since this spring. I really enjoy my Kleverpark Boxes. I like discovering good quality, organic, cruelty free, clean, green products. Receiving authentic Italian products is fun because they are all new to me. I like having a mix of hair, facial, and body-care products–to pamper myself from head to toe.


Yes, please review it!


I would definitely consider it since Ipsy lost me on all 3 sub levels after this month and my Boxy Charm annual is up in January. All I have left currently is Bark Box for my grandfurbaby! Now instead of her thinking all my boxes are for her, I’ll just be looking forward to hers and the cute themes!
It’s a yes in other words!


My cats think every box is a cat box. Nyx thinks every box is a dog box. They all gather around when I take photos of sheet masks and beads and stuff.

Dani G.

I would love to see it reviewed but I am already seriously considering ordering this. I REALLY want that eye elixir in particular. I’m not sure I would stay subscribed unless I was totally blown away but I definitely would love to give it a try. If I decided to stay subscribed I may have to give up another box but I don’t mind shaking things up a bit. I’m finally learning (after about five years) or perhaps more like finally deciding I’d rather spend my money on a smaller quantity of higher quality, preferably clean and cruelty free beauty items than spend less money for more products but not liking or even wanting to try most of them. I’m talking to you Ipsy Plus and FFF. 😄
Over the last 6 months I’ve actually cancelled several boxes. I’m down to Boxycharm (or Premium if I get off the list), which I just resubbed to, regular Ipsy and FCSC. This is the lowest number of boxes I’ve had since right after I started this addiction. Of course I still sub and unsub to other boxes like Boxwalla, Beautyfix and Clean Beauty depending on spoilers.

I just REALLY wish this box had a coupon code for first timers with it being such a pricey risk.
Decisions, decisions…


Yes please


YES❣I have been subscribed to this box for almost a year..the box is always filled great products. it is pricey but it is definitely worth the $. This is a great box. Definitely worth the money. You wont be disappointed.


Oh! I forgot to ask… do you happen to know if they give spoilers before the current box sells out? I noticed I’m not familiar with pretty much all of the brands featured in this box, so I think it’s going to take some beautiful product packaging (like the box above has) to sway me into getting my first box. 😉


Despite its price, it does look like it could be worth it based on the past boxes I’ve seen. 🙂 Usually starting in September, I start to ween myself off of my sub boxes little by little, and usually by mid-January of the following year, I’m ready to get back into the sub box game so maybe next year I’ll give them a whirl for a few boxes. 🙂


I do the same, Luna.. wean myself off of the boxes. I might try this in February or so. Always looking for excellent skincare far more often than any makeup these days.


Yes, please. I want to know what they offer with that price. They seems to have decent number of full size items too.


I used to balk at prices like $97 for a box and then I realized I spent $70 on a single eye cream and $89 on a single facial oil and getting more than one product for $97 doesn’t seem like such a bad deal anymore.

Dani G.

That is so true. Especially when it comes to skincare. And the additional benefit is that when you’re paying that much you’re usually getting clean and/or cruelty free products which makes me feel much better about the cost.


I don’t need full-size products as there’s always a chance I might not like them and that would mean money wasted. I also wouldn’t use them fast enough. I don’t have any preference for so called organic or natural products, either. Also the price keeps me away from it. I have no interest in a box like that. Others might.


$97 per month? At this price I don’t want to be tempted. It’s a No


Curiosity is good. Temptation is fine. Self-control is great. It’s a yes for me


It’s bi-monthly.


Thanks for the info. Didn’t realize it was bi-monthly. Yeah, still too expensive. I would not get this sub. Perhaps if it was quarterly, it would be better. As is, I just feel it would be a lot of wasted product at $97 every other month. And only $220 RV. There are much cheaper boxes with higher RV. Case and point, Kinder special edition box I just got for $38.


FWIW, this is a bi-monthly box. Still too pricey to take a chance on for me right now…. but the packaging looks nice! lol


Pricey box, which has always kept me from subbing in the past, but yes please! 😀

Dani G.

I heard about this box somewhere but I can’t remember where. I do remember making a note to check out but I must’ve misplaced it. A pretty common occurrence for me!

This is most definitely on the expensive side but it seems like you get quite a lot. It’s kind of neat that they’ve included haircare along with the skincare. And I’m super intrigued by that eye elixir! Botox-like AND helps your lashes? If that’s truly effective I’d pay $97 just for that! I regularly use lash serums but they’re a little bit annoying having to make sure I don’t have too much product on the brush and applying very carefully so as not to irritate my sensitive eyes. I’m usually quite sleepy by the time I do my nighttime skincare routine and replacing the serum with a spray is very appealing. So easy and quick!

I probably shouldn’t bite but I may very well order this. I was already considering ordering the mask from Boxwalla and I just ordered that set from Kinder and of course I still have TONS of other products waiting their turn but I definitely don’t have anything like that eye serum. That’s usually my best justification. If the box or set contains a type of product (s) I don’t already own I know I won’t feel too guilty about it. 😊


I think I started randomly getting emails from this box sometime last year or early this year…. it’s been a while though. I was definitely intrigued then, but thought I’d wait it out until they’d been around for a while to see how it played out and if people liked it.

I have a smiliar face mist from Bella Torra (it’s their Uplifting Mist) that’s supposed to have botox-like effects, and I swear it works! It feels like a normal mist going on, then I press it in, and the longer I wear it I swear it has this effect when I make a facial expression like my muscles are stretching out or loosening up…. sort of like the mist makes my face not want to move. lol Of course it does still move, as I’ve been told plenty of times I have a very expressive face and can never hide what I’m thinking no matter how hard I try (lol), but that stretching or loosening sensation makes it feel like I’m undoing the firming effects the mist is giving and makes me want to not make too many “faces”. lol

I wish I could use lash serums, but I’ve tried and twice I had negative reactions to them after about two weeks of use. The first time the skin got really dried out on my lash line, and the 2nd time my lash line actually had a bit of swelling! I already have long lashes, so I don’t need them, but I wouldn’t mind if they were even longer!

I totally feel you about wanting a box because you see that ONE item you don’t yet have 😀 Before this year, I got MANY boxes for that exact reason, but this year I’ve been better, and if the product I covet retails for less than the cost of the box (even if the other products look decent) I’ll pass. Sort of like this year’s Glossybox advent calendar…. I sooo want that Oribe nail polish, but since it retails for $26 I don’t think it’s “worth” it to me yet to get the calendar…. even though the other products look good too. I’m thinking with a really nice discount, I could be swayed. 🙂

Our reviewers research, test, and recommend the best subscriptions and products independently; click to learn more about our editorial guidelines. We may receive commissions on purchases made through links on our site.