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BoxyCharm Makeup Tutorial – October 2019

Boxy Charm October 2019 beauty subscription box review

BoxyCharm is a popular full-size beauty and makeup subscription box. (Check out our full review of the October 2019 BoxyCharm box to learn more about each of the items this month.)

Today, I’ll be showing you how I used some of the items in my October BoxyCharm box! I’d love if you shared what products and techniques worked for you in the comments as well! What items were your favorites? Which products have you been reaching for all month? Let’s talk about all things October BoxyCharm.

But first, here are the box basics:

About BoxyCharm

The Subscription Box: BoxyCharm

The Cost: $21 a month. Save with longer subscriptions.

COUPON: Use code CELEBRATESKIN or DAZZLINGEYES to get a free gift (up to $36 value!) and $10 online store credit .

The Products: 5-6 beauty items that include nail care, skincare, makeup, haircare, fragrances and more. (At least 4 of those items will be full-sized).

Ships to: the contiguous US for free, Hawaii, Alaska, and Canada for $5

BoxyCharm October 2019 Tutorial + Review

Boxycharm Makeup Tutorial October 2019 - All Contents Front

Contents of my October 2019 box:

This month’s Boxycharm theme is called “ After Dark” and it’s perfect for the month of October! There’s nothing like waiting until after dark to enjoy a nice scary movie with a huge bowl of popcorn around this time of year.

Boxycharm Makeup Tutorial October 2019 - Holding Up Sheet Mask Front

Our very first product is a beauty sheet mask from the company GO2 Beauty. We received two bamboo charcoal sheet masks. I was happy to see these were made with charcoal because I am very aware of the awesome benefits that charcoal does for your skin. So I’m assuming that if this sheet mask has charcoal, it has to be a good one. If you are not familiar with the benefits of charcoal for your skin, allow me to fill you in. Charcoal draws chemicals, bacteria, poisons, dirt, and other micro-particles to the surface of the skin. Along with fighting acne, it can also help to treat some poisonous bites and disinfect wounds. This particular sheet mask has awesome skincare ingredients that help to easily remove any dirt, oils, and makeup. It also reduces inflammation and cleans out your pores. When your pores are clear this helps to brighten your complexion.

The instructions say to unfold and apply to a clean face. Here I am with the mask on, and although it’s not black like I assumed it would be, it has a very pleasant smell. My poor two-year-old son went running from the room after seeing me, so I’m assuming I must resemble Jason from the horror film. ( Happy Halloween son) I recommend wearing a towel around your neck to catch the solution as it drips. I left the mask on for the ten minutes the products suggest and then I carefully peeled it off.

Boxycharm Makeup Tutorial October 2019 - Bare Face After Taking Mask Off

After rinsing my face with warm water and patting it dry, this is how my skin looked afterward. My skin feels nice and smooth. All the oil and dirt are gone and I did notice a slight brightening of my skin as well. I really like this mask and I love the benefits of charcoal on my skin so I’m super glad that we get two of these!

Boxycharm Makeup Tutorial October 2019 - Mellow Brow Gel Front

Our second product is from Mellow and it’s their Tinted Brow Gel. I’m not familiar with this company, so I’m curious how this product will perform. This brow product is a lightweight non-sticky gel that has an easy to use formula. I received the shade light brown and I hope it’s not too light for me. I normally use a darker brown color on my brows. It also claims that it can go over powder or penciled-in brows as well. This is great because I can use my brow pencil right along with it.

Boxycharm Makeup Tutorial October 2019 - Outlined Brows

I decided to use my dark brown eye pencil first and complete my brows with the Mellow product. First I created a simple outline of how I wanted my brows.

Boxycharm Makeup Tutorial October 2019 - Using The Brow Product

Then I filled in my brows with the mellow product by creating tiny hair-like strokes and proceeded to fill in my brows from tip to end. In my personal opinion, the brush applicator is a bit oversized and bulky making it a bit difficult to use small strokes.

Boxycharm Makeup Tutorial October 2019 - Thumbs Down Photo

Here is how my brows turned out using this product. It doesn’t say how long this product will last or if it’s waterproof or not. As you can see this light brown color was a bit too light for my brows, so sadly ill be removing it and using what I already have on hand. I think if I had my proper shade, this product wouldn’t be too bad because I really enjoyed using the lightweight formula.

Boxycharm Makeup Tutorial October 2019 - The Eeyeshadow Palette Front

I’m super excited about our next product. Due to our spoilers, I already knew that we would be receiving the Dose Of Colors 5 pan matte eyeshadow palettes. I remember rushing to the website to look at all the shades and already had my eye on a few of the colors I really wanted. Well, that’s what happens when you want something too bad, you end up getting the very one you didn’t want. Lol. Don’t get me wrong, ALL the palettes are gorgeous, but I was afraid to receive the one closest to my skin tone, fearing they may not show up on camera as well. I received the Cool Taupe eyeshadow palette and it has very warm earth-toned shades. These shades are great to use with other eye shadow palettes but a little hard to create alone, especially since all the shades are Matte. However, there’s nothing wrong with a little challenge, so let’s see what look we can create using this beautiful cool tone palette.

Boxycharm Makeup Tutorial October 2019 - One Finger Under Chin Front

To start off I used a medium fluffy brush and used the Smokey shade Sign Off and placed it all over my lid. I know it’s pretty hard to see, but here is how it looks alone.

Boxycharm Makeup Tutorial October 2019 - Two Fingers Under Chin Front

Next, I used a small crease brush and used the color Let’s Chill in my crease, it’s a gorgeous ash grey tone. Here are the two shades together.

Boxycharm Makeup Tutorial October 2019 - Pointing To The Light Tan Color In The Center Of Eye Lid

Next, I used a flat brush and the shade Taupeless, starting in the center of my lid, and dragging the color outward. I’m using this tan color as a builder shade because I’m going to add a nice pop of color right on top of it.

Boxycharm Makeup Tutorial October 2019 - Laura Geller Highlighter Front

The pop of color I’m using just happens to be from our September Box. It’s the Gorgeous Laura Geller Highlighter in the shade Gilded Honey.

Boxycharm Makeup Tutorial October 2019 - Golden Highlighter In The Center Of Eyelids

I took the Highlighter onto my finger and added it right on top of the color Taupeless. I needed something to bring this eye look to life and this turned out perfect.

Boxycharm Makeup Tutorial October 2019 - Brush To Blend Out The Gold Color on Eyelids

Next, I took the brush that came inside the pallets and began blending out the harsh edges so that all the colors will mix well together.

Boxycharm Makeup Tutorial October 2019 - Eyes Closed Showing The Colors All Blended

Here is how it looks all blended out.

Boxycharm Makeup Tutorial October 2019 - Black Brush On The Outer v’s Of Eyes

My last step and shade was the color Smoke Show. Using a dense brush, I took this shade and added it to the outer corners of my eyes, marrying all the outer shades together.

Boxycharm Makeup Tutorial October 2019 - Pointing To The Shade Added To The Outer V Of Eyes

This is how it looks.

This look is suited best for a more evening look, however, if you want to wear this Smokey eye look in the day time, then use less of the highlighter in the center of your eye.

Boxycharm Makeup Tutorial October 2019 - The Hank And Henry Mascara Front

After adding some black eyeliner, I moved on to our next product. We received the Hank & Henry Slick with it Mascara Duo in the shade Clout. I am very familiar with this brand, but I don’t own any of their products until now. First off, I love the sleek packaging and how it has two sides. I can’t say I’ve seen anything like this before when it comes to mascara. It’s a vegan product that’s also waterproof.

I think it’s an amazing concept to have a brush for your upper lashes and a separate brush for the lower lashes. We all know that those tiny lower lash hairs can be almost impossible to groom. It claims that it doesn’t flake or transfer so I’m really excited to try this product out and put it to the test.

Boxycharm Makeup Tutorial October 2019 - Closer Picture Of Eyes Showing The Mascara

The color is dark black and was very easy to apply. I loved how I was able to add layer after layer to both my top and bottom lashes without any clumping. I can’t say that there are too many mascaras that do this. I’m in love with the brush for your lower lashes because I normally skip my lower lashes due to the brush being too big, so this was great for me! I like it so much, that I immediately replaced the mascara in my purse for this one.

Boxycharm Makeup Tutorial October 2019 - The Iconic Spray Bottle Front

Our final product is the Iconic London Prep-Set Glow and I received the original. At first glance this product is stunning to look at. I could not help but shake it over and over again just to watch the particles fall. The ingredients contain extracts of cucumber, chamomile, antioxidants, green tea, and Vitamin E . This product has plenty of goodies to give your skin a healthy-looking glow. There is also a bit of caffeine to give your skin that pep it needs. Today I will be using the product as a skin prep and then as a setting spray.

Boxycharm Makeup Tutorial October 2019 - Spraying The Iconic Spray On A Makeup Sponge

So I wouldn’t get any product on my brows or eye makeup, I took a clean beauty sponge and sprayed the Prep-Set-Glow onto the sponge and applied it to my face as a primer before I add my foundation.

Boxycharm Makeup Tutorial October 2019 - The Iconic Spray Alone Before Adding Foundation

Here is how it looks on my skin alone. I’m not sure if you can see the gold sparkles, it’s very lightweight and I like that.

After adding my foundation, I gave the bottle a nice shake to get all the goodies flowing. I closed my eyes, held the bottle a couple of inches from my face and sprayed an even amount all over my face.

Boxycharm Makeup Tutorial October 2019 - Final Makeup Look With Red Lipstick

Here is my final makeup look after adding foundation, and a classic red lip.

The spray left me with an almost golden sheen and at first, I wasn’t sure how I felt about it, but after it settled I absolutely loved the outcome. This spray is not only gorgeous but has my skin feeling hydrated as well. I love how its a nice fine mist that smells amazingly fresh. I truly love how my makeup went on over it and then of course how it leaves me with a perfect healthy inner glow. I’m guessing that this product looks great on all skin tones and kinda has me curious about how the other shade will look. I am glad that this was our final product because it gives a nice finishing touch to a simple makeup look.

Verdict: This month’s Boxycharm items are perfect for the month of October because we received some pretty awesome treats! If I had to pick a favorite it will be a tie between the duo ended mascara and the awesome Iconic Prep- Set -Glow spray. What was your favorite item this month? 

To Wrap Up:

COUPON: Use code CELEBRATESKIN or DAZZLINGEYES to get a free gift (up to $36 value!) and $10 online store credit .

Check out all of our BoxyCharm reviews and the best beauty subscription boxes of 2019, as recommended by our readers!

Keep Track of Your Subscriptions: Add this box to your subscription list or wishlist!

What’s your favorite item from the October BoxyCharm Box? 


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Written by Desiree Queen

Desiree Queen

I am addicted to subscription boxes for so many reasons. For one I simply love the element of surprise that each month brings, whether its beauty, skin care or anything else. I love the opportunity of trying out new products every month without having to commit to the full purchase. My favorite boxes are Boxycharm, Popsugar, and any Mommy and baby boxes. I am a brand new mother and I love trying out new things for my baby and I love how they always have something special for mommy!

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Comments (28)

  1. The looks u create are great!!

  2. I’m glad you gave the eyebrows a thumbs down, you looked like you had no eyebrows afterwards! I thought your eyes were great! Your review *almost* made me want to subscribe to Boxycharm!

  3. Great review as always. I wasn’t sure I wanted to try the Iconic mist even though all the reviews are great, I’m just not very into glitter on my face but your review has changed my mind. I will try this next time I have an evening out.
    Thank you.

  4. Wow! You look gorgeous! Just for future reference, though, you don’t wash off that particular sheet mask. It’s just serum, so you basically just sit back and let your skin absorb all the goodness. Use the extra on your arms and hands and chest. You can tissue off excess after, if you want, but you don’t need to, and you certainly don’t need to rinse.

    There are some wash-off sheet masks that require rinsing, but they’ll instruct you to do so.

  5. They did not send the DOSE pallete to everyone. I got glamglow cleanser from earlier box, touch in sol cream, plumping lip gloss, lipliner and the brow gel. I was upset to not get the pallete so I cancelled when they refused to send me the pallete.

    • The glamglo cleanser is for this month. I just joined and revived the butter London palette and a tresquie or however you spell it mascara. Both are products of June and July. They are telling me they are charmers choice items. Never heard of them doing this. They have a complete list of their site and their YouTube channel of all the products you have of getting for each month. I can’t find anything anywhere about charmers choice products. It’s a load of 💩. I’m in a battle with them and they don’t want to fix my issue either. The whole reason I joined was for a Dose of Colors palette. It seemed like oh she’s new, She’ll never notice. I left Ipsy for Boxy, but Ipsy customer care is WAY BETTER.

      • i also got my 2nd natural goddess palette instead of a doc palette. NOWHERE on the site does it say this is a variant for Oct, i’m giving up on Boxy b/c they are obviously giving up on themselves by not honoring THEIR claim that “every charmer will receive…” and I def don’t wanna deal with their foundation/concealer ‘debacle in the making since they can’t even get their pop up to market for ‘every charmer…”. Def don’t need the lies from this overly ambitious company, I can get lies anywhere. Customer service could have fixed this, but chose not to. bye, felicia.

    • Oh no I’m sorry to hear that!

  6. Wow your so talented and your skin is stunning

    • Thank you!

  7. Terrific review! Thank you!

  8. Thank you for the tutorial! I really like the aspect of the tutorial vs regular review. No one taught me how to apply make up, it’s still trial and error for me so I like seeing your steps. Forgive me for this silly question- is it normal to apply foundation after the eye makeup? I apply full foundation before any other makeup, after serum/moisturizer/primer.

    • You can do it either way! Some people like to apply their eyeshadow first that way in case there is any fallout it won’t ruin their foundation. I normally apply foundation first but if I’m using a glitter or shimmer shadow with a lot of fallout I will do my eyeshadow first then foundation.

      • My point exactly

    • No your question is very common, you can do the steps in whatever order you like, however I like to do my eye makeup first because a lot of the time Eyeshadow can have fallout. So by doing your eyes first; you can clean up any fallout before adding your foundation. It’s hard to clean up fallout dust that lands on top of your foundation.

  9. So…once you put on a sheet mask, you aren’t supposed to wash off the essence. You’ve essentially just did the sheet mask for no reason. I realize the sheet mask didn’t have directions on the back and if you aren’t an avid user of sheet masks then you probably don’t know but you will see better results if you don’t wash it off. Its like washing your face, applying toner and your favorite moisturizer then washing it all off again.

    • Yes I know your so right, however I had too much Serum left on my skin and I needed to add all my makeup products. I don’t think my makeup would have looked good unless I removed it, I should have done the mask last and not first.

  10. Awesome review! This makes me want to get this box so I can copy the look, but I doubt it will come out of nice. My skills are sadly lacking.

    • I learn as I go lol

  11. As always one of my favorite reviewers with MSA!!! Beautiful!!

    • Awe thanks!

  12. So very pretty, and I can’t wait to try that iconic spray! What foundation do you use, every month it makes your skin look amazing!!

    • Thank you! I usually switch up my foundation depending on the weather due to my oily skin. Right now I’m using Estée Lauder double wear in the shade 7W1 deep spice

      • Thanks! I’ve been hearing a lot about EL double wear recently, I have oily skin too, I’ll have to give it a try 🙂

  13. A beautiful girl with a beautiful name. You don’t even need any makeup 😊

    • Agreed! As I started scrolling through, I thought you looked amazing after just they face mask. You are gorgeous without the makeup… But I know makeup is still fun 😀

    • So sweet thank you

    • Thank you so much!

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