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JourneeBox Fall 2019 Spoiler #3


We have a new spoiler for the Fall 2019 JourneeBox! (Thanks for the heads up, Claire!)

JourneeBox delivers a quarterly lifestyle experience that features designer-produced, sustainably-made fashion, home, body, and culinary goods.

Each Fall 2019 JourneeBox will include:

Jaipur 3-in-1 Runner
Kevia designed this versatile limited edition runner using 30% recycled cotton.  This hand-woven stunner will add rustic glamor to your home.  The runner can be used on a table, at the end of a bed, or as a hallway rug.
Runners come in a neutral colorway and a rustic blue and pink colorway inspired by Jaipur’s pink hue and JourneeBox blue.


It wouldn’t be a Kevia JourneeBox without jewelry but these handmade rose cut drop earrings are on another level!

The Amer post earrings are handmade with rose cut faceting, the same technique used to cut early diamond jewelry.  These semi-precious earrings come in rose quartz and aqua chalcedony — and both are available in either a matte 18K gold or sterling silver.  Our fair-trade factory is family-owned and crafts the Amer earrings using 100% recycled brass.


Tealight Holder & Catch-All

We are so excited to introduce these beautiful Roshanee tealight holders that can be used as multi-purpose container or design accent in your home or office. They are perfect for cradling a candle for a welcoming glow or adding a unique spark to your desk.

All annual members will also receive:

As you know, you save money and get an extra gift in each box when you commit to exploring the world with us for a year!  All members will receive a 3″ by 2.5″ Roshanee holder and the Annual members will receive a additional gold 4″ by 4 1/4″ size holder.

What do you think of the spoilers?

The Subscription Box: JourneeBox

The Cost:$54.99 per quarter + free US shipping. $49.99 for a pre-paid annual subscription.

Coupon: Save $10 off your first box with the code STARTJOURNEE

The Products: 6+ sustainably-made or fair-trade items with customizable products focusing on accessories, apparel, home and beauty goods.

Ships to: All 50 United States, Puerto Rico and most parts of Canada. Subscribers in Puerto Rico, Alaska and Hawaii will be charged an $8 shipping fee and subscribers in Canada will have to pay international shipping fees.

Good to Know: You can choose from different styles or “themes” when you sign up for your subscription. This influences the look of certain items you receive in your quarterly box. You can also select individual products in the period before your box ships. We did not choose any specific products in our review below.

Check out our JourneeBox review to learn more about the previous subscription and to see what kind of items you can expect!


How do subscribers rate JourneeBox?

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Comments (64)

  1. I received my fall box and love everything about it. The runner, stealing holders, and earrings are gorgeous. The laddus were delicious. The printed bag is nice and will come in handy. I am uncertain about the essential oils as I have heard horror stories about people burning their skin with these? I will have to research safest ways to use.

    My concern is that I too had problems creating an account and customizing. I was sent a link to customize and weeks later inquired about my box and was told I hadn’t customized although I know I had. I am worried i won’t receive future emails to customize as I signed for annual. It seems others are having similar problems.

    • Hi Lynn,

      So happy you are enjoying the box. A quick note about customization: you have to submit your order to complete the process. If you don’t get the automatically generated order confirmation email, your order was not completed. Feel free to call or email us if you have any concerns about customizing going forward.

      Journee Well,

      Customer Service

  2. I customized right when the email came out and months later nothing. Still waiting! It’s so frustrating to see them selling this box on BF with ship dates of next week when I still haven’t received mine as an annual subscriber. I have been going back and forth with them for weeks

    • Hi,
      I have sent you an email with the details. You customized for the first time this morning. Your box will ship within two business days. We have seen this happen a few times when people see their box order is unfulfilled and think that is their customization order. You would have two separate unfulfilled orders and an order number for your customization if we had not shipped your order yet. We can’t ship orders with customization until customization closes. Customization will close on Monday night. Any boxes remaining will ship later than week and we will make curated selections for people based on their style profile. Hope this is helpful information, as always reach out to us at [email protected] or 503-282-1575 for any assistance. Our office is close on Black Friday, but we are checking email.
      Journee Well,
      Customer Service


      Customer Service

  3. My box came today. Another home run. This is now officially my favorite sub box.

    • This is a great box! I will enjoy everything in it. Beautiful presentation as well.

  4. Has anyone received their fall box? or even tracking yet? I am a new subscriber who signed up over a week ago and still haven’t heard anything. I am excited to see all of the goodies. Do boxes usually take a long time to ship? I need to set my expectations. If it isn’t here soon it won’t be a fall box but a winter one. Thanks for any help.

    • I got mine on Monday! I am in love with the runner. It’s even nicer in person.

      • THank you!

    • Hi,

      Anyone that subscribed after the end of September is in the second shipping group. You will get an email with tracking that indicates when your order has been printed this week. Going forward you will be in the first ship group as long as you customize promptly. This was our first add-on sale and it went really well so our fulfillment is slower than normal. If you are a current customer but your last box was shipped less than 3 months ago, we have to manually place your order so you will also be in the second shipping group.

      Journee Well,

      Customer Service

      • Thank you. I will try to be patient.

      • I subscribed on 9/14 and still have not received my Fall box. According to your statement, I should have been in the first shipping group. I have been back and forth with customer service a few times and was told my box was shipped on 11/15, however no tracking information was provided and I obviously still have not received it. It is frustrating to see that many have already gotten theirs – especially since I paid for a whole year up front.

      • Hi Lisa,

        I am going to send this as an email as well. I totally understand your frustration and will get this resolved for you. We are unable to ship your order until you place a customization order. As of today, our records reflect that you clicked on the customization link email, but did not submit the order since no customization order shows on your profile. If you email us your selections we can get that customization order placed and ship your order within in 24 hours. Once the order is shipped you will get a confirmation email that includes the tracking number. I apologize that in our previous messages we hadn’t realized your customization was missing. The Fall box is amazing! We would love to get your feedback on the box once you received it, and appreciate you joining the Journee.

        Customer Service

    • Lynn,
      I have been with Journee since the beginning. They run on a different schedule than FFF or Causebox. I get very excited & antsy too but when I look back all of my boxes have been 3 months apart. I also am waiting but it will be worth it. Have a blessed day!
      Aimee from MI

      • Thanks Aimee!

    • I am an existing customer (2nd box) and still nothing. I reached out to customer service today for an update. Seems like its late in the season for a Fall box.

  5. I have been with Journee since the first box. It’s a refreshing change from ALL other boxes. I have never been disappointed and if you are on the annual fence, the grass is bright on Journee’s side!

  6. Sadly my earring choice was sold out but at least they had another silver option.

  7. I am seriously thinking of upgrading to annual, Annuals get an extra item in the box plus the opportunity to buy other items at a deep discount. Also a discount on the boxes. I don’t think we need to hesitate to upgrade to annual. Well done Journee box, and I’m going to give myself a gift of an annual sub.

    • They also told me I could skip boxes I don’t like so there’s literally no downside at all!

  8. Just making sure everyone knows customization is open!!! You got an email if you are annual.

    • I’m thinking about pulling the trigger on this box. If you sign up for quarterly, do you also get to select options? I really like the earrings, but would only like the teal color. Also, wondering when this will ship?

      Any insight you can provide would be greatly appreciated!


      • Hi,

        Yes you get to customize three of the six items. If you order now you are in the second ship group which starts November 7th. There is a small change you would ship sooner.

        Journee Well,

        Customer Service

      • Can you tell me how I can customize? I’m an annual subscriber but did not get an email to customize. Thanks in advance.

      • I have the same question as Lisa. I am an annual subscriber and never received an email to customize. I’ve looked all over the website and can’t find where to make my selections. I filled out a contact form on the website, but thought I would ask here as well. Disappointed to hear that some choices may already be out of stock. 🙁

  9. Has everyone seen the amazing discount code offered for members on the website? Kevia offers some beautiful items that are all 60% off to subscribers only! I appreciate being shown some love by Journeebox!

    • Where at on the site?

      • You should have got an email with the promo code. It works on anything in their shop except boxes/subscriptions.

        I ordered two things last night and the % came off but not the shipping (which should be free as they’re sending with your sub box). I emailed about it and was told it should have worked, but if not they will refund it Monday when the office is open.

      • Thank you, tpop! My email for customization went to my spam folder so I wouldn’t have seen it! I got charged shipping too and sent an email. I’m really looking forward to this box.

      • Hi,

        The free shipping code was been fixed! We will refund anyone that was charged yesterday!


        Customer Service

      • Still showing a shipping charge at checkout with the code.

      • Hi,

        Technical support is off until Monday. However, I believe if you empty your cart and add the customization as the first item, then add the add-on items that should work. I just checked it and it is working, so that is the only thing I can think of without having the technical department look into it. We will issue shipping charge refunds on Monday, apologies.

      • I made an order with the 60% discount and I had to pay shipping. It said it would ship within 3 days, so it looks like it ships separately. How do I get them to ship it with my fall box?

      • Hi,

        Non add-on items and non JourneeBox items ship in 3-5 days. Your subscription box will have you add-ons included. The free shipping promo is not working correctly. We will refund the shipping fee on Monday. Apologies for the inconvenience.

        Journee Well,

        Customer Service

    • This discount is amazing! Not only do we get to customize three items in our box, but the add on discount code enables us to purchase more quality products at reduced prices. I’ve never known a sub box that offers such perks that are high quality and not mass produced junk.

    • When I saw that discount I had to look again to make sure I got it right. Next time I’m going to pick a bunch of items.

  10. MY FAVORITE BOX! Anyone who isn’t subbed already is MISSING OUT!!!!!

  11. This is fast becoming my favorite sub.

  12. Nice idea, and not one I’ve seen before. That’s hard to do in the sub box world anymore! For anyone on the fence, I’ve subbed since box one, and I’ve enjoyed every box, all items have been great quality and they don’t punish you for being a long term subscriber like some boxes! They actually Reward loyalty and not just new customers. Just my 2¢.

    • I agree! This looks like a fantastic curation (I am burnt out on makeup and skincare)… quick question – are all items random or can we choose colors, etc. Thanks!

      • I am annual, and I believe annual gets choices

      • Even better, thank you!

  13. I have subscribed to a LOT of boxes and this one is by far my favorite. It is the most high quality and thoughtfully curated one I’ve seen. It is obvious that Kevia is the one driving the curation of this box and not just slapping her name on something that other people brainstorm over to get the best deals. This is what subs were meant to be. While the tunic last box didn’t fit me, I haven’t been disappointed in a single item because it was high quality and size inclusive (not quite plus enough for me with no stretch but A for effort!). THANK YOU for acknowledging annual members with something tangible. I tell everyone that this is the box they need to get.

    • Hi Misty, I’m sorry the tunic fit you, mine was just right and it is so well made.

      • I meant to say: the tunic didn’t fit you.

      • It fit as far as getting it on but that wasn’t exactly an attractive look. I loved it though and I kept it. If ever I drop a few pounds I look forward to wearing it. I was happy to see size inclusion at all. That’s where most subs fail spectacularly. I’m glad you loved yours!

  14. Super nice. So versatile for how we can use it. Everything I’ve received in all of my past boxes are well made. I really appreciate the acknowledgment to annual subscribers also.
    Keep up the great work.

  15. I find it odd on their website under what customers say it is all about problems with the box and the quick response of customer service. While I appreciate good customer service I’d prefer a box without issues.

    • I’ve never had an issue with a box. I had a question once and they were so friendly and quick to respond.

      • Seconding this! I would imagine that the “problems” were more responses to their small growing pains (they hadn’t quite ironed out how to do customization their first month, so the form was initially confusing, for instance). I’ve reached out twice with small questions (once about the customization issue, once about changing my address) and both times I’ve gotten basically instant responses and talked to friendly reps. They really, really go above and beyond!

  16. Love all of the spoilers so far…think I am going to upgrade to annual.

    • We’d love to hear more when you get your box, Leslie!

      • Ok, will do!

  17. I am an annual subscriber, and I have never been disappointed. Keep doing what you are doing Journee Box, I love it!!

  18. Oh, I am happy with this runner!

  19. This is SO going on my Korean tansu as a topper……neutral palette, please! We should be able to make our choices soon, right?

    • They told me by the end of the week we will get an email!

  20. I’m SOLD!

  21. This is shaping up to be a really lovely and box, that is actually pretty fitting for fall/winter without being unusable for us folks in Florida!

    Great customer service, they respond to emails, and are very kind. I highly suggest joining this sub.

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