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Rachel Zoe Box of Style Fall 2019 Review + Coupon

The Rachel Zoe Box of Style from The Zoe Report is a style + beauty subscription box for women. Each box fashionable items and accessories, plus a few beauty products and styling tools, too. I am a huge fan and love Rachel’s taste, so this is one of my favorite style subscription boxes!

FYI – Box of Style has had customer care issues in the past. Please read this post about their customer care before subscribing. (UPDATE – please read the comments on that post as well.)

This box was sent to us for review purposes. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

The Subscription Box: Box of Style by The Zoe Report

The Cost: $99.99

Use coupon code MSA25 to save $25 off your first box!

The Products: Every season Rachel and her team will hand-curate more than $400 of our favorite fashion, beauty and lifestyle items.

Ships to: US, Canada, the UK, and Australia

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JJ WINTERS Ivy Leather Crossbody – Retail Value $148.00

First, I’m so impressed that this purse is made with real leather – and it’s not even the only leather item in this box! This is my favorite style too – I love the convenience of a crossbody. It has an adjustable strap, magnetic snap closure, and a zippered inner pocket, too. I think this style is so classic – I love the simple lines, the carmel color, and the gold ring accent. I’m sure I will use this for years to come.

(It measures 6.5 inches tall, 8.25 inches wide, and 2.5 inches deep. Plently of room for my phone and other essentials.)

RACHEL MIRIAM Leather Card Case – Listed Retail Value $50.00

This is a genuine leather card case with a croc-embossed design. I think the burgundy color is perfect for fall, and the details on this case (like the matching fabric lining) make it feel so luxe. It’s perfect for anytime you need to downsize your wallet (it can hold a few cards and cash.)

DANNIJO Elisa Necklace – Listed Retail Value $245.00

This necklace is gold plated, and measures 14 inches long, with a 3 inch extension chain. Gold is my jewelry metal of choice, and while I usually go with delicate pieces, I am loving this bold necklace! I’ve only worn it a few times so far, but I’ve gotten so many compliments on it! (Like compliments from strangers at the grocery store – which never happens to me!) This piece is a showstopper!

SHANI DARDEN Texture Reform Gentle Resurfacing Serum – Retail Value $95.00

Rachel Zoe has a track record of sending out very impressive skincare brands in Box of Style, and this serum continues that streak! If you aren’t familiar, Shani Darden is an esthetician with lots of celebrity clients (Chrissy Teigen, Jessica Alba, Kelly Rowland, January Jones, and more.)

This formula is ingredient-conscious (no parabens, phthalates, gluten, synthetic fragrances/dyes, or sulfates) and is a gentle version of a retinol made for sensitive skin. It’s designed to help soften the look of fine lines and reduce the look of sun damage and dark spots. You use it at night, and she recommends starting 1-2 times a week and then slowly adding more times a week as your skin can handle it. I’ve used it a few times now and have had no irritation issues.

Also, I’m not sure if anyone else cares about skincare packaging like I do, but I was pleasantly surprised by the weight of this bottle!

Marc Jacobs Hi-Shine Gloss Lip Lacquer in Sugar High – Retail Value $28

This ligloss is almost opaque, has a super high shine, and a micro-shimmer that gives a pearlescent finish. I’m very impressed that it isn’t very tacky considering it has such a glossy shine. For a gloss, it has good staying power, and it wears down well, too.

Verdict: This box has a retail value of $566. I think that’s great for $99.99! (And of course, even better with their $30 coupon!) I’m so impressed with the quality of the items in this box, plus I feel like all the fashion accessories are closet staples I can use for years. And the beauty items are lovely, too. Value-wise, this works out to paying $19.99 an item if you pay full price, or $13.99 with the coupon.

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? Yes, as of publication, this box was still available.

Use coupon code MSA25 to save $25 off your first box.

What do you think of the Fall Box of Style?


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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (95)

  1. Does anyone else feel like the purse looks and feels cheap? I know the info reads that’s it’s leather, but I’m not going to use it. I’m putting it away for Christmas to gift it. The necklace feels cheap as well. It’s so lightweight.

    Sorry to be negative, I just feel like BOS is always trying to market Target finds as “high end”.

    • I agree will be canceling

    • agree about the bag 💯

      • I agree, I received my first box a few days ago with the discount code. The purse strap has a small chunk out of it, the necklace has gashes on the rectangular links right in the front (as if someone took metal pliers to it). I like small cross-body purses, but this one seems so basic and cheap. I hope the serum is nice, otherwise what a waste!

      • If the purse had a small chunk why would you give it to someone , let alone for Christmas? I don’t believe your negative comment about the necklace either. The purse I received was more than I expected. I received my Neiman Marcus 2019 The Christmas Book yesterday. Every purse that was a crossover was 3-10 dollars more. Rachel’s was perfect for me. I’ve worn my necklace on several occasions. Everyone remarked at the quality and were so surprised Rachel included it in the box. They said it was exactly what they wanted at the price they were looking for. Dr the price, quantity and quality I could not be more satisfied and am anxiously awaiting my next box. I have a wonderful faux mink best of Rachel’s. I refuse to believe Rachel would put her name on anything not par echelon!

      • Sherrian Francis I think you have the comments mixed up. The individual who said her purse was damaged is not the same person giving the purse away as a gift. If the purse is damaged I think she should put BOS’s customer service to the test and notify them and report back to us here to let us know what their customer service is really like since that is one of the biggest draw backs of this subscription box. Anyway, everyone has their own opinion, and shouldn’t be afraid to express what they like or dislike about the box; this is why there is a comments section. And I would gladly pay $3-$10 more for a higher quality purse like the ones you mentioned you saw in your Neiman Marcus Christmas Book. Also what faux mink are you writing about? Did I not receive an item I was supposed to in this box?

    • This is the cheapest purse I have ever owned. I am stunned by the poor quality of this purse and the “gold” necklace. There is no way there is anything leather on this made in China (tag on the inside is plain as can be on that fact) knock-off. It also reeks of a harsh chemical plastic smell.
      The necklace is lightweight and has obviously poor quality chain work and clasp. It feels like it will break when I hook and unhook it. There is no way it is gold plated. I also broke out in a rash around my neck wearing it.
      The card holder does at least seem to be genuine leather. It is nothing special. It certainly isn’t a quality item. You can fit about two cards in it, so it’s pretty useless overall, plus not my taste whatsoever.
      The serum does smell weird, but I think it’s just the retinol. Haven’t used it yet, so can’t comment on quality.
      Lip gloss seems fine, but it’s just an overpriced lip gloss.
      This was my first Box of Style. I was suckered in by the sale deal and the pics of the purse and necklace which were so cute. I could not be more disappointed with what I received and feel like this whole business should be sued in a class action law suit for deceiving customers. Even with the discount I feel ripped off as I never would have purchased any of the other items at any price. I did not receive the type of items they advertised, plain and simple. I cancelled my membership immediately.

      • I came here to see if anyone thought of this crossbody bag not being leather and made of pleather… I don’t smell or feel quality leather on this bag at all. I am glad I am not the only one….

    • It is very cheap looking. I’ve gotten better purses at Walmart. I know leather, and this is poor quality. Necklace is cheap looking, too.

  2. My FAll Box was delivered today and I couldn’t be more excited. This is my first BOS and I love every item in this box. I love the crossbody. So classy! The necklace is a beautiful statement piece. Some subscribers mentioned the scent of the serum. I kind of smell a faint rose scent but definitely not a bad smell. Retinol usually has a different smell. But if it works to soften those lines…who cares😆. Lip gloss is very pretty and does not feel sticky like other brands. The card case is cute.. the color is not what I would choose but I will still use.

    I can’t wait to see what Rachel puts together for us for the winter box..

    Also, BOS offers 50% off subscription?? Any tips on how often or when this is offered? I got mine $25.00 off.

    • Enjoyed your comments. I described the lip gloss as feeling like cashmere.

  3. I’m a member of every box on the planet and if I had to choose only one, this is the one I’d choose. It’s always on trend with much, MUCH higher end items than other boxes out there and the items are always something I’d never buy myself yet I end up loving every single time. I always think, “I won’t ever use this” yet I end up using and loving whatever it is. The only thing I didn’t like was an add on for the box which was a Beauty Pie mascara (it arrived totally dried out and was just plain bad.) Yes, there’s add on options available. While other boxes are starting to add weird one-off brands that aren’t great and we never hear from again, this box tends to stay on trend with the best of the best. Always. I’ve just never been disappointed.

  4. Has anyone received a shipping notification from their order over Labor Day Weekend?

    • Nooo I am still waiting ! Does anyone know where this box comes from? I have a FedEx notification from San Bernadino, CA. I subscribe to a lot of boxes so I dont know if this is it.

      • I did for Monday, September 10. It didn’t come.

  5. Now that my psmh box arrived and I see how tiny the purse is I really wish I had just gotten this box instead. Lesson learned.

  6. I received this box yesterday and it is amazing. I love everything in it. I would recommend that you order it if you can. One thing that I love is that there is an a plastic box to keep everything in. This was my first box and I highly recommend this one.

  7. Has anyone else had a hard time with the coupon code? It doesn’t seem to work anymore, I tried to use it and it says “Unable to find a valid discount matching the code entered”.

    • The code was only valid until midnight last night.

    • I tried to use it before midnight and it didn’t work for me. I’m trying to tell myself that it is probably for the best. I have been hesitant to order this box for a long time and the one time I try it doesn’t work. Maybe it is a sign.

      • I tried to use it before midnight also and it didn’t work for me either. I figured it was a sign that I didn’t need more stuff since I wasn’t going to be able to get the lip shade I would wear anyway. Hopefully there will be another sale or I’ll hit the swap boards & eBay!

    • I want that necklace!

  8. Does anyone know if there are add ones available now?

  9. How many different colors of the Marc Jacobs glass are there? Do you get to choose?

    • There were 2colors but when I signed up yesterday only the lighter one was offered. Guessing they sold out of the other.

      • Oh darn! I was going to grab this box today but I really wanted the mauve stick gloss. It didn’t occur to me that the mauve choice would sell out.

  10. Sorry, girls (and guys), this is a little off-topic, but is there a way to buy a past box? I wanted the summer box so bad (Missoni towel!!!) but BOS does not ship to me. However I’ll be visiting the US soon and I’d love to buy it. TIA 🙂

    • Hey Tracy! According to the FAQ on their site, some fan-favorite boxes may be available in the add-on marketplace, but this is not the case for every box or every season.

      • That’s such good news! Thank you so much! Now is there a way to check out the marketplace without having subbed yet?

    • I have one I can sell u the only thing I kept was the purse

      • Hi Mel,

        We’re talking about the summer box right? With the Missoni Blanket? I’m interested! My IG is coffeeteacocoa, please message me!

      • It’s a towel not a blanket.

    • Check out EBay. There are a bunch for sale.

      • Hi Chloe, yeah I actually have, but I can only seem to find individual items and not the whole summer box. The price of the Missoni towel on ebay is only a little less than the original cost of the original box. Thanks for the tip!

  11. Liz, why should we be reading the comments? I signed up and just saw your note. After several minutes reading I’m not seeing anything unusual. Can you please clarify in your post if there is any reason we shouldn’t sign up?

    • BOS has been having negative reputation due their customer service for a while. So there had been people sharing their experiences of /shipping delays/not being able to cancel/credit card charged after cancellation request/wasn’t able to resolve damaged items/months of no replies etc. Liz added that note about comments, since someone mentioned that BOS’s statement should not be the only factor to consider, and urge others to read real experiences that has been shared.
      However, either I’m the lucky one, or they just resolved their CS issues recently, I never had any problem with BOS. I subscribed 3 times, cancelled 2. It took me less than a day to get that applied. Shipping was always super fast, and I recently got a damaged item and got it resolved like a snap.

      So you’ll need to decide whether you go pull the trigger, or play safe. But I don’t see those negative comments as often as I did early this year. I’d recommend don’t make the bad reviews in the past make you miss out on something you wanted.

    • Everything Lex said and if you have more questions, the “FYI” part at the top has a link to the specific MSA post (and comments on it) that may help as well. Not a BOS sub myself, so I hope that helps!

  12. I received my box yesterday without a shipping notice, I got the shipping notice later in the evening. I am happy with everything.
    I chose the darker shade of lipgloss and it’s gorgeous. Love the chunky necklace for fall. I like using card carriers so this gives me another color to choose from
    . The crossbody is very simple chic. I found two beautiful Rachel Zoe cardigans at TJ Maxx last week. One in mustard the other in deep burnt red. I’m ready for Fall💕

    • I was scheduled to receive my shipment yesterday, 9/10. This was my first purchase. I was very excited being from Rachael Zoe, the quality and quantity of the box. To say I am disappointed puts it mildly. I feel Rachael Zoe is above and beyond other subscriptions I am a member. I’ve never experienced a delay with delivery from the others. I feel this is unacceptable. At this point I may not purchase again. Reading other comments delivery is not an isolated incident.

  13. Does anyone’s serum smell strongly of roses?
    Mine has a very strong scent of roses, but Liz didn’t mention it and she used to note anything with a heavy rose scent, as it wasn’t her favorite.

    I looked at the ingredients but see no mention of any roses in the serum ingredients or added fragrance.

    Is it just my serum, possibly? The box was out in 100 degree heat for… a while after delivery. I get so much stuff, they’ve stopped ringing the doorbell. Haven’t signed for anything in over 7 years, so there are upsides. 🙂

    • So weird! No, I didn’t notice any type of rose scent.

    • I don’t smell rose or anything floral.
      But I do smell a pungent pine tree type of fragrance. Not a common smell, but it’s not the ones that causes headaches(anything floral, musk makes me sick) and it fades pretty quickly. Do you think the rose smell in your bottle is closer to wood than flowers?

    • My serum is heavily scented as well, but smells like honey. I hate the smell! Yuck!

    • I hate the smell of it. Usually scents of skin care products don’t bother me but this one almost smells like it’s spoiled.

      • I hate the smell of it too! I actually bought a second one to see if I had just received a defective first bottle, but it smells the same to me…..really awful. It does fade pretty quickly but I use a ton of different skincare and this is the only one I hesitate using because of the smell.

  14. I’m an annual subscriber and received my box earlier this week. I thought it was a solid collection of items. I’m not a fan of the hanging rectangular plate on the necklace so I’ll probably remove it with a pair of pliers. I ordered a second box at $30 off as a gift box. I’m getting it for the retinol serum and will gift the rest during the holiday season.

    • My thoughts exactly regarding the hanging piece in the necklace. I think I’ll like the necklace better without it. Love the rest of the box.

    • It’s pretty simple to remove the rectangular pendant. The open jump ring that attaches the pendant is really soft. I just twisted the pendant and the ring easily opened.

      • Great, thanks! I ordered yesterday. Can’t wait to get it.

    • I like the rectangle piece bc it looks like a lock. Just wish it was silver

    • Rather than pliers, you might take it to a jeweler and have it made removable, preferences do change and it would not lessen the value like pliers.

  15. I don’t care what fancy overpriced celebrity aesthetician makes that serum it’s not worth 95.00. You’re paying for the name. Ditto for Marc Jacobs. It’s just basic lip gloss with an overpriced designer name. I do like the necklace but I saw the exact same thing different designer at Walmart for 4.99 in the tween back to school section so no thanks. The purse isn’t my style at all. Definitely don’t need another overpriced card holder which feels like filler. Sigh. Total miss this season.

    • For what it’s worth, the marc jacobs lip glosses are actually really good. I have a few of them, and they aren’t like any typical lipglosses at all. They are extremely comfortable to wear and not sticky at all. Also the wear time on them are much better than my cheaper glosses. Definitely get what you pay for, at least in my opinion. 🙂

    • Totally agree. This was my first box and I am so disappointed! AND I paid for the VIP status…dumb. The bag feels light and cheap and looks like something you’d find at TJ Maxx, the serum smells and I am not impressed with the lip gloss. This box was a total miss and I can’t believe all the positive reviews it’s getting…

  16. Love the purse and serum but really dislike the necklace.

  17. Love the clunky 80’s necklace but it’s very gold-plastic shiny. The purse will be useful when I don’t need to take the kitchen sink. Just wish the strap were longer. Love the lipstick, serum and leather card holder.

  18. The unusual part of this box- It comes with the usual booklet telling about the products, but there’s not one WORD about the crossbody bag.
    Anyone else notice that? I was LOLing about the obvious omission.

    • Oops- my pages were stuck together on that page. There’s a photo and a brief note. This is the JJ Winters ” Ivy” Crossbody bag, in case anyone would like the style name. 😉

  19. Got my box today. I like everything, was glad to get $25 off.
    There’s nothing I particularly am wild about, but the bag is the stand out product. It should have been in a flannel sleeper bag like high quality bags are, but the brass ornament on the front wasn’t scratched. The shoulder straps have some large dents which I hope come out. I think the weight of the bag on top of the straps caused the dents. My strap wasn’t all folded up and taped up like they can be.

    The necklace is HUGE beside my similar but much more dainty and lightweight sterling Tiffany’s lock necklace.
    Also, the DanniJo necklace is very heavy to me. Much heavier than any other sub box necklace I can recall getting.

    This is just my opinion but I do NOT think this necklace has anything flimsy about it and I doubt the necklace is going to turn or peel or otherwise fall apart with normal adult use.

    Don’t care about the card case- I have tons of them.

    My Marc Jacobs lip gloss is a totally different shade. It’s “One Mauve Time” and it’s really pretty , but looks as much pink as it does mauve to me when it’s on. NOT a grayed color at all.

    I don’t care about another retinol serum. I’d much rather have had a great moisturizing cream, but I’m not Rachel Zoe who curates the box. LOL.

    I think it’s a great value IF you will use some or most of the products. I will likely use the bag once I look at it more. The color’s a bit flat to me, not burnished or polished, just dyed, and lined in faille except for the long shoulder strap.

    FYI- the bag does not have ANY indication of being made in China. I do not believe it is.

    • Thanks for a great and honest review. Your comments about the bag have me rethinking getting this box – at this price point, the bag shouldn’t be packed that way with kinks in the strap, that’s just cheap. I’m back and forth over the necklace. I suppose that the stated RV is plausible, though at that price I prefer something that looks like it’s actually worth the price, like the French Kande line which is in this price range. Still, the box is a step up from recent boxes, I think, and I may get it after all when I can get it at 50 percent off.

    • My bag has a label sewn inside: ‘Made in China’.

  20. Thank you for the great review! Everything looks great on you. I love this box and would love to gift it to my sister as well. I got one and the bag looks great and fits my wallet and my phone. The card case is so useful for night outs as it fits all necessary cards and ID into my small purse. The necklace is great – as I love gold and I cannot wait to try it on – need to be brave! I like the lipgloss. The only one I am worried about is the serum as I don’t like the smell but read good reviews – will see. I got this box at 25% off and I really think it’s definitely worth it!

  21. Liz, the bag looks so cute on you.
    I like this box so much, already thinking to order another one for my mom.

    • Thanks! I was thinking about ordering a box for my mom, too! 🙂

  22. Liz, like others have mentioned your blouse is beautiful! I wish the black was still in stock as I’d ruin the white. I think this box is worth it alone for the purse, card holder and necklace. I am not even going to tally up the retail value but am basing the value of the individual pieces and their use for me. At $70 with the discount I consider that owning those three items is money well spent.

  23. I really like this quarter’s box but I’m overloaded on subs. I’ll wait and see if if there will be a 50% off offer. The attraction for me is that most of the box is non consumable and will last a long time. Oh I wish I could order it but must stick to a budget.

    • I’m exactly waiting for that, 50% off. I like the necklace and the bag, but I am a little leery about the necklace. It may look great today, but the question is whether it will stand the test of time or look like a tarnished piece of junk in a few months. Even at 50% off the price of this box is not a trivial one.

  24. I LOVE that necklace. Its the one reason I suscribed when I saw the review.

  25. I love everything in this box. This will only be my second BoS but I really liked last mo the too! I don’t think the necklace is tacky at all… I’m more of a silver than gold person and it still drew me into keeping my subscription to this box. And it looks great with the gold accent from the bag! Can’t wait to receive my box!!

  26. Everything looks great but I wish luxury boxes would stop sending gold or silver PLATED jewelry. You can get the better/real stuff for around the same or similar prices and they don’t tend to tarnish as badly or give skin irritations

    • I think the quality of the jewelry just depends on the brand. I have a ton of jewelry from Kendra Scott that is gold plated and it still looks great several years later. It would be silly to expect to get solid gold jewelry from a subscription box but some of the brands included are much cheaper quality than others.

  27. The last box was on the amazon treasure truck in austin for $60 yesterday.

    • Wow thats cool. In my area the treasure truck changed about 6 months ago to boring items with @20% discount. I used to visut a treasure truck a few times a month and now never go. Would live to see a one time sub bix.

    • Nashville too.

  28. This season is a hit!! I usually buy the $100ish boxes for just one or 2 hero items.

    …the gold plated necklace is really what’s expected in a sub box; maybe sterling silver will appear one day?

    In any case, the piece is on trend and totally reasonable to at $14 (the “socialist equation: $70 divided by 5 items…).

    Want to talk inflated retail values? Let’s NOT do the math on the multiple LV bags I bought back in the day…I’m not the only one I’m sure 😉

    Liz you look great! I know you’re a behind the scenes sub box maven…you can definitely pass as an insta-millennial influencer!!

  29. Love this box! Great review!

  30. This is such a great box! I also love how items in these boxes look amazing with pieces from past boxes. The necklace isn’t tacky at all – it’s a beautiful statement piece similar to many necklaces that I’ve seen Rachel wearing herself. I mean, if you don’t like her style why even bother with this box??

  31. I actually love this box AND this season is just great!

  32. Idk about this. I mean I see the value there greatly but i would expect more than 4 items for a $100 subscription box. I guess I’m just spoiled with boxyluxe and ipsy plus lol

    • It’s 5 items: serum, purse, card holder, gloss, and necklace.

    • Hi Brittany, the difference for me is that this box contains non beauty items, so I think it is like comparing apples and oranges when relating it to Ipsy or Boxycharm.

  33. Fantastic review, Liz! I’m not a subscriber, but I like everything, but the shade of the lip gloss. I didn’t think I would like the necklace, but seeing it on you, I think I would wear it.

    • Thanks, Sharon!

  34. This is actually a really great box and I’m contemplating getting it. The only thing I’m not big on is the necklace b/c I’m more into smaller charm necklaces but I think I could put it on the swap page or sell it and it would go fast. $70 is good but I feel like her boxes always go on sale for pretty cheap (like $50) later in the season so perhaps I should hold out. But maybe it will sell out? Hmmmmm decisions, decisions, decisions….

  35. You look gorgeous, Liz! Where did you get that amazing blouse??? It’s so completely my style which isn’t easy for me to find.

    I was on the fence about this box but your review convinced me. Especially after you broke it down to cost per item after the coupon.

    Thanks for the great review and PLEASE do let me know where your blouse came from. Thanks!

  36. I had unsubscribed a few boxes ago but this one might draw me back in.

    • I’m thinking the same thing.

  37. That necklace is tacky AF but the purse is promising. Looking forward to seeing it firsthand.

    • The purse is described as leather but not sure if that can be true. Made in China plastic

      • Where does it say that the purse is made in China?? JJ Winters purses are all made in the USA. If this particular bag is in fact made in China in order to meet demand then that does NOT mean it is not real leather. My Balenciaga bag and Burberry purse are made in China. They are also real leather. What most non-luxury purse owners don’t know is that Made in China can also just mean assembled in China with imported materials. To quote Miucci Prada – “Made in Italy’? Who cares? You have to embrace the world if you want to live now.”

    • J I agree with you on the necklace. I love a lot of stuff in these boxes but that is a big nope for me.

    • I like the necklace but it’s super cheap feeling.

  38. The necklace is gorgeous and the purse looks good, as well. Great fall pieces.

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