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Love With Food Deluxe Box Review + Free Box Deal – July 2019

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Love With Food is a monthly snack and food sampling subscription box. They send only natural and organic snacks and donate a meal to charity for each box sold. They offer three subscription box options:

  • A smaller Tasting box with 7+ snacks for $9.99 a month
  • A Deluxe box with 15+ snacks for $19.95 a month
  • A Gluten-free box with 10+ gluten-free snacks for $24.99 a month

This review is of the Deluxe box, which is $19.95/month.

My Subscription Addiction pays for this subscription. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

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About Love With Food

The Subscription Box: Love With Food

The Cost: $19.95 a month for the “deluxe” box. Save with longer subscriptions.

COUPON: Get your first Tasting box for $5.99 No coupon needed - just use this link.

The Products: Snacks that are organic, natural, and/or free from artificial ingredients.

Ships to: US (free), and now many other countries as well. See the full list here.

Love With Food Deluxe July 2019 Box Review

Love with Food July 2019 - Booklet Front TopLove with Food July 2019 - Booklet Back Top

The information card isn’t super informative anymore.

Love with Food July 2019 - Coupon 1 TopLove with Food July 2019 - Coupon 2 TopLove with Food July 2019 - Coupon 3 TopLove with Food July 2019 - Coupon 4 Top

There is often product literature or coupons. Usually it relates to items in the box, but sometimes it doesn’t. If you’re curious about Naked Wines (one of the vouchers pictured above), check out Megan’s review.

Love with Food July 2019 - Inside FrontLove with Food July 2019 - Dividers Top

The box was pretty packed, but when I started removing items, I noticed these dividers for the first time. Although I don’t usually have a breakage problem when it comes to Love With Food, these could be pretty handy if they ever want to send something in a jar or something like a drink (which is heavy) in the same box with chips or crackers. (Vegan Cuts, please take notes.)

Love with Food July 2019 - Balance 1 TopLove with Food July 2019 - Balance 2 Top

Balance Caramel Nut Blast (1.76 oz) – Retail Value $1.59

I used to eat a lot of these because I thought they were good for me (we’re talking like 15-20 years ago – they’ve been around that long). They do have a lot of added vitamins and minerals, but they are also super high in sugar (14g), so it’s kind of like eating a candy bar with vitamins and minerals. (I am a bit fixated on sugar in this review but I just want to point out that it is hidden everywhere. I like it as much as the next person and I do enjoy the flavors of all the sugary things here, but wouldn’t make them regular parts of my diet since diabetes runs in my family.)

Love with Food July 2019 - Beanitos 1 TopLove with Food July 2019 - Beanitos 2 Top

Beanitos Nacho Nation White Bean Chips (1 oz) – Buy 6, 4.5 oz Bags for $15.07

Beanitos are a subscription box staple. A few months ago (maybe at the beginning of the year) they underwent a packaging change (the full-size bag became 1.5 oz smaller) and at the same time, the formula seems to have changed, and I don’t like the texture of these as much as I used to. I tend to get Beanfields chips instead at the store. One thing I do like about Beanitos is that the flavors that sound like they have cheese in them, actually do, whereas Beanfields are vegan, but the texture of these is not as great as it once was, and also the Whole Foods doesn’t carry very many flavors anymore.

Love with Food July 2019 - Beef 1 TopLove with Food July 2019 - Beef 2 Top

Western’s Smokehouse Sea Salt and Cracked Pepper Snack Stick (1 oz) – Buy 24 for $33.58 (found here for $27)

This is a repeat item from a past month. I have passed this one along to someone else because I am a vegetarian and my husband doesn’t eat meat sticks. If you are vegan, I’d honestly not recommend this box because there is a lot of honey/dairy/egg to be found. If you are vegetarian, like I am, it’s probably all right with the caveat that you will sometimes get a meat stick or some gummies with gelatin. This also has some pork. These are made in the US (of course) from lean cuts of beef.

Love with Food July 2019 - Blueberry 1 TopLove with Food July 2019 - Blueberry 2 Top

180 Snacks Almond Rice Pops with Blueberries (0.5 oz) – Buy 15 oz for $16.99

These are gluten-free and vegan, if either of those are important to you. I do like the flavor (which is mostly fruity and a little nutty) but would prefer if they were whole grain as well. As it is, there’s not much substance to them, although that could be a good thing because they are not very dense so it feels like you are eating more than you actually are, which may work as a calorie-control strategy. I have had these several times before from Love With Food and other snack boxes.

Love with Food July 2019 - Chickpeas 1 TopLove with Food July 2019 - Chickpeas 2 Top

The Good Bean Crunchy Chickpeas in Sea Salt (0.75 oz) – Buy 10 Bags for $15.99 (found here for $13.99)

You may know by now that I find sea salt flavor (aka “plain”) to be kind of boring and usually prefer other flavors of snacks like this. And that is true here as well. However, I will say that these had a good texture for crunchy chickpeas as in I did not think they would break my teeth when I chewed on them (and to be fair, that is something a lot of other companies get wrong).

Love with Food July 2019 - Chum 1 TopLove with Food July 2019 - Chum 2 Top

Chum Fruit Bites in Peach (0.9 oz) – Buy 12 Packs for $17.99

I don’t usually buy fruit snacks like this, but I was happy enough to try them for two reasons: (1) this brand is new to me and (2) they actually had peach as the first ingredient (yes, there is apple filler, but it’s not first in the list). These had a nice tart flavor and weren’t too sticky. I’d still probably opt for fresh fruit but if you want a bit of peach when it’s not stone fruit season, these could probably tide you over.

Love with Food July 2019 - Clif 1 TopLove with Food July 2019 - Clif 2 Top

Clif Mojo Salty Sweet Bar in Salted Caramel Flow (1.59 oz) – Retail Value $1.99

This was a pleasant surprise. I do like salted caramel flavored things, though. These have some pea protein puffs so they are not super dense, although because of the added sugars (8 grams!) they have about the same number of calories as a typical protein bar. Although these have a little more sugar than I prefer in a bar, they are nicely balanced in protein, fat, and fiber.

Love with Food July 2019 - Corn 1 TopLove with Food July 2019 - Corn 2 Top

Pop’d Kerns in Sea Salt (1.25 oz) – Buy 15 Bags for $24 (found here for $17.99)

This is another repeat item (and another sea salt item). My husband and I talked about these (I share all the subscription box food items with him to get a second opinion) and we decided we’d both rather just eat popcorn that’s fully popped. (But then we are in our 40s and are starting to worry about our dental work…)

Love with Food July 2019 - Dolcetto 1 TopLove with Food July 2019 - Dolcetto 2 Top

Dolcetto Lemon Wafer Bites (0.7 oz) – Buy 12, 4.2 oz Boxes for $41.44

This item shows up in Love With Food every now and then (as in, this specific flavor). They are tasty and the lemon flavor is strong, and I do kind of like the cream-filled texture.

Love with Food July 2019 - Edamame 1 TopLove with Food July 2019 - Edamame 2 Top

Seapoint Farms Dry Roasted Edamame Sea Salt (1 oz) – Buy 12, 4 oz Bags for $17.88

Here is another “sea salt” flavored item. This is a high-protein snack for vegans and vegetarians (not that anyone else can’t eat it, but the protein is plant-based). But it is also very plain. These had a good texture for a dry roasted bean product but I just can’t see myself buying them again because they don’t taste like much of anything. This is also a repeat item.

Love with Food July 2019 - Fruit 1 TopLove with Food July 2019 - Fruit 2 Top

You Love Fruit Simply Mango (0.5 oz) – Buy 12 Packs for $19.89

I don’t have an issue with the flavor of these (they are nicely tart) but I am not really a fan of this product in general. It is SO STICKY that even my Water Pik won’t dislodge it from my teeth, and I really don’t like picking up the sticky individual circles from the waxed paper because it makes my hands sticky, too. (This is a multiple repeat item as well.) I can see how it might appeal to kids, though.

Love with Food July 2019 - Nuts 1 TopLove with Food July 2019 - Nuts 2 Top

Pear’s Gourmet Red Chile Queso Flavored Peanuts (1 oz) – Buy 8 oz for $6.97

These are marketed as “keto-friendly” and I have to say, usually “keto-friendly” foods are so high in fat they make me queasy (I don’t eat much fat on a day-to-day basis). But, these are just flavored peanuts, really, and this ended up being my favorite item in the box, because I am typically a fan of anything nacho/queso/chili/barbecue flavored. This box is, in general, probably not suitable for people on the keto diet because there are a lot of carbs (yay carbs) as you can tell from looking at the other items.

Love with Food July 2019 - Olyra 1 TopLove with Food July 2019 - Olyra 2 Top

Olyra Hazelnut Carob Breakfast Biscuits (1.76 oz) – Buy 5 Packs for $5.09

We received these in a different flavor last month and those were kind of plain but I liked these more. I don’t even know that I’d know what carob tastes like, but these were whole grain (yay) and the cinnamon and cloves worked pretty well. I have to admit to thinking these might be nice if you just spread canned frosting all over the top but I guess they wouldn’t be very healthful then. But they could take a sweet spread or a little yogurt on top because they are just a touch dry.

Love with Food July 2019 - Turkey 1 TopLove with Food July 2019 - Turkey 2 Top

Country Archer Turkey Stick with Rosemary (1 oz) – Retail Value $2

Here is another meat stick that is a repeat item that I’ve passed on to someone else. This is made with turkey raised with no antibiotics, which is actually kind of important. Did you know that people who eat a lot of poultry raised with antibiotics are more likely to get antibiotic-resistant UTIs? Here’s an article I read about that last week.

Love with Food July 2019 - Zeezee 1 TopLove with Food July 2019 - Zeezee 2 Top

Zee Zee’s Strawberry Crisp Soft Baked Bar (1.3 oz) – Buy 24 Bars for $25.95

Zee Zee’s bars show up regularly in Love With Food, although I think this may be a variation that I haven’t seen before, in that it does have little bits that are, while not exactly crisp, provide some texture to a bar that is otherwise as soft as a cookie. This was actually pretty tasty which is probably because it is super high in sugar (with 12 grams of just added sugars) so it pretty much was like eating a cookie.

Verdict: There were 15 items in the June 2019 Love With Food Deluxe Box. This was not the best month for me. So many items were repeats (lemon wafer bites, almond rice pops, You Love Fruit, Pop’d Kerns, the Balance bar, the edamame, etc.) and there were two meat sticks which I think were also repeats. I liked the Clif Mojo bar better than expected and the chile queso peanuts were also pretty good, and the Chum fruit bites had a better texture than I expected they would, so there were some highlights as well. (And it’s not that I don’t like Balance bars or Beanitos, but I already know about those and can just get them from Amazon whenever I want.)

To Wrap Up:

Can I still get this box if I sign up today? You’d receive August’s box as your first box, but check the Love With Food shop, as sometimes past boxes will show up there.

COUPON: Get your first Tasting box for $5.99 No coupon needed - just use this link.

Value Breakdown: At $19.95 for this box, you are paying about $1.33 per item.

Check out our past Love With Food reviews and the best snack subscription boxes!

Keep Track of Your Subscriptions: Add this box to your subscription list or wishlist!

What do you think of the July 2019 Love With Food box? What’s your favorite snack subscription? 

Love With Food Tasting Box

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Written by Ragan Buckley

Ragan Buckley

Ragan stumbled across My Subscription Addiction in late 2013 and immediately subscribed to way too many beauty boxes. She’s now focused on boxes for her cats and dog, vegan/vegetarian food boxes, and craft subscriptions (and she didn’t give up beauty boxes entirely).

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Comments (5)

  1. I want to try the MOJO Salty and Sweet Bars

  2. I really like this box, but can you tell me if the gluten free box is better than the the deluxe box…

    • I haven’t tried the gluten free box. I would note the following:

      (1) Gluten free baked goods are not universally healthier or better for you UNLESS you have a medical condition that requires you to avoid gluten. In fact, they are usually more refined and lower in fiber.

      (2) Gluten free snacks tend to be (a) meat, (b) starchy (because tapioca starch and similar ingredients are used to replicate the texture/mouth feel of non GF snacks, and so forth), (c) dried fruit, (d) nuts, and things of that nature.

      (3) Gluten free snacks are more expensive because they must be processed in dedicated facilities or on dedicated equipment to avoid cross-contamination, so you’ll receive fewer items in a GF box.

      In the end, it’s kind of up to you. If you have celiac disease, I’d definitely recommend the GF box. If you are just looking for new snack ideas and don’t have any particular dietary restrictions, I’d go for the regular box. Some items will overlap because things like nuts and dried fruit are suitable for either box.

      • Thank you for clarifying that gluten-free does not equal “healthy”. Gluten-free junk food is still junk and I think a lot of people tend to miss that point.

      • Great advice on the gluten free vs regular advice, I love reading all the reviews here. Helpful reviews and pics, plus great feedback too. This is on my list to try!

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