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Looking for the latest spoiler for this box? Find it here:

Ipsy Glam Bag + Glam Bag Plus June 2021: See the Bag Designs

Ipsy October 2019 Spoilers!

We have spoilers for the October 2019 IPSY glam bag!

First, in case you missed it, here’s the glam bag design this month:

And here are the first spoilers:

  • Murad Acne Control Clarifying Cleanser
  • SIGMA Blending Brush E25
  • KALEIDO Cosmetics Eyeshadow
  • Lipstick (Anyone know the brand?)
  • IT Cosmetics CC Cream

What do you think of the spoilers? If you haven’t signed up for Ipsy yet, click here to skip the waitlist!

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I was excited to choose my item this month, but there wasn’t anything I wanted. Did everyone get a choice from the entire bag and I just signed on too late this morning? All my choices were skin and hair care, and only 3 make up items-a mascara and 2 warm brown/copper colored lipsticks that don’t work for me. So I didn’t make a choice. I was hopeful we could choose from all the colors.

    • No you didn’t miss out, those are the choices everyone recieved. The Betty Lipstick is a neutral mauve shade though and I thought the other lipstick was more of a dark red shade. I am not the least bit impressed by any of the choices. The Plus and Ultimate choices aren’t any better IMO either. Glad I decided to pass on Ultimate and skip Plus, might skip regular too.

  2. The lipstick is part of the Betty Boop x Ipsy collection. I hope I get it in my bag.

  3. Love the bag, but please, enough with the It cosmetics.

    • Oh, i love anything It Cosmetics, it has helped my skin alot, especially the cleanser, but i understand if you have a different opinion, they have not been featuring It Cosmetics for very long, so it is a brand that is new to Ipsy, i am sure they will be moving on to another brand to feature, but in my opinion It Cosmetics is one of the better brands that Ipsy has used, it is better than some of the Walmart Clearance items that we have gotten.

      • I love getting It Cosmetics! They work very well and are a nice addition to my stash. I’m not usually happy with the Balm, and I’ve gotten some other raging duds. I’m always happy to get Nomad. Although I’m usually just happy if they get the shades right and there’s no highlighters or bronzers.

      • I know what you mean about Ipsy’s shade picks that we end up with and wont use! I dont even know why they have us do a beauty quiz and profile, i have been with Ipsy for about a year and a half and not once have they sent me the shades that i chose on my profile, that is one reason i dont like getting lipstick, lip gloss or eye shadow in my Glam bag, it is always a color that i wont wear, i know that Ipsy says that they are all about us trying new things, i have tried every product that i have gotten and the shades look awful on me, i review my products but still get the same shades, it really dont make since! Why even review a product if Ipsy is going to send you what they want anyway? At least we get points towards rewards for reviewing every month!

      • Have you set your preferences to “seldom” on lip gloss, etc and “often” on skin care, as well as made sure the shades you liked are checked? Do you specify that it was the color you hated when it asks if you liked the color vs the product? It’s an algorithm that picks the products and the colors.

      • Oh yes, i have even contacted IpsyCare about the shades that i kept getting, even having marked RARELY on, there reply is always the same, we have your beauty preferences noted and Ipsy is all about trying new things. Since i have joined i have contacted them at least a half a dozen times over the shades that i receive. I have done everything imaginable to get either a red or brown lipstick,andSmokey color eye
        shadows. I have not received not one of these colors. It is always a light or blue,green and purple eyeshadow and the light or purple color lipstick or lipgloss. I even have lipglosses marked RARELY on and still have recieved them in my last couple of bags. The only time i have gotten colors that i liked is through add ons and Ipsy Offers.

      • I’ve never once gotten a blue shadow, but I did once get a green. I’ve been a member for over a year and I have – now- all three bags/boxes. I’ve never gotten a purpley lip color, but I’ve gotten vaguely mauvish and red. Once I got a blue liner that was great and I’m going to buy it on plum and emerald if they make it! (Katherine cosmetics). Ipsy has been the best for me for actually matching me at all. (super cool toned!)

      • I have received Steve Laurant eyeshadow in the shade Blueberry and Jloii liquid lipstick in Lavanda, purple. Even when i try a mystery bag, i end up with thoses types of colors! I know some people say Ipsy always sends them colors that match there profiles, while others like me, dont get matched at all. I am glad that you get matched correctly though! My very first bag i got from Ipsy was last June or July, i received the Steve Laurant in the shade Blueberry. I have never put down anything about liking Adventurous colors but that is what i get. I am also cool toned!

  4. The lipstick looks like it’s from the new Ipsy/Betty Boop collab that we’ll get in our October Ipsys.

  5. This is my first IPSY bag. Betty Boop? I’M 65 years old. I thought they “curated” these bags based on the questionnaire.

    • Everyone usually gets the same bag, unless there are multiple color options for that months bag but that doesn’t happen often. The contents within your bag is what will be curated. If you don’t like this months bag design you can always skip it.

  6. Not sure but saw something on reddit about a Betty boop makeup collab. Didn’t really interest me but I’m sure others will love it. I decided to cancel my ultimate as I haven’t seen any other spoilers and wasn’t interested in the one I have seen.
    I really would have loved to have had a fall themed bag, but oh well. I’ll just stick to the regular bag and do add ons for items I really want.

  7. Does anyone know why no spoilers for Ipsy Plus or Ultimate have been released yet? We usually have 2 by now.

  8. So, I just saw a vid on YouTube (Bailey Sarian’s channel), there’s this whole Betty Boop makeup line that ipsy is doing for October. Super shocked that I haven’t heard anything about it from Ipsy yet. That’s where the lipstick is from.

  9. I think the lipstick is the brand Jonteblu 😁

  10. Is the Betty Boop bag only for the $12 subscription bag? Does anyone know?

    • Hey! All 3 bags regular, plus and Ultimate will have a bag. Same design, but different sizes.

  11. Strange that they haven’t released any spoilers yet for the Ultimate. You’d think they’d want to hype it up to get more people to upgrade. Unless the spoilers aren’t very good . . .

  12. Lipstick looks like Adresse brand, but I don’t recognize the color from their range.

  13. More spoilers were posted on a Reddit page and I realllly hope I get the Avacado mask.

    Wish we had spoilers for the GBP or Ultimate, though.

  14. I want the Murad cleanser so I really hope it’s offered In the Glam Bag Ultimate! I really want the It CC cream too, I love everything It. I religiously use It Bye Bye Under Eye Anti Aging Concealer so hopefully the CC Cream will be in GBU too. I hope they release some GBU spoilers soon, I can’t wait to see what it’s going to be like and to get my first month of GBU in October!

  15. I was going to skip this month or cancel altogether but the design stopped me. I get that it’s October so we should have a holiday theme bag but after the 20 or so days you get to use it, you have to put it away until next October. Betty Boop can be used pass Halloween. A good classic throwback.

  16. Anyone else think its weird there arent any other spoilers yet?

    • I almost feel that I ll cancel if we dont soon get spoilers. I switched to IGBU but my excitement is seriously going down without spoilers. I almost feel something is wrong with them.Certainly site will go down with add-ons and I just wonder if they can even handle all their different bags??

    • Given all the disinterest in the bag & spoilers they did release (and likely a fair number of pause/cancellations) – I have to wonder exactly what is in this next GBP and GNU. Is it stuff that will cause more folks to pause/cancel and they don’t want to admit it? Are they over cap and don’t want to risk more griping about waitlist? Given we’re almost halfway through the month, it seems like a deliberate avoidance to me. While I fully enjoy surprises, it concerns me about the potential quality of what’s coming. If there’s a significant shift in product quality, I might have to cut my losses, no matter how recently I finally subscribed to GBP…no matter how I’ve enjoyed my bags the last few months.

    • I was wondering the same thing! I’m not really excited for the spoilers they’re showing here, so I’m probably going to skip unless I see something that really excites me.

  17. Someone shared spoilers on Reddit for regular bag and one of items was Betty Boop lipstick and brushes. I bet that’s what lipstick that is.

  18. Are they not doing any spoilers for glam bag plus or ultimate this month?

    • Well if they do I pray to God it’s an eyeko eyeliner and some odd shade of lipstick so I can watch the little people lose their minds again over a subscription box service…..

      • That Eyeko liner will absolutely make me lose my mind, you are right about that one:)

      • I look forward to all the big-time, cool, sarcastic, edgy but still somehow so very positive thinking people to lose their minds and troll me with their snappy comments when I honestly give my opinion that I don’t like eyeko eyeliner and odd colored lipstick.

      • 😂 I think LBeanas comment may be the best, most truthful thing I’ve read in a subscription box thread. Trolls are definitely what those people are and it is very funny how big time, cool, sarcastic, edgy yet still somehow positive thinking those people really THINK they are when in reality they just have way too much time on their hands if writing ridiculous comments like that is somehow fun to them. Calling anyone who doesn’t like certain products and really doesn’t like seeing the same sub par products over and over again in subscription boxes we pay good money for “little people” just goes to show how small minded that person is.

      • 😉 smiling (and giggling a little) because you get it

      • I don’t like Eyeko and I do not like weird lipstick. I prefer reds and surprise surprise I have GBPs and both had that tack pinky nude lipstick in them. I do not wear nudes,, pale, purple or brown lipstick.

        Just ignore the catty remarks and they will move on to something to do.

      • Love red lipstick!!!!!!!! I’m with you on that good color choice 🙂 I also got the pinky pink lipstick, but I gave it to my best friend who it looks amazing on. She’s definitely a pink girl 🙂

        She doesn’t like Eyeko eyeliner either.

  19. I wonder when will we get to pick one of our samples for October? I don’t want to miss out

    • It said on the card in my sept GBP that we could choose our product starting September 24th, so keep your eyes out for it!

      • I never look for the emails and only received one about this, I think. I open the ipsy app every single day to check the points products and that was the only reason I got to pick products a couple times.

  20. I really want to see spoilers for GBU and GBP to see if I should skip one.

    • Me too! I want to know if I should keep regular GB at the lower rate or what. Hope these spoilers come ASAP!

  21. Ooooooooh my gosh!!! I was going to cancel the smaller ipsy, since i am signed up for all 3…but i LOVE and adore the bag…..and im super duper excited (which i havent been in a very long time over a sub box) i WANT WANT WANT to try the sigma brush!! Ive been wanting to try one before i invest hundreds of dollars on them!! I sure hope i get that because if it works for me, before i invest a couple hundred in brushes.

  22. Liz
    Will you or one of your colleagues become a subscriber for the Ipsy ultimate option? I am super curious how that box will look. Other than the size details of products.

    • I am sure ipsy will send them one to review, like they do the other two subs they offer.

    • Yes I would love a review of the Ultimate

  23. Anyone getting all 3 bags Ipsy, IGBP, and IBU??

    I was gonna just get the GBU for $50.00 , but based on upcoming spoilers if there great I may get all three 🤔🤔

    • I am getting all 3…not even sure what spoilers are, but i was going to drop the smaller “glam bag” and stick with the other 2, but after seeing this bag (betty boop) and a chance to maybe try a sigma brush before i invest in them (been looking at high end brushes for a while, and wanted to check sigma out, so hopefully i get it) so i figure im going to do all three at least for next month….it seems like with the biggest one you get 8 full size and then 4 “deluxe” which is kinda like the glam and plus mixed…..but next month the glam bad (regular) price is going from 10 to 12 dollars….which is still a good value, but i think if someone has a little extra to splurge, the larger one for 50 dollars would be like getting the regular one as well as the plus, with a couple extra full sizes thrown in….plus they said they are sending out a larger makeup bag with the largest one too…..

      Thats just my wonky way of thinking right now…but ill have to see as it goes on….lol. im curious how others are going to go about it as well, or what their thoughts are…

      • Jamey thanks for your input .. that’s a good way of going about it .. thinking I might do the same and then probably drop the regular Ipsy next month, but who knows b/c if I like the products it may pull me in .. just worried their have enough of different products to fulfill IGBP and IBU – plus you said makeup bag with the IGB will they have a lot similar stuff like regular Ipsy – hope they get a lot and some new sponsors and collaborations to fulfill this high demand before they put it into effect , I believe a lot of people are looking forward to IBU, plus a lot people are keeping all three subs like us . Scared to get repeats in all 3 boxes . I mean the site crashed this month and before that ; could you imagine this October 👀

    • I am getting all 3!

      Ipsy sure is being quiet about GBP and GBU.

      By this time we have spoilers for the GBP.

      • Amyr, I know right!!! We usually have spoilers for at least the next GBP like two days after the reveal. I’m dying for some spoilers for Ultimate and Plus right now!!! 😭😭😭

  24. I’m actually happy that it’s not a spooky bag!! Not everyone celebrates Halloween! If it was spooky I would have just dealt with it!

  25. I swear every month I’m seeing someone complain about the bag style, like you all actually use them every month out for the public to see 🤣

    It’s a bag… that comes in a now $12 subscription. It’s not that serious. If you break down the cost of the 5 items you get and the bag included you are literally paying $1.67 for it, now it’s $2 but still that is cheap!

    You get 12 bags a year, some get more from having multiple accounts. I’m sure some of the items you get in your bags too you don’t like. Just gift it away. Christmas is right around the corner then there are always birthdays and just special occasions throughout the year.

    You know what I do with those bags I don’t particularly like? I fill them up with goodies or sanitary products and give them to different shelters, schools, and charities.

    • I do the same , I give them to the homeless shelters around my area like Christian charities or Salvation Army 🙂 I know they’ll go to great use there . Nothing goes to waste 👍

    • Id like to know whom you speak woth to donate items and bags….there are no homeless shelters around my area, no sort of domestic violence place….I have called schools (i have no kids myself) and they said they cant use anything like that as a donation….ive spoke with a friend thats a teacher and works with in school suspended and asked if i make some bags up, could she maybe give them out (even as a form of positive tasks/attitude” like have a box of items and let a kid choose one id they are good type thing and she said the school systems wont allow them too….

      I dont go to church, but asked a couple people that have like a food pantry type thing, and they said they dont accept makeup (even unopened ones) and they can only accept full sized unopen things like shampoo/deordant /shaving cream/bath soap etc. They did tell me they have church garage sales each year and im welcome to get a booth and SELL my items and keep or donate the money made to the church….

      Does anyone have any ideas ?! I give to friends and people that live around me, but i would love to be able to help those that actually NEED it and dont have the money to treat themaelves to a little something here and there….

      • Um nobody NEEDS a makeup bag. We’re not taking insulin or food lol

      • Are there any rest homes in your area? They make take donations.

      • I love the idea someone shared to take them to rest homes! We have gone to them before with hard candy, tissues, and cards. I can see little bags with a few treats in them or just a place to store things to carry around with them or to corral things in their room or the bathroom. You could put unopened lotion and hand cream samples, face wash, oil, moisturizer, etc in there too!

        I can understand a lot of places won’t take makeup samples because most of them aren’t sealed, and they have no way to be certain they are sterile. I would just give them the bags.

  26. Fav bag! Boop boop b doop!

  27. I know that the bag reveal is out. Has anyone seen any of the products or heard of any spoilers about the ultimate bag spoilers for October 2018?

  28. I’ll be skipping this one.. I don’t understand why they never embrace Halloween? It is the perfect opportunity to go fully adventurous with make-up and its always disappointing. I still have my Valfre bag from 2 years ago, I was hoping to have another spooky theme after last years terrible mask bag….

    • Why should they embrace and celebrate Halloween but not any other holidays? I’ve seen an Ipsy Halloween Glambag, but never a Thanksgiving Bag, Christmas bag, Easter bag, 4th Of July bag, etc… Heck! If you think about it, they could even do a pink bag for October for breast cancer awareness. But, it’s not our company and we aren’t the ones who have to come up with 12 different themes and bags every single year. Go ahead and skip if you want, but you never know what you might be missing out on just because you don’t like the bag or theme.

    • I hear you there. I was praying for a super cute spooky/Halloween-ish bag but no. I freakin love Halloween…. Betty Boop not so much. The rest of the spoilers will be my deciding factor on wether or not I’ll skip but as of now I’m not at all impressed.

    • I agree!! While i LOVE boop, and i am staying with the small bag for boop, i wish they would have did a halloween one because last year at halloween it was awful ….my favorite holiday and time of year is halloween, and its annoying enough companies (other then hot topic and crap brands) dont put out cute pallettes with good forumla with halloween vibes….i still use and carry the halloween makeup bag from 2 years ago as my main makeup bag and was hoping to get a witchy one this year to replace it…and then they could have sucked me in another month with betty for november

  29. The bag is adorable. Not really impressed by anything else. Ipsy – you’re falling down on the job!!!

  30. I’m so glad I decided to starve myself in October so I can get all three bags because I love Betty Boop! I don’t know what I’m going to do after because no way I need all three bags. I jumped on the yearly GB plan and I do like sample sizes because I travel often (which is why I subscribed in the first place) but may cancel. I have almost no use for the small sized bag so I think I’m going to let the shape and quality of the ultimate bag be my deciding factor. The $ wil even out for me bc I always do the max addons (I’m a sucker lol) and only one bag will cut down but I’m not someone who needs 8 full sizes a month 😱
    PRO TIP: unles you truly want to sample something to test for break outs, the addon masks are rarely worth it. Wash off masks give you one and a half uses if you don’t do your whole neck and decolletage but peel off masks need to go on thick and one tube is barely enough. Plus, I learned in esthetician school that they are way too harsh for the skin. I find powders and lip products to be the best value and have even gotten full sizes of those for the $3. Be sure to check the amount and compare to full size. I regretted many addon choices in the beginning!

    • Thank you for the tip!

    • I’ve never been a fan of peel-off masks anyway. I prefer a mud mask or other mask that I can rinse off. I recently read somewhere else that peel-off masks were harsh on the skin so that sealed the deal for me to not use them any longer. Thanks for confirming that.

    • All 3 bags? !

      • Ok actually I came to my senses and paused the middle bag. The yearly sub for the little bag can be paused if you contact them (I asked) but I’ll keep that because I love Betty Boop and think Octobers products look decent unlike September! I think I’ll try to buy the middle sized bag on Ebay so I can have the whole set but my God 8 full size products will be a lot!

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