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Oui Please Volume 4.5 Box Spoiler #5 + Coupon!


We have another spoiler for the Volume 4.5 Oui Please box!

Use coupon code FRESH20 to save 20% off a Oui Please subscription.

Each box will include:

This September, curl up with a book that will take you away to France, no passport necessary! Choose from three best-selling titles: Mastering the Art of French Eating by Ann Mah, My Twenty-Five Years in Provence by Peter Mayle, or Paris For One & Other Stories by Jojo Moyes. Consider this an invitation to kick back with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and get lost in a great book.

Mastering the Art of French Eating by Ann Mah will take you on a culinary journey through France. Interwoven with the lively characters Ann meets and the traditional recipes she samples, this is a story about love of family, food and France.

In My Twenty-Five Years in Provence, Peter Mayle reflects on his life in Provence and the changes village life has undergone in that time. His final book serves as a lasting love letter to his adopted home, marked by his signature warmth, wit, and humor


Paris for One & Other Stories by Jojo Moyes is a collection of stories full of holiday romance and dreamy escapism. The collection is the perfect funny and charming read to make you feel like you’ve run away to Paris.

In case you missed the previous spoilers:

This September, fan favorite Bangle Up Paris is back! Bangle Up’s colorful enamel bracelets are perfect for adding a pop of color and shine to any outfit.

Choose one of three gorgeous styles to add to your Bangle Up stack: the Jonc Bangle 0.7 cm or the Bollystud Bracelet in Ginger, Blush, or Rose Powder. Customization submissions to follow soon!


Dine in style like the French. Coming to your September box, experience the excitement of the French way of life and bring sparkles to your meals with these Pied De Poule dishes. Select between four designs: from Paris, French cancan, Cocorico, and French Kiss. Customization submissions to follow soon.

Porcelain Diameter: 15.8cm Available in 4 designs Microwave and dishwasher safe 100% Made in France


In your September box, you’ll receive fresh, delicious French Madeleines from Oui Love It! These gluten-free Madeleines have a slightly sweet, spongey base. The strength of the Madeleine lies in their versatility and simplicity. Enjoy them with whipped cream, sandwiched with your favorite jam, or with nothing at all. They’re the perfect light and delicious French treat!


Malou & Marius Natural Face Mask Malou & Marius Natural Face Mask

In your September box, you’ll receive two all-natural face masks from Malou & Marius. The “gym tonique” mask reverses aging with hyaluronic acid, while the “nettoyage de printemps” masks purifies your pores with charcoal. Malou & Marius is a French, family-run brand with sustainability, dedication, and progress at its core. They are dedicated to bringing effective, all-natural, and fun skincare products to their customers.

What do you think of the spoiler?  Check out our Oui Please reviews to see what’s been in past boxes!

FYI – MSA readers have reported issues with customer care. Please read comments on spoiler + review posts before subscribing.

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Comments (35)

  1. OP boxes are my favorite!!! The last box was amazing and this one looks great to me so far! Excited to see what other spoilers they have in store!

  2. The OuiPlease website shows more spoilers and they are….um……wow. I really hope that isn’t the full box, fingers crossed.

    • Wow. The advertised RV of the seven spoilers is $183. Uh?? The subscribers are stuck but who in their right mind would pay $150 for this box?!
      And even if they included 4 dishes, which is not clear, the RV would come to $243. I’m not even talking about the curation, which includes madeleines, a spread, and a paperback… I wonder if they will reveal one more item, or that’s it. If so, nothing wrong with these items individually (aside from the ugly dishes) but what a let down.

      • I’m hoping for a Hail Mary on this box because I paid 150, and these items are no where near good value for that. The items are cute, but pretty basic and more of a 50 dollar box at this point.

  3. I seem to be in the minority here but so far besides the campy plate designs, I like the other items and they just say that they’re a few of the spoilers so hopefully they will keep their word and there will be many more items to come. It says it’s the September box so since it’s still July they have plenty of time to come out with more spoilers.

  4. The Oui Please website states that the boxes have minimum $300 value, and I keep getting Oui Please ads popping up on my Instagram that promise a $330 value per box. This box is currently well under the $150 full price box cost in value…and nowhere near $300. Really hoping they’ll pull some magic for the next spoiler(s)…

  5. The one plate thing makes this utterly laughable. I’ve never heard anything so ridiculous. I still think maybe that’s a joke and they are in fact shipping a full set of 4?

  6. On a different note, has anybody received the online “magazine” for box 4.4? I don’t think I ever got that email. If you did, can you post the link? Thanks!

  7. I just had 150 charged for this box….and I LOVED the last one….but so far this is waaaaay under value. The items are cute, but not 150 cute!

  8. Hmmmmm, so even if you were smart enough to get this sub during their awesome 45% off Black Friday sale, and you bought their discounted annual subscription, this box is still costing you over $70. That’s waaaaaay more palatable than $150 but still. That’s more than FFF, causebox, JourneeBox, Margot Elena, even more than Luxor’s gilt deal. OuiPlease has to know that people aren’t going to be happy with this box at that price tag.

    • I sure hope the next few spoilers are high value items. The bathing suit was the last spoiler they sent out for the June box, so if that precedent counts perhaps they are keeping the best items for last? Though something tells me they may be having trouble securing items for this box, hence the books. There were hints on Instagram that a set of glasses or a decanter (both beautifully designed) may be included at some point, but that never materialized.
      Ah, and I have a feeling they will include a straw bag based on the survey they sent out a few months ago (anybody else got it? There were three bag designs to vote on).

      • Yes I voted that I don’t want the basket since it looks like a cheap tourist souvenir

      • Yep, I agree. The basket was ugly! I’m not a fan of straw bags or clutches in general, but I suspect they will include one of the variations we were asked to vote on.

      • I wonder if they would be better off as a quarterly sub. I don’t think the curation and quality is bad. It just feels a bit like they’ve taken on more than they can handle.

  9. At the moment I am a bit puzzled by the contents of the August box. I like the selection so far (though the designs on the side dishes are too touristy imo) but the retail value of the items does not even reach $150…🧐🤨 I was expecting a high value spoiler next, but instead the fifth item is… a paperback? It seems a bit strange! Let’s see what the next spoilers bring.

    • I’ve got $5 it will be a relatively low RV beauty product. Nailmatic polish? Something by Nuxe?

      Ohhhhh, I just don’t see this ending well….

  10. It pains me to say this, because I really loved the recent Oui Please box, but this one is terrible and the selections look like what I would have ended up with, if you had sent me to TJMaxx with a $50 budget, and asked me to grab random things while blindfolded.

    Plates: ugly and chintzy, tourist-y stuff. I can’t see such inelegant things in a French hime.

    Bangle bracelets: okay, but can be found anywhere.

    Madeleine cookies: okay, I guess?

    Face masks: these are such a copout products to include; masks are known in the subscription boxes world as cheap fillers.

    Books: these are okay, I guess, but again — touristy stuff.

    • Home*, not “hime.”

  11. I’m actually a fan of receiving books in sub boxes, but I know that books are a pretty controversial inclusion and I’m sure there will be a lot of unhappy subscribers because of this spoiler. At least the company is offering 3 options (assuming we actually receive our selections, of course…OuiPlease doesn’t have the strongest track record on that front). And at least the books seem to be on point with the French theme.

    But I can’t help but look at the RV of this box so far and anticipate some subscriber dissatisfaction there too:

    Book $9.46-$21.55 (if paperback, $9.49-$12.80 on amazon; if hardcover, $9.46-$21.55 on amazon…I don’t consider the actual retail prices for books in sub boxes since the discounted prices are so readily available to everyone all the time)
    Bracelet $50
    Single (!?!) Plate $15
    Madeleines $8
    Face masks $22

    That puts the box value at between roughly $105 and $117 if the book is hardcover, or between $105 and $108 if it’s paperback. I know we can expect two or three more items in the box, but OuiPlease still has a long way to go just to reach the cost of the box. And it’s not like these items are only available for purchase in France.

    OuiPlease was on such a roll for a while but unless the last few items in the box aren’t just cheap fillers, I think there will quite a number of subscriber complaints with this box. It just doesn’t feel like a $150 box yet at all.

    • I think your price estimates are generous, lol. I agree with you on the books, I like getting one. But I’m hoping there will be several more items to round out the value

      • I just looked at the full spoilers for the Homme box. It’s neat! They have such a great selection, I have to say my taste this time around seems to be more in line with it than with many of the items OP traditionally includes for women.
        If only I were taller and had larger feet 🙂
        I noticed that they’re including a book in the Homme box too — an illustrated/designery hardcover — which I would have loved to get in the upcoming women’s box. I enjoy memoirs or short stories, but they’re not unique and unless they’re special editions I don’t see how they have a place in a luxury box. BTW, the three book options for the 4.5 box are paperbacks based on the cover design. I double checked on Amazon. (Ugh.)

  12. Who else is still waiting on June? I saw on Instagram where they replied to someone four days ago and said all the boxes have shipped. They suggested emailing Ashley for an update. So I have emailed Ashley and am waiting on my update. *sigh*

    • I emailed Ashley, like, over a week ago, and have had no response. I asked them what was up on insta today. Grr.

      • I got a reply from Ashley today to a note I sent yesterday. The response was:

        Thank you for reaching out to OuiPlease.

        I have great news! The additional shipment of Payote espadrilles is scheduled to deliver at our facility this afternoon. As soon as it does, we will curate and ship your box to you.

        I am terribly sorry about the extended delay and thank you for your patience.

      • I just got the same thing. Maybe Ashley reads MSA. 😉

      • I am really interested in seeing a review of the 4.4. I bought and loved the 4.3 but the bathing suit and sizes freaked me out a bit lol. Hope you guys get your boxes soon and they are awesome!

      • I recently had to send my pair back because they sent me the wrong size! I sure hope that shipment has my correct size.

    • I’m still waiting. Today marks the 3 week mark since my label was created but nothing since.

      • I’m still waiting as well. I’ve sent 3 emails asking for an update with no response. I’m really regretting my decision to try this sub. I thought things had been going smoother with their recent boxes so I took a chance.

  13. I’m curious, are they sending only one plate or a set of 4 in the design chosen?

    • Yep, just one plate.

      But you get to select your design, so it’s all good, right??? (I hope it’s apparent that that sentence was overflowing with sarcasm! 😝)

      • beyond ridiculous for a $150 box!

    • I believe only 1. It said retail value $20 and they referred to it in the singular (choose your plate).

    • ONE plate? Are you serious?

      I can’t believe I just bought this. You people tried to warn me 😛

  14. So far this box looks better than the last one, which was not bad either.
    OP has really turned around. It’s my favorite sub now.

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