Ipsy October 2019 Spoilers!

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We have spoilers for the October 2019 IPSY glam bag!

First, in case you missed it, here’s the glam bag design this month:

And here are the first spoilers:

  • Murad Acne Control Clarifying Cleanser
  • SIGMA Blending Brush E25
  • KALEIDO Cosmetics Eyeshadow
  • Lipstick (Anyone know the brand?)
  • IT Cosmetics CC Cream

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I love the bag! I think its the cutest bag since the Gudetama bag!

    • I did not get a bag in my September box😞

      • Bags for all starts in October.

      • Contact Them they will send it out if you have the basic subscription. The plus and ultimate don’t get bags until next month I think.

    • I have not received my October bag! It was payed since October 1st

  2. Betty Boop? Really? The Valfre bag we had for October was amazing. I was hoping for something spooky not some super old cartoon throwback. Can’t win them all though, and September’s bag was really cute.

    • That’s too bad because I understand it’s going to be Spongebob Squarepants for the December bag…….

      • Not for October. Ok for any other time of the year. October and January I want a seasonal bag.

        • I agree, a seasonal bag, but I think quarterly, i.e. every season. Then 4x a year it could be something classy like the September bag, and the other months they could be cartoony or cutesy.

          • I am sooo happy with ipsy October Glam Bag I love Betty Boop. I have almost everything Betty Boop I pick the lipstick for my glam bag i wish my bag could be just Betty Boop products. I will carry that bag every day.I’m so happy

      • Lol awesome!

      • I would so carry a Spongebob bag! But not a Betty Boop bag.

      • Valerie, you are hilarious!

      • Truth-I literally did a search on the Spongebob bag…time for a good forehead slap.

      • Valerie just became my new BFF with that comment 🤣🤣

        PS- I would totally rock a Spongebob bag

      • LOL! Okay you got me, that was awesome.

      • Where do you find the info on what the bag will be for December??

      • Omg I’m dying laughing at the SpongeBob comment…. 😁 😂 🤣

      • You’ve got to be kidding me, UGH, NO!

        • It is not going to be Spongebob! Lol, that was a joke someone on here was saying. I dont know if i am going to hurry and cancel before October or after. I am starting BoxyCharm in October and canceling Ipsy. I am debating on getting the October Glam Bag, i picked my product but was not to impressed with the choices.

      • hahaha that’s hilarious

    • Oh then you won’t like the bag after this one. It is going to feature Spongebob.

      • I thought that was a joke…

        • Isn’t perception and text comprehension just so weird? On first read, I assumed that amyr was just trying to help keep the funny spongebob joke going in good fun. Thanks so much for clearing that up Nanci!

        • I think I am funny but I am not! I was being absurd since somebody else brought up Spongebob! 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • September’s bag looked like ham to me and I couldn’t unsee it haha.

      • Oh Lawd!!! Now I see it and haven’t got my bag yet!

    • Am I the only one who doesn’t like September’s bag? Lol I don’t see anything cute about it. The faux stone zipper was cute. Other than that…I’m not an astrologer or work for NASA, so the constellations don’t do a damn thing for me 😆 Everyone else is just raving about it

      • No, you are not the only one that didnt really care for the September bag, like you said, the only thing that was cute was the zipper! I dont really care about the bag itself, i am more concerned about the products that go in my bag. I have seen comments about how they were going to completely cancel because of what was on the bag, i just think that is crazy because i thought this subscription was about beauty products, not just the bag! Lol

        • I don’t even look that closely at them. Me: oh, it’s sorta pinkish. ‘K. *tosses it into a pile and goes to play with the stuff inside *
          Who actually cares about the bag?? If you subscribe very long, you will have an enormous pile of them you will never use. If you subscribe to multiple boxes like I do, they’ll all be sending them.

          • I know right! I have tons of Bags from different subscriptions, i do the same thing, barely look at the bag, open it up, see what i got and then play with my new toys! Lol, i just put my empty bag with the rest of them. I dont even get them back out for anything, for me, they take up alot of space. I would be just as happy if my products came in a box i could just throw away!

          • I actually love getting and using the bags. While I don’t care for this months bag, just as some other months, if I don’t like the bag I just give it to my daughter or use them as goodie bags for birthdays/holidays. I really enjoy having a variety of bags to pick from depending on the season, style of my purse, etc. I love getting boxes too since I’m an organization fiend lol To each their own 😊

          • Oh yeah, dont get me wrong, it is nice for people who use the bags for multiple things and i do have four of my bags organized with make up and skin care products, we were just talking about how some people’s comments about like cancelling or skipping a month due to the design of the bag, when what is in the bag, is what matters. People sometimes go over the top about what is on these bags.

          • If it’s what I consider a “cute bag”, I’ll hang onto it. In over 2 years of this sub, that’s probably been about a half dozen. The all gold sequinned one, the glitter one, and a couple others. Is it cool that they give you a bag? Sure. Considering my other subs don’t give you a bag at all 🤷 does it make or break my decision in any way, shape, or form? Not at all. Just helps when I’m giving gifts of all the stuff I’ve received that I don’t use- I can give them in neat little makeup bags lol. I thought the Tetris collab/bag was actually REALLY cool. I didn’t hear hardly a word abt that.
            I LOVE Jessica Rabbit and saw the other day a brand had already done that collab :/ don’t think they did bags, just a makeup set.

  3. That lippie is gorgeous!

  4. I was looking forward to a more seasonal bag. I love Halloween. In the past the October bags were a little bit vampy

    Betty is cool but not for October.

  5. So this is all adorbs and with Ipsy only showing 5 samples, it’s highly unlikely we’ll get all or even one of these. I have received the Murad cleanser before in my bag and liked it so much that I purchased another with my Ipsy points. Since they are both long gone, Ipsy, if you’re reading this, I wouldn’t mind receiving that one again!

  6. I’m paused right now, but that lipstick is totally my shade 🙂

  7. I NEED the It Cosmetics CC cream!

    • I hope they have it in fair.

      • I hope they do too. I’m trying to think of which shade to pick. I keep medium & tan, then mix the 2 shades accordingly to my skin tone at the time. Right now, it’s just tan. But by January, it will be just medium. I will have to look at what I have & how much of each & consider the size available. I did the add on of the foundation in medium. So, I think I would hope they have the tan. I’m not sure how fair you are, but, the cc cream is SO color adjusting, if they don’t have fair, the next shade might work. I would hope that Ipsy has the fair.

        • I just wish they would have every shade they offer for add-ons. I wanted the Smashbox foundation this month. Only 2 out of the 5 shades they offered were add-ons and neither was my shade.

          • I’m getting one in my Glambag that is WAY darker than my profile and me. I don’t think there’s any way I would be able to use it.

      • They do! Today they had the “guarantee one item” for the next bag and I selected this in fair!! I can’t wait!

      • That particular CC cream is tricky. I purchased the mini size when I ran out of the one I was using and another several brands, also, trying to find a new one I liked, and I purchased the lightest shade they have, which is ‘light’, and it was WAYYY too dark for my skin. And this was in the summer when my skin had a little more color to it. I’d really like to have this particular product, as I’m always looking for good BB and CC creams, but I had to give this one a negative review :/

  8. I LOVE the bag. Nice shade of red for fall. Love MURAD and really want to try the it cosmetics cc cream. Sigma brushes are the BEST!!! I own that brush and love it!!

    Here’s the thing though, last month I switched to GBP 😫 since I’ve never received a foundation product in my GB during the 12months I’ve been subscribed.

    I’m not too impressed with my first GBP after the reveal this month so hoping oct box will be better.

  9. I love the Betty Boop bag! I would also love the Murad cleanser and that lipstick! Looks like another great month for me.

  10. Dang it! I had cancelled all of my ipsy subs because of the bad customer service. This Betty Boop bag I too adorable. Take m money lol

  11. I hope they’re not all receiving a Betty boop bag. Variety would be nice, so that it’s not repetitive.

  12. Love the Betty Boop bag! I think all the bags have been super creative lately and I love receiving them. It seems to be a love or hate thing around here. I think some people wouldn’t be happy with any bag. They should let those individuals opt out. But, I’m guessing Ipsy has enough to keep up with at this point!

    • I agree don’t know what all the fuss about the bags is. We get a new one every month. Do I love them all NO, but I don’t keep them all either. I donate mine to the middle school were they put personal hygiene items in them and the nurse gives them out to girls in need. For $12 you might as well upgrade to the Plus. I’ll be getting all three in October and then making up my mind which to keep. Although I like we can put them on hold individually. I’ll do that before canceling any of them for a while. I’ll choose the IT CC cream if that’s one of the options. I like most everything from that brand.

      • I don’t understand the complaining, period. The bag, it’s entire contents AND shipping is $12 lousy dollars. Twelve dollars does NOT warrant the level of complaining that is constant. This is supposed to be fun. If it’s not, then just cancel, there are people sitting on the waiting list who will take your place in a nano-second. And the complainers MUST not be able to afford these items on their own because honestly, if you want something so bad to the point of threatening to CANCEL if you don’t get it, why don’t you just go out and buy it?? So ultimately, we have a bunch of people who cannot afford to buy these items at retail anyway complaining about not getting these items in their bag practically for free. Honestly, so ridiculous….either it’s the situation I just described or these are all teenagers and young early 20-somethings whom “real life” and it’s real problems has not dealt with yet.

        • You’re so right Vivian! There’s bigger things to worry about than a $12 makeup bag .

          • Lol. There are bigger things to worry about than worrying about subscribers that have complaints….

        • Completely agree with you…$12 for the bag, contents and shipping and no one forces you to subscribe. It’s suppose to be a fun, discovery sub! If you’re not happy, there are plenty other ones to try. : )

          • Guilty!

        • Haha mines paused because I’m waiting to start a new job. So far have loved everything I’ve received. I only opted out of perfumes due to having an allergy to some scents. Wish I didn’t have to skip this month “sigh”

        • Preach! I’m always so happy to get my bag. If I don’t like something, I give it to a friend. No big deal. I like almost everything I get. I go in with no expectations and come out satisfied with what I get. I don’t understand the constant complaining about every little thing.

        • I love you. Irl. Just. Yes.

        • Well said!!! Thank you for the comment. I absolutely LOVE my ipsy and ipsy plus each month. If I was unhappy, I’d cancel. Simple as that. Considering the awesome value we get, I’m grateful for everything I receive. I share unwanted products with family and friends. They love it!!

        • Very well said!

        • Yes, thank you! I’ve thought the exact same thing so many times! Like you said if you don’t like it and it’s not fun than just cancel! I love ipsy and I have so much fun getting my bag every month. If it bothers you so much that you have to constantly complain about it what’s the point of even staying subscribed? Seems like a lot I’d added stress for no reason

          • Yeah you may not like every or even any products some month but I use the addons as a way to ensure I’ll be excited and the website sales are really good deals sometimes. My mom, who is probably only going to use one product from her $10 September bag got over $70 worth with 4 full sized items. $29 Ofra blush (she hates) $8 eyeliner she’s using, the liquid lip color you twist up she doesnt like bc of the applicator is $27 I think, the eye shadow pot must be $8-$10, and only one sample sized item. It’s a gamble that’s more fun than buying a scratch off ticket!

        • I thought the “waitlist” was just a tool to create artificial scarcity and free marketing for them? They let anyone off for posting to fb so I highly doubt there is an actual waitlist.

        • 😍 you worded that so eloquently!! I’m SO glad someone finally said it! 👏

  13. It’d be nice if they would finally offer the CC cream in darker shades. 😤 Not all Ipsters are white Ipsy. Js

    • 👏

    • They do have those in darker shades, I think they go by your profile skin colour! This one is likely for the photo only. I have this product and it’s not great, so you’re not missing out! lol

      • Nope! Not missing out at all on this product. I’m a bit thrown off by the shade I’m being sent. I keep my profile up to date including my photo and the shade I’m getting is WAY TOO DARK! I even looked the shade up online and let’s just say, it would be obvious if I put this stuff on my skin and probably even offensive. Ipsy’s response, We try our best. Just give it a chance! Honestly, they could have sent me a shade that would have matched but sent a much darker tone. 🤷‍♀️ I do have to agree that Ipsy needs to step up with the shades for darker skin tones.

  14. The lipstick almost reminds me of the Ardell logo. I know they have a mascara. But do they make stuff other than mascara and lashes?

  15. I don’t like the bag at all. I already have the full size IT CC cream in fair and I love it. It’s definitely a foundation though not a tinted moisturizer. The cleanser is just ok. One thing though is that cleanser is old. I got it from Ipsy 2 years ago as a bonus for something that I can’t remember what. I really hope they got new stock.

  16. I absolutely hate that bag. Like literally gagging hate it. I have the Murad cleanser and it’s ok but nothing that a different brand from the drugstore couldn’t do. I love the IT cc cream. I have it full size in fair and it’s a perfect match. It’s definitely a full coverage foundation though so don’t expect a tinted moisturizer.

  17. I’m so excited for GbU!!! Ipsy is def one of my fav subs and I’ve been so happy with everything I get ; ) I don’t care really about the the style of the bags each month I mean we get one EVERY month and the bags are not why I get Ipsy BUT a huge nice bonus esp since they will be in all their subs. I do like all the bags I’ve got some I like more some I don’t but I like this one even thou I’m not into cartoon characters. I like that it’s a close up of the face rather then the typical Betty boop stuff u tend to see

  18. Would have preferred a more on theme for Halloween bag, since I always looked forward to them, but I’m glad a lot of people seem to love this design. Curious to try a sigma brush, but otherwise not too interested in the spoilers.

    • Same. I’m always excited to see the October bag but I’m not a huge fan of this one. I really wish they would go for some type of Halloween theme. Will probably give it to one of my kids or a friend. At least last month’s bag was really cute. I love the astrological design and the zipper pull on it.

  19. I have GBP and signed up for GBU…when I saw this bag, I signed up for the regular GB just to have a matching set of bags 🤦‍♀️ It so so cute! Will probably pause the regular GB unless there is another drop dead for bag <3 Like srsly, they could put rocks inside, i just want the bag lol

    • LOL! I love the idea of having all 3 bags to use together, but I just have the regular one because I can’t use it all up. I will be admiring all the sets though! Have fun!

    • The bags for me are handy for storing my stash of products. I think this one is cute but I surely don’t want a set of three. I signed up for Ultimate and kept the other two thinking
      I would get a matching set of those sparkly pink ones in the rollout images. I guess not. It’s all part of the fun!

      • Sadly, the “sparkly” seems to have been added to the photos. The pink bag is canvas. I was a little let down! I still like the astrological design, I might have to add some glitter and/or rhinestones myself!

        • I think she means the sparkly white/pink ones they showed when they announced all the changes. Check their Instagram, they had a post with all three bag sizes a while back- that’s the sparkly bag! I was sad that wasn’t this months bag too. Maybe November?!

          • Ah, I see now… It looks like a wintry design, so definitely in the next few months!

    • I love the bags as well! A good place to find bags you don’t have or older ones is I’m sure yes or no on eBay or other places like that. Before I added even heard of Ipsy (yeah I guess I must have been in a cave) I found one of their bags at a thrift store. It’s hot pink, no print, some sort of fancy fringe that doesn’t look tacky it was only $3. So I went home and looked up the name on The zipper tag and found Ipsy.
      What do you do with all the extra stuff? Gifts for friends?

  20. I’m checking MSA multiple times a day for any GBU spoilers, like it’s the most important thing I have going on, sheesh!

    • Me too! Can’t wait! Lol

    • I am too which shows how much I need to get a life.

      I want spoilers for the GBP and GBU.

    • Lol..im doing the same.I am on pins & needles waiting for a glimpse of GBU!

  21. Meh!!

    • I’m super excited for gbu I also signed up! Well get this bag right?

    • I personally think the bag is adorable. I was kind of expecting a Halloween vibe for October but this is still cute. My daughter will love it! Not thrilled for the products as of yet though.

  22. I’m so sad, as October is my birthday month, but I’m not a fan of Betty Boop…seems like there are enough people who like it and would be happy to swap lol. I joined Ipsy in July but skipped September…I would like to try that cleanser though!

    • Birthday month twinsies 🙂

  23. I have no problem with Betty Boop. I think she’s cute, and I like the retro vibe to the design. I do wonder what the Glam Bag Plus bag will look like.

  24. I cant wait to see how big the G.B.U bag will be. With betty how cute!

    • Right?! Me too!

  25. It’s my birthday month and I don’t really like the bag. Not a fan. I do want the brush. Hope they have better color lipsticks and eyeshadows

    • My birthday month too. Not thrilled about the bag. Was hoping for a Halloween theme. Not liking the spoilers either. Hopefully it’ll be better than it appears.

  26. it’s funny how tastes varies! the folks on reddit absolutely hate this bag but I personally find it cute and like it myself.

    • I hate the bag too haha but I don’t like most of the designs. I’ve been subbed since April and August was my fave so far bc it’s the most plain. I want that cleanser though!

    • I absolutely LOVE the bag! I’m looking forward to it and reactivated my daughter’s account so she can get it too. I personally can never get enough brushes. I use my Ipsy bags along with extra brushes and minis as back up’s which are color coordinated with my purses. That way I can always retouch or do a whole look when I’m away from home.

    • I think the bag is super cute! Thinking about resubbing to regular Ipsy just to get the bag.

  27. I am most excited about the bag!

    • Lol..im doing the same.I am on pins & needles waiting for a glimpse of GBU!

      • Hate the bag. Not a fan of the spoilers either. Have 2 subs pausing 1 and hoping for better products. Would have loved a Halloween themed bag.

  28. While I know there are a ton of other products yet to be revealed… I paused. Just as well to save the $12. Still holding out on GBP spoilers…

  29. That murad cleanser is my sister’s favorite… hope it’s an add-on.

    • It’s the best cleanser I’ve ever used-it works so well! It keeps my skin perfectly clear and healthy without drying it out at all.

      • That’s great to know! I hope it’s an item I can pick. I’ve been having a lot of trouble lately with breakouts.

        • I agree that this cleanser is nice. I hope you can pick it or get it as an add on to try. Another option I love is the Skyn Iceland Glacial Face wash. It has done WONDERS with shrinking the bumps and cystic acne I get. It really does calm the skin…just an FYI.

          • LB that Skyn Iceland Glacial Face wash is FANTASTIC. Quite possibly the greatest face wash in the history of face wash! I got turned onto it by getting a sample in an IPSY bag about two years ago- probably the BEST sample I have ever gotten hahaha! I HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend!

  30. Oh man, I was going to cancel cuz I’m already getting the gbp but I need this Betty Boop bag!

    • GBP gets a bag as well, in a little bigger size. They’ll be matching / coordinating according to IPSY.

      • Can you tell me where they confirmed this? This is what I was hoping for but haven’t seen it anywhere

        • Me too!

        • It was confirmed on Instagram- on the post with the aquamarine eyeshadow. In part: “Our three memberships (Glam Bag, Glam Bag Plus, and Glam Bag Ultimate) will include bags of different sizes, with the same theme.”

          • What Instagram account was this posted on?

            And are there any other Ipsy associated accounts?

          • Ipsy’s instagram. The post with the blue eyeshadow, in the comments. This isn’t a conspiracy theory 😂😂

      • Thank you Melissa, good to know!!

  31. Oh my! The brush alone is worth more than the box!! Love what I see!! 😍

    • Yeah I was really excited when I saw it said Sigma! Let’s hope it’s not a one time thing though.

  32. We want GBU spoilers lol!!😻

    • I agree! GBU spoilers please 🙂

      • Yes GBU spoilers for sure 🥰🥰

      • I wonder if it’s the same bag for Ultimate?

    • Yes! GBP & GBU spoilers please!!!

  33. Would love a Sigma brush!

    • Me, too.

    • Hopefully, it’s at least an add-on. A Sigma brush for $3 would be a steal!

      • I really hope it’s available as an add-on, fingers crossed so hard! I signed up for the Ultimate, so I’m wondering if they might have some in it, at least a trio! Wouldn’t that would be amazing! 🙂

  34. Love ipsy but don’t like the bag or any spoilers so far

  35. I have been waiting for a response from Ipsy for two days now. I emailed them Monday morning. Anyone else having issues with Ipsycare?

    • No I emailed them on Sept 1st and they responded in a few hours

      • Hmm…🤔

  36. I LOVE the bag!! So cute!! And I’d love any of those items except the murad. Can’t wait!

    • If you get the Murad, I’ll swap with you!

  37. Cute bag! I’m giving GBU a try so there’s no telling which samples I’ll receive. I’m very torn between GBU or GBP + add ons of my choosing.

  38. Sigma makes such a wonderful brushes, I love them💕💕💕

  39. I would be happy with everything pictured!

  40. I love the lipstick and concealer. I hope I get a brighter shade because I have darker lips and nudes wash me out.

    And I am not so in love with Bettie Boop bag. Especially if it has sequins in the back.

  41. Looks like Buxom packaging on the lipstick to me…

    • Cool! I hope so! I love their gloss and would like to try a lipstick. I also really want that Sigma brush! They grey shadow looks like a possible win for me if it’s as pictured.

    • I believe it is the Betty Boop x Ipsy Lipstick

  42. Hope there’s another shade of eyeshadow besides this. I’d like the cc cream and the Sigma brush.

    • I definitely do not need another brush or eye shadow. Not a fan of the lipstick color either.

  43. Someone posted an email from Ipsy- the lipstick in that was “Context Skin,” but it wasn’t that shade; it was “Say Love.” Also pictured in her email:
    Leni loose eyeshadow
    IT cosmetics, “Your skin but better” CC+ cream with SPF 50
    Benefit “They’re Real” lengthening mascara
    Annnnnnd another brush

  44. I’ll skip gonna get GBU , Need to save $12.00 plus nothing interest me ! Neither Bag nor makeup interest me ;/

    • I do not like the bag.

  45. The bag is adorable. I say yes to the Murad item and to the It Cosmetics CC cream. I can easily pass on the other items, so far. I’m intrigued. 🙂

  46. Love the eyeshadow and brush!

  47. Is it a dark and mysterious edition from Lipstick Queen?

    • Unfortunately, probably not (it’s not her logo). I can’t wear shades like that anymore, so I hope I don’t get the lippie.

      • Maybe it is a sheer lipstick. I would love to have a sheer lipstick. I am so over mattes and liquid lipsticks.

      • The bottom is plain black the ardell has pigment in the bottom that matches lipstick. The tubes are not similar at all ):

  48. 😑 ughhh…more red lipstick and eye brushes.

  49. Ummm…. I must have that bag!! I was going to switch from plus to ultimate next month, but maybe regular and plus for a month, instead. I love Betty Boop stuff!

    • GB, GBP, and GBU will all be receiving bags : )

      • Is that moving forward even GBP will be getting bags every month ?

      • Wait….thrre is an Ultimate now?? Geez!! Where have I been. What do you get and what is the monthly dollar amount??

        • It’s starting in October- you get 8 full size and 4 sample size products (and a bigger bag) for $50

      • What? Really? How do you know that?

    • Each subscription will have the the same themed bag. Just different sizes so no matter what subscription u get u will get a Betty booo bag

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