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BoxyCharm November 2019 FULL Spoilers!


We have full spoilers for one variation of the November 2019 BoxyCharm box thanks to boxypreview!

One variation of the November box includes:

Source: boxypreview

In case you missed the previous spoilers:

BoxyCharm 2 Piece Brush Set

According to Yosef, if you are a BoxyCharm Premium subscriber, you will not get the brush set (The Premium box includes a 5 piece brush set). Instead, you may receive:

Farsali Rose Gold Skin Mist

In case you missed the previous spoilers:

Dose of Colors Liquid Lipstick


BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector


Dominique Cosmetics Celestial Thunder Eye Shadow Palette


Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Anti-Wrinkle Eye Treatment or Kypris Antioxidant Dew Quench & Glow Serum

What do you think of the November spoilers? 

(If you aren’t familiar Boxycharm is a beauty + makeup subscription box that sends 5 full-size items each month for $25. It was voted the #1 Makeup Subscription Box by MSA readers, and won places in many categories in the 2019 Subscription Box Awards!)

Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.

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  1. Since canceling all my Ipsy Subs I decided to give Boxy another chance. The last couple months I’ve kept my eyes on spoilers and unboxings and I’m personally liking what I’ve seen. I’m excited for the Dominique Cosmetics palette and even more excited for what I’ve seen for next months boxyluxe. I end up getting on the waitlist for premium and luxe. Hope that I get to come off for Dec. We shall see! I really hope to not he let down again by Boxy.

  2. Well I just came back after a year break. I like the new profile but why can you only click one shade you like on liner, lipstick, and blush colors? I see wild card but what if I like 2 or 3 outta 4? It’s almost there, just needs a little tweeking.

    • I always end up giving away or throwing out a color I can’t get to pick. It’s always: too light or too pink. I wear a burgundy red.

  3. If anyone wants the entire box minus the eye cream I’ll sell it strait across or on swap?

    • Boxypremium box? Is that what you would sell?

  4. Well I didnt get billed for premium so no ND or Farsali for me. Bummer.

    • Me either I’m so bummed

      • Right!! they bill me on the last day of the month and i need to be billed on the first so im never ganna get the premium box!! Sucks!!😞

      • me neither:-(I emailed them to find out just how limited the supply. I started at 8am eastern time and around 4 pm eastern it became available for me to sign up for wait list. which I did immediately. still on wait list. All the spoiler sites have sadness due to people not getting the premium. So either they are not done or they had only 2 boxes. Either way its a bummer for those who wanted it. I love my boxy but this was a little disappointing to say the least. If offering something new need to have enough to feed the hungry crowd:-)

      • I am so glad I resisted. I didn’t want this regular box at all, just the premium. I would’ve been super angry if I had signed up just for that and then not gotten it. Sorry for existing subbers and others who got tricked or mistreated though.

    • Really ??? They took it out my account at 12:01 am. I got an email.

    • Me too! No Premium so I will just opt out. I can’t afford all three boxes. I was just hoping to get the first one.

    • Me either. So pissed off.

  5. Too bad the palette wasn’t included in the October box….it’s perfect for Halloween! Can’t wait to try the Krypris though, great reviews! I’m ready to move on from highlighters, I have a drawer full from Boxy that I couldn’t possibly use in a lifetime.

    • You’ll love the Kypris. I got my add on and have been using it. I really like the formula.

  6. November 2019 will be my second box.
    I’m not thrilled about the Dominique Cosmetics Celestial Thunder Eye Shadow Palette. I don’t gravitate towards an unseemly color scheme. I know I will not use this but will pass it along to my teenage niece.

    • Mine is going to a niece as well. I could only see myself using a couple of the shades.

      • Same! Top row looks beautiful. Bottom row is eh… for me.

    • Me also. I wish the colors were more neutral on the palettes

    • Same. I’m just not really a “fun” eyeshadow wearer except for purples and the occasional glitter thing. I don’t mind if they are warm, cool, or neutral, but I just don’t like the look of reds, oranges, greens, or blues as eyeshadows.

      • You should go to ipsy….that’s where I get the “neutral ” pallettes . I love playing with color and formulas….so it always irks me getting 100 shades of brown and neutral pallettes from them lol but I love and collect pallettes, so I’m happy

  7. Ooooh weeee! I am so excited to try the Kypris serum. So happy it was an option. I tried the Juice Beauty eye stuff and not only does it have a disgusting scent, it did nothing for my eyes. I actually thought it was drying my delicate eye skin. The only thing I don’t need or want are the brushes. Everything else sounds great. I’m happy with my regular Boxycharm subcription. No need to upgrade.

    • You’re going to love the Kypris! I feel the same about JB. Have tried several products and didn’t care for any. I really disliked the scent. I cancelled Luxe. Not upgrading anything.

      • I have received several full size Juice Beauty products specifically targeted for the eye area and fine lines and wrinkles, used the entire container with absolutely no benefits. And, as Alice R stated, it actually had a drying effect for me as well. No more JB for me.

  8. This will be my November box and I am so freaking excited. Ahh cannot wait.

    1. DC Celestial Thunder Eye Shadow Palette…(For Every Current Subscriber) 💖😍💖

    2. Farsali Rose Gold Skin Mist…(Hopefully i will be getting the Premium Box) 😍

    3. DOC lip product… (I picked this item from an email I was sent) 😁😍

    4. Juice or whatever that product was called 😬😑🤷…(My selection)

    5. 5th Item which will probably be sheet masks or a pencil something but with everything else I am good with that or just being short one item. I still win with these amazing products 😍

    I absolutely LOVE BoxyCharm. They have not once let me down or disappointed me. I cannot find another better option then to pay, previously $21 and now $25 per month and get all of this. It is just a no brained box. I am so happy and excited to get my box. There isn’t one item I am not over the moon to get.

    • is there a way to see whats in my box before delivery?

  9. I must say, the more I see the palette the more I am NOT feeling it. There are maybe three shades I would use. I am excited to get my second bottle of Kypris – that stuff is lovely! I picked up a bottle in add-ons and have been using it for about two weeks. Very nourishing and perfect for this time of year when my skin gets dry and itchy.

    • Ssme. I’m hanging on for that second bottle of Kypris!

    • Agreed, sister.

  10. I agree with you that’s exactly the case

  11. After seeing the DOSE & ICONIC spoilers for October box, I had to resub after a year hiatus (due to the never-ending number of repeat eyeliners and lip glosses) and I’m so happy I did! I got the Sassy Siennas palette, which is a dream AND the freebie TARTE clay palette. Ole! I was pretty happy with the glow set mist as well but didn’t care at all for the Hank & Henry mascara nor the Chella tweezers. For one, the mascara was pretty crappy imo and the tweezers are well…tweezers. The last item I got was the Smashbox liquid eyeliner, which is another item I just really wasn’t impressed with. So in all, not a bad box and with $167 bucks worth of goodies inside for a whoppin’ 21 bucks, who can complain right? I’ll just gift the two items I won’t be using this Holiday. As I’m currently in sub overload, idk yet if I” get Dec’s box or pause.

    • Can anyone tell me how do I customize my boxyluxe box?

      • Products to choose from are up on website just log in

    • I always tell people to retake the beauty quiz, it’s easier than re subscribing.

      • they do NOT use your beauty quiz answers. they admitted it. they just sent out random boxes from 3 variations they create. thats it. nothing customized about it

    • I got the exact same box as you, and also ersubscrib4d for Octa nd recieved the Tart Clay Play, I feel pretty much exactly the same about the products…except I don’t love the spray either,…smells funny and feels sticky. Love the Sassy Siennas palette!

  12. I”ve been away since December 2018 but I am caving for November 1st. Can not wait. I only didn’t get boxy one time due to a palette that wasn’t warm enough for my complexion. I really got to play with shadows and update my look. I always got at least a couple of items I was pleased with in my boxes and good gosh, palette overload. It’s a good thing. I am going to try to not go past December .. no matter how tempting .. but I am giving myself a pat on the back (er, wallet) for not caving until now.. lol

  13. Hope I get a DOC lipstick 💄 And not the shimmer thing 🤣

  14. I need advice about one of the October products, the Glassy Skin. How is it supposed to be used, as a moisturizer or makeup primer? I tried it and used just a light application. It seems awfully shiny and sticky, and didn’t ever fully absorb. I had to wash it off. I have combination light skin. Help, lol.

    • it’s both! 🙂

      • Maybe it’s just too shiny for me? 🙂

      • its definitely a super shiny item! on days I want a bare face, I use glassy skin with a touch of setting powder., it when I’m too lazy for that, i will throw some sort of face spray over it and it tones it down. it helps control the shine. but I’m OBSESSEDDDDDD with how soft it makes my skin feel.

      • Thanks! I suppose I’m not into all that shine! I may just rotate it in as a moisturizer.

    • I had the same issue. It felt really heavy on the skin and tacky/sticky. It says it is a moisturizer and a primer. Definately not for me. Maybe better to use in the winter months? 🤷🏽‍♀️

      • I agree, Sylvia. Maybe I’ll hang on to it and use as a winter moisturizer. I tried it a gain this morning with a tiny amount and still got the same results…sticky and tacky feel, and my face looked like I had sprayed it with baby oil. A shiny mess, lol. Had to wash it all off and start my morning routine over. There is no way I could use this as a makeup primer. It just sits on my face as a sticky, shiny, oily mess. 🙂

    • I use it as a moisturizer. I have oily skin, but it’s getting cold here. I just put on a super light layer and it makes my skin soft. I was a bit scared of it at first, but I love it now.

      • I use it as a morning moisturizer/primer. I watched a youtube video where she did the same, I was super intimidated of it at first as well, but it’s really nice

      • Maybe I’ll just use it on elbows, knees, hands.

  15. I am not looking forward to this box. These spoilers seem meh to me. Really not excited about that palette.

  16. I know people hate waitlists, but back in the day when they had one it was so much better. There were very few variations, if any, and they were able to provide what they had due to the amount of customers for that coming month. Every since it seems they just want all the subscribers they can get and spread themselves too thin. When you got a box you knew what you were getting. And ipsy also. I just ordered the Macy box which has a waitlist but when I see those spoilers I KNOW that’s what’s going to be in my box. If you want certainty this is not the box for you.

    • You’re exactly right. I’ve been with Boxy going on five years and while I’ve always been aware of how much better and more consistent boxes used to be, I hadn’t made the connection you just pointed out. That waitlist was probably the main reason almost everyone got the same products, or very close to them, month after month. Not only did you not have one subscriber getting a $30 highlighter and another getting a $6 lip liner, no one ever really ever got $6 lip liners and all the other cheap crap that gets thrown in boxes these days. They bought a certain number of products to put together a set number of boxes and that was it until the next month. You hit the nail on the head. Their massive growth just wasn’t enough I guess. They’re pretty much hyper-focused on obtaining new customers now, no matter what it takes. Crappy, unequal variations, false/misleading advertising, customer service support for current/older members virtually non-existent, etc. It’s so infuriating but I don’t have the willpower to take away my business based on principal. I really wish I did.

      • Wow!! I never realized this you guys. I just miss the old boxycharm 🙁

      • My thoughts exactly! It used to be so much more consistent, and I did not feel as if I was constantly being mislead! Spoilers were never you “will get either Item A or Item B” (but not mentioning that you may receive other items for which there are not enough letters in the English alphabet). It took me until I received a 37 cent item from Allure that I finally cancelled. The repeat and LONG EXPIRED item I received in my October Box has finally given me the resolve to cancel. After over 2 1/2 weeks, I received a “boilerplate” email from Boxy indicating that they sometimes included “returning favorites” in boxes and offering me 1000 charms for the oversight. Boxy went onto say this represented the “full value” of the item I was sent (a Tarteist ProGlow Liquid Highlight which their card valued at $29). It’s been 3 days and I’ve not received the charms (I don’t think it’s a coincidence that I will not receive and be able to redeem charms in time to cancel my November box).

      • But back in the day, the quality and name brands were not like they are today. I’d take name brands and good quality for them to branch out and be able to sample more then just drug store brands.

        So I love boxy and the value it does provide, because I’ve found brands I live and products I’ve bought over and over (that farmacy being one I’ve bought 4 times since we’ve got that) so yeah, I’d rather get things I would invest my money on to sample and try vs junk I wouldnt buy or want to check out..

    • That’s why I love Beautyfix so much. Everyone gets the same box. No scams. No shams. Superb customer service, too. If Boxycharm would go to a set box, they wouldn’t believe how fast they would grow.

  17. The last two boxes I received really weren’t that great, but I’m really looking forward to November’s box, and I’m really hoping I get the premium box. I’m most excited about the Becca product! Praying I get it! I absolutely love the set and refresh powder so I would love to try another one of their products.

  18. If anyone wants it, they can buy my box. If you haven’t already signed up, do yourself a favor and DON’T DO IT. I am seriously never one to complain. If I had a problem with a sub box, I just unsubbed. HOWEVER I have never experienced such false advertising with any box! Also, boxycharm used to have amazing customer service, but I’ve been going back and forth with customer service for 2 weeks and I have to send multiple emails and hope for a response 5 days later? Then, they don’t even answer my question. It just seems like canned responses. Oh man. Just awful awful awful experience.

    • Kris..this is the reason I cancelled boxycharm..i never got what I wanted..always the crappy stuff..i emailed them several times… I cancelled..sometimes this is just what you have to do..sorry, but I feel your pain.

      • That’s too bad! It seems like a lot of people are saying that now. I wish I would have read into it more before I resubbed. I will definitely be cancelling, and I hope others do some research before they spend their money to boxy 🙁

    • I feel your pain, too. It’s a crap shoot if you hope to get a prompt, accurate answer from customer service. For me, Boxycharm has been the worst subscription experience. All other boxes have been wonderful for me relative to CS. I’m staying for November because I got an extra choice because of what they did to me in October. I’ve got to see this through. After that, I’m gone pecan.

      • I know!! I have never had to cancel a box EVER due to Customer Service or bait and switch. I have had every box under the sun for several years. It was just mind boggling to me how they can have so many subscribers. I just want people to know what they’re signing up for! They wouldn’t even let me cancel the remainder of my 3 month despite the numerous documented issues. Oh well! Hopefully others will catch on, and not a huge deal for me personally because I will just cancel my sub. So glad I was not the only one!!

      • Definitely not the only one. We feel your pain! I’ve been so disappointed with them.

    • You are absolutely correct. We have all dealt with being shown three shades of a lipstick and knowing it will be a surprise (one is always dreadful, if not all the ones nobody would buy with their money at full price), but it is getting unreliable, to put it extremely kindly, to have a clue. I have gotten lucky and gotten some good boxes and found the value to be very high for what I paid, but it is a gamble every month. It always seems like a better value when one considers the price it might have been to list, but in reality, not such a great value when one realizes that if one searched at TJ Maxx or Marshall’s, and some drugstore brands like Flower Beauty, the Ordinary, Inkey List, etc, we pay enough that the company is probably making millions, if not billions, and they just keep stretching out and never turning away people like they used to, with a waitlist to keep quality consistent and fair for all of their subscribers. It seems like they are becoming greedy and lazy, by not even sending an email for choice, which would have been free to them. I suppose that was to avoid them having to spend profits upgrading and having reliable computer software and gear to prevent the previous inevitable crashes. If so, that keeps more money for them, but less regard for the customer. The variants are so strange lately. To introduce new variants after payment processes or even a day or two prior, in case people haven’t been glued to their Insta or FB is really low. For the record, I do not need anyone telling me to unsubscribe, because I know how to change a channel on my television or radio and how to unsubscribe if I don’t feel like any company that I trust doing business with is not being a good steward with the money that their customers entrust to them for a specific product. The owner needs to step up and consider the consumer instead of all the profits. A waitlist and getting back to exactly how they curated their boxes a couple years ago for their extremely Charmers might do them good. I have faith that they can get back to their glory that garnered such loyalty. Reading all of the comments over the past month, the charm is tarnishing.

      • My thoughts exactly. It is really disappointing. I hope they get enough complaints (if they even care?) to turn things around. In reality, I could FEEL the “I only care about my bottomline” attitude. The canned responses and blatant disregard was my tipping point. Not even a valid explanation. I would probably have been happier to hear “YES we know there is a problem and we are working to fix it please bear with us”. *sigh*

      • Hear, hear! Exactly.

      • Boxes back then didnt have the name brands and quality they do now. I’m sure by doing what they do with variations its allowed them to have name brand companies , instead of drug store or unknown brands all the time. I’d rather then expand because some months the quality wasnt there most months…real her pallettes and bella pierre no one wanted?!?!

        I think the majority that cares about value are resellers, andbthose people bring down anything anyway. Value to me is trying GOOD quality named brands I will go out and invest in and try other things from their company vs just getting them 1 time in a box and be done.

        Just my .02

  19. Didn’t like the October box but really want this one 🙂 can’t wait till friday so I can sign up

  20. ND? Since when did they say Natasha demons palette. Did you mean DC as in Dominique Cosmetics? 😕

    • The Natasha Denona palette is going to be in the November premium box.

  21. I’m hoping for the DOC lip instead of the Becca. I don’t use any highlighters, ever.

    • I will trade you if I get the DOC. I don’t wear lipstick.

    • I would also trade you the lipstick! (:

    • I am also hoping to get the DOC lip in one of the nudes instead of highlighter! I don’t use highlighter at all!

  22. What’s the point of the sneak peeks and spoilers anyway? They’ll pull a bait and switch and send a Jonteblu piece of crap!

    • That ain’t no damn lie

    • I know, right?! Those liners sucked. Lol. Brow gel stank, too.

    • I know, right? One thinks one’s 50th Eyeko liner or mascara will be in the box, or maybe even a Manna Kadar highlighter, but nooooo, it’s some Jontbleau! 🙂

      • I would have been thrilled with an Eyeko mascara instead of those stupid pencils. Lol

  23. Becca Shimmering Highlighter ♥️♥️♥️. Love Boxycharm 💋

  24. My October box was the worst ever and missing items…I’ve noticed a decline plus at least my box has been arriving really late, smashed etc. NOW they up the cost, hard pass for premium but I’ll keep Luxie box and the regular one for a while longer to see if things improve overall, it’s a lot of $$$ especially when they don’t follow your profile and they constantly mess up!

    • I have to agree with this, I usually don’t conplain but canceling Boxy might be in the future for me, Oct was the worse month ever! They are putting out far to many bad variations and most people get the ones not even shown! I think they are trying to do to many things at once. They shouldn’t show great variations and the send a crap lip liner we have got a million time. The only thing I kept from Oct was the palette. And Nov is not looking good to me at all!

    • They’ll never change, sad to say but it’s true because Boxy knows that FOMO is real. So they keep doing what their doing (people have complained about CS for Boxy for years, and they started all of these crazy variations a year ago also).

      And if people actually do cancel they entice them to come back with products (such as the becca powder or tarte palette) that some people don’t get and then they say “oops, it will be in your box next month “.
      So they already got you for 2 boxes, when they promised the gift with only 1 box.

      Shady, shady.

      • Indeed! The only reason I stayed for November is they promised my missing Tarte palette from October. After this month, I’m gone.

  25. i renewed for 3 months and somehow got the butter palette again, NO dose of colors in any way shape or form in October. ridiculous.

  26. I am actually love to receive sheet masks in a box, because I normally finish them all before any other contents. Especially these sheet mask that I know I won’t pay full price. I only pay full price to estee lauser and SKII sheet masks, because I know they works.

  27. Love the Boxy posts, always entertaining! I do not always love the box, but one good item that I can use more than pays for it and then I have products I can share! The value is always there!

    • Great to hear you’re enjoying, Regina!

    • Excited … hoping for Becca but I can live with DOC. If it’s a color I don’t like, my bestie will love it. I love sub boxes. Even if i don’t love every item, it’s always worth the $22

  28. Praying that I get the premium box so, that I can get the farsali skin mist…. I hear it’s really good & I love Dewey….

    • Yes! This is the exact reason why I want both, I love dewy skin! Very excited for November boxes!

  29. I read these comments and wonder why people even subscribe to Boxy – or any box at all really. Is there a makeup specific box that’s better that I’m missing? I feel like I’ve tried them all and BC is still the best, most affordable box I’ve found for growing my makeup collection and keeping up with trends. I don’t understand why it gets so much hate.

    • I agree! I dunno really what people expect! I loooove boxycharm. I don’t get what people expect for 25 dollars!

    • I agree. October box hsd 2 products that i loved the GlamGlow cleanser and the Glassy Skin Balm by Touch in Sol. Yet people complaining that they got the “stupid cleanser” thats worth less than a DOSE palette. (Those that got Tarte palette instead of a DOSE). I dont get it though. Money value doesnt mean quality. The TOS and the GlamGlow are well more than the $21 cost of the box.

      • Because the DOSE spoilers were out for a long time, & was featured as a “hero” item of the box. Meanwhile, the Glamglow cleanser is Boxy’s leftover stock from a past month.

        If I wanted the Glamglow cleanser, I would have purchased a Boxy subscription in May 2019. I did NOT want the cleanser, so I did not purchase the May box. I wanted the DOSE palette that was advertised in the October 2019 box, so I bought the October 2019 box. I should have gotten what was advertised in the October box.

      • I agree, 100%.

      • Very tempted … I can really see my niece loving the palette so much and me loving the Kypris or eye serum. It’s so hard not to get into product overload. I enjoy BC and my makeup looks have been improved because if the palettes and brushes …

      • Same!!! I’m still seething over the bait and switch and STILL waiting for my free bonus item. Grrrr

      • Same. They told me I could pick an item as their apology for not being able to fulfill DOC palette orders…(me: shrugging and thinking “welp better than nothing”)…and then proceeded to tell me they “couldn’t record my choice” that was the last correspondence that they sent me — three days ago. Nothing since. Not feeling too optimisic about boxy to say the least.

      • It was advertised FOR CURRENT BOXYCHARM MEMBERS…no bait and switch. Just required additional reading from new subscribers only trying to get the Dose of colors palette and not be a loyal subscriber.

      • Oh, it was definitely bait and switch. I can read and comprehend quite clearly, and nowhere in the advertising of the October box did it say that the DOC palette was only for current subscribers. We were supposed to get that palette as part of the basic box and the Trickortarte promo was supposed to add one of two shown Tarte palettes as a sign up gift. The REST of the box could have been any variation. I know exactly what I paid for and Boxycharm didn’t provide that.

      • Hmm…I read several reviews and spoilers with variations and nowhere did it say the DOC was only for current subbers. Also I had previously been with boxy for years AND I grabbed a 3 month sub. At no point during my correspondence with boxy, did they mention that I was ineligible for the DOC palette — only that they “can’t guarantee variations”. Still super deceptive imho.

      • Same!!!

      • EXACTLY. I was willing to accept that all the other items might be different, but every single spoiler and ad I saw featured some variation of the DOC palette. Ugh!

      • The tarte was a free gift to join and nothing more. I received a butter London palette from June’s box so there’s that. The whole reason I joined was for a Dose of Colors eyeshadow palette. There was a full list of every product for October. However I get things from old boxes.

      • Me too, I was super disappointed! I really wanted to DOC palette!

    • Any time a company puts out spoilers advertising better quality, more sought after products as variations and them switches it up at the last minute and sends huge numbers of people junk like the Mellow brow gel, a 10 pack of face wipes and a bunch of other cheap filler, then yeah they’re gonna get a lot of hate for it. If they spoiled the cheap crap no one wants along side the better stuff, I would have no problem with them, but they do this repeatedly and it’s misleading and frustrating.

    • I agree too. For a while, I stopped even reading spoilers because of this kind of negativity and expectation. I wasn’t getting as much enjoyment without the surprise element. I guess I missed the entertainment of this drama because I clicked on to read this again. I think for the most part I’m staying away from spoilers.

      Btw…I got a Dose palette last month. I already had all of them so it was a dupe for me but it’s not Boxy’s fault I’m a palette collector.

    • Thank you. Its just so crazy to me. Then people want the most oensive everything in their box and are mad when its not what they get. IDC value. I want products that I am interested in and will use or something new to try. I flat out picked the Dose lip product because I don’t want the Becca products that are $36 or whatever. I want products that fit me and what I want. Also…this isn’t a pick all items you want box, its a subscription box. Why is “this is one VARIATION” not mean anything to people??? There is a chance you will get that but also a chance you won’t. Nothing is promised 🙄. Also if you want to pick all 5 items just go to Ulta or Sephora…seems easier. Why pay $25 (now) and complain non stop? Cancel and 🤐

  30. Well I just finally got my Kypris , TIS , IGK, and dr. Brandt add ons ..

    Anyone what’s the best way to use the Kypris ?


    • Dot, I use it like any other serum. A little goes a long way. Place a few drops on the back of one hand and pick up the serum with your application hand. It’s very smooth and silky and absorbs fast. I’m really enjoying mine.

      • I’m excited for nov box and I’m all about the dc pallet . I’m cool with the Becca highlight or doc lippi but am hoping for the Becca . I’m excited for either serum . I am praying I get the premium box because I’ve wanted the Nd bloom forever. Plus I really freaking want the Farsali . I kinda get why everyone is pissed . I got the butter London pallet last month instead of the doc and I was really looking forward to it . I already got the bl a few months ago . Last month really sucked . I’m really enjoying the glassy skin balm though. And I get one product pays for the box but still . Can I get at least 2 out of 5 that are super good . Otherwise you can buy a few high end things at marshals for 25$ and know they’ll work . I get having variations but the two main big items they really push should be for everyone. That bl pallet wasn’t even on the list of a possibility to get . I’m hoping nov is the start of everyone getting at least the 2 big things they advertise.

  31. Celestial Thunder is such an absurd name for a palette. I have pale skin that is cool, so I’m definitely not looking for celestial thunder, which makes me roll my eyes, just thinking of the naming of it.

    • I have pale, cool skin and this palette looks awesome for me! The colors will really pop.

      • Hoping that turns out to be true. At least the orange and turquoise will definitely pop regardless of one’s complexion or tone.

    • Yeah I can’t stand the branding for the palette either, I took a closer look at the colors and I mean they’re not that bad if you try to ignore everything else about it. Just really an eye roller. Glad I’m not alone lmao. Whatever, it’ll be fun to play with either way but I wouldn’t be mad if I got something else instead.

  32. I dunno. I’m not super jazzed. I picked the Kypris, but the palette doesn’t do it for me, the brushes look weird, I was not impressed with the last DoC lipstick so I’m hoping for the right shade of Becca, and I don’t like sheet masks. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    • Yeah, the palette is definitely not my set of colors. That will be going to my niece.

  33. Just so sick of the bait and switch, why can’t I pull the plug! Damn FOMO!!! So shady, they always switch things later on, and suddenly I end up with a few cheap junk items instead of what was advertised. One of these days I will grow the balls to just end it all with them!

    • I’ve ended it twice (and was so proud of myself for staying away for about a year) but I always come crawling back…

      Why fight it???

      • Lol, you sound exactly like me.

  34. Hi! So I’ve got a question for you guys. If I already received a product from boxy, will I receive that same product again? I know with Ipsy I never get repeats. Is boxy the same way? Thanks.

    • You MAY get a repeat item. I received a duplicate item in my October Box (I received the same Tarteist Pro Glow Liquid highlight about 18 mos ago). I contacted Boxy on October 9th. I got a response today (October 28th) indicating they would “make it right” by giving me 1000 Charms ($10) – the “value of the item I received” (their own card said the item was valued at $29!). If they’d given me a Charm Shop credit, I would be satisfied but I think this is the push I needed to finally cancel! There are currently 2 items in the Charm Shop and my credit has not been added. Hoping to order and cancel before November is charged!!!!

      • I got that item twice too. They gave me $29 in charms. Must depend on who responds.

      • Unfortunately that’s very true. Ipsy is the same way. Some people that complained about the October Ultimate were given nothing but defensive excuses, others are getting points, and some are actually getting their entire $50 November Ultimate box free. There’s really no excuse for this kind of thing. As soon as an issue is raised by multiple customers, management should decide on a remedy and disseminate that information to all customer service reps. It’s not rocket science. And Ipsy for sure knew a giant wave of unhappy customers and refund requests were heading their way because people were raging about it not just directly to them but all over social media. People don’t just share their complaints. They tend to post about what was done or not done about them on FB, Reddit, and forums like this one. So when one person barely gets any resolution and another gets a free $50 box, that’s going to make people even angrier, as well it should.

        I honestly don’t understand why these two huge companies worth tens of millions of dollars can’t get simple things like full transparency on what they’re advertising versus what you’re going to get and equal, equitable and uniform customer service solutions. And for goodness sake hire more reps. It should never take a company weeks to get back to you.

        And I understand, but honestly am super tired of, the people shouting, “It’s only $25! Leave if you don’t like it!” How about companies just say they’re selling totally random grab bags of various beauty items and you get what you get. Period. No promises about repeats or other bags being worth twice the value of yours. No refunds, no exchanges, no customer service offered for these $25 bargains in which you’re lucky to get whatever we feel like giving you. Except that’s not what they advertise, promote or promise. People have every right to get what they’re told they’re buying and every right to get reasonably equal products and values compared to others that paid the same price. I don’t care if you’re spending $100 or $10.

      • If they was an emoji so a slow clap I would post it here. No one understands it’s the PRINCIPLE of this whole bait and switch, shady wording, and the like that has people angry not the value.

      • If I get a Niv. Boxycharm does this mean I,ll get the Brush,s

      • Amen gf!!!!

  35. Boxycharmsneakpeek on IG said in her YouTube preview that the Becca highlighter and Dose of Colors lipsticks (the ones pictured) are custom colors just for Boxy so they’re not ones listed on their website.

  36. here come the angry villagers LOL, I will throw shade in also, those brushes are ugly. Just sayin =)

    • Angry villagers LOL. Love it! Every day my eyes are at risk of getting stuck in the back of my head while reading MSA 🙂

    • LOL!

    • LOL most accurate description ever. I have never heard so many people complain about a product but continue to order it before.

  37. Great now it’s saying we MAY get the farsali mist instead of the 2 piece brush set if we get Premium. I smell Boxys infamous bait n switch coming. 😠

    • Yep, I saw that too. Remember when we could trust BoxyCharm?

      • I wish they would just release all variation items before we are billed.

    • Liz, can you please clarify – is that wording “may receive” chosen by MSA or did it come directly from Boxycharm? Thanks!

    • It’s because the premium has the full set of brushes this month so if you get those brushes in your premium you will get the Farsali in your regular box instead of the 2 brushes.

    • If you get Premium, you get the same brushes in a 5 piece set so they exchange the 2 piece set with the Farsali mist instead.

    • You wouldn’t want two brushes the exact same and not get a different product instead. Spoilers show and explain that with regular box will come the 2PC brush set but if you get Premium, it comes with the 5PC brush set, so instead of getting the 2PC that will be dups of what is in the 5PC you are getting a different product.

      I don’t get why so many people what to know ahead of time and want to pick the highest valued item for all that comes in the box…that isn’t how subscription boxes work. I mean be happy with being able to pick one and getting more customization. If you want to pick all 5 products you get…just go to Ulta and Sephora and do that instead 🤷🙄

  38. How does an $18 lip product compare to a $38 highlighter????

    • That’s what I keep wanting to ask! Maybe theyll send two lippies?

    • Definitely doesn’t

      • I really wish we could post photos in the comments!! If you guys could only see my chat thread with boxy. Oye.

    • Boxy would probably respond because other product variations in your box may be higher value and make up the difference. But I call BS because huge numbers of people get stuck with the cheapest ish in every category every. single. box , month after month like I did.

    • I don’t care value. Both of those are almost the cost of the box first off. And second would you rather have an expensive item you don’t want vs a less expensive product you really want just because it has more value? That’s not really how these boxes work. I chose to get the Dose of colors lip product. I don’t need any of the Becca stuff and not one time did product retail value cross my mind when making my decision. I picked what I want and will use, not what will make my box overall value the most and having product I won’t use. 🤷

  39. The Becca Highlighter in the picture looks like shade Vanilla quartz…

  40. Please stop with the sheet masks! They are super cheap and often come from questionable companies. Also, giving us 2 of these that probably cost all of 3 cents to manufacture is NOT a full size product. I indicated that sheet masks were the only skin care I did not want to receive but, yep, I got a pair of these from Go2Beauty in my last boxy. I did some research and this is so SHADY!

    • Indygrr Boxy does not use our quizzes. They are quite open about that fact. They have been saying for like 2 years they would start but they’ve only tried to twice. Once with the Cover FX face palette and again with the Becca powder to give us the correct shade and they screwed up really bad. Supposedly this box they are going to use the quiz to determine whether we get the DoC lippie or Becca but I don’t have high hopes they’ll get it right.

      • From the email I received they won’t pick the product from your quiz they will pick which color of whichever product they decided to give. Hope that make sense.

    • TULA is a good brand. Def not cheap and they are good quality.

    • I’m right there with you on the sheet masks. I HATE them too and in my profile (which I am understanding is loosely followed), I checked off “REARELY” for those. I dont want them ever, so how do I indicate that I never want to receive this item? Do I have to email CS (laughable) or is there a place to note that? Thx so much!!

  41. I would be happy with this. The Kypris us lovely. Got it as an add on and it arrived fast.

    • I got the Kypris as an add-on, too, and I’ve really been enjoying it. It’s a bit sticky at first, but it leaves my skin feeling super soft all day.

      • Mine, too.

    • I got a few add ons including Kypris but I only received mistress IGK , don’t understand why I got one items then they shipped everything else separately , I’ve been waiting awhile now for others products 🧐

      • I don’t understand anything BC does! I hope you get your items soon. I believe Nov will be my last. Going to stay with Ipsy GB and Kinder (even though their Nov box stinks lol). Just resubscribed to Birchbox but only because I got Ace price.

  42. Not Sure why my comment did not post….

    This is what I should expect to get…..

    1. Dominique Cosmetics Celestial Thunder Eye Shadow Palette….(everyone getting it)

    2. Farsali Rose Gold Skin Mist…..(Since I will get the Premium Box as well)

    3. BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector……(I was given to pot one out of DOC or Becca and I selected Becca and they replied that my selection is recorded….I was given the option because my October box came with damaged product)

    4. Kypris Antioxidant Dew Quench & Glow Serum…..(My selection)

    5. 5th Item

    If it is…It will be really awesome…

    • How do you know for sure you’re getting Premium? Have you received an email confirmation or is it showing active in your account? I’m just curious because I was a few hours late signing up so I’m not very hopeful but for budgetary reasons I’d like to know. Prior to seeing your post my understanding was that we wouldn’t find out until we get billed for the regular and Premium boxes or just the $25. I don’t think that’s reasonable because by now they should know how many people will be taken off the waitlist.

      So maybe they do know and you’re one of the lucky ones that was notified you made it? Please share how you found out if you don’t mind please. Thanks!

      • I just presumed….I am on waitlist too….
        Hoping I get the box…and all those that’s I thought….it would make it a good box

      • My account shows my boxes are confirmed all the way through January. I think because I paid for 3 months at a time. I’m confirmed for luxe and premium.

    • So, how did you get to choose two item? I would also love to get the Becca❤️

      • The Serum….I chose when they gave option to everyone I guess to choose

        The Becca….well my October box arrived damaged….when I reported about it…they are sending replacement and also gave me an option to choose between DOC and Becca….

  43. I’m happy with that , like the brushes but variations I’m worried about . At least we got to pick one item I picked Kypris 🙂

    Anyone sign up for premium ?


    • I signed up for Premium but you won’t know if you’re getting it until the November 1st and the only way you’ll know is if they charge you.

    • Yes, I’m on the waiting list for premium. I’m intrigued by both the ND palette and the Farsali spray.

    • Nah, I’m not going Premium. I believe I’m stepping away from BC entirely. After the October mess and all their lousy customer service, I can’t justify it to myself!

      • Becca Shimmering Highlighter ♥️♥️♥️. Love Boxycharm 💋

    • Can someone tell me when the choice window is open? Looks like I missed the November one. But when is December’s?

      • Follow YariG on youtube. She’ll keep you up to date on everything.

      • BoxyLuxe Choice is now so I am guessing regular box pic is now for December. There is two things you get to pick.

  44. So Ideally, My box should look like

    1. Dominique Cosmetics Celestial Thunder Eye Shadow Palette….(everyone getting it)

    2. Farsali Rose Gold Skin Mist…..(Since I will get the Premium Box as well)

    3. BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector……(I was given to pot one out of DOC or Becca and I selected Becca and they replied that my selection is recorded….I was given the option because my October box came with damaged product)

    4. Kypris Antioxidant Dew Quench & Glow Serum…..(My selection)

    5. 5th Item

    Lets see….If this is what I think it should be for me….I would be happy…:)

    • That would be the perfect box for me 😃 I chose the Kypris so 🤞🏼

    • How do you know you will get the premium box as well ? Isnt everyone still on the waitlist till they charge you on the first?

      • Oh….I presumed I will get it….I am on wait-list too…..

      • Personally, I think this whole waitlist thing is a ploy to get people interested in the Premium box. I have a feeling that everyone that signed up will get the box. The waitlist allows BC to gauge how many people will be interested in this new subscription box and it provides an estimation of how much product will be needed to fulfill orders. Just a guess…

      • I’m thinking exactly the same thing.

      • Yep. I passed up on it too. It just doesn’t look all that inticing to me personally. I may even pause my reg BC after this month. Depends on what’s in Dec’s spoilers.

      • I’ve already been charged for the premium box in October! I’ve been charged $25 and a separate $35. I thought this is odd because we get the upgrade box in November. Oh well. I’ve not understood my finances before lol!

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