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BoxyCharm November 2019 Spoilers Round #3!


We have more spoilers for the November 2019 BoxyCharm box thanks to Yosef!

Your November box may include:

BoxyCharm 2 Piece Brush Set

According to Yosef, if you are a BoxyCharm Premium subscriber, you will not get the brush set (The Premium box includes a 5 piece brush set). Instead, you may receive:

Farsali Rose Gold Skin Mist

In case you missed the previous spoilers:

Dose of Colors Liquid Lipstick


BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector


Dominique Cosmetics Celestial Thunder Eye Shadow Palette


Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Anti-Wrinkle Eye Treatment or Kypris Antioxidant Dew Quench & Glow Serum

What do you think of the November spoilers? 

Now through 10/31, click here and use coupon code TRICKORTARTE to get a free Tarte Clay Play Face Shaping Palette OR Tarte Tarteist™ PRO Glow Cheek Palette (each valued at $45) with your first BoxyCharm box!

FYI – From Boxycharm: “Don’t worry, NEW members that participate in a gift with purchase promotion still have a chance to receive a box variation that includes the sneak peeks of the month for existing members. Although they can’t guarantee which variation NEW Charmers will receive, you can rest assured that the Boxy Team all variations will be equally amazing.”
Valid for new subscriptions or those who canceled before September 1, 2019. Valid for the month of October 2019, or while supplies last.
(If you aren’t familiar Boxycharm is a beauty + makeup subscription box that sends 5 full-size items each month for $25. It was voted the #1 Makeup Subscription Box by MSA readers, and won places in many categories in the 2019 Subscription Box Awards!)

Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.

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  1. I signed up last week I think but the free Tarte gift palette code wasn’t available, did I miss it?

  2. *FINALLY! Boxycharm CS is alive!*

    Boxycharm customer service finally responded to my emails (numerous, lol, and I was very kind in all of them, thank you very much) regarding my missing October promo item. I received a very nice, personal email (from a real human) and they apologized for their poor response and the inconvenience to me. They are doing two things: 1) They are sending a Tarte palette (which has already shipped); and, 2) They offered me an additional choice item for my November box.

    After I replied with my choice, I received an almost immediate reply email confirming it and another apology for the mishap. They were very gracious and so was I in my response.

    I hope this bodes well for future Boxycharm CS (and you know someone is going to need it!) in the future. I’m going to commit for three more months and try the December Luxe. I hope my newfound confidence in them pays off. I will re-evaluate after the next three months.

    In closing, anyone who has not received any response for the October box new subscriber fiasco, don’t give up. My persistence paid off and I hope it does for you as well. I ignored everyone who said that my emails would push me to the bottom, and kept on emailing! Don’t give up. Hound dog ’em.

    • i had to email only once and they shipped me a Tarte pallet after i even for got to use the promo code. i am giving them another month because of that.

      • It took me a dozen emails, over two weeks before I got action.

  3. Well. I did it. I just cancelled. I was only in Nov for my choice of the eye cream, but there’s nothing I want in the rest of the box and now we all this new hoo haa over the kypris I just dont trust them anymore for skincare. This special packaging on things is probably just to cut down on resellers and returns and things like that but to me it’s just more margin for error. I’ll pick up an extra allure next month since that whole box interests me. Good luck everyone I hope you all have good luck in the future, and may all your variants be amazing ✌🙋‍♀️

  4. You can only get the Farsali if you get prime and standard

    • Dang! I wanted the Farsali bad. Oh well.

  5. We should also be getting one more item for regular boxycharm correct? The ads say the new $25 box will have 5 items.

    Also I emailed about choice for November premium and their repeated unwilling to give me a straight answer leads me to believe there’s no choice item for Nov Premium even though that’s what they are advertising. 🙄

    • They have said that choice won’t start for premium until December in a couple of videos.

  6. Am I the only one who never received the e-mail????

    • I haven’t received it.

    • I have not

    • Are you on waitlist for premium? I haven’t got email and just wondering whoever got email have better chance to getting premium.

    • I didn’t get an email about Premium, I got one about Luxe choice and saw an ad for Premium, and got put on the wait list.

  7. I just completed a Charmer Foundation quiz for Boxycharm!!! 😊🙌🤗 Did anyone else get this email?

    • I did! I was soooo excited!

    • I did

    • Yes I did

    • No.

    • I did!

  8. It’s worse then this with the palettes, but look at the original ingredients in the Kypris coming in the October box. The ingredients are different from people receiving with the add ones compared to Kypris website.

    • I wld like some clarification on this from Boxy. If the product is a cheaper less than quality product than the original I want to know and think all charmers shld be too. If that’s a practice that’s going to start being the norm. I’m canceling

    • I was wondering as well. I received my Kypris add on and the product box says made for boxycharm.

      • Someone asked Kypris, on their instagram, and they said the ingredients are the same. They just changed the package for boxy. I picked this as my choice item and was curious too.

      • Glad to know. The product is amazingly nice. May be one of my favorite serums now. It’s silky and absorbs beautifully with no after stickiness.

    • Hi there! Please be assured the formula shared through BoxyCharm is 100% the same as what is sold on our website and with retail and spa partners. There was initially an incorrect ingredient list published online and we have since been able to correct. I hope this clears up any confusion! Xo

  9. Does anyone know when and what time in November BC Pop Up Sale starts ?

    I look forward to those and don’t want to miss it so everything is sold out :/

    Thanks bunches 💕

    • November 12th. It doesn’t show the time. Possibly the same time as last.

  10. I got Paula’s Choice in my last box, I was shocked , people on this site were shocked , I guess that was an unicorn item 🥴
    And lol @ one person who said either I’ve been a very good girl lol 😂 bc I’m no influenster , guess it’s just the game , bc I’ve always been let down by previous boxes and variations . I guess I try not to get my hopes up, but yes the multiple variations and guessing the boxes sizes , then only to be let down and seeing influensters and bloggers getting the best stuff does bother paying customers as myself , and you guys . We should all get the experience “ the other people get” we deserve it .. IMO ☺️

    • The DC thunder palette… Is it the same as the storm palette? When I click on the link it only shows the storm palette soooo thats why I was asking. Thank you!!! 😀

      • It’s a mini of that palette made for boxycharm. Less shades in it 8 I think.

  11. I have never seen brushes like that…most interesting.

  12. I hated Octs box!! I’ve been a Boxycharm subscriber for years now & I kinda thought that if I messaged them & told them how unhappy I was that they would do something to make me happy, but NOTHING!!!! They did tho, I form me how to cancel my subscription if I was unhappy. What a horrible company. You would think that they would at least TRY to make us happy but nope!

    • I didn’t even receive a palette in my box and nobody will answer me! It has now been going on two and a half weeks, which is crazy. The only email I got was to tell me they had overload this month and they would answer within 3-5 days!? Uh I’m pretty sure that has long past…and when I re-emailed them I have heard absolutely nothing. It’s like only certain people matter. I was a new customer (actually I’ve been a long time customer, but opened a second account to get another palette for a family member which obviously didn’t work since I didn’t get any) and I’m ignored. Terrible customer service! Even though Ipsy’s quality of products has gone down their customer service is still great!

      • Kristin, I’m still waiting on an email reply, too. It’s been over a week. I was a new October subscriber and they didn’t send me a new subscriber gift, as promised. I did get a Tarte palette, but only received five items, not six. I did not get the eyeshadow palette (which was originally advertised for all boxes). I’m so angry over Boxycharm’s customer service….they have no customer service. I was hoping to get a reply so I can decide whether to stay as a subscriber. If they don’t honor my gift/send a reply email by the end of the month, I’m gone. They’re not going to keep me with this type of nonsense.

      • So, with October using the code it was a dose palette OR a tarte palette is what I’ve seen them telling other people. Apparently it wasn’t advertised as you receiving 6 products for October using the code.

      • It was advertised that way. Infact, Boxycharm ads all over, not just info here, touted the free sixth item. That’s why so many of us subscribed for October. I have a screen shot of an ad as I stated. If i could post it, I certainly would.

      • What??! It said the Tarte was a free gift if you signed up with the code. I got I guess the October box today. It came with a Tarte face palette, Touch in Sol glossy skin balm, Iconic lipgloss, Mellow brow gel, Jonteblu lip liner and Glamglow cleanser. Rather disappointed. I thought I’d be getting the Dose of Colors palette.

      • I received both the palette AND the dose of color shadows.I did received a dried out smashbox liner which I was excited about till this morning when I actually went to use it. =/

      • So a lot of new subscribers had that problem this month. They used the tarte palette that was supposed to be the gift as the palate for the box. But I think u still should’ve gotten 6 products not 5. Sorry. I’ve been with them for awhile too. To be honest I’ve always had great customer service with them. Sorry yours has been so bad. They really might be getting a lot of emails this time because people r so upset. I have noticed though that if u send them a new email from the site they get back faster. Like when u re emailed them. Don’t reply to the email u already have. Make a new one so it makes a new que n don’t get skipped over. Hope this helps. Sorry it was so long.

      • Thank you so much Amanda.

      • The Dose lipsticks are $18 and the Becca highlighters are $38 it says we get one of those two products why!!?? They are clearly not of equal value!! Makes no sense! I have 3 or 4 of those lipsticks from boxycharm I want a Becca highlighter hopefully they can see they have sent the Dose lippie before and send me the Becca!

      • I saw somewhere they are going off your profile if you have lippie above highlighter on what you prefer that is what you will get

      • I was new to boxy and got glamglow insted of a dose palette I wanted so bad

      • I resubscribed for October, but wasnt happy with my box either. I did get 5 items plus the Tarte palette. The packaging was damaged, but, even worse, it had been used! Yuck! Also got a dark brown brow gel that I can’t use since I’m a blond, which is in my profile. They never replied to emails, so I cancelled.

        Now they email me asking what they did wrong and wanting another chance. Lol! Nope! I don’t trust them.

      • Nan, that’s what happened to me. I didn’t get the free gift as promised for October, no doc palette, and the gel was way too dark for my natural blonde. Also, I said no red, and no liners. They sent a red liner. Awful. They haven’t responded to multiple emails. They are terrible. Now im learNing that the Kypris serum for November is not the same forums as the regular Kypris. It’s such a scam.

      • Hi there! Please be assured the KYPRIS Antioxidant Dew formula shared through BoxyCharm is 100% the same as what is sold on our website and with retail and spa partners. There was initially an incorrect ingredient list published online and we have since been able to correct. I hope this clears up any confusion! Xo

    • Ya I cancelled mine after October box, and after seeing spoilers, I’m glad I have. One can only have and use so many face mists/dews/primers. It’s like they don’t even care about the beauty quiz we fill out.
      Come on now boxycharm.

  13. Not to happy with what I’m seeing coming with Novembers box so far. The only things I’m remotely interested in are the makeup brushes and the dose of colors. That eyeshadow is hideous, and I do NOT want another highlighter. I don’t wear highlighters. From the last two boxes, I’m trying to sell things I don’t want on ebay. I said I don’t want highlighter in my list, so why was I sent it?

  14. I’m actually enjoying boxy a lot more than last month’s and this month’s Ipsy GBP. Next month doesn’t look great either. With boxy, I tend to get at least one high value item. With GBP I keep getting awful collabs, low-end drugstore quality products, etc.

    • As long as I get my pick of the juice beauty eye gel that’s about all I want and it will make the price of the box. I don’t want the palette (if I get it that is 😏) so anyone that wants it I’ll trade for about anything other than highlighter lol

      • Oh god not another ugly hideous pallete ! I dont think I turned into a clown.

      • Those may be the worst palette colors I’ve ever seen.

      • Supposedly everyone will get that awful palette, at least in the base box. However they said everyone would get a Dose of Colors palette and that ended up not being true so we shall see.

      • I’m glad that I’m not alone in disliking this palette! At least I can see what I’d create with that Briar Rose palette. This one… I’ve got nothing. I’d use probably three colors.

  15. It really is disappointing. The last 3 months have been like that for me. This last month I saw everyone getting the Paula’s coffee bha and I got one drug store priced sheet mask. So a one use product vs a month…. I’m waiting to see about premium but I’m definitely ready to unsubscribe. 😔

    • If they would only make the variants equal, that would solve some of the issues, but the discrepancy in them is ridiculous

      • I totally agree. That’s why I haven’t subscribed yet! There’s usually only 1 or 2 things I’m remotely interested in and I wouldn’t use the other things. I know that if I subscribe I wouldn’t get the item I wanted and would end up with the cheaper item. If there’s something I’m dying to have I go on Facebook to the destash groups and just buy it.

      • Rachel, do you have a favorite of those groups that you would share?

  16. If I sign up now Will I get the Too Faced Pallete,I don,t have it.

    • No you will receive on of two tart face pallets

    • I get 2 Boxycharm boxes and I received variations 6 and 40!!!

  17. I dont care for this box at all, BUT forced to get it in order to qualify for the premium box.

  18. Liz there are full spoilers on Twitter….

    The Natasha Denona Bloom Blush and Glow
    Dragun Beauty Dragunfire Skin Perfecting Potion
    BECCA cosmetics Glow Gloss in Champagne Creme
    QMS Cosmetics Intensive Eye Cream
    Kopari Beauty Coconut Rose Toner
    Boxycharm brand 5 Piece Brush Set

    • Yes! I also saw this on YouTube as well.

      • I actually checked it out on Twitter, which is why I came here with a product list. Yes, I did mean it was for Premium. I think the premium leaves much to be desired. Especially after the eye rolls from the Kopari product last time they included it in the special skincare box.

  19. They posted a full pic of spoilers on thier ig yesterday….that becca lip gloss and kopari spray are 2 more

  20. These do not excite me, but to be fair I am on product overload.

  21. Loving these spoilers! Hopefully I make it off the premium waitlist so I get the farsali mist

    • That’s what I’m hoping for, too!!

  22. What is wrong with this company? Customer service doesn’t actually read your emails and instead sends some random form response that doesn’t address your issue.

    Corresponding with them is truly a lesson in the absurd.

    After a week I receive two responses both of which have nothing to do with me and now their inbox is full and I have to start this cat and mouse game all over.

    Good news: if you email them to confirm your November choice (Since you never received a confirmation email of course) they will apologize profusely and offer you a concession since you missed the customization window so now you’ll be able to select from two products which are definitely not the products you selected from during the customization you already performed and not the products you care about and even if you wanted to take them up on this choice their mailbox is now full.

    After a week and responses from two different customer service reps I still have no confirmation of my November choice.

    Why doesn’t MSA address these issues? Negligent customer service and advertising fraud and yet crickets. They are quick to place warnings on smaller subs such as Oui Please when their readers have experienced issues. Why doesn’t Boxycharm have to meet the same standards I wonder. I did see that MSA has changed their wording to “May receive” vs “will receive” on these spoiler posts. I’d much prefer MSA take responsibility and have some integrity by addressing that issue directly with us readers who generate the blog’s income and deserve not to be defrauded. That would be better than quietly changing your language a year later because people started speaking out. Your readers have been posting for a really long time about BoxyCharm’s deception and you, MSA, have it signed, sealed and delivered.

    • Hi Stephanie,

      I have reached out to Boxycharm about this recent issue and I am waiting for a response to share and take action on. Sorry I don’t have an update yet.

      • Thank you Liz

      • Thank you Liz! I’m so happy to hear that MSA has responded to our issue with misleading spoilers. It says a lot about the integrity of you and the MSA team and I really appreciate that you responded to all of us directly here in the comments when you could have just ignored our criticisms or probably even removed our comments from the site. I look forward to the clarity of future Boxycharm announcements and spoilers. Bravo MSA!!!! 👏 👏 👏

      • Did you ever get a response from them?

    • Exactly. I’m still waiting (six days and counting) for a reply to my email regarding Boxycharm not sending the new subscriber gift for October. I am well beyond disappointed. It’s pushing angry now. They’ve already charged my card for November add on, so I’m afraid to cancel entirely for November in fear I’ll lose that money as well if they don’t send the product I purchased. Any advice? What else can we do if we’ve been scammed by Boxycharm?

    • As much as I love and appreciate MSA, which is LOTS considering I spend more online time here than every other site combined, I have to agree with Stephanie on this. MSA readers have long been posting very negative experiences with shipping, false advertising/bait & switch tactics, other misleading information (including Yosef personally breaking his word and engaging in unfair business practices), and most of all their poor and unbelievably ineffective customer service. The last issue in particular simply cannot be blown off as a matter of opinion or as an uncommon occurrence.

      I’ve seen warnings on other box posts when there’s only been a history of shipping issues or customer service alone. And these box posts continue to include the warning sometimes a year or more after the company has fixed the issue. I understand Boxy is a HUGE name in the sub box world and therefore why MSA doesn’t want to get on their bad side. There’s a lot of competition among various websites/social media sites to be the first and most informative place for the latest Boxy news/updates. But to maintain integrity and any semblance of impartiality, your readers must always come first. And having the distinction of being one of the few sources of Boxy info that doesn’t seem to be in their pocket would be something to be proud of.

      I think everyone is well aware that Boxy provides a great way to build your makeup and other beauty collections at a very reasonable price. A certain level of loyalty and a willingness to actively promote them and encourage your readers to subscribe is perfectly reasonable. And I understand many complaints against them may be considered petty or unfair or even untrue in some cases. But there have been way too many legitimate issues reported here by so many of your loyal readers. If any ONE of these long-term major problems was being reported by such a high “number of readers” concerning any other subscription box (with the other possible exception being Ipsy) a warning would’ve started accompanying their posts for quite some time now. Adding a few words of caution to all Boxy posts is long overdue. As strongly as I feel about Boxy’s many flaws, I still subscribe to multiple subscriptions and spend additional money on their sales and add-ons. I’m confident that adding a warning isn’t going to stop most people from taking advantage of the great deals Boxy offers.

      • Hi DG,

        We want you to know that we hear you and we are working on improving clarity around BoxyCharm issues. We always strive to be transparent and use all the information BoxyCharm has provided when we post spoilers or deals. Moving forward, we will be sure to clarify that there are a lot of variation possibilities outside of what they’ve shared and include warnings for the issues people have experienced.

    • To be fair your experience is not everyone’s experience. I’ve actually had a very pleasant exchange with BoxyCharm CS and they resolved my issue quickly. I don’t think it’s really fair to place blame on MSA at all.

      • agree. I have had nothing but good experiences with their CS. They even gave me a free pallet after i forgot to use the promo code. I think its how you approach service that shows what you get back. If you come in hard you will not get good service. just attract bees with honey. 😉 and its certainly not MSA fault. good grief. this page has become a drama channel.

      • You’re correct, boxycharm’s poor customer service is not MSAs fault. MSA is however responsible for posting advertising fraud and letting the comments of many many unhappy subscribers for different reasons go unheard for far too long.
        I did not “come in hard” with my email to CS to confirm my customization choice, my email was short and sweet, but thanks for your assumption. It’s well documented here and elsewhere how many issues Boxycharm has. You’re lucky you haven’t had any but you will. And when that time comes you’ve lost your complaining privilege so pls just don’t.

      • I also have had a good experience with Boxy CS. The Peach above must have spoken to them like she did in her post.

      • Blondie – LOL!

      • I’ve been ignored for nearly two and a half weeks and was extremely nice about it when I emailed. It wasn’t till my most recent email I just asked if someone please respond to me so I know what is going on! So no it’s no always how you talk to people sadly. I work in pharmacy where customer service is key and how you treat people is important *especially* those giving you their money for a service. It doesn’t matter if they don’t like how someone wrote them or not every paying customer deserves an answer and should count that is a common curtesy and it’s respect for your customer.

      • Just as it’s unfair to say discredit someone GOOD experience w. Boxy, it’s equally unfair to discredit the many ppl who have bad experiences!! They all matter!! & they should all be addressed. I also never heard back for over a week about an issue I was having (& no I did not come in ‘hard’, not that that should matter!! CS is there to resolve ALL issues)

        The only way I was able to get a response was by messaging their FB page. So maybe try that Stephanie if you’re still having problems?

      • Thank you, didn’t think to try there. Will do!

      • I guess my comment was too long lol

      • Of course everyone doesn’t have the same experience. That’s more than obvious. It’s also obvious from comments here and on social media that many more people do than don’t. The issues people are complaining about are serious, it’s not just boo hoo I didn’t receive the color of lippie I wanted. Its about trusting a company with your data when it can’t even accept emails at this time bc Its mailbox is full. It’s people ordering and never receiving anything. Advertising fraud. The list goes on. I mean, come on, if you contacted your credit card and told them you couldn’t even get an email into a company’s mailbox and there was no other way to contact them they would 100 percent file a chargeback or future stop charges. MSA is definitely responsible for promoting false advertising and imo their loyalty should be with their readers not their biggest sources of sponsorship. If you don’t want to “blame” MSA you are part of the problem, here and elsewhere.

      • I’m not happy with the way boxycharm has handled things either and have taken myself off the waitlist for the premium. I’m keeping the base box mainly for xmas gifts then I’m out. That being said, the boxes msa has had warnings on have had years of complaints against them and actually polled us to see if we still wanted them reviewed and most said yes but with a disclaimer added because she had stopped reviewing them altogether. Maybe you weren’t around back then but was. To be fair it’s just lately that boxycharm has become the crapshoot that it is now with more variations and backlog of complaints rolling in. (We are also seeing this stuff with ipsy the past couple of months not to mention the ultimate fiasco) so it’s a bit premature to be placing blame on msa when this and ipsy are are messing up so badly in the past few months. I have never seen spoilers here that have said this is DEFINITELY going to be in your specific box, just hey here’s the spoilers….which is the same info that is going all over social media and other subscription spoiler sites. To think that she talks personally to the owners of all these companies and gets the goods honest truth from them is ludicrous. She has the same info unless its specifically stated as such. If you click links on this page it is stated that msa is compensated. But that is up to us whether we choose to use them or not. Maybe if these issues continue with boxycharm AND ipsy months from now she will pull us like last time. And one other thing is I see a lot of misinformation being posted in the comment section. And then down the line it goes, so unless you want every comment posted censored and verified all I can say is – buyer beware…

      • You know there are bigger things in life to be mad about than a cheap beauty sub right? You can opt out of shopping with a company if you don’t like their business. Also, MSA does us a great service collecting spoilers and they are not responsible for your disappointment or another companies customer service

      • @blondie I wish this could be a disclaimer lol

      • Thank you for posting this! It drives me nuts when people try to blame MSA for everything. Like you said MSA does us all a great service by collecting all this info and posting it in one place so we dont have to go searching through a million different websites/social media pages. They dont control or endorse what companies do or dont do, they simply post the information we are all looking for making our lives easier

      • @Tiffany Schmidt @blondie1021 it drives me nuts when people misrepresent others‘ comments! Go ahead and disagree but pls don’t brazenly reimagine and reconfigure what I’ve said here in service of your own opinion.

        Nowhere did I say or even suggest that MSA is responsible for a company’s behavior or my own “disappointment,” whatever that means. MSA is responsible for the information they post here, period. Their posts regarding Boxycharm are unethical in the least. That’s my opinion.

        There are subs like Ipsy and allure and fff that send out variations and you don’t see a consistent narrative about constant lying, bait and switch, and false advertising in those comment sections.

        Those companies may also have misleading photos and hyped spoilers and such but there is always a clear and valid explanation of what you’ll receive. Obviously it’s not the case that we are all just not reading carefully enough or people would be flipping out all over those boards as well. Glad you are happy with Boxycharm and msa but you can’t just bend language to say it means whatever you want it to mean because you are fans of the two. Boxycharm advertisements in the form of spoilers are straight up lies and msa posts them without any fine print which puts them on the same level as boxy. MSA will hopefully rise to the occasion moving forward. And for the record @blondie I’m a new subscriber as of just a few weeks ago when I signed up for November’s choice and I’m loving the glam glow gentle bubble cleanser and the glassy skin balm from this months box! You can rest assured I’m aware that I can cancel but I’d like to get what I signed up for first! Have a great day.

      • Sorry I was waiting to get a statement from Boxycharm I could share on how GWPs work now. I’ve added that to this post and we’ll include it in any posts that include coupons for Boxycharm moving forward.

        We also are going to change the language in spoiler posts as it is clear now that new subscribers may not receive the guaranteed products existing subscribers will receive.

        I apologize for not being able to address this sooner.

      • Completely agree.

      • It isn’t everybody’s experience, you’re correct. But “To be fair,” it IS a LOT of people’s issue! All you have to do is read through the comments on the blogs here and the comments all over Boxycharm social media sites to see that there are MAJOR issues with the company! False advertising definitely being one. Which is also very illegal! And the fact that MSA knows about this yet still gives Boxycharm glowing reviews. And they don’t even mention it in their blog posts that MANY, MANY, MANY customers are not happy for good reason. And that’s not cool. As the op stated, the readers are whom generates the income for this site. The readers generate the views that get the site the boxes for free to review. All while they aren’t even addressing the issues on this site. And some people feel like it is the responsibility of Liz or the other writers to actually put some sort of disclaimer in the blog posts regarding the issues. Like “while we here at msa are happy with our box, we feel the need to address the several serious issues others have with the company.” Or “While this post is to show sneak peeks, we feel it is necessary to inform our readers that Boxycharm has been involved in false advertising, misleading consumers, not being fair with the 80 variations each month, ignoring customers, and they have a record of said practices with BBB.” Something, anything along those lines would be the right thing to do on this site. But then again, they may not get FREE boxes anymore and maybe that is what they are worried about. And its wrong.

      • Hi Lisa,

        For future posts, we will be sure to clarify that there are many variation possibilities outside of the spoilers within that post. We always post the information BoxyCharm has released but will be sure to call out this issue and any other issues people are experiencing.

    • I’ve tired emailing them and it’s full. I’m luxy and they but me back on waiting list, they have me in the waiting list for the premium, but it’s $35. All my add ons or gone and my points. But I can’t email them. I’m so mad. I put messages on there post but they don’t even reposnd to that.

    • @Stephanie, what were the two items they let you choose between??

      • Hey @Jennifer S.,

        They offered a choice between the dose of colors lip product and the Becca highlighter. I don’t really have a preference so I didn’t follow through but those were the choices!

    • Most unfortunate circumstance…. I like the items presented this month but such customer service as described…. I don’t have the patience for, it’s not worth it for a $25 dollar box (though I could justify it with some items I would use in terms of cost) but a clash of principles will get me wound up cause I know myself well enough that way….Though I may like to try these items I do have a lot in my stash I have not tried or used up yet. Basically still not sure still thinking about maybe as I like this months products (except for highlighter, have plenty)

  23. I want to sign up for the Natasha Denona, but it seems like there’s no way to do that. Guess I will just keep ignoring Boxy then. :/

  24. Does anyone know anything about the October add-ons? I was charged for them right away, but nothing since. Do they always take this long to ship? Do they send an email shipping notice?

    • I’ve already been billed for November add on. I cancelled subscription. Hope I will still get my item.

    • I’m guessing since it’s an ‘add-on’ it ships with your next box. I ordered stuff too and haven’t heard…this was the first add-on sale they had, there will one very month

    • I just today got my September add they will come, just takes a bit 🙂

    • My add-ons were shipped on the 15th finally! They did send me tracking info.

    • My October add on arrived a week after my box if that helps.

    • Thanks for the help! I think I’m gonna cancel. Just hoping it doesn’t cause an issue with the add-ons. Fingers crossed lol.

    • They already shipped out my November add on, it’s the Juice Beauty eye product. That surprised me the other day when I got the email. Its arriving on Monday so I’m excited for that just wasnt expecting my November add on so soon

    • Yeah I got one of my add ons out of my 4 I purchased , I’m a little confused there .. I payed and was charged , I’d expect it come and not in single items at various times … I don’t like that :/

  25. When the first October spoilers came out they said the box will include the DOC palette, the smash box eyeliner OR Paula’s choice, etc. and after the Tarte promo I ended up getting just one item of those first spoilers. What good are spoilers if there are going to be 40something variations?

    • That’s not at all uncommon with Boxycharm. The operative word is “or” so they’re only promising one of three products. But from what I understand from reading comments here on MSA, some subscribers received NONE of the three items. Boxycharm is and probably always will be incredibly frustrating and disappointing to deal with. Most people including myself continue to tolerate the often unfair and deceptive treatment because despite all their sins they still offer great deals on beauty products that are hard to find elsewhere. My best advice is to never allow yourself to get too excited over any particular spoiler, even if it appears/sounds like it’s something every person is guaranteed to receive. Be prepared to sometimes be unpleasantly surprised by the never-seen-before contents of your boxes. Make sure you are getting enough products to make the subscription worth the cost for you personally. Try to be content with the few items you actually get to choose, the occasional pleasant surprises you get, and the add-ons and pop-up shop deals which are usually fantastic, but only if you’re able to shop very soon after the sales start. Basically you just have to weigh the pros and cons and decide whether or not to stay subscribed accordingly.

      • “Or” is not the operative word. “Will include or may include” or “everyone will receive” are the operative words. Read carefully. “The box” does not mean the box you will receive. “The box” is the box going out for a certain month. You are NOT guaranteed to receive ANY of the spoilers unless it is explicitly stated that everyone will receive a specified item. Just for fun, I went back and pulled up all the spoilers for October. The first had the DOC palettes and said “will include.” However, the next few spoilers said “every subscriber will receive a DOC palette or a Tarte palette. If you were a new subscriber, you likely got the Tarte palette and regular subs got the DOC. So the only thing guaranteed was getting one of the two palettes and one of the choice items. No other spoiler was guaranteed. I do think it was sneaky and misleading to use the new subscriber item (Tarte) in place of the spoiler palette (DOC), but it wasn’t fraudulent advertising. It was also shady to include the three “will include liner or brow gel or liquid exfoliant”….there was no guarantee there either. The only people who have a case are the subscribers who did not receive a DOC palette or a Tarte palette and one of the two choice products that were guaranteed. Being deceptive or misleading is bad, but it is not fraudulent. They count on subscribers not knowing how to read the language….the spoilers get people to subscribe thinking they will get all of these great items. Very poor business model if you’re in it for the long haul.
        P.S. Please forgive these multiple posts on the same subject. I’m really just trying to help.

      • This is excatly what I was trying to say. Perfect

      • Thank you, Denise. The whole thing just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Subscribers are all ages and from all walks of life, and everyone should know what to expect and if they are basically willing to gamble with their money. Companies should be clear with their wording and NOT trying to deceive customers with misleading language. Spoilers generally set people up for disappointment unless they become savvy consumers. Boxy and Ipsy both list all products possible after they have charged your card. Wouldn’t it be great if they had product tiers? Like, “These are the hero items and you will receive one of them. These are second tier items and you will receive one of them. Third tier items and you will receive one of them.” Values of each tier’s products would be comparable. Then they could picture all the other products from that month’s box and say you will get one or two (depending on number of items promised in that month’s box) of these products (basically filler items). Problem solved!!! 😸😺😹

  26. I wonder why my posts are not being shown…hmmm…

  27. I love farsali and so hope I get it. Wish it was a primer but happy to have anything from that brand. Hoping boxy sticks to real brands. This is the right direction! I would rather have 4 real brands than 10 fake brands with an inflated price. If boxy keeps sending reputable brands even if they don’t t work for me I am happy. Just praying it isn’t variation fest.

    • From my understanding, if you get Premium and base box, you will end up getting the Farsali because both boxes have a brush set (base box has a smaller set). Since they are guaranteeing no doubles in your subs if you get both, the farsali is supposed to come in base box for those recieving the bigger set in Premium. That’s the word in some Boxy groups.

      • See now I wouldn’t say that because its showing that but boxy might not have added an “or” to the post yet. This is where some of the breakdown of info comes from. Everyone will think that’s that will happen but maybe not.

  28. I re-subscribed last month for the Dose of colors eyeshadow palette and JUST because I used the code I DID NOT get the DOC palette in my October box even thought in the first spoiler it was said that all subscribers would get one. I regret not taking a screenshot of that because honestly that is ILLEGAL, it is called Bait and switch and all of us know Boxycharm is guilty of this. I find it truly insane that this company is allowed to do that given the number of people they have screwed over. I wish I had never signed up for a 3 month subscription given their unscrupulous practices.

    • I used the Tarte code and received both the DOC and Tarte. I received the Sassy Sienna’s.

      • Same I got the sassy siennas also with the tarte clay play palette funny thing is I would have rather gotten the glam glow lol

      • I would have been happy with either.

    • While I haven’t gone to read the fine print on Boxy’s site to see if they mention products vary (which I am sure they do), I am fairly certain it isn’t illegal to substitute an item spoiled online in a surprise beauty sub box. That is just silly.

      • It’s not a surprise when they tell you beforehand what you will receive. That makes it no different than ordering from Nordstrom or Macy’s or anywhere else in terms of the spoiled items. What is a surprise is when they don’t send you that item or 1/2 items blondie.

      • But that’s a broad statement of -will- they can say that because it’s TRUE. Some will. That’s not a lie. Now if they said everybody will and you don’t then that would be lying. Just because some people interpret it that way that’s where the bad feelings and anger are. You would need to screenshot everything boxy posts to prove they did something wrong. If that’s the way you plan to go.

    • I uses the Tarte code as a returning subscriber and received both the Tarte Clay Play and the Dose Sassy Siennas…

  29. I really hope I don’t get face brushes. I’m extremely picky about face brushes and I already own 8 Sonia G brushes, 5 Wayne Goss, some Hakuhodo, IT cosmetics and Hourglass. I really really really don’t want any face brushes but I’m not picky about eye brushes. For me, I like high end as much as I like luxury Fude eye brushes.
    Also, Becca or DoC lipstick? For me, that’s not even comparable. Gimme that highlight and the farsali.
    Tbh, I’m probably the only one who feels this way but I’m not the slightest but interested in that DC eyeshadow palette. I hope I don’t get it but if I do, it goes straight to the Christmas pile. Blues and oranges? Uh… No, thanks.

    • My unwanted things go into the Christmas pile too! I have enough pre teen nieces who are into makeup who will look at these palettes like they’re bars of gold. It will also make fun gifts for the office Christmas party when we bring in stuff for the white elephant gift exchange.

  30. Okay, Ladies help me out please… are these all spoilers for the regular box? Also, if I signed up for Premium do I not get the regular box and the premium the first month? Am I crazy? I thought I was getting both… heaven help me I want it all!

    • These are regular boxy spoilers. It says you won’t get these in the premium box. I believe the only spoiler for premium is the Natasha Denona blush palette. You will be charged 25 for regular box and 35 for premium and get both boxes.

      • @Sierra Thank you! I must be having a senior moment, lol. I am super excited and would love to get the Farsali.

  31. Did anyone else notice the Becca item showing in the box is NOT the highlight? I love Becca and would not be disappointed in what looks like a lipgloss or concealer (just worried that for every item they show, there are probably 50 others you may get instead)

    • Isn’t the box they are holding up items in front of the Premium box? I think that’s why the Becca item is a lipgloss or lipstick

      • Thank you, Emma. I had not yet viewed the “full spoilers for Premium.” Keep telling myself that Boxy is a lottery ticket now …. keep playing and I’ve got to hit the jackpot at some point 🙂 (or find a good support group!)

  32. Glad they are saying MAY receive. Of course, there are a thousand other expired items sitting in their warehouses that they MAY send as well. I need to quit hoping I’ll “hit the lottery” and unsubscribe! Each month, I’m disappointed in the variants I get and each month I think “well, I like one item … the odds have to be in my favor next month.” I could buy that one item (in the shade or variation of my choice) for the $25. Was so tempted by Premium and Joe/Influencers saying ALL premium boxes will receive the ND palette. Then, I remembered that Joe said all charmers would receive either the Smashbox liner or Paula’s Choice item this month. VERY few subscribers got those items … I got a repeat item from about 18 months ago that is EXPIRED (BEWARE: If you got Variation 39 &/or received the Tarteist Pro Glow Liquid Highlight, the item is OLD. There is an expiration date of 6 months after opening listed on the unsealed box and there is no safety seal). The FOMO is real so I think I will keep the regular box for month of November and, hopefully, will finally realize I need to cancel. BTW, I contacted Boxy 8 days ago about the repeat/expired item. Got an email acknowledging and then an email the next day saying they were experiencing a record number of inquiries and would get back to me in 24-72 hours. Still waiting ……

    • this is exactly how I feel! I feel like i Get the item I picked, a variation of the 2nd spoiler, and then a bunch of random left over crap that was never advertised until people started getting their boxes and showing what was in them.

    • Variation 39!?!? OMG. and yes, that tarte was given out long time ago. I got it in a box and never used it but I opened it )someone prolly did before me anyways) so I know it’s expired. I yearn for the good ole days when there was higher value in the regular boxes and quality items with a max of 5 variable boxes. The first 3 spoilers were a guaranteed item and the other 2 were fillers. This month, I didn’t get a palette. I got the TiS glassy that I picked, the lip gloss, lip liner, glamglow, and the eyebrow gel. Worse box ever. I’ve written them too and have not heard a word back from them. Typical.

    • I cancelled. That $25 (plus state tax in most states) per month… $300 annually would be put to greater personal benefit in your IRA. This company cannot be believed. I was duped, then scammed, with the October subscription sign up. Momma didn’t raise a fool. They’re not getting a cent more from me. I’m still waiting on a reply to my email. It’s been almost six days. Complete silence. How MSA supports this farce of a company is a travesty. I certainly ‘get’ how people get sucked into these subscriptions. Heck, it’s in the name here…’addiction’. Be strong and follow your gut. Any of these so-called ‘companies’ are beyond tickled to keep depositing your money. Some are fine. Dermstore/Beautyfix is an example of a superb company with instant chat customer service and rapid response. I had a box with several empty samples and they immediately sent me FIVE full-sized products to amend, with a retail value of almost $175. Now THAT is customer service.

  33. It would be nice if those of us who did not get the DOC palette this month are promised this Dominique palette.

  34. Hoping that “may contain” doesn’t turn into some out of the blue variations, because this looks like a nice value for the price.

  35. I’m done with BC after they failed to give me my gift as promised in the October box. Caveat emptor.

  36. This month isn’t looking too bad so far. I was nervous about coming back to Boxy but I don’t regret it so far. Of course as far as wishing for certain products I’m not getting my hopes up because by now I know better. Instead of hoping to get certain things, I just hope to NOT get certain things. 😄
    In this case it’s that mist. So tired of sparkly sprays! I’m 44 with combo/oily tzone skin and ever expanding pores as I age. The last thing I need is to add shine to or “light up” my skin (i.e. blow up my pores). I’m not as unhappy with Boxy as I used to be because I adjusted my expectations and lost all faith in Ipsy. I just really really wish instead of rolling out all the new sub levels and new features like add-ons and pop-up sales (all of which I actually do love) they would first do the one thing they’ve been promising for over a year.
    USE OUR PROFILES. PLEEEEEEASE. If not for everything, at least skincare. It’s one thing to get makeup colors that are “out of your comfort zone” as Ipsy loves to say, but it’s another to get products for your face/skin you absolutely cannot use.

    P.S. Yes yes yes… I know we are still getting a suuuuper deal so no one need “remind” me to be positive or grateful or hypocritically complain and have a negative attitude toward me for being negative (love how people refuse to see they’re doing that) and recommend I just unsubscribe.

    • @Maria,

      I don’t care for sparkly sprays either, so I put a coffee filter in a funnel and filtered most of the sparkle out. There’s barely any sparkle left in, and now I can use it just fine 🙂 I figured it was worth a shot, and it worked!

      • Great idea! I need to do this

      • Lol I did the same with the cover fx spray we got a while ago. The little bit that was left settled on the bottom so I washed that out. I actually saved the part that came out into a little jar. It looks just like a highlighter that’s a rosey glow.

    • I get a lot of people like the sparkle. But is much easier to please everyone and have those that do add highlighter then to send the sparkle and have a lit of people not use it

  37. The picture that shows the Farsali, the box in the BC box that has the wavey pink along the top looks like it could be a Kopari box.

  38. I’m excited about November, but also nervous that it will be another bait and switch month. I’m getting the Premium (mainly for ND but most items look great), and the regular Boxycharm looks nice so far. I really hope I get Farsali and the Dominique eyeshadow palette. They keep promising certain items in EVERY box, then change at the last second and make it a variant, like October’s box. Did you know there are at least 23 variations of October? Their theme should have been ‘Trick or Treat (but mostly tricks)’.

    • I had variation number 40 in my October box! I never did hear of one higher than mine, but who knows!

    • I am worried about the exact same thing. I signed up for October thinking that I was going to get a dose palette. Nope I got a horrible box that I’m just going to swap/resell.
      So far the spoilers for November look good but are premium people actually going to get the Farsali in the regular or will they change their mind later on?

      • Mine was awful and they didn’t give me my new subscriber gift, nor or they answering any emails.

      • Mine was a major disappointment. I also had signed up because I wanted one of the Dose palettes, which I didn’t get – but what I did get was some other stuff that was picked so randomly that I wonder what is even the point of taking their beauty quiz.
        I should have just bought the palette I wanted from Ulta instead.

    • There were at least FORTY FIVE (45!!) variations for October. An unboxing on YouTube showcased a 45 version

      • Crazy. I got variation 2 but it took 15 days to get to me after it shipped 😂

    • Yup! I recd variation #38. Had no clue there were so many!! Recd-

      DOC marvellous mauves
      TIS glassy balm
      Iconic London lip gloss in nearly nude
      Illumati sponge
      Elemis mask – have so many already from past boxy

      But overall, not a bad month, fingers crossed for Nov😂

    • There is a Variation 40 floating out there.

      • The #40 box I got was-

        DOC- Blushing Berries
        Glassy Balm
        Iconic London gloss- Love Struck
        Illuminati sponge
        Smashbox Always On- black liquid liner

        I absolutely loved my box though! I didn’t see variation 45! Crazy!

      • I had box 40 too and love it! Blushing Berries was the palette I wanted to so I was so glad I got it. I loved everything else in the box as well. I wanted Paula’s Choice but I love the Smashbox eyeliner. I just went to the Paulax Choice website and ordered the liquid exfoliant and a facial cleanser. The products are actually really affordable. I’m glad I ordered the liquid exfoliant, it’s very effective

      • I got variation 18 and got DOC sassy siennas, iconic spray, hankand Henry mascara, blk pencil eyeliner, and brow tint. I feel like most people got this variation. Well at least sassy siennas. I used to be under the impression that the closer we were to variation 1 the better but by the looks of variation 40 I think not. I would have much rather preferred this box. O well we’ll see. Also I canceled premium just didn’t feel it after the spoilers.

    • Right in the September box I didn’t get the Hank and Henry anything !!!! And messaged a ton of time as a matter of fact didn’t even get my SEPTEMBER BOX till just one day before I got my October BOX 😡 and even then they tryed to tell me that someone in my home had took my stuff lmbo I live a lone SMH 🤦🏽‍♀️

  39. Luv every spoiler this month. Better than ipsy

    • Agreed. I’m 0.5 seconds from canceling IPSY. I have GBP and last month was TRASH

      • Same. Ipsy is so disappointing with all these crappy collabs I paused November and signed back up with boxy. I know I will at least love the palette (and boxy at least gives you real makeup!). If ipsy has another collab in December, I’m cancelling for good and sticking with my boxy and luxe.

  40. If you dont want this month but want November…. when should you sign up?

    • Sign up in nov.

    • You’ll need to sign up on November 1st 🙂

      • Can I sign up on Nov 1st for the base box and premium?

      • Premium is waitlisted so no guarantees on you making the list for November even if you sign up now.

      • Sorry hun but u have to be an active charmer before Nov 1st to get on the waitlist for the premium box. And for the launch u have to have both boxes but u can cancel the base box next month if u really only want the premium. Oh and u have to have the base box in order to get the luxe. U can’t get it with only the premium. I know it’s confusing so I hope this helps.

  41. MAY receive…so that means there will be more variations.

    I am happy with this months spoilers as is but it will be the inevitable variants that will show up that will get ya!

    • I’m so hoping for that Farsali spray! 💙💙💙

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