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Ipsy Glam Bag May 2021 Spoilers

Ipsy Glam Bag November 2019 Spoilers Round #2!

We have new spoilers for the November 2019 Ipsy Glam Bag!

  • Gigi Gorgeous Contour Brush 1CT
  • Pixi by Petra Mesmerizing Mineral Duo in Naturally Nude 0.03oz
  • Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Lipstick in Cheerleader
  • IT Cosmetics Confidence in a Cream 7ml
  • bareMinerals Bounce & Blur Blush in Mauve Sunrise 1.5g

In case you missed the previous Ipsy Glam Bag, Glam Bag Plus, and Glam Bag Ultimate spoilers:


The Gigi Gorgeous collection officially launches in November and ipsters may receive products in their Glam Bag, Glam Bag Plus or Glam Bag Ultimate. 
Some of the items featured in the collection are:

  • Get Into It

  • The Gorgeous Contour Brush

  • The Sick Scult Bronzer Duo in Turnt & Extra

  • The Only Blush Duo in Authentic & Pride

And here is the bag design for each subscription:

Ipsy Glam Bag, Ipsy Glam Bag Plus, Ipsy Glam Bag Ultimate

What do you think of the spoilers?

For the NEW IPSY Glam Bag Ultimate:

  • New Membership for even more beauty picks. Glam Bag Ultimate is a new subscription with 8 full-sized & 4 deluxe samples, personalized for you, for $50/month. You’ll get to choose one of your full-size products with the new choice feature! 
  • There will be a makeup bag, every month.
  • You can now add up to 5 Add-Ons for your bag. Previously you were limited to 3.

This subscription is $50 a month. Sign up here!

And if you are new to the regular Ipsy, it is a $12 a month beauty and makeup subscription box. Check out all of our Ipsy reviews to see what’s been in past boxes. And check out our Ipsy Spoilers to see what’s coming up in future boxes! Ipsy Glam Bag Plus is $25 a month. Check out our Ipsy Glam Bag Plus reviews to see what you can expect each month.


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Comments (85)

  1. if i could just get the bag as pictured, i’d be so happy!!

    • They do show a great spoiler, I’m just hoping everything else will be great and I’m so excited to see what I get especially after looking into my account and seeing that I wasn’t charged for any of my three bags. This month is free. Yay!!! Check your accounts ladies, you might have not been charged if you emailed them about October’s box.

  2. Going to skip this bag. Ordered Boxycharm.

  3. November choice and flash sale is LIVE!!

    • My November Choices and Flash Sale buys:

      Glam Bag:

      Hola Neon Tinted Lip Balm

      Flash Sale: Purlisse Watermelon Duo $5

      Glam Bag Plus:

      Seraphina Botanicals Blush Palette

      Flash Sale: Travel Bag Set $16 (ordered this for the travel sized flat iron)

      Not the best options this month but I’m happy with what I chose and bought. In very easy to please though

    • So was the photo with the buds lipgloss in the $12 bag ?

    • And the choices for this upcoming bag are so amazingly wonderful 😍 i can’t wait to try out all this stuff and get add ons!

  4. Heads up: I was just able to choose my November items for glam bag and GBP. It looks like we have WAY more skin options than past boxes and this excites me greatly! I chose a Murad day cream from GBP and a Verso serum from classic GB. Also, they have a flash sale for sample item duos for $5. I hope this helps!

  5. Love how they’re being very careful not to release too many spoilers too soon this month. Probably in fear of even more customers canceling or pausing before billing. If they don’t start releasing spoilers soon I’m pausing again for this month in the next couple of days just to be on the safe side bc I’d bet my last dime the GBP and GBU boxes will probably be crap again.

    • i paused bcuz they were slow showing spoilers and i didnt want to be screwed like last month. i think if im chose for boxy premium im gonna just do the ipsy glam bag only, so that way i only have 12 dollars lost and not 50. i still cant get over what they did,to everyone its stealing and lying.

    • Lol! I think you’re right. Ipsy is in some hot water right now! I didn’t upgrade at all but I feel really bad for everyone that did. I’m not at all happy about this collaboration at all. I haven’t canceled because at the moment, Ipsy is the only sub I have and I’m short on stocking stuffers. I have points to spend, plan on cashing in next month and then wait and see… Check out some of the review videos on YouTube.

  6. I looooove my glam bags. It’s great that we now get to choose one of our items. The add ons are fun too. I just scored a Dr. Brandt exfoliator for 12 bucks. I dont mind the colabs either. I’m hoping to get the Gigi Gorgeous lip gloss! I have no need to upgrade. I love Ipsy.

    • I didn’t get to choose my product for October’s bag. How did you get notified when to go choose? I’d hate to be able to miss out on taking advantage of that feature for the November’s bag too 🙁

      • I got an email on the 24th saying Action Required: choose a product. Maybe check your spam box if you missed it? Otherwise I would log in around the 24th this month to see if its open.

      • Hi everyone. Just an FYI- I am understanding this month we will be choosing on October 23 so don’t let the opportunity pass you by if you are interested in choosing. Check out the site on the 23rd to make sure because the 24th you may be too late (this month)…..

      • I never get any emails from Ipsy except when I purchase add-ons. And nothing in my spam either. Thanks though, I’ll check the app around that time and hopefully I don’t miss it!

      • Download the app,check it daily ,that’s when you will have opportunity for flash sales,add On ect….

  7. Nothing excites me. I’m actually hoping for leftovers.

  8. My regular glam bag has been killing it the last few months…ever since I signed up for Plus too. Just the Plus boxes seemed to go downhill ever since I signed up…

  9. Has anyone else noticed that the product reviews are no longer updating on Ipsy? I like reading them(my life is boring and I have nothing better to do) and I’ve noticed the most current ones showing up are the same ones I saw over a week ago. When I started reviewing this months products I noticed that I received points but they didnt post.

    • YES!! I just noticed this yesterday. I wonder why that’s happening!

    • Same here! I love reading reviews. I don’t like that they only show the same ones and omit the rest. Mine don’t show up even under my profile. I was hoping it was just a glitch. 🙁

  10. I’m too lazy to scroll through the comments to find it but the one person said that once you pick an item, you get a preset box and another chimed in to say that that was outrageous lol. It stuck in my head and I realized that not only is the first person right but ipsy actually told us all that’s what they do. They say select one item and they’ll build the box around it. That sounds like a preset box which would explain why I keep getting lipsticks that I’ve told them I hated. I missed my chance to select my GBP item and they still gave me everything I loved, no lipsticks or things I’ve set to “rarely”. From now on I’m only going to select an item if it’s something I really want to be sure to get.

    • Aren’t they all preset boxes? They have x number of variations and use your preferences to decide whichever variation matches closest. With the choice item, I imagine they have several different box variations for each choice option.

      • That’s correct. They’re all preset. They don’t custom print those info cards for each individual. Everything is set months in advance as far as variations. It’s the only way the process works for the business.

    • Interesting experiment! Let us know if it works next month, too! I might have to follow if that’s true.

    • I hated getting single eyeshadows. I always gave them a low score and always got them every month anyways. I finally emailed them about it and they told me they won’t send them to me anymore. That was four months ago and haven’t gotten one since.

  11. I hope they offer the Gigi lip as the “choice” item. I will choose that just to avoid ANY of the other Gigi items or that AWFUL Huda lippie. The one from Allure went in the donation pile.

    • Same!

  12. I like anything that is It Cosmetics or Huda Beauty! I like Pixi’s skin care products but not there makeup, i dont like that shade of blush for Bareminerals but really like the brand. All these brands i actually like except for the Gigi collection, too much pink for me!

  13. I am already feeling better about November’s GB than I did October’s. The only item I really like from my October GB is the brush I picked as my choice item. But so far, I’d be happy with any of these spoilers.

    (Come on ipsy, you’ve sent me a highlighter or a blush in almost every box I’ve gotten; please give me a bronzer to go with them!)

  14. Is 2nd picture from the top(one with huda beauty lip gloss) for GB or GBP?

    • I guess this is GB? Wow looking great.

  15. I have that bareMinerals blush in the mauve colour and it is lovely on my pale skin but it does have sparkles. If you like a matte blush it may not be your thing.

    • Glad to hear that it works on pale skin! I saw it and thought “too dark for me”, but I love blush and don’t mind a few sparkles. 🙂 Thank you for the information Susan!

    • Thank you! Is mauve sunset a cool tone? Do you see blue or purple undertones or is it warm? I need a good cool blush!

  16. i cant wait to try the Glam Plus! liking it all

    • I picked the Dr. Brandt last month, and so did my friend. We got totally different items for the rest of the box. I loved the October box, and I’m going to keep choosing! 😊

      • Cool! Hopefully they still take your favorites into consideration for the rest of the package even if it is preset. This explains too why I often get a bag that has 1-3 preferences but then a couple that make me scratch my head since I always rate them as items I don’t want. When I see the full list of possibilities I realize they picked pretty well considering there was a lot of face wash, sheet masks sets, and brow powder. 😉

      • Was your Dr. Brandts almost empty like mine was?

  17. Lol so glad I didn’t re-sub yet

  18. I’m happy with these spoilers, they are all products I use. Hoping to get the Pixi product, one of my favorite brands. It would be awesome to get TV he It Confidence in a Cream as well

    • I have both the glam bag and glam plus. I think imma pause the glam bag i do not like the collab with gigi (whoever that is) this month. Alot of blush n bronzers which i do not use!

  19. Cancelled the GBU after receiving October’s hot mess of a box. Now I’m not sure I want to un-pause the GBP for November. Egads!

    • I was salty about yet another collab, but now that I’m seeing the items again, I think those brushes look Really nice! So pretty and fluffy, I hope I get one even though I rarely even use brushes lol. And is that a lip balm I see in the photo?! Please please Ipsy gods let me get a fancy lip balm! Could do without the bag though. I saw someone posted last month a theory that when we choose our Pick for the month, it no longer fully customizes to our profile and instead you get a specific set of products based on your Pick. Which would mean the only way to get full profile-based customization is to not pick, I guess? So now idk if I should pick an item next week or not.

      • Depends on how much you want that item I suppose. I picked the Huda last month just to not get real her,

      • I would seriously doubt that’s the case. It seems likes bit of a reach and doesn’t really make a whole lot of sense. They also pay attention to you reviews of the products you’ve gotten as well as your profile. It would be pretty difficult to base an entire box off of one item pick. The only way to know is to try it so I would pick your item, and see what happens. Their customer care has been really great so if you are concerned about it I would email them and ask them if that’s what they do. I’ve always emailed them with questions and they been super great about it.

      • That is exactly what happens when you pick an item. I was one of the people that was able to test the feature before they offered it to everyone. It may work in your favor and it may not. On two diffrent months that I picked a product I ended up with a horrible bag, didn’t match my profile at all, and on another month I picked a product my bag was fantastic. Also numerous people that picked the same product that I did in those months ended up with identical or almost identical bags. So clearly once you pick an item it drastically narrows down the bags you can be matched with which makes the possibility of being matched with a bag that fits your profile very slim. I now don’t pick an item to be sure I get the best customization possible.

      • I’ve not been afforded the opportunity to ever pick a product.

      • I think it started last month. On or around the 23rd, you should receive an email asking you to log in to your account and select a product.

      • I picked the Dr. Brandt last month, and so did my friend. We got totally different items for the rest of the box. I loved the October box, and I’m going to keep choosing! 😊

  20. Who is Gigi? Never heard of her. I have been receiving highlighter/blush palettes in my Ipsy glambag plus for the past three months so I really hope this doesn’t mean another is heading in my direction. Why don’t they spoil anything we might want?

    • She is a beautiful trans woman and social media influencer.

    • She’s a he.

      • Got that right!

  21. I just got the same blush as a free gift with purchase from Sephora. It’s a great color. I would be happy getting another one.

  22. Ipsy… WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!

    • This bag just looks like it sucks! I’m afraid what the UGB will look like if I don’t like it after Dec I’m canceling and going to boxycharm. Ugly $ss bag color.

    • I have both the glam bag and glam plus. I think imma pause the glam bag i do not like the collab with gigi (whoever that is) this month. Alot of blush n bronzers which i do not use!

  23. I sure hope the Ultimate spoilers are not right. Nothing exciting there at all and for a new box, that is really surprising that they aren’t rolling out the red carpet for us. $50 is a lot and there are many other boxes out there that are looking for new customers. Doubt I will stay with them more than a month or two unless they pull it together and give us some good products.

  24. So far not so good. I actually canceled all my Ipsy subs after the horrible October reveals but I’m getting a free regular bag for November to try to change my mind I guess. So far I’m only interested in the moisturizer and the Gigi lip gloss. I might get the moisturizer but I doubt I’ll get the gloss since I’m only getting the regular bag. And I’m definitely not willing to pay $12 to add it on. I guess maybe If they dazzle me with other Plus spoilers I might actually reconsider, but chances are exceptionally slim since I strongly dislike virtually every item in that collaboration. It has nothing to do with her or it being a collaboration, I just don’t like the products or shades.

    And as far as those bags….blech! I can’t stand leopard print anyway but this version of it is especially ugly. To ME. I understand lots of people think it’s cute and there’s certainly nothing wrong with that. Just glad I’m not being charged for this month.

    • Free REGULAR bag?! Some people who threatened to cancel were given 1) refunds for their October Ultimate or 2) a free ULTIMATE for November. You should call back lol.

      • Some people were given nothing. I paid out of pocket to mail my bag in for a refund and pretty sure I’ll have to fight to get that taken care of too but I have the emails tracking and a video of me boxing that mess back up and sealing it closed.

      • I noticed that my next GBU says Nov and I cancelled in Oct

        Do you suppose I am getting another GBU because of that?

        Customer Service is overwhelmed and it takes ages for them to answer

      • You should double check your subscription as you can just freeze your subscription or like I have done, change it to every other Month. You could be getting charged for the next one if you didn’t fully cancel.

      • She cancelled. Didn’t get any October bags so there is nothing to refund.

  25. I like everything in this spoiler, but I know I won’g receive all of them. I found ipsy may have less value comparing to other sub, but their product is that I could actually use, because it all match my skin tone.

  26. For the first time in the several years I have been with ipsy I received the wrong box. I emailed them, with pictures and within 24 hours they sent me a response that they would be sending me a full replacement box. This kind of c.s. keeps me subscribed. They could have easily said here is 1200 points or said sorry, you still got your 5 items, but they didn’t. Kudos to you Ipsy! I’ll be doing a fb giveaway in the group I run for the makeup products and donate the skincare in the box with the incorrect items.

    • I received the wrong products in my second GB and one incorrect Add-On so I couldn’t review the products I actually received. I sent them an email asking them to switch the products in my profile so I could review them and to send the one add-on that I hadn’t received. Instead, they emailed me that they were re-sending the entire correct bag including all of the add-ons I had originally ordered. That type of customer service really impressed me. I shared the extra products with my nieces who loved them.

      • Exact same scenario as me! For such a big company I think they do a pretty good job in the c.s. dept. Granted I’ve only had to contact then 3x over the past several years , but each time they went above and beyond for me

    • It happens. They apparently have 3 million subscribers. That’s a lot of boxes and bags. I had received the wrong box a few months ago, but the items were okay (I used everything except the nail polish), so I just kept it and didn’t contact CS.

      • I thought about not emailing in but I was really excited about 1 of the spoilers so I just wanted to see if they would replace that item. I fully expected to only get points out of it, but was pleasantly surprised. I offered to mail the box back, but they told me to keep it!

    • That happens me twice once with regular glam bag and they sent me 3 items that were sent wrong and then one item was still wrong in the new shipment and then once with my glam bag plus and they sent me just the item I had really wanted even though 2 items were wrong… maybe I’m way too much of a push over when I email them. 😒

      • I’m not sure. I literally didn’t ask for anything and asked them to please advise me on what may have happened. I always try to be honey more than vinegar unless they try to make it seem like I am not telling the truth and argue with me about it (Boxycharm I am looking at you). Maybe I just got lucky? I certainly was not expecting a free box-which is why I will give away the extras. Paying it forward!

      • A few months back I complained because even though I had selected in my profile that I have light skin, I received the darkest version of Huda Beauty 3D Highlighter palette. They immediately answered that they would send me for free the lightest version of the palette, which they did. Excellent Customer experience. However today I attempted to buy one of their bundles, and 15 minutes after I completed my order, it got canceled without any explanation. The items appeared to be still available for hours later. I tried to contact them via their website but it was impossible. I also sent a message via Instagram and i’m still waiting. They totally confuse me…

  27. Don’t want any of these, so probably another skip. Bummer since I like the bag!

    • I like the bag too but I’ve yet to get a good response for the aweful stuff we got in October. One of the products even has neurotoxin ingredients in it. That’s completely wrong. The Betty Boop colaboration is another fail just like the Tetris. They haven’t comped me anything at all and so far I don’t see anything that is worth Ipsy getting anymore of my money.

  28. Luv huda

  29. I un-paused for November to cash in some points, but there’s a couple of spoilers that look pretty good. I’m finally figuring out blush lol, and I’d like to try the Bare Minerals one. I like the GiGI lip gloss and blush as well.

    Still probably going to cancel after November though.

  30. I loooove it! I don’t even contour but I need that brush lol. I got that Huda liquid lipstick in the Allure box and it’s very runny.
    Pixi is one of my new favs thanks to Ipsy, I love It cosmetics and LOVE the train case!
    Someone please tell me that in the announcement of the Ultimate bag, they saw the image of three prototype bags in white, all three different shapes with the largest being a train case? That was one reason I got it and I complained. I hope everyone complained and got November’s bag comped.
    Is anyone else tired of getting unsealed products? Every single month they have to replace at least one of my items. This time they’re not replacing a sample serum which I understand probably never gets sealed but mascara and eye liner? Yuk, no way!

    • I complained, but they didn’t comp me. They gave me 800 bonus points instead…

  31. I just received my Ultimate box last night. 5 full sized products, 7 deluxe samples, no bonus item for the duplicate bag. Nothing like the spoilers released early. I wouldn’t trust these spoilers at all. The IT product is the only one I would want and it’s tiny. The 50$ Ultimate was ultimately the very last of the money Ipsy will be receiving from me. I subbed to boxy premium where I may not always like or use the products but at least they are really full size.

  32. I’m loving the spoilers for November, so far. I’m not crazy about another matte lip product (Huda), but everything else is great. I’d love to receive the contouring brush, It Cosmetics cream, Gigi lip gloss… so many nice spoilers.

  33. I like It cosmetics but wow they are alway in the line up. CC,ByeBye foundation,Bye Bye concealer.this creme has been to and as add ons. That being said, I will probably ended picking the It Cosmetics…..No lie! 🤔

    • Ditto. I really the moisturizer, and with winter knocking at my door, I’ll take all I can get!

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