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kencko Smoothie Subscription – Should We Review It?


kencko is a smoothie subscription box:

kencko is an instant fruit and vegetable smoothie. Fresh, whole produce is flash-frozen and slow-dried to capture all its nutrients, fiber, color and flavor in a convenient powder. Each smoothie contains ~85 calories, and gives the same nutritional benefits as 2 cups of fresh produce. Simply mix with water or your favorite milk for a quick, healthy boost—wherever you are.

kencko smoothie powder is vegan-friendly, includes at least two portions of fruit and/or vegetables, and can be mixed into any cold liquid (they suggest water or plant milk). kencko is organic, non-gmo, gluten & allergen free, and has no added sugars.

kencko has seven flavor options:

lime, apple, matcha, zucchini, banana, kombucha, spirulina, dates and chia seeds.

tomato, apple, banana, spinach, dates, chia seeds, cayenne pepper and kombucha.



cacao, banana, strawberry, pea protein, hemp protein, dates, goji berry, flax seeds and vanilla.

strawberry, raspberry, banana, apple, dates, ginger and chia seeds.

carrot, pineapple, banana, mango and cinnamon.


açai, banana, strawberry, mango, chia seeds and cinnamon.

blackberry, blueberry, raspberry, cranberry, banana, strawberry and dates.

You can try out kencko with their 3-Day Trial:

The Box: kencko 3-Day Trial

The Cost: $16

The Products: 1 red, 1 yellow, 1 jade, and 1 shaker bottle

Ships to: US and Canada

kencko has two subscription options:

The Box: kencko 20 Pack

The Cost: $59 for a subscription refill or $85 for a one time purchase

The Products: 20 powders (you choose the flavors) + free shaker bottle with first order

Ships to: US and Canada

Good to know: You can get a refill every two weeks or every four weeks

The Box: kencko 60 Pack

The Cost: $150 for a subscription refill or $216.11 for a one time purchase

The Products: 60 powders (you choose the flavors) + free shaker bottle with first order

Ships to: US and Canada

Good to know: You can get a refill every two weeks or every four weeks

What do you think of this box? Would you like to see it reviewed? 

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Comments (30)

  1. To summarise they use a very manipulative and sneaky business model to extract your money. Firstly they say that they explicitly say that they inform the customer when making purchase that it is a subscription. 1. I was looking out for this but did not see this (could be in the very fine print or hidden somewhere) 2. You have no option to choose, its merely a subscription or dont buy from us. You have to cancel the subscription after your first purchase arrives. (Hopefully you forget and keep buying from them forever while they tax your credit card.) I actually found out about this through a rude awakening email saying my 2nd box is on its way of which i scrambled to cancel it luckily. However, to my surprise a third email a month later came saying my next subscription on its way. Now heres how they scam you. I wrote in saying why is there still a subscription when i cancelled the previous month. They replied it was merely cancelling my ORDER not the SUBSCRIPTION. So fine I used the link they provided to cancel my subscription and sure it said cancelled online. HOWEVER, there is no confirmation email sent saying that the subscription is cancelled. This is how they cheat you so you have no evidence you cancelled the subscription. A few days later, they emailed me saying that my order is on its way. This was when I got pissed, I emailed them saying why isit sending me a subscription when i cancelled it already. Lo and behold they replied saying i need to cancel more than 24 hours before they send the order. I CANCELLED A FULL 5 DAYS EARLIER. But of course i have no email proof just a screenshot that my order is cancelled. And of course my box of Kenko arrived. Im trying to get my money back but I dont think they are gonna relent. DONT EVER BUY FROM THIS BLOOD SUCKING COMPANY.

  2. How do I cancle this

  3. i’ve ordered 2 boxes, it’s good to supplement breakfast or a snack during the day. the taste can be good based on your preferences. i think the hardest thing to deal with is the texture since it is dehydrated fruits and veggies. compared to protein shakes this is far superior in taste but can still turn some people off. i mix mine with gfree oat milk so the flavor is different for me. i’ll probably keep ordering solely because i work in the field and these shakes help supress my desire to order out.

  4. I tried this service out, the products varied in quality but were good enough that I said I would try another set. There is where problems started. You cannot choose anything other than equally divided quantities of how ever many flavors you select. And when they get the wrong items there is no possible way to get them to fix problem just denial of any fault. Unless you are willing to accept no choice in item received I would strongly recommend not dealing with this company.

    Product = 8
    Customer Service = -7

    • So true about the customer service, disgusting

  5. So far this is the only delivery simple smoothie option I have found that is nut free. Since I have a severe allergy I cant do the other popular easy smoothie meals companies like Daily Harvest (which has horrid customer support BTW)
    Willing to try a box and see how I like it.

  6. I bought a 20 pack of these and they were disgusting – I tried the ones that said to use milk or water both ways and followed their suggestions- they were all just horrible. There were a couple that seemed like they were almost okay but they’d add a weird ingredient that made it very much not okay. Between my brother and I, we can’t gag down even a full bottle, which isn’t much at all.

    Do not suggest – wouldn’t take them if they were free.

  7. I just started with them last month and I LOVE it. My job comes with crazy, not always predictable hours, and being able to just keep a few packets ready to go in my bag is awesome. I also love the taste – they don’t add any sweeteners, so it tastes fresh and natural. Also, it’s not really a powder – there are bits of fruits and veggies in there. It’s basically a smoothie they dehydrated. Add water, shake, let rehydrate for 5 or ten minutes, and it tastes just like a smoothie you’d make for yourself at home. The only real difference is that the dehydration process is probably destroying the good bacteria, but for the convenience, that’s a price I’m willing to pay.

  8. I’d be curious about this powder mixed with a yogurt like plain Greek yogurt for protein and more substance.

    • I have thrown in some Greek yogurt and shake with almond milk, coconut milk or coconut water – it works fine. I have also thrown a packet in my blender with some fresh fruit to jazz it up and it is even a better smoothie!…

  9. This does seem expensive, but then again so is fresh produce, especially if it’s organic or locally grown. This might be a decent option for people who for whatever reason are not able to get out to shop and/or not able to make or store their own smoothies.

    Personally I don’t get nearly enough fruit and vegetables and could use a quick and easy way to work a few servings in. However, I’m pretty picky about taste and admittedly prefer smoothies to be on the sweet side so I would definitely appreciate a review. What would be even better would be to have the whole MSA staff (local/in-office ones) taste test these to get a variety of opinions. That would be super helpful. I know $16 isn’t much but I would hate to spend it and know after one sip that I just couldn’t tolerate them. So yes, please review!

  10. I have it, first it is not a powder, it is dehydrated fruits and veggies, so it will not completely dissolve. 2nd, it comes from Portugal, and it ship via DHL, so you have 2 options, either go pick it up and sign for it if you are not at home, or sign a release, and it it gets stolen then there is nothing they can do. I never got the trial, I got the 20 pack and the only flavor I did not get is the coral, which contains beetroot, but all the flavors are very tasty, either with water, almond milk, coconut milk or 2 % milk. I changed mine to 60 packets. Third, you only get one free bottle no matter what, unless you sign up again with a new email. The bottle opens at the top and the middle for yo7 to put the powder in.
    I travel with my dogs more than 26 weekends a year to competition, and this is a good option. I don’t drink them when I am at home. It is also only 80 calories a drink if you mix it with water.

  11. I just don’t see the point for this service in general. Here’s a hack for busy people: stock up in your favorite produce when they are on sale, and make a bulk amount of your favorite smoothie(s), then freeze them in ice-cube trays. Pop a few cubes into the blender when you want a smoothie. Cost-effective AND low-waste. ❤️ If you don’t want to own too many ice-cube trays, just freeze the smoothies in reusable freezer bags (single-portion size) and freeze them stacked on top of each other.

    • LOVE this suggestion!

  12. I use Daily Harvest for superfood smoothies. I am very very happy with them. Powdered smoothies would be nice for travel, but I prefer the whole food options that D.H. has

    • Yeah, daily harvest has added a lot more options since the last time msa reviewed them too, so I would prefer to see that sub reviewed again rather than kencko.

      • Good point! Daily harvest is amazing. Can’t beat the convenience. Whenever I try to talk myself out of it because if the price I remember that the variety of ingredients and their nutrient values is just not something I can replicate at home with my time and budget.

  13. I would like to see it reviewed. Ever since I got breast cancer I can use something easy to make. But I want to see reviews first😁

    • I hope you kick cancer’s butt!

  14. A powder? No thanks.

  15. This was all over my Instagram this week and it just seems too expensive. I’d rather buy my own fruit and vegetables and make a fresh smoothie myself or use frozen fresh fruits. Each tiny packet is $3. I’d possibly bite if the packets contained turmeric, bee pollen, spirulina, ect. but I fail to see the value.

    • What kind of supplement is ect? I can’t find a reference.

      • She means etcetera.

      • Ah, “etc.” misspelled. OK. Thought I was missing out on the latest fad.

  16. If you get a refill every two weeks, that is $300 a month! Just for smoothies. Some people don’t spend that much on all their groceries, combined. I can buy smoothie ingredients at Whole Foods for less although of course I have to mix them myself.

  17. I’ve tried it.

    It’s so gross. I could have probably tolerated it if it was just a little sweet…but even the fruit ones were just yuck. So bland and almost bitter. I just couldn’t choke them down.

    Hated them.

    • I tried this as well! They we’re ok but ok is not enough for the price. I canceled after my 1st box. Also, my packets were very close to expiring when I received it. They did replace my bottle. It was leaking after my second time using it.

  18. Too gimmicky for me. I’d rather just make my own smoothies. Hard pass.

  19. Hmm… looks interesting. I’d like a review on taste for sure.

  20. No, thanks. Although this sub seems intriguing, it is waaaaaaay too expensive.

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