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FYI – Loot Crate Subscription Shipping + Billing Updates

Over the past year Loot Crate has had a lot of shipping delays with their subscription boxes so we wanted to do a quick update on the status of each subscription.

FYI – it’s important to note that while shipping has been delayed on many crates (some going back as far as January 2019), Loot Crate is billing regularly, so there are instances where subscribers may have been billed for multiple boxes they have not received yet. For this reason, we are advising readers to hold off on subscribing to Loot Crate until issues are resolved.

Here are the estimated delivery windows for each crate:

Loot Crate used to have a page with all the shipping information but that is no longer active so we have compiled the latest shipping status for each crate below. Please let us know if we’re missing anything! You can check the shipping estimate for your crates on your Loot Crate Accounts page. 

Active Crates:

Loot Crate – Shipments are on time

Loot Crate DX – April & May 2019 were both delayed but should be delivered now. July 2019 crate is delayed – New estimated ship date is the end of August.

Loot Wear:

  • Loot Socks – Delayed Crates: May 2019 (est ship date 8/20), June 2019 (est ship date 8/16), July 2019 (est ship date 10/30)
  • Loot Tees – Delayed Crates: April 2019 (est ship date 7/30), May 2019 (est ship date 7/30), June 2019 (est ship date 8/30), July 2019 (est ship date 9/29)
  • Loot Wearables – Delayed Crates: April 2019 (est ship date 8/16), June 2019 (est ship date 9/30), July 2019 (est ship date 9/5)
  • Loot For Her – Delayed Crates: April 2019 (est ship date 7/30), May 2019 (est ship date 9/6), June 2019 (est ship date 9/30), July 2019 (est ship date 8/30)
  • Loot Undies – Delayed Crates: December 2018 (est ship date 7/30), January 2019 (est ship date 7/30), February 2019 (est ship date 7/30), March 2019 (est ship date 7/30), April 2019 (est ship date 7/30), May 2019 (est ship date 7/30), June 2019 (est ship date 8/30), July 2019 (est ship date 10/30)

Loot Anime – April 2019, May 2019, June 2019 crates are delayed. New estimated ship date for April 2019 – late July, May 2019 – late July, June 2019 – early August.

Loot Fright – May 2019 crate delayed – New estimated ship date is early-August.

Loot Gaming – June 2019 crate delayed – New estimated ship date is mid-July.

Sci-Fi Crate – First crate ships August 2019

Loot Remix – Shipments are on time

Wizarding World Crate – Shipments are on time

Marvel Gear + Goods Crate – Shipments are on time

Deadpool Club Merc – Summer 2019 crate delayed – New estimated ship date is 8/1-8/15.

WWE Slam Crate – June 2019 crate delayed – New estimated ship date is 7/29-7/31. More info here

Hello Kitty and Friends – Spring 2019 crate delayed – shipped early/mid July. More info here

Rick and Morty Crate – New crate announced in February 2019. First crate is delayed – new estimated ship date is October 2019. More info here

Fallout Crate – June 2019 box should be shipped 7/15-7/30 and the August 2019 box should be shipped 8/10-8/15.

Elder Scrolls – First crate was meant to ship in June 2019 – new estimated ship date is September 2019

Equip by Loot Gaming – New subscription. No ship date for the first box.

Limited Edition Crates:

Batman 80th Crate – Shipping Winter 2019

Marvel 80th Crate – Shipping Winter 2019

My Hero Academia – Shipping Winter 2019

Adult Swim – Spring 2019 Box delayed – new estimated ship date is September 2019. More info here

Lord of the Rings – Three crate subscription is delayed. First crate was meant to ship in May 2019 – new estimated ship date is the end of July 2019

Cancelled Crates:

Halo Legendary Crate – Subscribers have until 8/12 to cancel their subscriptions before they’re automatically enrolled in Equip by Loot Crate. More info here

Star Trek Mission Crate – Delayed crates should have been received or refunded in January. More info here

Firefly Cargo Crate – The last update we received was issued in January 2019 and the crate is currently unavailable. No estimated ship date for the November 2018, January 2019, or March 2019 crates.

Let us know if we’re missing any information. And please let us know if you want us to continue posting about Loot Crate subscriptions. Do you still want to see posts for shipping updates, reviews, or spoilers? 

Loot Crate

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Comments (61)

  1. I’m still waiting for my November Wizarding World crate and my account on Loot Crate says that it won’t ship until the middle of January.

  2. I would definitely not recommend loot crate
    I am waiting on loot for her boxes I got a year subscription for my daughter and
    All 7 so far are now saying Dec they just keep pushing them all a month when they fail to ship
    7 boxes !!! Not one received it’s just a massive scam
    And the only reply I get is a very blanket reply saying they are struggling to catch back up but assure me all will arrive in time
    I feel like I have been robbed blind
    Shame on you loot crate you robbing gits

    So to all who read this !!!! DONT BUY ANY CRATES!!!!!

  3. Just read a news article stating that Loot Crate has laid off all but 60 employees & filed bankruptcy. They claim they’ll continue sending out crates, but it’s probably dead so people should probably cancel while they can so they don’t blow money & get nothing.

  4. My Loot Wear For Her subscription is delayed as follows:

    EST. SHIPPING: OCT. 10- OCT. 15

    EST. SHIPPING: JUL. 30- AUG. 15

    I’m sure I’ll be getting an updated delay for the April box shortly. So frustrating.

  5. Am waiting on April and May’s Loot For Her. Almost 6 month’s on my ship dates. April’s is shipping this month. Mays is shipping in October. It will be worth the wait only if I get them. Waiting.

  6. Loot crate is not actually on time anymore. I’m still waiting for June SB’s July. It says itll be shipped all at once in August though.

  7. The april 2019 new beginnings loot anime crate is now delayed till august 25-31.

  8. The loot anime crate is now delayed till august 25-31.

  9. i can tell you that the normal loot crate IS NOT ON TIME. its been a month behind for half a year now its two months behind. im still waiting on june 2019 and it norm be shipped end of july….now its end of aug. i have july aug and sept boxes left after this and im done. they just keep going up in price and doing longer delays and giving you less. they used to be great and now they just horrible. dont even start a sub with them.

  10. To update on my previous comment, I did in fact get all four of my refunds! I had to send several emails and threaten to report them for fraud several times, but they showed up in my bank yesterday! I got refunded for loot for her, socks, undies and tees, most of these subs go back to 2018 and I haven’t received a single item with the exception of some undies. I’m glad I got the refunds and I am done with Loot Crate!!

    • I finally got refunded for lootwear not shipped from February, has to go through the BBB and file with FTC online shopping fraud. Sent 60 emails demanding a refund, just full on spammed til I got refunded. Not sure if it was that in the end or my BBB complaint (as they showed it as refunded when they finally replied to that.

      Such a scam and it’s sad because LC was great for years.

      Then they had all the Glassdoor reviews where employees were saying how they weren’t paying off their vendors. The were marketing new crates and taking in money to pay off the debts to vendors to get their merchandise to finally ship out to customers. Totally shameful.

  11. I think posts on shipping updates or crate statuses would be appropriate but I agree with other posters to no longer post spoilers or promotions for lootcrate.

    Reviews would be fine as long as they include a strong disclaimer, plus that way people can see If items are repeats or what the quality is, ect.

    at this point I’m pretty sure I’m never going to see my loot for her wearables.

  12. I wonder if they are delaying customers who cancelled a pre-paid sub more than they are delaying active subscriptions because my husband and I both did 6month or one year subscriptions back in February (because we forgot to cancel the previous year’s sub) and then we quickly went in and cancelled but are still owed the 6 month or year crates because it had already charged us. However, we are missing several ones you don’t have on this list so I wonder if some people are being delayed while others aren’t being delayed as much. My husband did 6mo of the regular loot crate and is still missing June’s box and July is delayed also, while I did 1 year of loot socks and I am missing everything from March on (march, april, may, june, and july) and it still says they are all delayed under my account.

    • Pretty sure that no June or July Loot Crates have gone out to anyone. That line about Loot Crate being caught up is not true at all. May was the last box shipped out to anyone and it did not contain a T-shirt. Plus they changed the wording on their website so that it no longer says that all Loot Crates will contain a T-shirt which is super shady. It’s the only reason I signed up.

    • Everything is being delayed no matter what.

      • Accurate.

  13. Has anyone else noticed this is exactly how things went for Nerdblock before they shut down a few years ago?

  14. The Nemesis Loot Crate box for May did not have a t shirt and all boxes are supposed to have one. This was not mentioned in the review or here.

    • Yes I noticed that as well and wondered why it wasn’t mentioned! All loot crates contain a T-shirt, this one doesn’t AND it has repeat items??

      • Things are heading downhill fast – asked for a refund on all my remaining boxes. I’m spooked.

    • They no longer do shirts in every crate. They commented on facebook sometime late June or early July, due to some polls people aren’t intrested in shirts every month but would rather have more or better items. Loot Crate suggested people to look at Loot Tees (which I would recommend you didn’t, i haven’t received a shirt since March).

      • That’s pretty interesting given they started putting shirts in every crate due to customer demand. And its ironic that the “better items” are just excess stock from past crates. Loot crate used to be so good and its sad to see have bad they’ve gotten.

  15. Shameful

  16. Cancel. I had a year paid and got my money back for all the crates I didnt receive. Email them enough and they will do it. This company is going out of business. Their service is horrible! So sad, because a year ago it wasnt like this.

  17. Liz- my May loot wear for water for her keeps getting pushed back and now it is for Sept shipping.

    • Not sure why my phone changed her to water? 😅

  18. I loved getting Lootcrate, but all the shipping issues made me cancel every subscription I had.

    I’m still waiting for two Loot for her items (April and May) and I have very little hope that it will ever arrive. I am beyond pissed that the shipping date for the May one has been changed to September. Absolutely ridiculous.

    • I got up til marches loot for her. After that nothing but ive payed til august. My loot wearables im missing my march and april. Wearables.

  19. Just so you know, the actual Loot Crate subscription is still not shipping on time so you have false information listed. I was subscribed for three years before I cancelled this June. I received my April box in June, my May box in July (mid July to be exact) and my June box won’t even ship until August. The April box had three “prints”, a box of metal straws, a t-shirt and a Red Bull. That was $24.95 a month to receive that. An item was missing due to “delays with the supplier” and that issue still has not been resolved. Then, knowing the crates were running three months behind, they upped the price to $29.99. May’s didn’t even have a t-shirt because supposedly (according to customer service) they did a poll and more subscribers said they’d rather have collectibles than t-shirts. Said crate had two collectibles and two books. They basically took an item away with no replacement. Not worth it at all.

    TL;DR Regular LootCrate subscription boxes are running about three and a half months late, items missing and no t-shirts.

    • And the books were old overstock items.

  20. My subscription ended in May and I’m still waiting on 3 of my loot wearables + socks (March, April & May, the March one has changed from being shipped to being an upcoming shipment multiple times). I don’t think I’ve ever received anything on time…

  21. Technically the first Lord of the Rings crate was advertised as shipping in March, but they claim it was a mistake, so they’re even more delayed than they appear. Mind you, they were taking preorders for the LOTR crate in 2018!!

  22. This is crazy, how is this all even possible??? And I thought fff’s shipping was bad, this 1000% takes the cake. Thank you Liz for warning your readers! I agree with others to suspend spoilers and reviews until/if it is all sorted out…and I agree with those suggesting to those owed to do a chargeback while there is still time!

  23. I have undies from 2018 that haven’t been delivered. I recently contacted them and demanded a refund for all four of my subscription for which I haven’t received a single delivery. I told them if I did not receive refunds, I would contact my bank and be refunded through them, as well as filing fraud claims. First they offered me a 20% discount on my next renewal! HA! After I repeated what I was going to do, they said I would get my four refunds. If that doesn’t show up in my bank this week, I am going to go ahead and contact my bank. I have believed they are running a scam for a long time now, using the money from new subscribers to try to fund previous orders. I do not think it’s correct to keep advertising for them on this site while they are having issues of this magnitude.

  24. Actually the regular LootCrate is behind schedule.

    I’m not sure if the May or previous boxes are suffering delays but the June Toybox crate is “Slated” for a July 30-31 window.

    Unsure if July base LootCrate is having slowdowns but seeing how the June one is, i imagine so.

    • So is the June crate shipping on July 30? I canceled before they billed me again on July 25 but I am still owed two crates

    • Actually when Aug 3rd came around and I still hadn’t heard anything I emailed them about the June crate and was told it would ship Aug 30-31. Who knows if it’ll actually ship then, since I was originally given a July 20th ship date the first time I asked them for an update. 0_o

  25. I vote for MSA posting shipping updates but no more reviews or spoilers for Loot Crate.

  26. I cancelled a crate about a month ago and it’s still says “processing”. I did receive the spring Hello Kitty Sanrio crate last week (4 months past due).

  27. The last Firefly crate was actually May of 2018 (not shipped until August 2018). Those bogus “replacement” crates don’t count.

  28. Liz, I’m actually waiting on my December 2018 loot undies.

    • Oh no! Sorry to hear that. Thanks for letting us know.

    • I am too. My “risky business” sub ran out in March 2019 and so far I have only gotten 2 of the 6. Hopefully I’ll get a mailbox full the first part of August since all the undies show to ship 7/30. I think the undies delay held up that sub.

      • I’m still waiting on 9 undies from the risky business bundle, and some of them need full crates too. I think it is completely ridiculous and don’t know how they can run a business like this.

    • I’m also waiting for December 2018 Undies

  29. This company should be ashamed of itself, and MSA should stop promoting it until they sort these ridiculous shipping issues out. Six months? It would be laughable if they didn’t have so many people’s money already.

  30. Really glad I decided to drop my subscriptions before it became this big of a mess. Talk about falling from grace; they used to have it all together and now can’t seem to do anything right. Higher prices, lower quality and bad shipping is a good way to ruin a business.

  31. I would like to see continued shipping updates on lootcrate items, but maybe hold off on posting reviews/spoilers/sales until this mess gets sorted out. I ordered one anime crate for my sisters daughter in law in may as a graduation present and have yet to receive any word about it. Was looking forward to seeing a spoiler or review on that but i can understand why that hasnt or wont happen.

  32. Sports crate mlb diamond crates have also had huge shipping issues this year.

    • I am still waiting for my “Bonus figure ” from the 2017 Cubs sportscrate season pass. I believe that I will never get it. I will not buy anything else from lootcrate until I get that .

    • I was also going to mention the sports crates (MLB/Diamond Crate). Loot Crate hasn’t shipped one this year – we should have received one every other month (annual subscription). Haven’t received Feb/Apr/Jun. Their customer service sends robo replies about shipping soon. They actually recently claimed the issues was with MLB licensing, which with the above issues on all other crates tells me that is untrue.

      • Do a charge back with your credit card company to get a refund. Now is the time to do it. If they do go under there is no protection for you under the current laws.

  33. Thanks for posting, Liz. I’ve been very active in trying to make people aware of all the issues with Loot Crate.

    I would personally like to see MSA stop promoting and reviewing all Loot Crate products until they’re caught up and we can feel confident there won’t be further delays or news of bankruptcy.

    I would encourage all interested parties to check out the facebook group “Lootcrate Delays Discussion Group” and to keep an eye on Loot Crate’s BBB page, where their rating is plummeting due to a flood of recent complaints.

  34. I’m glad this post has the warning to potential new customers.

    Loot Crate is treating their business like a Ponzi Scheme. They have all of these 50% off sales so the money generated from those sells pays their debts to get the delayed items out the door. The same with the new crates and anniversary crates.

    But once those items are out the door, they then are stuck with a new bill. So then they either announce a new crate, or have another sale, or a special edition crate.

    The customers are basically giving them an interest free loan, and the current crates are being filled with extra stock to save money and clear out the warehouse.

    • Exactly! And I would go further to call it a “scam” rather than a “scheme”.

      Their customer service states they cannot refund you because your shipment is “processing”, and credit card companies will likely reject your dispute/chargeback with that exact reason. But how long can your shipment be “processing” and how many times can your delivery window be delayed for another month before it becomes “fraudulent”?

      The catch here is that a lot of us can’t dispute our subscription charge, because we paid for 6-12 months in advance (they had awesome 50% off sales late last year for upgrading!). In other words, we’ve past the 60 – 120 day deadline to dispute their charge. Loot Crate knows this, so they’re only granting refunds to those customers they know can win a dispute. And then they continue to dangle the carrot in front of those that cannot.

      Shady, shady buggers…

      • I was able to get a refund from PayPal for the two WWE Crates I was owed. So it’s worth a shot.

        If they go under, you will have no protection.

      • When did you pay? I paid in January (over 180 days ago) for a 6 month sub…got 3 boxes, still waiting on April May and June…

        I’ll call my credit card company to ask if they delay again beyond the July 31st window they have documented

      • I was on a month to month subscription. In June they were two crates behind (it’s a bimonthly subscription) and getting ready to bill me again. I canceled and then asked Loot Crate for a refund.

        They gave me the same response about vendor delays. Then I did a charge back with PayPal, and got my money back in two days.

        I wouldn’t wait, I would do it now. Crates aren’t going to ship this month. The crates that do ship are mostly filled with overstock items from past crates. If anything is really must have you can get it on eBay. On the Loot Crate Spoilers subreddit, one user supposedly has “inside connections”, but over the years 99% of what they posted has come true. Today they posted that Loot Crate is looking into considering bankruptcy. If that happens you are out of luck.

    • This thread is probably the best discussion and explanation of this companies business model that I have seen. I wish we could like or update comments because this one deserves it. Thank you.

  35. Good post.

  36. WOW — NO WORDS!

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