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Betty Boop x Ipsy Full Collection Spoilers!

ByMSASep 17, 2019 | 198 comments

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We have spoilers for the whole Betty Boop x Ipsy collection! 

If you are already an Ipsy, Ipsy Glam Bag Plus, or Ipsy Glam Bag Ultimate subscriber you can expect to see some of this collection arriving in your October bags! The entire collection set will be available for sale in the Ipsy Shop soon!

FYI – We have a full review of this collection coming soon! This will include swatches, the launch date, and pricing.

BETTY BOOP™ x IPSY Cheek To Cheek Blush Palette 

BETTY BOOP™ x IPSY That’s So Betty Eyeshadow Palette, 12g 

BETTY BOOP™ x IPSY Drawn To You Eyeliner, 1.2mL 


BETTY BOOP™ x IPSY  Blink and Wink Mascara, 5mL 

BETTY BOOP™ x IPSY Nail Polish in Little Red Dress, 10mL 

BETTY BOOP™ x IPSY Matte Lipstick in Boop-Oop-A-Doop™, 3g 

BETTY BOOP™ x IPSY Satin Lipstick in Mauve It Baby, 3g

BETTY BOOP™ x IPSY Lipgloss in All Jazzed Up, 3mL 

BETTY BOOP™ x IPSY Lipgloss in Hotsy Totsy, 3mL 

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What do you think of the Betty Boop x Ipsy collection? What is your favorite Betty Boop product?

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At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.

At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.
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Patricia Aldridge

I for 1 am excited about this Month’s theme.. Y’all must forget that your paying a very small amount for what all you get.. People complaining like they deserve $100 products for $12 or $25. And last time I saw Boxy raised their prices and sending out repeats and people aren’t getting their choices they picked. Sooo really I am happy to be getting what I get..


Frankly, i’m excited. only because i know that buying two products IRL can be about 50-100$. With this box, even if they’re not good, i can at least try many different products without costing too much. This will be my second box and im looking forward to it. As long as the retail value of the items are a lot higher than the box itself then i’ll be happy to keep subscribing.


Ipsy customization to choose a product is up now


Surely, we will only receive one of these in any of the bags and not multiples in the same bag, right?


I’m just over boxes doing crappy collabs. Boxy used to do the same thing with PUR and it was never the same formula PUR usually used. Ipsy keeps doing these random childish collabs. We sign up to try different brands (good and bad) and products , but not to force these random “money saving” fillers.


Yeah I’m not picking any of these. Skip.


This means they are not being given enough product for their upgrade boxes. They make “collab” collections when there is not enough product given to them. They were already on the bubble w/ the $2 increase on the base bag. but they could try harder w/higher quality collabs.


So is this the ultimate box?


no. but you’ll prolly get at least 3 of these items


Definitely pausing for this month, not my cup of tea and none of the other spoilers seem interesting.


FYI: I just read that the exact same Betty Boop bag shown for the regular Glam Bag is going to be in GBP & GBU too (no size difference). I signed up to all three thinking GBP & GBU would have different variations/sizes, but since they’re all going to be the same bag, I just submitted my request to Ipsy to cancel GBP & GBU (and I just re-activated my subscription to GBP yesterday too! ugh. and I checked… and I haven’t been charged yet for it. whew!)

Dani G.

Hi, Luna! I emailed Ipsy about the bags nearly a week ago and finally got a response today. Unless I am misunderstanding them, or they misunderstood me, both of which happen far too often, there are two different bags. One for the regular bag, another for both Plus and Ultimate, so two different bags total. To be clear, my initial email asked if all 3 or just the 2 bags (Plus and Ultimate) were going to be the same because I’d read both of those scenarios here on MSA comments. Unlike many people mentioned, I didn’t receive an email from Ipsy about this issue. In her response, she acknowledged that the Plus and Ultimate bags would be alike and that I should’ve gotten an email about that along with the promise that an additional product (Trestique Good Vibes mascara) would be added to the Ultimate bag to make up for it. So…she did not mention regular Ipsy at all. I assumed this meant that it would have one design and Plus and Ultimate would both have the same second design. This may not be the case as perhaps she just failed to completely answer my question in it’s entirety when she replied. But I definitely took it to mean there would still be two different bags so I cancelled Ultimate and kept Plus so I could get both. I also ordered an additional regular bag using my other account for my sister who is also a Betty Boop fan. So if I misunderstood that Ipsy Care rep, I’m going to be a bit aggravated. But at least it’s only a $12 mistake versus a $50 one. I have little to no interest in all of the products I saw among the Ultimate choices they offered plus the spoilers reported by MSA including the additional two someone got from FB and added to the comments, And I figured if a few products we haven’t seen happened to appeal to me I may be able to just add them on.

I’m surprised by all the Betty Boop hatred. So many people seem outright angry about this collection. Not me!
I’m super excited. I especially love the BB lipstick tubes!m. I picked the mauve one for one of my regular bag choices and I’m hoping to get the red one with the other account. I’m also hoping for the nail polish and the pink lipgloss. The good thing is that if I end up with any BB duplicates I can just send them to my sis with her bag. Even if she doesn’t like the shades she’ll love the packaging.

I’m sorry if I end up being mistaken about the bags, but I wanted to share what I was told in time just in case you decided to get Plus after all in order to get the other bag.


I forgot to add that to make up for the duplicated bag in GBU, they will be adding a full-size Trestique Good Vibes Mascara and an extra item.

Brook Harden

Hi Luna! Where did you read this? I’ve been having a hard time finding anything online about the Ultimate and am getting worried!


Intended to get all three bags. Right now only plan on the $12 bag. Expected spoilers and more hype for the Ultimate. Betty Boop shadow made in China? Anyone know if the entire collection is?


This will be my 3rd time skipping. I am sad about this. It’s a cute idea the Betty Boop but this makeup looks cheap. I have bought make up from the dollar store but ALL of this looks dollarstore, not worth 25 bucks.


If I get another pale or neutral lipstick from Ipsy, I am outta there!

I want the nail polish and lipstick.

Where is the bag we are receiving

I am not happy with the collaboration but I will reserve my opinions until I get this

I bet you next month we will get Bullwinkle & Rocky Collaboration

What a horrible way to bring in the new GBU

I have had it with Ipsy’s customer service anyway.

I think Ipsy GBP and GBU are history or me. Like FFF. I can’ wait for that one to end

I am needing to rethink all this money I am blowing.


Did you go through the product quiz?

It does kind of help, but it’s a little hit or miss.

I like the red lip, also want the eyeshadow palette. The blush doesn’t work for me.


What I do is one box a month. I keep an eye on all of the spoilers and pick the box that excites me the most. It does involve a lot of starting and cancelling at times, but I’ve come to realize that the best valued boxes as far as retail, aren’t always the best value for me personally.


My take on the Betty Boop collection just based in these pictures: I like the blush palette. I wish the eyeshadow palette had more mattes. I have lots of brushes and mascara but would still at least try these. I don’t use liquid eyeliner or nail polish. For the lips, I like the satin but don’t wear matte and rarely use gloss. Hoping for the blushes or the mauve lipstick in my Ultimate.


*** MADE IN CHINA *** BOOOOOO. Come on ipsy. Stop being greedy!! If you are going to make products “in house” at the very least make them QUALITY. Make in the states, Italy, etc. NEVER China or pcr.

I’m all for boop!!! LOVE her, but if they are going to do it, do it right….they really could have done this to where EVERYONE wanted and had to have it, which would have made them a lot more money in the long run…

Does anyone know…I thought I seen a “spoiler” for a sigma blending eyeshadow brush for this month….. was that for this month, or does anyone know about this?! I really want to try one of these brushes and have for a while, before I invest a lit of money for them….wonder if it will be an “add on” or something?!


Yes, the Sigma E25 was listed and pictured in the MSA Ipsy October spoiler article.


Hate these collabs .. Quality suck!! Skipping this month! Boxy is getting way better than ipsy now


Who curated this? The eyeshadow palette makes NO sense. Everything in it is warm to neutral – except for that bright fuchsia/purple. In what world does THAT make sense?
Then the cheek palette. Didn’t we just see a similar one last month in the Ofra x Madison Miller colletion? And WHY is everything always warm toned? There are some of us out here who would like to occasionally see some cool toned or at least neutral shades.
While I might tolerate the lippies, everything else about the collection is such a turn-off, I don’t even want to try them.


I hated that Ofra blush! It was so orange! I threw it away.

I did not like any of that collaboration. It was a bit to childish.


Oh God, I don’t want any of these :(( does anyone know what date they let us choose one item? Maybe there’s a hero item that can make the box worth it for me. If not, I’ll just cancel this month..


Maybe only the people that don’t like it comment, but I like it. I think everything but the red is a win:) I can’t judge the palette until I get it as far as how good it is. It may be great, like Colourpop


There’s a video on YouTube of somebody trying it, from that video the shadows don’t look very pigmented… But who knows for certain until we try it ourselves. I know there are a lot of people out there that prefer a more buildable shadow, this palette could be for them


Cancelled IGPU until this train wreck of a collab is over , and too give ipsy time to sort out mess .
Also paused IGBP – however did keep regular Ipsy for add ons .
But I’m wondering how BC add ons will go on September 24 🤔🤔
I wonder if they’ll run out of products like pop up sale :/
I’ll prob keep my Ipsy regular still love add ons and can’t keep myself from picking 5 🥰


Boxycharm add ons are repeats nothing I want.


I’m continuing with regular GB, too. Hate the collaboration. My Mom hated BB and she was in the generation when it began. She thought it was awful and so do I. Add ons are the fun part.


I agree. Betty Boop cartoons were so male chauvinistic, promoted animal cruelty and an unacceptable portrayal of womanhood. Has anyone actually seen these original cartoons? There’s a warning before showing these cartoons “may be offensive to viewers” because they were created at a different time and ignorant ideas. I’d think people would be more upset with that than how cheap the products look. Betty Boop conveys a cheap view of woman. I thought Betty Boop went out years ago….come on people we are suppose to be more educated and advanced thinking. No matter how much they rebrand Betty Boop the premise is the same.


Betty Boop was created in 1930. Your MOM was in that generation? When was she born? 1925?


I have never liked Betty Boop and am not excited by any of these. That being said, maybe there will be some other items and add ons that will make it worth it. I only get the regular bag so for $12 I will see what I get and I think this month will be mostly stuff I give away. But that’s ok too, Christmas presents.


I cancelled my IGBU last week. I subbed to fast and changed my mind. 50 dollars is to high. Now am glad I did. I didn’t get IGBP this month I skipped. Am glad I did. I got 2 IGB’s this month and both had the same products. I cancelled one. Boxycharm looks ok this month. I didn’t get it. Next month’s look good also. But it’s going up to 25. It’s comparable to IGBP. FFF has some good sales on their boxes, but nothing of use to me. I can’t find a subscription I want.


It’s truly a good thing. You’re avoiding unnecessary spending on ‘stuff’. They try to lure. I almost bit on the $25 FFF; I quickly came to my senses. I didn’t need any of that. Money saved.


It’s a good thing, truly. Money saved on not buying ‘stuff’. These sub boxes try to lure. I almost bit on the $25 FFF. Then I came to my senses. I didn’t need any more ‘stuff’ that wasn’t of immediate need for me. I’ll put that money into my IRA.


Pretty funny ipsy isn’t posting anything about this on their page. If ipsy is too ashamed to post about it, I certainly don’t want it!


Agree. If they were proud it would be touted.


I really want to see the IGBU spoilers soon , bc I need to know if I’m gonna cancel or not , if the BB collaboration will be in the ultimate I don’t mind like a lipstick but if I’m getting eyeshadow palette and all I need to cancel ASAP – I love skincare products , but looks like these aren’t the spoilers-

What’s the hold up Ipsy ?


If I wanted to buy cheap makeup from China I’d just get it off my wish app for a dollar.

But I don’t because I’m terrified to put that garbage on my face.

Just saying.

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Our reviewers research, test, and recommend the best subscriptions and products independently; click to learn more about our editorial guidelines. We may receive commissions on purchases made through links on our site.