Rachel Zoe Box of Style Fall 2019 Box FULL SPOILERS!

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We have the full spoilers for the Fall 2019 Box of Style! (Thanks for the heads up, Elaine + Cathleen!)

Use this link and coupon code FALL25 or MSA25 to save $25 off your first box!

Here are the full spoilers:

Here’s a closer look at each item:

DANNIJO Elisa Necklace RETAILS AT $245.00

“A statement necklace can completely change a look. Use this version to dress up your favorite LBD or add polish to jeans and a tee. I guarantee you’ll get lots compliments.”

  • xo RZ Gold plating
  • 14″ with 3″ chain extension
  • Dust bag included

JJ WINTERS Ivy Leather Crossbody RETAILS AT $148.00

“I love a leather crossbody bag for fall and this rich caramel color looks great with everything from late-summer dresses to fall’s chunky knits and jackets.” xo RZ

  • Genuine leather
  • Adjustable strap with interior zip pocket
  • L 4.5 x 6.5 x 2.5″


“I am so excited about this season’s choice item from Marc Jacobs Beauty. Both shades are sheer, buildable and feel so good on your lips. These insanely beautiful colors are fully on trend – gloss is the way to go for Fall.” xo RZ

  • 5 ml Cruelty free
  • High-performance ingredients deliver a super shiny finish and no stickiness
  • Your choice!

RACHEL MIRIAM Leather Card Case RETAILS AT $50.00

“Bordeaux is my absolute favorite color and this croc-embossed leather card case is perfect for downsizing your everyday wallet for evening.” xo RZ

  • 4.5″ x 3.3″x 0.12″
  • Genuine croc-embossed leather
  • A donation was made to Baby2Baby in honor of this collaboration

SHANI DARDEN Texture Reform Gentle Resurfacing Serum RETAILS AT $95.00

“Even sensitive skin types can use this gentle retinol serum. It encourages cell turnover, softens lines and reduces signs of sun damage which is especially important after the long summer months.” xo RZ

  • 1 fl oz.
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Softens fine line while reducing the look of sun damage and dark spots

What do you think of the Fall Box of Style spoilers?

Use this link and coupon code FALL25 or MSA25 to save $25 off your first box!

Check out all of my Box of Style reviews to learn more about this quarterly subscription box.

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I actually love the necklace. I am not crazy about the crossbody bag, more the color, although maybe it will go with something. Rachel Zoe might like burgundy but I don’t, I am a cool color person so that will be a regift or trade. The other items, I’ll definitely use. So one the fence…I just had to chat with CS and I will say they fixed everything immediately and were very pleasant.

    • Diane, when you say they fixed everything, does that mean they can do substitutions?

      • No they don’t do substitutes or special requests.

  2. Amazing box! I love the purse and card holder. I can’t wait to get one when they offer a coupon at the end of the season!

    • They offer $25 off your first box so no need to wait!

      • Do I need a coupon code for the discount? I can’t find one that works.

        • I used MSA25 and it worked for me. It’s $25 off your first box.

  3. I like this box Is there a coupon for first time buyers?

  4. Are there any coupons for this? Thanks.

    • MSA25 gets you $25 off. Worked for me. I’m really impressed with this fall box. I just received the summer one today. I’d held off but couldn’t turn down the flash sale. Items were very high quality. Even the box itself is quality – loved the color and magnetic closure. Wow on the towel and loved the earrings. The duster looks cute and will get use by the pool. Beauty products were perfect for me. The purse in the summer box isn’t my usual style, but I think I’ll trim the fringe and use it on vacation with a boho look.

      As for the fall box, everything looks like it going to be a hit for me. The necklace is chunkier than I usually wear, but it’s going to be a fun experiment, and if it looks odd on me, I know my little sis will rock it. Especially love the crossbody bag and card holder. Wish the colors coordinated, but no big deal.

  5. Does anyone know what the specific shade is of the Marc Jacobs so I can look up swatches? And do we get both lip products or just choose one?

    • From Instagram, I believe the shades are One Mauve Time and Sugar High.

  6. Nice box but nothing jumps out at me as a must have.

  7. NIce box! I am happy I missed the PSMH box. I love it all!! Shani Darden 🙂 I love my blue card holder- I can always use another. Love a real leather handbag! Just wonderful curation. Finally a box to be excited about!!

  8. Beautifully curated box…yet I don’t think I’d use a single item. Excited for those who are getting it. I appreciate the thoughtful curation.

  9. Have any of you ever purchased a Box of Style add-on? I’m looking specifically at the $49.99 “mystery accessory bundle.” Anyone have any experience?

    • I ordered ad-ons with the Winter 18 box for gifts. It billed altogether and Everything arrived in a larger brown box with the seasonal box inside also, not separately. Didn’t have a problem if that’s what you’re asking. I know CS has been horrendous for some, but I’ve never had a problem with anything to contact CS. That’s my 2 cents.

      • I was just wondering if it’s worth the money. Did you get nice things?

      • Was it worth the cost? Did you get nice things?

        • Honestly, they were mostly items from past boxes from what I can recall. So they were good quality, packaged well etc. same as the seasonal boxes. Depending on what’s in the store, I may do add ons for gifts again this winter for Xmas. I had no issues to speak of and happy with the purchases. Hope this helps.

  10. Beautifully curated fall box. No FOMO for me though 🙂

  11. Wow! Love it all and the colors of each item. I hopped on the train with their gilt city deal and customer service has been excellent for me. Maybe in the past it may not have been great for some but I would give them another try now if I were u. They were super helpful to me and I had my box two towels and duster in just over a week from ordering and this box looks like their best box they have done in awhile.

  12. I wish this had come out at the same time as the PSMH spoilers. I don’t need two new fall bags, certainly not in the same color (I picked Putty in the Cambridge satchel). And this necklace is too Samantha Jones for me. I use my Dagne Dover card case every day, and it’s still in good shape, so I would be delighted to have another one, and the beauty items are great too. But I have to cancel BoS for this season and stick with my PSMH box. Maybe I’ll be able to swap for the card case.

    • Me too. I’m actually happy with the psmh spoilers and they sold out in one day so they played their cards right. If this box was spoiled back then it would’ve been a closer call.

    • PSMH????

      • PSMH = PopSugar Must Have

  13. After the FFF reveal, I was dreading this box reveal, but this box makes me happy. Finally. Rachel has been slipping. I love the necklace. I have a couple of DanniJo necklaces from other boxes and the quality is good. I can’t pass up a cute crossbody and it’s a classic color that goes with most other colors. Rachel has been great with her skin care choices. I’m not completely brand loyal and like to try different skin care lines. And lip color choices that aren’t too pale, too brown, or too dark. I can’t complain!

    • I agree. I canceled FFF after all the spoilers were reveled. Luckily I hadn’t renewed the annual and was on the seasonal plan. This box looks so much better. I’m not usually very impressed with them as for my style personally but I LOVED everything but the brow gel in the last box. I’m liking this one a bit less though, mainly because I really don’t like gold. The style of the necklace is a little heavy for me but if it was available in silver I would wear it. I adore the crossbody bag and really need one in that color. I already have 3 black ones but no brown or similar colors. I agree the beauty choices look great. The card case is pretty useless to me but I might be able to gift it. Unfortunately I don’t have anyone to gift the necklace to since all my family and friends also prefer silver. So although I think these boxes are really improving, I am torn on this one. I got the Summer box for a steal but predict this box will be much more popular. Full price isn’t really in my budget when I can’t use two of the main items but if they go on sale I will definitely buy this one.

  14. I’ve taken a few of the gold jewelry pieces from this box and had them rhodium plated at a jeweler so they are silver. It doesn’t cost much and make the jeweler wearable for me as I always love the styles but just never wear gold. My be an option for others.
    Didn’t this box send out a blue leather card holder in a previous box? I think maybe with the box that had the blue leather fold over purse? I use that one all the time so I’m happy about getting another one in the red color.

    • I’ve been considering doing the same for some of my pieces, especially those starting to show wear. Good to know you’ve had success with getting your pieces dipped!

    • That’s a great idea. I had no idea you could do that.😲

    • Thank you, Stacey! I didn’t know you could do that. I’m so excited now. That really opens up a lot of boxes I usually like but pass on because of the gold. Plus I already own a few things I would actually wear more often if I could make them silver. Thanks again for sharing!

    • Stacey, thank you so much for giving us the great tip regarding gold jewelry. I think having gold pieces rhodium plated at a jeweler so it’s silver is genius! If you don’t mind, could you give me a guesstimate on price ranges to have that done? I’ve never asked my jeweler to do that for me. I want to be prepared and see if it’s worth it. Thank you so much!

  15. Glad there was a link to past customer experiences and their attempt to fixing things. I didn’t see full resolution for a few ladies so, I won’t be subbing. Thank goodness I take the time to read comments because, it has saved me from wondering why a certain beauty box attempted to charge me several times after ordering it once then cancelling. Thought I was going crazy till I read at msa that other people had same issue. I only carry crrdit cards that always have my back like Capital One and American Express. They alerted me to the beauty boxes attempts. I wont go thru that again though this box is tempting.

  16. This is a nice return to form for Box of Style. It reminds me of the quality and boundary-pushing style of their early boxes. I anticipate it selling out but if it’s ever deeply discounted I’d bite.

    • I consider a 25% discount on a brand new box debut to be a nice discount.
      I could be wrong, this could be personal bias at work because I LIKE this box for the first time in about a year, but my feeling is that the box will sell out before it’s taken down to a greater discounted price.

      I could be wrong, but to me, there’s not a true ” clunker” in the box. I’ll at least try everything. 😉

      I also think, because there’s no clothing item, that THIS box, maybe rather than an unknown Winter box ( which usually does not ship before the holidays) will make really nice Christmas gifts…

      JMO, but if I had female relatives still living, I’d definitely buy this box at $75.00 for someone special.

  17. Wow, great box. Previous subscriber, never had any service issues just had to make some cuts. Hope I can find a way to finagle this before it sells out. Really impressed.

  18. I really like everything in the box and subscribed with the discount code. I believe it’s worth a ” new” subscription.

    Three things:

    1) They have changed the way you create your log in account. The site says this is how you will manage any changes ( which I take to mean cancellations to the account). It requires the user to verify by email. This is a new step.

    2) After I PAID for my box and received the confirmation email, they added a $99 ” Seasonal Membership” to my cart. Is this a placeholder to indicate that I am currently a seasonal member or is it a pending second charge?
    Obviously, I’m not paying for a second box… not at full price, anyway.

    3) I am not someone who enjoys plated or dipped jewelry as it oxidizes and leaves marks and redness on my skin. However, some prospective buyers of this box might like to know that Tiffany and Co. had a slightly more petite version of this necklace in sterling silver a few years ago. It fastens with a push down mechanism in the lock part, attaching one half of the chain to the other, and is hard to put on and remove after a bit. Likely, that’s why it was only available for a short time. It was part of the ” Return to Tiffany’s” collection. Mine still works fine but I consider it to be fragile.

    The DanniJo necklace has an easy opening/ closure, and while not sterling or precious metal, it should have a slightly trendy, hardware look if the center piece looks like a small lock, which it does to me in the photo.

    Apropos of nothing, I chose the darker shade lip product in the stick form because I ordered the pink ” Pillow Talk” lipstick in the PSMH box. It looks extremely similar in tonal qualities to the Marc Jacobs gloss.
    What’s everyone choosing for their shade? 😉

  19. Wow, what a beautifully curated box.

    I loved my summer BOS box (got the gilt deal with 2 towels and duster for $70) but I cancelled my sub after that.

    I am on product overload and don’t need the bag and wallet (but they are gorgeous!!!) . I do love the necklace for holiday parties, and am a skincare junkie and can always try another lippie. I may jump on this with a discount!!

    • I got the same deal then cancelled too. I would consider this box if it goes to Gilt for $70 plus an extra gift or for $50 through BoS at the end of the season like the summer box did.

  20. I’m excited for this box! However I’ve been a member since Winter 2017 and I want to know what the benefits of staying a loyal member is? I feel like they offer deals of at least $25 off every box and I feel like an idiot for paying a $100 every time. Should I cancel and just resign up every box? Is that what everyone else does?!?!

    • I’m wondering the same thing…

    • Yes, that’s what I do. They have made cancelling easier, too, since now you can do it from the site without having to email and wait for them to do it. I just cancel after I get each box and sign up again at the next box with a deal. It’s very easy.

      • Get out! I am one of those morons who signed on from the beginning , seasonal, and feel slighted when everyone gets a discount.

      • After 7 boxes paying full price I cancelled and then resigned up with a different email and got the 25 off. Can’t believe I didn’t do that sooner.

        • You don’t even have to use a new email address. You can cancel on the same account and re-sign up and get $25 off.

          • Good to know!! Thank you!

          • I just signed up and missed being able to enter the discount code. I didn’t see a place to enter the code and the order processed before I was ready. I emailed them to see if they would refund $25 or cancel my order.

    • After your 4th box you get a gift. Mine was an Echo Look. But after a few years of subscribing it does feel like we should be rewarded more since everyone else is paying less.

  21. While this box isn’t exactly for me (big girl that loves silver so necklace and bag too small and wrong hardware) I am very happy to see mainly happy and positive reviews to it. I think BOS has been working super hard to make things better. Also, if past customer service problems are holding you back, definitely give them another try. My recent customer service experience was the best I’ve had with ANY company in years, sub box or not. I was starting to feel like customer service was a thing of the past, and they really made me feel differently.

  22. The thing about BOS is that the curation is great and the items are usually good quality but only every other box works for me. This one doesn’t. I love crossbodies but this one looks too small to fit my wallet and much else, so I wouldn’t reach for it. I already have card cases and rarely use them. I really don’t think I would wear the necklace as I find heavy necklaces uncomfortable. I already have way to much makeup and skincare.

    • I keep looking back at these spoilers because I like the look of these pieces, but that crossbody is only 6.5 inches long!

  23. Wow! Shani Darden, I love love her stuff. I’ve been using her retinol reform and love it!

  24. To anyone interested,I will be putting the necklace up for swap.Its just a bit big for me.

    • It reminds me of a padlock, very bulky.

      • I believe it’s a take on a very popular smaller sterling lock necklace that Tiffany and Co. designed about 6 or so years ago now. The Tiffany and Co. necklace was quite a bit smaller than this one, and the padlock was not at all industrial looking, in fact, it was simply a small square of sterling with ” Return to Tiffany and Co.” engraved on the front.

        It’s what I’d call dainty with a slightly trendy look. Not at all like wearing something from the hardware store ;). The BOS necklace does look quite a bit larger in the photos, but I’d expect that from Rachel Zoe’s picks. Her jewelry items in the BOS have never been petite or dainty from what I have bought or recall..

        With the Tiffany’s version of the lock necklace, the padlock design was in the closure. It opens and closes with a padlock type mechanism, which was great in the design phase, less so in the execution because it is sometimes a bit hard to raise and lower the swiveling lock piece and click it closed. Their necklace’s chain is substantial in size but is also very short.. It barely closes on my average neck and I’ve seen it worn by one other person, and it looked way too small on her.

        I won’t be wearing the Dannijo necklace unless it’s long enough to go over fabric because non-precious metals cause redness on my skin, but I wanted to give more info about the likely design provenance.

    • I might be interested in that swap for the necklace, although I’d like to see a pic of it when you receive it. I would wear it just peeking out from under a shirt or tshirt, not so obvious as against that white top on the model. That’s bad styling in my opinion, makes the necklace look old ladyish. Let me know when you receive it? Thank you!

  25. Best BOS ever! I’m happy that I jumped on the Gilt City deal as I won’t have to re-activate my sub. Well done!

  26. This will be my FIRST BOS…….

    Love everything….!! wahoooooo

  27. Loving this box!! Might have to get this one!!

  28. Well done BOS! Now I am going to have to pick a different color PopSugar bag! Loving every single item in this box!

  29. Love the necklace!

  30. Honestly would not have paid for FabFitFun this week if I saw these spoilers first. Lol. Love this entire box!

  31. 👏

  32. Wow

  33. This is a great looking box, too bad their CS has been so terrible, makes me too nervous to resubscribe.

    • I’ve had really good experience with CS. I purchased an annual subscription through Gilt and have some technical issues with my account. The CS was extremely helpful and courteous. I e-mailed and I like that I am talking to one person that is able to follow-up my requests instead of multiple reps that I need to catch up on everytime.

  34. I like that they use real leather. I hate “vegan leather”.

    • Jeannette, I agree. I’m vegan and quite anal about not using animal products, so I wouldn’t personally use this bag, but the current trend of employing the catch-all term “vegan leather” for the crappiest plastic junk and then slapping an inflated price tag on it is insulting and ridiculous. In a box at this price point, I would expect only the highest-quality “vegan leather” (e.g., Matt and Nat-type) or real leather.

      • Wouldn’t it be amazing to see Matt & Nat in a box one day!?

    • And I hate the phrase vegan leather. Stop trying to sugar coat pleather.

  35. Wow, this is the only box I’m impressed by. I may considering buying this (when it’s discounted).

    • Same!

  36. I agree. Best Box of Style I have seen yet. Just subscribed. Love the necklace.

  37. Damn! That’s one impressive box. High quality items I actually see myself using all of them. I’m in!

  38. Holy moly. What an improvement!

  39. Wow. This will certainly make up for the Summer box. I love everything!

  40. I’m impressed. So happy there’s not a one size fits all clothing item!

  41. Did I miss the shades of the lip glosses?

    • From the website, it looks like you chose one of the two shown.

      • RE: Marc Jacobs items: I noted that one is a lipstick and another a gloss on a wand. Very confusing. And someone mentioned color choices.
        What are the choices?

  42. Man oh man – best box ever! So excited for this one!

  43. I would love to either trade for the card case, or purchase it at box split price if anyone isn’t interested!

    • I’ll sell you the card case. I have no need for it.

  44. The necklace looks gorgeous. Still a pass for me. I have a card holder ( blue) from past fall box. And the bag also looks kind of repetitive. Still a much better box than the last 2 ones.

  45. Gonna skip since popsugar has a purse and charlotte tilbury lip already.

  46. Sweet!

  47. What a beautiful bag. Great box!

  48. Wow this is impressive. Huge RV and all wearable looks.

  49. Necklace is gorgeous!

  50. Beautiful, well rounded fall box. I’m impressed.

    • I agree, I am also impressed.

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