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The Sill Plant Subscription – Should We Review It?

The Sill is a monthly plant subscription!

Each subscription option is $35 per month with $5 shipping. You can choose the color of your planter (Mint, Grey, Black, or Blush). The three subscription options are:

Low Light Plants

Keep it low key and low maintenance with our Low Light Potted Plant Subscription Box. Receive a low light tolerant plant hand-potted in one of our small 5″ earthenware planters every month.

Plants for Beginners

New here? Our Plants for Beginners Potted Plant Subscription Box will show you around. Receive an easy-care plant hand-potted in one of our small 5″ earthenware planters every month.

Pet-Friendly Plants

Pet parents can be plant parents too, with our Pet-Friendly Potted Plant Subscription Box. Receive a non-toxic plant hand-potted in one of our small 5″ earthenware planters every month.

More on The Sill:

To sign up for a potted plant subscription, first choose your monthly subscription theme (Pet-Friendly, Low Light, or Best-For-Beginners) then choose your planter color. Every month, you will receive a new plant hand-potted in one of our earthenware planters. The subscription will cycle through an assortment of plants and planter shapes. If you’d like to collect all of our earthenware planter shapes in all available colors — you can change your planter color choice in your account backend.

The Box: The Sill

The Cost: $35/month + $5 flat fee for shipping

The Products: Each box includes a plant in an earthenware planter.

Good to know: Subscriptions are a 3 month commitment. After your first 3 months, you can pause or cancel your subscription. Subscription boxes can only be shipped within the contiguous 48 states.

What do you think of this new box? Would you like to see it reviewed? 

Written by MSA


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Comments (41)

  1. Yes please! I love this idea!!

  2. I have a sunny east facing apartment with lots of plants which I bought cheaply or propagated from other house plants. People like to give plants as gifts and I always want to say “getting a plant is like having new houseguest, or at least a new piece of furniture”. Too much responsibility for a monthly subscription if you ask me.

  3. I’m new to the houseplant game. Never could keep plants alive so I gave up. I have 4 plants now that have been alive a whole month! So I’m excited & have been looking around for plant subscription boxes. I think it’s great! The price… heck no. $20 total maybe. But twice that isn’t cool at all.

  4. Please review this. Love the fact that they offer a pet-friendly sub!

  5. May be pricey, but is it worth it?
    I’d like to see MSA review1-3, so we could get a feel of what the subscription is all about. I think by the third box, one could tell how they really feel.
    I’ve always been really into plants, but gravitate towards the same ones each time. This could be a new way to be introduced to new plants

  6. I can see the reviews now…”the plant was leafy” “it had a nice green color” “it is a…plant”. Lol. I agree with the others- way overpriced and not to mention a really boring sub.

  7. Yes please! There job thrives on us asking them to review boxes. Comments and social media shares. So say for 3 options $40 I would try it if I just knew a bit more. I just got into house plans 5 years ago….I have one living. So this would be great. How would it come? Would the Pot be special also or just normal plastic? Will the box it comes in protect the plant? How can a plant like that be protected????? I must know lol

  8. I don’t think you should waste your time. Of course I would read your reviews, but this way too pricy for me. I enjoy going to Lowe’s and picking out my plants and planters. Plus they have knowledgeable employees that are happy to answer questions.

  9. Nice idea, but no, too expensive.

  10. I would read the review but like most everyone else I think this is a little pricey.

  11. If they cut the price in half and offer plants that aren’t the kind you see at the entrance to stores for less than $5 I’d subscribe for sure. But not for any price would I subscribe to these very ordinary (i.e. boring) plants.

  12. No way.

  13. No. Not every box needs a review. This is massively overpriced.

  14. Um no. WAY overpriced. I can buy an orchid and the especially orchid pot cheaper than one month sub. I could be wrong but I don’t see this box sticking around long. I feel like they’re going to constantly need new subbers. That’s 12 new indoor plants and pots a year. I live in a moderately sized home and wouldn’t have room for that many.

  15. No please don’t waste your money reviewing. So so overpriced i agree the plant is worth a few dollars and i can get way cuter pot for a few dollars. Plus i get to pick both

  16. Seems like a lot of money for a plant I could go to the local nursery and get for 10-12 bucks tops. And how much would the box change from month to month?

    I’d rather have a box for 20-30 a month that would give me maybe one small to medium planter and maybe some different plant foods, seeds, etc. to try. It’s always hard for me to find cute planters – plants are the easy part.

  17. There are no pet friendly plants for me, one of my boy kitties chews on fake plants 😥

    • Mine will chew on any indoor plants, the rascals.

      • Nope, I wouldn’t pay $40 for a single one of the plants pictured!

    • My cat chews on brooms.

  18. I would read the reviews but, have to agree with the majority here, way overpriced.

  19. Five bucks and a Google search and you can save $ 30. This is ridiculous.

  20. I just got into indoor plants, so I would love to see this reviewed. Perhaps to see if this is a good short term subscription versus a long term sub. I mean, I don’t think I want to subscribe for a whole year. If they would offer this as a every 2 month sub instead of monthly, I’ll be more interested.

  21. I might get the pet friendly box for 3 months. Expensive for what you get, but I’d like to see it reviewed.

  22. I do like that they have the different types you can choose. Way overpriced though!

    I would read reviews solely to see how they look, for the different types and go buy what I like. (For less than half the cost of the sub)

  23. oooohhh. I might actually get this one (at least for a few months). I LOVE plants and being surrounded by them but don’t have a lot of places in my house to keep them with a lot of light so the low-light specific option really appeals to me. And they might work well in my office so I can surround myself there too. Yes, please review.

  24. I would read the review. Pots are too simple for the prize points. I can find pots and plants cheaper than 35+5. Love the options they offer though.

    • price not prize😁

  25. I would read the reviews as I love plants, but the price point makes this a sub I wouldn’t personally subscribe to.

  26. And it’s also noted that “Subscriptions are a 3 month commitment. After your first 3 months, you can pause or cancel your subscription.”

    So it appears that you have to pay $120 upfront… no.

  27. I personally I would love to try this one out. I wouldn’t keep it for too long though because I would have plans coming out my ear Lol

  28. I absolutely love the pet friendly option. Unfortunately, I feel its overpriced. I can get a lot of plants or large ones for $40.

  29. I would read the reviews because I love plants… But, as a plant lover, I think this is way overpriced

    • I agree, way way overpriced.

    • I agree, way too much money for a plant and pot. Cute idea though, and I would read the reviews as well.

  30. A $5 plant in a $5 planter… no thanks.

  31. I like plant reviews but I do find this one kind of pricey for one 5” potted plant.

  32. That’s a LOT of money to pay for a plain pot and a 4.00 plant. Wowza.

    • Totally agree. Home Depot & Lowes even give you I think a 1 year plant death replacement for that $ 4.00 plant. Cute pots, but maybe worth $7-$8 bucks apiece at most. Way overpriced!

  33. Personally, not interested in this one.

  34. I don’t think that’s a review I would read often.

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