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BoxyCharm November 2019 Spoilers Round #5!

ByMSAOct 31, 2019 | 126 comments


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We have more spoiler info for the November 2019 BoxyCharm box thanks to boxycharm!

Some November boxes will include:

Becca Cosmetics Complexion Pack OR Pretty Vulgar Concealer Complexion Pack

One variation of the November box includes:

Source: boxypreview

In case you missed the previous spoilers:

BoxyCharm 2 Piece Brush Set

According to Yosef, if you are a BoxyCharm Premium subscriber, you will not get the brush set (The Premium box includes a 5 piece brush set). Instead, you may receive:

Farsali Rose Gold Skin Mist

In case you missed the previous spoilers:

Dose of Colors Liquid Lipstick


BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector


Dominique Cosmetics Celestial Thunder Eye Shadow Palette


Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Anti-Wrinkle Eye Treatment or Kypris Antioxidant Dew Quench & Glow Serum

What do you think of the November spoilers? 

(If you aren’t familiar Boxycharm is a beauty + makeup subscription box that sends 5 full-size items each month for $25. It was voted the #1 Makeup Subscription Box by MSA readers, and won places in many categories in the 2019 Subscription Box Awards!)

Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.

BoxyCharm ($25 per month) is one of the most popular beauty subscription boxes that we review, with lots of loyal customers. They promise 4-5 full-size beauty products each month from a variety of both indie and established brands, with a total retail value of over $100 in every box. The beauty item... read more.
At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.

At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.
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My box is 9X7X3 and it’s the base box. Does anyone else know which variation this might be? It says 2 pounds, but I saw a comment from someone that OnTrack shipping rounds up.


And I thought everyone was getting the 2 brush set…but based on a post I’ve seen…the brushes were a variation. Guess I missed the memo..of course I’m one that loves brushes lol 🤷‍♀️


I just realized that they took out my favorite colors from the eye shadow palette to create the version that is going into the BC box.

Sarah House

I feel you. I’m disabled as well, though not housebound. Have had major spinal surgery as well, ( and recently found I will likely need more). Life can get to be a lot and having something to look forward to helps, even if it’s makeup. I wish you good fortune in the future. Take care. Oh, and I’m sure you’ll love your boxes!


Make up got me through my spinal fusion recovery.. skincare will help too!! Take care doll and all the best on your recovery!💕


When do they charge for boxyluxe for December ? Thanks


December 1st 🙂


Thanks !
I’m not off waitlist , but got to choose two products is that a god sign I’ll get boxyluxe ?


Im not at all excited for those brushes. I typically like receiving brushes, but those ones are ugly and what purpose does the shape serve? I wish that would have been one of the items you could choose to not receive.


I agree. Those brushes look wonky ..I might see if someone that I know that cleans vehicles could use the, for something…I’ll have to see when they show up 🙂


I was charged 27$ this month instead if the usual 21$ why was my payment more this month .

Elena Rowe

$25 plus tax


Price increase and they started charging taxes depending on your state


Boxycharm change their price of their base box to $25 starting in November.


Everyone needs to double check their accounts. I never signed up for Boxyluxe, yet it shows that I’m active and will be getting December Boxyluxe?!?


My friend told me she didn’t get billed for premium but she’s getting boxyluxe and she’s active. I’m think she must be thinking confirm email about choice for boxyluxe might got her confused. I joined waitlist for premium and Boxyluxe. My premium status is active and Boxyluxe is still waiting. I definitely got billed $35 and $26 some separately.


All 3 of my accounts….regular box, premium, and boxyluxe says active and next charge December 1st


I opted out of the premium waitlist a couple days ago after I took a better look at one of the products that looked like a lipstick. It was a “universal” color corrector. Stuff is orange. Another damn influencer brand. The ND blush looks very nice but that is all that I was excited about and I’m getting a full size benefit blush from some other sub. I think I’m done with all of these boxes for a while now. Even if I can’t buy very much I’d like to leave the house more often and actually shop in stores again. It’s fun getting boxes but I miss being out and now with the snow starting already malls are the only place to be able to walk around and relieve cabin fever.


Go to TJ MAXX and Marshalls…Seems like for the amount of money I pay for FabFitFun, Ipsy Glam Bag Plus or just plain “old” BoxyCharm I can find the exact same items I have received in almost all 3 of these subscriptions…and….Is a FASHION OH HECK no!!!

I am staying through December and then out on all my Beauty boxes for the year…and FFF too I do believe…Everyone is getting junk in their boxes except for people with channels it seems.

( I used to LOVE Target boxes…Now it’s the dregs…Ack!)

Not meaning to sound like a downer but I have had much better luck in those two stores listed above and using my eye in Department stores and in my drugstores…

Good luck to all of us!!!!


Oooh what happened to your fashionsta?!?!

Vicky H

I got Premium!!! For those wondering, I set up an alert on my mobile phone and as soon as I got the pop up notification, I signed up. I think there was an email push delay, based on my settings, because the pop up and email hit my phone about 30 min after it was sent.

I am not super excited about the first box other than ND. I am excited though that it impacts my base box with the Farsali. I’d also rather be on the list ASAP, even if it’s not the best ever box. I am guessing too that most folks will get activated in January just like Luxe. I got screwed on the first box last year due to site crashes but got it in December.

Much better method this time!


Boxy has been very fair to me over I. Their quality of products and recognizable brands. I get that some people have had bad customer service experiences or shipments gone a wry. I am happy to see them make any attempt at all to get shades right keeping in mind that 3 million subscribers means they purchase or contract months in advance. The results of this swatching may be a long way off because their current curation has to be locked and loaded for months now.
As a person who is ultra fair I have often wondered if women of color are getting foundation, powder, concealer that works for them in sub boxes. So if this is even a tiny step in that direction I applaud it.

I am willing to give them the time it takes to work through the process of attempting to customize since I feel overall the value had been outstanding in this box over the life of my subscription.

And I was in Sephora the other day and was SHOCKED by what the prices were. I haven’t had to go into a store in a couple of years due to sub boxes. My daughter wanted a lipstick (she didn’t need) and it was $26 – more than I pay for a boxy sub box. I bought it for her but YIPES! Made me appreciate my subs.


Just received this from boxycharm and I’m heartbroken and p!ssed:

Hello Ashley,

Thanks for getting back to us and we were able to pull up your account. We understand your frustrations and are sorry for the impression you’ve been left with. In an effort to provide an equal experience to all active Charmers, BoxyCharm Premium was made available on a first-come, first-serve basis, and members are placed on active BoxyCharm Premium subscriptions in the order in which they joined the BoxyCharm Premium waitlist.


This isn’t even true though, that’s what irritates me. I went on the waitlist the same day it opened. The next day I mentioned to someone I know that has BoxyCharm that the waitlist was open and they went on right then and was put on the waitlist. It was over 24 hours later and today they told me they were billed for premium and will be getting it in November but I am still waitlisted. If I have to wait I have to wait, but don’t lie to me and tell me that it is a first come first serve basis when it is obviously not.


Same! I had friends who signed up two weeks ago for premium and they got it and not me. Not a first come first serve basis at all. What was the point of signing up right away if it means nothing. I was signed up for both notifications minutes of them going live.


I was super excited about the Premium Box and I made sure my Payment information was updated since Ive been subscribed to the 3 month pre pay plan for over a year now with a November 1 renewal date by carefully typing my new visa information digit by digit and confirmed it was correct. Received the following email this that doesn’t remove me from the November waitlist and from my assumption bypassed me due to billing error.

[ACTION REQUIRED] Your account is about to get canceled. We have been unable to charge your card for subscription.

Has this happened to anyone else because based on the shady tactics that ppl have experienced it make me wonder about the root cause of this billing error???


That happened to me last month and the month before.. but when I contacted boxy they said they saw nothing that would indicate I had a billing problem. I have over draft so my purchase never get declined. Boxy asked me to send them the email.. it didn’t happen this month so maybe a glitch? I’d email them and tell them about it and forward the email you received.. maybe they will make an exception for you. Hope this helps:)


That happened to me!! The exact same thing!!!! My credit card said my card had a 24-hour fraud block on it because there had been Reported increased fraud activity associated with Boxycharm. They also told me that BC also has increased their security. Now I’m afraid that I’ll be canceled all together. So because of that I didn’t even get a chance for the premium!


I went into my account this morning and found that my box had a billing issue. It is the same card they have used for 3 months. I switched cards and it cleared up.


I was feeling really disillusioned with boxy over the past 6 months or so. I felt they’d resorted to some shady practices. I kept seeing exciting teasers only to find out that they were very exclusive items sent only to a select few, mostly influencers. There were even times we were told we were getting item A or item B, only to receive some other item of much lower quality. I am hoping this is a new beginning for boxy. It looks like a great month. I ordered premium too. I want to rebuild my trust with boxycharm.


I know! I didn’t get the DOC palette in the last box! Apparently they changed it from everyone gets one to you MIGHT get one in the last minute. That’s just crap.

Heather wolf

I feel the same way the October package didn’t really seem worth it


I got the free tarte palette with my box and aside from that it basically sucked!! I was totally thinking thr same thing that when you get a free gift, they make the box specifically according to whether or not you got a free item. Putting on the cheapest or filler items on with those free gifts.


I think the foundation/concealer is going to get messy. There are so many shades and undertones! It really isn’t possible to get them all right, even with the quiz (IMPO). I certainly hope they are able to get it right, but I’m not counting on it… Boxes are so cheap compared to the value that I am intrigued by what will be offered…


So if I sign up for this today, will I be able to pick one variation after paying? Really want the Kypris, but not much else lol!


I doubt it, selection time has ended.

Cynthia L Hurt

🙌 yay!!! Love that they are sending these items for complection testing😍way to step up ur game boxy 💋


Just got the email from BC that I got premium!!!


They just emailed me this. I’m heartbroken.

Hello Ashley,

Thanks for getting back to us and we were able to pull up your account. We understand your frustrations and are sorry for the impression you’ve been left with. In an effort to provide an equal experience to all active Charmers, BoxyCharm Premium was made available on a first-come, first-serve basis, and members are placed on active BoxyCharm Premium subscriptions in the order in which they joined the BoxyCharm Premium waitlist.


I’m happy for you but sad and frustrated because my card was declined for my base box due to a fraud block associated with Boxycharm and it can’t be rerun for 24 hours. They said there has been fraud reported that’s associated with BoxyCharm. Frustrated I’m going to miss out due to something out of my control. 🙁 Anyone rose having issues?


I suspect it’s the change in price, coupled with multiple charges. A bank may have flagged it as suspicious for multiple accounts.


I’m in. yay! Glad it’s over, I’ve been waiting Nov 1.


I was not charged for Premium. I am so bummed it means no ND and no Farsali now


Me too! I was torn on if I wanted to get it (premium). Ultimately I am excited, but I wouldn’t have been super upset if I were still on the waiting list. I really don’t need more makeup, but I want it all… Haha! Excited to get the ND blush palette. It is pretty glowy, and I hope it works for me. The value is definitely there, but I could do without.


Did everyone that got Premium respond to the waitlist when it opened? I haven’t been thinking I’d be getting it, since I was a couple hours late hearing it opened. What’s strange is there is a reference number on my waitlist account. Found it strange to have a reference number until I was off, but no email or charge, other than the regular box just now.

Hope that everyone that wants Premium gets it this time around!

Jill M

I didn’t get the email, but my credit card was charged and boxy site says I’m active and off the waitlist!! Yayyy! Stoked! 😘

Christa H.

Me three! I’m excited! 🤗🙌


Yay, I got the e-mail too! Hope everyone who wants to receive this box will get out of the waitlist. Crossed my fingers!


Me too! I’m so excited for both regular & premium boxes! Hope everyone on the waiting list soon to receive an email!


Well that really makes me sad, happy for you, but sad because before I read this I checked my email and the website and I’m still waiting. The brat in me makes me want to cancel premium all together. I signed up as soon as the list opened and I really wanted that box. Currently having a pity party, anybody wanna join? :-/


Same here. I really wanted the first premium box too. I kept checking all day and still says waiting and no charge. Would be great if they are just doing it slowly but who knows.

Leslie J

Same here. I kept checking and mine still says waiting. I’m not going to cancel bc I want it next month but Damn. I guess I’m not going to get too down about it bc I actually already own the Natasha Denona blush palette and its so beautiful but the two cream blushes are so hard to work with. So it basically just sits on my vanity getting used once in a blue moon. Congrats to everyone else though 😘


No email, no charge either 🙁 That’s ok though, Jeffree x Shane collab drops today AND Jeffree has mystery boxes coming for Black Friday.. going to try some retail therapy to cope with not getting Boxy premium 😂


I just told my sisters to wait until tomorrow to see if they get charged for Boxycharm premium


They just started billing. I wouldn’t cancel at least until tomorrow. They may be slowly rolling people off the waitlist.

Sandra Chase

Me too!!


I am staying on for one more box. If I receive another freaking brush I’m done!!! How many makeup brushes do I need. I’ll tell you NONE!! I don’t use them.


You are guaranteed to get brushes this month with premium. If you get premium, you will get the full set, and likely the Farsali spray in the base box. Honesty, if you don’t want to get brushes, subscription boxes are likely not for you. I have a ton of brushes, and still love it when I get more.


So we’re going to get a cakey low rated foundation? Nice going, Boxycharm!


Wow! Your not excited about future Boxycharm boxes offering foundation and concealer? I am so happy! I go through a bottle of foundation every 2-3 months, will be great to get foundation in a 25.00 box. Foundation is expensive. My husband says I am easy to please, I am glad too, because I love getting and trying all this high end makeup and skincare at such an affordable price!

Jill M

Shari, I agree with you 100%. Honestly, I have been trying to even not read the comments and the privilege and entitlement some have with these sub boxes. Just because a foundation may not work for you, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t work for others or that someone else might like it. It’s just a lot of negativity that really is unnecessary. I keep saying that maybe these folks should just go to Sephora or Ulta to buy the exact products they want and see what they come up with for $25. We are not gonna get exactly what we want in these boxes, and they are meant for trying new products. I’ve never heard of a “make your own shopping list” subscription box. If anyone has any ideas for one, please let me know, because I’ll invest my life savings into it. lol

On another note, I’m sorry for the ones that didn’t get off the list today. I really do feel for you all. It’s been a lot of anticipation leading up to today, so I understand the disappointment. Hopefully you can all get off the list for the next one.


That Becca 24 hour Foundation has been at TJ Maxx forever. I bought the lightest shade and it was too dark for me. Same with Becca Evermatte. Um SHADE INCLUSION? HELLO? I only have this problem with 2 brands. ThaTaylaa’s (YT) review on it was awful. My experience (I had to doctor it with white foundation to lighten) was bad too.
And those brushes look like toilet plungers. Fwiw.


It would be exciting if everyone got to recieve a foundation or concealer but i wouldn’t count on it since not everyone recieved emails with the questioner about foundation so BoxyCharm could get a better idea about your shades and colors, Plus, me and other people that i have seen post on MSA and other sites have been highly dissapointed because we didnt recieve a product that “Every Charmer will recieve this month”, so i will believe it when i see it. I am not getting my hopes up again.


I agree 100 percent


I can determine my shade easily. My shade is as light as it gets with neutral undertones. Lol


I will give you my Becca Evermatte in Porcelain and you will look like you have a tan. Lol


SAME! haha


Only 3 shades? If that’s the case then I already know one is too light one is slightly darker and one is too dark so what’s the point then? Yes I know this isn’t an item


It looks like 3 cards with 3 shades on each card.


Y’all,seriously? BoxyCharm does not send foil packets, never has, and I’ve been with them four years. This is more about matching you for foundation and concealer colors for future boxes, which they have been talking about. My goodness, they are just working on making your boxes better!


This isnt a box item people. It’s to help determine your shade for future boxes. As indicated by spoiler pics there are 5 full sized items in the box.

Liz, maybe the title of the article could be changed to something more like Boxycharm customization news?


Wonder why they say some boxes may receive because aren’t we all supposed to receive a sampler to pick our right shade

Lisa Aaron

I thought they were saying some would get the foundation one and others would get the concealer one.

Alice R

That’s the kicker, the word ‘some’. I’m with you. ALL subscribers are supposed to get a sample kit. By now, everyone should know not to trust anything by Boxycharm.

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Our reviewers research, test, and recommend the best subscriptions and products independently; click to learn more about our editorial guidelines. We may receive commissions on purchases made through links on our site.