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NSFW SlutBox by Amber Rose Review – May 2019

Marne Orenich
ByMarne OrenichJun 6, 2019 | 39 comments

SlutBox Review

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SlutBox by Amber Rose is lifestyle and beauty subscription geared towards sex-positive people (often containing lube, condoms, pasties, and other sex-forward items). It’s $29.99 a month and tends to be a little controversial because of its name as well as some of the items included. It seems they are going through a transition now that they’ve been around for one full year and I’m *thinking* they are going to fade out the name “SlutBox” in general. 🤔

NSFW – this post may not be safe to read at work.

SlutBox with item coming out

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contents of SlutBox

About this Adult-Themed Lifestyle Box by Amber Rose

The Subscription Box: SlutBox by Amber Rose

The Cost: $29.99 + free shipping to the U.S. Save with longer commitments.

The Products: Beauty and lifestyle items with a sex-positive flair.

Ships to: US and Worldwide (an additional International Flat Rate shipping charge may be assessed in checkout – usually $15.00)

Good to know: This month came in a plain paper box which leads us to believe that a new box design is coming.

SlutBox by Amber Rose May 2019 Review


SlutBox used to come with a zine every month they have slowly faded out and replaced with the SlutBlog. This month there is a fold-out booklet that celebrates their one-year anniversary. Last month they teased a new box design but it seems as if they weren’t ready in time since May came in a plain brown box much smaller than the usual one. Maybe we’ll see it in June.


They’ve also included a few coupons for some of the included items, as well as one that isn’t in the box, the Minna Limon adult toy.


Holographic Pink Fanny Pack – Listed Value $30.00 (Found here for $19.99)

The info booklet says Amber Rose “designed this exclusive fanny pack” but we all know that is not true since I easily found it online from an unrelated retailer. You cannot fool me, MUVA! That is par for the course with SlutBox, but it is a very cute summery item so, whatevs. This outrageous pink holographic fanny pack has two compartments (main and front pocket) that close with rainbow zippers and rose gold zipper pulls. There’s a black nylon strap that’s adjustable so it should fit most. There’s so much room that all of the items this month came stuffed inside of it with space to spare, so this will be adequate for festivals or a trip to the amusement park with your friends. I went ahead and modeled it for y’all in a classic way (around the waist) as well as how I think the kids are wearing it these days (across the chest). This bag is a little loud for me personally, but Anna‘s eyes LIT UP when she saw it so she is truly the rightful owner of it now. If you happen to see an original Vision Street Wear fanny pack like this though, holler at your girl, please.


Kandeolove Glitter Pot in Euphoria, 6 g – Retail Value $10.00 (similar linked)

I am not a glitter-gal so this pot of silver glitter with stars and hexagons is a little lost on me, but it sure looks like a fun way to go all out. You’ll need some sort of adhesive glitter glue that’s safe for skin to apply, but it can be used on the skin or in your hair. This is the larger size the company offers so it seems like you have quite a bit to last many lewks.


Kozmic Ryder Lucid Tea, 125 oz. – Retail Value $24.00

I did not expect to see a tea in SlutBox, but here we are. It kind of fits their general vibe since they’ve offered other items that are “witchy” in nature and this blend is supposed to promote having lucid dreams. It comes with its own info card about lucid dreaming yet doesn’t have directions on how much to use here, or on the actual package. I also failed to locate directions on their website, so I’m just going to wing it. First off, it smells freaking amazing. It’s made with all organic ingredients such as mugwort, cinnamon, chamomile, peppermint, hibiscus, damiana, rose petals, licorice root, and lavender. These all sound like calming sleepytime things that I love so I’m stoked to try it. I let it steep for maybe 5 minutes and the tea it produced was quite lovely! It’s floral and minty and I can taste the cinnamon come through as well. They encourage this tea as a nighttime ritual which given the use makes sense. Even though I’m trying it during the day, I’m interested to see if it really will help with having lucid dreams which the info card says allows you to connect to your most powerful and true self.


“SEXY” Rhinestone Hair Clip – Listed Retail Value $15.00 (found here for $6.86)

I recently got a hair clip just like this that said “OUI” in another box (which was valued at $10.00), and other clips like these are available in a wide range of prices that can easily be put on any branded card, so it’s tough to get a true value on this. It fits the SlutBox aesthetic for sure, but it’s not for me and my hair is so fine that this large bobby pin just slides out. I’m strikin’ out!


Good Clean Love Rebalance pH-Balanced Feminine Wipe, 1 ct – Estimated Retail Value $0.58 (Buy a box of 12 for $6.99)

Once again, we find ourselves with a sample packet and the booklet calls out the full-size value. I suppose that’s not out of the ordinary for sub boxes, but I find it misleading if you were looking at values based on, say, spoilers. Anyhow- here we have a single feminine wipe that is pH balanced to keep you feeling fresh in your most delicate area while relieving dryness, odor, and discomfort. I try to not mess with the natural happenings of my lady parts, but I can see this being helpful before or after a “slutty” encounter.


The Sign Tribe Nailfix & Chill (now called “Remove & Chill”) Nail Polish Eraser Cream – Retail Value $14.99

Well well well- here we have the “mystery surprise” item, aka a beauty item from a past box. I think this is the 3rd month in a row they’ve had a mystery item and I’m never excited about them. This product came in my December box and since I get gel polish on my acrylics, I didn’t have a way to even test it out. I now have regular polish on my toes and it happens to be a really stubborn metallic polish that I allowed my Mom to pick out at a Mother’s Day trip to the nail salon. I had removed enough with traditional polish remover to make the color a lot lighter, but I got frustrated and gave up trying to completely remove it. I decided this would be perfect to try this out. It doesn’t contain acetone and has some surprisingly natural ingredients like beeswax and sweet almond oil. Its main claim is that it smells really nice, unlike traditional liquid polish removers and that is 100% true. I’d describe it as “fruity”. You’re supposed to add a thick layer to the lacquer and wait one minute for each layer of polish you’d like to remove. After about three minutes, I was truly amazed how this just melted away the polish. I just used a tissue to wipe and it all came right off. I talked a lot of trash on this stuff, but now I am a believer. Unfortunately, I still can’t use it on my gel nails though. 🙁

Verdict: This month’s SlutBox might be one of my least favorites. I think this is the fewest amount of items we’ve seen and although I like that when it comes to full-size luxury beauty, it doesn’t seem right in this subscription that normally has a lot of samples. Per usual, the values were inflated compared to what I found online and there was no coherent theme. I realize I am probably not the target audience for this box, but looking at it as an experience standpoint, there’s not a lot here to get excited for unless you love the fanny pack. The tea is the most expensive item and probably the one I like the most. If you’re really into all of the items included, they do have a total value of $76.42 which is higher than the $29.99 cost, so I suppose the value is there but this box just seems random. 

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? No, you’ll probably get June as your first month.

From SlutBox:

SlutBox ships once per month, around the beginning to middle of the month. If you subscribed on or before the last day of the month, you will receive the following month’s box with our regular shipment (around the beginning to middle of the month). If you subscribed after the 1st, your first box will ship the following calendar month, unless otherwise stated.*

SlutBox is subject to availability and all boxes are limited edition.

*NOTE: If you subscribed after our cutoff, you may have a chance to be included in a second shipment (quantities limited and opportunity for second shipment is not guaranteed for all members). Members who are included in our second shipment will be renewed on the 20th of the month, in advance of the next shipment. 

If you’re confused about when to expect your first box, submit a request or email us at [email protected]

Value Breakdown: At $29.99 for the cost of this box you’re paying $4.99 for each of the 6 items. 

Check out our past SlutBox reviews and some of our best beauty subscription boxes of 2019!

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"SlutBox by Amber Rose is an inclusive, feminist box, built each month to empower, uplift, and celebrate the fierceness of you (and give you all the tools you need to own your space and make your mark). From beauty, fashion, body, and more, SlutBox is packed with essentials every SLUT needs to fe... read more.
Marne Orenich
Marne Orenich
Marne is a lipstick connoisseur, record collector, and twice over cat mom. She loves discovering new clean beauty brands and has quite the collection of beautifully packaged serums and moisturizers.

Marne Orenich
Marne Orenich
Marne is a lipstick connoisseur, record collector, and twice over cat mom. She loves discovering new clean beauty brands and has quite the collection of beautifully packaged serums and moisturizers.
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Stacey Not26AnymoreBeauty

I thought the bag was cute and a quick search found what looks like the exact same thing for $10.99 on amazon.


Really? A fanny pack? Bahaha. This box is a joke.


Well, I think my definition of being “slutty” has been merged with “homely” with this box. The funniest comments are found for this bizarre subscription.


What in the world?! It’s gonna be a hard pass on this box!


I guess by “design” they mean order $1 fanny packs wholesale from China and say they’re worth $30?
I guess on the plus side when Oui Please was called out for doing this with the “French” passport holders they seemed to increase the quality of their boxes?

and the bobby pin for $0.30


I hate this new trend of products to “clean” the vagina. It’s self-cleaning, dammit! It doesn’t need to be “PH balanced”, it does that by itself!


Seriously! I could maybe see including a shower wipe in this box because you might need to freshen up your armpits or boobs or something post-sex, but not your freaking vagina!


And for a box that’s supposed to be for “sluts” and empowering women, sending out the idea that your vagina is dirty and needs to be cleaned with these terrible wipes just doesn’t sit well with me.


The only positive thing about this sub is that it started right about when the OREO box was ending so I had a replacement comment section to enjoy.


Oh man, I MISS the Oreo box! The Marne shade on that one was priceless.

Marne Orenich

Hehehe. 😉


Yikes for 30 bucks?! There are so many boxes at that price point that offer so SO much more!


I think this box caters to, as you said, a different audience. I haven’t looked at other months closely so I’m just going to talk about this one.

I LOVE raves, EDMs, and whatnot, and there are famous DJs playing every week where I live now that it’s summer. I was just on Amazon looking for rave fanny packs (those fanny packs are only thing you can practically bring and wear there), and they go for about $15-20. I was also looking for glitters (the famous unicorn snot is expensive, so I was trying to get some dupes on Amazon) for cheap, about $5. With that ‘SEXY’ pin and all… I really think this month is geared towards someone like me and my friends– 20s, single, loves to rave / to go to festivals in the summer. (and that nail cream is super cool! I didn’t know they had those! I’d be psyched to get them in my beauty boxes but never saw them!)

I just felt the need to comment because I clicked on this review, saw items that I was literally just shopping around for, and was “wowed” because how did they figure out exactly what my friend group and I needed for this summer? And then I saw the comments hating the box. Just wanted to give a different perspective!

Marne Orenich

Thanks for your perspective, Jane! There’s always an audience for something but as you and others have said, the wires are getting crossed between the curation and the way it’s marketed. I think a rebranding is afoot, so that may help things. Plus, anyone who may not want the word “SLUTBOX” sitting on their porch may be more inclined to subscribe. 😉
I appreciate you chiming in!


I think you nailed it. The box could do better with a total rebranding. It just doesn’t live up to the slutty theme people expect.


100% agree. The reason I haven’t looked at other reviews of this box is… well, I figured a “slut” box wouldn’t be what I’d be interested in. Like “anime” box or something that I’d never bother to click to learn more about.

I hope they can rename and rebrand themselves with a better customer profile in mind!


The best thing about this box was the magazine they used to have. I can’t see this sub going on for much longer, it just looks like they threw whatever they could find in a box and called it good.

Marne Orenich

Wholeheartedly agree that the zine was always really awesome so it’s sad to see it only existing in digital form (although that maybe makes it more accessible which is great).


Marni to be fair I don’t think they know who the target audience for this is more than you aren’t it.

Marne Orenich

LOL Julie! 😂


I think Nailfix and Chill had to change its name after Netflix threatened to sue. So now they are Remove and Chill. They must have had to unload the old product or sell for almost nothing, so just a warning that this might be really out of date if you’re getting the Nailfix version. Would just be careful about using old products sometimes from these boxes.


Ugh, why? This box is awful.


Hey Marne, I like your UTZ tattoo.


That cat playing the banjo is also really great. But I think you need a Natty Bo to go with the Utz Girl. To me they make the cutest couple ever.

Marne Orenich

You are so right about Natty Bo. I’ve seen them being brought up as a power couple before!
The cat is from an artist named Louis Wain who was around in the late 1800s/early 1900s and exclusively drew cats. His work is fantastic. Very interesting story there, too. 🙂


Oh my gosh! I’ve never noticed that! What an awesome tattoo.

Marne Orenich

Thank you, Angelina!! My love of regional chips is strong. 🙂


So that nail polish remover is amazing and now that I’ve tried it I’ll never use anything else. But that’s all this has going for it.


That does look good. $15 at Ulta, will have to try that, thanks!


Only thing it doesn’t work on is glitter polish. I’ve yet to find anything that does. But it smells so mild and works so well on standard polish. It’s much easier than just scrubbing away with a cotton ball and remover!


I agree, every single box, horrible. I’m kinda surprised it’s still being reviewed. It’s terrible lol


(Maybe) it’s reviewed by reader’s requests (for a good laugh while reading the comments section) 😆


This box is horrible. I don’t mean this specific box either, but literally all of them.


This box is like if I rummaged through a teenager’s bedroom to try to a last-minute gift for someone I don’t like.


ha ha! so true.

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