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Ipsy Glam Bag Plus August 2019 SPOILERS!

We have the first spoilers for the August 2019 Ipsy Glam Bag Plus! Thanks, Erin and Michelle, for the heads up! (These are some of the items that Ipsy is sending in August. There are different box versions every month, so you may not receive it in your Glam Bag Plus.)

Here are the first spoilers for the August 2019 Ipsy Glam Bag Plus:

MURAD AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser

SMITH & CULT Nail Lacquer in Pillow Pie

THRIVE CAUSEMETICS Liquid Lash Extensions Mascara

What do you think of the first spoilers?

This subscription is $25 a month. Sign up here! (Check out our Ipsy Glam Bag Plus reviews to see what you can expect each month.) The waitlist is back on, so claim your spot on the waitlist now for a chance to get the August Glam Bag Plus as your first box.

And if you are new to the regular Ipsy, it is a $10 a month beauty and makeup subscription box. Check out all of our Ipsy reviews to see what’s been in past boxes. And check out our Ipsy Spoilers to see what’s coming up in future boxes!

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Comments (162)

  1. I’m kind of bummed. I have probably 50 unopened mascaras and I can’t use nail polish. Oddly enough, the $10 bag looks great for August.

    • Do you know around what date we can see all spoilers for ipsy glam plus?

  2. Another month, another mascara…

    • This Mascara is my all-time favorite. It’s a tubing mascara and comes off so easily at night! I know it sucks to get so many in these subscription boxes, but this one is worth a try if you get it 🙂

  3. That’s that’s so funny because I too am using cleansers as a body wash LOL

    • I use excess face creams on my arms and the backs of my hands. So proud of myself for repurposing these items…

      • @Dawn, I do this exact thing with the excess face creams that smell really good since I don’t use perfumed products on my face. It’s summer, so I don’t mind smelling like fresh citrus, watermelon, or cucumbers 🙂

      • I use them to remove makeup

    • Great idea!

      I have been mixing liquid highlighters in body lotion. A few drops makes my legs glowy😁

      • Omg- Tricia! I love that idea! Game changer. Thanks!

  4. I concur! I contacted boxycharm and elemis regarding moisturizer cream we received in a box not long back. There was no seal on it none whatsoever and there was no protective seal or box and I felt like this is not very hygienic

  5. I would love to try a Sunday Riley product but I don’t see that as one of my options in my beauty quiz. Is there a way to update my profile options

    • They had a Sunday Riley item in last months plus box! It was a moisturizer/vitamin c cream. The actual types of products very. There isn’t a brand option for Sunday Riley though. It just depends which products u like and if any of the products they send out match

      • Vary*

      • That cream is amazing too! I was so excited to get that C cream.

  6. I only receive GBP now as I’ve cancelled all the others due to budget cuts. Regardless, this has provided me all that I need that I was not getting from competitor’s bags, plus some of what I no longer get. The variation of products is wonderful for me, and I can do a few add ons if I want. Plus, it’s so easy to swap or sell the items that I don’t care for. I really wanted the Thrive mascara but got the IT one instead, which I don’t like. IT gets gummy in the tube after a few uses. Pleased to have the chance to receive Thrive next month.

    • I’m bummed.
      I got the Thrive as an add-on.
      Wish I could have known it was going to be in the next month’s box, too.

      • Same here! I skipped GBP and did an add-on to my regular bag. So I think that guarantees it will be in GBP this month…

      • Same!! I’m so mad because there was a lot of other add ons I would of preferred to spend my money on but I got the Thrive.

    • I sum with you on the it super hero Mascara by it it’s horrible.And due to this I don’t want any it products.

  7. These are also the choices I was given by customer service when I emailed about getting both a repeat item and an item from a category that I had opted out of in my July box. The category I had opted out of was mascara, but I got the Thrive mascara in my July box…

    So what do y’all think? Should I pick the Thrive mascara for my August box? 😂

    The good news is that customer service did agree to refund me & not send me the box. I do appreciate that.

    • My 18 year old daughter loves that mascara. I added it on in my July glam bag. I would so add this sub if I could receive all 3 of these spoilers.

    • wow, i didn’t realize that is an option to opt out AFTER the reveal. how much did you have to push for them to allow this. I am in the same boat for July, repeat item PLUS mascara which is opted out. they offered to give me a freebie extra time and allow to to pick out some thing from Aug. based the the spoilers, slim pick and worse, i think i will chose the murad face wash.

  8. I love Ipsy GBP, but if I get one more mascara I will scream.

    • Ipsy is obsessed with mascara and Boxycharm can’t send out a box without an Ofra lippie in it, lol. You’d think they would mix it up once in a while.

      • I love mascara and the multitude of lippies I get. I don’t mind the repeats either. I end up keeping some at work some at home some in my purse and some in my travel bag. So no matter where I’m at… I still have mascara and a lippie if I happen to need it 🙂

  9. Wait! What!?!? I’m already getting the Thrive mascara in my July GBP!! Now showing for August too!?!? No more mascaras please 🙁

    • Lol, I just posted something similar, but you said it better. I’m so sick of mascara and eye liner.

      • I wouldn’t mind the eyeliners if they were any formula but liquid.
        And any color but black.

      • I choose Wild Card any time I get a chance on eyeliner. That’s helped avoid all the black.

  10. Meh. I may skip again.

    • Same. I don’t need neither another cleanser, nor in another mascara. I already have Smith and Cult nail polish, and I’m not a fan of the formula.

    • Do you have to email them in order to skip?

      • Just go to your account and edit account settings it will say membership choose skip a month.

  11. I’m getting low on my exfoliating cleanser so I’d be happy to try this one. The nail polish color is so beautiful. I love pale pinks, purples or reds for nail polish. I just opted out of mascaras since I just got a 5th one (been subbed to plus since oct. Only skipped January). This is one mascara I wouldn’t mind trying because every single one they’ve sent hasn’t worked for me except the Tarte man-eater which is overdue to get tossed out.

    Overall I’m interested

  12. Love Murad and Smith and Cult nail polish!

  13. I’m basically skipping every other month and getting the $10 gb on those months and hoping the add ons I want, or will actually use, are available. trying to break the fomo cycle and enjoy the stuff I already have, which is A LOT.

  14. I’ll skip this month too , nothing looks exciting – and I’ll save some money 😁👍

  15. I’ve been wanting to try Smith & Cult nail polish, the color is pretty but boring for summer. I’d still prefer it over yet another cleanser to add to the stockpile.

    • Me too. I think I’ll keep the bag just to try the polish. But knowing my luck, I won’t get it, and I’ll get a repeat mascara (even though I emailed to exclude mascara!!!). Then I will need to pay $12 to add on the nail polish. Maybe i should just buy the nail polish!!!???

      • Smith and Cult site… polish is $18… FIRST15 gets 15% off first purchase. I will stick to Sally Hansen for now. I am on the waitlist for GBP. I am canceling if August is not my first GBP.

  16. Uggghhhhh, if I get another mascara…. 😐

    • Exactly Meaghan!!!

      I even wrote to them to opt out of getting mascara and received confirmation back from them, and what did I get in my last GBP…….YEP! Mascara!! aaarrrggghhh!!!

      • Same here!!!

  17. As I discovered this month there’s absolutely no point in skipping because if you skip this month they’re just going to give it to you next month

    • Yup. If u don’t get it this month, you’ll get it next month. Wonder how many repeats Aug will have with the Thrive mascara…

      Re: S&C nail polish. I’ve got 2 from my Birchbox (may & june) and only pay $8/mo. Not really a GBP item, rather it should be considered a regular GB item. Not an impressive spoiler at all. I’m considering signing up for Boxyluxe & paying a little more to get both SR Tidal wave & Glow pineapple serum come Sept (if both are guaranteedoing items in their box).

    • 😂

      That is pretty close to the truth!

  18. I’ll wait and see the other spoilers, but right now it’s looking like I’ll skip my GBP (on only my 2nd month!) I don’t like exfoliating cleansers, I am getting that mascara this month, and although I love Smith & Cult I don’t wear polish. The regular bag spoilers look much, much better to me!

  19. Mascara and nail polish??!?! Those are the spoilers they chose to lead with?? I’m still overloaded on those items from sub boxes that I haven’t subbed to in over two years. I don’t need anymore and I’m getting mascara in my July box. I was so thrilled with July spoilers; but disappointed in what I’m getting this month.

    • These spoilers may be what they’re leading with due to the highlighter shade match issue. In response, they’re offering a choice between these 3 products in August to unhappy customers. At least I hope that’s what’s up 🙂

    • Repeat $24 mascara and $18 nail polish and last month the Pink Watermelon moisturizer in 25 ml travel size, GBP is going downhill in my estimation!! My past months rv. were apprx. $250 and over $300!! July’s rv. for me was apprx. $140!! Also, it included a repeat item from June and one was three months ago and a left over item from two months ago when I paused. Very disappointing.

  20. I am sooooo excited about the Murad face wash. I seriously just ran out of mine and my local Sephora was sold out so I bought a different brand and miss it so much. I don’t even care what else they put in this box at this point, I’m so happy (and it’ll be my first one because I just got off the waitlist).

  21. I’ve gotten mascaras 3 boxes in a row and already got this one in my June box. Why so many repeats? Gonna skip.

    • Usually if it’s something you already received you do not get it again. People who did not get it will get it this month

  22. That is my all time favorite nail polish shade. I went through my last bottle of it so fast because I used it constantly! I’d love another bottle.

  23. Excited to have an opportunity to get the mascara in August. Had skipped July.

    • Same here!

  24. I have this polish color already. I got that mascara in my july box and the Murad products looks so so. Looks like a skip month for me unless some bomb spoilers show up.

  25. Awesome spoilers! I’m obsessed with the Smith&Cult polish and was about to buy that same color for full price. Murad is always good to get. I just got the Thrive mascara in my June box, but even if I get it again, gimme! It’s fantastic.
    IpsyPlus is killing it I cancelled Boxy for it and so happy I did!

  26. I love it all !! Looks like I am going to keep this box ! LOVE nail polish !! Would be very happy if it was in the box every month!

  27. I skipped July but August is looking up!

  28. I’m not interested in Nail Polish in my GBP, and I got the Thrive Mascara this month, so really it’s just about the cleanser. I’m not sure that’s enough to not skip. Will have to wait to see if additional spoilers come out before I decide.

    • Same, everything you said.

  29. I don’t understand why they would lead with the Thrive Mascara as their first spoilers??? It’s featured in July Boxes, and I’m wondering if they think it’s a great move or they just want to open up some slots for new subscribers? 🤷

    • Pretty sure these spoilers came from the three options to choose that Ipsy provided to people with complaints on their July bag. I agree, though, seems silly to offer a repeat.

    • I think it was a good move. There is so much interest in it this month, but not everyone got it. This lets the others know there’s another shot to receive it. They won’t send it to those of us, who got it in July, again.

      • Yes, hope I get it this time 🙂

    • Good move on their part. I have tried this mascara before and LOVE it, but didn’t get it in June, so now I know I may have a fair shot for August… so I’m staying subbed! 🙂

      • Oops…meant July not June. lol 🙂

      • Opted out of mascaras so idc 😁 hopefully I won’t get it

    • I don’t think these were spoilers that Ipsy officially released but rather options emailed to subscribers to select from to be put in their August box who contacted them because they were unhappy with their box, and word spread on what those options were. I think that’s cool they’re putting the mascara in again since it seemed like a lot of people who wanted it missed out on it.

      • Exactly. I wanted it but didn’t get it.

      • Yes you are all correct and I’m wrong lol. I emailed them too about getting the two types of products I opted out of and I got the same choices. I still don’t agree with the idea of offering the same product two months in a row though.

  30. Oh wow, August spoilers already.!!!
    And here I am still waiting for my July bag spoilers.. Ipsy is a total joke this month and customer service hadn’t much help either…

  31. I will probably skip because I already have that cleanser and I do not need another mascara. The Murad is a good one, though.

    • Ooh! Can you share your experiences with the cleanser?

      • It’s good I use Murad products more than any other skincare brand actually! I feel it’s more scientifically backed

  32. Provided I don’t get the same mascara twice in a row when it’s marked “rarely” (and I use it even more infrequently than rarely, if such a thing exists…) – I will actually be pleased. I haven’t been doing boxes long enough to have received too many nice cleansers, so I’m looking forward to the eventual overstock (for now!)… Lol!

    • Nah, you won’t get repeat items. At least not purposely. I know Ipsy screwed up this month and gave some subscribers an item they had already received months ago, but when they caught the mistake, they reached out to the impacted people to let them know that they’d be sending them a sixth item this month to make up for the duplicate. So I thought that was really cool.

      • Ipsy’s customer service has been top notch for me. If they mess up, they always resolve the issue. I don’t worry. I’ve gotten a damaged item and a repeat item and they fixed it lickety split.

      • That’s what happened to me this month. I received an email stating that they repeated an item so I will be getting 6 items this month. Great customer service!

  33. I skipped July so I hope I get the Thrive mascara in my August bag. I use Murad products so I would love to try this cleanser.

  34. Not excited for anything of this at all. I think it is time to skip

    • If you skip one month are you going in wait list??

  35. I got the mascara in both of my July boxes and mascara is my do not send item. So I really really don’t want that. I like the nail polish. The cleanser is probably nice and would eventually get used, but I’m well stocked up. I’m hoping for skincare or a nice brush

    • I don’t think you can opt completely out of a product in your GBP. Seems that way anyway.

      • Nina I don’t think so either, but the CS shouldn’t be giving that option IMO.

      • Yeah, you can’t opt out of items completely for the GBP like you can for the regular bags. I contacted them a few days ago, after sneak peaks were released, to see if they could switch out the mascara in my box, since I had opted out of that category, and this is part of the email response I received:

        “I’m sorry to hear that you’re getting an item you’re not excited about. We definitely have your preference noted on your account, but based on your other reviews and quiz selections this box combination was the best one for you overall.

        The assortment for Glam Bag Plus is continuing to grow each month and while we do our best to send the best match, this is a new program, so there are still limitations. Rest assured that we are doing all we can to take feedback and make every month better than the last.”

      • I don’t know. I asked for an opt out on blush & bronzer 6 month’s ago and haven’t gotten one since.

      • I opted out of primer and haven’t seen one since.

      • Ipsy will allow you to request 2 items not be sent to you. They will try not to include them in future boxes. You must contact customer service to request this opt out.

      • You can email to opt out of 2 categories of product, & they will “try” not to send it to you.

        I have been opted out of mascara since before GBP existed, & I’ve been subbed to GBP since the first box (Oct 2018) & this month is only the 2nd time I’ve gotten mascara. (the first time was in Oct 2018, when there were only like 8 items as variants that month)

  36. I’m already getting the mascara in my July box.

    • Me too. Lol. So they giving that mascara in July and in August as well?

  37. So far, so great. August is looking really nice. The nail color is lovely… you can never have enough face cleanser or good quality mascara. 🙂

  38. OMG been wanting to try that mascara! Can’t wait for July. i love the nail polish color but I can never, ever paint my nails correctly 🙁 True so many cleanser – I end up using them to exfoliate my body 😂

  39. I am happy that there is finally a nail polish in GBP, but I so wish it were a different color – pale pink is not a color I use.

    • Smith & Cult does have some interesting colora, so I’m hoping Ipsy will send out multiple shades!

      • I feel like for GBP item it should be like a trio verse just one $18 nail polish… should just be in regular bag

  40. I just got that Thrive mascara this month in Plus, I have 8 unopened cleansers from my subs, and I don’t use nail polish at all. I hope the next spoilers are better or I might cancel and stick with with the $10 bag. My last 3 ipsy Plus bags haven’t really been great

    • Sounds like your in product overload

    • You can always list on ebay or Poshmark to get rid of the excess. The only thing is those platforms are typically flooded with the same products, but if you can make $10 back on an item that’s something. I saw after the 111skin was included in the bag, people that received it and didn’t want it were selling it for ~$30 online. Also, if you receive a product you really love, you can usually find it for much less than retail from someone who received an item they didn’t want.

  41. I am hoping I get the cleanser! I don’t care for the polish color, and am getting that mascara in July. 🙂 Fingers crossed everyone gets a great box with no shipping delays!

  42. I get way too many cleansers – do people just wash their faces constantly??? However, so far this looks way better than my July box is going to be. Seems like no one read my beauty profile when putting together my July box. Almost hit the cancel button, but thought I may give them one more chance

    • I actually triple cleanse most days that I wear makeup. It’s been doing wonders for my oily, acne prone skin. You’d be amazed how much stuff is still left on your skin and in your pores after one washing.

      • Agreed. I double cleanse and then use the Mamonde toner, and there is still grime on the cotton ball, sometimes.

    • Yes! My July box was useless to me, its looks like it was thrown together last minute! I really don’t think they actually use our beauty profile! In my profile states rarely mascara, but wat do i get??? Mascara 98% of the time! So now its like 50/50…should I just skip boxes or altogether just cancel the box!!! 😔

      • all i get is mascara, too!!!

  43. I’ll take all 3 lol

  44. Oh no..I always love cleansers though I have quite a few lately but please no more mascara. I am over run with them and I don’t use polish since I get my nails done every 2 weeks at the salon and use gel. I am probably going to just skip most likely. Oh well luck of the draw 🙁

  45. Love the nail polish 😍

  46. I really want that nail polish. It’s so pretty.

  47. I don’t have this shade of polish and I never go buy an $18 bottle so this would be awesome.

    • Agreed!

    • I agree 100% I’m very excited and hopeful its selected for box as well. That shade is gorgeous! Ipsy makes me happy regardless. Its the highlight of month

  48. The Murad is okay but these spoilers are trash.

    • I don’t think anything by Smith & Cult and Thrive can be considered “trash”! Great brands!

  49. Finally am motivated to skip! Yay!

  50. For the love of everything, please no more mascara for me. I have gotten it both of Ipsy boxes for 5 months straight. I have tried to use it up quicker but, I have only given myself racoon eyes (it’s hard donate when some of the boxes don’t give the outer packaging + no seal — I am looking at you, Boxycharm!)

    • I feel the same way about cleansers lol. I’ve had to start using them as body wash! I’m excited about the Smith & Cult Polish though. I’ve got a couple others from sub boxes so it’ll add to my collection

      • Yeah, I love S&C at first I was unfamiliar with their packaging and was so sad when my lip gloss came with a “dent”…..I was like did someone bite this?! I also have a lot of cleansers but, thanks for this idea because I can use it as body wash. Since the summer began I been taking short 3 minute cold showers to help cool down.

      • I was just thinking this morning I’m going to start using cleanser as body wash. I did cancel a few subs this week.

      • Nina, I could use my cleansers as body wash but then what would I do with all my body wash!? I am lathering up like I’m in a turkish bath lately, but I cannot get through all of this! I skipped July but really want to try the Thrive mascara, so I’ll probably go ahead and get August. Not that I don’t have a half dozen or more full size mascaras, but …

      • I’ve been supplying me family with cleansers. I also put all my subscriptions on hold, but Boxy Charm only because you have to cancel and I don’t want to loose my charms.

      • I don’t think you’ll lose your charms. I unsubscribed from Boxy for a couple of months and resubscribed this month and my charms are still there.

    • I concur! I contacted boxycharm and elemis regarding moisturizer cream we received in a box not long back. There was no seal on it none whatsoever and there was no protective seal or box and I felt like this is not very hygienic

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