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BoxyCharm April 2021 Full Spoilers

BoxyCharm August 2019 FULL SPOILERS for Box 1!


We have full spoilers for one of the August 2019 BoxyCharm variations thanks to boxycharmsneakpeek!

(If you aren’t familiar Boxycharm is a beauty + makeup subscription box that sends 5 full-size items each month for $21. It was voted the #1 Makeup Subscription Box by MSA readers, and won places in many categories in the 2019 Subscription Box Awards!)

One version of the August 2019 BoxyCharm will include:

Source: boxycharmsneakpeek

And in case you missed it, here are the spoilers all subscribers will receive:

Becca Cosmetics Hydra-Mist Set & Refresh Powder


Tarte Big Ego Mascara OR  Peach and Lily Glass Skin Refining Serum

What do you think of the latest August spoilers?

If you haven’t signed up for Boxycharm yet:

Now through August 31st (or while supplies last), use this link when you sign up for a Boxycharm subscription to get a free Butter London Palette ($32 Value) AND a free Luxie Brush Set ($30 Value) with your first box!

*Valid for new subscribers or those who canceled before July 1, 2019. Expires August 31, 2019, at 11:59 pm ET or while supplies last.

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Click here to sign up. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (87)

  1. I got this version, but I got a black kohl eye liner.

  2. You have to take their beauty quiz, you give them information about your skin tone and that’s how they select your shade – it’s not random. They started this a couple months ago when they sent the Cover FX face palette.

  3. The last item is a lipliner from Steve Laurant (value $15).

    • I hope it’s better than the other things I have from Steve Laurent. I have an eyeshadow and a blush and I’m not at all impressed.

      • The colour is gorgeous, but apparently it’s really dry. Probably similar to the Mac wooden lip pencils.

  4. I know it sounds weird but I really like the shape of the shipping box that they use. I think it makes the items more appealing.

  5. Choosing between the mascara and the serum was an option if you canceled boxy and resubscribed.

  6. if i sign up for boxycharm today, can i still upgrade to boxyluxe in time for the sept box? please reply, i’m debating on whether i should sign up or not. Thanks!

    • You should be able to. I upgraded from regular Boxy to Luxe the last go around, and was off the wait-list in time to receive the Luxe.

    • I signed up on Sunday the 4th and I’m on the wait list for Sept boxyluxe

  7. The lip liner is Steve Laurant!!

  8. Just subbed. So excited about the Butter London & brushes as a free gift!

  9. Although I only use glimmer eyeshadows during the evenings out during the holidays I would love to get them.

    I am excited to get this box!

  10. I feel like I’m the only person who rarely gets mascara in sub boxes! And I always need mascara bc for my sensitive eyes, I have to be strict on the throw out date. Hoping I’ll get the mascara this round!!!!!

    • I get mascara in almost every box I get. 1 boxy and 2 ipsy gbp. Out if the 3 I will at least get one. Never out of tribe. Update your preferences. I asked for often.

    • It seems common to get mascara, but more common to complain about it. People shouldn’t use a mascara for more than 6 weeks before they should consider it unsafe so I don’t know what the complaint is.

  11. I actually cancelled boxycharm and they took money out of my account for the August box..nothing I want so that’s an extra bummer for me..sigh..I am.breakijg on all my subs for August and of course boxycharm screwed up…again…… I’m so tired of screw ups with my accounts, with any of them. Just had to vent, enjoy the weekend !

    • I really hope I get the peach and Lilly. Looks like a good box

    • If you cancelled and have any kind of proof you cancelled you can absolutely dispute it with your cc company. I think they are counting on people just eating it. If they get enough chargebacks maybe they will stop?

    • I believe you have to cancel by a certain date otherwise you’ll still get charged so maybe you were too late?

  12. i saw its steve laurant

    • I saw that, too ! In an ad while I was browsing the MSA swap listings!

  13. It’s matte but feels wet when initial application if that makes sense lol

  14. My July Boxy was shipped 7/10 via FedEx. It arrived here in my town and *poof* disappeared from the radar. Boxy CS was great to deal with in this circumstance and they reshipped my July Box. So August will seem like Xmas when I receive both boxes.

  15. There is SO MUCH negativity here!! I love BC! I’m always happy with most everything I get and what I don’t love or won’t use, I give away to my daughter, mom or friends who are always thrilled to receive what I give them.
    If you don’t like it, cancel. It’s that simple. There is no way BC can please everyone with every product they send out but even if u only like1 item, it’s a pretty good bet that item is well over the value of the cost of the box.
    I really hope I get the serum over the mascara but either way, the mascara is excellent and as long as I don’t open it, it will last until you need it.

    • Well that’s the good thing about us using this forum. We can complain or be ecstatic. Huh

  16. I specifically stayed subbed for the Becca powder so realllllly hoping I actually get it. Lol.

    • Every one gets the powder, varying shades is the kicker

      • The shades get sent out based on your beauty quiz, if you want to make sure you get your shade, make sure you do your quiz before they send out your box – simple.

    • They’ve said on their Insta a couple times over the past couple of days that everyone will receive the Becca. ☺️

  17. Hate how whiny and demanding the majority of these comments are. Its clear that blind box subscriptions are not for you and you should take your negativity and your 21 dollars to ulta and buy what you REALLY want.

    • For reals!

    • Preach!

    • They ask one to fill out a profile. If it is truly a blindbox like Macy’s, why fill out a profile. I get disappointed when i receive products for darker skin tones when i marked “fair” in my profile. This was especially disheartening when i received a luxe box with palettes that were way way too dark. I’m fine with what they send so long as it’s usable for my skin tone. I filled out a profile as they requested and i gave them my money. It’s not too high of an expectation for them to either match my profile or just be forthcoming with their customers and say it’s a blindbox and dispense with filling out profiles.

  18. The liner looks similar to MakeUp Geek or Persona Cosmetics…either of which would be awesome!

  19. I wish they would quit with the variations fingers crossed for the serum

  20. The eyeliner kind of looks like the Alamar Cosmetics new lip liners to me…

    • I was just about to comment this. I completely agree that it looks like the packaging of the new alamar cosmetics des-nude-as lip liners that go with the des-nude-as lipglosses many of us got last month. I’d love that.

      • That’s what I thought everyone saying eyeliner but its actually lipliner in 3 different shades I heard all neutral so shld work for everyone

    • It’s a Steve Laurent lipliner / supposedly it’s very dry, but the colour looks pretty.

  21. Okay, am I the only one who is excited and loves Boxy?? I sub to Ipsy, Allure, and Boxy and I love that they all give a different variety. Seriously we pay $21 a month for Boxy, that to me is worth it even if we bought ONE of the items in these boxes they would cover the cost. Keep on with what your doing Boxy, I love this box!

    • I totally agree with you. The Becca powder along makes the box and everything else like a bonus. Boxy is an excellent value at $21

  22. don’t let me down boxycharm…

  23. Anyone know if they match the powder to your profile? If I got the darker one the whole box would feel like a waste to me.

    • Someone on r/BeautyBoxes posted their email (or Insta comment? can’t remember), & the answer was that the powder color you get is supposed to be based on your profile.

  24. I really wish these boxes would stop with Wander beauty. I never like their products

    • Their eye masks are the worst I’ve ever tried and they show up in just about every single beauty box. I did like their first mascara though. I think it was their first. The burgundy tube with the curved brush. I was able to skip the lash curler when using it. I don’t think I’ve tried anything else yet, although I know I have one or two in my stash somewhere. But I don’t like oil anyway unless it’s a night time treatment. I would never ever put it on in the morning. Especially not in the summer.

    • @R August really? I have loved almost every single wander beauty product I’ve tried. Their products are great for people who love a more natural, everyday type of makeup. Nothing heavy.

      • Amen! I LOVE Wander Beauty! Everything I have used by them is amazing – their eye masks are THE BEST – they work better than any other for me. I ALWAYS have some in my fridge.
        I hope I get the face oil – I’ve been dying to try it. I truly don’t understand why so many people complain! And about the most trivial things!!
        It’s a subscription box – no one’s forcing you to buy it so if you’re unhappy, cancel but don’t come on here and bring everyone else down.
        I always love my BC boxes – I don’t get what this issue is. Even if I don’t love something, the box is always well over the $21 paid so I don’t feel like there’s anything to complain about.
        I tell my kids, “you get what you get and you don’t throw a fit”, maybe advice some people here should take…

    • Yeah their peel off face mask was torturous…. it so didn’t come off like the video showed. At least not for me! I really wish they’d put more tatcha (sp?) in their boxes.

  25. I REALLY want the Glass Skin serum, I hated that mascara. Fingers crossed guys!!!

  26. Can’t do face oils. Don’t use mascara or eyeliner. I’m probably getting this version 🙄.

    • Yeah I can’t either but that’s not a variation. everyone is getting that. There are two versions and the other is a dry oil but this new one is an oil-serum so that stinks for us then

  27. Anything but eyeliner!

  28. Overall very happy with this box. I do think that the mascara and serum aren’t really equal trade offs but other than that

    • Why do sub boxes insist on putting both black eyeliner and mascara every dang month despite putting you don’t want it in their questionnaire. I have so many mascaras and black eyeliners I give them away. I’ve even complained to customer service to both boxy and ipsy but still every month get one or the other or both! I’m just hanging on for one more month with boxy because I want the boxyluxe. I got to choose 3 items. So I want that box then I’m out!

      • Did you know that with Ipsy you can permanently Opt out of two products on the glam bag. Not sure about the glam bag plus. So you could choose to have no mascara ever

      • I opted out of mascara and lip products with Ipsy two months ago. Last month I got mascara and this month I’m getting a lip product…

  29. This is the most perfect box for me. Hoping NOT to get the mascara I have way too many. The serum looks intriguing. Hated last months box so this is exciting.

  30. I hope hope hope I get the glass skin serum!

  31. August Boxy + September Boxyluxe were tempting enough to get me to sign up to Boxy for the first time since 2015!

    Really looking forward to trying the Becca powder, & like everyone else, hoping for no mascara.

  32. starlooks maybe ??

  33. If I knew for sure I could get the right color of the Becca powder I would totally subscribe. But i don’t want to risk getting the tan one. Not interested in any other items.

    Boxycharm for me was very hit or miss, always a great value but often I’d get things that I would never use, like gray lipstick (??). To cut down on clutter I unsubscribed and haven’t missed it in a long time but I do want that $39 Becca powder. If I get the tan one though it’ll just be a waste of $21

    • Right? I resubbed for this month and possibly September. Getting the free Butter London palette, so bonus. Just hoping I get the right shade of Becca

    • There are tons of groups on Facebook where you can swap or sell your unwanted Boxy items…there will be plenty of chances to swap the tan for the light one should you get it! Boxy also said they will be based on the profiles, so if you do subscribe, send them an email & tell them you want to make sure you get the light one — but like I said, I’m in TONS of different makeup & sub box swap/sell groups…To be honest, if the Becca powder is the only thing you really want…join up some of those groups, because there will be TONS of them for sale for way less than $20…most people sell each high ticket item for around $12

      • Do you know what the names of some of the groups?

  34. Are you able to opt out of mascara like you can on Ipsy? I want this box, but I do not want any mascara

  35. I can’t believe the contents of Boxy lately. They really seem to be on a downward spiral, but then again, perhaps it’s just a bad few months…

  36. I don’t subscribe to BC anymore, but I trade items from my Glam Bag Plus for ones that interest me from BC. Nothing here catches my eye this month. Last month looked nice though.

    • I just got my July boxy yesterday and it was a colossal disappointment. I had canceled for the month of July because it was just meh so when I resubbed on the 7/27 or 7/28 I assumed it was for the Aug box, but they sent me the July box and charged me on 8/1 for August. I didn’t even realize I was getting the July box until it came in the mail lol. It was the quickest turnaround in bc history because I usually get my box mid month.

      • Same here. I was not happy when I realized I paid for July and literally the only thing worth keeping is the face wipes. Hopefully I can sell some stuff.

      • Face wipes? I don’t recall getting face wipes in my box…

      • I still have not received my July box. Shipping notification showed it in my city on July 8th and thereafter showed “no information available.” I contacted Boxy on 7/11 and they refused to track unless I had not received by Monday, 7/22. Contacted them again on 7/22 & they indicated they weren’t able to obtain any information about the status of my box but would ship out a new one. I got a shipping notification yesterday, 8/01. I asked for a refund when I hadn’t received the box on 7/22 – a request they ignored and just indicated they were shipping a new box (apparently, when they get around to it). Not excited about the contents of the July box; the only thing I am looking forward to (if they get it right) is that I was allowed to chose between the mascara or serum in the August box to compensate for the delay. I chose serum but am not confident!

  37. I can’t with mascara anymore. EVERY subscription box has given me one. I don’t even wear mascara since my lashes are too long and they end up looking like spider legs lol

    • Oh, you poor thing!!! That must be horrible having naturally long, beautiful lashes! Lol

    • I have 6 unopened tubes of mascara and that’s AFTER I gave some to my sister, niece, and mom.

  38. More eyeliner.


    • I know right!! Every month there is lip/eyeliner. What’s wrong with boxycharm?? 🤔 this is 4th month they add a eyeliner in the box.

    • I haven’t received any liner yet! When I did my quiz I said I do not want any liner so maybe they are actually using the quiz to help them pick 🤷🏼‍♀️

  39. Oh! There are also two sets of those Ace shadow duos on their site so I wouldn’t be surprised if that was also offered as a variant.

    • It says it’s a set so I think you will get both.

      • Oh I didn’t see the 2. I checked their website but only saw 1.

    • Yes! IIRC, some subscribers got to pick between the shadow duos for their boxes in mid-July (I might be mis-remembering due to Comic Con brain). I hope to receive the cool-toned duo.

  40. I signed back up for the Avante primer and because I wanted the Becca powder, which retails for over the cost of the box so even though I’m not really interested in anything else I am still somewhat ok with it. I got to pick the mascara or serum and picked the serum because I’m on mascara overload, not sure about the serum yet though I need to do more research. I still think their customer service is terrible. The luxe for next month isn’t wowing me so unless the spoilers get really awesome for the regular September box I think I’ll skip.

    • Does anyone know if the setting powder is a matte or shimmer. I am peraonally sick of getting shimmer everything. Thanks

    • It’s matte. I have the travel size and I’m very excited to get the full size!

    • How did you get to pick between the mascara and serum? Sometimes I miss their emails but I just checked and I never got one to choose or customize for August.

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