BoxyCharm November 2019 Choice Time!

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It’s time to pick one of the items for your November 2019 BoxyCharm box!

First, all subscribers will receive:

Dominique Cosmetics Celestial Thunder Eye Shadow Palette

AND now you can pick between:

Your Choice of Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Anti-Wrinkle Eye Treatment or Kypris Antioxidant Dew Quench & Glow Serum for your November Box.

Click here to make your selection! (You have until October 9th, to make your selection.)

Which item are you picking?

Now through 10/31, click here and use coupon code TRICKORTARTE to get a free Tarte Clay Play Face Shaping Palette OR Tarte Tarteist™ PRO Glow Cheek Palette (each valued at $45) with your first BoxyCharm box!

*Valid for new subscriptions or those who canceled before September 1, 2019. Valid for the month of October 2019, or while supplies last.
(If you aren’t familiar Boxycharm is a beauty + makeup subscription box that sends 5 full-size items each month for $21. It was voted the #1 Makeup Subscription Box by MSA readers, and won places in many categories in the 2019 Subscription Box Awards!)

Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. My sneak peak has the Dose of Colors Blushing Berries. I will trade for ANY other variation. Was hoping for the Baked Browns.

    • I’d trade ya! I am getting Baked Browns

      • Let’s trade! My box arrives Wednesday.

      • Let’s trade. My box arrives Wednesday.

    • How do you get sneak peaks of items in your box? I have never found this option.

      • Some of us got ours in the the choice/add on email we got today. The spoilers were right below the blurb about how to choose.

        • Hahaha I just went back to the email, there were 3 of my spoilers. Apparently I didnt even scroll past the choice notice. Lol

    • I will trade, I have the Sienna colors!

      • We are arranging a swap but I will let you know if it falls through

      • I have marvelous maybes looking for the sienna or baked browns

        If anyone wants to trade – let me know

        • I will trade I have the siennas

          • I have baked Browns and would love to trade!

    • me next if it falls through!! also getting baked browns 🙁

      • We are in the process of arranging a swap but I will let you know if it falls through

      • Hi. I seen you wanted to trade dose palettes.. I have blushing berries and was hoping for baked browns. Are you still looking to trade?

        • I JUST traded for siennas…any chance you’d trade for those?

          • You want to trade my blushing berries for sassy siennas?

          • Heather, id love to. Let’s get in touch!

      • I want baked browns or mauve i got sassy sienas :/

    • I got the sassy siennas. Id love to trade for sny of the other pallettes. I REALLY wanted to get Paula’ s Choice for my teenage daughter that suffers from bad acne and has been having a lot of confidence issues bc of it. Of course I didnt get it or the plumping lipgloss I wanted. So disappointed this month. 🙁

      • Ginger Willets,
        Not related to Boxycharm but I HIGHLY recommend for those suffering from acne, Tula probiotic face wash.
        I got it in my winter FabFitFun box the beginning of this year and within weeks my skin was so clear when I’ve tried hundreds of different things over the past decade! I think it’s $26 at Ulta, but I also managed to find a couple on Poshmark for around $12 that I stocked up on so I recommend looking there too if you’re interested in trying that for her. Favorite product I’ve ever gotten in a sub box by far.

  2. I chose the Kypris serum.

    No spoiler email. 🙁

    I added on the Stila lipstick in Patina (I’m wondering if this will actually be the Patina Shimmer lipstick that was in last month’s box).

    • Scroll down, its in the same email as the choice email for November. I too thought I didn’t get a spoiler email at first!

      • Oh, awesome, thanks!

        Haha oh man the spoilers do not help me at all, though! I wanna know which palette I’m getting, but it’s showing me the Glamglow, Touch in Sol balm, & Iconic nude lip gloss.

        • Glamglow is a variant for the doc palette

          • Do you know that for certain, or are you just speculating?

          • She is correct. If you get the GlamGlow you wont get the DOC pallet

  3. I chose the serum as I am really interested in the brand.

    I’m pretty sure I got the same version as Yari G:
    My spoilers: Baked browns, TIS glassy balm, Nearly nude gloss.
    What I suspect my remaining two items will be based on my box weight (1.1 pounds) and matching spoilers: Paula’s exfoliator and Jontbleu lip liner. I would be super happy with this version, but will probably trade or sell my palette for the berries, sienna or mauves palette.

    I’m in the minority, but my Boxycharm boxes still make me happy. I’ll be even more satisfied if they get their C.S. and charm room up to par.

    • Im getting the sienna pallete if want to swap let me know 🙂

      • Shoot, I suck! I just responded to gal who’s looking for browns for berries. If she doesn’t respond I would totally be up for a swap.

      • I’m so sorry Tina! She responded that she’d like to swap. If for some reason it falls through and you still haven’t traded I will message you 🙂

      • Hey! I have blushing berries. Would you want to trade?

    • I saw Yari G’s unboxing too and also have the same spoilers- Baked Browns, Glassy Skin Balm, DOC Lipgloss- and my box weighs the same 1.1 lbs. Really hoping it is the Paula’s Choice. I’d even be ok with the dollar store lipliner if it is, lol.

      • Me too! I am in the minority but I like the Jontbleu liners. They are pretty creamy and easily blendable. It looked really good the way she did it with the nude gloss. It would be a good way to salvage the gloss since nudes are terrible on me.

    • Eugh- Sassy Sienna, the Touché Eclat primer and the Hank n Henry mascara

  4. I selected the Kypris serum for my November choice item!

    Also finally received my email containing 3 spoilers for the October box:
    *Dose of Colors Snow Angels palette
    *Iconic London in Original
    *Hank & Henry mascara duo

    The Iconic London was my choice, but I was hoping for the Glow instead. The mascara is meh, and I’m hoping that I like the palette colors more in person. My box has shipped, and weighs .8 lbs!

    • I’m getting the Iconic in Glow and was hoping for the original. Do you want to trade?! Comment back if so…:)

      • Are you in the swap page? Would love to trade!

  5. I got the Marvelous Mauves palette, the stupid iconic spray after I made my choice of the glassy balm which I was going to give to a friend as a gift and another nude lipgloss I’m not going to wear. I picked the Kypris item for next month but I’m tempted to cancel. I’ve seen negative reviews on the full size palette that we are just getting the mini version of. It really confirms the mark up these products have when they produce a completely new mini version of the item exclusively for boxy. DC has notoriously inconsistent quality.

    I’m annoyed that I thought I’d get to choose the palettes I didn’t get like I would have with ipsy but only got the option of Sassy Sienna which I don’t want. I wanted Snow Angel and even changed my profile to suit it but the company ignores the profile. I’m frustrated because they raised the price because Ipsy’s costs $25 not $21, say they will be putting in Ipsy like features and consistently drop the ball. Even when trying to do add ons their website just loads and loads then errors, eventually it worked but that’s it. They don’t put enough money into their website design or site it’s self that’s why it crashes every time they do something. Then they exclaim “ohh it’s because we are so popular!” um no it’s because your site is buggy. I’m close to cancelling for good as I’m tired of not getting any choice in what I receive, my beauty profile ignored completely and then not even the consultation prize of giving them more money to get the items I really wanted at a discount fee.

    • Hi I don’t know if you are interested , but I have the Mauves palette if you are interested. I also have the glass skin balm that I may be interested in trading ,but I have to read about the iconic spray. I’ve have a crazy month so I never seem any of the spoilers this month nor picked my one item. Let me know about the palette and I’m going to look up the iconic spray right now so when I hear back from you I will let you know. Have a great day!

      • I have sassy Siennas. . Anyone interested in trading for Marvelous Mauves?

  6. I picked Kypris as my “Choice” and my 3 peek items are: Marvelous Mauves (wanted more neutral browns) , Touch in Sol Glassy, and Iconic London in Love Struck

    • I really wanted the cool DOC or the mauve, but am allegedly getting the Baked Browns. I am going to probably start on swaps beginning with that palette to trade, so there will be at least one available. I’m off of the waitlist for swaps, but just haven’t set it up yet.

    • I haven’t actually received my box yet but I was able to see the spoilers. I’m apparently getting Baked Browns. I was really hoping to get the Mauves palette. If you want to trade, let me know! We can exchange email addresses or something.

    • Really?! I have had purple as my choice of shadow color on the quiz for a long time, and I always get brown. Last month the clay play and another brown this month.

      • Same here

      • I got the baked browns, too, which means my aunt is getting a new palette. I test absolutely everything I get *except* all brown palettes. I go through my eyeshadow palettes first when I go to do my makeup to see what color story gives me inspiration or goes with my outfit, time of year, etc. Palettes with different hues usually contain a brown, anyway, so I don’t need an all bleh brown palette. The closest I come is TheBalm Greatest Hits Vol 2, but I no lie pick that for things like funerals. It’s a really beautiful palette for dress up days or when I’m going full classy, imo. It’s the only palette I’ve ever wanted, almost bought in person, but managed to get. (It was an ipsy add on.)

      • Me,too. I got the Clay Play last month and I’m getting Pretty Cool this month. Its okay. I can use it and then add a touch of color from a different pallet, but I’m new and was hoping for a variety from month to month. I am looking forward to the colors next month. I wonder if I shouldn’t have put down my age. I am 53, but I still like playing with colors.. I know a lot of people my age feel they look harsh, but I’ve found using colors in moderation and subtle ways actually help me. People are so different when it comes to that. Have a great day, All!

    • I soooo wanted the mauves! I have two subs to it and got a baked browns and a sassy sienna, don’t care for either. I’d love to trade someone either of those for the mauve palette!

    • I have browns coming if you want to swap for mauves

    • Marvelous Mauves is the one I wanted! My spoiler is Sassy Siennas… 🙁

  7. My email just arrived, so they are spread out a bit. Hopefully everyone will receive theirs soon 😉

    • Yeah, I finally got mine too. I’m kinda disappointed. I’m getting the dark Iconic spray and I have fair skin, and the Sienna palette containing colors that actually make me look like a corpse. They bring my blue eyes out but they gray out my complexion leaving me looking so sickly and old. Oh well…at least I’m getting the H&H mascara. If I get at least one more product that will work for me I’ll be content.

      • I’m getting the same thing, and I also have very fair skin. I think I can use a couple of the colors from the Sienna palette but not the brown ones.

        • I can use most browns. It’s reds and oranges that look absolutely hideous on me. It looks like that’s all this palette has. I was pretty sure I was getting this one after seeing the add ons. It was the only palette they had extras of and I just re-subbed two days ago. At least I was prepared to be disappointed. 😏

      • I’m getting the same things. Redhead with pale skin, those reds/oranges look horrible on me🙁

        • I am getting Baked Browns but I am also a pasty redhead and reds and oranges look great on me (love my Heat palette and get tons of compliments when I wear it or other oranges and reds). It’s really more about undertones – and personal style – but Boxy does not take that into account yet.

    • Good to know. I received the ‘choice’ email, but it only showed three of my items in the box. Doesn’t indicate which type of eyeshadow palette, and neither does my account. They are all over the place with notifications.

  8. Ok my Mother in law just received her spoilers and she’s been waiting all day!
    She did not receive her pallete spoiler but is receiving Glamglow face wash, Filter Cream and Nude Gloss.
    Now she’s wanting my Love Struck gloss and Blushing Berries Pallete.

    • It might not have been in her spoiler because she isn’t getting one…it looks like some people are getting the Glamglow cleanser in place of the Dose palette…

      • Oh no! Well, I will still give her my Pallete. I really have so many already and Blushing Berries is her colors.
        No big deal but I can see lots of people will be disappointed in not receiving it in their box.

      • She’s probably one of the ones that will get the tarte palette. Looks like people that use that code for signing up are going to get the tarte palette and not the dose of colors.

        • Oh lovely!
          I received the Tarte Pallete last month and although I love it I don’t need another.
          Maybe we will just trade for glosses. I’m more of a gloss fan than she is!
          She’s getting the nude gloss and I’m getting the pink one. We will see!

        • The Tarte palette is our free gift for joining. It’s NOT supposed to be counted as our box palette. If Boxy has decided to do so then that’s very unfair and false advertising.

  9. I picked kypris as choice. No add on.

    I see 3 items from email that I’m getting

    – Glamglow gentlebubble
    – Touch in sol skin balm
    – Iconic london nearly nude

    I can’t wait for my first BC and tarte palette!

    • I got the same preview items as you did

  10. I just got my choice/add ons email and I am so happy with what I’m getting in my October box.
    I’m getting:

    Dose Of Color palette in blushing berries (that’s the one I wanted😊)

    Touch in Sol pretty filter glassy skin balm

    Iconic London lip plumping gloss in love struck

    I chose the Krypis serum for November and got the Juice Beauty eye product as an add on

  11. Like some others, my October box page shows four items but no palette, so I’m hoping I get a spoiler email soon to clarify. I’ll be very annoyed if the DOC palette has now become a variation. Although I am pleased that I’m getting the Touch in Sol skin balm.

    • What do you mean “October box page”? Where do we see that?

    • I think the Dose palettes are a variation, some people are getting the Glamglow cleanser instead…

      • I really hope that’s not the case. I subbed explicitly for the DoC palette.

        • Me, too. If BC did that, it’s a rip off for new subscribers, especially. We subscribed because BC is known for eyeshadow palettes!

          • I could be wrong ladies, there’s just a lot of speculation on FB…

          • The spoilers said that everyone was going to get a palette. I will be very upset if this is false. That sort of bait-and-switch tactic is exactly why I hadn’t subbed with Boxy before now.

          • I got the DOC In my spoilers but it doesn’t show as a box item in my October box. I’m pretty sure they didn’t indicate the DOC as an item bc it doesn’t specify the color palette. I bet you will get a DOC.

        • Technically if you just signed up, you will get the pallette, ot will be tarte blush or clay pallette….. they said there was a tarte pallette variations, and I’m assuming people whom just subbed will get tarte pallettes and not doc…
          Could be wrong, but that’s the info I’ve read online and on YouTube.

          • No, the Tarte palette is our free gift for subbing. It is NOT supposed to count towards our box. If they did that, then that is false advertising. The coupon code was literally advertised in the above post as “free Tarte Clay Play Face Shaping Palette OR Tarte Tarteist™ PRO Glow Cheek Palette”. FREE. NOT “instead of another palette”. FREE.

    • I got the DOC In my spoilers but it doesn’t show as a box item in my October box. I’m pretty sure they didn’t indicate the DOC as an item bc it doesn’t specify the color palette.

  12. I’m getting the Baked Browns palette. Boring.

    • So am I. I ordered the Sassy Sierras just to have some colors.

  13. I have three subscriptions and am happy to be getting different palettes in each box instead of dupes. I’m getting Dose Snow Angels, Sassy Siennas and Baked browns but they only show three spoilers so hopefully I’ll get Paula’s choice in one of them. Was hoping it would be under add ons but it isn’t. I love boxycharm so much I am upset with Ipsy thankful I was able to cancel Ultimate before I was charged for that crap!

    • How do I see my spoilers? The only way I knew about choice was someone told me. Help please?

      • Hey JennO! You may want to keep an eye on your email as that’s typically how that information will arrive. Hope that helps!

      • If you go to the website and click on the box option on the upper left, it’ll tell you 4 of your oct box items. I know all of mine because my email gave 3 of the 5, and the each had one spoiler that the other didn’t.

  14. My box weighs exactly 1lb and I’m getting:
    -Iconic glow spray
    -Hank & Henry mascara
    -DOC Sassy Siennas palette

    (I was really hoping for Paula’s Choice 😫 there is still hope lol! But I’m just happy I’m getting a Dose of Colors palette. I love how they also do choice now! I chose the Iconic spray and chose the serum for next month and added on the eye cream for $12 lol)

  15. I really hope my spoiler email is correct. It’s showing that I’m getting the Sassy Siennas pallete which is the one I was hoping to receive. It also shows the Iconic London Prep Set & Glow in Original which I chose, and the H&H mascara. Now fingers crossed for the Becca 🤞

  16. I am getting baked browns and the only add on option is sassy sienna’s which are the two I have already, lol. That’s usually how it goes but that is the chance you take with sub boxes. Also getting the nude gloss and touch in sol which I picked. Hopefully at least one if not both of the remaining items are good for my needs. I am not buying any addons and chose the krypis as my choice item since I have super dry skin now and always looking for something to help with it.

  17. Just got my choice open email and peek into October. I’m getting
    Glamglow cleanser
    Touch in Sol
    Iconic London nude
    Really pleased. They’re following my profile for Oct.!
    I chose Kypris for November (my birthday month, too) and I added a Kypris. For $12, I couldn’t pass that up.

    • No kidding! That serum is $90. I don’t have the option to add on another.

    • I chose Kypris and added one too! I have never tried it but I love serums (especially easy all in one ones for my morning routine) and I am happy with the antioxidants listed. If I like it I have a backup and if I don’t I know someone I can gift it to who may love it!

  18. I lov that DC DC pallette! I can’t believe we are getting it! That brand it awesome! Am loving this box! I do thing I like Ipsy add on better because some of them are $3. But Boxycharm may have better quality, I just don’t think I can afford it after buying my boxes!!

    • Ipsy $3 addons are sample/deluxe sizes now and the full size items are $12. So they are the same. Hope that helps😉plus the Kypris serum retails at $90 so $12 for it is amazing!

  19. I am SO fed up with these damn Touch In Sol Primers!!! I have at least 3-4 of them from Boxy and I will never use any of them – can’t even give them away no one wants them. NO MORE TOUCH IN SOL PRIMERS PLEASE BOXY NO MORE!!!!

    • Wow seriously? Can’t even give them away? I LOVE the Touch in Sol products.. I’ve loved every one I’ve ever tried 🤷🏻‍♀️

      • Me too!

        • They just don’t work on my oily skin. I have nothing against the brand, they just are not for me, and I don’t need 4 primers from the same company. I’m glad someone likes them!

        • I’m getting the baked browns palette, touch in sol balm, and the iconic London gloss, so far I’m not happy with anything but the palette I dont think the glassy balm will be good for my oily skin and I hate glosses. I’m excited about Novembers palette tho!

        • Me too ! There pretty decent , I don’t like all of their stuff , but that’s any company

    • If you have any of the touch in sol primer noporeblem we got a couple months back I’ll take it lol but really I love this primer!

    • I threw mine away. I also couldn’t find anyone to give them too, and they just dont work for my skin and look good. I was hoping the oil primer would, but it didnt.

  20. According to the email spoilers, I’m getting:

    Glamglow Cleanser
    Touch-in-Sol balm
    Iconic London lipgloss in Nearly Nude

    • Same.

  21. I finally got my email with my spoilers: apparently I’m getting the Touch in Sol balm (yay!), the Iconic London gloss in nude (eh), and a Glamglow cleanser. I was NOT shown a palette, which is stressing me out. I want to know what palette I’m getting!

    Anyone else get these same spoilers?

    • I am getting these as well. Are you a new subscriber? I’m a new subscriber and signed up with the Tarte promotion. I hope they are not going to send new subscribers a palette if they signed up with the promotion.

      • I signed up with the Tarte promo and one of my spoilers was Dose of Colors in Sassy Sienna’s.

      • Yes, I’m a new subscriber as well.

      • I re-subscribed a few days ago because of the tarte promotion and the email said I’m getting the sassy sienna’s, iconic london in glow, and the H & H mascara so I think you’ll probably still get the palette. My tracking info also said under the item: October Subscription Box with Free Gift so it sounds to me as if it is an add-on and not a replacement for the DOC palette. BTW my box weighs1.66 lbs and I should get it on Friday so I’ll update folks.

        • I ended up getting variation 22 and got:
          DOC sassy sienna palettes
          H & H mascara
          Iconic glow spray
          Smashbox liner
          Chella tweezers
          & free tarte clay play palette

      • in your account does it show the tarte palette is being added?
        I signed up with the code but im not seeing it anywhere in my account and I want to make sure it’s being shipped out with my first box.

    • Yes. I’m new. We’re supposed to have a palette PLUS the gift item.

      • Right?! I’m going to be SO MAD if we don’t get a Dose of Colors eye palette. That was my entire reason for subbing this month!

        • Me too! I think I’m going to email BC and be sure that is the case.

          • I also signed up to get the dose of colors palette. Does anyone remember where we were told everyone would be getting one? I would like to email them as well but I can’t recall if that information came directly from Boxy or if it was just from spoiler sites.

        • Me,too. I emailed.

          • Boxycharm never profile.. they keep sending me nude lipstick and glosses even though I tell them that berries and darker red lipstick look best on me. I’m getting the marvelous mauve palette and the touch in sol balmmfor the cold dry weather…. I dont know what else im.getting but this time in going to see if I can opt out of the nude lipsticks and glosses because they wash out my complexion. I have tried using lipliners and glosses to try and make them.look decent but they dont… I will pass it on to my niece. I was hopi g for the. Lusjing berries palette, but the mauve are cute too… I kight pass that along too… not

    • Check your email that showed the choice and add ons is open. Mine showed the palette on there. Think everyone gets a palette

      • Yeah, my email didn’t show a palette. That was my entire point.

        • Mine didn’t either.

          • The email gives a sneak peek. It only shows a few of the products you’ll receive. I’m getting the Dose of Colors -Snow Angels palette. I have green eyes and every time I wear blue shadow, it looks like someone punched me in the face. Hahaha. Oh well… pile. 😅

    • On the boxycharm site, go to “The Box” at the top and click on October 2019 Box. You should get a page that shows all the products and your items (I assume) are indicated with Oct Box Item. I am getting a Dose of Colors palette, that is the only one that isnt marked, i am guessing because they aren’t able to indicate which colors. I know I am getting it though because of the spoiler email.

    • If you go the “the box” menu on the BC website and select the October 2019 box, it will tell you which 5 items you are getting in your box by labeling them as “box item”. Though it doesn’t show the specific palette on the website if you got one of the matte palettes.

      My email showed mine as:
      -DOC Baked Browns
      -Touch in Sol Glassy Balm (my choice item)
      -Iconic Lip Gloss – Nearly Nude

      On the website, it shows that I’m also getting:
      -Iconic London Prep Set Glow in Original
      -Hank and Henry Mascara Duo.

      I’m not happy with the palette, I would’ve preferred one of the cool colored ones. I do have that preference in my profile, but they’re obviously not using them yet. On the bright side, I’m not unhappy with the rest of my box. I’m game to try the rest. 🙂

      • I’m fairly certain that the items marked on the website as “Oct Box” are not necessarily what’s in your particular box because everyone can see the same thing. I see those marked when I look too. The Glassy Skin Balm and Iconic Spray were a choice item, so no one should get both in their box. Same with the lipgloss and mascara, it will be either or not both.

        • In add ons it’s not referring to your box. It’s just showing which of the add ons are an option in the October box. If you go to your October box (top left of the home page) it should show you at least 4 items you are receiving

    • I did and my box items show I am not getting a Dose pallette. I am pissed as I signed up because I thought everyone got a version of the Dose pallette.

  22. I went under The Box and selected October 2019 box and there were four items that said Oct. box item.

    – Touch In Sol Pretty Filter – Glassy Skin Balm
    – Iconic London – Lip Plumping Gloss – Nearly Nude
    – Hank & Henry Slick With It Mascara Duo
    – Iconic London – Prep Set Glow – Original

    I would not trust the Oct. Box Items listed under Add-ons as I have 7 items that say that and three of them are the same lip item in different colors. I don’t have lip products selected except for nudes as I don’t wear them. So hopefully I don’t get three lip items .

    • Well I just received my email and these are the three items I’m getting;

      – Iconic London Prep Set Glow- in Glow
      – Dose of Colors in Sassy Siennas
      – Hank & Henry Mascara Duo

      • Same

    • That just means its a variation item in the October box, not that you are getting it. For example it shows Sassy Sienna’s as an October box item but I know I am getting Baked Browns.

      Some people have gotten emails spoiling three of the items they are getting in their box (mine is Baked Browns, Touch in Sol, and the Iconic gloss in Nearly Nude).

      • Those were in my add on spoiler as well

      • Mine too. Hope the fourth item is the Paula’s Choice, then I’m fine with whatever kind of liner I get. Mine weighs 1.1 lb , are your boxes the same weight? Someone posted that a YouTuber had a 1.1lb box with same items as ours plus Paula’s Choice and a lip liner.

        • Replied under wrong post.

      • Just because I said I was a little adventurous in my makeup does not mean I want orange eyeshadow…they seem to know exactly which one I want the least and put that one in my box. I would rather have a duplicate of my mauves pallet (litterly the one other one i own) than this orange One! At least I’ll know I’ll use It!

    • That just means they are optional variations in the October box, not that you are getting them. I know I am getting Baked Browns, but the Sassy Sienna’s shows as an October box item because it is an October box item for some. Ditto Iconic Spray – I know I am getting the Touch in Sol but it still shows as an October box item. It is a chance for those who wanted items they did not get in October box to get as add ons, or get duplicates.

    • I think those are only there to indicate which items might be included in the October box so that you are aware before you purchase

    • Same. i cancelled right after it shipped so i didn’t get a spoiler email. sigh. guess i’ll be surprised. at least i know i’ll get a Tarte palatte…my box weight is 1.7

    • It showed the same four items for me. However, I do NOT trust it, because I am also getting the Glamglow cleanser, and that was not marked “Box item.”

      I don’t think there’s any actual way to know for certain what exactly you’re getting until the box is in your hands.

  23. If I am getting what’s under reviews and “OCT BOX”, then I ordered stuff I’m already getting and I am will be MAD AS HELL is they let me do that! Stupid.

    • Ikr! Im torn between slecting the mystery choice and the serum (maybr even buying it just bacuse it’s a good price) . I don’t want them to send me more leftovers like they are doing to everyone whose not an influencer now but at first I didn’t want the serum so idk if I should just take the gamble – it worked out with the toofaced pallet 😕

  24. Isn’t the regular box supposed to be at least a $125 value?

    • Yes.

      • My box value is only $103

        • Me too. And my luxe last month didn’t hit the minimum either.

          • How do you know the value if they’ve only provided spoilers for three items?

          • I can see it under my october box.

    • each box has a minimum value of $100.

  25. If I am getting the ones under reviews marked OCT BOX, I ordered duplicates and I will be MAD AS HELL if they allowed me to do that!

  26. I see 4 items only. Skin balm, lip gloss, mascara duo and glow mist. I picked kypris serum as chioce.

  27. Lots of confusion! In the email that was sent saying it’s time to chose a November product if you scroll down it will tell you three of the items in your October box… I hope that helps

  28. How do you guys know what you’re getting??? I never know – they never tell me anything. I never get a choice e-mail either….

    • I never know either. I didn’t get a choice email. I saw it on my account. I have to log on. BC doesn’t send me notices.

    • They sent mine to my e-mail – maybe those who aren’t getting emails should contact their costumer service and let them know you aren’t receiving emails .. it would be frustrating if I didn’t receive them too , but I’d be the first to reach out to CS to resolve issue 😁👍

      • I emailed. Hope I get an answer.

  29. What worried me is when I selected my choice , they didn’t send email to confirm choice like they usually do 🤔🤔

    Also every time I log back into boxy .. it says choose your item , as if I’m not sticking to my profile

    Anyone else having this problem ??

    • Last month it didn’t send me an email until after choices were over. If you want to go back and switch you can until customization is over.

      • Oh great thanks 🙂

        Do they let you add on more items as well until it ends ?

        • I would assume so, not completely sure though I didn’t add on last month.

    • During choice last month, I didn’t get the confirmation email until the following day.

      • Add on are stupid. I dont know what I’m getting yet the choices are from Oct. I don’t need a dupe say I want the eyeshadow.

    • Yes, the same is happening to me. I took screenshots of my confirmation on the site just in case. Not that they would necessarily honor that but ya never know with their customer service.

      • I took a shot, too.

      • Just screenshot your selection. Just in case. My choice did the same thing last month but I still recieved my choice iconic london in this months box

      • Danielle
        I did same thing lol
        Just so I can prove it just in case
        DTA don’t trust anyone 🤣

        • You’re absolutely right, Dot. Especially in the sub box world! And I hate to say it, but especially when it comes to Boxy. I just came back this month due to Ipsy doing me way too wrong to keep putting up with, but I have to say Boxy doesn’t have a great track record with me either. 😄

        • Yeah, me too. Just in case! 😉

      • It’s because you can change it I believe until it closes.

    • Yup! Same here!

  30. My October box is going to be soooo boring… Baked Browns and nearly nude lip gloss…

    I don’t know which choice to pick for November because neither really interest me *sigh*

    • I’m getting exactly the same, but I am happy with both! The gloss is a lip plumper which I need and I am thrilled to finally get a matte eyeshadow palette instead of all the shimmer, glimmer, glitter stuff Boxy has been sending me.

      • Same here! Would have liked the mauves or berries palette, but at least not another fluttered glittered mess! Still want to know the rest of my box, but I guess I will just have to wait.

    • I would’ve loved that! I got sassy siennas, the iconic spray in glow and the H&H mascara:(

    • Mine shows Baked Browns (I’m cool toned, so don’t know how it will work out), the Touch In Sol that I chose, and the Nearly Nude lip gloss, too. I don’t have any shipping information, so I’m wondering why they haven’t shipped it, since I usually receive it by now, and this one hasn’t even shipped. I wonder if anyone knows if it’s a variation that we could figure out the other two items.

  31. If I go to the “current box” page, it shows me getting

    – Touch In Sol Pretty Filter – Glassy Skin Balm
    – Iconic London – Prep Set Glow – Original
    – Iconic London – Lip Plumping Gloss – Nearly Nude
    – Hank & Henry Slick With It Mascara Duo

    Neither the Paulas choice or the eyeliner and NO shadow palette at all?

    If I am only receiving 4 $12 items, I might have a fit.

    I am fairly new. I signed up for luxe right before September, so I got a last minute august and a really nice luxe box, so I really don’t know what to expect.

    • I’m showing the same 4. I’m not going to trust these. It was mentioned somewhere that boxycharm was changing to 4-5 items.

      • Though my box weight says .85 oz – wow, doesn’t seem like there could possibly be a palette in there?!?

        • Mine says .76 and my email said I’m getting Baked Browns, TIS, and nearly nude gloss. Oct box says I’m getting the mascara and the Original Spray also.

          • Okay, there’s hope 🙂 Would be nice to get a palette since they said everyone would? Going to contact them and ask why I’m not getting the email.

    • Are you using a desktop to access Boxycharm’s website? I’m using my phone and I don’t have a “current box” page/link. Everyone keeps posting all these ways to see what’s in your October box and none of them work for me! 😩

      • It’s under REVIEWS at the top

        • Or under “the Box” as well.

          • It’s not anywhere on my account page. Sigh.

      • Nope. Mine is not under “Reviews” or “the Box.” It must be because I had cancelled Boxycharm a while ago and just came back this month. Even though it shows an active subscription in my Account Preferences, it’s still trying to get me to subscribe on other pages of the site. And I’m not talking about Luxe or Premium, I mean just the regular box. Strange. Oh well I guess I will just have to wait. 🙁

    • They’re definitely not $12 items. That’s the special discounted price we pay to add/order them outside of what’s in our box. Look up the October spoilers post on this website to see the retail values. Or just do a google search. I promise not one of those products is only $12 from any other website.

      • Point taken. I guess what I am saying is that I would be getting 4 of the least priced items in the selection.

    • If I go to the add ons it shows those same 4 items and a palette as well, see it shows that for you.

      • For me it shows “October Box Item” beside several products including both shades of the Iconic spray, the Glassy Balm, the DOS palette, Hank & Henry mascara, and all three shades of the Iconic lip gloss. Obviously that can’t be right. That’s 4 items technically, not counting the multiples of the same products, but I don’t think I could possibly be getting both the Iconic spray and the Glassy balm. Weren’t they the two items you got to choose between last month?

    • Mine showed the same items- I hope it’s wrong as I just ordered the gloss as an add on and don’t want two! Not even sure about the one.

    • I don’t know why that is there, but those same items show for me, as well. I think it is a glitch. I finally got the email with a sneak peak that shows I’m getting the brown palette (yay, I wanted this or the Sienna, but most importantly not the collab), Iconic London Original spray (I’m too old for this, but my niece will love it), and Iconic London Sex Kitten Gloss. I’m also supposed to get Paula’s Choice, so I’m pretty happy with October, regardless of the 5th item. My box currently shows a weight of 1.2, so I can hope for the Glamglow, right? 🙂

      • How do you know you’re supposed to get Paula’s choice?

      • I had the same items. And Exfoliator was my choice too. My last item ended up being the kohl eyeliner. I’m happy with this box!

    • They are not $12 items. That is the special add-on price. The Touch in Sol is $32 at Ulta and the Touch in Sol is $25. The serum is also a $12 add on but is $90 retail (used to be $75).

      But that actually does not look like YOUR box since the variation is either Touch in Sol OR the Iconic spray. I got an email spoiling three of my items.

  32. I don’t understand what the email is that everyone is talking about. I haven’t received an email?! I only knew about add-ons and choosing a product because of MSA….not real happy with BoxyCharm on the communication front right now.

    As a side-note: did anyone receive a confirmation email about their product choice? I didn’t, and when I hit the link to choose I second time, I was able to choose again. It the site not registering my choice?

    • Last month, the confirmation showed up a day later.

    • Last month it didn’t send me an email until after choices were over. If you want to go back and switch you can until customization is over.

  33. I hope the 3 pictures before the add ons aren’t what I’m getting. Fed up with getting the warmest available palette for my cool skin tone. I can’t use 90% of the palettes I receive.

    • I don’t think they are, because one of the products I was shown isn’t something that is included in the Octover boxes (the Avant primer).

      • Thanks, I’m showing that primer too. Hopeful that I’m not getting that Sienna palette 🙂

    • Another “cool” “Jacki”e gal with a warm palette. Hopefully someone will want to swap for it.

    • In the choice email I received it showed three items for the October Boxy – a pallete, the choice item I picked, and a lip gloss.

      • I didn’t receive an email.

        • They are probably sent out in batches, and that is where you will see your October sneak peek.

          • You’re probably right but that’s really not fair. That means some people will be able to actually make sure they don’t add anything they’re already getting and some won’t know until it’s too late and things are sold out. I can’t say I’m surprised though. Being fair isn’t something you could ever accuse Boxy of being. 😄

      • I see it now. It is definitely displayed in the email.
        I have
        – Iconic London – Prep Set Glow – Original
        – Dose of Colors Siennas (Boo for me)
        – Hank & Henry Slick With It Mascara Duo

        I’m guessing the rest of my box is on the current box page:
        – Touch In Sol Pretty Filter – Glassy Skin Balm (why would I get both choices? I had them pick bc I didn’t care for either)
        – Iconic London – Lip Plumping Gloss – Nearly Nude

        • How did u get both the iconic set, prep spray and touch in sol??

    • Me, too! It’s been warm palettes or bright colors that are totally wrong for so many with cool skin tones. It’s been warm palettes for at least a year now, all of the boxes. I bought Kevyn Aucoin’s cool palette, Norvina, and Pat McGrath palettes, so I think I need to just save the money from the subscriptions and put it towards what actually works for me, since I’m buying it out of pocket, anyways. I want cool toned palettes for a change!

  34. I’m soooo happy! I’m getting DOC blushing berries! Finally a palette with beautiful colors that are NOT neutral, crazy or full of shimmers! Keep them coming Boxycharm! ❤

    • I’m getting Blushing Berries too! Was pretty psyched to see I got that one. I’m also getting the Touch in Sol Pretty Filter Glassy Skin Balm and the Iconic Gloss In Lovestruck 😃

  35. I picked Kypris 🙂

    I’m getting baked Browns – which I wanted for fall / winter 🙂
    Touch in soul balm ( which I added on second since it’s gentle on my skin )
    Lip plumper I forgot which color
    Also added on :
    Another Kypris
    Touch in sol balm
    Dr Brandt sleep mask
    That hair leave in
    Pretty good for $12.00 an item considering full price at a store
    I’m actually excited fire this box finally 🥰

    My box is 1lb exactly .

    Hope you all get what you want !

    Also I thought the add ons were much better selection this time around 🙂 last month I added on nothing this month 4 items

    • I picked Krypris.

  36. I’m getting Baked Browns, Touch In Sol and Iconic London lip gloss in Nearly Nude. I’m happy with that. I’ve never tried Dose of Colors shadow, so I’m happy with any of the matte palettes. Just didn’t want the collab. My box is 1.0 lbs per DHL tracking but no dimensions show.

    • Same exact for me Stacie 1lb. No dimensions

    • Mine is 1lb either but I’m confused why the dimensions would matter the boxycharm box is always the same? Or is there a bigger box sometimes?

  37. I chose the Kypris Serum.

  38. I’m actually excited about Boxy for November. That eye palette is gorgeous and it was hard to make my choice because both options were really good. Way to go, Boxycharm!

  39. I try to be positive and try most things i get in my boxes but I’m really getting tired of them not paying any attention to our beauty quiz and reviews. I just saw that I’m getting the browns palette and a nude lipgloss… I’m so discouraged.

    • I think I am getting the same box as you. What was your weight? I would have preferred the Lovestruck lipgloss myself and the mauve palette.

      • I am getting the same thing. It’s so annoying. I am already a POC, browns look like I have nothing on. And I love loud in your face colors…meh.

      • Mine weighs 1.1

        • Heather- If it makes you feel any better, I watched an unboxing with the same items and weight as yours and it had the Paula’s Choice in it.

          • That would make me really happy, but i think I’m getting mascara, touch in sol, and the spray. Boo.

      • 1.1

    • I don’t understand why they keep doing that. Personally, if I do a neutral eye I usually do a bolder lip and vice versa. Isn’t that a relatively common practice or am I just horribly behind the times? 🤔

      • That’s what I do!

  40. I’m getting sassy sienna, iconic London prep & glow, and hank & henry mascara! This is the one palette I wanted! So excited!

  41. So happy im getting the Sassy Sienna colors which is what i was wanting! also getting mascara, spray and lip gloss, and touch in sol

  42. I’m getting the Iconic in original, the Dose palette in Sassy Siennas and the Hank and Henry mascara. Unfortunately I won’t use that eye shadow palette or the mascara 🙁 I was really hoping for the Mauves, Snow Angels, or Blushing Berries.

    • I can trade my snow angels! 🙂

  43. Chose Kypris. It’s also in the add ons.

  44. In the spoilers for November, how come all images we’ve seen of the palette says Celestial Thunder when the actual Dominique Cosmetics palette is called Celestial Storm? It’s even listed that way in the website.

    • It’s because the palette we’re actually getting is smaller than the one you’re looking at plus it’s a collaboration between Boxy and Dominique Cosmetics so I doubt they’ll be selling it on their site. I’m just hoping it’s not going to be poorer quality than the regular Dominique palettes. I’m seeing a lot of comments suggesting it might be.

  45. It says “Want a peek into your Boxy? We’ve got you!”
    Shows 3 spoilers.

    • I don’t see where you can do that. Can you tell me where to find that?

      • I got mine in an email.

      • It’s on your email

    • Mine didn’t offer it!

      • mine didnt either but if you go to the add on sections it showed me all 5 items in my box

        • Where? Was there some kind of indication next to the products or something? I’ve tried every method of finding out what I’m getting that’s been suggested in these comments and none have worked.

          • i went in to add ons and it said “OCT box item” next to 5 items and not on the rest. and there was other avail oct items showing, so i am assuming those are my 5 items?? im hoping anyway because i love all 5, will see

          • Not sure if that’s correct. When I did that there were 7 items that said Oct. box item and three of them were lip items and my profile says no lip items.

      • Mine didn’t either. Heck, I didn’t even get an email about choice and add-ons. I’ve just been stalking their page every hour since this morning and stumbled onto it. I assumed I can’t see my October products since I just resubscribed a few days ago, but I still should’ve gotten the email. I haven’t gotten an email confirming my choice either so I took screenshots to back me up. I was able to purchase add-ons which was a relief but also difficult without knowing what they’re already sending me this month.

  46. I choose Kypris as my choice and added on a few items
    – dr Brandt sleep mask
    – another Kypris 🙂
    – glass in sol
    – hair balm

    Still a steal for 54.00 compared to their wholesale price I’m happy , these add ons were way better then last months 🥰💕

    • I was over the moon to be able to get the Kypris for $12!!! Originally I wasn’t that excited about it only having read one description and a few reviews from Nordstrom, but today when I saw how cheap it was to add knowing it’s a $90 serum, I quickly did some more research and it sounds great! I’m super excited to try it and very happy I got to get both the eye cream and the serum.

    • I chose the Kypris and added another Kypris too!

      Just the one add on. Picky about most skin care and have so much to work through. Skipped on the Dr. Brandt as not too impressed with the one I got last month so far.

    • Im considering adding the Dr. Brandt night cream. I got one last month but I’m so in love with it. I need a back up. It’s really the only thing on there i want tho

  47. So after I spent 20 minutes reading info and reviews for each choice I picked the Kypris only to find out I can just add the juice beauty serum after choosing lol

    • Same. Lol

    • The Box section shows all of the possible items for everyone. It doesn’t show you your particular items.

  48. I picked the serum. I’m really excited to try it after reading the reviews on it. I’ve never had any luck with Juice Beauty products and I kept buying them expecting a different result that never happened so I guess I broke my insanity Chain lol Hoorayyyyy!

  49. Scroll down on your Add ons email!
    Spoilers into your box is in it!
    I’m receiving the Blushing Berries Pallete, Iconic Setting Spray in original and the lconic lip gloss in Love struck.
    Box weight is 9.1

    • really? I thought it was just what “could” be in the box because mine had like 9 items that said in OCT box.

      • That is when you are already in the add on section. This is before you go into add ons right after your choice

        • Where do you see what’s in your box? I can’t find it

        • Right after I made my choice it didn’t offer me spoilers, it just showed three items that I could add as add-on’s if I wanted.

          • Me too. No indication of spoilers. I hope that I am not getting the siennas…

        • I watched for this but never saw it, so I had to just gamble with my add-ons. I got the Stila lip gloss and the Kypris serum since I picked the eye cream as my choice. I really wanted to try the Hank & Henry mascara but I didn’t want to risk it in case I get one in my October box anyway. Maybe it won’t sell out and if it’s not in my box I can add it next month. I don’t mind not finding out what I got in October too much because I’m super excited we got to add on a $90 product for $12! I just came back to Boxy after several bad boxes and then an absolutely horrible one from Ipsy Plus this month. I never thought that would happen but so far I think I made a good decision.

      • I am very confused. After I submitted, I saw a pic of these three items – I assume those are in my box?

        – Dose of Colors – Sassy Siennas (the one palette I did NOT want) 🙁
        – Avant Touche Eclat Primer (this is NOT marked as an Oct item in the Add-ons)
        – Hank & Henry Slick With It Mascara Duo

        Perhaps these are just random images? I guess I will know soon enough!

        Then the add on page displays these items as Oct Box Items (note that I indicated that they could choose for me during customization)

        – Dose of Colors – Sassy Siennas (same as above)
        – Hank & Henry Slick With It Mascara Duo (same as above)
        – Touch In Sol Pretty Filter – Glassy Skin Balm
        – Iconic London – Prep Set Glow – Glow
        – Iconic London – Prep Set Glow – Original
        – Iconic London – Plumping Lipgloss – Love Struck
        – Iconic London – Lip Plumping Gloss – Nearly Nude
        – Iconic London Plumping Lipgloss – Sex Kitten

        In add-ons I really think they are just letting us know that these items COULD be in our box.

    • I’m getting the mauve palette, pretty filter, and iconic lip gloss and my weight is 0.7 oz. I’m super happy with the mauve palette!

      • Im getting the blushing berries and love struck lippie

      • Me too and I have the same weight. That was the palette and lip gloss I was hoping for! Excited about those. Because of the light box weight the other two are probably very light items like eyeliner and sheet mask. 😔

        • Me three. Very happy with these 3 items. I love the mauves palette.

        • Or tweezers lol. Mine weighs .8 and I’m getting the blushing berries palette, Touch In Sol and the love struck lippie

      • I chose the Krypis and I added on the Juice Beauty eye product. I think my October box spoilers are:

        The avant primer
        The hank and Henry mascara product
        And the mauve DOC palette

    • I’m getting:
      DOC Eyeshadow Palette in Sassy Siennas
      Iconic London Prep and Glow in Original
      Hank and Henry Mascara Duo – really wanted the Iconic London lipgloss

      • i think you will get the gloss, i have the same exact items in mine an i have the gloss. If you go to the add on section it shows all 5 items.

        • So, go to shop and then click add-ons. I think it is just letting us know that those items are going to be featured in the October box and not necessarily what you will receive, because mine shows both the Touch-in-Sol and the Iconic London Glow Spray and we will not be receiving both.

          • Under my October box (not add-ons) it says I am receiving both. I am not happy about that. I didn’t care about either so I let them choose for me. Lesson learned.

    • How do u know your box weight??

    • Sunny – I’m so envious of your box!

      • Well, both my Mother in law and I was hoping for the Blushing Berries Pallete.
        She has not received a spoiler email, so if she receives anything other than Blushing Berries or Marvelous Mauves I going to give her the pallete in my box. I’m not as picky and would be fine with any of the palletes, although I don’t care for the collab one.

    • I’m not sure the preview is right :/

      Its showing all the lip glosses in my box, both sprays…etc.

      I didn’t select the spray. Then on the preview it shows a primer but the primer doesnt show as in my box under the additional.

      • Me too. I would think if image showed the primer in the spoiler, it would be indicated as a box item in the add-ons. Maybe I am just crazy. But for those who see the Mauve palette, the mauve isn’t offered in the add ons.
        SO CONFUSED.

        • Just FYI my Mother in law is also signed up and has not received the “Add On choice are open” email with spoilers into her October box.
          I’m thinking spoilers could be sent out to certain members or they haven’t gotten around to sending them all out yet.
          My box for September was delayed and I didn’t receive my September box until this past Saturday. They did send me a email the week before I received my box with spoilers like this.
          I received everything that was spoiled to me in my box.
          Perhaps this is something new Boxy is doing.

    • My box weight is 1.1 and I’m getting the touch in Sol, baked browns, and the lipgloss. I’m so happy I’m not getting collab pallette!
      Also, super stoked I got to choose juice beauty, tried their products before and loved them!
      Boxy had been good to me. I don’t know how or why, but I always seem to get the variation that I’m hoping for. Here’s to hoping you all get the hero item you want too! ❤️

      • Box twins love it ❤️
        Plus added on 4 items
        Happy with this months box, and good add on selection 🙂

  50. Kypris serum was in the add_on’s $12
    I bought that fast just in case.
    Getting Baked Brown’s
    Iconic London nearly nude
    Very happy 😍

    • Same box spoilers!

      I chose the Kypris as my choice and bought an extra in the add-ons. Decided to pass on the eye serum as I am rather picky about them and find sometimes they aren’t really “better” than a regular serum carefully applied around eyes.

      • I as well chose the Kypris serum and also added on an extra one. My box is arriving with the baked browns, touch in sol, and nearly nude iconic gloss. Totally happy with my variation! This variation allegedly has the Paula’s choice, so let’s see!

        • What else is in this? That was my sneak peek too!

        • I am hoping for that PC variation as well as I have the same three spoilers! I don’t even care that the fifth item is in that case!

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