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Ipsy Subscription Updates! Choice + Glam Bag Price Change

It’s a big IPSY news day! Here are the updates you need to know:

For IPSY Glam Bag:

  • You’ll get to choose a product every month. Starting with your October Bag, you can pick one of the five products you’ll receive each month. Your 4 other products will be personalized around the product you picked, your beauty preferences, and product reviews. You’ll have a chance to pick your product for October at the end of September, while supplies last.
  • You can now add up to 5 Add-Ons for your bag. Previously you were limited to 3.
  • The price is increasing to $12 a month. New members will start being billed $12 a month starting with the September Glam Bag, and current members will start being billed $12 for the October Glam Bag. For a limited time, you can lock in $10/month for another year with their annual plan. Members must upgrade before 9/30 to get this price.

For IPSY Glam Bag Plus:

  • You’ll get to choose a product every month. Starting with your October Glam Bag Plus, you can pick one of the 5 products you’ll receive each month. Your other 4 products will be personalized around the product you picked, your beauty preferences, and product reviews. You’ll have a chance to pick your product for October at the end of September, while supplies last.
  • Glam Bag Plus will include a makeup bag every month. This starts in October.
  • You can now add up to 5 Add-Ons for your bag. Previously you were limited to 3.

For the NEW IPSY Glam Bag Ultimate:

  • New Membership for even more beauty picks. Glam Bag Ultimate is a new subscription with 8 full-sized & 4 deluxe samples, personalized for you, for $50/month. You can sign up for Glam Bag Ultimate as of today (8/20); the first bags will be billed at the end of September and ship in October. P.S. You’ll get to choose one of your full-size products with the new choice feature! 
  • There will be a makeup bag, every month.
  • You can now add up to 5 Add-Ons for your bag. Previously you were limited to 3.

Any questions about these new changes? Let me know or check out the IPSY FAQ page.

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  1. Does anyone know if they are allowed to give us two of the same kind f product two months in a row in our Glam bag plus?. For example : I Got the Murad Exfoliating Cleanser last month in the August Glam Plus and Now this Month I really wanted the Murad lightening serum but instead of that I’m getting another full size Glow exfoliating Cleaner and I’m Really Feeling like I’m getting kind of Screwed out of really getting my moneys worth when I can’t use two exfoliating cleaners in the amount of time I should be able to considering I already had a few if my own that I bought myself. Please can someone tell me if there’s anything I can do about this?. Sorry one other thing that happened was theyvsent ne the wrong shade of bye bye foundation and told me my replacement was on the way only to get a Wander Brand highlighting Glowtion (body glow lotion) and told me they were out of stock and thought that $15- $20 item was a Comparable item to replace for my $40 some odd dollar foundation and Never told me before they sent them out
    I had to find out two weeks later when I opened the package only to see this item I had no idea where or what it was for and was beyond upset. Can they really do that to me and just not keep their word when they have a ipsy store that has tons of other foundation that would or could have been comparable, if that’s actually possible. Please someone tell me what you think about this

    • They can send you the same type of product two months in a row if it’s not the same exact brand. Question: was the foundation part of your subscription or an add on purchase?

      • Thanks for responding and nobody wasn’t an add on, it was part of my subscription. I hear what your saying about the same product but don’t you think its kind of something that they could regulate a little better, that way I didn’t end up with tons of face washes and something different to try especially since it was one of my 5 products that I received in my glam bag plus?.

      • Yes & no… lol! I have been subscribed to Ipsy for 3 1/2 years. I have noticed that I will end up getting certain products 2 or even 3 months in a row and then my Glambag contents will change again. July I got a mascara and a different one in August. I have gotten 6 eyeshadow brushes this year and I don’t use them. I keep “overstock items” in Glambags and at this point, I’m not going to have to purchase cleanser or moisturizer for at least a year. Same with mascara and primer. Mostly because of Ipsy but I also stock up on my go to products when they’re on sale.
        As for your issue with the replacement item, I would start a whole new email with Ipsycare, being polite but expressing your disappointment in the situation ,replacement product and how it was handled. They will usually offer you some type of resolution. The last issue I had with missing products was an add on. I ended up with getting the $3 refunded and then a package containing a different brand of oil and a sheet mask plus 300 points.

      • Wow. Thank you for that response and you know its funny because I actually have done that all ready and at first there’s me one free add on next month in my clam GB but!!! Lol the catch was that I’d only get free item if I bought one first🤔😧☹️. I’m thinking what kind of kind offer is that I mean honestly its like I’m losing a GBP item Completely with No Decency to forwarn me before I opened the package and saw the stupid glow lotion so I emailed again and mind you I’m still out one of My GbP items… Then get told I’d be given a While whooping 600 points now instead!?. Okay and that gets me one sample product so at this point I’m just completely infuriated with them since they couldn’t have at least sent me a few options to choose from since they made the Big mistake and how long I’ve waited and the messages back and forth with no true results, just seems like they are so dark cheap and can’t just actually give me a good item to replace my $40 some odd dollar foundation the had me anticipation to arrive.

      • Hi Crystal,

        My best advice is to rate the person who replied to your email with a 1 star (there is a survey at the bottom of every email they send). I got a terribly reply about an issue, rated the service as one star, and received an AMAZING email from a different rep within one hour. She actually gave me the next months GBP free for the hassle. It’s worth a shot. Their ratings really really matter to them. Coming preciously from a company who bonused us out based on our survey numbers, I know just how damaging a bad email survey can be.

        Hope this helps!

      • This! Yes! Once you email Ipsycare the 1st time, it’s not like it’s going to some call center. No. It’s every day people just like us working from home. Not joking. A friend of mine who recently passed away, thought it would be fun to see just how easy it would be to get on as an Ipsycare online whatever they call it, and it didn’t take but her applying online, submitting her resume(wasn’t even needed and she was WAY over qualified), a few emails back and forth to check her responses, one phone interview, exchange of documents, etc… Boom, You will be getting such and such information via email to log in and start training. Has anybody ever noticed the time stamp on some emails? 1,2,3,4am? I know one Ipsycare rep decided to log into work drunk as a skunk! Lol! I had 4 emails from this person. 😆 One was just about gibberish, followed by an apology, then an explanation for the sloppy typing and then a message meant for his mom. 😂 The only time I know I’m getting through to someone up a bit higher is by the time stamp and how they respond. So, ya, keep at it until you get someone who obviously knows what they are talking about and not just giving you copy and paste responses.

      • Omg Thank you So Much❤ I think the Only Problem Now is since the last message I got from the last rep…,didn’t send one of those emails like they did the first few times,I replied to them. Do you know if there’s a way I can rate them even though they didn’t send a email saying to do so?

      • The rate me link is at the bottom of the email that the IpsyCare representative replyed back with. If you are wanting to rate another IpsyCare member, you can email IpsyCare and put ATTENTION : Please forward to supervisor, you then can tell them your experience with a certain IpsyCare member, if you can remember there name that is really helpful, ask them to please forward your feedback to be reviewed. That is what i have always done when i was having issues with a IpsyCare team member, if i didnt have the link for a specific Ipsy Care member. Hope this helps!

      • Really Dawna? Who did you think was doing this job? Some upity upity sitting in a nice office with windows and a view? And what kind of experience do you expect them to have for a work at home minimum wage job? And of course they are trained to give specific answers. They can’t just tell you whatever they want. I had a question (not even a complaint) one time only and I could not believe the bag of stuff they sent me. They could hardly close the bag. They owed me nothing. And as far as a rep being drunk, I am sure it happens but you have no way of knowing if this is fact. It’s a $10.00 beauty bag. Why is everyone expecting so much and complaining so much? I just do not get it. If you don’t like it, cancel your subscription.

      • Exactly! Go Dawna😉!. Yeah I like how,she says its just a $10 bag and if you don’t like it to just cancel your subscription??? “We shouldn’t have to” feel as if we need to do that when we signed up to enjoy a subscription to begin with and that’s a Good Solution to Something Going wrong when were promised Good Customer Service and Compete Satisfaction “Give me a break” and yeah like Dawn a said just “Scroll On”😂. Ow and BTW Some of Us! Like Myself Actually pay about $33 Not $10 which is Now $12 so be about $35 with tax So! Now your facts!

      • I have been a member of Ipsy for almost 2 years now and they have sent me the same types of products just different brands several months in a row with the exception of maybe 1 different type of product in my bag. I have contacted IpsyCare several times over this issue, telling them that i want different types of products instead of the same thing all the time. They ended up letting me opt out of 2 products and told me to make sure to review my products every month, which i do, and to keep my profile updated, which i also do, and i told IpsyCare that. I have had several responses from IpsyCare about the issue. They also act like that if it is a different brand but same product, there is nothing that can be done about this except for opting out of the product. You could email IpsyCare and see what they have to say about this issue you are having with the same types of products being in your bag every month. I also recieved the wrong shade of foundation and was told that they were out of stock, they refunded me, but the foundation was a add on for me. I know that i was told by Customer Service that if a item in your Glam bag is broke or some other issue with the product like the wrong shade, that they can send a replacement item to make up for that item and it dont have to be the original product, they have done that to me several times. This is why i am not upgrading my subscription with Ipsy, the same products every month and the personalization. I hope this helps.

      • Wow! Yeah I actually did email them actually several times and I think I’m just more upset most of all because they didn’t tell me before when they realized it was out of stock and the item I got is something I can’t even use because of a skin condition but have that makes my skin intolerable to body lotions so its like I really feel ripped off and kind of like they were being sneaky so I open it up with all excitement and anticipation only to be fuming with rage. I think it would have been decent for them to have at least given me a few options to choose for my replacement because if that reason exactly, you know?. They actually did offer me a so called “little Extra Gift” of a Free $3 add on Next Month! But only! If I buy one add on first!? Like What kind of Scam to get more money out f me is that!, Especially when they’re already raising the price as it is.

      • I know, i get so aggravated sometimes the way Ipsy does things that make no since except for they are trying to make more money. I didnt get my add ons last month in my bag and they sent me a accomadation order with my add ons, only thing is i never received the accomadation order and the tracking still says On the Way To DHL. I had a hard time getting my refund for them because i was told that Ipsy dont refund add ons. WHAT? If i dont recieve a product i paid for, i better be getting my money back. Honestly they say that they increased the price so there can be more options ect., really? We get to get more add ons that we pay for and getting to pick a product every month is not costing them anything.

      • Thats so true and you know its just like starting to feel like pulling teeth to get a happy results from them and they try to give these so called amazing offers that just make them more money and even when its something they completely screwed themselves, starts to make me feel as if it was actually my screw up and so stressful to actually make a customer truly happy. How can they run out if foundation to give me when they sell crap loads if different fiundations you know!?

      • Yeah, they have plenty of other foundations they could have sent you and what makes me mad is that when they have the GBP mystery bag for August, i guarantee that the It Cosmetics Confidence in a foundation will be in it and every body has to pay more for the mystery glam bag Plus that they offer. It is just another supposed to be great offer that they are making money off of. I think that they should take care of the people that pay for the subscription first with products that they are supposed to be getting in there bags before trying to sell the mystery bags. There is no way i would pay that much for a GBP mystery bag, when i already received the bag as a monthly sub for a cheaper amount. I have tried buying the regular mystery glam a couple of times and i end up with products that i had already gotten in that months bag or just crappy products that Ipsy is just trying to get rid of, i wont buy no more mystery bags, they will probably raise the price of those too. I hate to say it, but Ipsy is getting more and more greedier, they act like all this change is to Beneifit us, but who is really coming out ahead?

      • That’s so true and honestly I just think once people started hating boxy a little and liking ipsy more that they jumped on their high horse and were thinking “Hey let’s make more Money from Everyone” and Offer Crap they might not even realize is Not even a Good deal since boxy was making more money with luxe, Figured they had to find,some way to jack up their cash flow and there you have “Ipsy Ultimate”!? What’s Next! “Ipsy Extreme”!!! Lol. Your Soo right about taking a step back and actually making their Customers happy!!? I mean really a free add in if I buy one first?? Gee Thanks!,And I love how they say to hope right on it because its a One time Offer, Like oh No! I’ll just go to Sephora and get $3 samples for Free!😂

      • One thing I want to mention about Ipsy, is somewhat in their defense. Ipsy is about trying new things. As Ipsy has put it to me, basically. They want us to fill out our profile and review our items, and yes, they DO want to send us items within the range of our profiles but sometimes that can’t happen because of the products available that month and/or for some of us, it might be a repeat issue. There are a lot of variables. That being said, once in awhile, I do get a bag that just kinda makes me shake my head because it’s just off. Then I look at what they had that month… I have also noticed that once in awhile it is a bag that does not match you except for 1 thing and it is on purpose because they want to throw something new at you to try. That is basically about how someone worded it when I asked Ipsy about it.

      • Yes, i understand that Ipsy is about trying new things but sending me products that i have marked RARELY on my profile, 5 or 6 months in a row is a little aggravating, just like on the Lip stick or lipgloss colors, i have marked Red and Berry colors on my profile and i have not received any lip product in those colors, instead it is a pink,purple or real light transparent color, that i did try when i recieved it and it does not look good on me, in fact my husband will tell me that it dont look right on me either. I try to have a open mind and try new products but the same shade, different brand gets old. That is why i am happy we get to pick a product every month and we can purchase add ons, so i can get at least 6 products that i want and will use.

      • I agree with you there. How many dark grey eyeshadows could one person need? I would mention that in your email.

  2. After picking my add ons for September, I’ve decided to keep my regular Ipsy GB and get rid of my GBP. I like having the smaller samples just to try out different products and now that I get to choose one, even better. If I want FS items, I can just add them on or purchase them off of buy/trade sites. With the regular GB, I can add on 2 FS products I want and 3 additional samples for $45. Only downside is that there will definitely be products in the GBP and GBU bags that will not be available as add ons. Oh well…I did sign up for GBU for FMO. Just not sure I need that many FS products!

    • I am not sure if i am going to cancel my complete sub after September or like you, just keep my regular bag. I do like that i can get 5 more deluxe size items if i want them, like i did today. 10 deluxe size samples a month, for the price, is really not too bad, i guess but we have been getting to pick products in the GBP for add ons, i dont think that is going to change. I usually buy a full size add on that is being featured or has been featured in the GBP. I know they say that the Ultimate will have products that the other subs wont have but i guarantee that if not now but later, that the supposed Higher Tier products that the Ultimate is supposed to only have, will be included in the add ons.

  3. HURRY!!! It’s 6:45am CST & ADD ONS are up and available for me to purchase! Ipsy states Add Ons are available for purchase starting at 6:00am PST which is 2 hours from now. I wonder how many people will not be able to get the items they want… It has been this way for me since they started the add on program. I wonder when it’s open for EST, MST & PST??? I did not purchase any add ons this month but I’m glad I was up and awake anyway. Definitely something Ipsy needs to fix.

    • I didnt get the ONE thing I wanted in my Plus bag so am pretty disappointed, the Murad spot serum. Geez. Didnt even offer ut yo me in add-ons which really really annoys me. Im 55 yrs old. I have all anti aging stuff in my personal preferences. Wouldnt you THINK I’d b the perfect candidate for it?? Whatever.
      Anyway, i did shop add-ons. Grabbed an Ofra highlighter, the Farmacy gel masks, the contour brush & the overnight watermelon serum. Sure hope they do me better next month. Ill probably end up getting it in my Ultimate bag because I wasnt able to get it yet. Lol

  4. I chose the Ofra palette. This is my second month having the option and I’m glad to see it become a permanent feature. I signed up for Ultimate and still have my GBP in place. I will decide which is better for me and drop the other. I would love to see Ultimate get 2 choices… possibly one full size and one deluxe.

    • I like the idea of more choices with the ultimate bag. OR if you keep all three monthly bags, getting a bonus choice. So one for GB, another for GBP and then TWO for Ultimate. An extra for keeping memberships to all three Ipsy bags. What do you guys think of that?

      • Ooooh. Let’s not get too greedy now!

      • I think it’s a great idea of course, but I don’t know if they’d be open to it. Although people that are keeping all 3 will be spending $87 (plus tax) plus any add-ons so it’s not unreasonable from a customer perspective. I’m just shocked at how many people are planning to keep both the Ultimate and Plus subscriptions. I’m a huge beauty addict but that’s A LOT of product. I don’t think I could possibly justify that unless I was selling my excess or at least swapping it for useful non-beauty items. If I was that disciplined I would definitely do it. But for now I think I will try Ultimate and decide if I want that or to go back to Plus.

    • I did the same. Dropped the little sample bag, kept my Plus and added the Ultimate so I can decide after that which to keep

  5. It seems unfair that some people got to choose and others not (so far)…does the Glamglow being sold out mean that those of us who could not choose definitely won’t get it?

    • I’ve been a member fora very long time and I’ve NEVER been given the option to choose. EVVA. I just get what they toss at me apparently. Lol. Friends I’ve referred to ipsy and are basically brand new members always get to choose though. I have no idea what they use to decide who gets what. 😝

      • I am somewhat new started with Gb and GBP in June of this year. I have been given the chance to choose TWICE and guess what? Each time that item wasn’t in my box so don’t get to upset by that cause it didn’t matter either time for me. Once for GB I chose the trial SR Tidal cream for August and didn’t get it. My apologies but I cant remember what the other time was for but it was for GBP and it didn’t come either.

      • I picked all of my products for about a year. That option was gone the last couple of months. In case it’s currently an option for you…under account tab, you have the option to cancel sub/change frequency & then it asks why? There was a pull down w/reasons, including unhappy with personalization/colors. Then it would show 10-20 products that you decided yes you liked it or no not for me. Only once did I get something I didn’t choose.
        I have had various “extra” opportunities over the years. This choosing products was only the latest. Before that I got to send free bags to friends/family members. The weird thing about these extra opportunities was that I always found them by dumb luck on the Ipsy app, I NEVER received a notification or email.
        I’m super excited about GBU! I definitely won’t sub monthly, probably switch it up between GB, GBP, GBU.

      • See? This is the biggest thing about Ipsy that irritates me. It’s not just Ipsy, most subs tend to treat some subscribers better than others. The option you speak of doesn’t even exist for me. I can upgrade or skip. I don’t even have an option to just cancel…

    • I doubt it since it seems they allocate certain amounts of a product for different purposes (my guess… some for sample choice, some to be put in boxes, possibly some for add-ons & mystery boxes). A couple months ago I believe they said a Sunday Riley product was sold out for add-ons but they were included in mystery boxes. I know this isn’t the same scenario, but I do recall people questioning this and Ipsy said they allocate different amounts of a given product for different things.

    • No, last month I want the Goldfaden Doctor Scrub, but it was sold out by the time I got to choose. I still received it in my bag this month though.

      • Oh thanks! Maybe I’ll still get it.

    • I am sure Luna is correct and they only release a limited quantity of some products for preselection.

      But it also seems that the same people that got to choose also had access to a Flash Sale. Is that correct or am I misreading something?

      • I think you’re right. Every time I’ve been able to choose a sample I’ve always been re-directed to their Flash Sale page right afterward. Plus, it seems like a lot of people who have been able to do a sample pick usually reference the Flash Sale (whether they got something or not). I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone state they didn’t get access to the Flash Sale despite them being able to do a sample selection.

      • Hey, Luna! I can’t say I’m surprised only some people get to pick their product because Ipsy has a history of giving additional features/capabilities in a seemingly random way. Like I’ve mentioned before, I have two Ipsy accounts because I like to have two entirely different profiles to maximize my customization, and oftentimes there are spoilers I want from the regular and Plus subs that are too different category-wise to both match up with my main account’s profile. I seem to get the extra privileges on one account consistently but I rarely get them on the other account.
        I am surprised they’re throwing away such a huge opportunity to make more money by not offering the sale to everyone. I know not everyone is like me and would have no willpower when faced with these sales, but I imagine there are a lot of people who would pick up at least one deal, if not three like I do every time they offer. 😄
        So I guess it’s a good thing I wasn’t given the opportunity on both accounts. Especially since I’m spending more money this month and getting Plus from both accounts in an effort to get the Murad serum. Usually I get my Plus sub from one account and my regular bag from the other. I’m getting rid of that second profile after next month though. My online account is completely messed up. It’s missing certain normal features everyone has and it won’t allow me to view previous months’ products. It’s the same if I use the app or any browser both via mobile and desktop. I tried contacting Ipsy Care but the first time around, as usual, they didn’t seem to understand what I was saying (probably because they didn’t actually read my entire message) and the second time they couldn’t offer an explanation or resolution other than to go through them for any changes I should be able to but can’t complete myself. No thanks. So I guess if I find I still need a second account I’ll just create a new one. I should’ve done that sooner and maybe I could’ve had the option to choose a product on both accounts. Especially because I didn’t pick the moisturizer I really wanted to try for the regular bag because I planned to use points from Sephora for it only to find out they ran out. I picked the pink Ofra lip gloss instead because I thought my sister would really like it. For Plus I chose the Nomad palette for the same reason. I wasn’t really interested in the other 3 items they offered me. What did you pick?

      • Hi Dani! I’m glad that Ipsy is going to be rolling out sample choice to everyone starting with October’s bag/boxes so we’re all on a level playing field. I hope they give us all a heads up on the sample choice day like Birchbox does, so it won’t take some by surprise and they end up missing out on it. Now, I’ll just need to be sure I’m at the ready to increase my chances of getting what I want from the sample picks! but that’s part of the fun for me, so if I miss out on a pick (like I did this month), I’ll live. 😉

        I ended up picking the Damn Girl mascara for my regular bag because I’ve been wanting to try it since it came out. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve almost bought that mascara just to try it out when I’ve gone to Sephora or Macy’s to use my Play pass or coupon. Once MSA posted the spoiler for the mascara a while ago, that was an out for me to stop torturing myself on whether I should get the mascara or not, and just cross my fingers I’d get it in my bag. SUCCESS! 😀

        For GBP, I settled on the Apto mask since the Glamglow was sold out by the time I checked. I’m on vacation this week so I slept in and didn’t notice I had the option until like 9am, but if I did my regular 6am check at work (you know, like with other “admin” duties you do first thing at work 😉 , or if they had let us know when sample pick would go live then I’m sure my chances would have been better. Even though it wan’t my top choice, I’m still excited to try the Apto mask. I just hope they still include the Glamglow in my box!… or it’s at least an add on.

      • I haven’t been able to select items yet but I have noticed something about the add ons that Ipsy might want to address. Sometimes, I’m awake at 3-4am CST just because I can’t sleep, and I have popped into my Ipsy app and Add Ons have been available to purchase that early. My August add on was purchased around 4:30 CST on that day. I did reach out to Ipsycare about it, stating that it might cause a problem as Add Ons are supposed to be available at a certain time for everyone… I never got anything but the auto response. I absolutely love my ipsy, but I am starting to worry that they might not be able to pull this all off at once. They are already having trouble with running out of Add Ons and rewards points items. Plus the fact that some are not even getting their items. Hoping Ipsy is truly ready for all of this. Excited to see them growing. Just hoping it goes well.

    • Well next month, everybody will get to choose. Yeah, i did get to choose a product but the choices they gave me were products that i marked RARELY on my beauty quiz. They had one product that i marked Frequently on, and of course i chose that. I didnt get any items from the flash sale they were offering, i didnt see anything that i had not had before or was interested in. I am not purchasing any more extra products until i recieve my missing add ons that i bought and didnt receive in my bag. I contacted Customer Service about not receiving all three full size add on products and they said they would send them. The shipment for my add ons was the 16th and it still shows that they are on the way to DHL. That is $36.00 worth of products that i have not gotten yet, and this is getting close to the end of the month. There is no way i am giving Ipsy any more money on a upgrade or more products, especially when i cant even get my add ons that i ordered for the month.

    • I just saw this morning that Im getting the Glamglow cleanser in my Plus bag. Happy about that because I wanted to try it n i love tropical scents big time. But was very disappointed I didn’t get the Murad, nor was it an option as an add-on

      • Same here. The ONE product I deeply need and have my profile geared toward is hyperpigmentation improvement serums. I wanted and needed that awful so badly but got an apto skin mask where my serum should have been in my box. I’m happy with the nomad pallet and ciate powder but not having it as an add on option really stings. My last big hope is for the murad serum to be part of the ultimate box rollout next month. Fingers crossed.

      • Same here. The ONE product I deeply need and have my profile geared toward is hyperpigmentation improvement serums. I wanted and needed that awful so badly but got an apto skin mask where my serum should have been in my box. I’m happy with the nomad pallet and ciate powder but not having it as an add on option really stings. Now I’m really hoping for the murad serum to be part of the ultimate box rollout next month. Fingers crossed.

  6. If I wasn’t already subbing to BoxyCharm, BoxyLuxe, & Allure, I’d bite on the Ultimate. I’m tempted…but Boxy has been pretty good lately. It will really depend if the Ultimate is skincare-focused. If it is (or I have the option of having it customizable to be a skincare-centric box) I’ll just cancel Boxy and Allure altogether.

  7. Ipsy choice is up!

    • Where? I looked everywhere on the app in my account…

      • I signed into my account and it just popped up.

      • Hi Kenley or anyone else who had this option! Was the Murad serum an option? I didnt get the choice to choose an item so I am curious what the options were.

        Thank you in advance to anyone who replies!

      • Not an option 😔

      • Thanks for asking this! I don’t have the choice option either. The Murad is the only thing I really want. Fingers crossed I get it in my bag.

      • It wasn’t an option for me and I was so disappointed. That Murad serum is the one item I want really really badly. Not just want, NEED.
        I only had a few options. A mask I wasn’t familiar with, the Glamglow cleanser, the Nomad eyeshadow palette and the Ofra highlighter palette. I have two different accounts though and as usual, I was only given a choice on one of the accounts. I don’t really want two Plus boxes this month but I’m trying to up my chances of getting the Murad since I don’t believe it will be offered as an add-on.

    • That was fast – The Glam Glow is already gone!

      • Wow, that was quick! Is it just me, or did they not really have a large selection for the GBP as they did the regular Glam Bag?

      • If it’s already out I’m hoping that means I won’t get it in my box this month. I usually love anything Glamglow but this particular one has pineapple in it and I’m allergic. I was really hoping the Murad serum would be a choice option but I’ve got my fingers crossed that I’ll get it anyway. I picked the Nomad palette, though I would love to get the Madison Miller one too. Hope you get everything you’re hoping for!

      • It was gone by the time I signed in at 10 am.

      • WHAT day and time are we suppose to log in and make our choices? That sucks if they dont have enough of certain items. Whats the point in choosing if what 75% of people want wont be available as a choice??

    • I am not seeing it. Maybe it still isn’t for everyone?

      • I don’t think it is. I have four accounts and was only able to choose for two of them. Next month, I think everyone will get to choose though.

      • This is my first time in a long while to really pay attention to my ipsy subscription and I downloaded the app and I saw it gave me an option to choose. Yay! I also added the Ahava Dead Sea Mineral Hand Cream and Hey Honey Foot cream duo for $5. I loooove that hand cream and so happy to see it available!!

    • I selected the Madison Miller OFRA Face Palette and the Glamglow Cleanser for my GBP and the Madison Miller Highlighter and Madison Miller Lipgloss for regular Glam Bag!

      • It let you pick two for each! 🙁 I still am not showing on mine..blah! What items were listed for GBP? I am thinking of skipping this month..especially if I can’t choose.

      • I have two accounts. If I remember correctly, they had the Glamglow Cleanser, Ofra x Madison Miller palette, Nomad Eyeshadow Palette, Wander Beauty Eyeshadow Palette, and one other item I believe, but I can’t remember what it is. I don’t think it was anything that has not been spoiled already.

      • The other option was a Pomegranate(?) mask from Apto. That’s the one I chose since the Glamglow was sold out.

      • I have two accounts.

      • How did it let you choose 4 items total?

        Or do you have 2 of the glambag and 2 of the plus accounts??

    • Yes! I chose the Madison Miller x Ofra palette. What did you choose, Kenley? 🙂

      • That is what I chose too! I love Madison. I watch all of her Ipsy videos every month, so I had to show my support and get her palette lol.

      • Same here… I love her choice in blush shades, too- so this was a no brainer for me. 🙂

    • I chose the Glow Recipe Watermelon Sleeping Mask. I also bought the Murad and Youth To The People duo and the Clarissa And I Dew Care Mask duo and the Kale sheet mask in the flash sale. I love love love the flash sale they do after the choose a product option, I always get the best stuff for so cheap

      • I chose the YTTP/Murad duo too! I also chose the bundle with the Pixi Retinol Tonic which I luuuuv sooo much.. it’s a close 2nd to the Glow Tonic for me. I can’t even remember the other items in the bundle since I was so focused on the tonic, so I guess it’ll be a surprise! 🙂

      • I almost got the bundle with the Pixi Retinol tonic, I use the Glow Tonic daily. I love it so much! I can’t wait to receive the Murad and Youth To The People duo, I love both brands and have never tried either or the products included in the duo yet

      • Have you used the Glow Recipe before? I was going to get that, but went with the Madison Miller highlighter instead.

      • I’ve never tried it but I’ve heard a ton of good things about it so I thought I’d give it a try. I absolutely love sleeping masks so I hope this one lives up to the hype

  8. I’m going to try the Ultimate for October than likely revert back to Plus or Glam Bag. I had been adding on at least 2 full sized items to my Plus costing myself dang near $50 anyway, or getting the Bag and Plus then adding on a few deluxe sizes. I can’t do Ultimate every month, but I’ll give it a shot and then downsize. Overall I have been very happy with ipsy and items that are not for me are so easy to trade or sell. I’m kind of excited to see how this will work out.

  9. I stopped my Sephora Play and Macy’s subscription, and deleted 2 bags on one Ipsy account, which closed it.

    What I’m wondering is IF the Ipsy Ultimate Bag will have some of the same items as the GBP and the $12 Ipsy bag?

    I really don’t see how they can curate 2 full sized bags will all different products, but no one has said yes or no about this.

    I REALLY need to know what Ipsy is going to do before I add back my Glam Bag Plus, maybe…

    Does MSA or anyone posting have any response from IPSY about the Glam Bag Ultimate’s contents being all different from the other bags, since they are trying to sell customers all 3 bags?


    • I am not sure about the different products in the bags but more than likely since some of the add ons are products that are in the GBP every month. I know that ever since they have had GBP and the add ons, i have purchased at least one item as a add on, that was a product in the GBP for that month. I dont really see them sending any different deluxe size samples in the Ultimate than what is in the regular Glambag. I have also seen full size products that have been in the regular Glambag, end up being a product for GBP. Who knows? I am happy with my regular Glambag, plus add ons and being able to pick a product. This way, i dont have to spend the extra money on products that i wont use and i can pick add ons if i choose to. For right now, this is the best option for me. I am wanting to wait and see how the Ultimate does for the people that are subscribing to right now and see what kind of changes, if any for the GBP products. If it was me, before you spend all that money on all three subs, i would wait, at least a couple of months to see what products and brands are in the Glam bags. You could just do the GBP for now and wait to see how the Ultimate turns out? Then if you decide you think you would like it, subscribe. You can always change your mind and cancel a sub, if it is not working for you! Please dont think that i am trying to tell you what to do, this is just my opinion and what i would do.😊

      • Or you can sign up for the Ultimate and skip/pause your other bags for that month. Either/or. Just a thought for another option…

      • Yeah, that could be a option, but i just one sub, and the Ultimate is out of my price range right now. I also want to see first how October and November goes for the Ultimate bag. I thought about even doing the GBP, but there really has not been anything in that bag that really impressed me. The add ons are usually from the GBP, so if i want that product, i will just get it as a add on. Thank you for the advice though! You never know what sub i will end up with.😊

      • That’s exactly what I’m doing. I figure it’s a good way to try Ultimate while still being able to add anything I don’t get since we’re allowed 5 add ons now. If I decide it’s not worth it I’ll just go back to the regular and Plus bags. I’m so excited to see what they end up offering in October! And to see what the Ultimate makeup bag is like. I’m hoping for a train case-type of bag.

      • This is my plan also! I like being able to choose an item in regular GB and then add stuff on from the add ons page that I actually want from the other bags. I was able to get the Bye Bye foundation last month as an add on and that’s the only thing I wanted from GBP so it was a great deal for me. I’m really excited to see how everything works when this all goes into place over the next few months. My sample choice for September is the watermelon sleeping mask & im very happy about that! I’ve been wanting to try a sleeping mask.

      • I am glad that i am not the only one that feels this way. I am happy with my regular Glambag, picking a product and choices for add on products. I am also happy you got to get the Glow Watermelon mask. I have gotten this before and it is really nice!

      • I was thinking along the same line as you but part of me thinks the first month is going to be incredible so I went and signed up. I am currently signed up for all three.

      • Well, i dont know how incredible October will be but i have not even recieved my add on products for August and the Customer Service representative acts like i am going to still get them but the tracking shows that they were shipped out the 16th and it STILL says on the way to DHL. I have mentioned being refunded for these items and he acts like he dont want to refund me for the add ons that i paid for. I am seriously thinking about cancelling my sub all together.

    • This is what Ipsy responded with, to someone asking on facebook.

      We’ll feature similar products across all three memberships but will have exclusive, top brands and Ipster fave products for Glam Bag Ultimate. With IPSY Match, we’ll ensure you don’t receive any repeats if you have multiple memberships.

      As long as all of your memberships are on one account, you should not receive any duplicates.

      • Well that’s good to know at least. Dupes were a concern I had too. Thank you for sharing.

  10. For the people in the usa, I wonder if the tariffs with China will change the products we receive in our boxes? Or if we will see across the board subscriptions raising the prices now???

  11. I’ve been thinking about all three subscription offers (Classic Glam, Glam Plus and Glam Ultimate). Up until this morning, I’ve been a Classic Glam and Glam Plus subscriber. I decided to unsubscribe from the Classic Glam bag and just keep my Glam Plus account. Now that we can add “add-on’s” to our monthly bag, I can pick and chose items I know for a fact I want and will use. I’d love to upgrade to Glam Ultimate, but $50.00 a month is too big of a commitment for me… also, eight full size items plus four sample sizes is going to accumulate too quickly. I’m happy w/ my decision for now… 🙂

  12. Think I’d rather have two separate plus bags where I get 10 full size and get to pick two for the same price more less🤗

    • I thought about 2 Plus bags, but don’t want duplicates if I can help it, plus I figure I want at least on Ultimate sized makeup bag. I skipped out on Boxycharm and cancelled awhile ago, but bought someone’s deluxe Boxycharm makeup bag and use it everyday.

    • The only issue with that is you’d end up with duplicates allot I’m thinking. They only ensure no duplicates for the subs on the same existing account. Which only allows one of each.

    • Yep, you’ll get tons of duplicates that way. I’ve had 2 GBPs for 5 months now and every month I get at least 2 or 3 duplicates no matter how I change up my beauty quizzes. I’ve switched to the Ultimate bag and will be cancelling my Plus bags. I like not having to worry about duplicate products and I’m curious to see what these brands and products exclusive to the Ultimate bag will be.

      I certainly wouldn’t want to pay $50 a month for 2 Plus bags when the same amount of money might have gotten me some luxury or upper tier brands exclusive to the Ultimate.

    • I thought the same but in this case, you are certain to receive duplicates

  13. I won’t be upgrading to the $50, but that may be an option for people who are just trying to build up their collection. I have so much stuff that I just don’t need so many products.

    Being able to pick one of my products will be fantastic! I also like that they are bringing back a cosmetic bag.

    This is all positive news!

  14. Wow… Of course having a healthy baby is what everybody is going for but there’s certainly nothing wrong with an expecting mom or new mom being pampered herself. I don’t see anything in her comment that deserved this from anybody. Please don’t be salty. Next time, maybe just scroll on???

    • As someone who has birthed 4 children I would like to say that what she and her other half do is not our concern. Congrats and may your child be healthy and whatever material things you get in life (we all get material things) be amazing!

      • You being fortunate enough to do so, and 4 times, doesn’t make you more or less able to talk about push presents. That part wasn’t necessary either. The comments were about push presents in general, not her specifically.

      • What is happening to this world LMAO My statement was to Cindy herself to show her the context of my support comes from others who have been there. Anyone from any walk of life could support her and build her up in whatever context they choose.
        Talk nonsense and argue with others who will entertain your need for drama. I will not address your unfound anger again. Life is too sweet.

      • Whoops, my statement was to Kimi. 🙂

      • How someone identifies with another person is none of your mind. Both mothers seem happy and are doing what is known as finding common ground. Did you feel left out? Remember we are all different. Do you need a hug?
        Angela, I too have children and think your support of other mothers is great. Note how we have a tendency to try to identify with others; that is a part of basic communication skills. I also adore the kudos that Kimi is getting from everyone from all walks of life.

      • First off, there is no rule on how many gifts a person gets. As little or as many as they get is not something we get to chastise for.

        Secondly, I would like to add to the other poster Identifying with her specifically is her choice. I am not sure why you would feel offended by anyone doing that.
        I also think it is important to chase off the people that make statements that imply that if you don’t suffer as they did you’re not equal and I think that is what Angela did. Uplift other mothers, other women, other humans. You missed the mark there, DJ. I am sure you can do better and I am sure you have your reasons for the sensitivity.

        And finally, GOOD JOB LADIES! Keep building each other up and ignoring those who want to do the opposite!

  15. Thanks to for the clear explanation of the three programs. I chose the ultimate.

    • So glad to hear you liked it, Barb!

  16. Be wary of upgrading! I thought I was upgrading from a regular Glam Bag to Glam Bag Plus, and somehow wound up with BOTH subscriptions. Not only that, but now Ipsy has charged me for an August GBP, which I specifically didn’t want! When I contacted IpsyCare about this, I was told that they had looked at my account and saw that “last month you requested to pause your member for 1 month. You were charged for this month because when you submit a pause request, our system automatically reinstates your membership” which has NOTHING to do with my current situation. My GBP sub is new, and I didn’t pause my regular GB for August. When I pointed this out, the only response I got was that I could return the August GBP unopened for a refund, but of course I will eat the shipping cost for that. This is my first experience with Ipsy customer service and I am super disappointed and frustrated right now.

    • Yeah, there are times and it also depends which Customer Service representative you get, that they either answer with a automated answer that has nothing to do with what you were asking or you get a representative that makes no sense and uses excuses for Ipsy’s mess ups and twist it to wear it is your fault. If i was you, i would contact them again and tell them your question and concerns did not get answered. I just keep contacting IpsyCare until i get my problem resolved, it is usually not the same representative and some of the representatives are really good about answering and dealing with issues, you just have to get the right one. You can also rate there response at the end of the email and if it is a poor rating, somebody will usually email you back to resolve the issue. I have never even heard of them making you return the Glam Bag or GBP, if you wanted a refund for it, especially if it was not your fault, and it sounds to me like Ipsy messed up somewhere, try contacting them again and see what a different representative says, make sure to let them know everything! You didnt skip or pause for August or whatever your whole situation is, make sure to tell them! That is not right for you to have to pay shipping to return it! I hope this helps a little! Let me know how it goes!

    • Charlotte,
      I agree with Sherri’s comments. And I truly understand your frustration as I’ve had quite a few different issues in the past year and have received useless responses 3/4 of the time. When this happens I hit reply and then type (in all caps 😁) a polite request to have my message forwarded to a supervisor immediately. This has worked nearly every time. I assume it’s because once you escalate an issue, it does get read by a human being who will explain and resolve your issue in more detail. Good luck!

  17. I’m going to try the Ultimate. My daughters and I have the Glam Bag and GBP each. With one GBU i can do away with the others and split the Ultimate. The pause feature is great. If there is a specific bag any of them would like they can choose and get it themselves. 😁

  18. I wonder if the products in the Ultimate are going to be limited to that bag only? Or will they possibly come in the other bags or be available for purchase as add ons? I’m thinking of trying all three if I knew I would for sure get different products and no duplicates brown all three bags…….

    • Between not brown 🤦‍♀️

    • Good question. I did notice that some full size products were available for Add Ons that were in the Glambag plus. I added an It Cosmetics foundation.

  19. The GB Ultimate will be my push present. Can’t wait!

    • Yay! Congratulations!

    • Wow that’s kinda harsh. Please do not shame women if their partner chooses to give them a gift to show their gratitude for the amazing gift of parenthood. That is not very nice. Let’s uplift each other, not shame each other. We’re all out here just trying to do our best 🙂

    • Obviously the babys the best part and something to be grateful for. Its a thank you for the mom, not only for “pushing” that baby out, but for everything their bodies go through; both physically and emotionally! That wasn’t necessary.

    • Seriously Cindy?!?! What is your problem?

      We buy these boxes usually as a little present to ourselves or other females in our lives. You wouldn’t have commented if someone had said they were buying it for their own or someone else’s birthday, I guarantee it. And guess what, it took a PUSH for that person to be out here available to receive a present now. Smdh push on out of here

      Spoil yourself any way you see fit, you totally deserve it!

    • Congrats Kimi! Don’t ever let the bitter Betties knock ya down. Some folks just need drama and spread the nasties. They lurk the internet and find comments to pick apart simply because it is regarding something they feel jealous about. It really says more about them than anything else. I have 4 kiddos and they are the greatest gift I have ever received (I think most folks agree there) but no one batted an eye at my balloons, flowers and cute little stuffed animals that were brought to my room as a congrats..aka push presents. I suppose it is hard for some to see others be happy when they are not.

      • I was completely surprised and shocked when I had my 1st in 1993. He bought me a Super Nintendo! LOL! 😂 It’s still funny!

      • Ahahahaha a super Nintendo push present. That is the best thing I’ve heard all year! I love it!

      • I know!!! Right?! Lol!!! I didn’t ask for it… He just showed up at the hospital with it! It also happened to be my birthday too… I was like!”You’re joking… right???” Nooo??? 😂

    • CONGRATULATIONS 🎉🎉🎉!! You deserve whatever you want no matter what anyone else thinks. You only live once so do what makes you happy!
      Somehow I have never heard of a PUSH present. But I LOVE the idea. If my daughter wasn’t done having babies I would definitely be getting her whatever she wanted. So whenever the time comes my future daughter-in-law will be getting one.

    • Congratulations Kimi on the baby!
      Hope all is well! Enjoy your push presents and new baby! 🍼💐🌝🎁🎀🎈🎉🎉🎉

  20. I think it is great they are giving us options. You decide what you want and can afford. It’s easy to switch or skip. There is a plan for everyone.
    It’s a little disappointing the $10 bag went up. I understand that costs probably increased, they have to pay for postage, packaging and their employees need to make a living wage. Hopefully they make a living wage.

  21. To all the folks who think the ultimate box is just too much product and would be an overload, I actually love having product overload bc I ALWAYS have birthday gifts or Christmas gifts that are really high quality and high value items which I really didnt pay much for.

    I spend over $50 alone on moisturizer or a nice pallet from Jeffree Star or something like that, so I can very easily justify the $50 price tag. All of the products I dont need or want go to my gifting pile. I have found that kids/teens love the extra makeup I have and are always grateful for it as a gift, and adults love the skincare items I gift them. I basically only have to buy gifts for my husband, and everyone else is taken care of just by my Ipsy subscription. Food for thought!

    • That’s basically what I do! I have a stockpile of cosmetics for gifts, that I paid almost nothing for.

    • I cannot tell you how many times my extras have made nice gifts, pampered a friend who is going through a hard time, given confidence to someone who is going to a job interview. Once my extras filled Christmas stockings for a friend with four teenage girls and no job. One SR product in a bag is way less than buying one product and you get the rest for free! I would spend at least the cost of my subs in product at Sephora. I also have found great brands. I LOVE Bite. Found that in a sub box. Becca backlit primer which I use as a foundation (so Dewey) from a sub. Overall I spend so much less subbing than committing to a specific product and have the ability to be generous with my and my daughters friends.
      I have also found that I am now taking care of my hands and arms in a way that I never did when I was paying 90$ a jar for anti-age cream. The stuff I find I don’t want in my face due to fragrance or too much product has reversed the aging on my neck, arms and hands.

      • That is brilliant! I never thought to use those items for the neck and decolletage, hands and arms! Thank you so much for that tip!

        I’m so happy to hear of other people being generous with their extra products. I totally understand the want to sell them online, but I personally would rather gift them to people I know and it lights up their day every time! My 4 yr old got the Laura Sanchez pallet for being well behaved (only for dress up time, not for going out in public haha) and it was the highlight of her whole year! 🙂

  22. Well as a previous Ipsy bag subscriber and now IGP subber I am super thrilled to be getting the bag! I loved the bags and it always had me in FOMO mode. I’m just too cheap to get both lol
    I hope everyone loves the new ultimate box too. I am not swayed the least bit for MORE product but I can’t wait to see what the boxes look like.
    Overall I’d say ipsy is nailing it!

  23. I noticed that all the bags are the same color but different sizes in the pictures. Is that how it’s going to be moving forward?

    • I think that was just to indicate size,at least I hope so because I don’t really want 3 bags with the same design lol

    • Hi I would love to have 3 different size bags that match to use as a set or to give as part of a nice gift 🎁.
      I love having enough product to be able to leave what i use at my inlaws house so I don’t have to pack so frequently.
      So, teenage girls love these bags for their monthly personal items. I have several teacher friends that love having these to give to young ladies when needed. 😊

  24. I’m dropping Boxycharm for the Ipsy Ultimate after next month. Boxycharm has been great, don’t get me wrong, but IPSY is so much nicer with the customization. Also, I always seem to get the variation I don’t want with Boxycharm.

    • I feel the same way!

  25. I wish ipsy had done this a year or so ago. I would not have cancelled. Twice. The days when we could chose an item were the only times I received items I liked and would use.

    I think $50 for 8 full sized products PLUS 4 minis is a great deal, but I would want to be able to choose 2 items for that price and size. Due to my past experiences with ipsy, I wouldn’t trust their system to give me products I would use. I’m not merely complaining about items that weren’t my favorite, I’m talking about them being waaaay off. As an example: I am a fair skinned girl, but every time ipsy would give me foundation, concealer, etc. it would be among the darkest shades. That was virtually every month, and all the products would coordinate with that item. Eventually, I cancelled and opened another account, only to have no changes so I cancelled that account too. I haven’t been with ipsy for about a year now.

  26. I’m wondering if there will be more items for the variations though. They usually have like 8-12ish for plus right? A good chunk of which is repeats from past months. Or will it be an entirely or partly different assortment from what’s offered in plus? Kind of how boxyluxe is, basically boxyluxe exclusives and items from the regular boxycharm, you know?

    I love the idea but they would need to have more to offer item-wise for me to sign up. I don’t want half of my full size stuff from ultimate being repeats. I am glad they are kind of challenging boxyluxe considering ipsy has been much better when it comes to customization and the add-ons are one of my favorite features. Customer service has always came through for me personally as well so overall I’m interested in it.

    I may just stick to IGBP and see how the ultimate plays out. I’m undecided for now. I also just started decluttering too so I’m apprehensive about adding more lol also got a low buy going on but holiday beauty releases are also going to start coming out so idk!

  27. I’ve read all of the comments and all the Ipsy math tickles me! I’m new to subscription boxes. Approximately 5 months ago, I didn’t even realize how prevalent they were in the economy. I’ve subscribed to Ipsy regular glam bag, Birchbox, and Beautyfix. That’s more than enough products to try each month and even just those three are a bit of budget strain. However, I work full time, and run my ranch full time. I don’t have any time to drive 60+ miles to an mall. Even if I had the time, shopping is not a hobby. These subs are allowing me to find products I need for skin and hair care primarily, and to discover a few new cosmetics for the day office job. For that, it’s worth it. I won’t keep all three – and maybe none – once I discover what works in a daily routine for my personal care. All of this is a long-winded message to everyone to step back and determine what is a ‘need’ versus just a ‘want’. From what I read, a lot of you gals are spending monthly on subscriptions for unneeded ‘stuff’, when that money could be a car note or IRA contribution. Just a little food for thought.

    • Agree that a stash of 10 eyeliners and 20 cleansers means a lot less than putting the $50 into the retirement fund or the emergency dental work fund.

      I’m thinking that ipsy is slammed right now with Ultimate sign-ups. They will have to scramble to provide that many full-size products in one month. If they pull it off without a fail (if), then lots of people will cancel (“I’m on overload! This is a lot of money!”), and ipsy will be stuck with a warehouse full of full-size products.

      I’m sticking with the regular glam bag. Still a fabulous deal.

      • Definitely. I bet most folks don’t have a minimal cash emergency fund. They need to pay themselves first. I believe with Ipsy, the best buy is the regular.

    • Alice, you are my spirit animal!! <3

      • You’ve made my day!

      • Exactly. Once I decide what I like best, I’ll just purchase those online. I won’t carry any subscription. They’re fun, but I have more important uses for my money. I want to retire one day!

    • I hear that! I started getting Ipsy about 3 1/2 years ago. Since then, I’ve tried several others but absolutely refuse to spend more than $15 on what is essentially a shot in the dark mystery bag every month. Ipsy is the only one I have not canceled or even skipped. Even if I get a bag of stuff I don’t like, I find homes for the products and the bags if I’m not going to use something. Between the Glambag, rewards points items, add ons, the occasional Ipsy offer and their Ipsy shop, I’m pretty much set. I do subscribe to the Allure Beauty Box, but at this point, I skip about every other month. Between these 2 subs & the occasional Target box, I don’t have much need to go shopping for makeup or skincare. The holy grails I have found, well, it’s just easier to order directly online.

      • Exactly. Once I decide what I like best, I’ll just purchase those online. I won’t carry any subscription. They’re fun, but I have more important uses for my money. I want to retire one day!

      • I hear that! After raising 6, we are still trying to figure that one out… lol! Down to one! Considering the age difference between the older ones and the youngest, 5 years, I finally decided to try a subscription. I wasn’t quite sure of the monthly budget at the time but it was tax season so I took a little $ and signed up for Ipsy & Birchbox. After mentioning it to my husband, he shrugged off the $10 per month expense. I thought he meant for me to pick one. Easy choice. But he didn’t mean it, just don’t go overboard. I’ve been through a few other subs and Ipsy wins every time. I subscribe to Allure but at this point, I’m skipping about every other month. With Ipsy, Allure & the occasional Target Box, I only have to purchase certain items. Plus, there’s the added advantage of having stocking stuffers for the teenager. My husband thinks it’s cute when I get my Ipsy bag & even teases me a bit. 😂

    • I COMPLETELY AGREE with you! Me personally, dont have the money to spend on subscription boxes. I have way to many bills plus three kids that are way more important than spending all that money on a subscription box. The regular Glambag is fine with me, it gives me the chance to try products before purchasing the full size. I dont want a bunch of Full Size items that i will be stuck with and wont use. I think that the ideal of a new subscription, like the Ultimate just has a lot of people excited and wanting to try something new and that is great but getting all three subscriptions plus the add ons is crazy! Even if i could afford to upgrade or get all three bags, i wouldn’t spend that kind of money, especially since i have no idea what products they will be sending. I am thinking the same way as you!

      • Right? Don’t get me wrong here… I am happy for Ipsy in the fact that they are growing and expanding. I am not going to subscribe to GBP or GBU. I enjoy my $10 per month splurge. Now it’s $12, but at least it’s not $15. Very smart on ipsys part. The only real issue with this is not having much advice notice about the price increase. I understand that we can “lock in our current price for 1 year if we pay now for the year.” That’s great! But, school just started. I don’t have that laying around and I’m certainly not going to borrow from anything else to do so. I’m down to one at home but it’s senior year! 😳 Omg! $$$$$$$$$$$!!!! The last of 6 but a few years younger, kinda forgot how expensive seniors are! Lol! So, I’ve decided to keep it monthly and just pay the extra $2.

      • Congratulations! on your senior year! Hopefully it will fly by for you!😊 Customer Service just emailed me back and said that if you didnt pay for the annual on the 20th, the day they sent the email, then you will be paying the $132.00. I thought we had until October to decide. I dont have the money anyways and that is awful short notice to come up with all that money plus if you end up not liking the products in the bag or the subscription itself, you wont get that money back. I agree with you!, i like the regular Glambag plus Add Ons! I am perfectly happy with it and i can cancel anytime without being out any money!

      • Thank you! I don’t want it to fly by though!!! It’s my youngest child’s senior year. She’s a few years younger than the rest, so, it’s a bit harder on this momma than I thought…

      • Oh, i am sorry!, i thought it was your senior year in high school or college!😂 Oh, i know girl!, my baby just turned 21. I know how hard it was for me when he graduated from high school, i didnt realize it really bothered me until i actually saw him in his graduation gown, walking down the isle, i balled like a baby! My baby girl will be graduating next year, i will definitely have plenty of tissues with me😂 She is my only girl out of three! Hang in there momma!😊

      • Thank you! I wasn’t supposed to be able to have her at all. My biological children are 8 years apart. All together, 5 girls and 1 boy. 30,26,26,24,22 & 17. It’s SO quiet right now! I’m thankful I still have my mom and aunts I can talk to. The best advice is to embrace each chapter of your life.

      • Oh my!, You once had a house full!
        My oldest son is 21, my only daughter is 17 and my youngest son is 15. I still have all the noise in the house with teenagers and i try to cherish it but sometimes it is overwhelming but i know i will miss it when they move out and go to college. I miss my oldest terribly! He is my little go getter! He is in college, studying to become a veterinarian, but he is going to school in California and we live in Missouri so, i dont get to see him that much but he does call me every night and has since he left home. Like you said, we live our lives in chapters, i turn 40 this month and hoping that my 40’s turn out as good as my 30’s was. I am glad that you still have people to talk to, that always helps!

      • Sherri, Hey neighbor! Kansas girl here! 😂 My son has been married almost 3 years. They live about 5 miles away. We don’t see each other very often either. This young couple is like an old married couple. It’s too funny and too cute! They’re busy working and working on themselves and their marriage. 2 live out of state, the other 2 are an hour away. We raised them to not need us all the time. Someone once told me that you don’t cut the apron strings. You simply untie them and let them drag behind you so that when they do need you, they can still grab ahold of you.
        We plan an “everybody” cookout every other year and then most of the time, it’s with one at a time plans. I think at this point, they enjoy that one on one, and so do we. We don’t have any pets. We had to put down our Jack Russel at 15 years old. It’s been almost 4 years now. Everybody thinks we need a new one. No. No I don’t. I know that I will be going through empty nest syndrome and I am prepared for that. I’m also ready. I’ve been raising kids since 18 and I started babysitting at 13. I’m ready to NOT have the responsibilities for awhile. It will be nice to be able to say,”Ya… let’s just throw some stuff in the car and hit the road for a couple of days!” Won’t have to find a dog sitter or something to check in on the teens.
        HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I’m 44. I had more energy in my 30’s but I feel differently in my 40’s. I’m still self conscious about certain things, but not as concerned about it. Like the melasma on my face. In my 30’s, I would have layered on the makeup. Today, I don’t have any makeup on and I don’t plan on today either. I’m much more comfortable saying NO. Your 40’s are going to be fantastic!

  28. My stock is all sorted, cleaned out, and ready for GBUltimate! Thank you, Ipsy for a reason to so some spring-cleaning in August!

  29. I am hoping they try to wow everyone the first month; I couldn’t resist. Though honestly I think it’s smarter to keep my reg glam bag (already have a yearly there) and Plus. I just want to have fun though this first month when I see what they send! I am already on overload though..but i LOVE choosing a product!

  30. I am happy for everybody getting the ultimate!, but, if you look at the comments on the September spoilers for GBP, there are people that are not happy with the spoilers, so if you are not happy with GBP, i really dont see the ultimate being that much better! There has only been a couple of items in the GBP that i would have liked and thought was worth the money. Every month i look at the spoilers and comments on GBP and alot of people have some sort of complaint or issue, i hope for everybody’s sake that the Ultimate is not a dissapointment and that there is a wide range of products for all three bags and add on products.

    • I’m super stoked to see everything thats in the very 1st Ultimate bag. I guess I’m one of the ones who has always been more than satisfied with my $25 investment in the GBP. ONEitem in the box more than pays for the sub every single month. Sure, I’ve liked some more than others but I’ve never even come CLOSE to regretting getting the GBP. 😊

      • That is great that you like the GBP! I just know that when i think about switching over to the GBP, i see the comments posted about the spoilers and it kind of helps me decide not to upgrade, i have seriously though about it though! The only thing that keeps me from signing up is that there are not as many types of products you can get like you can from the regular bag and the last couple of months the personalization for me has been way off and if i was to upgrade and spend more money, i would want my personalization to be alot better.

      • I subscribed, just to try the first month. It’s a lot of stuff every month, and $$ I would hope it’s more specific, for the cost. I asked ipsy if they would be expanding the survey to better suit skin tones, such as light/medium and medium/dark and adding olive undertones, but my comment was deleted from instagram?! I’m guessing they don’t want to do that, and don’t want people asking the same thing!!

      • I understand. I guess I’ve been pretty blessed that I usually always get the exact products I wanted. I cancelled the reg $10 bag because im busting at the seams with sample sized stuff 😝. I kept the GBP & added Ultimate n Ill see how the new one goes before deciding which to keep cause I wont beed both

  31. Why not just buy TWO glam bag plus and get TEN full size items + 2 bags instead of 8 and 4 crappy delux sizes + 1 bag. You could just create two different personalities and get two glam bag plus’s.

    • You WILL get repeats that way, though.

      • Yep. Doing that means different accounts. They aren’t going to make sure there aren’t any duplicates doing that. Having everything on 1 acct – will mean no dupes. I’m not sure people who are recommending this, have really thought that through.

    • Dependent on the quality & pricepoints of the products included you could be right. But until we see what they’re offering up in this Ultimate we really dont know exactly what, if anything, makes it TRULY the “ULTIMATE”. But I’d be lying if I didnt admit I’m REALLY excited to see the very 1st one so I signed up for it. I still have my GBP so I can pause/skip the GBP for October n see what this one holds. I dropped the regular $10 bag yesterday

  32. I went for it & upgraded to GBUltimate. I love Ipsy & I already know they will not disappoint. I must say, all this Ipsy math has pushed me to take a 1/2 of a Xanax…. Just sayin…. Nothing but love <3

    • That’s hilarious! 🙌

  33. Agree! Definately do not need all the make up bags. Opting out of the bag would be nice.

  34. I signed up for all 3, knowing I will narrow it down to 1 or 2. I cancelled (or will soon cancel) Beautyfix, Boxy, Margot Elena (depending on fall spoilers), QVC TILI, Play! and maybe even NewBeauty Test Tube, which I skipped for August. I’ve been meaning to scale back anyway and a few of these boxes have had some real duds the last few months. Keeping FFF because it’s prepaid and I have faith they will redeem themselves after this disastrous season.

    Ipsy is the one that I am consistently excited and joyful about, plus they have a great mix of skincare and makeup. That being said, lately things change REAL quick with boxes and who knows which box will be on top in a month or 2. I’ll be here on MSA with my popcorn 😉

  35. Since they are encouraging the year lock in price…I am curious can I still pause or skip months if I do this??

    • That is a good question! I know that if you pay annually and dont want the Glambag anymore than you wont recieve a refund for the Glambags that are left for your year. That is one reason i am not paying all that money at once on a Glam bag that we have no idea about what products we are getting. My guess would be that you are not going to be able to skip months if you sign up annually but i dont know?, you may want to contact Ipsycare and ask before you commit to anything.

  36. For the Glam bag, if you do not already have an annual sub, it will be $120 for the first year and then renew at $132 after the first year.

  37. no thanks for ultimate, for that price, i would rather get the test tube beauty sub. also too much product for a month. I dont care of the make up bag every month either. I have mountains of it from regular gb days. wish i can opt out for like $2 less a month or something.

  38. Hi! Will we get to choose one product per month with the Glam Bag Ultimate too, or just the Plus? I just upgraded to Ultimate but am hoping that’s not a mistake. Would like to choose 🙂

    • Ipsy has said we will get to choose one item for all of the membership types. Even the regular glambag will be able to!

  39. I planned on skipping IGP for September, it’s the first box I didn’t like any of the spoilers, and this will be my first time skipping. What I’m wondering, if I decide to try the Ultimate in October would I be able to skip IGP again, if I decide (come to my senses) it’s too much money/products for one month?

  40. I’m happy for Ipsy that they are growing and expanding. It would have been nice to get a better warning of the price increase though. I honestly think that their long term subscribers should be locked into their $10 per month until the end of the year, then that would give everybody a chance to see how things go and then decide if they want to upgrade to an annual and “lock in that price for a years commitment”. I’m happy they aren’t going to $15 per month. It’s just short notice. School just started. I don’t have the extra cash to pay for a yearly right now. This will add $24 to my yearly budget. Guess that means I work that in? 🤷‍♀️ I’m not excited about it, but, how long has Ipsy been around? They started out at $10 how long ago?

  41. I think 50.00 a month for 1 box is a lot…I have 5 boxes now I sub. too..if I did this ultimate ipsy it would put in at 150.00 for makeup ..some I like some, I don’t..that’s a little to much to me..and I have a grandson coming in a I think I will pass for now..

  42. My email
    “• NEW! Choose two products every month. Starting in October, you can pick two products you’ll receive each month, one in each bag.
    • NEW! You get a makeup bag with your Glam Bag Plus. Now your membership also includes a makeup bag valued at $8 every month.
    • Get more than $170 of combined value in your bags. This year, we’re investing more in the coveted favorites and top beauty brands you want (and with our new quiz, less of the ones you don’t!).
    • Pick up to 10 Add-Ons for your bag. Order more sample and full-size products from 100+ brands at unbeatable prices, and always with free shipping.

  43. I signed up for the ultimate too. My plan is to alternate between the three bags depending on spoilers, budget, and product overload. I only wish that we could opt out of getting the actual bags. The months that I get all three I don’t need three make up bags.

  44. I’m not sure if anyone has mentioned this or not but at least with this bag, as compared to boxyplus, they don’t hold you hostage with two bags that you need to buy each month to be able to get the big bag, as opposed to ipsy where you can just get the big bag every month if you want it. That alone is the main plus side that I see to this option.

  45. I signed up because I’m getting sick of boxyluxe. Really want to see some spoilers for the new ultimate bag! Hopefully they’ll stick to the 8 + 4 products and not keep going down like the luxe boxes did. Also I love that we get to choose a product now for each of the bags. I’m keeping my boxyluxe for September and then most likely going to cancel as long as ipsy delivers on this new bag. I think the price is a little bit high though since you can get the plus and the regular one for what like $37 and you’d get 5 full size 5 small size… But I do prefer full size products over sample sizes so I figure I’ll try it for a bit.

    The two things that make me happier about ipsy over boxycharm is that you can skip months with any of the ipsy bags unlike boxycharm which is my main reason for wanting to switch. You can pause your ultimate bag or other bags if you need a month off, without losing your spot. And also getting to pick one of your items everytime. Not just once in a while like boxy.

    I’m just hoping there won’t be any repeats or crossover products in the ultimate bag that are also in the gbp. For those who want to keep both.

  46. I’m not making a decision about whether I will or won’t get the ultimate. Ipsy is a great company, but it just makes more sense for me to have a wait and see approach. If everything runs smoothly and it’s not intensely either skin care or makeup I’ll go ahead and upgrade. I like the idea of choosing products and not having to be an annual member to do it.

    • Yeah, that is what i am thinking, i dont want to commit to the annual offer that they are offering. If you end up cancelling before your year is up, you are not going to be able to get your money back. I will just stick to what i have been doing every month since i joined Ipsy but i am curious to see how all of this is going to work out for everybody!

  47. This thread has me laughing. As soon as someone says it’s expensive or not sure if they want it they are all of a sudden “negative” just for having a different opinion. Really calling simple addition and multiplication a numbers game! Haha that’s reaching!

  48. I kept going back and forth on the ultimate, but I keep telling myself its $600 a year! There’s so much stuff, that I really want, I could use that money on.

    • You can always pause or skip months when you want to as well, to save money or if you’re on product overload. Especially if they release spoilers before hand so you know which months you’d rather skip. I did check with ipsy to confirm the new ultimate bag would be the same and we’d be able to pause it. So you could get just a few months out of the year if you wanted to.
      Just figured I’d mention that.

  49. I like the idea of choosing one product for my glam bag. I won’t, however, sign up for Ultimate. I am quite content with the original glam bag and my 5 little samples. I like sampling products first before deciding whether to purchase a full size. I also like the fact that they are raising the amount of add ons you can get and not raising the prices of those. I am a happy customer and looking forward to being an Ipsy subscriber for years to come.

    • I’m only annoyed to have more makeup bags to give away. I would like to opt out of the bag itself 😆

  50. This is the push I need to upgrade to Glam Bag Plus (Ultimate is too rich for my blood, and I’d never use all that product anyway). I was reluctant to pull the trigger when it couldn’t be guaranteed I would always receive at least one item in I really loved. Choosing an item – especially when almost all GBP items are worth at least $25 – alleviates that concern for me. Not sure if I’ll keep my regular Ipsy bag or not.

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