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We have the first spoiler for the December 2019 Allure Beauty Box!

If you aren’t familiar with Allure Beauty Box, it is a $15-a-month beauty subscription that was named one of the Best Women’s Subscription Boxes and one of the Best Beauty Subscription Boxes by MSA readers in the 2019 Subscription Box Awards. Sample sizes are usually good (typically at least one or two full-size items per box), and Allure does a great job of including new brands + products.

The December Allure Beauty Box will include:

Anastasia Beverly Hills Moonchild Glow Kit – Retail Value $40

The December Allure Beauty Box will include four other products.

What do you think of the first December spoiler? (Check out full November spoilers here.)

FYI, if you sign up today, your first box will be the October box. The October Allure Beauty Box will include:

If you haven’t signed up yet, use this link to get your first box for only $10 a box and get a free bonus gift. (Regularly $15 a box.)

Check out our Allure Beauty Box Reviews + Allure Beauty Box Spoilers to see what you can expect from this beauty subscription box!

Allure Beauty Box

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (82)

  1. I’m going to whine: I just got the Sunday Riley, the TIdal, The Model Company producs, and the Lumify in my last box…

  2. I’m always excited and pleased with my boxes. The only thing I do not use are chemical peels. I’ve tried colors that I would never pick when shopping retail but always been pleasantly surprised when I try things from my box. Even bright lip colors can be smudged and topped with balm. I even tried a burnt orange color from my Nubia palette last night and was shocked at how lovely it looked on me. Keep the goods coming allure.

  3. Good grief! Idk. Idk. Idk… I have a teenager, but she already has enough highlighter to last a year. If they make this box really good, I might resub. But, will it get here before Christmas? 🤷‍♀️

  4. OMG Allure!! What an AMAZING palette, I own that palette I think I bought it like a year ago and I’ve only used it a couple of times!! It’s a GORGEOUS palette the highlighters in the palette are just so beautiful and I actually forget I have it bcuz I have so many single highlighters that I love and use all the time!! Bummer wished it was a palette I don’t already own lol!! If you don’t own an ABH highlighter palette you’re going to love this palette bcuz it is so GORGEOUS!! The highlights in it are so pigmented and glowy not a bunch of glitter which is nice for us that don’t want a glittery highlighter!! I’m excited to get a new one maybe I’ll pass my old one on and keep the new one for myself lol!! I’m not sure yet Christmas is coming up but I’m not sure who I’d give it too!! Oh well anyway it’s a GORGEOUS palette if you don’t already own it or haven’t tried or owned an ABH highlighter/palette!! Allure has knocked it out of the park most of the year with there AMAZING boxes and for only fifteen bucks a month, WHAAAAT!!

    • You can get this palette at TJMaxx and Marshalls for about $10 right now.

      • Perhaps, but the entire box is only $15 and there will be four more items included.

  5. It’s super rare that I actually buy a highlight, even less so that I buy a palette. So this is something that I will probably love but would never buy.

    Ever since last January with the Nikkie Tutorials box, it seems like Allure is going in a good direction. Here for it.

  6. I’ll be watching the spoilers to see what else is coming in this box. So far, it’s off to a great start.

    • Awesome, stay tuned!

  7. Definitely getting November and December! All of November’s products look amazing and just this highlighter palette makes December worth it for me

  8. WOW, I literally just threw out this kit from my collection because I’ve had it for years and it is old. I’m soooooo glad I’m getting a new one. Woohoo!

    • It’s probably just as old as the one you threw out…

      • I busted out laughing when I read your response. Right or wrong, it cracked me up. Not to mention, you could be right.

      • Omg. You made me laugh so hard lol. Though you are probably right.

      • The age of the palette doesn’t matter as much as how long one has been in use. i.e. having brushes going into the colors and touching the face.

  9. I have been wanting that for a long time and I’m hoping it’s not a variation and that everybody will receive it because with my luck I won’t get it because I want it

  10. Wow! Merry Christmas from Allure!

  11. Yes! Allure boxes have been so awesome lately and I’ve very excited for this!

  12. Full size? Not q mini ?

  13. I’m so excited to get this gorgeous palette! I’ve never tried Anastasia cosmetics. Can’t wait to see the other spoilers for December. I love my Allure box!!!

  14. Oh my stars – yes! I have the Anastasia Aurora highlighter palette, and have wanted Moon Child too. Anastasia rocks the ethereal cosmetics world.

  15. This seriously reminds me of the Naked cosmetics Holographic Highlighter Collection we got in another box a while back. I was getting so many boxes for a while I can’t remember which box, but I know I did not go out and buy a highlighter, or will I ever again have to, haha!! I honestly had to go hunt through pallets to make sure the colors were even slightly different. This one will gladly go to my 7 year old niece.

    • That was Boxy. I love that palette. Between that and this Anastasia palette there is a really nice collection of colors.

      • This actually is quite a different range of colors than the Naked Holo colors. A lot more silver base to all of these. The clover may be the only color that is really close, possibly the pink, but it does look different. I get two Allure boxes (One through them and one through Amazon) so one will still go to my niece, but I may have to play with the new colors. She will use highlighter on anything, her face, a barbie that needs to look “happy”, the dog when it needs to go out (cause nobody leaves without their face being put on)….

  16. Smart inclusion, I guess I won’t be cancelling just yet, lol, despite my makeup overload. On the fence over November – does Allure let us email to skip a month?

  17. Yup, gonna have to resubscribe for November and December. I have been eyeing this every time I got to Marshall’s and I just don’t want to spend the $18. I love highlighter so much and this one is a great one.

  18. I don’t need any more highlighters especially in those colors. However, I am loving the look of November box. Will sub through Amazon and cancel for December

  19. I will be surprised (but impressed) if it’s the full palette. Still, this is the first Allure spoiler in a while that has excited me.

  20. This is a great item for Allure to include…too bad I never ever use highlighters. I’ve been hoping for an awesome spoiler to entice me back and I’m still waiting. I know many will love this though.

    • I’m wondering if they could be used as eyeshadows.

      • I think they will be too sheer, but maybe as a topper?

      • I use a lot of my highlighters as the lightest shade of my eye shadow, especially in the middle lid, inner brow/nose corner, and lower brow bone. Sometimes highlighters are too dark for me, and I use them as all over base colors as well.

      • Nope. I have the Aurora Glow palette, and the colors are too sheer. However, they actually work really well as highlighters, despite the odd colors.

  21. Thank goodness this posted I just (15 min ago) bought this on clearance at TJMaxx so I will go return that and wait for my Allure box…

    • How much at tj max?

      • I saw it for $16.99 at Marshall’s two days ago.

      • Clearance $15 it was $19.99 first.

      • It’s $25 at my Marshall’s.

    • I have seen this MANY times at Marshall’s and TJ Maxx. I never bought it because I have the Naked Cosmetics Holographic Highlighter collection palette, with the same colors, basically. I do use the blue, green and yellow on my eyelids, often! I think it came in a Boxy, but not positive.

  22. Whoa!!! Yayyy for Allure!!!!

  23. Lovely. I was super excited when I first thought it was eyeshadow as I don’t have any eye shadows in my big collection like these. Still happy to give them a try as highlighters, though.

    • You can definitely use them as eye shadows I own the Aurora one and I use them as eye shadow often.

  24. While I’m happy to see so many are excited for this, it’s so interesting how subjective the value we put on things. So many are thrilled to get this and at forty dollars it seems like a great item. Now I won’t use it so the value make no difference to me. I would rather have a lesser price item that I would get use out of and be thrilled to get. That’s the thing about all these boxes, the value is really in what you will use = price of the box. I would trade this in a heartbeat for the freeze eye cream that’s coming in the November box that I’m not guaranteed to get, and even if I do I would still trade it for more !! This kind of thing helps put variants in perspective I guess. One person’s “trash” is really another’s treasure…here’s hoping everyone gets a treasure to them 👍

    • Very well stated! You final good luck wish is sweet. Maybe I can figure out how to use the swap so I can give you my eye freeze if I get it.

      • Well thank you Anita ! I realized it’s the only way to make sense out of these crazy box issues. Kind of you to offer ✌

  25. I need another eyeshadow palette like a hole in the head, but that is super cute!

    • It’s a highlight palette. I can’t use either one, so I’m 1/2 with you.

      • Highlighter I need even less…😂😂😂

  26. I’m excited… I had cancelled my account in October… but now I’m happy about November and December. I cant wait to get these boxes. They look amazing.. cant wait to try the products.

  27. Even if I can find it for $15, it’s worth the price of the entire box for November. I use them on my eyes & lips as well. I just received a Dose of Colors Snow Angels palette & will use this over the DoC colors. And as lip powders they’re very pretty. Everything else that’ll come in the box is icing on the cake!

  28. That is one beautiful palette!

  29. Whoa, that’s impressive!

    • I’m excited I had cancelled my account but now I’m happy about znivember and December. I cant wait to get these boxes.

  30. Thanks for this! I just subscribed. I have Lumify eye drops on my shopping list this week and they’re $11.99 at Target, so it was a no-brainer to buy the October box with the $5 off link. I’m not crazy excited about November, but I remember wanting this palette a few years ago and I think it will be worth the $15 for December. I don’t use highlighter, but it will be pretty as eyeshadow.

  31. Is it the full palette or a mini palette like the Juvia’s Place one last year?

    • Well the RV is 40, and the RV of the Juvias place is 20, so I’m guessing this is in the smaller side since ABH are more expensive.

      • Pretty sure it’s full size. R.v. on ulta, sephora and the abh website is $40

      • Yeah so I’m this king full size technically but on the smaller side of full size, not like a normal size ABH palette.

      • Ah, gotcha. I thought you meant a mini palette like the Juvia’s one was.

        It looks like it has 6 pans that are .16oz each for a total of 4.5g (which seems to be the norm for their highlighting palettes) vs. 14 pans @ .02oz for a total of 7.9g in their eye shadow palettes. Considering most of us have enough highlighter that aliens could see us glowing, I am thinking it’s not such a bad thing to have less product LOL.

  32. I’m totally thinking eyeshadow for me. Not big on “glowing” but who knows? Such beautiful colors.

  33. LOVE!!! Going to get November & December!

  34. Wow… Very nice! I’ll take this bad boy in my Spring 2020 cruise!

  35. I literally just bought this at TJ Maxx over the weekend for about $15. It is a nice palette, though.

    • I’ve been seeing this pop up at T.J. Maxx for the last couple months I believe. It is pretty though!

      • It was my first time shopping there, I had so much fun! I already have a friend in mind to gift the extra palette to, I rarely pan things or I’d keep it for later. It’s really versatile and is quickly becoming a favorite.

  36. Yassssss! I’m so here for these highlighters! Allure you’re amazing! My goodness I so love this box!

  37. Woah, the actual entire palette? I’ll be resubbing in December lol.

  38. Yay!! Something to look forward to:)

    • Interesting. My local TJ Maxx is packed with this particular glow kit. Must have gotten them at a good price.

  39. Oh shoots! Gonna have to re-sub 👀🙌🤗👍

  40. Could I pull these off as eyeshadows? They look like wearable eyeshadow colors on me.

    Love you Allure! Thank you!

    • LOL! I thought they were!

    • These look dark in the picture but show up as highlighters (not deep colors) even on super pale skin. Probably wouldn’t be great eyeshadows.

      • Thank you Ragan! Still very happy to receive this for experimentation purposes!

  41. I’ve wanted that palette forever but couldn’t justify buying it because I have so many highlighters! I am so excited!

    • Same here! Been eyeing that since it came out but couldn’t justify the price because I’ll wear it so rarely with all the others i have but I’ll gladly take it in my allure yippee!

  42. Allure is my all time favorite subscription box. They don’t play tricks with variolations unlike boxycharm. You always get name brand products. At times, I actually go and buy the full size product after sampling it with Allure. This is a very nice spoiler. I am looking forward to using these colors as highlights or base colors. Anastasia is my second favorite pallet after UD.

  43. Nice! It’ll make a nice gift for nieces if the shades aren’t my thing

    • Looks very “wintery” too!

      • Ice queen!

    • I won’t use these colors, but it will give me something cool to add to my swaps. I’m really happy with November and this first December spoiler. Way to go Allure!

      • I’m always excited and pleased with my boxes. The only thing I do not use are chemical peels. I’ve tried colors that I would never pick when shopping retail but always been pleasantly surprised when I try things from my box. Even bright lip colors can be smudged and topped with balm. I even tried a burnt orange color from my Nubia palette last night and was shocked at how lovely it looked on me. Keep the goods coming allure.

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