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BoxyCharm Subscription Box Review – October 2019

Boxy Charm October 2019 beauty subscription box review

BoxyCharm is a full-size beauty and makeup subscription box. They always provide a great value compared to the cost of the box. (If you are a makeup addict – we recommend this box!)

open black box

My subscription addiction paid for this box. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

all included items with box

About BoxyCharm

The Subscription Box: BoxyCharm

The Cost: $21 a month. Save with longer subscriptions.

COUPON: Use code CELEBRATESKIN or DAZZLINGEYES to get a free gift (up to $36 value!) and $10 online store credit .

The Products: 5-6 beauty items that include nail care, skincare, makeup, haircare, fragrance and more. (At least 4 of those items will be full-sized).

Ships to: The contiguous US for free, Hawaii, Alaska, and Canada for $5

BoxyCharm October 2019 Review

cover of info booklet

Each box comes with a card detailing the items included.

open booklet with all product info back of info booklet

Now, on to the items!


Dose of Colors Eyeshadow Palette in ‘Baked Browns’, 1.7 g – Retail Value $32.00

Be still my beating heart! A full matte palette?! It feels like it has been so long. BUT, are these matte shades smooth, highly pigmented, blendable, and chalkiness free? YEP! Though these 5 shades look pretty basic in the palette, I am way into the formula. They are smooth as butter, beautifully pigmented, and blend like a dream. Nine times out of ten I am reaching for a natural matte shadow. Sure, the shimmers and glitters are way more exciting to look at, but these colors are so much more useful for my everyday looks. The ‘Tealight’ shade is also sure perfection on my browbone, adding just the right amount of shimmer-free highlight! Outdoorsy was perfect in my crease, adding a perfect amount of definition for my generally low-maintenance lid look.

Top to bottom: Tealight, Deserted, Outdoorsy, Cherry Wood, and Rock Bottom


Touch in Sol Pretty Filter Glassy Skin Balm, 1.05 oz – Retail Value $32.00

I was really, really hoping this came in my box and I was giddy when I saw it inside. If you look past all the fun words, this is basically a primer with a dewy finish. I don’t say that to minimize it, but just to hopefully add some clarification as to what exactly it is and how it is used. I have found primers pretty hit and miss, and I have tried a lot of them! This is my absolute favorite I have ever tried! It basically does all the things I was hoping from the other primers I have tried: hydrates my skin, smooths my skin texture, helps my makeup apply like silk, gives it longevity, and adds a dewiness to my skin that I absolutely am obsessed with. Where have you been all my life? I plan on making this a long-term fixture in my routine for sure.


Iconic London Lip Plumping Gloss in ‘Nearly Nude‘, 0.17 fl oz – Retail Value $26.00

As with all nude lip products I receive, I anticipated this being a hard shade for me and prepared to hate it. I was pleasantly proven wrong because the sheerness of this gloss makes it a great choice for my skintone. It does have that familiar plumping tingle, though significantly less than GrandeLips. I did notice that my lips looked a little fuller, but I mainly like this for the shine!

Sheer and oh-so shiny!


Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant, 4 fl oz – Retail Value $29.50

This was another item I had my fingers crossed for because I really like a liquid BHA in my routine because it adds just a little more cell turnover and texture improvement to my routine. This stuff is super simple to use too! Simply put some on a cotton round and wipe on your face after cleansing. After it dries, you can apply your normal serum and night cream. I am kind of on exfoliating overload right now because I am combining this with Tretinoin, which is a lot for skin to handle all at once. I have used these products before together and as long as I am waiting 30+ mins between applications, using sunscreen, and consistently applying a great moisturizer, I do just fine. If you have sensitive skin, I highly recommend doing a little research before combining this with your other steps though!


JonteBlu Lip Liner Pencil in ‘Hot Red’, 1.2 g  –  Retail Value $5.00

Our last item was a little bit of a dud to me, but everything else was so awesome in this box I don’t even care. This is a bright red lip liner in a traditional pencil format. The longevity wasn’t great, though I did love the classic red shade! I would prefer to use this as an all over lip color than a liner.

I did these left-handed, so they aren’t exactly straight!

Verdict: My BoxyCharm box has an overall value of $124.50, which is fantastic for a $21 box. I am truly tickled by my assortment this month. My favorite two items are easily the primer balm and the BHA liquid. I really wanted both and I was so happy to see them inside the box. The brown eyeshadow palette was demure and high quality, and I could easily wear those shades daily. The lip gloss was another pleasant surprise, and it is another shade that I will happily toss into my purse and use quite often. The liner was the only thing I really wasn’t into, but I still feel like this month had a ton of quality and value, and I am more than willing to overlook a $5 liner being a standout.

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? Yes! These boxes do sell out though, so if you love it, hurry.

COUPON: Use code CELEBRATESKIN or DAZZLINGEYES to get a free gift (up to $36 value!) and $10 online store credit .

Value Breakdown: At $21.00 for this box, here is approximately what you are paying per product:

  • Dose of Color Palette $5.40
  • Touch in Sol Balm $5.40
  • Iconic London Gloss $4.39
  • Paula’s Choice Liquid Exfoliant $4.96
  • JonteBlu Lip Liner $0.84

Alternatively, the average cost of each of the 5 items is $4.20.

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Keep Track of Your Subscriptions: Add this box to your subscription list or wishlist!

What do you think of the September 2019 BoxyCharm Box? Which variants are you getting?


How do subscribers rate BOXYCHARM?

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Written by Megan


I love natural/vegan beauty products, Korean skincare, unique jewelry, and weird candies from far away places. When I am not waiting for my next exciting box you can find me painting or taking photographs of interesting people. I never leave home without pug hair somewhere on my shirt and a bold lipstick on my smile.

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Comments (128)

  1. I signed on with the promo pallet. I received the pallet with all of my items. Unfortunately, they decided that that pallet was enough and didn’t sent me the other pallet that was so coveted. They sent me a stinging beige lip-gloss matched with a red lipliner. The sent me an eyebrow filler that had the worse brush that simply resembled a mascara. A facial cleanser that I received in May when I was a member. Also, a primer. Who curates these boxed?

    • I ended up w/ the natural goddess palette which I already received. This is confusing b/c i thought all charmers were getting a DOC palette. when I emailed, they said this was a variant item. If I had known that i would end up w/a palette I already have, i wouldn’t have re-subbed. This is not listed anywhere on the BC site as a possible variation & I’m def sorry I signed on for 3 months. my mistake and I can assure you, it won’t happen again.

  2. I received this exact box. Was really hoping for the Snow Angels, iluvsarahii, or Mauves instead. It stinks since there were several variations I’d have been happy with, but got my absolute least favorite that doesn’t match my profile or coloring at all.

  3. My box was delivered today.

    I received;

    – Tarte Face shaping palette- Bonus Item
    – DOC in Sassy Siennas- Not my shades but pretty.
    – Hank & Henry Mascara Duo
    – Iconic London in Glow
    – Tweezers- Wanted these
    – Smashbox Eyeliner

    Overall I am pleased.

    • So envy you. You’ve got everything that I wanted! Enjoy it!

  4. My box arrived today. I realize there will always be some items that I wouldn’t choose for myself or that just don’t work for me. A couple items I just don’t want, like highlighters. I was happy to see I got a brow gel, till I saw it is dark brown and I am a blond! Grrrrr… Why can’t they even bother to use our profiles? It’s like they are trying to drive me away.

  5. If anyone wants sassy siennas or the dark iconic spray let me know. I’m willing to trade for not boxycharm stuff also.

  6. I liked my box. I got the Iconic London spray, Pretty Cool pallete, H&H mascara, Smashbox eyeliner, and face masks. I also put Glassyskin as an add-on, but that wasn’t in my box. Are the add-ons coming separately, or do I need to call them?

    • I would email them and ask just to be on the safe side. It is something new that they are doing so I’m not really sure I’m sorry. Hope this helps.

    • They are supposed to come separately.

  7. This was one of the most disappointing boxes I’ve had in the years I’ve been subscribed. Sadly, I am starting to worry that I may have aged out of Boxycharm. I cannot wear bright lip colors, black eyeliner or glittery highlighter anymore, and that seems to fill every box. I also have really oily skin, so the choices of a glow spray or glass skin balm were both a miss for me. I got the variation with the cheap black eyeliner and brow product that isn’t my shade. I hope this was just a miss month for me, because I really enjoy beauty sub boxes and just broke up with IPSY for good after the Ultimate fiasco.

    I know I could go out there and buy products that I want, and I do. However, it is a treat to anticipate a package each month filled with beauty items. I love passing along products to friends that don’t work out for me, but lately, everything has been such a miss, my friends and family are not the audience either so it feels wasteful.

    Here’s my idea—A subscription box for 40+…. It would contain softer makeup shades, anti-aging skincare, tools, tips and products for those that can’t pull off the same shades we did when we were 20–and we are ok with that. I just want to look healthy and polished, not garish and like I am trying to hard to be young.

    • I agree with you, but I’m hoping that as Boxycharm begins more customization and allows us a choice each month, we over-40’s will see a little better curation. For instance, November’s skin care choices were both great for me: a luxe hydrating serum or an anti-aging eye cream. I have begun to see some softer and more hydrating lip shades come my way, and have received great soft matte neutral shadows the past couple of months. Hope you are listening to us, Yosef!!!

    • I totally agree. I love your idea.

    • Great idea! I am so shimmered & sparkled out!

    • Yes. There are plenty of us out here…in our 60s…who want great products for our skin, and to look classy, not clubby.

  8. I got the same exact box everything and am super excited with BC this time after many months of disappointment !!! Thanks BC 🥰🥰

    • This was one of my faves for sure too, Dot! Glad you got an awesome assortment <3

  9. I got the same except with a highlighter instead of Paula’s and Marv Mauves (was crossing my fingers for this). Now I’ll have 2,481 highlighters in my collection😂😂😂. It’ll get gifted this weekend though. I agree, one of the best eye shadow formulas I’ve tried. It truly is as smooth as butter!

  10. Thank you for your review. It was helpful and I’m so happy you are happy with your box. I on the other hand am so disappointed. I have contacted Boxy and asked for a refund. I am frustrated with them and subs not following my profile at all.
    I am a cool very fair fair to light white complexion. I have blond hair and blond eye brows. My profile says mauves plums pinks etc COOL colors for eyes and lips. I do have peach blush as I had received so many pinks that I wanted to have some other options so I have peach for BLUSH only atm.
    I received SIENNA for my dose of colors palette and mellow tinted brow gel in DARK BROWN!
    WTH people at Boxy. THIS IS unacceptable and basically a waste of my hard earned $$$.
    Sorry for my rant. BUT I am annoyed. I also believe I received the darker bronze color for the Prep n glow spray when I should’ve received the pinker lighter shade. Also I am tired of getting black eye liners. I dont have black on my profile either. Are the people packing the boxes even looking at my profile?

    • Boxy unfortunately doesn’t even use our profiles yet. Supposedly only if there’s a product that is complexion based like a face pallete. I’m also fair and received the original Iconic London spray. I don’t get a glow from it. I look like I’m a vampire from Twilight in the sunlight. I still use it though, because I do love how it smells.

  11. I got Variation 6. It included the Marvelous Mauves, I’m unsure 😐 about this colors on my skin tone. The TIS which is what I picked. Iconic in love struck, Jonteblu lipliner in dark natural and another highlighter , Steve Laurant, not happy about this past variant from a previous box. I really wanted the Paula’s Choice.

  12. So I got my box today and I was surprised and haven’t seen anyone with my box so far. It was 0.8 lbs 7×4×2. I got variation 39! Did not even realize there were that many! Crazy…anyway so the 3 items I knew in was getting was

    ¤ DOC marvelous mauves
    ¤ Iconic London lippie in nearly nude
    ¤ Touch in sol balm which I chose

    The surprise items were

    ¤ Illuminati beauty sponge
    ¤ Tarte pro glow liquid highlighter

    I really hate the DOC palette formula I have the snow angels and I have used it a couple times since seeing we were getting these to try and give it another chance and I still hate it but the mauves is the one I hoped for bc the colors are beautiful, but I thought the same about the snow angels. Ill give it a try though. I don’t use liquid highlighters but I am happy to see that I got stuff not every other person got and hated. You know what I’m mean? Also I already have the Natasha Denona palette they sneak peaked for the premium box 😭 but happy for everyone who is excited about it. Saw that and info some of you might be interested to know in Yari Vs video. Stuff I definitely didn’t know pertaining to the premium box!

    • Box twins! I was gonna post my box but we are literally identical.

      I’ve gotten the tarte pro-glow before but I think it was a different color.

      • Oh seriously? That’s cool! I’m glad to see someone else with the same products. Were you as surprised as I was? I just really don’t use liquid highlighters. Did you try the pro glow? How did you like it?

  13. My box weighed 1 lb and I got Blushing Berries which I like way more than I was hoping since I’ve never tried BOC formula- it’s exTREMley pigmented but really easy to blend.
    Unfortunately the black was broken and the case doesn’t close properly so we’ll see what Boxy says I’ve never used their CS before.
    I also got the iconic London original spray it looks like a lava lamp and it smells good! They also sent me iconic London lipgloss in a bright dark purple but surprise surprise it’s sheer! I like it! I also got the Mellow eyebrow tint which I love eyebrow gels I don’t care that it’s half size the cards always state price of full price items not what you get- and lastly the LONGEST orchid purple eyeliner I’ve ever seen by Hollywood in Vine, whoever that is.

  14. I was thinking I had this box based off of my weight. Unfortunately, I got the Skin&Co mist instead of Paula’s Choice and some tweezers 😭 I always get my hopes up and then get let down. Paula’s Choice was going to be my bday present to myself lol.

    • I got the crappy hair mask. Blecch! Also, I look awful in brown and have complained about that to them before. I am really sorry you didn’t get what you wanted either. That sucks.

      • That’s the gamble you take with BC. They suck me in with the spoilers and then after we billed, they release 12 more variant products with only a few select people getting the “unicorn” item. It’s ridiculous. We all pay the same amount and all deserve to have equal value boxes. At least if there are going to be variations, make them equivalent. They have me for at least another 6 months until my annual is up and then I’m going to take a break from subs for a while. Hopefully, you will get the products you like next month.

    • I got the same box as you. Although I was a little disappointed at first, I have been using the skin & co spray every day before my primer and makeup. It is not shimmery (which I’m excited about) but it does add moisture and dewiness under my makeup. It’s a winner for me. I also love the baked browns palette, which I thought was going to be boring but is actually very autumn-like.

  15. Guys if you got the DOC palette/ Iconic London Spray/ Hank &Henry Mascara/ Mellow Brow Gel/ Hollywood & Vine eye pencil (variation 18), check out the size of the Mellow Brow Gel. It’s a 5mL mini size, while the retail value they’re assigning it on the flyer in the box is for the full size 10mL product. Which means our box value is under $100. They deleted my comment about it on their Instagram page twice. So, so shady these people.

    • This is NOT correct. Why are people spreading misinformation? If you go to the Mellow website it clearly says the 5g tube is $16 RV. You wanna be mad at Boxy, fine, but please stop spreading false information. It’s super exasperating.

      • 5 gm and 5 fluid ml are not the same thing. If you look at the pictures of packaging you’ll see that the 10 ml normal tube is longer. It’s listed at 10 ml on amazon and other sites and sold for $16. Boxy sent a shorter tube with 5 ml instead.

        I’m all for being fair and questioning when we think we’re not getting what we are supposed to but this is clearly not a full size product and not as boxy advertised. They can’t claim that it’s the full $16 value when you can go to mellows site and buy a tube that’s twice the product for the price they are claiming.

        We should be informed consumers and hold companies accountable when they try to fool us. I’m not too pleased because I used the tarte code and it looks like I’m not getting a doc palette that was promised to all subscribers and advertised in the link I clicked on with the promotion with no variation. This kind of stuff is false advertising and deceptive and I’m tired of it.

      • 5 fluid milliliters IS the same thing as 5 grams. Google it. If Mellow changed their packaging and reduced the size of their product that is not on Boxy.

        Boxy is 4-5 full sized items which means you can get 4 full sized items and one deluxe travel size item, but that isn’t the point in this case, because it is the full size that Mellow is currently selling on their website.

        Also, the 10ml one on Amazon has been discounted to $16 from an original RV of $20. I’m sure if you all got that you would complain that it is old.

        Sometimes I wonder why I even visit MSA anymore. I started coming here to find people who share the same addiction as me and to have fun, but no one is EVER happy. It’s a really Debbie Downer.

      • I’m not trying to get into this discussion, but I thought maybe I could help with some information. Former research chemist here – 5 grams (5g) is not the same as 5 milliliters (5ml) except in one specific instance. Grams are a measure of weight. Milliliters are a measure of volume. The only substance where 5g = 5 ml is absolutely pure water. For everything else, how weight translates into volume (or vice versa) depends on the density of the substance. I hope that helps some.

      • I’m new here. Hi everyone!
        Hope you all have wonderful evening!
        I just wanted to say I think MSA is best one out here and Hope everyone enjoying sub addiction experience as fun.
        Thanks Sherri, sharing that accurate information.
        Have a good weekend everyone!

      • So being a research chemist you also must know that any variations in weight based on volume are VERY minimal. Aka 1 gram MIGHT equal 1.1 ml, but to say l gram equals 2ml is a HUGE stretch. Im not some uneducated person here who doesnt understand how things work, but hey, thanks for making it look like that..

        I think Mellow changed their product size and people are placing the blame on Boxy. If people are so unhappy/distrustful with body [and allure and FFF] , they should drop them and move on to one that makes them happy. It boggles my mind how so many people on MSA can find so many things to be unhappy about. I feel so bad for Liz and team.

        One of these days sub boxes are going to be defunct because people have become so impossible to please and everyone is going to wish they still existed. People like me, who shrug off the “bad”, are going to be really sad.

        I’m also done with this conversation and think it’s time for a MSA break. Anyone know of a good facebook group where people still enjoy the idea of sub boxes? MSA just isnt that place anymore.

        Have a good weekend and try to find the silver lining in your boxes. Even if it might seem like a box of crap you won’t like, try things. You might end up finding a favorite

      • Ok….YOU said it..are you done? Thank you…

      • I was duped the same way with the Tarte free gift. Free means free…not a substitution. We should have gotten that palette in addition to the DOC palette. MSA is not addressing this deception, either, which is very disturbing. We followed the instructions that MSA posted for this promotion. We can only conclude that they are satisfied with fraud. We have every right to complain. It’s our money that was scammed.

      • But I used the tarte code and got the big tarte palette in the picture and a doc sienna palette ( not my colors up for swap) plus the four other items. So it seems like only some didn’t get one? Or is it missing from the boxes? To which there would only be five items and that’s definitely a missing product.

      • I feel the exact same way. The tarte was supposed to be a free gift not the main feature of my box. Didn’t even look at the beauty profile I filled out because they sent dark brown eye brow gel. I have blonde hair with light brown eyebrows which is specifically asked for on the profile they had me fill out. What’s the point? I cancelled right after opening my box.

      • same for me ladies, i have sparse light blond eye brows and got the dark brown mellow stuff. its useless to me. this i do find frustrating, they just expect us to get 100% useless items and it isnt cool.

      • I got those same colors, to, which are wrong for a natural golden blonde. Why do a profile?

      • Debbie downer times 10 😣

      • You’re one of the fortunate people. Be grateful. Stop calling those if us who were scammed downers. You would feel the same if you were scammed. Go away.

    • Why would they delete your comment 3 times if you were wrong? If you were they could have just posted the correct info underneath your comment easy peasy so something doesn’t sound right with them

    • I noticed that also and I do feel slighted because I totaled my box and I think it came to $ 93 +.

  16. I am dropping Boxycharm. I don’t get the products I want. At all. Ipsy isn’t much better, but seems to have more items I actually use than this one. I don’t buy a box to give it all away. 🙂

    • Me,too.

  17. Bummer. I received 4 EYE products! Seriously? All going up for swap. Smashbox eye liner, DOS eyes, Hank mascara, tweezers.

  18. Another big winner for me. I’ve been writing them for years about the color selections, but the survey of preferences must be working because I got a lovely pink lipgloss and berry palette. I do not like coral colors. I’m a pink rosy girl, and at 65, too senior to wear old lady colors. Thank you, Boxy!!!

  19. Where can I find the weight of my box? I also never received spoilers emails, just emails my box shipped. Thank you

    • Click on tracking number. Tap travel history. Select Travel History. You’ll get the weight if package. Mine was 1.1 obs and got the same items as the reviewer.

      • Thanks Jay! Mine is 1.1lbs as well.

      • I’m literally so disappointed — I didn’t even get a DoC palette. I signed up with the Tarte promotion and am wondering if that’s why? They literally never said that would prevent us from getting the DoS palette. I know that the item I got instead (Becca eye primer) is a nice item, but I didn’t resubscribe for a primer that was never advertised. Anyone else have this problem and feeling upset?

      • Same. I didn’t get a DoC palette, although I did get the Tarte face palette. And you are right – there was nothing to suggest that we would forgo the DoC palette if we got the promo. So yeah, I’m bummed since I subscribed largely bc of the DoC palette. If it makes you feel any better, as best as I can tell, most new subs or re-subs didn’t get the DoC palette, and the few that did got the Sierras one.

      • Ugh. I contacted their Help team but I doubt they’ll have anything helpful to say. My box is still fine (though my lip gloss container feels crusty on the outside) so I know it could be worse, but I just kinda feel like I’ve been tricked. Also, my Tarte palette low-key looks swatched already

      • Agree. And my Tarte palette looks like it’s already been swatched! Now what am I gonna do with that? Ugh.

        I dropped Boxy last year after the Boxyluxe issues. I thought I would give them another try, but now I’m sorry I did.

      • I got both the DOC and the Tarte. I don’t think my Tarte has been used but looks like a reject. Like it didn’t make it past the quality assurance department. Whatever that’s called.

  20. I used the Tarte coupon code and got the Face shaping face shaping palette (the one I wanted)!
    My box had: Glamglow cleanser (yay!) Becca under eye primer (yay!) TIS primer/moisturizer (yay!) Nude lip glass (yay!) And a bright red $5 lip liner (gift pile). Great box for me! Glad I didn’t get the DOC palette.

    • Oooooh! What do you think of the primer? I have had my eye on it. No pun intended!

    • Epic fail. 1970’s blue eyeshadow pallet, watery setting spray, cheap black eyeliner, mascara, and a great brow gel in the wrong color. This is definitely the worst box I’ve gotten from Boxycharm. So disappointed.

  21. I cancelled last month..after a year, of not getting what I wanted…so glad I did..

  22. I was prepared to dislike my box because of the browns and nudes, but I was over the moon with everything I received!
    The Dose Palette Baked Brown was beautifully Pigmented, soft and buttery and I must collect all these Pallets. The tweezers do not seem quite as good as tweezerman but still a quality item for my RV.
    I got the Truffles setting and glow spray, love the slight shimmer, and setting power of this little spray.
    The lipgloss was a nude but the brown was so subtle, and the shine is blinding…Love!
    My very favorite box yet!

    • I feel the same way. I am not usually a brown’s girl, but after seeing this review, they are gorgeous! I just checked my shipping status, and it says mine is sitting in my mailbox right now! I’m so excited. I think I will be over the moon, with what ever I get. I love Boxycharm!

    • I feel like brown and nude palettes just feel really unexciting until you use them every day haha! I loved mine too, and I was happy to not see any outrageous colors.

  23. Thank you for the outstanding review Megan. I canceled Boxee about six months ago and have had zero desire to resubscribe until I read your review for this month. Thank you for getting it out in time in order for me to go ahead and get this months box. Of course because it’s Boxee I can only hope and pray that I get the same items you did and I know my chances of that happening are slim to none but I’m hopingTo get at least a couple of the items you did because your review sure makes me want them! Thank you so much for all you do and I appreciate you

    • You are welcome Courtney! I hope you get what you are hoping for too. I recently re-did my beauty profile to be much more focused on reserved shades and heavy on skincare, specifically anti-aging! I am thinking that is why this was such a great box for me this month. Let me know what you end up with!

  24. I got this exact box! I love it! I also normally dislike glosses and I will probably actually wear this one. It’s not sticky at all! Excited to try everything else!

    • I got the SIENNA Palette(DOC), Hank and Henry mascara, some random.color eyeliner in think its green, and a lip gloss, with the iconic. I’m so disappointed. I really wanted either the Paula’s choice or the Smashbox. My box was awful.

      • I was disappointed as well. I received DOC blushing berries, glassy skin balm, iconic lip gloss in love struck, Luna eyeliner in black and cleaning water cloths. Two items are a repeat.

      • I got everything you did except instead of the water cloths, I received a liquid highlighter. The black pan in my palette was broken and the eyeliner is terrible (plus I never wear eyeliner). Such a dud this month.

  25. I got this EXACT box. ☺

    Even the same gloss, lip liner and palette colors.

    I count myself lucky, this month!

  26. I just resubbed and I’m hoping for the DoC mauve palette, and as many skincare items as possible as I have no need for a shimmery facial spray or lip/eyeliners.

  27. I wanted that PC item but I can’t be too upset with my box. I got the DoC Mauves, the Elemis Mask, the TIS balm, Iconic London gloss, and a random beauty sponge. My box was .9 lbs. I tried the palette today and it was pretty good, the colors look muted in the mauves but show up really well on the eyes.

    • I love a mauve palette! I might have to cave and just buy that one. It might be the only one I would have preferred over the browns, but I am still really thrilled this month!

    • My box exactly

  28. My box is almost the same as yours, but I got the tweezers and truffle spray instead of the Paula’s Choice and the lip liner. I am pretty happy with everything. Not sure about the spray, but I’ll try it. Happy to see all the eye shadows in the baked brown palette are such wearable mattes. Seems everything I’ve been getting lately are crazy 80 colors and mostly glittery shades. While I love fun colors, I mostly need shades that are for everyday, and this palette fits the bill. The Glassy Balm is great. I use it as the last step in skincare whether or not I’m wearing makeup. Without, I look fresh and dewy. With makeup, it’s a great dewy primer. Haven’t used the tweezers yet. Lip gloss is good, but I wish the color had more pop.

    • I got this same box – I’m happy with it and will likely actually use everything in my box for once!

    • Same box! I am thrilled. Tweezers are one thing I marked that I like to receive – this shows they are looking at our profiles already. I can’t wait to use the truffle mist and skin balm. 🙂

  29. I received my box today and I got the TIS skin balm, DOC baked browns, Iconic London in love struck, 2oz Briogeo and Luna by Luna black eyeliner 😩. My box weighed 0.8 lbs 8x5x2. The TIS is what I chose. I’m ok with everything but the eyeliner since I have million from subs already.

    • TWINS! I love this box! Paulas choice was a shocker.

  30. Did anyone receive the Paula’s Choice with a box weight of 1.03 lbs?

    • Yours probably is because I’m seeing all the boxes that didn’t get it as weighing under a pound.
      Mine had the DoC palette, Iconic London spray, Hank and Henry liner, a black eyeliner and a brow gel and mine was .8lbs

      • Thanks, Shari.

    • Where do you find how much your box weighs?

  31. The first 3 items are in my spoilers email, looks like a good box! Im super excited to get this! I do wonder for people that have been long time subscribers and don’t like your items – have you filled out the beauty profile lately? I just subbed to boxy 4 months ago and the survey was SUPER LONG, I thought about each question carefully and I must say all of my boxes were spot on for my preferences! I feel like it was worth the time. If you have been with boxy long term and don’t like the items you received, perhaps re-take the quiz, also maybe some of your preferences have just changed over time and you can update them.

  32. If you use the Trickortarte code, you most likely will not get a Dose of Colors palette.

    I’m really upset about this, because the only reason I re-signed up for the box is because the Dose palettes all looked so good. I even saw an ad banner from BoxyCharm while browsing the MSA swaps pages that indicates that you will get both the DoC palette & the Tarte palette.

    I emailed BC customer service with a screenshot of the ad as soon as it became apparent that most who used the code would not get the Dose palette, & they got back to me yesterday with basically, “Oh, sorry. Too bad.”

    • I used the trickortarte code and got the DOC sienna palette.

      • Same here.

      • Good!

        It seems like all the people who used the code & did not get the palette as one of their 3 sneak peeks in the add-ons email are not getting a DoC palette. The Sienna palette is the only DoC variant I’ve seen Trickortarte code users receiving.

    • I resubscribed with the tarte code and got both the clay play and the dose siennas palette…

      • Oh you give me hope! What was your box weight?

      • 1.7

      • Michelle, what were your spoilers and box dimensions?

      • Candice I’m not sure what the dimensions were. My spoiler email showed the Sassy Siennas palette, Iconic spray, and Hank & Henry mascara

      • Hi Michelle, did you get the glamglow cleanser as well?

      • I never receive spoiler emails, just emails when my order is shipped. How can I update that information?

      • Nice! Congrats!

      • Oh, I hope I get one!

      • I am hoping I get the DOC and Tarte I haven’t been a subscriber in about a year and finally bit for the Tarte and DOC. Doubly happy if I get Marvelous Mauves

    • Yep – October was my first box, and I used the promo code. I didn’t get a DoC palette. And that’s what prompted me to subscribe. 🙁 I’m so bummed. I got the Glamglow cleanser, the TIS balm, the Iconic lip gloss in nude, the under eye primer, and the cheap lip liner in red. And I did get the Tarte face palette for my promo. Honestly, I’m only enthusiastic about one item. What is upsetting to me is I feel like BC duped us all into thinking we’d get the DoC palette, but instead filled our boxes with old stock (I gather that at least a couple of my items were in recent past boxes). We will see what next month brings but this may be a short lived sub…

      • agree thats BS. I haven’t got mine yet and i will cancel if i dont have a pallet and im thinking i dont becaus emy box is only .8 lbs. will see

      • Dani – oh my goodness, that is the sweetest, nicest, kindest offer. I so so appreciate your generosity. Thank you so much for offering to do that for me. Unfortunately, the Siennas palette is the the one variant of the group that won’t work with my coloring. 🙁 I did like the Tarte face palette so at least I have that.

        Just as some FYIs, in case you were curious… Based on what I can gather from social media, very few new subscribers or re-subscribers got the DoC palette, and those that did got the Siennas. I saw someone comment that BC ran of DoC palettes, so they just started putting together boxes with old stock they had. (I don’t know if that is true or not, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it were.) A few people reached out to customer service about the lack of DoC palette but were essentially told “So sorry, bummer for you.” The issue for me is that the spoilers, etc. gave the very distinct impression that everyone was getting a DoC palette – so while I recognize that you never quite know what you’ll get (other than your choice item), it’s super disappointing and frustrating to not get something you have been told you will get. I also saw some comments about one box variant having an item that was a mini version, but BC assigned it the value of the full size version, and when you calculated box value based on true value (vs. what BC quoted), the box value was under $100, i.e. not the minimum promised value. A company telling people one thing and then doing another doesn’t sit well with me. So I will see what November and December bring (I signed up for a 3 month sub) and go from there.

  33. I think you’re my box twin, what a great box overall! Hoping to receive this since my spoilers and weight and dimensions are spot on! Also a head ups for sept. add-ons, we should be getting our emails with the tracking either today or tomorrow. I made a post on boxycharm’s ig inquiring when they would ship since my oct box has already been delivered lol
    Yosef actually responded lol and said we would be emailed today or tomorrow the shipping for sept add ons!

  34. I got mine yesterday and all five items are on the swap section. 🙁 To be clear though, my box was probably perfect for someone else, just not me. lol I got the following:

    The primer- I dont wear makeup enought to actually use this
    Marvelous Mauves- Not enough “color” for me, very muted imo
    Lip gloss- dont wear lippies
    Lip liner tha matches the gloss- again, dont use
    Steve Larient Highlighter- I definitely don’t have any idea how to highlight or whatever lol

    Not bad items, just horrible for me. Makes me sad I wasted $21 bucks BUT it IS a sub box so you can’t always get what you want as it’s purpose is to direct you to new products.

    • What are you iso? I’d trade ya for the mauves!

    • Carey, Please don’t take this the wrong way. In no way am I being a smartass, but you say you don’t wear make-up enough, you don’t wear lippies or lip liner, and you don’t know how to use highlighter, so what products did you want or expect to get bc this is a make-up subscription… Just a little confused.

      • Hi Leslie. 🙂

        Boxy tends to send other items besides makeup so I am not usually that disppointed. lol I am an absolute palette ho so that is usually a win for me since we almost always get one. And that silly water bottle that everyone hated last luxe? One of my favorite items!! LOL

        This box was well balanced just not for me. 🙁 BUT I am always looking forward to the next month!

      • Oh gotcha… Ok so you like the skin care items and eyeshadow palettes? I was just wondering 😊 I didn’t get the water bottle but I don’t think it was a terrible item. Water is good for your skin that’s for sure.

  35. Surprise, surprise the boxes that will get lots of attention because they’re for influencers are the best option there is. Bah! Humbug!

    • Exactly!

    • You said it! #TRUTH

  36. I got this exact box

  37. You got a great box but O M G how many of those lip liners do they have?!?
    They have been sending them out for over a year, just different colors. I haven’t even had Boxy for a year, but have received 2 of them before I cancelled.
    Heck, when I did activate it in May (for the free IT cosmetics cream) – I got another one of those things! (cancelled in June – just long enough to get that cream I wanted, hehe)
    Those lip liners are in the overdone category, like Eyeko eyeliners.

  38. How nice that you got some decent products. My box was garbage, and that’s where I put it. A cheap gas station eyeliner and a black brow gel (I’m blonde/light skin). This was the final straw for me. Almost all the add ons I was offered were products in my box – which they did not tell me. STUPID. I always have a terrible experience but for some reason keep hoping the next box will be better – no more. After years I’m finally done throwing my money in the trash.

    • I too got more or less a “junk” box, at least for me personally. I’m a blonde with fair-Light toned combo skin with an oily t-zone. I got the dark Iconic shine/bronze spray, which even my trusted YouTuber, JustAnne, advises NOT to use on oily skin, the Sienna DOC palette which is useless as orangey/red colors look hideous on me, a majorly cheap black eyeliner pencil I won’t use given how many much better quality eyeliners (especially black) I have, a dark brown eyebrow wand that’s way too dark and I only use pencils, and finally the Hank and Henry mascara, which is the ONLY product I’m happy to receive. It definitely wasn’t worth $21 and may well not have been worth resubscribing. So I really do feel your pain.

      However… I hope you didn’t literally throw your box contents in the garbage. I honestly get more products I don’t like than products I do in the majority of my beauty subs I’ve had over the years. It’s always a gamble but usually the value is there for the 50-60% of items I keep. As for the remaining products, I gift them to anyone I know for sure would like them, send family members boxes of stuff to keep or pass on to their friends, I also donate batches of the things I know they don’t want or need to women’s shelters a few times a year. If you don’t want to do any of these things with your unwanted products because they’re a hassle as far as time, cost or whatever, consider one other option. The next time you’re out and about, take your rejects to pretty much any public place you’re already at or near anyway and just set them down somewhere. I guarantee SOMEONE will want them. You might even totally make someone’s day. Lots of women can’t afford any new beauty products at all, even cheap ones. So many would greatly appreciate the chance to try better brands.

      All of us have different ideas about which products are awful and which are great. It really is true that “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” In addition to getting the stuff off of my hands, knowing someone else will get use out of the items I paid for helps calm down my anger and frustration about the company that sent them to me and about wasting my money gambling and losing.

      Please don’t take offense. I’m certainly not trying to sound like I’m telling you how to live your life. It’s just that I read comments fairly often about how people actually do throw their brand new products straight into the trash. In addition to the environmental impact of all that wasted plastic, I’d like to think it just doesn’t occur to people to do something better, like giving/donating to the less fortunate, with their “garbage.”

    • Instead of throwing it out, you could consider donating to women’s shelters?
      We have a local organization (from what I hear, most areas do and you can usually find them with a Google search).

      I know it’s super frustrating getting things you can’t use, but at least then you can be happy that someone will get good use out of them. 😊

      • I also wonder if the drama clubs at the high schools and some counties have would be able to use any of those items, for plays and stuff like that ? Just thinking out loud here but might be an option?

  39. Hoping we’re box twins. Can you share the weight? If you put it in the article and I missed it sorry;)

    • I am pretty sure this is the box I am getting. It weighs 1.1 lbs according to Yari G unboxing video on YouTube. There is one other version that I have seen with the same weight and same 3 spoilers _(TOS, baked browns and nude gloss) but it comes with tweezers and the skin and co truffle toner spray instead. Since I already got the toner I think I will get this version.

      • I was excited because my weight was 1.1. Got the tweezers and truffle spray 🙁

      • Aww boo! Have you received the spray before in luxe?

      • I joined late and my box shipped. The weight is 1.3. Did anyone else have this weight? If yes, would you share your box contents? Thanks so much!

      • My box is exactly 1, if I trust the DHL shipping. Their haven’t been many people posting about an exact wait of 1

      • Mine is 1 lb also. Spoilers showed sienna palette, iconic original, and Hank and Henry mascara. I am not excited at all for this box.

      • Mine is exactly 1 lb, also. Preview in the email showed DOC Baked Browns, TIS balm (my choice item), and Iconic lip plumper in natural nude, or something like that.

      • Got this exact box! Just got my 1 lb exactly box! Woo hoo! Has a DOC Baked Browns, Paula’s Choice, Iconic lip in neutral, red lip liner, and TIS balm (which was what I chose)!

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