BoxyLuxe September 2019 FULL SPOILERS!

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We have full spoilers for one of the September 2019 BoxyLuxe box versions!

One version will include:

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And in case you missed it, the September 2019 BoxyLuxe includes:

STILA Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Rubino, Angelo, or Patina Shimmer

In case you missed the previous spoilers:

IGK Hair Mistress Hydrating Balm

Violet Voss Essentials Eyeshadow Palette


Tarte Clay Play Face Shaping Palette

Sutra Beauty 32mm Clipless Curling Iron OR MODA Makeup Brushes 8pc Brush Kit

Spongelle Mani Pedi Treatment and Clean Skin Water Bottle Infuser


Tarte Park Ave Princess Chisel Palette


Too Faced Natural Face Palette

Sunday Riley Tidal Brightening Enzyme Water Cream


Glow Recipe Pineapple-C Bright Serum

What do you think of the spoilers? Which items do you want?

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, the regular Boxycharm box is $21 a month. BoxyLuxe is a once-a-quarter upgrade option you can add to your existing $21-a-month Boxycharm subscription. So for an additional $28.99, you’ll get the Luxe items, and be paying a total of $49.99 for that quarterly box. 

Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Anybody have a clue what variation is with the weight 3.485 lbs?

    • How can you figure out which box you’re getting? Is it possible to go by the weight? Or something else? I’m desperately wanting the curling iron and natural pallette and pineapple serum and would love to get the hair treatment. I also am a huge stills lip fan but they always send me some crazy color do not expecting much from that… My box says it weighs just under 5 pounds?? I can get the exact weight if need be. It was 4.?? Pounds

      • I think your variation will include the water bottle and curling iron. I read some of the comments below that was close to that weight. I wouldn’t take my word for it though.

      • I looked on the Fedex website on the computer (it wouldn’t show me weight or dimension on the app) and then went to the Boxycharm FB group to see the thread where everyone was listing the weight and dimention and what they were getting. It gave me a pretty accurate idea of what I got.

    • My variation # was 5L. My box weighed 3.4 and was showing 14x7x6 on Fed Ex website.
      I got:
      Sutra Curling Iron
      Sunday Riley Tidal water cream
      Dr. Brandt Recovery sleeping mask
      IGK Mistress hair balm
      Stila liquid lipstick in Patina Shimmer
      Hank & Henry eye liner in Blickity Black
      VV Essentials
      Tarte Park Ave Princess

      • This is my box except I got the watermelon serum NOT knowing the SR tidal cream was an option. Had I known the SR tidal cream was an option I’d have chosen that instead. BC can’t call something customization if they only give you two items out of actually 3 items to choose from. That’s NOT customization in my opinion! If there are 3 products to choose from SHOW ME ALL THREE, not two of the three to trick me! You can’t make people happy by being shady. If there are only two options fine BUT knowing now that there were 3 is super annoying.

        • Yes! Exactly this Carla! This is what I have been trying to say, but with the Park Ave/water bottle/too faced! We only were shown two to customize from and I chose PAP even though I had it before because I didn’t want the water bottle, I want makeup!
          So misleading and yes, shady!! I would have picked the Too Faced if they would have shown it!
          So now this this new choice we are being given between the Iconic and the TIS, is there a 3rd option they are leaving out???
          I can’t trust them now.
          Disclose all the products, Boxycharm!

          • I wanted the water bottle well i choose the water bottle but instead received the tarte pallet.

    • Mine was 3.4 and 12x9x5 in. I received:
      Sutra Curling Iron
      Sunday Riley Tidal water cream
      Dr. Brandt Recovery sleeping mask
      IGK Mistress hair balm
      Stila liquid lipstick in Rubino
      Hank & Henry eye liner in Blickity Black
      VV Essentials
      Tarte Park Ave Princess

    • I just want to let people know what is in my 3.6 lb box. Clay play face palette
      Cleanskin water bottle w spongelike pedi/mani
      Pineapple serum
      Moda brushes
      Plus all the items everyone gets. Happens to be everything I asked for! So they got it right!

    • I am willing to trade with someone who wants the curling iron (it’s still in plastic) for an unused Too Faced palette, Tarte palette, or Moda brush set.

      • I want to trade! I have the moda brush set

        • That would be great. I want those brushes so bad.

  2. I have the peach nude Stila lipstick, does anyone want to trade and I want to trade my tarte chisel palette, does anyone want to trade that for the too face

    • If I get a different color, I will trade.

    • What was your box weight and dimensions, what all did you get? I’m trying to find someone who has the same as me (3.5 14x6x6)

      • My variation # was 5L. My box weighed 3.4 and was showing 14x7x6 on Fed Ex website.
        I got:
        Sutra Curling Iron
        Sunday Riley Tidal water cream
        Dr. Brandt Recovery sleeping mask
        IGK Mistress hair balm
        Stila liquid lipstick in Patina Shimmer
        Hank & Henry eye liner in Blickity Black
        VV Essentials
        Tarte Park Ave Princess

    • I would like both if I don’t get them!! I didn’t get email spoiler so I’m waiting in my box

    • I’ll trade you yoir Stila for patina the pinky shade

    • I will trade if I get the too faced pallette. I’m just not sure how to go about trading I new to this. The trading part. I been getting boxy for over a year now.

    • Yes I’m willing to trade with you

    • I would like to trade my curling iron. I never opened it. It’s still in the plastic.

      • If I don’t get the curling iron, I will trade you.

        • Great. I want a palette (not the V.V. though). In particular, the Too Faced palette.

          • My box arrives 9/30. I will let you know what I have.

  3. I got the same box, but I got the shade Angelo in the lippie. Very happy with my box! The VV palette is much prettier in person than the pictures! My bottle of glow recipe has a couple scratches which is a little annoying, but not that big of a deal. I can’t wait to use the hair balm and curling iron. I’m not one to curl or wave my hair too often, so I don’t mind not having the highest price point or greatest tool to use.

  4. Has anyone gotten a box that weighs 4.1? I’m getting a sinking feeling that I’m getting the water bottle.

    • My box is 3.9! Am I getting the water bottle? Probably. 🙄

      • I would love to switch. I got the curling iron. Haven’t curled any hair on my head in 15 years.

        I got the Pineapple serum. Really wanted the water cream. Only happy about the lippie which is red

    • How are you finding out how much your box weighs? I checked my email, FedEx tracking and the boxy websites and no info on the weight of the package.

      • It’s on the FedEx site when you click on your tracking number through the email. If you are on a phone, in the settings, change it to “desktop site” and you should be able to see it.

      • You have to scroll and change the
        Travel history to
        Shipment facts

    • Mine weighed 4.1 and I did not get the water bottle.

      Curling wand
      Park Avenue Princess
      Sunday Riley
      Stila-Patina Shimmer
      IGK hair
      Dr. Brandt
      Hank & Henry
      Violet Voss

      Pretty darn happy!

      • There have been several people receive this variation and their weight was 3.45 lbs. I am hoping I get this variation, because I don’t want that water bottle combo!

        • People getting their box from Ontrac have noticed that their tracking says 4oz and up but when they got it the box said a much lighter weight. So i think Ontrac has been rounding up the weight. Ive noticed it alot.

        • Also mine is 3.4 and I have seen people with the weight as mine and 3.45 with the Sunday Riley, Curling wand, Tarte park avenue, etc. Hope that makes you feel a little better about getting the variations you want.

          • I got the same variation 5L. For once I got the exact variation that I wanted. I am very happy too!!! 😊

        • I got the parkave princess tarte chisel palette and really wanted the Too Faced, does anyone want to trade?

          • I received the Too Faced and I wanted the chisel- I will trade!

      • This is the variation that I also received and I am thrilled!!!

      • Really? I thought this variation weighed a lot less. Your shipping info showed 4.1? Maybe there is Hope yet.

      • Booger. Mine is 4.1 also. I already have the park ave princess from the first luxe, I do use it though so I guess I’ll have a backup

        • I just got my Boxyluxe today and I got the park avenue princess palette again, I already have one from the first Boxyluxe. I am somewhat disappointed because I thought boxy was never supposed to send us the same product twice.

          • I received the park avenue princess Pallete again as well. I’m super bummed because I was so looking forward to the two face or tart palette 😐 I’ve debating on canceling Boxycharm just to cut back so perhaps it’s time I spread my wings n fly away…. lol

      • Hi, Cris! Can you tell me the dimensions of your box? Thanks!

      • Received my box today and I am pleased with the contents! I had a debacle with the boxycharm email, and wasn’t able to make my preference selections. FedEx said the weight was 3 lbs, and I received variation 14L. The only thing that doesn’t work for me is the nude Stila lip. I received:

        VV Palette
        Dr Brant
        Moda Brushes
        Too Faced Palette
        IGK Mistress
        Sunday Riley
        Hank & Henry

        I have very short hair, so I would not be able to use the curling iron. I have also already received the Park Avenue Princess and don’t need another one. Very happy with the combination I received!

        • You’re super lucky seems like you got what most people wanted. Def what I wanted that’s for sure. I know I’m getting the brushes and glow recipe but I definitely wanted the too faced palette. I have the park ave but I did hit pan on the lightest shade bronzer and both highlighters so I won’t be too upset if that’s what I get bc its really beautiful. Just waiting for my mail lady now 📫📦😳

      • hrm… my box says 4 lbs exactly. Wonder if they’re rounding up or down? aieeee.

    • My box weighed exactly 4 lbs and was 16x6x3 in. I got the curling wand, the water bottle and spongelles, the tarte face shaping palette, the Sunday Riley Tidal water cream, the H&H eyeliner, the stila liquid lip in patina shimmer, the IGK hair balm, and the Dr Brandt sleeping mask.

    • Yes!!! My box was 4.1 lb and I got
      water bottle & spongelle
      Curling iron
      Tarte clay play palette (already being swapped for the VV!)
      Hank & Henry
      Igk hair balm
      Dr Brandt
      STILA LIPPY IN patina (hate this color)
      Sunday riley

  5. I just got my box…Moda brushes, pineapple serum, park avenue princess, VV pallet, HH eyeliner, red stila lippy + general items. Overall, pretty happy with this variation…would have liked the Too Faced pallet and I don’t wear eyeshadow, but the brushes are so high quality, even though I don’t need them they are better than the curling iron (I have a GHD that I love). This is my first boxyluxe and only my second boxy overall so I am not sure I will stay with it. BTW – the IGK smells AMAZING!!!!!

    • I was psyched for that IGK and I’m a hairstylist with access to a lot of different products. I got a really little one in my Sephora Play a while back before I canceled that subscription (thanks to Boxycharm ) Lol . That stuff does smell amazing, unlike the Aveda that I just got in my FFF

    • I loved my box for the most part. Was the hair balm sealed cause mine wasn’t. Also not sure if I will keep as I have oily hair

      • The IGK hair balm was not sealed. You should give it a try, as it’s really, really light and not at all oily. It makes my hair feel amazing! Try it on the just the ends to see what you think.

  6. My box is 3.4 which i havent seen any with this weight yet 😩 im hoping for Sunday Riley, curling wand, VV palette and Tarte park ave palette. Anyone wanting the brushes if i get it would love to trade for the wand and Will trade for the VV palette. Also really dont want the water bottle but doubt i will be able to trade to anyone.

    • My box is supposed to be 3.25 pounds… Does anyone know which variation it could be? I’m so anxious. Lol.

      • Variation 7 I think. I just watched a YouTube video of a girl whose box was that weight. Mine is supposed to be 3.7lbs. Do you know what variation that one is?

      • Mine says the same weight… I hope someone responds??

    • I want the brushes – but dont have my box yet – i’ll try to remember where i found this so i can come back if I get the curler .. this box doesnt look as impressive IMO to the last one – this is my 2nd one – torn on whether or not to give it 1 more shot … seems like ‘december- chrismas’ may be a good time to have a good one? I dunno… crossing fingers..

      • I agree with you on that. Not as good as ones ive seen in the past. This is my first boxyluxe and last for both. I never get good variations so im canceling. I signed up for the Ipsy ultimate. Super looking forward to that. If you do get the Wand just shoot me an email. Lovelypanic at gmail if that makes sense 😂 wasnt sure how to write it.

      • I’m very happy with my box this month. Usually with subs there’s one or two (or more) items I will never use. This time I got everything I wanted:

        – Sutra curling iron
        – Cleanskin water bottle infuser and Spongelle mani pedi set (the palettes looked too light and not appealing)
        – Sunday Riley Tidal
        – Stila lippie in Patina Shimmer, miraculously doesn’t look too light for me
        – Tarte Clay Play Face Shaping Palette (originally wanted the Violet Voss for the colors, but this is better for every day).

        I’m in love 😊

        • Do you know what the weight of your box was?

    • Mine is 3.4 lbs too! I haven’t seen anyone with this weight say what they received yet. The suspense is killing me!

      • Ok so i found one on reddit. With the same weight and box size. It had the VV palette. The Tarte park ave palette. Sunday Riley, the Curling wand, Hank and Henry liner, the hair balm, Dr.Brandt mask and the Stila liquid lip. Which is my ideal box. Someone in the comments said they had the same weight but with the pineapple serum. It gave me hope lol i hope this helps.

        • I got my box yesterday! I received variation &L, which includes the curling wand, the Tarte Park Ave Princess, the VV palette, Hank and Henry liner, hair balm, Dr. Brandt, Pineapple serum and Stila lippie in the red. I can’t use the wand and the red isn’t my shade but otherwise I’m happy. The VV palette is a bit bright for me but one of the reasons I subbed to Boxy was to push myself to try new things.

        • I got the tarte face play palette which I already have does anyone want to trade for the Too Faced Natural palette?

    • I have same weight and I just want violet Voss and Sunday riley and brushes….the rest I dont care, but I dont think anyone has gotten all those things in their box

      • Yea i found someone on Reddit with the same weight and dimensions as mine and they got the VV palette, Sunday Riley, Curling wand, tarte park avenue palette, hank and henry liner, IGK hair balm, Dr.brant, and Stila liquid lip. So im super excited to get it tomorrow.

      • I got all three of those and didn’t want two of them lol…I wish they would actually read our preferences

        • I 100% agree. What’s the point of doing preferences if they don’t even go by them!

    • I got the VV pallet and willing to trade for too faced pallet. Also can’t use the hair balm cause I have oily hair. Thanks

  7. I just received my box and it had the Park Avenue Princess which was in the very first BoxyLuxe box. I’m excited that I got Sunday Riley’s Tidal and the curling iron, but to get the same item in two different boxes is a little annoying.

  8. My box weight says 3lbs, I wonder if that’s correct or just estimated. I also didn’t receive an email to select. I wonder if they “randomly” pick/choose who to send them to.
    I’ve subbed to boxycharm since 2015 and I’ve gotten emails about product choices/ sneak peek maybe 2-3 times…lol
    Not sure what I’m getting, out of all the palette options the only one I don’t own is Violet Voss.
    I wasn’t excited about the water bottle until someone mentioned it was a diffuser …now I’m kinda hoping for it.
    Anyone else received a 3lb box?

    • I did. What were your dimensions for boxyluxe ?

      • HI! Can you list what items you got. I have a 2.9lbs box with dimensions 10x6x5 in. on the way and would love any idea of what to expect.
        Thanks in advance.

  9. Idk if this post will post right away but for the people wanting “the box” its open right now and won’t be for long. Last time it was full within the first hour.

    • I signed up to try it out. I’m not sure I’ll keep it but I love that the owner has paired up with a nonprofit to send help their way. If nothing else, it’s a tiny win in philanthropy. I hope that MSA reviews it soon!!

    • What’s “the box”?!

  10. My box weighed 4.08 lbs.

    I got the curling item, water bottle, spongelle, Tarte Clay Play, the Hair balm, Sunday Riley, Stilla lipstick in a color not mentioned above (can’t recall the name and it is in the other room), the H&H eyeliner.

    I am ok with it, I guess. The water bottle is made for giant hands, it is going to be hard to hold once it is filled and the cap was not on correctly so I hope it doesn’t leak. They should have put a handle on it.

    • I got the Dr. Brandt too, I forgot to mention that.

      • Mine is 4.08 lbs i hope it’s the same as yours!

        • That is the exact description of my box weight and dimensions. It arrived today and it is the L7 variation. The box is more of a 12x8x5. I received the Pineapple serum, H&H liner, curling iron, Patina Stila, Violet Voss, Tarte Princess Face Pallet, Dr. Brandt sleep mask. IKG hair mask. I thought with the dimensions of the box I was going to get the brushes. I was really disappointed. I have short hair, don’t use highlighter and the lip color is too dark for my fair skin. I hope you get a better box.

    • My box was 2.9 oz and was 8L. I got the VV palette, Dr Brandt Sleeping mask, H&H eyeliner, Stila lipstick in the dark red, tarte park ave princess palette, glow recipe pineapple serum, moda brushes and the hair balm. Hope this helps!

      • What variation is your box, I really want this exactly!! This will be my first Luxe

      • Box twins….I got this exactly!

      • what were the dimensions to your box?

      • Ooo, my weight is 2.95 so I wonder if my box will be the same. This is almost all the variations I wanted. Fingers crossed!

      • Late to the party here but was anyone’s box 16”x12”x1”? Is FedEx just wrong?
        1” seems like nothing would fit in there.
        It says it’s 3lbs and will be here the 28th.

    • My box is coming and weighs 4.08 pounds too! Yes, I love this box. My choices were the sunday riley and curling wand. I just am not happy about that palette. Hopefully I get a better one.

  11. Anyone getting a box that weighs 3.9 lbs? I’m terrified that I’m going to get the brown Tarte eye palette, the water bottle and the Spongelle foot sponge. I can’t use anything by Spongelle, due to the heavy fragrance, I don’t wear neutral eyeshadows and I saw a water bottle just like that one for $5 at Marshall’s.

    I didn’t get the survey in August. I received one in July. I received the Park Avenue Princess palette in the first luxe box, so the only option was the water bottle/sponge. Violet Voss and Too Faced weren’t even options then. Those are the two palettes that I actually want, but they weren’t included in the survey in July.

    • I am got that same weight and ended up with that water bottle and the Tarte Clay Play palette, curling iron, Spongelle, eyeliner, sleeping mask, pineapple serum and hair bal/

      This is my final Boxyluxe. I just don’t see the value and there are too many variations.

      • Omg I knew it! My box is 3.9 I had a horrible feeling it would be that clay palette im also cancelling if that’s the case I always get the box I don’t want.

  12. I got my shipping email today. My box weighs 3.9 lbs. Does anyone have any idea what can be in it?

    • Mine is the same weight. I’m terrified to type this, but I think it’s the Tarte neutral eyeshadow, the curling iron, water bottle and sponge.

  13. My box just arrived, I got the curling iron and I didn’t want that, I also received the VV palette and I didn’t want that either. I got the stila in Rubino. I really really wanted the micro blade brow pen.

    • What is the micro blade pen? I don’t see that in the spoilers/

    • Hey I’m still waiting on my luxe box and I wanted the curling iron and vv palette. If I get the brushes and a different palette, I’m totally down to swap with you !

      • Yes please let me know, I will be down to swap.

        • I just got my shipping notification! So fingers crossed lol, how do want to exchange contact info ?

      • My box weighs 3.4 lbs. I wanted the brushes and the pineapple serum . If i get the wand or curling iron i’d trade with anyone interested.

  14. Anyone want to do some swapping?

    I think I have the brushes coming in and wanted the iron.

    I also think I have VV coming in, and I wanted the clay play.

    I also am hoping for Angelo in the Stila so if I get one of the other two shades I will swap for an unswatched Angelo.

    I will also swap the pineapple to get the Sunday Riley if I get the pineapple. I also will swap the park avenue for the water bottle and

    I also am looking for the micro blade brow from the regular box.

    • I’m pretty positive I’m getting the curling wand and would definitely trade you for the brushes.

      My box is 3.2lbs, which some are saying has the curling iron.

      • Awesome! Just keep me updated!

    • I want the VV so if I get the Clay Play I will be happy to trade.

      • Awesome! Just keep me updated!

        • Hey girl I will trade with u too when mine comes in

          • Awesome! Thank you!

      • Did you get the clay play?

    • If I get the Sunday Riley I will trade you for the pineapple serum definitely. I’m on the trade here.

      • Awesome! A couple years ago I know I was. I’ll look back into it and make sure I’m still in the swapping option on this site. Keep me updated if you want to swap!

      • I don’t know how to find you! I’m on the swap site too! I have my glow recipe posted to swap.

    • I’m pretty sure I’m getting the curling wand and I really wanted the brushes. Mine is coming in the 14th if you want to trade. I can’t use the curling wand, I have a hair condition that makes my hair break if I use heat.

      • Yep! I’d love to trade.

        • I got a message today saying my box was delayed for between 24 and 48 hours. If you still want to trade when it comes in I’d love to. I will let you know as soon as I get it.

        • Hey. I did end up getting my box today after all. If you still want to trade I’d love to. I’m not sure how to do it, this is my first time trading. Thanks!

  15. Does anyone know what is in the variation at 2.7lbs?

    • I have the same weight for my box. I hope I get the moda brushes and a palette vs the water bottle. (Fingers crossed)

    • I have this 2.7lb box coming. I’m curious to see what is in it. It is supposed to arrive tomorrow. Will update!

      • That’s what mine is too. So curious.

      • Yes please let us know what you get. That’s the same box I’m getting and haven’t seen anyone else that’s actually gotten their box yet. I’m very curious to know. 🙂

        • Hey I know it’s late but I have the same weight box
          1. VV palette
          2. Tarte park ave palette
          3. Hair Balm
          4. Hank and Henry liner
          5. Pineapple Serum
          6. Moda Brushes
          7. Dr Brant mask
          8. Stila Lillie in angelo

          But I got an email yesterday from boxy apologizing for not giving me my preference item which was the curling iron. They said they would send in my next box !! I didn’t even email them saying anything since I was cool with the brushes but hey I will take it !!

    • My box came in and I have the Moda brushes, pineapple serum, VV palette, tarte princess ave, lippie In Angelo, HH eyeliner, dr Brandt and hair balm. Not sure I want to keep VV. Was hoping to get too face pallet. Also I have oily hair so I really don’t need hair balm. Very thrilled I got the brushes though

      • Yours was 2.7 lbs?

    • Got my 2.7lb box Moda brushes – igk mistress- vilot Voss- park ave princess- dr brant- pineapple serum-hank and Henry eyeliner-Stila lip in angelo

      • Ok, that must be what mine will be. Ugh. Won’t use the park ave, won’t use hair balm. Didn’t get the option to pick an item and I’m still pretty mad about that.

  16. For those wanting to see an item they got: Try putting your tracking number into Under my description I can see I got the water bottle. It literally says: Description CLEAN SKIN Water Bottle. Lol.

    • That website doesn’t show you anything that’s in your box. 🤔

      • I wouldn’t put your tracking number in anywhere! Your basically handing over your name and address!!

    • I didnt see any description 🙁

      • Just got my shipping notice and I have a 3.6 lb box on the way. The reference # is G17106319.

        I chose the water bottle/spongelle and the pineapple serum and I **think** the brushes.

        I REALLY want the VV palette so am up to swap for that if I get ANY other palette. I’m not a neutrals kinda gal so the Tarte ones arent for me nor do I highlight or contour. lol

        I have my swap link in my name link. 🙂

      • I wouldn’t put your tracking number in anywhere! Your basically handing over your name and address!!

  17. Does anyone know what items might be in my box? Shipping weight is 4.08 lbs.

    • My box is 3.9 lbs. I have this awful feeling that we are getting the Tarte brown eyeshadow palette, the water bottle and the sponge.

      • I do not want that tarte palette! But I actually would LOVE the water bottle. I like that its different and I like variety and I would use that a lot.

    • My shipment information says 2.7 lbs. I hope I’m not missing anything.

      • My box is also 2.7lbs. Have you received it yet?

  18. My box is on the way I chose the brushes over the curling iron in last months email. I do not want to curling iron. If I get the curling iron I’ll be down to trade for the brushes.

    • If I get the brushes I would love the curling iron!

      • Okay I will keep you posted!

      • Hey I ended up getting the curling iron. Have you recieved your box yet.

        • No I haven’t yet! But it looks about 100 percent sure I’m getting the brushes. I’m a 2.75 lb box and that’s all I’ve seen for that box.

    • I have brushes wanted curling iron

      • I got the curling iron and im down to trade.

  19. Variation 7L weighs 3.2 lbs. I know because that’s the weight of my box and all of the 3.2 pound unboxings I have seen so far tells me it’s 7L,that means I won’t be receiving the moda brushes that I chose. I chose the moda brushes over the curling wand because I have alopecia,very thin hair that a curling wand would be useless to me. I’m super sad this month 😢

    • I have alopecia, too. My box weighs 3.45 lbs and I wonder if I got the water bottle?

      • Mine weighs 3.45lbs and I chose the curling iron. I will be upset if I get the water bottle.

        • Mine weighs 3.45 too. Now I’m curious!

          • I tried to find an unboxing on YouTube with that weight and I couldn’t. I’m really wanting to know. This is my bday month, so I really hope it’s a good box.

          • I’m right there with you. Mine was on the 1st. Happy Birthday Month! <3

          • Same! Mine was on the 3rd!

          • My sister’s box was 3.45. She received the curling iron, park Ave princess and VV palette ND Sunday Riley skincare.

          • What shade Stila did your sister get, Ckbiscuit?

          • @Ashley she got the dark red Stila lippie

          • @ckbiscuit I would love that box! Someone also just posted the same items, but their box weighed 4.1 🤷‍♀️. I just hope I don’t get the water bottle variation!

        • Box weight 3.25…. Hopfully I will recieve the curling Iron and Glow Recipe. Fingers crossed.. 😅🤞

          • Ladies, did you see this unboxing on YouTube? Her box was 3.5 pounds and she received the wand, tidal, park princess and VV palette and the other items that everyone gets. Hope this helps!

            My box is on its way and weighs 3.4 lbs. hoping for the wand, tidal, VV palette. Anyone who didn’t get the park princess palette back when they first gave it out, will receive it in this box plus one of the others.

        • Did you receive your box yet? Mine also weighs 3.45

    • If I get the brushes I will trade you for the wand. My box is expected to arrive 9/11/19

      • Thank you, Amanda! Mine has shipped but is not showing an expected delivery date yet. It usually ships FedEx, but this time it says it’s shipping through 3 different carriers, including DHL, so I will probably have it next month 😂😂😂

    • Mine is 3.2 but I haven’t found anything about that variation yet, does it include the Violet Voss palette?

      • From everything I have seen yes it does.

  20. If I get brushes I’d be down to trade!

  21. If I decide to sub for boxyluxe now, will I get the boxyluxe now or will I have to wait till December?

    • There is a waitlist already from what i read. So you probably wouldnt get one till December but it always worth emailing them and seeing.

  22. Lol me too. I was thinking the same 😂

    • My box just arrived, I got the curling iron and I didn’t want that, I also received the VV palette and I didn’t want that either. I got the stila in Rubino. I really really wanted the micro blade brow pen.

      • The micro brow is only in the regular box.

  23. I wonder if they are even taking what we picked in the emails we got about choosing into consideration bc I definitely picked the glow recipe and moda brushes. Hopefully I don’t get the curling iron bc I already have one like that. Also, when I got the Sunday Riley (the orange one) from ipsy it blew my mind how fast I went through it. Especially for the retail value of $65. Anyway I just hope I get the violet Voss palette but I’m sure they will give those mostly to the “influencers”. I have a ton of makeup and can buy what I want and sub box’s are one of my addictions so I’m trying to decide if this one is even worth it anymore. If I get at least 3 things out of the 8 that I chose I won’t continue to be so negative, but I feel like I always get the opposite of what I want from boxy as of late.

    • I didn’t get the August survey. Was Violet Voss or Too Faced mentioned in it? I had to choose between the water bottle and the palette that I received from them last year.

      • Kenly – If I do get the curling iron I will definitely trade you for something else. And Rach, No I actually don’t remember seeing anything about violet Voss or too faced. Those two were def a surprise to me, but it was between the curling iron and the moda brushes, glow recipe, and Sunday Riley and I wanna say park ave palette and the water bottle. I think…and a couple more things if I’m remembering correctly. Maybe even the IGK hair stuff. If I could put together my perfect variation (choosing from all the items this month) I would hope to get the moda brushes even though I have a ton brushes, I can never have too many in my opinion. Makeup brushes excite me for some reason 😊 I’ve wanted to try Violet Voss for awhile I’ve just been so into indie brands lately that that’s all I’ve been buying. So, I’d hope for that, preferably the too faced palette or the park ave palette bc its one of my faves and I’m running low so I wouldn’t mind that one, and glow recipe with a nude stila…that would be the perfect variation for me …. Here’s hoping 😉 Also following up my last post what I meant to say was I basically buy what I want and sub box’s are def part of my makeup addiction so I’m trying to cut back and I’m trying to decide if boxy is worth it anymore bc last month especially was just a huge miss for me except for the becca powder. I really love that. It saved that box for me. Anyway I guess I’m done ranting 😁

    • I will trade you if you get the curling iron!

      • I have the curling iron. I never took it out of the plastic. I’m willing to trade for unused Moda brush set, the 8 piece.

    • The last question on the survey asked which of the three items we would be most excited about getting. I picked the pineapple serum. There was also a blurb that said, all choices are not guaranteed to be in your box. My guess is that they will try to send you the item you said you are most excited about and just have to cross your fingers with the other 2 categories.

      • Yea I think I actually picked the same. I just got my tracking number today and its 2.7lbs. What was the weight on yours?

    • I got the violet voss pallet…dont need it. Got SO many pallets already! Is there anything you could offer as a trade if interested? Thank you!!!!

    • I got my box yesterday and I got the pineapple serum which is what I selected. I didn’t get the violet vox which I am disappointed about.

    • If only we lived in same area,p I wanted the curler as I have sooooo many brushes I definitely Did NOT want any more brushes.

  24. I’m not upset about this box but I think this will be my last boxycharm unless the spoiler for next month is absolutely to die for. Starting in October… Ipsy is doing their ultimate glam plus box and it’s 12 full sized items every month for 50.00. I get Ipsy, ipsy plus and boxy and that’s almost 60.00 a month…so I may just try out the Ipsy ultimate for a while. 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️

    • Plus this boxylux is over 50.00 each time and it’s only 8 items this month. Were 3 more items really worth 25 extra dollars … idk but I do know I can get 12 for 50.00… worth a shot and honestly Ipsy glam plus has been killing it ! 😍

    • Ultimate glam bag is actually 8 full size items and 4 samples.

    • The $50 ispy will be 8 full size and 4 deluxe samples not 12 full size products.

      • Still more then what we are getting in Boxyluxe though. Plus a large makeup bag.

    • Yes, and Ipsy’s customization is WAY better. Not perfect, but better than Boxy. They actually use the profile (most of the time) and we’ll now all get one choice with each bag.

      • Yes!!! I agree. This is my last month with boxy. Cant wait till October for the Ultimate.

    • False. It a not 12 full size. Its 8 full size and 4 deluxe or sample sizes.

  25. I recieved mine today. I got the curling wand, glow recipe serum, tarte park ave princess palette, violet voss palette, stila liquid lip in angelo, hank and Henry eyeliner, dr brandt sleeping mask, and igk balm. Very happy with my 1st boxyluxe.

    • What was your box weight?

    • What was your box weight?? I want your box!

      • I honestly don’t know. Where do you find that? I know it was version 7L.

        • Variation 7L weighs 3.2 lbs. I know because that’s the weight of my box and all of the 3.2 pound unboxings I have seen so far tells me it’s 7L,that means I won’t be receiving the moda brushes that I chose. I chose the moda brushes over the curling wand because I have alopecia,very thin hair that a curling wand would be useless to me. I’m super sad this month 😢

          • I want the curling iron and I think I have the brushes coming in. My box weighs 2.75 lbs and I haven’t seen any with curling irons at that weight. Let me know! I’m a safe seller and swapper on a lot of fb groups.

          • Maybe someone will trade with you?

          • That is the exact description of my box weight and dimensions. It arrived today and it is the L7 variation. The box is more of a 12x8x5. I received the Pineapple serum, H&H liner, curling iron, Rubina Stila, Violet Voss, Tarte Princess Face Pallet, Dr. Brandt sleep mask. IKG hair mask. I thought with the dimensions of the box I was going to get the brushes. I was really disappointed. I have short hair, don’t use highlighter and the lip color is too dark for my fair skin. I hope you get a better box. Hi

    • I’m thinking I’m gonna get this box, basically the one pictures there should be my box.

  26. I got a shipping notification for my (first!!) Boxyluxe. Details say 2.9 lbs. I’m supposed to be getting the Glow Recipe. Anyone happen to have spoilers for this variant?

    • Mine is 3.2, I chose the pineapple serum aa well

      • Mine is 3.2 lbs as well….hopefully I’m getting the curler and the serum!

    • I got variation 8L: glow recipe serum, tarte park avenue princess, Violet Voss palette, moda brushes, hank & Henry eyeliner, Dr Brandt mask, Stila Rubino lipstick, IGK Mistress.

      • I got 8L and the only difference in mine is I got the shade Angelo in the Stila Lipstick. But my Glow Recipe Pineapple came open and leaking and is nearly empty. So sad!

  27. I think all the spoilers are great. I’ll be bummed if I get the brushes over the curling iron, but will be happy with pretty much everything.

    • If I get the curling iron I’ll trade you something in your box (or stash if you have one). I already have one and don’t need another.

      • Sorry for bombarding your message but I will trade you something if she doesn’t.

  28. I’ll be happy as long as I don’t get the curling iron and the park Avenue princess. I *may* have curled my hair once in my life and I already recieved the chisel palette in a best of boxy last year and don’t use it much.
    I’d prefer the serum to the tidal cream, but I have yet to see a variation with the serum without the curling iron.

    • I will trade something for the Park Avenue Palette, if you get it and wanna trade.

  29. I was looking through the spoilers and variations last night. I think for once, I am actually happy with any variation. Although, I really don’t need a curling wand as I have one worth triple this. Even when we the did this or that survey, I had a hard time choosing. I actually picked the water bottle and mani/pedi thing as I am about to start a one month challenge plus I swap nail polish every week. I think this box is 8/10 for me because I am still stubbornly ranking on a 10 point scale. 🙂

    Also folks don’t forget that if you don’t like something there are Sell/Swap sites like Boxycharm beauties. Someone else may be willing to pay you for that unwanted item or you can buy the one you missed out on. They also set a 21 max limit with shipping.

    Anyway I’m off to hunt down the fall Essie Sweater Weather nail polish shade…maybe Hay There too.

  30. I just reviewed most products on boxycharm app – if you can’t review something and it only gives you option to buy probably means I’m not getting it right????

    What do you guys think?? Has that happened to you when you review in advance ??

    Bc I do wanted that tarte palette and I couldn’t review it 🙁

    If anyone’s gets tarte face shaping palette I’ll trade for whatever I get please – mostly I don’t want VV eyeshadows ;/

    Thanks 😁👍

    • No it doesn’t mean that because I just checked mine and everything is reviewable,probably just means you hit your review limit.

      • Up until very recently they used to let us review all the products whether they came in our particular box or not! How chintzy that they restrict the reviews to just what’s actually in your box so you can’t get the 50 charms for everything. Also the water bottle spongelle crap is worthless why would that even be a variation in the first place omg smh!!

        • There has been a cap of 250 points per month for as long as I cant remember. You can still review all the products but it doesnt really make sense to because of the cap.

    • No, I checked mine too and it let me submit a review for the Laura Geller Highlight, which I know I’m not getting because it’s not a variation for BoxyLuxe. You had me excited for a second thinking you’d found a way to tell what’s in your box, lol.

    • Why are you leaving reviews for products that you haven’t tried? That’s not honest or helpful.

      • Everyone was doing this,it took bc forever to sort of fix it. I say sort of because now we have a limit of 5 reviews per month (during reg bc months) but not limited to items actually in our particular variations. I can still review stuff that’s not in my box but now it’s limited to 5 per month. Used to be able to review every single item for points with no points limit for as long as I have been a member (5 yrs) it was a loophole that finally closed.

    • No, it means you already reviewed it, probably in a prior month.

    • I can’t even find a Boxycharm app 🙁

      • There is no boxycharm app… I wish 🤯

    • I got the Clay Play Pallette. I want the eyeshadow. I don’t know how the trade thing works, but would love to trade if you get the eyeshadow.

    • I got the Clay Play pallette and I want the eyeshadow. I’d be happy to trade if you get the eyeshadow.

      • Hi I haven’t got my box yet but if I get the violet boss palette I would absolutely love to trade with you

    • I want to trade!

    • Why would you review in advance? That’s not what a review is for. That’s how a product gets an undeservedly high/low rating.

      To answer your question though — yes, I have tried to review a product (AFTER I received it and actually tried it), but it wouldn’t give me the option to do so. It has happened to me twice in about 2.5 years. The reason, I’m pretty sure, is because there was already such an excess of reviews posted. Because it will allow me to review products I didn’t receive in my box just the same as products I did get in my box. As long as I have legitimately tried the product, I review it. Even if I didn’t get it in the box.

      • I was just thinking the same think about “advance” reviews. I hate it when people review a product they haven’t used yet because I really like to read reviews when choosing products. Please don’t review an item you don’t have personal experience with!

    • I got the tarte pallet I would swap for the Too face natural pallet

  31. I’ll be happy with any variations I get. Just hoping to not get the Park Ave since I got that before, but it would be easy to trade so not worried if somehow they mess up from the email we got a while back to pick items. I actually want the waterbottle since I don’t think I drink enough water in the day and that would encourage me, so yeah, some of us aren’t mad about getting it lol

  32. Has anyone gotten the Tarte Palette?

    • Idk , but I deff want that ❤️

  33. This will be my last Boxy, for a least a long while. I’m cancelling after I receive this one. I caved to Ipsy Ultimate and I want to see what that will be like.

    • Yeah…me too! 🤭

    • I canceled Boxycharm after two months. Some items I really liked like the Butter London palette, Becca powder and the skincare items. However I do not want mascara or fake lashes. I never use them. Also a palette every month? What do people do with so many? Have them collect dust? The Butter London one will last me a year and thats enogh .

    • YES!! Me too. So excited for Ipsy Ultimate.

  34. This will be my first Luxe box and, although I haven’t gotten it yet, I almost feel like I would have rather had the Monthly box. Everyone who has posted what they got in their Luxe got the eyeshadow palette. That and the water bottle, sponge thing are the ones I am absolutely dreading getting – and with my luck I will. I am just tired of giving my girls all these eye shadows I will rarely use. Plus I would have loved that eyebrow pencil/pen in the monthly box. I am kind of bummed it is not in the Luxe.

    • Yeah I cancelled luxe the day before no longer see the value in it ! Not for a water bottle and spongelle or a curling iron and I get tons of brushes already, I’m glad I cancelled Luxe , gonna put that money to Ipsy ultimate 🥰

    • Me tooooo 😖😖😖
      I wanted the too faced !

      • I’m pretty certain that I’m getting the water bottle and sponge, since I got park Avenue in the first Luxe box. It’s pretty unfair. If you didn’t subscribe to Luxe for the 1st box, you get 2 palettes. If you’ve subscribed to Luxe for all 5 boxes, instead of getting a colorful eyeshadow palette and a face palette, you get a really boring brown eyeshadow palette, a water bottle that is $5 at Marshall’s and a sponge that smells like perfume. What gives?

        It seems like most people are getting Violet Voss and The Tarte face palette, which means they weren’t signed up for the first Luxe box. The “unicorn box” is the Violet Voss and Too Faced box. That box should have been reserved for people that received the first Luxe box. Then another survey should have gone out once all spoilers were revealed, to ask if people wanted a second palette or a water bottle.

        As it stands, these boxes aren’t created equal.

  35. No doubt. Think I’ll keep the lux subscription until January then get rid of it. Think it’s cheaper to just buy what I need myself without all of the excess. Most department store products last quite a while anyway…

  36. This will be my first Luxe and it seems odd to pay an extra $29 for 3 additional items when the 5 items in regular Boxy are only $21. And one of the additional items is a lipstick I will not use due to the bad ingredients (the Stila has petroleum jelly). However, I really want the Tidal cream, and it costs $15 more than the cost of the box, and I think all of the palettes are nice, so I’m trying not to get too hung up on the number of items. I will be happy with the box if I do not get the curling iron (I have naturally curly hair) or the junky-looking plastic water bottle. I can’t think of anyone I know who would like to receive those as a gift.

  37. I’m glad they didnt include cheap branded items like the charger and pink travel bag. Or a 9th item like that pink hair band we got in the first one. 8 higher valued items is good for me. Although, I do wish there were the Moda brushes and BDB pencil in the luxe box! I’ll be trading to get those 2 items for sure

    • There’s a chance you can get a 8-pc Moda brush set in Luxe (instead of the curling iron). I saw there’s at least 14 variations in Boxyluxe, so maybe BDB pencil is included in that somewhere?

      • That’s true! But I’m weird and like the black handled brushes lol. So far I haven’t seen any of the luxe boxes with BWB but one can hope!

        • I like them too! I received a single brush in my Ipsy bag once with the same black handle and I love it! I would love more like them. I want the brow pencil, too! I know on the survey I chose the curling iron over the brushes and then another question asked if I would prefer a brow defining pencil over something and I selected the brow pencil. I can only hope there is a luxe variation with it or I’ll have to buy one from one of these groups. I’m on the hunt for the brushes in the regular box and the luxe box, unless I happen to get the set coming in luxe. I hate that they did that, a brush set OR a curling wand. No comparing.

          • Haha. Glad I’m not alone. They are the pro series brushes, which are my fave from them. They make really good brushes for the price point!

  38. Wonder what happened to getting 9 items in luxe??

    • I think they announced back in July that there would be 8 items.

      Personally, as long as the items are higher quality, I don’t mind getting fewer of them. I hate paying for cheap, worthless filler products. That irritates me more than getting fewer items. I signed up again for this box for the first time since March because there’s no denying the quality and value is there.

      • I agree, but I do not consider the plastic water bottle or the Stila lipstick to be high quality. The Stila lipstick contains petrolatum (petroleum jelly) which typically is used by the cheaper brands.

        • The water bottle is part of a bundle that also includes a mani-pedi spongelle, so I’m pretty sure those boxes get 9 items.

      • I canceled Boxycharm after two months. Some items I really liked like the Butter London palette, Becca powder and the skincare items. However I do not want mascara or fake lashes. I never use them. Also a palette every month? What do people do with so many? Have them collect dust? The Butter London one will last me a year and thats enogh .

        • They make good gifts 🎁 when you don’t want them

    • Oops my reply posted under the wrong comment

  39. here are some numbers not sure what they mean


    ANy ideas ladies??? WHich box??

  40. Eh… the only thing I really don’t want or need is the brushes. I’d be happy with any variation which excludes them 🤷🏻‍♀️

    • I would love the brushes! If you happen to get them and want to trade something, I would be up for it!! I chose the curling iron option back when we got the email, so not sure if I’ll get the brushes.

      • Sure! I’ll keep you posted on whether or not I receive the brushes.

    • I’ll take the brushes and you can have the wand if i get it. My box is 3.4 lbs

  41. I see my label and details. Is there a way to know which box u r getting?

  42. I do not need a curling iron at all. I have 3 or 4 now. How do we check Fed Ex again to see what we have coming? Thanks much

    • I hope I don’t get that curling iron, I have wavy/curly hair and I straighten it so I don’t even use a curling iron and my daughters wouldn’t want one either. I would be much happier with and get more use out of the brush set which is the variation item.

  43. I am praying i get the curling iron!!! I just bought all new Luxie brushes!!!!

    • I’ll take the brushes and you can have the wand if i get it. My box is 3.4 lbs

  44. The variations are all over the place, without giving anyone a choice of preference. The palettes are different, including in retail price. The Moda brush set versus a curling iron? I’m afraid this is my last box, BC. Subscribers are constantly making it clear that we want choices when it comes to variations, or just quit with all of the variations of variations of variations, as is the case with this absurd box. It’s a great value, but I’ve already got Tidal Cream (two, actually). I already have the Park Ave. Princess palette and the Tarte palette with the chevron pattern on it. I don’t have the one face palette that is the Natural palette, and watch me not get it. I’m just going to continue saving up money and just buy what I want. Over time, I’ll have much less clutter and will have saved so much more money just buying the options that I actually want.

    • The 8-pc Moda brushes and curling iron almost have the same retail price: $69.99 for the brushes, $65 for the curling iron.

      It’s a mystery box so why do people constantly complain about getting to pick all their items? lol

      • I was just thinking this. I just started with Boxy and the reason I love it is to try the new products and if I dont use it well the holidays are coming.

  45. 3 palettes, jeez louise! Not regretting canceling.

    • Same here. I had Boxycharm for two months. The skincare items I got I liked. And the Butter London palette. But thats enough palette to last a year. I do not want any more. I also never use mascara, lipliner and false lashes and noted it in my beauty quiz. Yet i received those items. I canceled until when boxes without palettes and mascara are available

  46. Makes sense now why they waited till September to FINALLY show what one variation of the lux box would be like. From what I’ve counted, only 8 products. So, when they started this box last December, I believe I got 10 or 11 products( something like that) and since, it seems to be less and less a product. Don’t get me wrong, the “so called value” for the box is, yeah great, BUT they sure aren’t being fully honest with what they say to what they ACTUALLY do! Shame, cause I’ve been with them for a long time. Time to cancel and let it go.

    • “BoxyLuxe is an upgrade to your monthly BoxyCharm subscription. In March, June, September, and December, you’ll receive an upgraded box with at least 8 full-sized beauty items worth over $250. ”

      Eight items worth $250 or more. This box meets that criteria

      • Is there a date that was last updated? I’m almost positive it used to read 9 or 10 guaranteed products. So, they’ve lowered the number.

        • Yeah, I just researched it. Their first box Dec 18 was 11 products, being 1 of those products was a charger as a bonus in the glam bag, March 19, 10 products, June 19, 9 products and now September 19, 8 products. Yes, “The Value” anywhere from $250-$350 (which it shows with a product less per quarterly box going out what the value may be) by no means I’m I saying the value of the upgrade is not there, clearly is depending on how many products are given. I just see a pattern from December of 18 to September 19.

        • It was probably in July when they first announced there would be 8 products in the September Boxyluxe.

          • There has been a minimum of 8 items blurb for at least the past 2 boxes, maybe 3. I think they took the feedback of customers wanting higher value items, instead of fillers, like a headband, to heart. The main items in this box have a higher r.v. than some in the past as well [s.r, the curling iron, pineapple serum, dr Brandt all have r.v. over $50]. Of course r.v. is subjective, as well, because that $50 item becomes less valuable if you won’t use it. I go into these boxes thinking that if I like half the items, it’s a total win because I’m still getting 50% off r.v.

      • Boxyluxe started last September. I think it had 11 items and the retail value was over $500. The next box was in December and the item count was less, along with the value. This is the 5th box and each one has had fewer items and a lesser value. In the beginning, every box was GUARANTEED to have 9-11 items and a value somewhere in the $300-$400 range. The major decline was noticed in March, when the palette sent out was from Morphe.

        • There has never been a $500 boxyluxe box. This is direct from the review of the first box “MSA Verdict: The total retail value of this box is $352.85!”

          December “Verdict: The total retail value of this box is $386.90!”

          March was $301.98 etc.

          The first boxes also included fillers like a tote bag, a hair band, a power bank, cheap train case and so on. I will be super happy if they continue to remove filler items, even if it means we get less items. As long as they meet the promised r.v. I’m cool with it.

    • I agree – I signed up for Boxyluxe when it became available and it’s steadily going downhill each month. I always seem to get the colors that no one else wants on the items that everyone receives and the items no one else wants for the optional choices. Ipsy, on the other hand, actually seems to be getting better and better. They also have a luxe option (that ships every month),plus the shipping is free (even if you live in Alaska). Seriously considering cancelling my subscription altogether and just spending my money on Ipsy instead.

      • Yea and now they have the Glam Bag Ultimate which I signed up for as soon as I got the email about it! So it’s like getting luxe excepts, it’s 8 full size items and 4 deluxe items. When you think about paying $50+ for an upgraded subscription it only makes more sense to go with the sub that actually allows customization .

  47. I finally got a shipping label on FedEx from them and it’s supposed to ship out by tomorrow! Can’t wait! Yayyyy.

  48. There is another variation. It’s the same box, except with Sunday riley tidal cream instead of pineapple serum

    • I just hope I don’t get that Spongelle thing with the water bottle instead of a face palette!! It makes no sense to have that as a variation its not even of equal value as the face palettes and its NOT even makeup they should have had another palette as a variation or something cause no one wants that Spongelle pedi water bottle crap. I am hoping for the Glow Recipe but will be fine with the Sunday Riley too.

      • I’m pretty sure I picked supprie me because I didn’t want either of those two items. I’m ok with the toofaced pallet but if I get either the water bottle or the tarte pallet this will be my last box as it would indicate that they are not listening to thier consumers

      • I actually chose the water bottle/spongelle. lol I don’t highlight or contour so the palettes would have been lost on me. Also chose the pineapple serum as I alreay have the tidal cream. I’d like the brush set over the iron but ok with either. Just want the VV palette out of everything. lol Fingers crossed I get that too. 🙂

        • Yes not everyone wants palettes every month. I got one palette the Butter London one and thats enoguh fornme for a year. I see no point in getting flooded with palettes. The spongelle and water bottle are a nice option. If only they honored peoples choice to the T but Boxy is not gery good with following peoples quizzes. I wanted peach lilly the serum last month and instead got mascara which i marked as never use.

        • I am also hoping for the water bottle/spongelle. I already have the tarte palette and I don’t want the too faced palette. The water bottle is actually expensive, it’s a diffuser, not just a plain water bottle. I love fruits n veggies and I only drink water so the diffuser is right up my alley. I will use the water bottle all the time and it’s something that is a bit too expensive for me to buy alone so I really I hope I get it instead of a palette I would never use. I consider the water diffuser to be something like a skin care item (healthy from within type of thing).

          • The water bottle is not expensive it retails for 17.95$

          • If you get a palette and i get the bottle I’ll trade with you

      • I think some people are forgetting that Luxe is a lifestyle box, not just a makeup box (I would prefer it were a Luxe Makeup box, but it isn’t. So, I’m not surprised about the water bottle. And frankly, I picked it because I have received several face palettes from Boxy in the recent past. Off the top of my head, I can think of the CoverFX, Tarte Pro Glow, and the Alamar blush trio. I wanted makeup, but at least I don’t have a bottle infuser. So, bottle/mani-pedi it is…

      • I think some people are forgetting that Luxe is a lifestyle box, not just a makeup box (I would prefer it were a Luxe Makeup box, but it isn’t. So, I’m not surprised about the water bottle. And frankly, I picked it because I have received several face palettes from Boxy in the recent past. Off the top of my head, I can think of the CoverFX, Tarte Pro Glow, and the Alamar blush trio. I wanted makeup, but at least I don’t have a bottle infuser. So, bottle/mani-pedi it is…

        • Hi…you got to choose a product? I just looked through every email I don’t see an invitation for choosing a product. Is this for certain. Subscribers? I am a Boyluxe subscriber from day one. I’m disappointed I’ll probably get the box no one wants ..ugh!

          • I usually get an email which tells me to choose as well but I did not get one either. I complained but they said it’s too late and they can’t do anything.

          • I wrote them an email stating that I didn’t receive their email about choosing my products, and they sent something again and let me do it anyway… It was actually surprisingly sweet of them! I was shocked! But I did send it as soon as I found out about being able to choose something…

      • So true water bottle lol no thank you

  49. Was worried that I would regret cancelling when full spoilers came out… I don’t.

    • I do, i’m regreting when i just realized i will only receive one of 2: the brush set OR the palette

      • I think it’s the brush set or curling iron. Everyone will receive one of the three palettes.

      • It’s the brush set or curling iron

  50. I better not get the curling iron. I have short, curly hair.

    • Anyone with the box dimensions 12x9x5 get the curling wand?

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