Ipsy Glam Bag Ultimate October 2019 Spoilers – UPDATE

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We have spoilers for the October 2019 Ipsy Glam Bag Ultimate! (These are some of the items that Ipsy is sending in October. There are different box versions every month, so you may not receive it in your Glam Bag Ultimate.)

UPDATE – the picture below is an example of what IPSY is sending in the Glam Bag Ultimate, and not guaranteed October spoilers. 

Here are the first spoilers for the October 2019 Ipsy Glam Bag Ultimate:

  • GLOSSIER Milky Oil
  • IT Cosmetics Confidence in a Cleanser
  • Murad Retinol Youth Renewal Eye Serum
  • Huda Beauty Liquid Matte
  • Buxom Divine Goddess Highlighter Palette
  • Smashbox Photo Finish Smooth & Blur Primer
  • Sunday Riley Good Genes Treatment
  • Estée Lauder Lipstick
  • Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara
  • Morphe – blush or eyeshadow?
  • MAC Product
  • Does anyone recognize the MG compact?

For the NEW IPSY Glam Bag Ultimate:

  • New Membership for even more beauty picks. Glam Bag Ultimate is a new subscription with 8 full-sized & 4 deluxe samples, personalized for you, for $50/month. You’ll get to choose one of your full-size products with the new choice feature! 
  • There will be a makeup bag, every month.
  • You can now add up to 5 Add-Ons for your bag. Previously you were limited to 3.

This subscription is $50 a month. Sign up here!

And if you are new to the regular Ipsy, it is a $12 a month beauty and makeup subscription box. Check out all of our Ipsy reviews to see what’s been in past boxes. And check out our Ipsy Spoilers to see what’s coming up in future boxes! Ipsy Glam Bag Plus is $25 a month. Check out our Ipsy Glam Bag Plus reviews to see what you can expect each month.

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  1. Well I guess I have to repost my comment since it’s not showing up.

    I think that in the past, the spoilers get better and better. I thought for sure ultimate would lead with their hero item, but I guess not. I’m holding out for this and waiting to see what else it to come. I usually am pretty happy with my bag in the end. And I like some of these spoilers. We shall see!

    • It’s pretty late in the month to be coming out with more spoilers. For me these spoilers are not worth $50. I’ve also already gotten a few of those items on past boxes.

    • This is rather disappointing, for 50.00. Hope these arent the only items, if so i will go back to the gbp bag, and forget the gg and gbu. I wilk go with all the boxy offers

      • There’s an update that these weren’t official spoilers for ultimate.

        • Where is the update at ?

          • It’s listed in bold right under the 1st picture up above. 🙂

  2. Looks great too me ! Like it better then IGBP ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    I do have a question if anyone can help ..

    Do I have to opt out of two categories for GBU ?
    If I’m already opted out of two categories for regular Ipsy and IGBP or would that already be noted in my profile for GBU ?


    • The ipsy regular bag and the glam bag plus was still showing on my profile too. I went in and manual cancel them to be sure I wouldn’t be charged for them.

  3. Maybe I’m wrong but this doesn’t seem like a set variation. Why would they have two full size lipsticks in one bag?
    Also, there are only 3 deluxe/sample sized items here.

    I’m holding out hope for more options. Some of these products are repeats (although maybe different colors.)

    • They often count Huda as a deluxe sample. Not always, but sometimes. It comes in the regular glam bag fairly often.

    • Ipsy doesn’t have set variations anyway, since although it’s possible to get the exact same items as someone else, it’s also not guaranteed for that to happen with the way their profiles and quizzes and reviews are set up to get you the products you might like.

      • They actually commented that they DO have fixed variations. That’s why you might get a lippie you said you hated, with a serum you said you loved and wanted often…

    • Did any one get add on they where so small. I never thought Ipsy would would do that. So now I will not buy add ons from them. The products this month are not worth 50 dollars. And do not look full size to me.

      • I agree. It seems like any company with a big name is going to send a teeny tiny sample. I got one this month as well. The smaller or up and coming companies tend to send full size or a larger sample sizes. I have been very happy with them.

  4. For Ipsy, I’ve always found that the first round or two of spoilers have been ok/good but that they get better the further it goes. I thought the Ultimate would start with a hero item, but it seems they are doing the same thing here. I think it will get better as they go. I’m going to hold on and see what they do. I’m usually pretty happy with my bag and the selection.

    • Meh

  5. The MG product is from MAKEUP GEEK, if anyone was wondering..

    • Thank you!!!!🙄

      • I got an email from Ipsy saying I got duplicate products in my 2 out of 3 bags, so they are giving me 1200 points for their error.

  6. So overall, there are definitely products I would be excited to get (Murad, It cleanser) but in no way would they entice me to sub to this box. I think the big “problem” with these spoilers is that at this price point I expect at least one BIG hero item ($50 palette, etc.) and not just a bunch of decent items. Not a terrible box, just not exciting enough to entice me.

  7. Well I’m excited 😊 considering keeping glam bag plus and getting the ultimate. Just really don’t want to get duplicate items which has already happened to me with the glam bag plus (twice). Did they say anything about not having that happen?

    • lol I’m actually hoping for a duplicate product for the first time ever. I received the Murad Retinol Eye Cream in a past GBP and I LOVEEEEEE it. I really really hope to get it again. Fingers crossed for my first duplicate! haha

      • When it comes to something I like I don’t mind either 🤗 but I got two IT mascaras and Yensa primers which I reviewed poorly since they were not my cup of 🍵 but they sent them to me again after that. Their customer service let me replace 1 of the items and just sent me another duplicate item. I finally just gave up after that 😂

        • Sounds about right

      • This is the retinol youth renewal eye serum, not the eye cream, so it wouldn’t be a duplicate! 😀
        I hope you get it!
        I would SUPER LOVE to get it too, but I did already get the eye serum in GBP. 🙁

        • That is exciting as when I read about the Murad eye cream I received, it suggested the serum to use as well so it would be great to get a chance to try the products together.

      • I’ve gotten at least 2 of those eye creams but I’m not into eye cream so I haven’t even tried it. What do you love about it? You’ve made me curious about it now.

    • I emailed Ipsy to ask if we would get duplicate items if we have plus and ultimate, and was told that Ipsy Match would prevent that from happening.

    • yes, i’ve emailed them asking this question. They stated that we wont get duplicates within all three bags!

      • Hmmm, and yet I continue to get duplicates. Often as a matter-of-fact

    • Hey Selena. They did email me and say they would make sure the items wouldn’t be duplicated in the two bags I have, the ultimate and the plus. They did say the bag would be the same though so they offered a mascara to make up for it. Hope this helps.

  8. I skipped Ipsy for few months, saw Ipsy gets worse and worse. Now it is time to cancel. Black Friday is coming. There will be big sale. I am tried of tons of leftover makeups.

    • Makeup Geek

      • The choices are out!





        ANOTHER CLEANSER (can’t remember what it was …sorry)

        • The other cleanser is the pharmacy makeup remover balm.

    • This will be my first bag in October and after reading these reviews I’m scared think I will cancel after that. Don’t want to pay for something I won’t like.

  9. I think this is just the first round of spoilers. You know they are going to have some WOW items in the Ultimate. Just be patient!!

    • i agree! I’m happy if I got the murad and it cosmetics honestly! I’m greedy so I’m keeping both plus and ultimate subscriptions open lmao I want it ALL.

  10. Do we have a chance at the Buxom highlighter palette or Makeup Geek in the Glam Bag Plus? I didn’t really care for their spoilers this morning. Thinking about resubbing regular Ipsy just to get the Betty Boop bag.

  11. Wow, the only thing that I would really use would be the Smashbox and Estee Lauder lipstick. I don’t really like anything else. Very disappointing. Hopefully I can still cancel.

  12. I have to say these are rather disappointing. Hopefully there are more spoilers…

    • I updated my Ipsy plus to ultimate. When I saw this spoiler, I immediately canceled it. I rather spend my $50 on something at ulta and Sephora when it is on sale.

      • How did you cancel? Email them? I can’t find a way in the app.

        • You’ll have to email them to get off the GBU waitlist.

  13. I’m excited about the box. After seeing October’s GBP, I was really worried about Ultimate. The Murad retinol eye cream is amazing, I want to try the glossier milky oil for a makeup remover, I need to try a new primer so I’m happy to give the smash box a whirl, the Huda color looks really really pretty and I’m SO glad it isnt another nude. I’m betting there will be an eyeshadow in there somewhere.

    So glad to finally get a spoiler!!

    • The smashbox primer has been my go to for years …and at retail of $39 – I’d be happy with *just* that lol

  14. The makeup geek looks like their highlighter packaging but then the buxom is a highlighter palette so…. gah!!And it only goes for 15 so… Gah!

    • The makeup geek product looks like their highlighter and bronzer packaging. I’m on the fence with the spoilers. Going to wait to see what else they spoil.

  15. The MG is Makeup Geek cosmetics, but I’m not sure what product it is.

  16. Does anyone else feel like this group doesn’t seem worth the money? just curious. i know that there are variations but this variations definitely is a flop in my opinion and not worth the extra money

    • Agree. Thinking about cancelling. This is a Marshall’s/TJ Maxx run for me :^( Except for the Sunday, that hasn’t made the Marshall’s circuit like GlamGlow has.

      • The Sunday Riley sample looks very small to me. It looks like a sample, not a “deluxe sample.”

        • Mary I have this Sunday Riley sample. The packaging is very small and it’s only filled about halfway. Disappointing.

    • I’m with you. I’m just worried that the products in the regular ipsy plus will start to get worse as they try to get people to pay 50 for the ultimate. I’ll wait till it’s in hand to make my final decision.

    • I was thinking the same thing. When I signed up I was thinking it would be more like Boxyluxe with some smaller sample/deluxe size items included.

    • Agree! I spent my $50 on UB born to run and too faced gold pallets when there were on sale.

  17. Was wondering how to cancel ???I signed up for the ultimate awhile ago but now i know i don’t want this bag at all. I emailed ipsy care I told them i do not want this box. Hopefully they wont still charge me. Not to sound super negative Im just not interested in anything here and I really dont want to pay 50$ for stuff i wont use. .

    • I originally signed up to be on the GBU waitlist, then changed my mind so I emailed Ipsy and they took me off. 🙂 (however, I changed my mind back because I want the Betty Boop bag in all sizes, so I emailed them again to put me back on the list. lol)

      • I got an ipsy email asking me to do ultimate and it is not a betty boop bag that is shown with ultimate, Luna. It is an ice pink color bag with tortoise shell circle pull.

        • While this is a guess, I think that’s just a stock photo because they showed that pink bag along with the same looking bags but in different sizes when they originally posted about GBU, but then they showed the Betty Boop bag as the GB bag and not the small pink one they originally showed. Ipsy confirmed that each level would have the same themed bags, so I would think that means a bag in GBU with something related to Betty Boop on it. I’m thinking those pink bags may be in a future month. I’m sure something more definitive will be out the closer we get to October, so I’ll just keep an eye out and make sure to cancel by the 30th if the GBU bag does end up being the pink bag. 🙂

          • It’s Betty Boop. Three different sizes.

          • Woo-hoo!!! 🙂

          • I got an email that the bags for the GBP and GBU will be the exact same next month. To “make it up to me” they said they’d send me an extra product of a mascara (which I’ve opted out of) with my GBU. Debating cancelling the GBP for next month because of that email…

      • lol!!!! I cancelled the glam bag plus but get the ultimate, but when I saw the plus spoilers I reopened it again ! I really want the TIS primer water it works sooooo good !

        • kept** not got smh

  18. I like these spoilers. Now I wonder what kind of bag we will get.

    I am excited for this bag 🙂

    • They sent an email with a picture of the bag. The bag is plain light pinky beige the same shade as the Betty Boop one in the regular Glam bag, with a round tortoise shell zipper pull.

      • I’m thinking that may not be the bag and only a representation of the size/style of bag we could receive. I’m thinking that because they showed that exact bag earlier along with similar looking bags for the regular & GBP, but instead of the smallest version being part of the regular glam bag as they originally showed, it’s the Betty Boop bag, and since they said the bags will have the same theme each month, I’m thinking Betty Boop will have to be represented somewhere on the bag for GBU & GBP. I wouldn’t be surprised though if those pink bags end up being the set featured in the near future.

      • I don’t understand why I haven’t gotten ANY emails from them… I checked and my email is correct in my account -_-

        • Me neither! And I’m subscribed to everything.

      • When did you get an email? I’ve been subbed to ipsy for a few yess now and jumped on the ultimate opportunity 😂 but I haven’t got an email!!!😬 I want to know how it looks so bad!

        • I am happy I got to choose the huda topaz pallate. that alone is half the cost of ultimate, so 7 other full size products plus 4 samples for the balance $23 sounds good to me. now to just wait and see what other products they will offer us.

          • Im curious. I got on about 8.30am & the only Huda palette i saw for choice was the Warm Browns obsession palette. Thats what i chose. I usually like more colorful palettes but it looks nice for a Fall palette. Were there other Huda palettes to choose from?

      • Hey, Are you sure you are looking at the right email? The bag for October has a picture of Betty’s eyes on the side and has a B as the zipper pull.

  19. So I’m new to Ipsy. Are the items pictured above what will be in every Ultimate bag or are

    there variations? I’m not big on highlighters and am sad there are no hair items as well.

    • There’s different variations, but I’m not sure exactly how many because we are all new to Ultimate this month. When Glam Bag Plus started, there wasn’t too many variations because they were still lining up full size products for plus, but they have lots of full size products now. So only time will tell. Hope that helps a bit.

    • These are variation items and not guaranteed. You will probably get some but not all.

    • There are variations and these are not all the items. There should be more spoilers to come.

  20. So glad I decided to stick with Plus, so far this looks way too make-up heavy for me. I like full size skincare and from what I’m seeing, this isn’t going to be it.

    • I agree with you Nicole! I was hopeful for more skincare but it seems quite makeup friendly with 7 of the 12 products being makeup! I’m hoping more options show up with more skincare items.

      • I hope they do come up with some more skincare for those who signed up. I really wish Ipsy would listen to their customers a bit more. There are obvious flaws in the selections being based on profiles and there’s people who prefer more skincare, some who prefer more make-up and some who want an even mix. Why they can’t also make those options available to everyone is beyond me?!? It would take them to a whole new level and they would tower over all others in terms of customization. Overall, people would be happier and probably buy more boxes because of it. Seems so obvious…💁

      • Me too! I really was looking forward to skin care products! It’s very make up heavy and I already have Boxy charm, Boxyluxe, and Ipsy Plus. I always love my Boxy. My Plus I generally only love 1-2 items every month & they are skincare but they become cost effective so it’s okay. I was REALLY hoping for more skincare! I have enough makeup to start a store quite literally it’s sick. My girlfriends in the neighborhood think I’ve lost my mind with the amount of makeup I own & everyone comes here for make overs regular because I’ve lost my mind with makeup. I NEED skincare! I’ve had up until last month 5 other subscriptions. My fav place for add Ins is FF&Fun! I get $400 skincare for $20-$40! I’m sure Ipsy & Boxy can do better than Ulta lines of products! I want some Sephora quality makeup & skin! Yeeeesssssss 🙂 Happy makeup, makeup Queens 🙂

      • I’d wait and give ipsy a chance. I’ve subscribed for a year now and I absolutely love ipsy. I get several beauty subscription boxes and ipsy is my favorite by far.

        • Ugh this did not post in the right place, this is not a reply to any of the above comments

    • I’m with you on the makeup heavy aspect. I’m in it for the skincare! I have the murad already as well as most of the items shown. The glossier had me thinking ohhh but it’s a $12 makeup remover that I would rearely use, then I thought OK maybe the buxom palette, but NOPE it’s yet another highlighting palette. (on sale at nordstrom for $27 fyi lol)

      I’m all about keeping all three of my Ipsy’s but if this is indicative of what’s to come I may have to make some decisions.

      • It is makeup heavy. I am wondering if some of the Betty Boop items are going in the Ultimate as well. I would think they would. The blush looks pretty, not sure about the eye shadow. I wanted to get this box for a couple months for Xmas gifts. There is no way I need all of this. I really like the spoilers so far for Boxy too. I need to stay away from MSA after the holidays. I seem to want something from every box and I really do not need much anymore. Decisions, decisions.

  21. I signed up for this, the day it was announced, does anyone know if we can opt out? Can we skip like the other bags? Between this and the plus bag there isn’t much I would use. I’m really bummed, I was looking forward to this.

    • I’ve written IpsyCare about wanting to cancel, but I haven’t heard back as yet.

    • Same here. Would like to skip Ultimate but keep Plus this month and then see… I agree with the other poster about Plus being nicer than Ultimate this month.

    • I personally would wait until the next round of spoilers before seeing if cancelling is an option.

    • I emailed IpsyCare a few days ago to cancel, and they took care of it within an hour.

      • Just so everyone is aware if they already didn’t know, you do not have to email or call I pay to cancel. You can do it on your own through your app. Go to your account page.

  22. Not worth it. Looks like a bunch of leftovers from previous stuff I already got. I just emailed them to cancel it. I don’t want the plus either. No name brand Betty boop nah. That’s not what I signed up for. I swear they had the best boxes then I signed up and it was nothing impressive I’ve skipped 4-5 months with because maybe one product looked good. Boxy is wayyyyu better I’m just going to get the new $35 a month box from them.

    • Same girl, same!!! I had high hopes for Ipsy ultimate, but looks like I’ll just be cancelling/skipping…already signed up for the new boxy waitlist ❤️

    • Glam Bag Plus only started one year ago so you couldn’t of signed up that long ago and I went back in the archives and the first boxes were really not any better than the recent ones so I am not really sure what you are complaining about. You can go back in the archives on this very site….

    • I have to disagree… I’ve belonged to both Ipsy and Boxycharm for over 3 yrs now and I raved about Boxycharm to anyone who would listen… And then they came out with Ipsy Glam Bag Plus and they have nailed it every month and has started dampening my enthusiasm for my Boxycharm. They provide high quality, relevant items including GREAT skin care that fit my profile to a T! I think Ultimate would be a waste, especially since you are allowed more Add ons, so I figure I’m sticking with the Glam Plus bag, I already signed up for the Boxycharm ultimate and receive the Boxyluxe every 3 months. And since both subs will now allow us to pick one of our items every month, people will be more satisfied. I’ve been figuring for a while that Boxycharm would be coming out with changes because they had to realize Ipsy Glam Plus quickly became a fierce competitor for then

  23. We were also promised Deluxe Sized Samples, and there is nothing deluxe sample sized about the Sunday Riley Good Genes. I just find this box disappointing and wishing I hadnt skipped October’s Plus bag because I like that one much more.

    • I have been using that size of Good Genes for over a month and still have quite a bit left. Its size is deceptive.

      • I wonder if you’re thinking of the .35 size of Good Genes. (This looks like the .17 size.) I kept track of the starting date, and this .17 size, used sparingly once a day, lasted me 15 days. That includes cutting open the tube. 🙂

    • People read it those are not the actual samples

  24. Thank you!!!! I don’t feel crazy for thinking that anymore. I legit contacted IpsyCare and told them I don’t want this bag. It seems backwards to me. The things I would want to have full sizes of are deluxe samples and vice versa. I’m thinking that BoxyPremium looks like it’s worth a try.

  25. Hopefully not the Better Than Sex as the Thrive mascara is the best mascara I have ever used. I was prescient enough to order as an Add On and I have a little sample size as well but I like it well enough so that I am gifting my large bag of other brand mascaras and will buy Thrive when I run out of my current stock :-).

    I’ve used the Smashbox primer and it worked really well for me so it would be nice to get that in my box.

    Isn’t the Murad a repeat or did I just get it in another box.

    I am on the fence regarding this so I think it depends on what the actual mix of products is. Estee lipsticks are nice but I would prefer a high end skin product of some kind versus lipsticks which are hit or miss in terms of color.

    • Thrive is most DEFINITELY the best mascara out there!! Any others I get I pass on to my daughter and friends.

  26. Per the banner pic at the top of the post of the makeupgeek compact open its a white highlighter of some

  27. Boxycharm is coming up fast, got an interesting email from them today, check your inboxes.

  28. The “MG” looks like Makeup Geek highlighter….

    • Yep. It is the same one that is pictured open in the top photo.

  29. The MG palette is definitely a Makeup Geek product, just not 100% sure which one. I may go back to Plus because I already am on product overload but none of this is screaming my name. I still have my spot for Ultimate so I guess I’ll see if anything else comes out between now and the end of the month that is more exciting for me.

  30. That MAC product is definitely a sample. It looks like the deluxe sample of Studio Fix powder foundation I got in my $10 Ipsy bag earlier this year. I guess that makes sense considering there will be four deluxe samples in each Ultimate bag.

    I’m still on the fence about this one. I was super excited when Ultimate was announced but then my Glam Bag Plus bags were both epic fails last month where both included two items I’m opted out of, 4/5 makeup products and pretty much zero customization.

    Looking at these spoilers, only a few things really excite me. I’d LOVE to get the Murad eye cream, but what are my chances? I didn’t get the Murad serum in either box last month and it seemed like only a handful of people got it. I’m wondering, 1.) if EVERY product will be available as your one choice, and 2.) will they limit the number of products? As in, will there only be a certain number of Murad eye creams to send? Because that’s going to be something A LOT of people will want to choose. I wish we knew all the specifics so I could make a more informed decision. If anyone has seen the answers to these questions from a reliable source please post them!

    • When I did customization in August it was only for certain products. I got the Murad in my box this month! I would be happy to not get any more eye creams as I have like 20 back-ups at this point.

  31. Makeup geek

  32. 😀

  33. Omg Ipsy Ultimate spoilers FINALLY!!! So excited, these all look great to me! Just signed up for BoxyCharm Premiums waitlist as well so October and November are going to be exciting beauty sub months for me! I really want the full size It Confidence in a Cleaner, The Murad eye serum, the Glossier Milky Oil and the Sunday Riley Good Genes! So excited to see at-least two of my subs stepping up their game

    • Lol I’m with you on wanting allllllll of the skincare!!!

      • Right?? I love the skincare products I got from Ipsy! Can’t wait to see what I get in my first Ultimate!

  34. What’s all the complaining about? Glam Ultimate doesn’t say you’re going to receive higher end products than Glam Plus, it just says you’re going to receive eight full size items and four deluxe sample items. These spoilers are only part of the items that will be featured in the following month. They look very nice to me. I’d love to receive the It Cosmetics cleanser, anything from Murad is a plus, Buxom- YES! These are awesome, on trend spoilers.

    • An email I got from Ipsy stated that Ultimate is gonna be reserved for the best products ipsy offers, in so many words. Definitely didn’t say higher end products. I agree with you. I don’t understand what the complaints are for either. These spoilers look awesome to me, and we aren’t gonna get La Mer products or Pat McGrath Labs, although I would love to lol

      • Right?! Hahaha… I’d be happy with samples by Pat McGrath and La Mer. 🙂 Anyway, everyone is entitled to their opinion. I’m just taken back by all of the complaining, sometimes. I’ve received some fantastic boxes from Glam Plus. Some boxes have been “so-so” for me. Whenever I receive an item that’s not exactly a good match for me, I gift it to somebody who will enjoy it… and that makes me feel good. It’s nice to share. Enjoy your box! 🙂

      • If they were smart they would. I got one same of natasha denona eyeshadow in an allure box back in may or some month..it was just 1 shimmer shade, after I used it, I now have spent upwards of 900 dollars on her pallettes because the formula is magical and looks amazing and super easy to use….if these brands were smart, high end brands would do something like this, so people will buy them….I got the ipsy vitamin c cream a couple months ago, and already bought a back up…same with farmacy cream from boxy, because I tried and loved it, and bought it 2 times since. So high end would really do best.

        Plus there are some amazing indie brands….or even dupe pallettes that arent made in china….I dont use made in china pallettes….but I think ipsy is trying to make more money by doing “in house” brands and they shouldn’t be so greedy about it, but branch out into great items and good quality and not china gimmicky stuff….just my .02

    • I totally agree with you! I’m not sure what people were expecting the Ultimate spoilers to be plus this post has an update saying these are not necessarily the actual October Ultimate spoilers! If they are I’d be really happy though! They all look awesome to me, I’m really easy to please with my beauty sub boxes anyways. As long as I get what I’m supposed to, when I’m supposed to I’m happy

      • Yep… I agree. Don’t get me wrong, I have been disappointed with some subs. However, for the most part, I’m happy with what I receive. As I said before, if I receive something I won’t use, I gift it to others who will enjoy the items. 🙂 Have a nice night. 🙂

  35. I don’t understand this, the products for glamplus looks nicer than glam Ultimate products

    • I thought the same. I’m really surprised they chose to inaugurate the Ultimate bag with a bunch of leftovers from past regular and GP+ bags. Surely better spoilers are coming? Because if this is it…. BoxyCharm as nipping at your heels Ipsy.

      • Agree. Looked like leftovers. Easy pass for me.

    • Really? All I saw was everyone complaining about cheap Betty Boop makeup- what comments were YOU reading?

    • Thank you!!!! I don’t feel crazy for thinking that anymore. I legit contacted IpsyCare and told them I don’t want this bag. It seems backwards to me. The things I would want to have full sizes of are deluxe samples and vice versa. I’m thinking that BoxyPremium looks like it’s worth a try.

  36. Nothing exciting for me.

  37. Hmmm… Dont know what exactly I was expecting but not one thing here that looks great to me personally. I guess I’ve gotten spoiled n have way too much quality makeup & skincare already

    • You could cancel and give someone on the waiting list a chance then….win-win, huh?

  38. Oh yeah! They already said all the highest tiered stuff would be in the Ultimate on the regular….

  39. Glad I passed! The only products I would use is the Sunday Riley and that’s just a sample. I’d use the cleanser as well but I have too many cleansers at the moment and need to get through them first😊 Money saved!

  40. Not bad. I just skipped IB Plus, so looking forward to this one.

    • Omg I skipped plus too.Want to try Premium AND then decide if I’ll keep it

  41. Does anyone know when it will be time to customize? Or are we going to do that when we do the add ons every month?

    • September 24th is when you pick a product 😊

    • Customization is supposed to happen starting on the 24th next week, and will be open for (I think) 24 hours or until certain products ‘sell out’. I don’t think they really sell out, but allocate a certain number for choice as last month the Glamglow cleanser sold out for those beta testing Ipsy Choice but it was still available as an add-on on the 2nd.

      • Awesome. Thank you so much!

    • i’ve seen a few people say it will be on the 24th

  42. This is awesome! I’m happy with what I see! 🙂

    • Yes! That’s what I’m talking about.

  43. I think the MG is the Moon Phase Highlighter, looks like it’s pictured in the top picture.

    Not feeling these spoilers. Debating on skipping Ipsy for the whole month.

  44. Not so sure about that. I don’t need another highlighting palette. I boycott Estee Lauder.
    Some of it looks promising. But nothing that makes me super excited.

    • Why boycott este lauder?

      • I’m guessing that person is boycotting Estee Lauder bc they’re NOT a cruelty-free brand, and neither is MAC (MAC is owned Estée Lauder)

        I hope that’s not this teeny-tiny MAC product I’ve gotten from ipsy before, that was smaller than a quarter. It sure looks like IDENTICAL packaging there.😬😳

        • Yup. Both aren’t cruelty free!

  45. The MG compact looks like it might be a Makeup Geek blush or bronzer.

    • Their duo-chrome highlighters have that packaging as well.

    • It is the MG Full Face Compact. It comes in 4 different shade ranges

  46. YES!!! Glossier is rarely in boxes (at least not that I can remember). These are excellent, high-quality items. Glad I jumped in.

    • I was excited to see that, too. I remember getting a small tube of coconut lip balm in my regular Ipsy bag, maybe in the last 2 years or so. It all looks pretty good so far!

  47. I am hoping there are some more variations. I can’t use highlighter without looking like a disco ball. I have given up hope that I would one day master it.

    However, I am excited about the lippies and the serum. I definitely need to start using my eye creams on a daily basis.

  48. Looks like they will be exactly the same with the advertisement picture showing above. So there will be green tea cleanser and bum bum cream!I am happy with the spoilers.

    • Good eye! I think you’re right

  49. OMG!! Some great products there!!! I’m so happy I skipped last month so I could get Ultimate this month! I use that cleanser religiously and the Buxom palette is something I was just eyeing!! Can’t wait Ipsy 🙂

    • Wow these are repeat items that were in glam bag plus… I already received the estee Lauder lispstick, the too faced mascara from boxycharm… the muted and morphe are repeat items the smashbox, sunday riley and huda liquid lipstick as well… I will wait to see 2 or 3 more.boxes before I think about subscribing…

  50. Oh yeah!

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