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Ipsy Glam Bag Ultimate Subscription – Available Now!

IPSY has launched a new subscription – IPSY Glam Bag Ultimate! Here are the details:

  • Each bag will include 8 full-sized & 4 deluxe samples, personalized for you.
  • The cost is $50/month.
  • You can sign up for Glam Bag Ultimate as of today (8/20); the first bags will be billed at the end of September and ship in October.
  • You’ll get to choose one of your full-size products with the new choice feature!

Click here to sign up for Glam Bag Ultimate!

And here are some answers from IPSY about this new subscription:

Do I have to be a Glam Bag or Glam Bag Plus subscriber to sign up for IPSY Glam Bag Ultimate? No, you don’t.

Can I subscribe to all three IPSY subscriptions? YES

If I do, will I get duplicate products? We strive to send you a wide variety of products, so even though we may feature the same product(s) across our multiple membership offerings, we try to never send you the same item twice.

Does IPSY Glam Bag Ultimate ship to Canada? No, IPSY Glam Bag Ultimate is available in the US only

What do you think of IPSY Glam Bag Ultimate? Are you going to subscribe?


How do subscribers rate Ipsy?

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Comments (162)

  1. I wonder if the products in the picture are what we will get in the first bag? I hope not.

    • I’m a little thrown off by the lack of ANY spoilers for the Plus or Ultimate! Is this so if you have both, you won’t cancel one?? It’s just kinda weird, right?

      • Qin, I was just sitting here thinking the same thing. Really shocked that its already the 12th and I havent seen a single GBP or GBU spoiler for October.

        Hopefully that means it is going to be one giant amazing surprise?? Really anxious to see whats in the ultimate box!!

  2. I’m canceling after September. Boxycharm has been a let down the past few months. I feel like they are trying to be like fabfitfun. I signed up for boxy for makeup, and only half the items are makeup now.

    • Cool story but this is an Ipsy post.

  3. I signed up for ultimate as well, hope it’s a mix of skincare and makeup, with no cheap fillers. Also hope there is not tons of palettes bc I have palettes I still haven’t used yet just sitting there . I just want to see what ultimate is like. Hope they put spoilers up soon to see what we’re actually gonna be getting in ultimate 🙂 $50.00 is a lot , but can always skip month or two if need be . I enjoy trying new makeup and skincare , cheaper then buying from stores so I don’t mind spending my hard earned money on things I truly enjoy ! I’ll even do overtime if need be , don’t think I could afford all 3 I’ll probably keep regular Ipsy on pause . Can’t wait to October hope we are all happy signing up for this bc it’s making Ipsy tons of money 🙄

  4. I was very excited about the ultimate bag. I had all of them and two other bags for a relative. We always ordered add ons and used the shopper section for more deals. We loved the ipsy Tetris combo so ordered past June bags . all of the bags they sent, all in one order, were exactly the same items!!! You’d think if you’re buying multiple past bags that at least some of the items would be different. The website implies they are still mixed. Nope all exactly the same.
    We contacted customer service and ware told they would take them back but charge a $5 restocking fee per item. The other customer service rep response was… Trade them with other ipsters. Plus we will give you a one time special offer of allowing you to pick one item in your next bag. Haha haha haha!!!
    How insulting!! First off my niece gets that offer every month and starting next month EVERY subscriber gets that special offer. Condescending much ipsy????
    So I’d rather cancel all five subscriptions than give them another cent. I am tired of how poor their customer service is. Not once have they ever helped me out. In years and years of being a customer I had just accepted that they have bad customer service.
    I am done with ipsy

  5. So I wonder if we get ultimate which doesn’t start until October what will happen in September? Will I have to keep the plus and sign up for the ultimate just to get a September bag? Maybe I should just take a break and not get September at all 🤔. Or skip plus in case I don’t like ultimate.

    • Yes, you’ll need to keep whatever boxes you currently have if you want them for September, then cancel them before the last day of the month or you will be charged for the ultimate (if you signed up for it) in addition to your current boxes.

      I emailed ipsy about it just to make sure and they ended up cancelling my boxes bc the person didnt read my email, just assumed I was trying to cancel. They fixed it and are giving me a credit for the regular glam bag to be free, but now none if my boxes from January 2018 until now show up on the app. So dont make that mistake lol. Just be sure to cancel anything you dont want by the end of September and you’ll be good 🙂

      • Thanks that’s exactly what I’m going to do. I set a reminder in my phone to cancel either glam bag plus or Boxycharm and just keep the ultimate depending on how good it is. I can’t believe they messed up your history like that. I always go back into my past boxes just to see what duplicates I have gotten or to make sure I don’t buy stuff for myself that would be a duplicate. So sorry that happened to you.

  6. I have never has IPSY before, but just signed up for the glam bag ultimate. Excited to try it out, and get some full sized products. $50 is a lot for some, but I save money is other ways to feed my subscription box addiction!

  7. Okay, so I love Ipsy and have spent time figuring out the numbers for all of this. Is the Ultimate a better value than the Plus and the Glam added together? Well, it depends on how you look at it. As a straight numbers ignoring the bigger bag verses two smaller bags, you would lose $8.32 of potential price. Per each, you pay $.42 for each sample from the glam bag and $5 for the plus. At 8 plus items + 4 samples you’d be getting $41.68 of value on the product.

    THAT BEING SAID, if you are looking at the guaranteed value, you’re getting a better deal. The glam bag you are guaranteed $50, the Plus $120, and the Ultimate $250. Percent of value you pay for the glam bag is 24% of the guaranteed value, 20.833% of the Plus, and 20% of the Ultimate.

    This also doesn’t factor in the bags or the fact that if you would rather buy 2 glam bags or 2 glam bag pluses for extra product you have a higher chance of getting duplicates.

    At the end of the day it’s up to you what you value more. If you would rather go with one box with no repeats, lower cost percentage per guaranteed value and one bigger bag go for the ultimate. At this point I’m probably going to drop all of my other subscriptions and go with all 3 Ipsy…because that’s how much I like Ipsy.

    P.S. I’m aware I have a problem.

    • Sorry my math was off there. Difference is only $0.40

    • Amy you rock!!! I’ve also been trying to find the perfect way to compare values. You deserve an A+ !!
      Then I ended up just getting all three too. Hahaha

  8. I love the generalized statements ‘$50 is too much, nobody has that kind of money…’

    This isn’t something I ever would have said because it’s rude but actually, some of us have lots of extra $50 burning a hole in our pockets each month. Sorry to rub it in your faces but certain commenters need to face the facts that not everyone is at the same income level and no one should be ashamed of how they live or what they choose to do with their money.

    Also, hoarders are hilarious and this thread has gotten ridiculous.

    • Imagine being offended by people saying $50 means a lot to them. Wow

    • Right. Their statement wouldn’t have been an issue if they hadn’t mentioned that we are wasting money and should be instead saving it…. for instance, retirement. I was able to retire at the age of 25 and still work. My savings accounts look very nice so let me blow my money how I want to please.

      • How did you retire at 25 while still working? Lol

  9. Quite frankly, I am seeing that I have a problem…I am going to donate plasma so that I can sign up for Ipsy U..Have had 3 bags for 3 years and now just 1 GB and 1 GBP..and wayy too much crap that I don’t use..but OMG a newer, better bag!!

    • This is truly sad. There’s nothing cute about a shopping addiction so bad that you are selling plasma to buy more. Help is available.

      • Obviously her sarcasm was lost on you & that is truly sad. Perhaps help is available for you as well. Negative Nanci anonymous?!

  10. I have to be realistic.

    $12+tax with the price increase if you can’t pay for a year before it goes up in October.

    Plus— the standard that I can use 2-3 items per GB+ and gb now due to the obsessive need to send Pixi by Petra in EVERY BAG (both gb and gb+) for four months straight (silly avocado oil can kill a girl. Just saying) I can honestly say I’d rather spend that $50 adding on items I know I won’t break out to IF they’d just make ingredients more accessible to view during add ons.

    Now that being said I do subscribe to two bags knowing full well I will have items I can’t use and I also have BC because I usually get more items I can use (okay so some of those palettes are a little out of this world) than I do with Ipsy.

    It’s a sub, and I know they can’t completely cater to each customer individually. I just wish Ipsy would stop saying they use our reviews when they clearly do not use them to determine what they put in the bag.

  11. So….after a day of telling myself that Ultimate is TOO much product and too expensive…I caved in today! The NEW rational is that i will only be subbed in for my plus or the ultimate (never both???!!…I hope) at the same time. FOMO is real!

    I am thinking that if Ipsy’s rollout goes relatively smooth, the first bag should be BOMB! However, I will be pausing my Plus in October when the Ultimate drops. I expect that the Ultimate will have nearly all the PLUS items (instead of just a random 5 items picked)…maybe something not offered in Plus? Most likely, I will then pause Ultimate for November.

    I suspect that any product you see in Ultimate will eventually make its way to Plus. You know how if you don’t get an item one month, it may find its way to your box a couple of months later? ….like that. Anyway, if it goes that way, I will drop Ultimate after X-mas (I’m assuming holiday boxes are extra good).

    I also realize that I may pause my Sept Plus box just ‘cuz it is not speaking to me …yet.

    FYI…My only subs are to Ipsy plus, Ipsy Ultimate (now), and the next Fall Popsugar….so…I THINK I am still subscription sane.

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