POPSUGAR Must Have Fall 2019 Box Spoilers + Customization Time!

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We have THREE spoilers for the Fall POPSUGAR Must Have box! And all three of them are selection items! If you are already a subscriber, you can log in to your account to select which options you want. And if you are a new subscriber, you’ll be able to pick your items after you subscribe!

New subscribers can use coupon code MSA20 to save $20 off of the Fall POPSUGAR Must Have box, too! (Regularly $75 a box.)

FYI – past boxes have sold out before full spoilers were available, so if you want a Fall box, I recommend subscribing very soon. UPDATE – the fall box may have already sold out. I’ve reached out to POPSUGAR to confirm, and will update this post once I have more info.

UPDATE – The fall box has sold out, but if you sign up now you will get on the waitlist.

Here’s the first spoiler:

The Cambridge Satchel Company Push Lock Purse 

Your choice of Putty, Dapple or Stone

Your most versatile accessory is here: this 100 percent leather push-lock crossbody bag, handmade in Great Britain. The modern design can be easily dressed up or down, so you’ll find yourself reaching for it all season long. Choose from three different Fall-inspired shades — Putty, Dapple, or Stone.

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        Here’s the second spoiler:

        Tai Jewelry Adjustable Ring with Labradorite and Dark Blue Opaque Stone

        Your choice of Gold or Silver

        Add a touch of metallic to your outfit with this chic ring, handmade in Thailand by skilled artisans. The featured stone is Labradorite, which is thought to protect against misfortune and negativity. We love that the design is adjustable, so it can fit any finger. It’s the perfect addition to your jewelry collection.

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            Here’s the third spoiler:

            Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick

            Your choice of Pillow Talk or Walk of Shame

            All beauty-lovers should have a Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick in their makeup arsenal. The smooth formula never dries your mouth out; a blend of oils, triglycerides, and waxes glide long-lasting color onto the lips. Choose between celebrity favorite Pillow Talk, a cult classic, or Walk of Shame, the bestselling berry-rose hue from the brand.

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              Walk of Shame

              Here’s Walk of Shame shown on different models from Charlotte Tilbury’s site:

              Pillow Talk

              Here’s Pillow Talk shown on different models from Charlotte Tilbury’s site:

              What do you think of the spoilers? Which items are you picking? Let me know if you have any questions about the items – I have them all in hand!

              And there are Add-Ons available, too! If you aren’t familiar, you can log in to your account and select any/all of these to add to your box at a discount:

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                Shashi Bengali Headband

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                  Ettika Lots of Love Resin Heart Hoop Earrings

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                    Shashi Set of 2 Triangular Grey Lucite Hair Clips

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                      Ettika Split Heart Sparkle Earrings

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                        One Love Organics Skin Savior Balm

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                          One Love Organics Botanical E Youth Serum Roller Ball

                          Let me know if you have any questions about the Add-On items or the spoilers!

                          New subscribers can use coupon code MSA20 to save $20 off of the Fall POPSUGAR Must Have box, too! (Regularly $75 a box.)

                          Check out all of my POPSUGAR Must Have reviews and POPSUGAR Must Have Box spoilers to see what you can expect from this women’s lifestyle subscription box!

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                          Written by Liz Cadman

                          Liz Cadman

                          Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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                          1. Wow!! One of their best boxes in a long time. If I wasn’t saving up for an event I would jump on it.

                          2. Ugh. I have no willpower. Great spoilers so I signed up. I’d rather splurge on this than mediocre less expensive boxes.

                            • Haha same! I haven’t subbed to PS in a while and I’ve cut off all my subs except Ipsy and allure. I feel at least with PS the quality of the items is really good whether I like the citation or not. That extra $25 it costs vs FFF I feel really makes a difference in quality.

                              • Agreed! I may unsubscribe after this box of FFF and subscribe to PS. Much better quality and items I will actually use. Love all these items! FFF isn’t what it used to be

                                • Thats what I just did! The FFF box was full of a bunch of random stuff. It did not scream “fall” box at all. There was not one thing I was interested in, or felt that I could give as a gift itself.

                          3. I’m shocked at how perfect this curation is for me since I haven’t liked their prior quarterly boxes. Can’t wait!

                          4. This should arrive near my birthday 🎂 so I spent some of the money I always receive as gifts. I chose putty, pillow talk, and gold ring. I 😍 the purse. I’ve never owned anything Charlotte Tilbury, so that will be nice even though I’m not into matte lippies.

                            • I chose all the same items! I have a Charlotte Tilbury lipstick, they’re very nice!

                              • Oh good 😊 that’s great to know. I can’t wait to see the other items!

                            • Ill buy the lipstick how much???

                              • Not sure what you were saying, but you can buy the lipstick from sephora dot com or Charlotte site, since this box is sold out.

                            • I wanted the bix but really liked the lip stick n bag but it says sold out if not om going for it but if it is im a lipstick liver n get fab fit fun and birch box but nvr get make up i dont no a good box for mske up i think im canclin ffb and birch n gettin the lipstick package and gotta find one goid bigger box or one w more hair n make up i also like the full size cuz its a waste the others r like free samples my last maskara lasted me 2 times n its happened before n the cremes r few times n gone too lookin for recomdations but deff gonna go w theblipstick lover n maybe sent bird thid box is to expensive i can spebd 50 on full prob box though if anyone has suggestions but hell ya if youll sell me the lipstick give me a price????

                          5. Thanks for the coupon, Liz. I haven’t like PS’s boxes in quite a while but these spoilers reeled me back in. I like all 3 items. I need another bag like I need a whole in the head but I can’t resist Cambridge Satchel.

                          6. The colors on everything look way different between the Popsugar site, their Instagram, and this page. The satchels go from blue to grey to black depending on where you look. Gah! i don’t know what to trust. On Insta, they responded Insta is more accurate but it looks waaaay different from this page!

                            • I know, I can’t get a read on the Dapple color. I think it’s a dark blue grey, but regardless I’m into it so I’m getting this box pretty much for the purse alone! I had been after a purse like that for a while so I was really excited to see it!

                          7. The one area I think PSMH could improve in is their small ” add on” section. I’d like to see no jewelry nor hair doo dads, and better prices overall.
                            I’ve never ordered a thing.. and I feel badly about it but I just don’t love the items they source in the ” Add On” section.

                          8. They had me at pillow talk. WTG popsugar! I’m excited for fall. The kids will go back to school. It will be one of 3 falls in the last 6 years I was not pregnant. And I will turn 40. Ever reach the next chapter of your life and feel like you earned it?

                            • @Ann, I think they should GIVE you the box! Whew! 🙂

                              • 😆👍

                              • Thank you!

                            • Congrats on all your accomplishments.

                              You deserve happiness.

                              Enjoy your birthday milestone 🙂

                              • Thank you!

                            • You do deserve it!

                          9. Was gonna subscribe but then I saw that the bags are pure leather… I’m totally against walking around with a dead animal skin bag…Why cudn’t they have a cruelty free option aswell…

                            • Do you realize that most animal skins used for leather goods come from already- deceased animals? The slaughterhouse sells the skins, cartlidge, and other parts to makers of bovine collagen and leather goods.

                              Since you can’t stop people in N. America and most of the Western world from eating beef, are you in favor of the remnant products simply being discarded?

                              Also, do you know that petrochemicals are used to make vinyl purses as well as dyes for vivid hues that are much stronger than those used in most animal skin bags? How do you feel about vinyl being in landfills?

                              Unless you grow your own textile product and weave your own bags like a few artisans I’ve known, you are using non- eco friendly resources. Even cotton is usually bleached. Bleach isn’t friendly to any living thing ( except as it kills harmful pathogens).

                              • I mean no offence to anyone here…I just feel better with myself when I don’t use any animal product materials…I used to love eating meat too..But i’ve gone vegan now…I just feel better knowing that I am not contributing to the suffering of any animal. And i mainly made this comment here so that subscription boxes can maybe have a cruelty free option for people when they have leather options..

                                • You do cause offense because you sound snooty and judgmental. Don’t buy it but you’re vegan leather is horrible for the environment and contributes to the suffering of humans. But yeah bravo for caring so much about an already dead cow.

                                  • Ouch. I’ve got to say that calling her snooty and judgemental is way out of line, and when people react like this it seems so overly defensive. She was just expressing her feeling and wants, not condemning anyone.

                                    Anyway, if you read into it, leather is quite often not a byproduct of meat, but rather its own industry. And that’s coming from someone with a vegetarian diet that buys leather but feels iffy on the ethics of it.

                                  • Tara I never said leather and beef come from the same cows. I said it’s good to know that she’s more worried about animals suffering than people and once a cow has it’s skin removed it’s already dead so…please don’t put words in my mouth. It was someone else who mentioned the beef cows.

                                  • Not putting words in your mouth, never said you said that. You’re just making this into an argument and acting defensive when someone expressed her want for vegan leather. It’s cool to disagree, but I’m so over people calling vegans/vegetarians snooty over their personal choices.

                                  • Michelle you sound snootier than her. So what if she cares about animal welfare? People are the most selfish species and they put themselves first. Who looks after helpless animals?

                                  • Neha ~ Almost all of a particular person’s responses on almost all posts on this site are in some way negative or defensive. I wouldn’t worry too much about it. Anything you say will be offensive to some people.

                                  • Lol an already dead cow? Do you think the leather industry only uses the skin of a cow that has died of natural causes? No they are indeed slaughtered for a specific purpose. I find your aggression of someone simply stating they would like an option that fits the lifestyle choice they chose for themselves kind of odd. Especially since this person said they would just like the option, not that they want the company to not sell these bags they have already chosen. I don’t see how that is snooty or judgmental in any way.

                                • Neha expressed her wish for a cruelty free option and explained why that matters to her. It’s a personal preference and choice to which she is entitled. So, why all the shade thrown her way? I mean I truly don’t understand why individuals get SO defensive about leather and animal products. No one is saying that you can’t purchase a leather bag/shoes or eat a steak. She is speaking for HERSELF. I’m so tired of reading these responses that are just horribly argued and illogical. Arguing that people are gonna keep eating meat and killing animals, therefore you shouldn’t have a preference for cruelty free products is simply ridiculous. People are going to keep committing violent crimes, too. Does that mean we should throw our hands in the air and join them? Mentioning the hazards of vinyl purses, dyes, vegan leather, etc., is creating an entirely different argument – the original commenter did not say she wanted a petrochemical purse. She said cruelty free. Period. Others jumped in with assumptions.

                                  Interestingly, the person claiming “We have this thing every time there’s a handbag or leather item in a sub box” is the very one who started “this thing” that “grinds” with her condescending, judgmental, irrational response.

                                  Side note, I’m not getting the box. I don’t care whether the purse is leather or not, it’s not my taste. In fact, I think it is incredibly ugly. That is my opinion. If you’d like me to return and express further opinions (on my future children’s diaper needs perhaps) I probably won’t because I’m tired of arguing with people who don’t how to argue. I rarely post on here but I couldn’t stand people jumping all over someone for expressing a personal preference.

                                  • The argument that ” ONE person was speaking * only for herself*” means that SHE felt entitled enough to post what she wants PSMH to stock.

                                    I’ve never understood this sort of entitlement from someone who ISN’T a subscriber to the box in the first place and has NO intention of buying it if it contained no leather goods, as it usually does NOT.

                                    Special item, lovely box for SO many people that it sold out in 2 days or so.

                                    Leather goods will be around LONG AFTER VINYL IS STILL LANGUISHING IN OUR LANDFILLS.
                                    And again, those of you who cry about the cattle are likely the same people who WILL use plastic disposable diapers when you are mature enough to have children.

                                  • I totally agree with Micah and Tara; Michelle’s comments are out of line. And Emily you are RIGHT ON. And Lily, talk about maturity….the ENTIRE point of this forum is to share our opinions. We all get to post what we like or don’t like about each box, or what we hope to see in future boxes. Maybe online opinion forums are an entitlement in a way, but seriously, what exactly do you think this forum is for, if not to post our own opinions? And how in the world do you know whether she is otherwise a subscriber? Or old enough to have children yet? Go get yourself a cup of coffee or tea and chill out.

                                • Hi, I just wanted to let you know that you might want to check out CauseBox. Every product they offer has a story attached, and the items are ethically produced and animal cruelty free. In their Spring 2019 box they had a beautiful vegan leather portfolio that I love and use all the time. A few boxes back they had luggage tags that were made from leftover scraps of Italian shoe leather. I think their boxes are wonderful too. Anyway, just a suggestion. You probably already know about this, but just in case you didn’t, CauseBox just seems like it would be a great fit and coincide with your beliefs. Hope this helps!!

                              • The thing is, and you likely do know this, we get tons of vinyl ” vegan” purses in other sub boxes. Some are woven textile, some are simply vinyl or plastic or nylon ( Baggu).

                                I have vintage designer leather goods from both my grandmothers’ estates. They are over 50 years old, but look brand new and are as functional and pretty as ” newly purchased”.

                                To me, something like their full leather handbags, wallets, french purses, all the things I inherited that last over 50 years in sparkling mint condition is the definition of sustainable goods.

                                We have this thing every time there’s a handbag or leather item in a sub box. It grinds, because it’s usually the very young posters who can’t tell people what they will do about their future children’s diaper needs, and because they’ve likely not lived long enough to have explored the world of fine vintage clothing and leather accessories which are timeless, beautiful and have a very long lifespan. 😉
                                JMO, with respect. 😉

                                • 👍👍👍👍

                                • I agree. I’ve given up on anything vegan – especially watches. I’ve got quite a few where the face is fine, but the band is worn out and not after years of wearing – just several months. And I can’t find replacement bands for them either. So, they are just sitting on my dresser – waiting to be tossed. A waste for sure.

                                • You said that very well!

                                • Very well said! Thank you! I’m so tired of “vegan leather” in sub boxes!!

                                  • Me too. Never liked it.

                                • Well said…

                                • Going to chime in here as a person who sells vintage and works with textiles. Leather from 50 years ago was of drastically better quality than the leather made for most products today (unless you are buying Hermès or something). Some companies use leather from animals that were killed for meat; many don’t. Further, the chemicals used to dye leather are bad for the environment. “Vegan” leather is not any better for the environment, and arguably worse, but animals are not killed to make the product…there really is no “right” answer here. Sustainability is an extremely difficult concept to argue when you are talking about the second worse industry in the world for pollution. What I can tell you for sure is that the most ethical thing you can do is buy thrifted/vintage animal leather. But please everyone stop pointing fingers at one another and don’t assume age has anything to do with this ( oh she’s young she doesn’t know anything). Let people make their own decisions—and honestly, if I really wanted to be holier than thou over here, I could just point out how wasteful subscriptions are in general— products that aren’t used, the amount of packaging waste. That would be hypocritical of me since I subscribe to some myself, but the point is we live in an imperfect world and just have to try to make the most informed decisions we can.

                                • Lily, glad you posted some history so the rest of us can see where your entitlement comes from. Sounds like you have a generational wealth attitude. You should know most of American doesn’t.

                                  Michelle is a troll. Ignore it.

                                  • @April JK,

                              • 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👍👍👍

                            • I was excited it was real leather. Usually the bags in these boxes are plastic. I jumped on this box. Love all three items!

                            • Animals aren’t being killed to make these handbags. Animals are slaughtered for food. What do u do with their hydes? Ijs..
                              I’m tired of paying top dollar for a plastic, “vegan” product personally.
                              Can’t wait to see the rest of the box. Whoohoo!

                            • I feel exactly the same way!

                              • Update: this was meant to be a direct reply to Neha’s original comment, but it posted at the end of the thread. Neither do I like carrying around the remains of a dead animal, so I commiserate. Emily, thanks for a thoughtful response. You have a way with words that I can only aspire toward. And Michelle, what the heck has happened in your life to make you so mean? I will pray for peaceful feelings for you.

                            • I agree with everyone else who is tired of vegan leather. There are cruelty free boxes out there but Popsugar is not one of them and has never claimed to be one.

                          10. Liz, et al, will my iPhone 10 XR fit in this bag? I don’t see the dimensions of the bag. I also don’t have a tape measure handy… gah. I’ve never used a bag that the gen 10X iPhones won’t fit in, but this one does look small.


                            • I think it should be fit. The dimensions are 5” by 7” and 2 inches deep. Hope that helps!

                              • Liz, thanks!!
                                I surely do miss your pretty face and great reviews lately. I know we ALL do!! COME HOME, GIRL!! 😉

                          11. I just sign up for this box.
                            I love the bag, the ring and lipstick.
                            I will cancel after this one though, it is a bit pricey.
                            Thank you for the 20 dollars off!!!
                            Nice job Popsugar!

                          12. Thanks for the $20 coupon. That was too hard to pass up. I got the dapple, pillowtalk, and silver.

                            What does everyone think of the heart earrings in the Add Ons? I really like the looks of both, but am torn. Too big or just right?

                            • Hey! FYI – I made all the same box selections as you so it seems we have similar taste. I think the earrings are too big, but that’s just one girls opinion. Good luck!

                              • Thank you so much. I was telling myself they’d be too big, but kept thinking about them. Wish they were smaller! Oh well, money saved ( or at least not spent lol.)

                                Cool that we both chose the same things!

                                Appreciate the feedback!

                              • Thank you so much. I was telling myself that, but kept thinking about them. Wish they were smaller! Oh well, money saved ( or at least not spent lol.)

                                Cool that we both chose the same things!

                                Appreciate the feedback!

                          13. Fave Accessory: Bags
                            Fave Cosmetic” Lipstick and I’ve been wanting to try Pillow Talk
                            Silver ring

                            Love the bag’s silver hardware too!

                            Also chose the sparkle heart earrings.

                            I am keeping my Popsugar and Book of the Month. Ipsy is on probation with me right now.

                            The other sub boxes no longer interest me at all.

                          14. Wow, spent the last half hour researching above items — great quality with good reviews. I have the tiny satchel from Popsugar years ago and have not used it at all. Good quality, but it was just too hard getting in and out of that bag. This bag looks nicer, but it is just a little bigger than that, and I like both dapple and stone. Hmm… hope it doesn’t sell. out too quickly.
                            The One Love organics products are calling me too.

                            • I loved that bag too but nothing fits in it unfortuantely.

                            • I love the bag too and solely use it for “going out”, as all I can fit is my phone, a lipstick, and my ID lol. It has held up well, though, so I’m hoping this bag will be of good quality, too!

                          15. Liz,
                            Will the color “walk of shame” that’s on the lovely model fit my darker complexion, kinda hard to tell. It doesn’t look that dark on model

                            • The Charlotte Tilbury site has the lipstick on all the different shades of skin. I too have darker skin and I think that pillow talk will look pretty bad on me.

                              • Oh, they also have Walk of Shame on same. Just click on the color and scroll down.

                            • I have fair-light skin and own walk of shame. I have to go in with a light hand or it can look too dark on me. I think it would look lovely on medium to deep skin tones.

                            • I just added screenshots from the Charlotte Tilbury site of different models for each color. Hope that helps!

                          16. Definitely a yes box for me!!!

                          17. Does the stone bag read more grey or more white in person? I’m having such a hard time choosing!

                            • I have same question, though the picture with the bag being worn next to the dark jeans seem to indicate more greyish. It would seem to be a nice color for both winter and summer.

                            • It looks gray in person. Hope that helps!

                              • Thanks, Liz!

                              • Does the “Dapple” color look blue or gray in person Liz? I chose the “Putty” but would really rather have “Dapple” if its BLUE. Thank you!

                                • Also interested in the answer to this!

                                • The blue is there, but I really think it reads more like a dark slate gray in person. Hope that helps!

                              • Thank you!!

                          18. Love this box! I am so surprised with the Cambridge Satchel. I have a few already and they are great quality. I can’t wait to get it.

                          19. I’m so excited! The Summer box just didn’t excite me, but this one! I’ve been wanting to try Pillowtalk, but was unwilling to purchase it on my own. Getting it in a subscription box is EXCITING.
                            I love that the handbag is actually real leather rather than “vegan leather”, which I absolutely HATE. “Vegan leather” just doesn’t hold up long term like leather does.
                            And while I don’t normally wear rings because I have large knuckles that sizing rings difficult, the one they’ve curated for this box is lovely, and completely adjustable.
                            GREAT JOB POPSUGAR!!!

                          20. I WISH I’d gotten an annual subscription to PSMH instead of FFF.
                            It seems to me that the ” choices” in FFF aren’t a ” hero” item any longer, or not at least what I’ve seen for the Summer box, and not yet for the Fall box.

                            I love it when a sub box has ONE standout item or choices of items in the category of ” Most people will love this and it’s a brand name item, too” and a few items we can choose from, with none of them being ” Had to choose one and it wasn’t going to be resistance bands” kind of bad 3 choices on down the line..

                            Am I the only one? 🙂
                            Like, I can STILL recall entire contents of many PSMH boxes back to the first box with a screen printed ” Popsugar” cotton tote bag, LOL, they have often been so super, or in the case of the very few logo items, something that’s fun to use because PSMH is known as a great box, IMO. 🙂

                            • I totally agree. That was the same issue with the latest Luxor box too. I love getting one particularly special item that I love but might not buy on my own, weather than a pile of little things.

                            • Me too. FFF has become the land of cheap quality, increasing prices on add ons and their shipping takes forever! I still don’t have any indication of my Summer Edit doing anything except a pending label. Then I stupidly bought an editor’s box that I may see next summer.

                              PS does ship Fedex Smart Post but at least there is consistency in their shipping and their quality is amazing! I always love my PS boxes and I don’t minding paying $75 for better quality and faster shipping.

                            • And that awesome throw last fall from PS with all the fringe…compared to the cheap see through throw in FFF fall box. Huge difference in quality!

                              • That white blanket/throw was in the last Winter bix wasnt it? I still have mine in its original wrapping in a closet. Put it away because I just got sooo many blankets, wraps, ponchos and scarves last Fall & Winter seasons lol. But thanks for reminding me about it! Still have the tobacco candle in its box too. Havta bring those out this winter. 😊

                          21. Yupp…I’m in! 🙂

                          22. LIZ/ MSA- THANKS for the discount code!!!

                            EVERY U.K. beauty article or magazine I leaf through mentions ” Pillow Talk” lipstick. It’s uncanny.
                            I chose the Stone color bag because it’s a nice cool neutral for me.. SO glad they offered options.
                            Didn’t really matter about the ring as I won’t wear it but chose gold toned metal.

                            I think I need an annual subscription again. Considering.. just not sure. Some boxes have been complete misses for me, but not often at all since the premiere box.

                            • Lily, I am thinking about an annual too. I’ve gotten all but this last summer box. Since I just got fall as a quarterly I am going to wait to see if they have a black Friday deal.

                              • That’s a great idea! I ALWAYS forget about the deals around the holidays! IDK, we always just buy what we want any old time.

                                Does PSMH usually have good BF/ Cyber Monday offers for annual subscriptions? 🙂
                                I honestly have never looked at the ” deals”. Shame on me.

                          23. I pre-ordered the box and now want a refund or to be able to skip it until the next box. Nothing here looks interesting at all.

                            • Do they allow that? If so please keep me posted for future reference. I won’t be canceling THIS box, I love it personally. Ive just never know subscription services to refund because we’ve changed our minds. But I’d really like to know if they do “just in case”

                              • Unfortunately, PS does not allow you to skip a box. I tried with the summer box. Glad to see I love the fall box items revealed so far! Since fall is sold out, and demand seems to be there, you should be easily able to find some takers online if it’s not your taste 🙂

                          24. Dapple gray, silver ring, and Pillow Talk lipstick. I love this box so far, I paid $55 so I think just those first 3 spoilers already paid for the box. Everything else will be a bonus!

                            • Same!!!

                            • Same!

                            • Agreed! The $20 discount (thank u Liz!) Gad me instantly hitting the purchase button. Finally excited about a sub again. 😊

                            • Agreed! I also chose dapple, pillow talk and the silver ring. The ring really caught my eye. I love unique looking pieces like that. Pillow talk looks like an amazing shade and I love matte. I typically always have black bags so the “slate gray” will be a great bag to add to my collection. Love that it is geniune leather too!

                          25. I signed up. The Charlotte Tilbury lipstick alone is exciting for me, and the rest of the items look nice. It’s been a minute since I’ve subbed to PS, but these spoilers are great.

                            PS always packs their boxes full too, so I imagine there’s going to be a skin care item as well as a few other things.

                            I got the slate purse, gold ring, and walk of shame – both lipsticks have an A- on Temptalia too!

                          26. Welp. I love all three spoilers and have no self discipline. I’m in! 😂

                          27. So much better than FFF spoilers!!! I don’t wear lipstick, but I love that bag! It’s awesome to get a nice ring instead of the same ole fragile looking necklace or bracelet! Really excited! 😆

                          28. What great items! Thank you for modeling the cross body bags! I’m quite tall and also plus size, do you know the length of the strap at it’s longest adjustment setting? Thanks!

                            • The longest strap setting is 52 inches. Hope that helps!

                              • Definitely, thanks!

                          29. One more question for Liz…or maybe Megan since she was the one modeling the Cambridge bag in Dapple (thank you all for modeling the bags – it really helps establish a sense of scale) – it appears in the photo that the white (or maybe metallic, I can’t tell) signature logo on the back of the Dapple bag really stands out, in maybe a not so great way. I’m curious if you guys have any thoughts on it after seeing it in person.

                            All the colors are pretty nice so I don’t think I could go wrong with either of the other two if the logo was just too much in the gray “Dapple” version. But I just love love love that Dapple color.

                            • Hey Karen! The logo is in a silver, which absolutely makes it a little more subtle in person. It also helps that it is on the inside, which is at least mostly hidden if you still aren’t into it.

                              I also really like the dapple color! I am not someone who wears black a lot (though ironically, I am in these photos!) and this feels kind of like an almost black but with the added benefit of it also matching grey and blues too. It also looks incredible with my current burnt orange nail polish 😉

                              • Wow! Thanks so much for the SUPER quick response. That’s really helpful. Given your endorsement for the Dapple, I’m in! Thanks again. I totally appreciate it.

                                I don’t know what we would do without you guys 🙂

                                • You are very welcome. Hope you love it as much as I did!

                              • I chose the dapple and your post made me even more excited!

                          30. They got me. I’ve been eyeing one of those satchels for a while now, and have also been wanting to try that lipstick. With the coupon this was an easy yes for just those two items.

                            So glad it’s reputable stuff from reputable brands. Hopefully the ring holds up.

                            • I LOVE my mini satchel from a past Popsugar box. It is one of those purses that just gets better over time. The leather softens, yet it still looks new! I think I have to get the this one too 🙂 what color did you choose?

                          31. I have skipped the spring and summer boxes. I like these spoilers enough to resubscribe with a new email address. I picked a navy bag, mauve lipstick and gold ring. Hope the rest of the box is good, too.

                          32. Psyched for this one after cancelling my Fabfitfun subscription. Would much rather pay a bit more and get a smaller number of things I really want!

                          33. That ring is gorgeous! Not usually a fan of tiny crossbody bags, but I am happy to see if I can change that, if I still don’t like it, it will be an amazing gift. It might also be nice for when I go to events that want you to have a tiny bag or see through. I don’t often wear lipstick, but am excited to try this brand, because I would not buy it on its own at full price. So I am super excited about these spoilers, I will be trying nice new things and if I don’t like them, I have fancy smancy gifts! YASSS, Popsugar, its a win.

                          34. Liz, Megan: Is the Dapple shade grey, or is it more of a dusty blue? Thanks!

                            • It has a blue tint but is dark and close to a dark grey/slate. Hope that helps!

                            • Yes would like to know this too!

                            • We kept going back and forth between grey or some sort of blue, even in person. It seemed to change depending on the light. I think “slate” – as Liz described it – is really accurate!

                              • Thanks so much, Liz and Megan!

                          35. When does this box ship?

                            • Boxes will start shipping at the beginning of September. Hope that helps!

                          36. I grabbed one – putty, silver, pillow talk. I say I’m buying for my niece who is leaving in September to study in Europe this Fall. But I said PSMH Spring was her birthday gift this year, and I kept it for myself. So we’ll see … my choices would be the same for either of us, so I’m safe there.

                            • Those would be my choices too!

                          37. These spoilers are pretty great! Liz, it says the summer box is sold out – can I use the $20 off code to preorder the fall box?

                            • Yes, if you sign up today, the Fall box will be your first box and that coupon should give you $20 off a new subscription!

                              • fantastic! just preordered putty, pillow talk, and the gold ring – thanks so much!

                                • Yay! I hope you love this box. I’m seriously impressed with all three spoilers! 🙂

                          38. Cancelled don’t wear rings, lipstick or need another small purse 😥

                          39. I’ll be buying for just the lipstick. Google the colors if you need to see them.

                            • That’s like paying 75 bucks just for the lipstick. Why?

                              • Lmao I thought the same thing. Just go to Sephora and buy the lipstick.

                          40. Love these spoilers!!! Awesome and is perfect for fall. So much better than the leaked FFF spoilers. Wishing I could undo my annual subscription!

                            • Where are the leaked FabFitFun spoilers??? I didn’t see that!!

                              • I saw them on the BeautyBoxes reddit page. I’m sure they’re somewhere else too. They’re not official from FFF or anything though.

                                • Oh no I hope they’re wrong, they look lousy. I thought the summer box was fine, but if that’s fall, I regret re-subscribing.

                            • You actually *can* contact CS and demand a refund for the remainder of your subscription. They will give you pushback at first, but they will do it.

                          41. OMG Yes.

                          42. Love love love! And I especially love that they sent the add one as well for you guys to try on and show us!

                          43. I’m surprised its not a scarf or a throw so high five Popsugar. I would take Popsugar over FFF any day of the week but for some reason 75 dollars makes me cry a tiny bit. Another thing Popsugar adds the best extras EVER unlike FFF where you have to buy something to get something free and this season it’s pasta and a promo that 75% or more are not going to use. I am such a Popsugar fan all day. I have that same love for Allure too. Done sorry!

                          44. That looks so much like the white Cambridge bag in the Rachel Zoe box a few years ago. If so, it’s a nice bag. Simple. Versatile.

                            Anyone know if it’s the same?

                            • Same company, but the Rachel Zoe bag looked like the large version and this one the small.

                            • It looks smaller. The Rachel Zoe one was the large size. This looks to be what they now just call Push Lock, but used to be called medium. Measurements: 7.5″ wide, 6″ tall, 2.4″ deep (compared to the large, which is 9.5″, 7.5″, 3″).

                              • Ahhhhh, ok great – thanks guys! I knew my trustee MSA friends would know the answer! 🙂

                            • It looks a bit smaller but I could be wrong. I love my Cambridge push lock satchel from that BOS box and still wear it. It cleans up nicely and still looks fairly new after all these years. I think this is a great box from Popsugar, and if I didn’t already have the bag I would be buying it. Still considering going for the bag in another color.

                              • Aaaaand…. I went for it. I feel good about this box and think the other items are going to be good too. Do wish the bag was offered in oxblood would be more fun for Fall.

                          45. Pillow Talk looks nice! 🙂 Would love to see it on one of the girls!

                          46. I miss PopSugar. I wish they still had the monthly subscriptions. I like this box much better than Fit Fab Fun.

                            • Me too. They’re boxes seem so far apart now I practically forget they’re even around. And I used to think of Popsugar as the king/queen of the lifestyle box!

                          47. Does anyone know the billing date for the fall box?

                            • They will begin billing for the 2019 Fall box on August 10 and billing will run through August 20, 2019. Hope that helps!

                              (If you are a new subscriber, you will be billed immediately for the fall box when you place your order.)

                          48. The $75 price tag makes me pass. I wish it was priced closer to FFF box.

                            • Same here. I’ve already used codes in the past for both of my email boxes and really don’t want to create another. The bag is great but I already have two other small ones I like (one came from Happy Rebel.). Of course I don’t have all these colors so there’s that.
                              If the ring didn’t have all those little tacky fake diamonds I’d love it in silver. But somehow that little detail makes it look cheap to me. Or maybe it’s gaudy. I don’t know for sure why but those little pieces of glass just ruin it for me. I know I am the only one who thinks that. Sorry guys!
                              I am DYING to try that CT lipstick. I would definitely prefer Pillow Talk but would take either color just to be able to try the brand.
                              The add-ons don’t do much for me. I love heart shaped anything. I’m still a little girl that way. 😄
                              Unfortunately those earrings are so much bigger than what I wear now. If this was still my teenage years in the late 80’s/ early 90’s I’d be all over those hoops! Same thing with those gorgeous hair clips. Unfortunately they are just too big for my taste and more importantly my thin hair now. Of course I’m pretty confident there will be some more great things I could use in the rest of the box.
                              So I agree it’s much better than FFF and if it was priced the same I wouldn’t be able to resist subscribing.

                              • FYI, CT is having a 30% off sale atm—a great way to try a lot of her items at a discount 😉

                                • Great! Thanks for the info!

                              • Dani, how did you find out the size of hair clips? I passed on them because my hair is soooo thick and baby barrettes don’t work 😉

                                The were sold out and now back available. I was eyeing them and now I’m really curious because they may work. I’ve never paid $21 for hair clips – but maybe that’s my issue!

                          49. This is a win, win, win for me! Popsugar and I are reunited after over 2.5 years!

                          50. Loving these spoilers!

                            • Yay! Me too! 🙂

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