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POPSUGAR Must Have x Neiman Marcus 2019 Box Launches 10/10!

POPSUGAR Must Have x Neiman Marcus Box goes on pre-sale October 10th! (It will have a value over $800)

The Box: POPSUGAR Must Have x Neiman Marcus Box

The Cost: TBD (Previous years have been $275)

Good to know – you can also enter to win a Neiman Marcus box here:

Are you going to buy a box when it goes on sale? (Check out my review of the 2018, 2017201620152014, and the 2013 Neiman Marcus Box to see what you can expect).


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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (66)

  1. I purchased my first Neiman Marcus box today!! YAY!! I am so excited about it! Does anyone know about the usual shipping dates?

  2. I’ve gotten the Neiman box every year since 2013 and I’m not stopping now.

  3. I think the earrings and bracelet are spoilers. I believe you can choose which you would like included to your box.

  4. So I’ve only subscribed this year and have been eagerly anticipating this box release. Anyone know what time on 10/10 (based on info or previous years) it will be available for pre-order and how quickly it sells out?

    Thanks for your help and suggestions!

    • They sell out fast! Usually with one or two spoilers and the theme they go.

      • Just got my email that subscribers can start orders tomorrow 😃

  5. They have cancelled the free orders. Sorry folks no taking advantage of a computer glitch today.

  6. I’m so very torn on this box. I bought 2015 and 2016. 2015 was fantastic. Not every item worked for me but the ones that did I continue to love and the ones that didn’t swapped very well. 2016 was a complete and utter bust for me. The only thing that I liked was that beautiful bracelet but it looked terrible on my big wrists. So I didn’t buy the next years’. 2017 was a great relief since it would have been another complete bust. But 2018 was pretty glorious and I would have loved it.

    To top it off, my finances are in a much worse state than they were a few years ago. That $275 would be a HUGE risk for me.

    Meanwhile, I DID follow that link and got the $0 order confirmation. I don’t think for a second that I’ll actually get it for free, but hope springs eternal. XD I love that they’re giving a choice between earrings and a bracelet. With my above-referenced Giant Wrists, bracelets in sub boxes are often a problem for me. And I do love Alexis Bittar! 🙂

    • You were able to get the box for free? Am I ready that part right? How? What is it that you have to enter to get that? I’ve been trying to get the Neiman’s boxes for years and every time before I’ve even logged in it’s sold out yet I could have sworn they say that we can preorder it be(members or subscribers to the seasonal boxes) before it go on sale to the public. Every other box that offers a special bonus (I’ll use bless boxes bonus box as example) I believe you have to either be a member or sign up to get the regular box before you can buy the special one. I don’t think it’s fair that each year I’ve set my clock to the day (midnight) it goes on sale and yet have missed it each time and I have more than one subscription I have one for my daughter as well and I have her on her computer trying to get it too, yet nothing… 🙁 I’m not even asking for them to let me win or any promotional code to get it on sale I’m just requesting them to let me buy it this year its what I want as my Christmas gift from my husband this year. And if possible I’d love to buy 2 more for my 2 girls especially my daughter that is going in for surgery in November, its going to be a 4 month recovery if all goes well and I want to keep her thoughts positive and give her little presents that kinda makes her forget about the surgery and the pain for those few moments of the Euphoric feeling of getting a wonderful surprise such as the Neiman’s box from pop sugar, I’m hoping this year is my year to get them

      • I hope everything goes well for your daughter! Prayers!

        BTW: If you are a Must Have subscriber you get Early Access Oct 8th.

  7. It the Neiman Marcus box separate from the regular season boxes? For instance if I have an annual subscription, would the Neiman box have to be ordered separately?

    • Yes, you order this separately. It’s a limited edition box that’s not part of your subscription.

      The only Neiman Marcus box I bought was 2015. The agate clock arrived heavily chipped, and PSMH wouldn’t replace it. Instead they sent me a pair of earrings with a much lower RV, that I didn’t like and wouldn’t have chosen. Wasn’t happy at all about that, after spending $250 on the box, and now it’s even more expensive. I agree that the RV on their items is way inflated, but that’s NM for you. I haven’t been tempted by the subsequent boxes, although there are always several very nice items in each one. But some weird things too, IMO. The boxes are popular though – last year’s sold out pretty quickly, if I remember correctly.

  8. Please let us know if you actually get the free items. The link is no longer there. I’m really torn on this one. I shouldn’t. I know I shouldn’t, but I love the earrings and I’ve really cut back on the boxes. Sigh. On the other hand I know there will be some sort of makeup palette that I will not be interested in and I’m too lazy to swap. Somebody, save me from myself!

    • Emails went out half an hour ago letting us know that “since the box isn’t available until October 10th” the order was being canceled. No other commentary, discounts, anything lol.

    • I think the contest has replaced the link for the free box if I’m not mistaken, but then again I’ve been trying to buy this box for years and every time it will say sold out as I’m logging in to pay! I’m kinda starting to get irritated with that. I don’t understand why it does that especially from a loyal Neiman’s and pop sugar shopper I wish they would give a link to prepay now and if you decide on 10/10 that you don’t want if then cancel I think that would be the most fair way for loyal subscribers to make sure they get it.. or maybe I’m just sick of them saying sold out so I’m dreaming over here…..

  9. I just can not ever imagine spending $275 for item’s I can’t see, hold, touch or even select for myself. I generally like the spoilers for this particular box, but I feel like the prices are very inflated. I don’t know, I guess when it comes to that kind of money, I just realise what a fun shopping spree I could have while picking out exactly what I want. This box is definitely out of my league. Lol!

    • Me neither, definitely out of my league 🙂

    • Wouldn’t it be nice if they let us prepay now and when 10/10 comes around then we get to see what we’re buying ( a few surprises would be nice though lol) and we could either let it be or cancel that order.. each year I get the same email and try to buy it and it’s sold out before I’m logged in, I’m getting a little cranky about this now there’s been some amazing items not only for myself but items I knew people wanted for holiday gifts/birthday gifts and I really want to get my daughter one this year since she’s going in for surgery in November and it’s a 4 month recovery if everything goes good I want to give her things to keep her spirits up and keep her excited. I’ve read so many articles about recovering from hard surgeries and the one thing that most have in common is if you are happy or excited about something you don’t expect (not regarding the actual recovery) that it sends the endorphins throughout your whole body endorphins are so helpful for so many different things not just happy or sad but healing as well and I know there’s a few things she would really love from there mainly the gift cards but I want to surprise her with this box I don’t wanna get that letdown email when I login to buy it sorry it’s sold out like what has happened to me the last 4 years… and my husband knows I want it as my Christmas gift but he said that he would get it for me for taking such good care of our daughter while she’s recovering so he wouldn’t have to stress about it while working that I’m an amazing mother and he’s love to buy it for myself, and both of our daughters but the one isn’t really into this type of stuff so I was gonna let her pick the subscription box that she has been wanting ( she’s married so that’s why I haven’t yet bought it for her but the one going for surgery is younger). Keeping my fingers crossed that this is my year for it..

  10. I have never heard of this box before, but checked out the reviews from the last couple years. The 2017 box did not seem worth it to me at all, but last year’s box looked totally great, especially the Rebecca Minkoff bag and the curling iron! I would love to see spoilers for this one. At this price point, I can’t believe I’m actually thinking of buying!

    • Im selling the curling iron, in box unopened if you want it! Its posted on the OfferUp app.

  11. I’m confused – why are y’all commenting about buying bracelets and earrings? In the five years I’ve subbed PSMH, I think only ONCE did the marketing photo ever show any item you could expect to receive in the box, and that was the Aloha trucker cap in a regular (formerly monthly) box. Most often, the items shows in photos are from *previous* boxes.

  12. I’m confused – why are y’all commenting about buying bracelets and earrings? In the five years I’ve subbed PSMH, I think only ONCE did the marketing photo ever show any item you could expect to receive in the box, and that was the Aloha trucker cap in a regular (formerly monthly) box. Most often, the items shows in photos are from *previous* boxes.

    • Yesterday there was a link posted in the comments below. It appeared to take you to the website to purchase the PS Neiman Marcus Box, and showed a customization option to select either the earrings or bracelet pictured above (both Alexis Bittar brand). The link has now been deactivated and seems to have gone live by mistake. So it’s not 100% confirmed those are spoilers, but it certainly looks that way.

      • Ooooooh that makes so much more sense. Thanks for the info Jessica. What a blunder on PS’s part, that’s too funny!

  13. Neither the bracelet or the earrings appeal to me at all. And I say that as someone who still loves and wears the Alexis Bittar ring from RZ BOS many years ago. These pieces just don’t seem fashion forward at all.

    • Where do you see earrings?

  14. Out of my budget, but if I’ll definitely enter to try and win one – who knows?

  15. I have never purchased this box and I will not purchase it this year, either. I have not liked a single box from 2013 in its entirety. For this much money (especially in CAD) I’d rather buy one beautiful piece of jewellery I will absolutely love and enjoy for many years to come than have a bunch of random stuff laying around waiting to be either gifted or sold.

  16. For me, this is a loud “not buying without full spoilers.” I know I’m risking FOMO due to it selling out but I’m willing to take that risk.

    PSMH’s collaboration with NM has been spotty in the past. Plus, while the RV on PSMH boxes is invariably inflated (like most subs), their NM collab box is waaaaay inflated. I’ll just *patiently wait for spoilers.

    *By refreshing MSA’s homepage every 30 seconds. 😁

  17. I clicked and bought the earrings for 0.00 LOL Would be cool if this works LMAO

    • I got the bracelet. 😂

      • Me too. ;D

        I can picture it in my head, “Umm, SOMEBODY!”


  18. Am I reading that correctly? The value will be over $800? That’s insane. Yup, will be getting this for sure.

  19. I have not purchased in the past but think I might have to get this year. Seems as though the majority of purchasers in the past have been really pleased and felt the value was there. Plus, if there are a few items not for me I know several people that would be happy to take them off my hands.

    • I was thinking the exact same thing

  20. Last year’s box was $275.

    • Oops. Thank you for the reminder! Post has been updated!

  21. I’ve purchased this every single year and I love it. Definitely will be getting one this year!

  22. Just the earrings are enough to convince me. My mom would look great with those this Christmas.

    Thanks again, @Nairoby.

  23. I’ve never purchased this box in the past but I think I’ll treat myself this year since I’ve cancelled so many boxes this year. Unwanted items swap very quickly so I feel like I can’t lose and it sells out every year.

  24. The non-precious jewelry inclusion knocks me out of the buyer’s market.
    There’s just no sense in putting junk jewelry in sub boxes!!!

  25. @Nairoby: cant reply to your comment
    but it looks like the girl pictured is wearing both the earrings and bracelet, Good catch!

    • She is! I didnt even notice that. Good eye! Yay spoilers! Maybe! 🎉😁

      • Definitely yay for spoilers!! So looking forward to this box🤗🤗

    • Also, the box giveaway includes $500 for Alexis Bittar, so it seems safe to assume the box will include a bracelet or earrings, like the link.

  26. Spoilers please

    • Wouldn’t that be nice?? It would also be nice if I could actually buy it this year without getting that dreaded sold out message (for the last 4 maybe 5 years now…grrrr)

  27. Any idea when it will ship?

  28. Can’t wait!!

  29. Ok so I got the email about this box, and I thought, hmm let me go google past boxes. And the first link took me to some weird popsugar error page that has you select between two Alexis Bittar items. A pink bracelet and a pair of earrings. Are these past box items? Could these be in the upcoming box?? 🤔🤔🤔
    Link: (hope fully it still works, I took pics in case it doesnt)

    • It looks like the girl pictured is wearing both the earrings and bracelet, it must be in the upcoming box. Good catch!

    • It looks like the girl pictured is wearing both the earrings and bracelet! Good catch!

    • The bracelet is pretty

    • The cuff looks like the one the girl is wearing in the pic. Nice find!

    • Very interesting link. Thanks Nairoby.

    • Interesting. They are both currently on NM’s site for $145.00.

    • Ok so I found the same thing and I clicked on the earrings and decided I would see where this goes because I didn’t even know this was an error or that this wasn’t even available to purchase yet. I kept clicking until it said purchase but it wasn’t costing anything. I just went ahead and clicked purchase and it gave me an order confirmation and it even sent me an email confirmation. I’m pretty confused. I thought maybe I was signing up to preorder but not yet being charged. I’m still not really sure. Very weird.

      • I just did the same LOL thx @nairoby

      • I just did this out of pure fascination to see what happens. Zero dollars. I imagine this will end with an “oops” email and a gesture-of-goodwill discount code.

      • I did it as well. Hell, I have an order that says $0 for a cuff so…

      • Ha! I did the same. Got my order confirmation for the box for $0

    • So…. I tried this and got an order confirmation. I’m sure they won’t honor this but I’d be so happy if they did. …

    • Hi, can you post the pic, the link is not working. Thank you so much!!!

    • I tried it it didn’t work… where do you have the pictures posted I don’t see any.. thanks for acting giving the link though that was nice of you to share some people don’t believe in sharing:(

  30. Yes, I will be buying one. I skipped last years and trying to swap for anything in the box even the most inexpensive items was impossible. I regretted not getting it. No fomo this time😜

  31. Omg 😮

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