NSFW SlutBox by Amber Rose Review – June 2019

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SlutBox June 2019 Review

SlutBox by Amber Rose is a lifestyle and beauty subscription geared towards sex-positive people (often containing lube, condoms, pasties, and other sex-forward items). It’s $29.99 a month and tends to be a little controversial because of its name as well as some of the items included. This month had quite a few items, so dig in to see what we got!

NSFW – this post may not be safe to read at work.

Bright Pink holographic package sealed with a rainbow heart sticker

My Subscription Addiction paid for this box. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

All 9 items from this month's Slutbox in a group

About this Adult-Themed Lifestyle Box by Amber Rose

The Subscription Box: SlutBox by Amber Rose

The Cost: $29.99 + free shipping to the U.S. Save with longer commitments.

The Products: Beauty and lifestyle items with a sex-positive flair.

Ships to: US and Worldwide (an additional International Flat Rate shipping charge may be assessed in checkout – usually $15.00)

Good to Know: This month came in a plain paper box which leads us to believe that a new box design is coming.

SlutBox by Amber Rose June 2019 Review

  • Pink envelope with rainbow sticker

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  • Cover of info booklet with a colorful LGBTTQIA theme

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  • Info for items 1-3

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  • Info for items 4-6

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  • Announcement that Slutbox is donating care packages to LGBT+ centers in LA for Pride month

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  • Letter from MUVA

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  • back of info booklet urging you to share photos using hashtag #myslutbox

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  • MUVA-approved bonus info card

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  • items 7 & 8

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    SlutBox used to come with a zine every month they have slowly faded out and replaced with the SlutBlog. This month has a booklet with the LGBTTQIA+ theme for Pride Month. It’s super colorful and goes through all of the included items, as well as some bonus ones. SlutBox has also donated some care packages to local Los Angeles LGBTTQIA centers to “give back” and asks how YOU can give back too.

    • SlutBox Clear "honey" tote bag

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    • back of SlutBox Clear "honey" tote bag

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    • close up of SlutBox Clear "honey" tote bag

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    • Marne

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      SlutBox Exclusive Clear “Honey” Tote Bag – Listed Retail Value $25.00

      The first item this month is actually my favorite and has already been coming in handy for me. I’ve been using it to cart products back and forth between my home and the office which is something I do a lot of. It’s a really large size (17.5 x 14 inches) which means I can fit A TON into it and it has the word “HONEY” in yellow repeated in the same design as those classic “THANK YOU” plastic bags. This will be perfect for the beach since you can toss a wet towel or swimsuit in here without it getting it messy and it’s super easy to clean out. Since many large venues require clear bags these days, this will also be perfect for summer concerts and festivals (where was this when I went to Wrestlemania in April?!). I’m quite impressed with the usefulness of this item!

      • Dermovia Black Bamboo Charcoal Lace Peel off mask

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      • back of Dermovia Black Bamboo Charcoal Lace Peel off mask

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      • Tube of peel mask plus 2 lace compression masks with package

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      • Lace compression mask flat

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      • Marne with charcoal peel mask on

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      • Marne with lace mask on

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      • side view of Marne with lace mask on

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        Dermovia Black Bamboo Charcoal Lace Peel Off Mask – Retail Value $30.00

        Okay- I’m gonna just come out and say that my mind is blown that there’s an item in SlutBox that you can also find at Barney’s. I’ve never seen anything like this before, and I am a mask-addict, so I was really intrigued when I first opened it. There’s a small tube of the bamboo charcoal peel-off mask that you first apply to your face on “target areas.” Then there is a “lace compression support mask” (the pack comes with two for two applications) that you place over the peel mask which has holes that secure the mask around your ears. I’ve included a photo of this for your enjoyment/nightmare (one of my friends described the look as “elegant murderer”). The peel-off mask has a rather strong chemical scent which isn’t very nice, but once the fabric is over it, it’s not as noticeable. The lace is really soft and comfy except that on my face, the bottom of the eye holes slowly begins to encroach on my eyes a bit which makes it a little uncomfortable. Once the mask dries, all you have to do is slowly peel the elegant lace mask off which ended up being quite a journey for me. I noticed that the package said “Peel Intensity Level- Medium” and boy, was it ever. It kind of felt like getting my face waxed or pulling a strong band-aid off, so it was a bit painful. In the end, it yielded some very nice results and since beauty is pain, I accept it. I was quick to follow up with the included facial cream, but the sting of the mask stayed with me for a while.

        • Privy Peach CBD infused Erotic Topical Oil packet

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        • back of Privy Peach CBD infused Erotic Topical Oil packet

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        • front of coupon for Privy Peach CBD infused Erotic Topical Oil

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        • back of Privy Peach CBD infused Erotic Topical Oil coupon to save 40%

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          Privy Peach Erotic Topical Oil with CBD, 2 ml packet – Estimated Retail Value $4.80 (Buy 20 ml for $48.00)

          I’m also interested in the various CBD products SlutBox sends and this month is no different. This isn’t a lube, but a topical oil that is made with coconut oil, cocoa butter, and peppermint (among others) to heat things up and promote blood flow. There’s a bit of a tingle that happens upon contact, so we’ll see where things can go from here…

          • Saucy Lashes Daily Nourishing Cream

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          • Saucy Lashes Daily Nourishing Cream with lid off

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            Saucy Lashes Daily Nourishing Cream, 0.5 oz. – Retail Value $16.00

            I slathered this on right after the “intense” peeling mask and although it was slightly soothing, it also felt a little too oily. The scent is a strong cucumber/peach situation that I didn’t find very refreshing either. My skin felt a little greasy for a while and the scent didn’t dissipate much, so I decided to wash it off. This one wasn’t for me.

            • Pile of 11 Good Clean Love re-balance cleansing wipes

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            • back of Good Clean Love re-balance cleansing wipe with description and ingredients

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              Good Clean Love Re-Balance Cleansing Wipes, 11 ct – Estimated Retail Value $6.41 (Buy a box of 12 for $6.99)

              The next item listed in the info booklet is a “mystery item” which we all know to be something from a past box, so I think it’s these loose cleansing wipes which I also got one of last month. These are normally sold in a box of 12 so it’s a little odd to get 11, but here we are. As I mentioned last month, these are probably nice to keep in your bag to clean up your delicate areas in various situations, but your body also has its own system that I tend to rely on and not mess with too much.

              • Manna Kadar radiance bronzer/highlighter duo in box

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              • Manna Kadar radiance bronzer/highlighter duo

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              • open Manna Kadar radiance bronzer/highlighter duo with close up of powder

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              • bottom of Manna Kadar radiance bronzer/highlighter duo

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                Manna Kadar Radiance Split Pan Bronzer/Highlighter – Retail Value $21.00

                This could also be the mystery item since it isn’t listed anywhere else in the booklet. Who can say? Anyhow- if you subscribe to beauty boxes, you are very versed in Manna Kadar. Here, they’ve included a split pan bronzer/highlighter to do a little contouring. You can use the darker shade under your cheeks and the lighter shade on your high cheekbones, nose, and beneath your brows to give your face a bit more dimension. I don’t use bronzer, but I love a good highlighter and this shade is nice and both have some sparkle.

                • Cover of SlutBox pride coloring book

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                • coloring page with two hands holding one another

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                • coloring page with naked person posing

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                • back of SlutBox pride coloring book

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                  SlutBox Pride Coloring Book – No Listed Value

                  While this is listed as an item in this month’s box, it isn’t assigned a value which is a smart move. I like the sentiment of these coloring pages since the front says “Be Proud of Who You Are” and one on the inside says “My Body Not Yours,” but there isn’t a whole lot to them so they’re more of an “extra.” I can’t quite get into the whole adult coloring book thing, but these are positive messages that I can get behind.

                  • Appeal Cosmetics Holographic Lip Gloss

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                  • open Appeal Cosmetics Holographic Lip Gloss with wand resting on tube

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                    Appeal Holographic Lip Gloss in Trendsetter – Retail Value $21.00

                    I don’t love gloss, but realize I’m in the minority here. This holographic one is packed with rainbow color though and will work with any skin tone. You can wear it alone for some fun shimmer or put it on over any other lipstick to pump it up (especially those mattes).

                    swatches for lip gloss and bronzer/highlighter

                    Here’s a swatch of the lip gloss (up top) as well as the highlighter and bronzer.

                    • Scentuals Destress Roll-on

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                    • directions for Scentuals Destress Roll-on

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                    • close up of rollerball for Scentuals Destress Roll-on

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                      Scentuals De-Stress Roll-On, 9 ml – Retail Value $12.11

                      I love essential oils, especially ones that calm. This de-stress variation contains bergamot, lavender, neroli, chamomile, and jasmine to chill you out and help you relax. The roller ball makes it easy to spread on to your wrists and temples before bed or even after a tense meeting at the office. It’s made with all natural and organic ingredients, so there isn’t anything scary in here either.

                      Verdict: I’m actually surprised how much I like this month’s SlutBox. I’ve thrown a lot of shade their way, but the lace mask was super weird and fun, the de-stress oil is right-on the money, and the huge clear tote is exactly what I need right now. Even though the face cream and gloss weren’t for me, I appreciate both and I’m interested to try out the topical oil. This box was $29.99 and I got nine items which is a pretty good deal. 

                      To Wrap Up:

                      Can you still get this box if you sign up today? No, you’ll probably get August as your first month.

                      From SlutBox:

                      SlutBox ships once per month, around the beginning to middle of the month. If you subscribed on or before the last day of the month, you will receive the following month’s box with our regular shipment (around the beginning to middle of the month). If you subscribed after the 1st, your first box will ship the following calendar month, unless otherwise stated.*

                      SlutBox is subject to availability and all boxes are limited edition.

                      *NOTE: If you subscribed after our cutoff, you may have a chance to be included in a second shipment (quantities limited and opportunity for second shipment is not guaranteed for all members). Members who are included in our second shipment will be renewed on the 20th of the month, in advance of the next shipment. 

                      If you’re confused about when to expect your first box, submit a request or email us at [email protected]

                      Value Breakdown: At $29.99 for the cost of this box you’re paying $3.33 for each of the 9 items. 

                      Check out our past SlutBox reviews and some of our best beauty subscription boxes of 2019!

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                      Written by Marne Orenich

                      Marne Orenich

                      Marne is a lipstick connoisseur, record collector, and twice over cat mom. She loves discovering new clean beauty brands and has quite the collection of beautifully packaged serums and moisturizers.

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                      1. I have gotten that Appeal holo gloss in at least 3 sub boxes this year, plus I think at least one last year. I feel like I get them every other month. But…I’m not subbed to this so that’s one less that I will be getting.

                      2. I got that mask in Boxy. I can’t use masks like that. However, I love the lace mask to put over other face mask so they don’t slip or fall. I just wash it off and re-use.

                      3. “Elegant murderer” is a magnificent turn of phrase.

                      4. I was promised a mask picture and I am not disappointed!

                      5. I also got that mask in Boxy and loved it. It makes my skin really soft and there is the bonus perk of being able to rob a bank without being recognized 😉 I kid…

                      6. Elegant Murderer, hahahaha. I died. That is exactly what crossed my mind. That picture totally made my day.

                      7. I feel like Christian Grey should be behind you in that mask picture.

                      8. The bag is the only thing I liked this month. This box is a hard pass for me

                      9. I’ve been using my Honey bag to carry my lunch everyday. This is the only time I’ve ever been able to use an item out of this box daily.

                      10. Thanks, Nich! I was pleasantly surprised this month.

                      11. I am still trying to swap that mask since i got in Boxy. Click my name is someone wants it.

                        • Clicking your name takes me to the general swap page, not to your profile, just FYI.

                      12. But where is the 12th wipe???

                        • Those wipes are promotional items when loose, you often see them at pride events or other sexual health booths for free. If they were in the box of 12 I would say this box may have purchased them, but without they just look like the freebie handouts. Perhaps they hosted an event and gave them away but had tons left over so they shoved a handful in boxes. That’s what it looks like to me.

                        • It’s a real mystery, Jacqui! But I think Dawn nailed it.

                      13. This month’s is a pretty good box in terms of items. I love that tote too! I’ve been enjoying the whole trend where HONEY is put on clothes and products because it’s so darn cute.
                        I just don’t understand how exactly this is a PRIDE box when there isn’t any sort of connection to it other than the coloring book (and even that doesn’t have a value listed). Adding in products from LGBTQ owned or supportive companies would’ve added to this month’s theme

                      14. I actually got those lace masks in a Boxycharm box awhile back. I’ve never used it because I’m terrible about using masks, but I appreciate that pictures of it!

                        There’s no lube or pasties this month. VERY DISAPPOINTING.

                        • I read the painful stories of that mask, so never used mine. lol

                          • I used my mask (from BoxyCharm), and I thought it was terrible…which is why this piece of rubbish is now in the most pathetic sub box.

                          • It really isn’t that bad. And if you put a face oil down before the mask it is easier to remove

                        • “There’s no lube or pasties this month. VERY DISAPPOINTING.”
                          LOL. I knowwwww.
                          The photos are my pleasure (but also, my pain). 😉

                      15. Great review Marne, I’m waiting to receive my first box (I used the coupon code from Groupon). I was hoping to receive this box but ordered too late; I hope July offers a well-rounded selection.

                        • Thanks, Nich! I was pleasantly surprised this month.

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