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Pusheen Box Subscription Review – Summer 2019

Pusheen Summer 2019 Review

Pusheen Box is a quarterly subscription box full of cute Pusheen things! Every Pusheen Box will have a curated assortment of mystery items with a total retail value of over $100. The squee-worthy items inside are exclusive to the box and can’t be found anywhere else, so this is perfect for the Pusheen super fan! In addition to Pusheen, you’ll often get appearances by her sister Stormy and little brother, Pip as well. 

Bak of Pusheen box showing tail

As always, the box is super cute and different for each season. The back has her striped tail represented.

Bottom of Pusheen box showing feet

Even the bottom has her little pink feet!

Open Pusheen box

My Subscription Addiction paid for this box. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

All 9 Pusheen items in a group surrounding the box

About Pusheen Box

The Subscription Box: Pusheen Box

The Cost: $43.95 + $6 US Shipping

The Products: A selection of exclusive Pusheen clothing, accessories, electronics, toys, stationery and more!

Ships to: Worldwide (shipping varies based on country)

Pusheen Box Summer 2019 Review


Each box includes an info card that has a cute Pusheen print on the front that coincides with the theme and a run-down of all of the items on the back. The summer box has a sailor Pusheen theme! Too cute!


Sailor Pusheen Vinyl Figure

You will always receive a themed vinyl figure in each Pusheen box and they’re always to-die-for cute. This season stars Sailor Pusheen and her figure has a spyglass she is peering through while wearing a pink kerchief around her neck and a blue sailor cap. Just adorbs!


Pusheen Mini Keychain Flask

I’m not a huge drinker of straight liquor but can’t help but squee at this tiny little pink keychain flask. It holds one ounce of whatever you prefer to drink straight up or spike a drink with while you’re out and about having summer fun. The front of the flask has Pusheen and Stormy in sailor hats ready to take a wild ride with you!


Pusheen Salad Container

Pusheen Box does a great job of including super cute items that are also really useable and convenient. This clear plastic salad container stands about seven inches tall and comes equipped with a baby blue fork, lid, and salad dressing container that all nestles together for compact storage. This is helpful to me in two ways: 1. It can motivate me to bring my lunch to work more as well as 2. Eat some healthier salads instead of pizza and hoagies all the time. The front of the container has our grey girl inside a life preserver with the phrase “lazy summer” in cursive above her. There are a few tropical flowers to accent the design as well. The dressing container fits into the lid while the fork snaps into the back. All you have to do is toss your salad ingredients into the container and shake it up with your dressing when you’re ready to eat.


Pusheen To-Do List Notepad

I am a list-maker, through and through. I’m forgetful, so jotting things down really helps me stay on task and this pad comes with a magnetic back so it can be affixed to my fridge, where most of my food thoughts happen. The top of each page simply says “TO DO LIST” while the bottom has Pusheen, Stormy, and Pip together in a pink sailboat on the open blue sea, decked out in sailor hats. Definitely, the cutest way to make a grocery list.


Pusheen Photo Holder

Perhaps not the most super summery feeling, this photo holder is still cute as heck. The base is a pink weighted plastic disc from which a bendable pink wire comes out that attaches to a wooden Pusheen body. On the back, you’ll find a small pink clip to attach any photo you want to display. This holder makes a nice way to display photos of your loved ones on your desk while still repping your love of Pusheen.


Pusheen Inflatable Pool Float

It wouldn’t be summer without a pool float, amirite? While we’ve seen our fair share of pineapples and swans, Pusheen box has sent a really nice large round float to bring to the pool or river to beat the heat. The top has a baby-blue-and-white classic stripe design with alternating Sailor Pusheen and Sailor Stormy faces smiling away. The bottom of the float is plain white which is where you’ll find the nozzle to fill ‘er up for a day out on the water. This will be perfect for the wave pool!


Pusheen Insulated Can Coolers, Set of 2

I like to use can “koozies” at home if I’m enjoying a beverage from a can to prevent my hand getting too chilly. They also can serve as their own coasters so you can set it down without leaving a puddle behind. I have a friend who often shows up with his own can holders when attending BBQs and what not. Here, they’ve included a set of two neoprene holders that lay flat for easy storage. Simply slip the blue or pink Pusheen design over a can to keep it insulated while your hand stays a reasonable temperature.


Pusheen Bandana

I think that this bandana is a great summer accessory! You can keep it around as a hanky, but I prefer to wear it as a neckerchief to keep cool while on a hike or a bike ride. It can catch any sweatiness you encounter, or you can wet it to cool you down. Simply fold it into a triangle, then roll it into a long strip that you can tie around your neck in a knot. There’s a photo at the end of the review to get an idea of how it looks on. The design utilized the adorable Sailor Pusheen looking through her spyglass, wearing a kerchief of her own and little sailor cap. She is joined in the pattern by Sailor Stormy, life preservers, seashells, stars, and anchors, as well as what looks like little algae puffs with smiling faces. The bandana is 100% cotton so it’s easily washable and absorbent.


Pusheen Long Sleeve Striped Tee

How freaking adorable is this? I just adore stripes and the pale blue really makes this easy breezy for summertime even though it has long sleeves. The shirt is well constructed (60% cotton, 40% polyester) and features a small embroidered Sailor Pusheen on the left side of the chest fully decked out in hat and shirt. Although it runs quite large on me, it’s really soft and comfy. I’ll probably get more wear out of this in the fall since it’s been so hot, but it’s lightweight for those who can handle it in the heat. The only bummer is that even though there were silica packets in the box, the shirt seemed a bit damp when it arrived. Once aired out, it was fine though. I’d suggest a wash before wearing.

Marne wearing Long sleeve striped Pusheen Sailor tee and Bandana as a neckerchief

Here I am wearing the tee and bandana. The tee is a size medium but oversized. The clothing they send always seems “unisex” which means that ladies should probably size down. When you sign up, they’ll ask you for your shirt + shoe size for wearables.

Verdict: This season’s Pusheen Box included all sorts of items for a summer full of fun. The pool float, salad container, and can coolers are fantastic items to beat the heat with, while the shirt and bandana bring cuteness overload to my outfits. This subscription is a must-have for any Pusheen superfans and always contains really well-done high-quality stuff! 

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? This box is still available but tends to sell out quickly, so jump on it if you don’t want to miss out!

Billing and shipping info from Pusheen Box:

Winter Box: Billed week of November 4th, ships mid-December

Spring Box: Billed week of March 11th, ships mid-April 

Summer Box: Billed week of June 10th, ships mid-July 

Fall Box: Billed week of September 9th, ships mid-October

Value Breakdown: At $49.95 ($43.95 + $6.00 shipping) for this box, you’re paying $5.55 for each of the nine exclusive items.

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What is your favorite Sailor Pusheen item from the Summer Pusheen Box?! 

Pusheen Box

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Written by Marne Orenich

Marne Orenich

Marne is a lipstick connoisseur, record collector, and twice over cat mom. She loves discovering new clean beauty brands and has quite the collection of beautifully packaged serums and moisturizers.

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Comments (24)

  1. I have my own pool as do most of the people who live in my city. I love floaties!

  2. I’m happy 😊 I’m blessed to have a pool so I blew that sucker up right away. The only thing that is useable immediately is the shirt which came damp too…in 104 heat? Very odd but it dried quickly with no odd smell like mold so I just washed it and hung it up for fall or for a chilly AC evening (hasn’t happened yet we are burning hot day and night). I miss the plush I would have traded the picture holder And the flask. I think I’ll put shampoo or mouthwash in it when we go on vacation.

  3. Very cute box! Great review as always. I live in a city and think everything is totally usable including the float, water park or friends pool anyone?
    This review def made me realize this sub is more for adults than for kids with the inclusion of a flask and salad cup and koozies lol.

  4. I do miss the plush. Sailor Pusheen would have been an adorable one.

  5. I thought this box was freaking adorable! The photo clip was a bit of a weak spot but I will probably gift it and I don’t have any use for the pool float though I LOVE it (I also live in a city and floats aren’t allowed in the public pools and I’m afraid I will get washed out to sea if I use it at the beach! I’m going to see what the policy is at the state’s lakefront beaches and hopefully I can use it there.) The shirt is a MAJOR win for me as well as the notepad, can koozies, and bandana (which I plan to try to put on my cat!) The flask is also a fun touch. All in all, I’m quite happy with this box.

    • OMG cat bandana!!!

  6. My son was sad there was no plush in the box this time. He has claimed those from previous boxes. Hope plush makes a return next season.

  7. I really love this box! I’m not sure when I’ll use the pool float, but it’ll go into storage with the pusheen can float from a year ago. The koozies and mini-flask will be perfect for bbqs this summer (I’ll also probably take the flask to the movies, tbh), and I adore the shirt for once. The salad container is super practical, and I have one just like it (but not as cute) from my boyfriend.

    In fact, the only thing I’m not thrilled about is the photo holder, and I am sure I can gift it.

  8. There’s no place for many city people to use a pool float, and half of everyone lives in cities. Floats are not allowed in most public pools. The only way to get to the salad in the bottom of the salad cup is to reach your hand in some and try to not get dressing all over it. The plastic cap on the metal flask is a weak point. It’s a shame because it would be good for carrying Advil otherwise. (It shouldn’t be a flask, really.)

    I like the shirt, my only complaint is that you have to wear a flesh-toned bra underneath it.

    I love the theme of the box but the selection doesn’t feel well thought out. The pool float is summer-y and goes with the theme, but it’s 100% not useable for most subscribers. It’s a huge, expensive part of the box, too, so to have it take away from everything else is a waste. One if those round beach towels would have been better. We can all use towels.

    This box was a miss for me. My husband has been buying me these since we were still just engaged and I hate to have any look of disappointment with them.

    • A pool float is not 100% unusable for “most subscribers” (unless you happen to know every single person who subs). Pool floats are good for taking to the beach or lake, or for your own personal pool. Sure, I bet there are lots of people who can’t use this item immediately, but maybe they know someone who can? or would like to hang on to it for a trip to the beach sometime. I don’t think I know anyone who would be salty over receiving a cute pool float, but then again, I don’t live in a big city.

    • I know every city is different, but I just learned that here in Pittsburgh the city pools have a no-float policy but the suburban ones are different and allow them.
      I too was a little surprised by the flask in a Pusheen box, but you’re right that it can have different uses if you get a little creative.
      Sorry that this one was a miss for you, pinkhoo! Hopefully the next one will be all wins! 🙂

  9. The shirt looks great on you. I’m glad I skipped this box to many items I could not use.

    • Thanks, Cynthia! A little big but super comfy! I can wear it while blasting my air conditioning…

  10. Too much cuteness!

  11. I loved this box. The shirt is so adorable. Sadly it is huge on me. I’m so sad I can’t wear it out and about. I’ll save it for winter nights.

  12. So much happiness in this box! Love it.

  13. That picture of Marne in the pool float may be the best thing I’ve ever seen on MSA!

    • Agree! This review made me smile so much! 🙂

    • Haha- thanks, Jessica!

  14. I have to admit the review is much better than expected! The spoilers looked meh, but the close ups of the items…well they look great!

    • I’m glad you think so! I’ve never had an issue with the quality of Pusheen items. Everything is really solid and I’m always impressed with what they come up with!

  15. That Pusheen figure had me jump in. Couldn’t resist!
    But they are not giving out any information on which box I’ll be getting?
    Is there a way to check if I will be hopping onto the summer box?
    I just ordered, but the confirmation email give no information on this.

    • Yep- you should be starting with the summer box if you just signed up!

      • Thanks for the info!!!
        Can’t wait!!!

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