FabFitFun Fall 2019 Box FULL Spoilers + Coupon!

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We have the full spoilers for the FabFitFun Fall box!

If you haven’t signed up for FabFitFun yet, use this link and coupon code FALL to save $10 off your first box! Regularly $49.99 a box. Your first box will be the Fall  Box with this coupon code. 

Here are the items that all subscribers will receive:

Harper + Ari Exfoliating Sugar Cubes

Aveda Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair

Human + Kind Body Souffle

And in case you missed it, here are all the items you can pick from:

Choice: All subscribers will be able to pick Plush Ultra Soft Plaid Scarf, amika Strand Perfect Ceramic Styler, Mobile White® Advanced Teeth Whitening Kit, or Anthropologie Travel Yoga Mat. 

UPDATE: Mobile White® Advanced Teeth Whitening Kit is no longer a customization option

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    Plush Ultra Soft Plaid Scarf ($75 Value)

    26 in. x 72 in. (not including 3-inch fringe on each end)

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      amika Strand Perfect Ceramic Styler ($80 Value)

      -100% solid ceramic plates Generates ionic, far-infrared heat, ensuring safe and even heat while preserving moisture and protecting the cuticle.

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        Anthropologie Travel Yoga Mat ($50 Value)

        -24 in. x 68 in. -1.5mm thickness -Made of PVC mixed with rubber -Wipe to clean -Travel-friendly -Easily foldable


        Choice: kate spade new york Lunch Tote, NassifMD® Detox Pads, The Kut from The Kloth Slim Striped Wallet, or Twine Cheese Board with Plate.

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          The Kut from The Kloth Slim Striped Wallet

          With seven credit card slots, an ID window, and one full-length bill compartment, this wallet is just as functional as it is chic.

          • Vegan leather
          • Tri-fold envelope wallet with snap closure

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            Twine Cheese Board with Plate

            A removable ceramic plate, stainless steel cutlery, and a chic acacia wood serving platter? Yes, cheese!

            • Perfect to serve happy hour snacks
            • Acacia wood board
            • Removable ceramic plate
            • 2 stainless steel knives with acacia handles

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              kate spade new york Lunch Tote

              Ditch the paper bag and opt for this cute lunch box, which features an insulated interior to keep your food cool all day.

              • Cute polka dot print
              • Insulated interior to keep food and drinks cool
              • Metal zipper teeth and pull
              • Top handle

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                NassifMD® Detox Pads

                Just a few swipes of the cleansing pad will remove dead skin cells and reduce the appearance of wrinkles for a glowing, radiant complexion.

                • Exfoliates dead skin cells
                • Helps even the appearance of skin tone
                • Gives skin a fresh glow
                • Includes 60 individual pads
                • Made in the USA

                Choice: The Better Skin Co Skin Lava Magik, BaubleBar Ear Crawlers, or Cosmedix Pure C Vitamin C Mixing Crystals.

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                  BaubleBar Ear Crawlers

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                    The Better Skin Co. Better Skin Lava Magik

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                      Cosmedix Pure C Vitamin C Mixing Crystals

                      These next two customization options are available for annual subscribers only. If you are a quarterly subscriber, FabFitFun will pick for you:

                      Choice: Eparé Dual Salt and Pepper Mill, Afterspa Hair Towel Wrap, trèStiQue Mini Eye Essentials – Set of 4, or  Skinvolve Body Boost Gel.

                      Eparé Dual Salt and Pepper Mill

                      Afterspa Hair Towel Wrap

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                        trèStiQue Mini Eye Essentials – Set of 4

                        Skinvolve Body Boost Gel

                        Choice: Aromatherapy Associates Deep Relax Roller Ball, Wander Beauty Baggage Claim Gold Eye Mask 6 Pack, or SKIN&CO Roma Truffle Therapy Face Toner.

                        Aromatherapy Associates Deep Relax Roller Ball

                        Wander Beauty Baggage Claim Gold Eye Mask 6 Pack

                        SKIN&CO Roma Truffle Therapy Face Toner

                        What do you think of the spoilers? 

                        If you haven’t signed up for FabFitFun yet, use this link and coupon code FALL to save $10 off your first box! Regularly $49.99 a box. Your first box will be the Fall  Box with this coupon code. 

                        Check out our FabFitFun reviews to see what you can expect with this quarterly subscription box for women!

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                        1. Or better yet, what is going on at MSA. My posts never get posted and I have been a member here for over 4 years.

                          • Sorry for the delay in these two comments showing up – looks like this is your first time posting from a new IP address, so comments were flagged for moderation. Sorry again!

                        2. Ok, so after the switcheroo debacle from last week on the main items, I called to cancel my box, and it shows inactive on the site, this morning they have taken money out of my account for the.add on items in my cart that was supposed to be cancelled after they refunded my.money for the fall box. While I like the items from my cart this just has disaster written all over it and now I have to call again to have them fix it. What is going on over there.

                          • I read on reddit that many who cancelles their membership got charged for their add ons. Once again another FFF “glitch” …..growing pains and all, you know. Some replied that they had to clear their carts before cancelling but obviously that’s not true for everyone. FFF has become such a mess.

                            • I read that as well…it’s so shocking, the things that’s being said. How can a company operate like this?

                          • I cancelled a subscription and there was no way to physically remove the billing info. I did a chat and the only way for it to be completely gone from your account is for them to do it and they did. Kind of bs that we can’t do it ourselves. I wanted it completely gone so that they didn’t “accidentally” charge me for another year, add I have heard happen.

                            • When I cancelled I just deleted my card info and put in an old prepaid card with a couple bucks on it so they couldn’t pull this.

                            • I just tried to sign up because I wanted the amika straightener only to find out that that is no longer an option because it is sold out. I tried to cancel my box and customer service had the nerve to tell me that they do not normally process cancellations and that if I canceled and I won’t get the discount that makes the box $49.99 instead of $200 which is the normal price for everyone else who does that sign up LOL. I told her she’s lost her mind that the box is 4999 for anyone who signs up and I’m not exactly sure why she would lie about that but I’ve been following this page for years and I’ve never ever heard of anyone paying $200 for their seasonal box full of crap.

                              • I also wanted the box for the straightener only to find it was sold out. Spoke via chat and was told that the sale was non-refundable (even though I had only gotten to the first customization page and had not completed my order). I pushed a little further and feel I may have been able to get a refund, but was given a credit for a free item and decided to keep the box.

                        3. I won’t be keeping watch for the arrival of this box, nothing very exciting. Hoping the winter box is a bit more seasonal than this fall box.

                        4. Wow all three of the everybody gets items are total fails for me 🙁
                          I never use hair masks as my hair is super oily so those just feed the oil…
                          The tiny thing of exfoliator cubes…um really? I mean they are cute in the oh my gosh I get so much less product and I want to eat it!
                          The moisturizer(that’s what a body souffle is right?) is at least a more natural product but we have gotten so many moisturizers already!

                          Oh and have to agree with the nothing seems fall in this box (minus the overpriced scarf that looks plain and like others we’ve seen)
                          I’m only still with them cause I had credit to use (my add ons = mini FFF box so actual FFF was half off for me lol)

                          • The Aveda hair item isn’t a mask, it’s a daily heat protectant. I have oily hair but have been using this stuff for years whenever i heat style and it really does make a difference.

                            • I agree. Was completely skeptical that it would weigh down my fine hair, but it did the opposite! It is really bouncy – enough that a coworker commented on my hair looking so pretty and how fresh I look. I have oily, baby fine hair.

                          • I have oily hair but I love the Aveda heat protect. It makes my hair soft and less and frizzy.

                        5. Not wow like previous boxes but not 100% disappointed. I needed a new hair straightener and just for that I’m good. Also because nothing wow me, I save $ in extras but the items I choose ‘ll use.

                          • This is exactly what I thought!!!! I got the winter and spring box and LOVED them. This one was a massive failure. I wanted the hair iron which was sold out, supposedly. I have to wonder if it was even available. Half the stuff was missing. I called customer service and they’re sending the items I’m missing but that will be another month and a half. Just really disappointed.

                        6. I see so many disappointed and “glad I cancelled” comments. Personally I’m super excited. I picked the cheeseboard because I have people over a lot and it will be cute for entertaining. I need a new straighter and personally would have just gotten a cheap Revlon one on my own so this is so much better. Even if I’m not happy with 100% of the box I always use way more than the cost of the box overall, other items have been easy for me to regift.

                          • I completely agree! I always think that FFF exceeds the value I pay for it AND I always use the stuff I get. There are a lot of things in this box that would make super cute Christmas presents or stocking stuffers.

                            • I agree, for a $45 box I personally find this to be a steal! That Amika straightener looks great and would make an excellent gift, the cheeseboard looks like it would make a great Christmas gift for the $10 gift exchange we do with my in-laws, the Baublebar earrings a stocking stuffer for my daughter, and the Aromatherapy roller and Skinvolve gel are treats for me! The last three items are bonus! I always get a good value out of the box and I’m excited for my add-ons.

                          • Sometimes I feel like I don’t know what people expect. I have liked all of my boxes (some more than others). I use a lot of things from them or give them to my mom or family. I do pay the annual subscription so I get to choose more and my boxes come to $45 each. I feel like each time I use at least $45 worth of products. I get a little something 4 times a year and try new things/brands. I don’t love everything, but I think it is worthy.

                            • Same. I think people are just plain entitled. And most people on this site subscribe to multiple boxes so it’s just hard for any company to find brands that are truly unique. But, you know, easy solution – don’t renew your subscription. I do agree that the many glitches and problems with FFF don’t inspire confidence. I haven’t personally had problems with them but it does seem like maybe this company grew faster than expected and has been repeatedly been caught unprepared.

                              • I cancelled because the items that were being offered most I wouldn’t use, so the “value” that I would be getting wouldn’t be worth it to me if I only used maybe 2 of the items. I tried fff for a couple months, somewhat enjoyed it, but didn’t think it was worth it over all to me. Just because it is worth a certain price doesn’t mean it holds much value, that’s how I see most boxes unless you will actually use all the items.

                          • Thank you !!! No matter what is offered in the box if I don’t like it or I cant use it, it goes into gift box. I have so many gifts ready for Christmas that would have cost me a fortune.

                          • Agreed- I said the same thing about the Allure box: it’s like EVERY person expects to receive a box containing ONLY items THEY ADORE. I don’t understand what they expect – on FFF, you pay ~$50 for $280-$300 worth of products and you’re complaining about two of the 7 items in the box? If every single subscriber received only what they feel entitled to, the boxes would actually need to cost us $400 each season so everyone could be 100% satisfied with every single thing in there.

                            These boxes are created to help us try out various products we wouldn’t know about otherwise, or items we wouldn’t think to purchase. Of course you aren’t going to get a box of 7 of YOUR favorite things – that’s called retail shopping and would require you to spend $300 to be completely satisfied.

                            With all of the subscription boxes out there, I think the novelty is wearing off. When they first started, folks would be thrilled with just about everything. Now that some people get 6 different boxes a month, it’s nowhere near as exciting as it once was.

                            I’m always thrilled to get my 2 different boxes every season- sometimes I purchase the past boxes on Sephora or Ipsy if they’re things that seem fun. But the whole point (to me) is trying out different products so I can see what works for me and what doesn’t. I mean, I don’t expect to receive 7 Drunk Elephant products (my favorite brand) each time I open a FFF subscription box. That’s not how it works.

                        7. The box retail value is a little lower than it usually is, but it’s still a little over $300 for only $45 since I’m annual. The value for me is there because of the $80 amika straightener. I won’t use the Aveda because of ingredients, but I will use everything else. It’s better than the Spring box in my opinion, so there’s that. I’m not over the moon with this box, but I’m not mad at it either. I wish they would let annual members pick 8 items from everything to choose from or at least the last 3 as well so everyone gets to choose 3 and we get to choose 5 more instead of just 2 since we pay in advance and sometimes the boxes are duds and we have to deal with that. I finally have the chance to skip for future boxes so at least that’s a plus.

                          • That’s a great idea, but the RVs seem to dictate putting the items into different categories, you know what I mean?

                          • Terrible idea.

                          • I would greatly accept your Aveda hair products if you don’t want/use them 😁 surprisingly it’s the only hair product that actually helps my severely dead and damaged hair….

                        8. May be in the minority, but I really like this box! I NEED a new scarf, and the cheese platter is so cute. I’m hoping for the pepper mill too! Very happy with FFF!

                          • I do think we’re in the minority, but I really like this box too. I picked mystery item for first choice because I wasn’t interested in the other options, but I think the cheeseboard is awesome and I got the cute lunch tote too. I look forward to using this instead of my kids old cartoony ones. I’d probably never have bought ear crawlers on my own but excited to try these. I use hair turbans and can always use another, and I actually really like those wander eye masks. The only product I know I won’t use is the Aveda and that’s only due to an allergy.

                            • What was the mystery item?

                              • I want to know this as well. My options were different- I selected the scarf, the cheese board and then I selected a mystery item and I can’t for the life of me figure out what item in the box is that item. I contacted FFF and they said they’re sending it to me…but I still have no idea what that is!

                        9. I prepaid for a year. Won’t do that again for FFF. It’s such a mishmash of choices. When the hair towel was the only thing that peaked my interest because I need a new one, that’s pretty bad. At least I wasn’t forced to have yet another moon and stars bracelet or necklace.

                        10. I’m happy I skipped. It’s not a terrible box, but it’s just not stuff I needed. I was happier making my own box with the add-on credit. Hopefully winter will knock my socks off since it’s the last in my annual.

                          • Is there a way for annual subscribers to skip an entire box? I wasn’t aware that was an option. How do u do that and does it basically push forward your annual subscription so you still get 4 boxes? I was not thrilled about any of these.

                            • They do not let you skip a box. I went through a long discussion with CS and was they agreed to do it one time. I even got a confirmation. Next thing I knew I was charged and the box on my door step. I was annual and didn’t even get to choose my items.

                              • They had actually agreed to let any annuals skip die to removing a high value item from the box. It was posted on Reddit and the FFF community.

                            • Yes but you’ll get a $45 credit to be used for Add Ons. You need to call or chat with them. I was able to do that

                        11. I skipped this box. Boring.

                        12. Been a annual subscriber for a few years. This used to be one of my favorite subs. Probably still would be—if not for the constant screw-ups, OOS items, late shipping, missing items, poor CS, and overall lack of a functioning business model. I will use everything in this box but I canceled after this one. It isn’t worth the hassle. The edit sales have been an absolute mess. Still waiting on the summer items. The final straw was when they were OOS on the hat in a summer bundle and would credit only $7 for it and it pops up in the Fall sale for $14 (got a refund for the whole bundle). Also ordered a 4 packet of lanterns and received one and CS told me the “4” part meant 4 sides. Over it. I will miss the forum’s though- those were always popcorn worthy!

                        13. This is the least exciting box I’ve had since I joined FFF years ago.
                          I usually track my box like it’s my job, this time I’ll just let it get here when it gets here.
                          There’s no doubt about it that this is a huge disappointment.

                          Everything I chose aside from the hair straightener AND everything that all subscribers receive is a beauty item. I’ve thought that the beauty products were a bit heavy-handed in previous boxes but this one really takes the cake. I can get beauty items from so many other subscription. I subscribe to FFF because I like the large selection. I felt like I almost HAD to choose beauty items this season because everything else is such a miss.

                          Regardless, I’ll most likely keep my subscription as it’s the only one i get anymore, and I will definitely use all the beauty items I’m getting except for the sugar cubes.

                        14. Ooooooo. I cannot wait to get my fall box! I got the cute scarf, the hair iron, the Kate Spade lunch tote (which will be a cute makeup organizer), the Detox pads since my skin gets so dry in the fall, the salt/pepper grinder, the hair wrap, the aroma therapy roller, and the skin lava. The 3 reveals today just makes me even more happy. This is such a Fall Spa beat that dry skin box. 💕

                        15. I got 3 Boxes, only bec I had big discount codes that brought cost down to around $29 each I think. I got the Spring & some other Box. I was absolutely thrilled! I received supercool items that were really high value & thoughtful, surprising & fun. I received an Essential Oil Diffuser, which I use daily.A lovely pink/gold ceramic, small tray to perhaps hold your keys or such. Great Sunglasses, etc. I can see from photos of later boxes that things may’ve seemed to get repetitive. I haven’t been interested in getting another FFF Box. I’ve gotten 2 Journee Boxes which really feel like Luxury Boxes to me. high value.The items are so gorgeous,well-curated & They cost more & there’s a discount on 1st box. I’ve cancelled most of my Boxes except this. Hope this helps.

                          • Not everyone gets the same mystery item. I got an essential oil temple rub from a completely different brand.

                        16. I’m glad I canceled! No FOMO!

                        17. As an annual I think this box is okay. I’m not really giddy but it’s pleasing. I will use that aveda conditioner treatment as a trade since I will never use it. Everything else should find a place in my home.

                        18. My last box was Fall 2018, I check every season to see if I want to renew my subscription. There hasn’t been anything amazing to draw me back in. They have given up the “hero item” in favor of more customization. Which in my opinion they can’t handle the customization volume as it is. Kind of bummed, I used to love Fab Fit Fun.

                        19. I am very excited to receive this box! I went with the scarf and added the straightener and yoga mat as additional choices, the Kate Spade lunch tote with detox pads added, the bauble bar earrings, and since I’m annual- I selected the salt and pepper grinder and toner. My box is $45 and the extra choices were $40. I looked up similar items on amazon. For a soft plaid scarf, ceramic hair straightener, foldable yoga mat, Insulated lunch tote, Detoxing face pads, crawler earrings, dual salt and pepper grinder, skin and co toner, body butter, and exfoliating cubes, the amazon total was $226. I paid $85. You can’t beat that value. I also saved a lot of money on my adds on verses if I had purchased them via another retailer. As for comments that argue this box is “random,” I disagree. This box feels very on theme for fall to me. A soft plaid scarf, a cheese board for thanksgiving entertaining, a straightener for frizzy hair days, a body butter and exfoliating cubes for dry fall skin, fall friendly eye shadow sticks…I could go on and on. In the end, you’re paying $49.99 for a box full of goodies, most of which you can select for yourself. I can’t complain!

                        20. I was supposed to renew my annual membership this month, and still wanted to skip, so FFF was kind enough to bill me early, and then give me a $45 credit to use in this add on sale. So I got $45 to shop add ons. I normally do love FFF, but this box just didn’t do anything for me. I was able to get a refund on my summer edit sale items that have not yet shipped, so that is great too. If I call or chat with FFF, I do get great service, just a tad slow as they are super busy now. They seem to be open 24/7 though, I called at 7am this morning.

                          I am not as happy with FFF lately, I have decided to join Journeebox, as well as Causebox, and so far, am extremely happy with both options. Journeebox seems lovely!

                          • I tried to ask their CS a few months ago about the renewal of my annual, and they gave me the vague answer of August…I cancelled in early July.

                        21. Sugar cubes ?!?! SUGAR. CUBES?!? Are the my FAB sugar cubes Or FUN sugar cubes because sugar is simply not good for you. So utterly disappointed in this box- worst fillers yet.

                          • Okay I just realized I didn’t see the “exfoliating” per in the title and now know it’s a bath product. Oopsie! However,
                            Still. The worst. Box. 🙂

                            • I’m completely fed up with FFF. I think I’ll cancel now. The past 3 boxes have been terrible. All I do is waste my money on add ons. Done.

                              • The add ons are so much better than what’s in the box. So you end up spending more than you planned. It’s reaaly not what it use to be.

                          • Haha I’m actually super excited for the sugar cubes. Bath/spa goodies are my most favoritest things to see in a box. If the scent doesn’t appeal to me, I add it to my stash of teacher gifts. I know fff has been sketchy with shipping, but surely it’ll be here by Christmas, right? 😆

                        22. So glad this is my last box. 🤷‍♀️

                        23. FFF keeps me because despite all the absolute CS nonsense, the value always manages to add up for me. In this one, I often pay full price for the Aveda damage remedy, I’m excited about the KS lunch box and I’ll use the toner and trestique. We’ll see how the earrings and yoga mat work out, but even if they suck, that’s more than $45 in value to me.

                        24. Isn’t this toner the mystery item from the last box??

                          • No, the mystery item last box was a cleansing oil from the same brand.

                          • Wouldn’t know… Still waiting for the last box to ship

                            • So wish i cancelled its getting worse every quarter if i dnt get salt and pepper grinder im done only thing i like in the whole box

                        25. I love FFF! I got awesome add on’s and for $45 (my annual sub price per box), in my box I’m psyched to get a Kate Spade lunch box (a brand I’ve long-loved), a Trestique set (I wear their lip crayons every single day!), pretty on-trend earrings, a five-star full-size toner, cute sugar cubes to try (who doesn’t exfoliate?), I love Aveda and can’t wait to try a new hair product, and a soufflé lotion and super soft scarf for Fall too! Everyone is being way, way too harsh!! I’ll use everything in this box, love the brands, and I am super excited to get a bunch of awesome new products for only $45! I’ll def keep my sub!

                          • Do you work for FFF?

                            • Christy: ba-ha-ha!

                        26. I am going to enjoy this box! Only a couple of things will go into the gift closet so it’s a winner!

                        27. Ok…I am not super happy with this box, but I’m not gonna complain because there’s always gonna be a few things that I love out of the box, and I’m sure there’s others out there that are happy with this box. I didn’t get any add ons and I picked customized my five items. The Skin and Co Toner is my favorite toner ever, and the flat iron is gonna be great for me. I am hoping they step it up for the winter box. It is my last box for my annual sub, and will dictate whether or not I sub for annual again.

                        28. I’ve been an annual subscribers for years, but this will be my last box. I’m not excited about any of the (random) items in the fall box and I’ve grown tired of items from edits sales taking forever to arrive (or not coming at all). Hopefully PopSugar and IpsyGlamPlus will continue to be good, otherwise I fear my subscription box days may be coming to an end.

                        29. Hey Liz, do you know what scent the Human + Kind Body Souffle is?

                        30. The aveda conditioner treatment is really good- I used to pay full price for it. I don’t have a cheeseboard so I’m excited to get that andto try the sugar cubes. I hope the mystery item is good since I didn’t really want any of the other choices in that category

                        31. I’m actually really looking forward to this box. I needed a new straightener and the other items I chose can be used too. Hopefully the next box is a better fit for everyone overall though.

                          • Does anyone know what the mystery item is for the first selection (instead of the straightener or yoga mat) ?

                            • The mystery item I received was the Kate Somerville ExfoliKate, intensive exfoliating treatment.

                        32. I’m so glad I cancelled lol I really hope they see how soooo many people cancelled and do better for winter…this wasn’t even fall related

                          • So wish i cancelled its getting worse every quarter if i dnt get salt and pepper grinder im done only thing i like in the whole box

                        33. I thought the last box was wonderful, and I’m actually using everything that came with it. I thought that it was appropriate to the season, very summery, and when the summer is over I’ll be putting many of the things I got in the box away (the robe, tote, Whish, etc) to take out and use again next summer. But this fall box? It’s terrible! It’s like they went to the local discount store and picked up a bunch of random stuff and threw it into the box, and expect us to be thrilled? This is my last year with FFF, they’re just too inconsistent.

                          • Same! I loved the summer box and am consistently using absolutely everything I received. Fall just had nothing that wowed me at all. Summer was my first box, and then I cancelled. Lol. That’s the way it goes sometimes, I guess.

                        34. After being an annual subsciber for four years, I cancelled right before I renewed to avoid this box. Like many others, it seems to me the quality and variety of items have declined.

                          Any recommendations for great subs to try? PS isn’t for me any longer, but I get Causebox and Happy Rebel still. I’ve considered re-subbing to BoS.

                          • Hi! How did you cancel? Phone call? Email? I’m annual and this is my last box this round. I plan to cancel before the winter box. Thanks in advance!

                          • The Sunday Riley box is amazing. Their curation is fabulous. The only caveat is they include their own skincare in all of the boxes so if you don’t use/gift it then it wouldn’t be as great of a value.

                          • Popsugar and Margot Elena.

                        35. I was in the fence with this box and would have skipped this box if I was an annual subscriber. After reviewing the products on their YouTube and checking out products website, I’m getting excited. I’m excited for the exfoliating sugar cubes, salt n pepper grinder, aromatherapy roller ball, and the eye masks. Hoping 🤞🏾my mystery item will be good!! On their social media accounts they responded to my question and it will be “over $55/at least $55”. We shall see what subscribers receive. This box doesn’t scream fall except for scarf, my only disappointment with the box curation. Here’s 🤞🏾the winter box is waaay better and more of a winter theme!!

                          I love the box design!!

                          • I got my box today and eeewww the rollerball is a complete stinky waste but I LOVE the sugar cubes and the lotion!!! I am more exited about them than any of the options I got!

                        36. This box is certainly lackluster but I am SO over their snail paced shipping, their inexplicably inaccurate inventory and their misinformed and essentially useless customer service (and lately the wait in the CS queue has been 100 people deep!). I feel so bad that I just signed my mom up for this box. I can’t wait until both of our subs are up.

                          I can’t believe what a mess this company has become so quickly. I used to adore this box.

                          I keep saying this but will again – if people are looking for an alternative I absolutely love JourneeBox.

                          • You can contact CS via chat or phone and get thr remainder of your annual subscription(s) refunded. Many have over similar grievances.

                            • And if you call, you can press 1 and they will call you back when it is your turn!

                          • My sentiments as well. I wouldn’t mind the lack luster box if not for all the other issues. The shipping time is ridiculous, 1/3-1/2 of my orders have issues. Sadly I’m not even over estimating the % of screwed up orders. This last batch of edit orders had two items I didn’t order charged to me as well as a number of items missing. I guess I have to call and trying to get help on that. I spend an hour on the phone yesterday trying to get help from customer service for the “added” items. He kept telling me that he could only give me a credit for the items I didn’t buy but were charged for. This is fraud and I told him so but he could do nothing. I finally asked for a supervisor and I was put on hold I finally got help with this. But not before I canceled the last seasonal box and all add on’s. If you are looking for phone help ask for a supervisor and expect to be on hold for 20+ mins but the regular CS doesn’t seem to want to help it seems. If they were trying to tank the company they are doing an admirable job. I love FFF and now I’m just hope I don’t have to deal with customer service every box until my sub runs out. The 1+ I spend on the phone first thing yesterday made me a bit grumpy for the day. Just such very very bad customer service, rather unbelievable.

                            The other thing I would say that leaves a bad taste in my mouth is that different people are given box credits for the trouble they have been put to and I’ve gotten nothing. In fact my annual box was so late this summer I went on the community to see someone posted 9 days before that they had been given a $50 credit for add on’s because of late shipping. As of that day my box hadn’t been ship and I got nothing. I contacted customer service and my issues was “excused” away. In fact as much as they want to say that annuals are shipped first everyone in my house who got seasonal boxes had theirs when mine arrived.

                            • You are SO right about the inconsistent compensation. It drives me absolutely nuts. There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to it at all.

                              If it makes you feel better, I’m in the same boat, I never get offered anything while others in the same situation get multiple rounds of credits.

                        37. Worst, least exciting box ever. I’ll be glad when my annual sub is up, I have already swapped everything in the choice selections.

                        38. I tried to be a good sport about this box, but these last 3 items are seriously the icing on the cake. The sugar cubes aren’t even full size! Oh well, live and learn. If they read their community blog and know what ppl are saying they should know not to send a crappy beauty item as the mystery item for category 1. Surprise us all and be generous. This box needs something to save it. Put the Fun back in FFF!

                        39. Liz-
                          Folks on the FFF boards are reporting that the straightener is sold out and was removed from some peoples’ customization—can you confirm with FFF whether that choice is still available right now for new or renewed subscriptions?

                          • Man, I’m in the minority here. I am excited for this box!

                            I originally chose the straightener, but changed my mind the other day and switched to the Mystery Item. I also got the Trestique (which i was literally about to buy from Sephora until I saw the spoiler), the Kate Spade lunch tote, the Vitamin C crystals, and the toner.

                            I’m also excited to get my add-ons. This is the first time I’ve been able to snag and Oribe bundle, which I always miss out on.

                          • I didn’t mean to put my comment as a reply to you 😬

                          • Yes! Hair straightener is sold out!

                        40. Wow, worst box ever!

                          • I am going to agree. This is my 9th box from FFF. So that is a little over 2 years with them. I went on the site and looked back at all of my past boxes yesterday. This one is by far the worst. It is so boring! There is not a single item that I am excited about. Yeah there is stuff in it that I am going to use but nothing new and exciting and it also looks like one of the lowest retail values overall. My yearly renewal is Winter. They better pick up their game.

                        41. Now it’s time for all the celebrities to make their videos and act excited about it!
                          Me I’m patiently waiting for the full Popsugar announcement!

                        42. Easy pass, thank goodness. $40 saved.

                        43. Disappointing.

                        44. Lame, So relieved I cancelled 👎

                        45. The full spoilers make me EXTRA glad I cancelled. Sugar cubes? Seriously. Find someone who can curate a decent box. Definitely no FOMO.

                          • That’s funny because the sugar cubes are the only thing I want! But nothing wows me, and I’m so glad I cancelled.

                        46. Blah. Glad this is my last box. They have seriously gone downhill.

                        47. Got an email that my payment was received for my Add Ons this morning… I cancelled my annual last week. It was only $20 and stuff I actually wanted so I’m not upset, just a little surprised because I thought you didn’t get Add Ons unless you got a box. I guess I didn’t know to clear my cart. Hopefully no one had a crazy amount of stuff and didn’t know like me.

                          • The system made me clear my cart before it would cancel my subscription. So you may want to double check!

                            • It made me clear the cart, too.

                          • Same with me. I cancelled the other day and got emails of refund and account cancellation but this morning I got an email that confirmed purchase of ad ons. I as well am not upset for I wanted the spongelles. No one said to clear my cart.

                          • Me too! I cleared my cart, cancelled my sub, and I received a payment confirmation for an extra box item.. I emailed and called.. and haven’t heard anything yet.

                            • Try the live chat. I’ve always had great luck getting things resolved quickly with that route. Good luck!

                              • So grateful I changed my CC info to an old prepaid card when I cancelled my subscription!! I’ve already gotten 2 emails saying my payment was declined! (Fool me once lala beauty) yeah I’m still waiting on 2 boxes from Summer edit. I’ll be damned if I give you more money when I’m still waiting on the last sale to ship. So over it.

                        48. It’s okay. I fake tan so I like seeing skin exfoliating items as much as possible. I won’t use the hair item as my hair is mostly silky (aka oily), but will throw in my gift pile. I’ll definitely use the souffle. All three of the last items are good fall items for your skin.

                          For the box in general it’s not that excited, but maybe when I see it in person I’ll change my tune.

                        49. Ugh. So disappointed in this box. I wish it would go back to when it was good. I’m sick of getting conditioners and lotion.

                          • I agree. I’m an annual subscriber now, and didn’t want any of the choices offered!

                            • Yep! Exactly why it was an easy cancel for me. Been thinking about for a while and just couldn’t until this box. Not an inkling of remorse do I feel! Lol.

                        50. Yawn. On to the next box please.

                          • This box used to be monthly and had all off-brand items and no customization. I canceled it back then. I just came back and I’m actually pretty excited about the improvement.

                            If you don’t love this box, try Box of Style by Rachel Zoe.

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