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British Beauty Box – Should We Review It?

British Beauty Box is a quarterly beauty subscription:

Welcome to the British Beauty Box, the perfect gift to yourself! The British Beauty Box is premium beauty subscription box, inclusive of 5 full-sized luxury skin and hair care products, delivered straight to your door every 3 months.

Our boxes are worth at least double the price of your subscription, so you can get luxury products without the luxury price.

If you sign up now, Summer will be your first box.

Here’s a look at a previous box to see what kind of items you can expect:

  • Ark Skincare De-Stress Serum  – £45.00

The vegan friendly de-stress serum preserves skins optimum vitality whilst diminishing irritation and redness. The intensive, anti-oxidant rich serum protects the skin rom harmful radicals, and reduces the look of fatigue caused by life’s everyday stresses.

  • Bybi Beauty SuperCharge Serum – £32.00

A day and night fix for dry and dull complexions. The supercharge serum works hard to repair and protect the skin, resulting in a bright and even skin tone, reduced signs of damage and redness.

  • Emma Hardie Midas Touch Revitalising Eye Serum – £49.00

Strengthening and tightening, this eye serum smooths fine lines, fades dark circles and diminishes puffiness. The super serum moisturises and soothes and smooth’s the eye area whilst protecting against environmental damage.

  • Beauty Kitchen Seahourse Plankton Skincare Treasures Kit (4 piece kit) – £33.96

Four biologically proven vegan skincare treasures for radiant, glowing skin. The cleansing gel will remove makeup and impurities. The high definition facial oil will plump, perfect and protect skin. Use the moisturiser to hydrate your skin, leaving a radiant glow. The 5-minute miracle mask will renew and rejuvenate your skin.

  • Windle London Ultra Nourishing Masque – £34.00

Gift dry, damaged and colour-treated hair with ultra-softness and glamour. With a combination of super charged amino acids and lipid technologies, this masque will intelligently condition and strengthen your hair.

  • Manuka Doctor ApiRefine Rapid Lift Mask – £29.00

Clinically proven to reduce the appearance of wrinkles in just 10 minutes, this face mask perfectly smooth’s and evens your skin tone after just one application, leaving your skin feeling firmer and appearing plumper.

  • Natruline™ Lip Treatment – £2.99

100% natural, 0% petroleum quick fix for dry lips which is scientifically proven to moisturise and protect lips and keep them soft, beautiful and healthy.


The Box: British Beauty Box

The Cost: $65 per box

You have the option of paying $33 per month, $65 per quarter, or $230 annually

The Products: “5 full-sized luxury skin and hair care products”

What do you think of this box? Would you like to see it reviewed? 

Written by MSA


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Comments (70)

  1. Did you know you can get freebies when you sign up to British Beauty Box?
    Use code: FREEGIFT at the checkout of ANY subscription you like, and get a FREE Bybi Beauty Supercharge Serum worth £32.00!

  2. Wow, just checked my shipping conf…it got sent 2 days ago by Fedex UK and is due t arrive to me today!!! How can that be????!!!!!

    I can’t get Allure and Ipsy in less than a week!!! LOL

    Can’t wait to see the first Box plus the free box!!!

    • They were using an importer but this time it shipped directly. It’s quick shipping and I love their curation.

  3. Review it!!!

  4. Really MSA why would you need to ask us after all the requests you have already received? I suppose this must be protocol but we are screaming for this box to be reviewed.

    • Because when she used to not ask people cried about not having any say. Not everyone wants to see this box.

      • I just don’t open the reviews that don’t interest me.

  5. Has anyone ever thought about the lack of perfumes in sub boxes which feature items such as cosmetics and skin care? While I realize there are some people who are allergic to perfumes or some perfume ingredients, there are many of us who would love to try a new fragrance at a discount.

    I also know there are people like me who will never use a mechanical face scrub on delicate mature skin, or others who despise nail polish or hair care items, or have a special need or quality which makes a lot of products not great.. but in general, one of the large profit areas in the department stores and beauty specialty stores like Sephora world wide are the Fragrance departments.

    Here’s the thing: The better perfume houses rarely discount their products. Thus, sub boxes won’t make a huge profit on a scented item unless it’s undergoing a bottle redesign or other packaging or name change.

    I still think the Rose et Marius orange blossom fragrance received in a Luxor Box about 4 years ago was a SUPER inclusion, back when the box itself was SUPER special most of the time.

    • There are specific subs for perfumes only.

      • Yes, there are subs for fragrances only. I’ve known this for years but have 2 reasons not to subscribe to any of them. 🙂
        Each one of those subscriptions re-bottles the original fragrances, and the selections are limited. None carry the brands I buy.

    • They don’t have a perfume sub per se, but Luckyscent does have monthly curated sample bundles. They also offer samples of pretty much every one of the hundreds of fragrances they sell. It’s a more DIY way of going about it, but worth the effort.

  6. Please review it ONE TIME, then let us make up our minds whether we will buy or skip over this.

    While I love French brands of skincare and haircare products, I do not consider the UK to have brands which are nicer than high quality brands of US products.

    This also looks random to me, and I wonder if it has almost expired products? There was another British box a couple of years ago or so and it was such a mess that I would not commit to more than one of this box to try out.

    I would NOT purchase the box shown. Again, randomness and brands which are not promoted anywhere outside the UK as far as I have seen. Every country has drugstore brands specific to that country, or department special products branded for them, and the retail price is rarely the price the in-country customer pays, IMO.

    • 🙄
      Emma Hardie. Inkey list & Ark aren’t what I’d call drugstore brands. There’s some Indie brands included in the new box and some repeats. It sounds like you’re not a fan of Brit brands and that’s ok, but many people enjoy this sub and the brands included.

  7. I can easily buy all these things if I want them so for me personally it’s a no thanks.

  8. Yes please! I recently sent an email requesting this review too.

  9. This looks fantastic! Please review it.

  10. For me, I think it is too expensive. I get that these are quality products from the UK, but I can’t afford it, lol. I wouldn’t mind reading reviews about it though. And so many people have asked for it on here, I hope it happens for them.

  11. It’s a great quarterly box, I’m so excited for fall box. The price is $65 a quarter, or they offer a monthly option for those that prefer to pay a little here and there. After fall I plan to change to an annual subscription. This is the only quarterly box I’m still getting.

  12. Yes, please review!

  13. This looks like a great box. Please review it.

  14. Yes !!! Yes ! Yes!!!!! Please review!

    • I have searched social media for the deal you mentioned (getting the winter box free with purchase), but cannot find it. Do you have a code? Thanks for letting us know.

        Hope it works for you!

      • Wow, that’s a great deal, thanks 🙂

      • Thank you!

  15. Some posters are saying no to MSA reviewing it due to the price tag. To clear things up: it is $65 per quarter including free shipping from UK (not cheap), cheaper if paid annually, or three monthly payments of $33. The price of the sub. reflects the quality and high value of the products. If we were to pay say $35 per quarter would we really expect to receive skincare of a superior quality? As they “You get what you pay for”.

    • not to mention their buy one get one free deals they’ve offered in the past(basically got the boxes for 30 bucks each + free shipping, for a box from the uk that weighs over 4 pounds, hard to believe some ppl wouldn’t at least want a review. To each their own I guess🤷🏽‍♀️ Customer service is amazing, they even gave me my first box for 33 bucks. They deserve their box reviewed imho:)

    • In fact that bogo may still be available, you get 2 boxes for 65, check their social media 🤗

      • Yes. Sorry it’s a buy one box get the winter box free…I meant to reply to callmeinge, but her comment disappeared, 🤔 I wonder if it’s because it contained a coupon code… a few months ago my comment was taken down which included a 3rd party code…I could be wrong though.

      • I tried the code, it appeared to be accepted but nothing shows up, like free box or BOGOF etc…do you think that it still worked? TIA

      • I think nothing showed up when I used a code, but I still received the free item. You could always contact them to make sure if you feel unsure, they have great customer service, sometimes a little slow, but very helpful.

      • Jackie’s correct, just send in an email or contact them through social media to verify after purchase, they will let you know it worked.(at least that’s what happened to me)

      • Just heard back from their CS, yes that was quick!! (Great start!!) and they confirmed my promo code did work (thanks to who posted ) and that i would i be receiving the Winter box and the Birthday box????? Ohhh, can’t wait!!!

      • Glad to hear they confirmed🙂 Can’t get over how great customer service is and I’m dying to know what is in that birthday box!

      • The unboxing video of the Birthday Box is in their instagram stories right now

      • @kate, I don’t have Instagram, is there another way to view it?? So anxious to see!

      • I saw a quick sneak peek on their Twitter and unfortunately this b-day box might not be one of my favorites:/ there is a lip crayon, which they’ve never put in any of their prior boxes, it’s been only full size skincare(which is why I love this box), I was also hoping for new brands being this is supposed to be a special box..ohh well hoping I fall in love with it once I receive it🤞🏼

    • It’s not a secret that cosmetics industry has one of the highest margins of all. One CAN get quality inexpensive skincare. I refuse to be fooled by $500 price tag on a cream. I can read the ingredients and know the basics of dermatology. La Mer and La Prarie are out there not to reverse or even slow down the aging process – nothing can do that. If people want to pay more – more power to them. I don’t. Not for skincare and especially not for hair care.

      • I would be interested in having this box reviewed. I am very happy with the UK products I get with my Look Fantastic subscription. I am also lucky enough to be in London once year & able to stock up on favorite products. That said I am always into reading about anything British beauty.

      • I don’t doubt that a $500 cream isn’t made of $500 ingredients. Companies spend more on packaging and advertisement than on the half ounce of goop in the beautifully carved glass bottle. No one is getting fooled. But, look, if someone can afford it, and it makes them happy, who cares? Some people spend $300 on an elegant meal. Some people spend $1000 on a pair of red soled heels. To each their own. Live and let live.

      • I agree with you Del, I spend a long time each day on my skincare regimen and fancy packaging helps me enjoy it. It’s a twice daily ritual and I want it to be a pleasant, enjoyable self care time. On the contrary I spend little time on make up as skincare removes the need for this. At 63 my skin is in the best shape ever, so why not indulge and invest in fancy products?

    • Please review this!

  16. Yes

  17. YES!!! I love my British Beauty Boxes. The 2 aux have gotten were very well curated with high quality items at a steal of a price.

  18. Yes please! Looks like a nice beauty box, will diffinitely read the reviews on this. I love skin cares.
    Actually got to try the inkey list brand tru influenster and it was fab and enjoyed them.

  19. At last (a sigh of relief)! I have been requesting the BBB to be reviewed numerous times as have others. The value is truly there with high end, full size skincare products. Along with Laurel & Reed I am able to use all of the items. The box is sturdy and is a delight to unbox. I believe skincare connoisseurs will appreciate the quality. It is different from other subs. as we don’t get items that are commonly included and repeated in American subs. or even in UK based Look Fantastic. CS is excellent, no standard emails but actual personal replies to my questions, and even faster on Facebook. It is a carefully thought out subscription, not just a bunch of stuff thrown in. If you like the Laurel & Reed experience you will definitely love this box!

  20. I would love to see it reviewed although one issue I personally had with Look Fantastic was some of the items I sampled and loved were not available for purchase in the states. I wonder if I’d have the same issue!

  21. Yes please!

  22. I have seen people asking for this to be reviewed here, so yes!

  23. Their winter box is on sale, without subscription, at their site for $52 and shipping!

  24. I wouldn’t mind trying … I don’t know much about some of the brands other than EH.

  25. Yes, I am fixing to cancel FFF bc of the ‘junk’ they are now sending. Would love to see what this box has to offer.

  26. Please review.

  27. Yes!! I really like this box and have received Fall and Winter.

  28. Yes, please review! I’m sure there are quite a few ladies (myself included 😉 ) that will be thrilled to see MSA finally mention this box as it’s been mentioned many times by many commenters in other posts to please review this box. 🙂

    Also, as others have stated, the pricing listed above is not correct (although I wish it was as that would be an awesome deal!). Their plans are:

    $99/box – if paid monthly at $33/month
    $65/box – if paid quarterly
    $57.50/box – if paid annually

    There are some 10% off codes from bloggers floating around, and I can’t remember which one I used, but one that was posted a while ago is THEWRINKLEPHOBIC. I just tested it, and it’s still working. 🙂

    • Yes Luna, when I checked MSA and saw this my heart skipped a beat, finally MSA has listened to us!

      • I think mine did too, and I couldn’t help but scream FINALLY! in my head. lol!!! Tbh, I’m surprised that MSA didn’t just start reviewing it right away without asking like they’ve done with other beauty boxes since it’s been mention a ton of times in other posts. 🙂

  29. It’s a No from me just because how expensive it is. According to other posts it’s actually $99 per box. Too much for me

    • If you pay quarterly it is $65, annually it is even cheaper. This is my favorite skincare box and I use every item. This is shipped free from UK and because of the weight this must cost them a bit. I’m English and love it!

  30. Definitely! I’m usually not into skin care boxes but this one looks really interesting.

  31. The cost is NOT $33/box. It’s $33/MONTH with a box shipping every 3 months.
    Please correct the price as it is $99/box with monthly payments or $57.50/box with annual payments.

    And no thanks on reviewing.

    • Agreed. I thought $33 is not so bad, but $100 is definitely not for me. Don’t care for a review.

      • Hi Emilia, it $65 per quarter, cheaper if paid annually. The $33 is if you pay for the quarterly box and pay monthly.

    • I know a lot of people have been suggesting that this be reviewed in comments on other threads, so yes.

  32. Please do, I’ve been eyeing this one for awhile now, trying to decide if I want to give it a try. 🙂

  33. Yes, it looks awesome, and they do ship to the US for free!

  34. It’s actually NOT 33 dollars per box though. It is 33 per month, or 99 per box. Or you can do quarterly for 65.

  35. Yes, please!

  36. YES!! 🙂

  37. Yes! That looks interesting and affordable.

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