GlossyBox Mystery Bundle Available Now!

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Glossybox has a Mystery Bundle available now!

The Box: Glossybox Mystery Bundle

The Cost: $20

The Product: The Mystery Bundle contains 2 Glossyboxes

If you’re interested in the subscription, click here and use coupon code GLOSSY25 to save 25% off an annual subscription!

If you sign up now, your first box will be the July GlossyBox. Check out the full spoilers here!

Check out our GlossyBox reviews to see what you can expect from this subscription!

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  1. I got November 2018 and April 2019. Not super exciting but for the price I’m happy!

  2. I received November 2018 and April 2019. Even though April 2019 is a repeat for me, I am pretty happy with November 2018 and only paid like $6 with my points, so cannot complain.

  3. Just received my boxes – thanks to all your comments, I was able to figure out I received March and May. Great value – mystery box gamble paid off for me this round 🙂

  4. I ordered the box shortly after this post was on the site. My order was processed but I recently received an email saying my order was cancelled. They ran out of stock. Thanks Glossy

    • Yup. I ordered August 2019 mystery bundle and they’re saying out of stock. I ordered early and received a confirmation. They should know their inventory where this just happened last month. Must be a scam.

  5. My boxes were delivered last night and although I’m happy enough that I got a great value for having only paid $20…it was just meh to me. Probably because I received May 2018 and February 2019…which contained the SAME PERFUME. But the FULLSIZE VDL primer and DHC oil made me ignore the other stuff I turned my nose up at.

    • I recieved the same boxes. I’m tired of getting mana kadar in all beauty boxes. I think I’m ready to open up my own “Manna Kadar Emporium”. 🤣

      • But didn’t you feel a bit nostalgic… back in 2018 it seemed like EVERY BOX had at least 1 MK product. I kinda forgot the brand existed until I opened that glossy box.

        • I meant 2017 and early 2018…. then they all but became a distant memory.

    • I got the exact same as you.

  6. Also received the March 2018 and May 2018 which I am very happy with. Such a great value and products for only $20. If these mystery boxes were still available, I think I would order again. Very satisfied!!!

  7. I received the March 2018 and May 2018 boxes. Glossy is one of the boxes I don’t like consistently, so have only ever received maybe 6-8 boxes over the last two years I have done subscription boxes (they have really “gone downhill” since I started doing subs.) Ironically enough, the two boxes I received are ones that I had already received LOL But, that’s okay, I apparently liked them well enough to subscribe back then, so there’s gold in these boxes for me and my daughter! 🙂

  8. Mine included May 2018 and March 2018 boxes. I am actually super impressed with the boxes themselves. Sturdy and beautifully packaged!

    • Yes, their actual cardboard boxes are the best.

    • I’m not sure what ones I got? One was a yellow box with a travel theme on it and one with the regular colors. They were bother soooooo wonderful!

      • I looked through the old reviews to figure out which ones I had. The travel box was May 2018 and March one has a “True Beauty is…” insert.

        • Yes that’s the ones! I loved everything that I received. Especially for that great price! Very happy!😎

    • I also received March 2018 and May 2018 boxes. This is my first experience with Glossybox and I’m impressed. I may cancel one of my other subscriptions in order to do this one.

    • Yes! They packaging and boxes are super cute! Great for sheet masks and small samples. 😎

  9. I’m very happy with my order. The boxes just arrived. I received March of 2018’s box, which includes: Sample of Proenza Schouler Arizona perfume, sample of DHC Skincare deep cleansing oil, sample sizes of John Masters Evening Primrose shampoo and conditioner, full size Morgan Taylor nail polish in a gorgeous strawberry pink shade(which retails for $9.50) and a hughe sample of Monu Professional Sincare recovery balm. I also received May of 2018’s box, which includes: Full size Cover FX Perfect pencil concealer ($20.00), Full size Figs & Rouge Soft Focus pore perfect HD Matte Veil primer ($35.00), sample size Form Beauty Multitask leave in conditioner, Full size De Bruyer Beaute Jumbo eye shadow pencil ($18.00), full size Morgan Taylor nail polish in a beautiful light pink ($9.50) and this box also came with a full size Laura Geller Highlight stick ($26.00). WHAT!! I am very happy with both boxes, especially since I redeemed my Glossy credits of $15.00 towards the deal and paid $6.00 and change for both boxes.

    • Yes!! This is the bundle I received also and I loooove it so much!

      • Anna, ENJOY! 🙂

        • Thank you! I’m waiting to get off work so I can check everything out better when I get home. Lol!

    • I received these as well.

      Since I love the Primer ($35.00) everything else was FREE!!! 😉

      • Yes! That’s exactly how I look at it. I gifted the shampoo/condition to my mother, who’s going on a trip (so that made her happy). My daughter will get the perfume sample (yet another person is happy) and I get to enjoy the remainder of the goodies. Super happy. Enjoy your goodies, as well.

        • The items that were not my style went inside one of there sturdy boxes and going to a friend as a “pick me up” gift 🙂

          • That’s an awesome act of kindness! Xoxo

  10. I got the May 2018 box
    John masters shampoo and conditioner
    Dhc cleansing oil
    Arizona perfume
    Morgan Taylor nail polish in Tropical Punch
    Monu recovery balm
    February 2019
    Arizona perfume larger sample
    Mighty patch blemish dots 2 packs, 6 in each pack
    Lapcos charcoal sheet mask
    VDL primer
    Manna kadar duo in uptown
    Skin chemists lip plump
    Not too bad. I don’t use perfume so I will be giving that away.

    • I got the exact same as you and I’m happy.

  11. Mine just came and it was great!

  12. I’m happy. I got November 2018
    2 cirem masks, steve Laurent gloss, Lauren b cuticle oil, robin McGraw hand cream, Kenya shaping spray.

    April 2019,
    John masters shampoo, conditioner, dermae peel, kiehls glow, bybi plumper, juice beauty shadow stick

  13. Also just got November 2018 and April 2019 boxes along with Steve Lavrant misspelled gloss. Not sure if I should be using this. I know Glossy addressed this before, but still I am worried.

    • HUH?? Whats the issue with the lip gloss?

      • Steve Laurant is misspelled as Steve Lavrant on the tube. So the concern was that it’s fake product. There is a discussion on this for that month spoiler

        • I’m new to SUBS, so what was the consensus? Is this good or bad? I tried it and actually liked the formula and color. Please update as I wasn’t around back then. I am VERY happy with both these boxes for only $10 each and no shipping costs! Thanks

          • This was the reply from Glossy someone got: “We are so sorry for this confusion, the brand has informed us that this is just a simple mistake and an old mold was used to print a few products. We want to assure you that all products included in our boxes are authentic and provided from the brand themselves.” Whether you choose to believe them is up to you. I am skeptical

          • I tend to believe it being a misprint rather than a fake product. I compared it to an actual Steve Laurant gloss I already have, and there is absolutely no difference in the formula itself that I could ascertain. The feel, scent, wear time, everything was the same. It makes sense for a company like SL to sell misprinted items at an extremely reduced rate to sub boxes.

            Take it for what you will, I think everyone will have their own opinions on this one. 🙂

  14. My boxes were different! Older…ugh.

    I got the May 2018 box (but with slightly different inclusions than the MSA review):

    Monuskin recovery balm, 2 oz RV $37
    Morgan Taylor polish in tropical punch RV $9
    John masters Organics shampoo and conditioner $15
    DHC deep cleansing oil RV $5.50
    Proenza schooler Arizona perfume RV $10

    Rough RV of $77

    And the March 2018 box with:

    Morgan Taylor polish in New Romance RV $9.50
    De Bruyere Beauté Jumbo Eye Pencil Bubble 07 RV $18
    FIG & Rouge soft focus pore perfect HD + matte veil RV $35
    Form multitask leave in lotion RV $5
    Cover FX concealer in medium RV $20
    Bliss foaming face wash 2 oz RV $10

    Rough RV of $95

    Definitely a great deal for $10 each, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t at least a little bummed that these products are already on the old side…oh well.

    • I received the same variation, buy in May 2018 box I also received Laura Geller highlighter stick. Overall I am happy although I didn’t really need two nail polish.

      • I also got these exact boxes, with the addition of the Laura Geller highligher stick. I’m very happy, I didn’t join GlossyBox until this eyar, so I didn’t have any of these. I used points, too, so for $15 I got $198 worth of product, at less than the regular price of one month. I’m glad I jumped at this offer when I got the email.

    • I got the same boxes but instead of the bliss face wash I got a freeman cleansing clay mask

      • oh and no laura geller stick sadly

  15. I received the March 2018 and May 2018 boxes and overall I’m happy with what I got for $20. It feels the value in Glossybox has gone down over time and I haven’t subscribed to them in awhile so this was a nice Glossybox pick me up.

  16. I also received the November 2018 and April 2019 boxes for my mystery bundle. I recently signed up for Glossybox so these are not duplicates for me either. I’m VERY happy! DEF worth $10 per box!! They are SOLD OUT from what I can see. Thanks and HAPPY SUMMER friends!

  17. I also received the November 2018 and April 2019 boxes in the mystery bundle. I recently signed up for Glossybox so these were not duplicates for me. I’m happy!

    • So is everybody going to get the same 2 boxes? Mine is supposed to come tomorrow. It seems like multiple people have gotten 4/2019 and 11/2018 boxes.

    • Me too! Received April and November, and I am very happy!

  18. Got my boxes today, I’m happy with them actually.

    Steve Laurant gloss
    2 face masks
    Lip plumper
    Full size handcream
    Cuticle oil
    Derma overnight face Peel
    Juice beauty eyeshadow stick
    Kiels samples
    John Masters Shampoo and conditioner delux samples

    I might buy another two boxes it’s a pretty good value and deal for what I ended up getting. Also, one of the boxes it came in was gorgeous.

    • THANK YOU Darryn for sharing what you received. I so HOPE I get these two also. I would be very happy to get them for $20 TOTAL!!

    • Thank you for sharing. I hope I get these or similar boxes that will work for me. 🙂

    • Thanks for posting this! I would be thrilled to get these two particular boxes. I have my fingers crossed…..

      • I would love it if I got the April 2019 box as I love John Masters products. I’m hoping I get good stuff in the 2 boxes that I get.

  19. Such a killer deal! But with the spoilers and reviews thru MSA, it’s not an absolute must have.

    Almost caved BC too good to pass up-lol. So glad it sold out 🙂

  20. I hope some of you will post about what you receive in the boxes. Just curious. I am on TOTAL product overload, and wouldn’t have bought this even if I had seen it before it sold out. I’ve canceled all my subs except Sisley Paris (very tiny luxury samples) and one-time purchases until I get through my stash. It’s still fun reading the reviews though!

    • I agree! Please post! Or MSA, please review, especially because they’ve never done mystery bags before.

    • I’m supposed to get mine tomorrow. fingers crossed it’s great (or at least not horrid :P)

  21. So if I were to buy this mystery box it wouldn’t start a subscription right?

    • I believe it’s sold out

  22. It sold out now 😩😫

  23. Companies are realizing that they can put literally anything in a box and call it a mystery and certain people will actually buy them. Tsk tsk. Materialistic gotta have more mentality at its finest. Seriously how many beauty products do you guys need?!

    • As many as I can afford

    • You’re sooooo right about your thoughts, I still remember when I was young and can live just with a L’Oréal foundation, mascara, four lipsticks and one blush… this marketing is getting us out of control. I have more than 100 beauty pieces waiting to finally use…

      • Same here. All I needed was foundation, mascara, a lipgloss (I’ve been blessed with full dark pink lips), and a nice neutral eyeshadow quad. Then I had my 3 step clinique skin care routine. I need to go back to my minimalistic roots.

        • Every month when I try new products, I think that eventually I’m going to find my holy grails and no longer want a million samples. I HAVE found several that I will use indefinitely, so perhaps one day the fun and novelty of new stuff will wear off. But who knows? I’m happy being a good little hunter gatherer for now, haha.

          • You sound just like me 🙂 I think initially I got into subs to find those HG products, and while I have found some HGs, I still don’t want to stop my subs because I get such great joy in discovering new things! I’m no longer subbing to find HGs (but if I do find some, great!), but rather I sub for the discovery aspect of it all. 🙂

          • For me it’s a multi-faceted problem! Lol. First, I LOVE to try and discover new things, I also love to collect things.. displaying my products and keeping them nice makes me happy. I also LOVE to get things in the mail. It’s kinda like getting presents to open multiple times per month… who wouldn’t love that?! And finally, it’s the attraction to the value… these boxes have a LOT of luxury items in them and sometimes full size! The amount of savings makes it hard to resist. Makes the subscription addiction very real! 😂

    • Michelle:
      Why are you here?

      • To chide people so she can feel better about herself?? Tsk tsk.

      • Haha, this made me laugh as the ACTUAL NAME of the site is “My Subscription ADDICTION”, which is antithetical to embracing minimalism and eschewing consumerism!

      • I was going to say the same thing. I thought this was a good deal, because I can always use these as gifts or stocking stuffers.

    • 😂😂 This is the whole point of MSA dear.

    • I hear your point, but aren’t most subscription boxes “mystery boxes” if you think about it (assuming you are an actual subscriber and don’t just purchase individual boxes only after reviewing the spoilers)? Most subscribers are locked in to their subs and receive whatever the sub box companies send each month, or quarter or whatever. Every subscription box, whether it’s a mystery box or not, is full of random items companies choose to send out and we, as subscribers, often have limited or no ability to customize or skip boxes. There really is no difference between that and a mystery box. So I’m puzzled by your disgust for this particular offer.

      Very odd.

  24. Lol no thanks I’m not a sucker. Companies are getting smart to the fact that if they put a bunch of stuff nobody wants in a box and call it a mystery box certain people will actually spend money on them. Come on guys lol

  25. Is it worth it ?????

    are these past items that they didn’t sell well so they making a mastery bandle ???

    • If they told us what’s inside it wouldn’t be a mystery

  26. I had $16 credit from doing the 2018 calendar and holiday box surveys. Of course I used the credit to buy this mystery box!

  27. Do I need this, nope. Did I buy this, yep 🙂

    • samesies

  28. I ordered mine! I used to get Glossybox and liked it, but not enough to continue. I look forward to getting the boxes!

  29. Please sell out overnight so I will have an excuse not to add to my pile!

    • You got your wish! 🙂 I should have waited, but those credits were just begging to be spent LOL

  30. Call me a skeptic but I believe that it will be the leftover low value months that they didn’t sell.. could get lucky and get 2 months that you want or the worst!! My luck with Glossy isnt such that I am even going to fall for this one…

  31. I couldn’t help myself and I ordered. I hope I get some good stuff. I hope it’s not makeup heavy. I prefer more skincare/haircare/bodycare.

  32. Woohoo! Thank you for the heads up; I just ordered a bundle. 🙂

  33. I also ordered two boxes and hope they’re worthwhile.

  34. Got it yesterday. Fingers crossed.

  35. After applying my Glossy credits, I paid $6.28 out of pocket for this amazing deal. Whatever I do not need or want, I will gift to friends and family. Super happy to receive this offer.

  36. I wish it gave some idea of what potential months you could receive. Like it if it all from 2019, I don’t need any of it, but i wouldn’t mind getting some 2018 boxes.

    • I don’t think this is necessarily boxes from prior months. I think they just threw products together and called it a bundle. So technically it could be 2 products in 1 box and they just called it a bundle. I know FFF had a bundle of just 2 Tarte products

      • Thats what I am thinking to and I watched some unboxing and they have a lot of tiny samples . I am guessing they are just going to have boxes filled with random samples and if I wanted that I would get Ipsy mystery bags.

  37. After redeeming my Glossy credit points (a total of $15.05), I paid $6.28 out of pocket (which includes local tax) for this deal. That’s terrific! Whatever I do not want, need or use, I will save for gifts to family and friends. Nothing goes to waste. Thanks for the link. 🙂

  38. I am product overloaded, but ordered it, lol. Hoping for a good match of products for me.

  39. When you go into your account after purchasing it says I have no active subscriptions. So I do not think this starts a subscription.

  40. I got it. Can’t wait to be surprised. I sure hope this didn’t start a subscription. I just saw on the website that they are advertising receive Free Holiday edition box with a new subscription. Hmmmm. I thought those were sold out

  41. Does this start a subscription? It doesn’t say on here or on their site.

    • It shouldn’t. Its definitely not supposed to!

    • No, I just did mine and it says I have no subscriptions. It’s under your My Account information. Hope that helps.

  42. I got them, I just wish there were more details at least on the website. Have they done this before? I usually just get the Limited Edition ones. I have never subscribed.

    • I can’t recall them ever doing mystery boxes like this before.

      • Thanks for the response Luna!

        • Sure thing! When I got the email this morning, I let MSA know right away cause I thought it was pretty neat they were doing these mystery boxes.. especially two boxes for $20. 🙂 Too bad a discount code isn’t working on them 😉

          • I also tried multiple discount codes, lol!😂

          • i did also try the codes without success

  43. I had a bit over $9 in credits… that gave me an excuse to get this deal. 😀 Not that I need much pushing when it comes to beauty boxes!

    Time to find something for my boyfriend so I don’t feel so dang guilty!

  44. ordered! thank you!

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