Betty Boop x Ipsy Full Collection Spoilers!

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We have spoilers for the whole Betty Boop x Ipsy collection! 

If you are already an Ipsy, Ipsy Glam Bag Plus, or Ipsy Glam Bag Ultimate subscriber you can expect to see some of this collection arriving in your October bags! The entire collection set will be available for sale in the Ipsy Shop soon!

FYI – We have a full review of this collection coming soon! This will include swatches, the launch date, and pricing.

BETTY BOOP™ x IPSY Cheek To Cheek Blush Palette 

BETTY BOOP™ x IPSY That’s So Betty Eyeshadow Palette, 12g 

BETTY BOOP™ x IPSY Drawn To You Eyeliner, 1.2mL 


BETTY BOOP™ x IPSY  Blink and Wink Mascara, 5mL 

BETTY BOOP™ x IPSY Nail Polish in Little Red Dress, 10mL 

BETTY BOOP™ x IPSY Matte Lipstick in Boop-Oop-A-Doop™, 3g 

BETTY BOOP™ x IPSY Satin Lipstick in Mauve It Baby, 3g

BETTY BOOP™ x IPSY Lipgloss in All Jazzed Up, 3mL 

BETTY BOOP™ x IPSY Lipgloss in Hotsy Totsy, 3mL 

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  1. Thanks, Ipsy. I hate it! 🤬

    • I hope they get the message. Last months add on tech issues had to cost them money. Comments are very negative. Skip for me as well. Got the bag to at least get one name brand product. After 4 months of Glam bag plus only a couple of items I really like. Hello Boxy 😍

    • Omg, lmao!

    • Boop-Oop-a-NOPE. 😉

      • @Drminniecooper

        That comment for the win! lol!

    • Oh my god, me too! I’ve been so irrationally angry about the choice for this month. Lol

      • It’s not irrational anger, Ipsy promised to bring sought after brands and this isn’t it. It is a cheap shortcut to save them money at our expense. It makes me angry as well, because it’s a very poor, very corporate decision. Not sure which genius over there decided this was a good idea and something we would want.💁 I feel like they are going to be pulling these “in house” collections every 3-4 months, hopefully they are here reading about how many customers they will lose if they do. Boxy doesn’t ever do this. Ipsy seems to think they can throw a bunch of cheap makeup into cute, themed packaging and we’re going to be happy with it. Most of us are over 15 years old and aren’t falling for their marketing gimics. I’m definitely pausing and going elsewhere this month and every month in the future that Ipsy trys to push this crap on us. Not bringing the reputable brands? That’s fine, but I’m not buying unless they do!

        • Spot on!
          Very, very disappointing. Especially with all the hype for the GBU.
          I am hoping these are not the final items. I couldn’t give two hoots about Betty Boop! Definitely NOT worth the money. I was expecting to be blown away and for them to be give Boxy some competition. Not even close.

          • Exactly! And while everyone is over on the Boxy spoilers complaining about eyeliner, I’m like heck yes Boxy, take my money! I’ll take the eyeliner, just send me some DOC!!! Lol! Boxy is doing a great job of making Ipsy look even worse for October.

        • I agree! When I look back at the pile of palettes to donate it’s all their stuff I NEVER used (Sanchez palette, Tetris crap, Wander, etc.). Not even my 18 yr old niece wants these palettes…

          • I would love to take those off your hands ❤️❤️❤️ I wanted those and didn’t get a chance to get them. I don’t mind them being sanitized. Let me know if your interested ❤️❤️❤️

          • Then you are missing out. Those pallets were actually very good.

          • I like the Tetris Game on palette. I liked most of the collection.

            I bought this collection too. I think it is adorable.

          • The Wander palette was the worst.

        • Boxycharm did a collab with WinkyLux some time back. It’s an eyeshadow palette and it says Boxycharm right on it. But it’s really cute.

    • I asked if I could pause Ultimate this month because I don’t want booped and you can’t. You can either accept it or cancel. No pause option on your first month. I asked if I could request no boop products and if that’s not possible to cancel it and they just replied it’s cancelled. Hopefully November will have good spoilers and I may sign back up. This was a terrible marketing decision to do a collab the month you increase prices and launch Ultimate. Boxycharm was genius to make their announcement right before the Ipsy fiasco.

      • I cancelled my ultimate as well. The spoilers for the items just aren’t worth it for me. I figured a $50 Bag we would get some good items that were good brands. It’s far too late on the month for them to be holding back on spoilers. If they have something good they better post it cause so many people have opted out of the ultimate. I sure did. I didn’t want to get stuck paying $50 for a box with a bunch of cheap items in it.

    • Agree completely, I paused last month and I got tired of waiting for more spoilers this month and decided to cancel Ipsy all together

    • I strongly dislike this cheap made in China junk they pass off as ‘special’ collaborations. Why do sub boxes think we will be happy with their dollar store worthy bag fillers? First Tetrus and now this so I’m starting to regret renewing for a year. What will be next a Simpsons or Pokemon, SMH. I joined for higher end samples which are great for travel not for this junk. My 8 year old niece is enjoying it though.

  2. I wonder if the lip glosses have that fake vanilla scent (that I hate) again. The lip glosses might be OK if not. Other than that, I hope the only thing I get is the eye palette.

  3. The nail polish looks soooo pretty!!!!
    But there’s been so much negativity toward subscription boxes lately, it kind of makes me feel bad for being excited 🙁

    • Awh! I’m one of the negative people on this collab, I feel like Ipsy needs the feedback, but you shouldn’t have to feel bad about being excited.💖 The problem is that none of these other boxes do house brand collabs and Ipsy’s first one (Tetris) wasn’t very good. I’d actually have no problem with it if the quality was there, I’m not a brand snob, just a stickler for quality. To each their own, right? That’s the beauty of it, nobody is forcing us to buy it, Ipsy even has that handy little pause button. Don’t feel bad for being excited or let others bring you down, just go with it and enjoy your October box while the rest of us moan about it. Lol! It’s makeup and it’s not thst serious.😉

      • Very well said!

      • Agree

      • All of that! Both the be excited response and the stickler for quality. I love colourpop shadows and that’s comparatively super cheap and I’m happy and on the other side I’ve gotten high end palettes that were powdery with 0 pigment but a high RV.

        I would be all about the boop if she didn’t take over my haloween goth month.

        • I live Betty Boop but the only item that looks cute is the lipstick. The rest barely shows Betty . I do wish October would be more edgy tho. I am with you on that. I want at least one month of gothy joy lol

      • “Don’t feel bad for being excited or let others bring you down, just go with it and enjoy your October box while the rest of us moan about it. Lol! It’s makeup and it’s not thst serious.😉”

        My sentiments exactly!!! 😀

      • That was so sweet of you to respond ❤️
        I totally get the disappointment and I 100% agree that they need accurate feedback from members. And I’m still totally hoping for that nail polish haha 😁

        • I’m hoping for that nail polish too!!! Lol

        • I’m hoping for that nail polish too!!!… and the mascara 🙂

        • I’m happy for those who are excited about these spoilers. This isn’t what I had in mind for glam bag ultimate so I canceled. Big fat bummer for me.

      • Exactly! I think it looks great! I’m always excited about my IPSY box! I usually get a several things I love. The only thing i don’t like is when I get dark lipstick colors and things that taste like mint.

        • This is why I think subs need to have more specific profile and customization options. Give me ALL THE MINT!

      • Boxy has had their Pur collabs and they weren’t very well received either. I’m hoping this isn’t a constant for Ipsy but for the most part their boxes are good. They also had a lot of people buy their collabs so some people must like them,I think they should only have them as a purchase option not part of the monthly options.

        • The colors were either weird or boring.

      • Exactly! I was so disappointed in how crappy the Tetris makeup was… terrible ingredients, cheap everything. I can see on the nail polish label above that this collection is made by the same company ” Personalized Beauty Discovery, Inc”. Maybe they could do a collab with a better brand?! I bet Wet & Wild would even go over more than PBD, Inc. HAH!

  4. They updated the IGBU and crossed out the updates , seems as what was pictured yesterday are not even the spoilers 👀

    If the GBU is BB theme I’m cancelling fast

    Hurry up Ipsy and post the true GBU spoilers ✌️

    • So just to be clear, the spoilers posted on MSA weren’t the actual spoilers for GBU?

      • Correct. Idk why they’ve not changed the title because it seems people aren’t seeing the update where it’s at.

    • You are aware that ipsy doesn’t actually post these spoilers right? MSA gets them from mass emails and press releases but it’s not like they are partners or something.

  5. Skipping October for both – regular GB and GBP. I am interested in Dr. Brandt and Glossier but not interested enough to get the rest of the items that I don’t need.

  6. I like my Tetris bag and have it in my purse right now but I haven’t touched the “Tetris” gloss I was sent. I actually liked the look of that collab a lot more than this stuff. A lot of the Betty Boop packaging reminds me of the Funko makeup that is at Ulta right now. Tetris, Funko and Betty Boop are NOT makeup companies and they are not partnering with a real makeup brand. Madonna just released a Too Faced line. THAT, I care about because Too Faced is a reliable brand.

    • Hi! I would recommend trying the Tetris gloss…especially the one that looks gold. I can’t wear gold, as it looks like [email protected] on me. However, I LOVE this color on me. I was going to save it and swap it, but I have started trying all the lippies that I get because I can’t ever seem to swap them. What a surprize that this one is my car go-to gloss (and I usually only ever apply gloss in the car because if I am in the bathroom, I take the time to apply lipstick).

      • Yeah, I have the silver gloss and it’s pretty good. Works well as a topper and has a holographic quality to it. I wasn’t impressed with the other Tetris stuff I got (other than the bag), but the gloss is legit.

  7. Question: if I pay for my subscription annually, is it possible to skip a month? I’m referring to the regular $12/mo Ipsy bag. Thanks!

    • Yes you are paying for 12 bags up front so if you skip month they will just stretch out renewal.

    • Yes! Really easy to skip the next month ahead, just go into your subscriptions and there’s a button for it!

      • Is that on the app? Because I don’t see that option on my account or membership settings on the website. I’m probably going to have to email them to skip this month bc I don’t like this BB stuff at all.

        • I asked the same thing before I did annual and they said to email them to skip and they’ll help you out.

  8. Colors are pretty

  9. I loved the lip balms from the tetris collection. I don’t like the theming on this collab as well, but I’m hoping this mauve lipstick will be in add ons. It looks really pretty.

    • I like the Mauve lipstick too, but history dictates that Ipsy will send me red no matter how many times I ask them not to. Every single bullet lipstick I have recieved from Ipsy has been red.😞💁

      • Same! I do lile to wrar red on occasion but I have 30 to pick from. No more reds or nudes please! Mauves, berry, peach, pinks (Not hot pink).

      • Same! WHY?! I don’t understand it.

      • I feel you! The last 5 I’ve received are zombie nudes! So tired of the flippin nudes!

  10. Huge NOPE to all of this. The packaging for the mascara is cute, but that’s it. Skipping October’s GBP. (I also cancelled Allure, so I guess I’m saving some money next month!)

  11. I like all of these products. I think it is so fun when they have a theme. I will be happy with any of those they send me.

  12. I would rather see them put out 1 product or palette that has amazing quality, than clunk out 10 items in a rush that lack it.

    • Right? Betty Boop is not a character I have any affection for, but a lot of other people do. They could have done a well formulated palette or lip kit with luxe packaging that would have both satisfied fans as well as being good enough in their own right for non-fans to enjoy. Instead they do…this. Unless you LOVE those colors or are a major BB fan, I just don’t see what the value is for people.

  13. Cheap and ugly, I just skipped September due to low funds,if I liked Betty Bop I would just get as a collection but to use it , no thank you.

  14. I knew when the bag was spoiled that this collaboration was not for me. What a waste of effort, Ipsy. Listen to your subscribers. We don’t want this BB stuff.

  15. I read that their next collab will be with Gigi Gorgeous before the end of the year — stop with the freakin collabs 🙄

    • Yet another influencer type person I’ve never heard of, eh? Yawn.

  16. Not another failed collaboration 🙄🙄

    Useless too me and Tetris collab their quality wasn’t their .. sure same with this BB collab

    I prefer UGB spoilers I’ve seen to this .. hope these don’t leak into the UGB

    I’ll pause regular Ipsy and IGBP for now

    • I loved the ipsy x Tetris. It was very nostalgic. When I saw the bag I wasn’t excited. I like the little B heart zipper. It’s my birthday month. I was expecting something spooky. I love the collabs they’re doing! It’s new, exciting, and different. Once I saw the full collection.. I was excited. Mauve lipstick, eyeliner, lipgloss, the brush, and some other things.

    • NOPE. Hard pass..

  17. I like the collection! The only things I wouldn’t use are the eye liner and the eye shadow palette (simply because I don’t use either of those types of products). Everything else looks really nice. The mauve shade lipstick is just gorgeous and OMG, the blush palette has me twisted (in a good way). 🙂

    • 👎 not feeling any of those products or colors. The nail polish is awful cheap looking too

  18. I’m just sitting over here waiting for glam bag ultimate spoilers

    • They already have some GBU spoilers on this site already

      • Those aren’t right there was an update!

        • Oh really Kate where are the updates ? I’d like to see


          • In the original post. MSA crossed out some text.

    • Apparently I have been sleeping under a rock! 🤣

  19. I agree with the others. This and the tetris (and I love tetris but still,) is not quality. For the regular bag maybe but to pay a higher price for what started out as good stuff, this just screams Claire’s pre teen quality to me. I agree if it was made but at least a colorpop or even nyx would be one thing since at least even being lower end price wise they have some quality products in their lines. Like they can put diamonds all over the palette to make it pretty, but if the makeup inside stinks, whose going to wear it? I guess the people that like the betty boop aesthetic can always de-pot what’s inside and replace other things in there.

  20. I’m so bummed. I usually take out 2-3 extra Ipsy subs in October because I looooove they’re spooky Halloween-ish bags. Halloween is my favorite day of the year by far!! Betty Boop is not something I’m ever interested in. ):

  21. This is a annoying, i pay more monthly for the Glam Bag Plus to receive full size name brand products…this is just DUMB! Probably passing this month, which sucks since it’s my b-day month. 🙁

  22. Wil this be incluyed in the ultimate bag?

  23. 🤣😂🤣

    • The mascara & nail polish look super cheap. I’m pretty bummed about this month. I subbed to all 3 and I am praying that the BB stuff doesn’t leach over into Ultimate. For Glam Bag & Plus I’ll deal. The blush is so similar to the Ofra palette I just received this month. The only thing I would be okay with is the eyeshadow palette. I’m getting worried I’m going to end up with a bunch of crap I won’t use.

  24. I love Betty Boop, but nothing about this collection excites me. They could have come up with a better design and included more Betty Boop images. I guess I will just be keeping the bag!

  25. Not liking any of this… just curious about who is the brand?

    • Personalized Discovery Beauty, inc. Made in China.

      • Personalized Discovery Beauty Inc is just Ipsy’s parent company.

  26. Ummm…I think I’ll be pausing for October sadly…

  27. Ick i hooe I don’t get the blush palette right after getting the Madison Miller one. And I dislike the logos on the palettes too. Going to skip GBP but keep Ultimate and regular,

  28. I’m 50 as well and love BB and also looked forward to the Tetris.. but after receiving Tetris products, I see nothing here of quality. Just all “cute” but I expect more from Ipsy and especially the new Ultimate. I wanted all 3 BB bags but, it’s not worth it. I’ll be skipping all 3 next month.

    • Anyone know if the lip sticks and glosses are also made in China? I can’t tell from the pics.

  29. No thank you……

  30. The collabs just seem like a cheap way to fill in gaps in fullsize products when they run out of stuff. I can’t make a business case for any other reason – people definitely aren’t asking for this stuff and it seems to be damaging to their brand. The clear glass looks like a rebranded tetris item.

  31. Ugh this is all so bad. I don’t like Betty Boop in the first place and I agree that this all looks cheaply made. I don’t really understand what Ipsy is doing here.

    • I had the same thought. BB is just so…I don’t even know what. And except maybe for the lip glosses, I wouldn’t like a single thing in this bag. Glad I canceled.

  32. Ugh, it’s all terrible

  33. That ChinaBoop collection looks bad and Creepy just like October’s bag. I don’t want to put that on my face, sorry. Cancelled GB, GBP and I want a divorce from ultimate bag

    • 😆😆😆 See, this is the kind of complaint I like. Not only is it funny, you are actually doing something about it by cancelling (skipping works too). Imagine if everyone who’s unhappy with another cheap looking Ipsy collab could just set the stupid FOMO aside and skip the month. Think that might send a message? Me personally, I’m going to pause my account and sign up for Boxycharm for October, where I’m guaranteed a DOC palette. I’ve always wanted one, so everything else will just be a bonus. If Ipsy has something up their sleeves, they better get it out there, because this ship is sinking fast!

      • See, I was excited enough for the bag, but this cheapo collection is a mega disappointment. Now I’m conflicted. I want the silly bag, but the gross product, no thank you!

      • Hate to break it to you, but people are now saying the DOC palettes are a variant with a Tarte palette.

  34. That brush. 💩

    SMH really ipsy? Or are you just trying to make those F.A.R.A.H. brushes look better?

    • Don’t mean to be mean since I can only imagine the work it took to make this collection but I am glad I am skipping October. I don’t like to wear make up that is made in China and that is not cruelty free, etc. Why not have sourced these made in USA? I don’t think this should have a place in Ipsy, we are used to getting good, brands.

      • Yep! Would have been a lot better if Ipsy had collabed with someone known for quality, like Colourpop for collections like this. People would eat that up! This is just really underwhelming and nobody is going to trust the quality on this after the Tetris collection.

      • I agree! Ingredients are important to me, so I like to be able to look up the ingredients and also know that the products are cruelty free.

        These just don’t look good to me. A couple of the lip glosses look pretty, but it is likely they contain petroleum byproducts.

  35. Too many lip products.

  36. Wow what cheap box fillers. No thanks Ipsy. This is garbage. Ipsy should just give the option to buy this crap as add ons and stop forcing customers to accept their cheap makeup. Bad business practice. About to lose a loyal customer.

    Especially if the first time they are offering one choice in your bag and you only get to choose between these BB products. I would be done!!!!

    • I wonder if I can opt out of collabs….

      • 😆😆😆😅

      • I was thinking the same thing!😂

  37. Hmmm.

    The packaging looks less-than-quality. I’m surprised by this. It’s not what I would have chosen for their new roll-out month for the higher regular monthly price and new price tier bag, Ultimate.

    I did not anticipate skipping on the first month I can pick an item, but skip I shall!

  38. Hopefully I don’t get any of these items — no thank you.

  39. Here is my suggestion for us regular bag folks at least and you can take it or leave it. When pick a product comes up around the 24th pick the Betty product that offended you the least so Ipsy does not pick one for you. I am good with the mauve lipstick or brush but that’s it. So I will pick one and I don’t have to worry about getting the eyeliner,mascara , red lipstick etc. 😁

  40. Here is my suggestion for us regular bag folks at least and you can take it or leave it. When pick a product comes up around the 24th pick the Betty product that offended you the least so Ipsy does not pick one for you. I am good with the mauve lipstick or brush but that’s it. So I will pick one and I don’t have to worry about getting the eyeliner,mascara , red lipstick etc. 😁

    • Good tip, Lisa! I didn’t pick last at all last month because I didn’t want an Ofra x Madison product… and that did not turn out well for me.

    • I wonder if I’m missing some of the choices. I only have one Betty Boop option (mauve) and the rest is skin care, one mascara and one other lipstick that is copper toned. There isn’t anything I want to choose. Are the rest of you seeing everything?

  41. I like the nail polish! But with the b logo all I can think of is burgatory lol (if I have to see it so do y’all)

  42. So people are spending $50 to get part of what looks like a Wet n Wild Collection?

  43. Three comments and all three have disappeared.

    • Ipsy October will be all makeup? I rather not

      • No, it will not be all makeup. This is just showing the full range of the Betty Boop x Ipsy products, some of which will show up in bags. If the Tetris collab is an indication, this entire collection will also eventually be for sale in Ipsy shopper.

    • All of your comments are here. You just have to be patient sometimes. Especially if you are posting more than one comment.

  44. My comments are disappearing again, this is so frustrating, especially when they never return. I hope we’re not being censored as a way to get the reviews that are wanted and cancel out the rest.

    • Lol all it takes is some patience! I’ve had it happen to me too, don’t worry.

  45. I don’t like This Tetras/Betty Boop lines. They seem to be made for Ipsy probably at a very cheap price.
    I am an over 50 woman and much prefer an adult themed makeup line without the gimmicks or flashy packaging. Frankly most of us mature consumers just are not interested.

  46. I really like these colors. Much better than the colors in the tetris collection.

    • Yeah tetris was the worst!

  47. Ugh. Hate all of this. Looks like a little girl’s play makeup.

    • Made in China… no interest in products with potential safety issues. Pausing my subscription. Hope this sort of thing doesn’t continue as a way to have enough cosmetics.

  48. Yuck!
    I’m not liking this collection.
    This is looking like a definite skip for me.
    Not wanting even one B.B. item.
    Not even having the opportunity to choose an item is enough to make up for this cheap looking collection.

    • I’m thinking this is going to be a skip month for me, too!

  49. I hope I get the nail polish & mascara. There are a few other items I see I wouldn’t mind getting either. 🙂

  50. Wow, those factories in China were working overtime.

    • Right???!! I just dont trust the quality from China since the whole baby formula scandal. Dog food. And fake rice. And dry wall. I can go on. Pork sausage made from pig that died from swine flu. I hear from my mom, we’re Chinese) all the time.

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